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Federer Hires Ljubicic As New Coach

Some interesting news for the off season as Federer has just added Ivan Ljubicic onto his 2016 coaching team. The appointment also means the end of Fedberg as Stefan's 2 year stint comes to an end and he'll no longer be travelling with Team RF.

After two very successful years, I would like to thank Stefan Edberg, my childhood idol, for agreeing to join my team, it was a dream come true. Although it was supposed to only be for 2014, Stefan was great and agreed to extend the partnership through this year which I really appreciated. He taught me so much and his influence on my game will remain. He will always be a part of my team.

Federer's statement on his website.

Severin Luthi will of course remain part of the setup as head coach with Ljubicic coming in as a like for like replacement for Edberg. There's no info on how many weeks he'll be on tour but I imagine it will be more than Edberg who was only ever really part time. Ljubicic has just packed in coaching Raonic who he helped to a career high ranking of number 4, 2 Masters 1000 finals, a slam semi final and 3 ATP titles.

Federer Ljubicic

As for the appointment I like it, at 34 it's important Fed keeps mixing it up and keeping things fresh. He started that trend with Edberg and now he's done it again by bringing in a guy who played in this era and has just spent 2 years improving the Raonic game substantially.

As for whether it will be fruitful partnership that's of course up in the air; I've always liked Ljubicic when he's done punditry work in the past and he comes across as a thinker with a lot of knowledge of the game. If he can match what Edberg did at the net for Federer at the back of the court then 2016 could be an interesting one. And anyone who takes out prime Nadal in a third set tie break surely has something to offer:

And finally do you guys think Fedberg was a success? IMO only Fed & Stefan can really determine that as we don't know the goals they set. If it was to win slams – they fell short but if it was to win titles, be in contention at virtually every event played and improve his net game then it was definitely a good partnership.

Let me know what you think of the appointment in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Good partnership and he will be missed in the box seems like the two years was much more than planned. He probably got tired of Becker and Novak and being a classy guy was never gonna play the crass mind games that pair thrive on. Fed ought to know what he is doing by now , so welcome Ljubicic and may he build on what is there already and a refreshed Fed nails a slam. Happy Christmas and thanks for everything Jonathan.

  1. Thanks for the news and input about Ivan, Jonathan. Had not much thoughts about him before apart from knowing he and Fed are good friends, so now it make sense to the decision. Oh yeah, I remember IW against Rafa that year! Didn’t he win the title, too, beating Roddick?

    I think Fedberg was successful. Though probably the goal was to win a big title ie a slam or WTF, that was why in my opinion, Roger was tight at all finals and particularly at WTF. Would have been so great if he had won it for the farewell to Stefan.

    1. I have sometimes wondered if having Stefan in his box was actually a bit of an additional stress factor because Roger wanted to do specially well for him. Will be interesting to see what happens.

    2. Excellent point about possibly getting tight due to wanting to bring home a big title for Stefan. Think you guys might be on to something.

  2. I hear a lot of negative backlash towards this coach change. I had the same knee-jerk reaction as well but on deeper thought, I thought it’s a good idea for the following reasons.

    Edberg’s coaching vision has always been about the recovery and transition from 2013 (his decline) into molding a tennis style for the adaptation to a more modern era (to stay competitive). Aspects like an emphasis of serve and volleying into his game (natural progression of Annacone’s tennis philosophy of shortening the points at an older age) and SABR. Federer’s playing style in 2013 was starting to be archaic in terms of results-wise.

    So Federer now has the foundation of what Edberg brang to the table so hiring Ljubicic should help expand on that. Maybe developing more of a killer instinct at the baseline as well as developing a risk-reward philosophy on the return (being a lot more offensive). Remember, Ljubicic competed in the same era as Federer and stayed competitive in Fed’s greatest year (2006) so I think he would have vivid memories and ideas in which he could potentially replicate that same form and era.

    Who knows?

    1. I don’t get why, guess fans were just attached to Edberg. I like Edberg too but he was only around for a few weeks a year and they played it purely by ear, so it’s not like he’s been left out in the cold.

    2. I almost forgot that there’s a word called, “brang”. I’ve never ever used it ever though. πŸ™‚

  3. I remember the Dubai Final 2005 which I watched on TV though. Ljubicic gave a tough fight to Fed after a thrashing in the first set 6-1. I vividly remember the 2nd set where Ljubicic fought back and won the tie-break 8-6. Of course Fed won the third set 6-3 to win the title thrice in a row.

    So the hiring of Ivan is a good move, though I personally felt sad that the Fedberg combine has come to an end, they both being my heroes. However, they both may have felt the partnership going stale.

    In fact, lots of credit to Fed to look so enthusiastically ahead at this late stage of his career.

    Who knows, one day Novak may be Fed’s coach !!!

    1. Ha ha ha Murli… I love your last sentence that probably Novak will be Feds coach. Lol.
      As for the split I am a little upset as Fedberg partnership was a very very classy act. Yes I would of liked federer to have won at least one of the 3 GS he was in. But getting to the final and beingrrunner up is still a huge deal.
      You can see can clearly see the Edberg effect on federer. As for Ivan Lubicic I like it. A Croat so he will know how the SSerbian mind works since they are country neighbour’s. So maybe 2016 tennis year Boris n Novak can feel what its like to a get a taste of their own medicine.
      Me personally think it will be a fruit full partnership and if federer does manage to get another slam I just of wished it was with S Edberg too. But never mind the next chapter continues. Fingers crossed for a good year. Come on Roger.
      Ps.. the more I read or see Boris Becker the more and more I dispise him. The guy has not got one good aura or bone in him. And when he knows that The Tennis community hate him he quickly tweets out the same repetitive remark of Federer is the GOAT and his protΓ©gΓ© Novak was lucky to win the slam or big title. What a bag of clown shoes and plant pots Boris is. Lol every time I see him he looks like a bloated Orange tango guy .AAnyway can’t wait for the new season. Until then I try to watch the ITPL.

      1. Not that I wanted, but I wonder how it could have been if Boris was Roger’s coach? He is one of Roger’s heroes after all. If Novak didn’t take Boris first, would Roger have asked him to be a coach? Would he have won a slam or two? What Becker could have done to improve Roger? Anything different from what Stefan influenced on him?

        I’m delighted Fedberg happened. I believe most of both Fed fans and Edberg fans were happy and liked the partnership.

      2. Certainly they are near neighbours, but I’m not sure on any understanding re Serbian minds. I visited Croatia a couple of years ago, and was actually quite shocked (although not necessarily surprised because that war would still be fresh in people’s memory) at how much the Croats still hate the Serbs. We were given quite a lecture by a guide on a trip (rather inappropriately I thought) about what the Serbs had done to their people and their country. No love lost there at all!

      3. @Wanda I doubt Fed would have brought Becker on board, doesn’t seem like a natural fit but who knows.

        @Slamdunk – I don’t think a tour guides views or a general feeling of dislike between the two countries is relevant to a coaching setup πŸ˜† they are close geographically, linguistically, and I would assume culturally too so Serajul is probably right about Ljubicic understanding the Djoker psyche more than most.

        Seems to be all about “solving Djoker” for a lot of people. I don’t think the partnership is for that at all, setting yourself up for a fall if that was the case. Only have to look back at Seppi at the AO to know losses can happen to anyone. Surely the main aim will be to add something to Federer’s entire game, and if he can help him across the line in a big final when he’s not at his absolute best level regardless of opponent then happy days.

      4. Roger *used* to be a fan of Boris. What I remember reading suggested that he rather dropped him in favour of Stefan. I really couldn’t have seen him approaching Becker as a potential coach – thank heavens. Stefan’s classy.

    2. “Who knows, one day Novak may be Fed’s coach !!!”

      Don’t even go there Murli Bhaisaab….. Keep Satan as effing far away as possible from MY Roger πŸ™‚

      We survived “Rafa 2013”. We WILL survive “Novak aka Satan 2015” !!! (Yes, I like this name others gave him and I am sticking to that, sorry for the Novak fans here πŸ™‚ )

      Ps 1: What??? No takers for the Goat’s ORANGE outfit??

      Ps 2: Hey all sweet people…. what’s up??

      1. Katyani! We’ve missed you! Have you got tix for Rotterdam yet? We are looking forward to your fan story! πŸ˜‰

      2. “MY Roger”? Hey, OUR Roger, Katyani! What’s YOU been up to, sweetie? Great to see you back, we missed your prediction πŸ™‚

      3. Yeah Katyani where have you been, we heard all sorts of rumours. You’d been sectioned, you’d turned into a Djokovic fan, you had joined ISIS. Glad none of them are true πŸ˜†

  4. Frankly I am not sure what to make of it…..With Stephan its evident he tuned up net game further than what Annacone started into..I just hope Roger knows what he doing by hiring Ivan.

    Its also separate story as whether Roger really listens about what Coach says…Let’s us hope new member in team brings something new too, may be big title..

    1. Call him Stefan please πŸ˜†

      Ljubicic has done well with Raonic, he got him playing up the court more and more of a ground game. Oldest guy ever to win a M1000 for first time too so has some decent credentials. And you don’t need to have won slams to coach someone else to them.

      1. Damn Auto corrections…

        Of course, I didn’t mean ‘Slam’ as main criteria to coach..but just puzzled by the move of hiring Ivan considering his short coach credentials…and no idea behind move…As Said, I am sure Roger seen something to bring him on team….

        Don’t Hass also sometimes travel with Roger?

      2. Edberg’s coaching credentials were even worse πŸ˜€

        I think they will float around tournaments together and share travel etc. when they are both playing the same event yeah.

      3. πŸ™‚ True, but he is Edberg…No way we could compare that to Ivan’s hire..I was thinking as may be he going to choose Pete after Edberg… lol πŸ™‚

        I do agree that nothing wrong in that, and no harm doing this…Hope we see outcome in 16.

  5. Interesting premise Wanda, Boris being Federer’s coach.

    To my mind, it could have never happened because Fed & Boris are completely different kind of personalities. They would have never seen eye-to-eye on anything at all.

    As Serajul says there will be nothing more classy in tennis as the Fedberg combine. Two class acts. Very unfortunate that the 18th did not happen during these two years.

    But as Fed is a progressive-minded guy and Edberg a guy who normally shuns the limelight while being a very simple and practical guy, there is no doubt that the partnership ended amicably with a lot of mutual admiration and the friendship still intact.

    In fact, I have never seen Edberg so animated even during his playing days. ANd thus hope for a full-fledged commitment from Ljubicic along the lines. Who knows the 18th may be around the corner.

    1. Great reply, thanks Murli.

      I’m totally agree they are in the class above everybody else in tennis world. According to both guys themselves, the partnership deal was initially one year only but Stefan decided to continue another year after amazing success of 2014. I think he will be there if Fed to make another final in Wimbledon or any #18 opportunity.

      1. That was never going to happen. Roger wouldn’t risk leaving Boris around Mirka.

  6. Thanks for the post, Jonathan. You read my mind. All great points. At first I was sad thinking of no more Fedberg but now thinking it’s a good thing. Edberg stayed one year longer than planned. If Fed wins another slam, Stefan will be there in spirit.

    Wanda, great point about Fed getting tight in the finals. Maybe he wanted it too badly for the Fedberg team.
    Perhaps now Roger can loosen up and play his best free-wheeling tennis.

    I wonder if Raonic fired Ljubicic or if there was some behind the scene talking going on.

    As far as Becker goes. I think he was the reason Djokovic won so much lately. His coaching was just what Djokovic needed. Becker very good at the tactical part of the game. BUT, I can’t stand the guy and I couldn’t see Roger having him as a coach. No chemistry between a maestro and an ass.

  7. Have to say my initial reaction was surprise. Not really sure what Ljubicic might bring to Federer’s table as it were. I knew they were very good friends, and he had certainly made a difference to Raonic’ game until the problems with the foot, but where might he help with Feds’ game? As you say, a fresh pair of eyes can’t hurt, and he is a perceptive/intelligent man – if he can help Feds refine and perfect that BHDTL – noticed how that really worked against Nadal, that would be very useful. πŸ™‚ If nothing else, he can probably wind Boris/Novak up and beat them with the mind games. Could be fun. πŸ˜†

    1. He was known for being tactically pretty good later in his career. So maybe he adds something there. He went from kinda like a journeyman to a solid top 5 performer by tightening things up.

  8. Edberg stayed a year longer than planned, and for me it looked like a very successful combination, Fed seems to be lethal against anyone not named Novak. Now he just has to find his best tennis in those big matches.

    I’d be curious to have Roger’s reasoning on hiring Ivan, but he knows what he’s doing a little more than I do ^^ As you guys have pointed out, maybe looking for that killer instinct, ending the as soon as there is a little window.

    We’ll see, fun things next year! πŸ™‚

  9. Without a doubt, I’d say the Federer-Edberg relationship was a success. Federer lost two slam finals, by, and we can argue this, by a couple of points. In each of those matches, those crucial points would’ve decided the champion.

    That didn’t happen. But what’s happened is Federer made two Wimbledon finals, and was back to the USO Final since what…2009? He has stayed at number 2 consistently, hasn’t done badly against the World No.1, even beat Nadal for the first time in over three years, and as Jonathan said, won a lot of titles.

    I still don’t understand what Ljubicic brings to the table. Only the GOAT knows. He may have helped Raonic improve massively, but Raonic had a lot of room for improvement. Other than the fact, as someone pointed out, that Fed is mixing it up and keeping his game unpredictable, I don’t see much of a benefit. If Ljubicic can fix that BHDTL, that would be awesome.

    1. Yeah I agree, if you look at it in black and white then 0 slams from 3 finals not great, but they all came down to just a handful of points here and there. Ironically he lost 2 of them by not coming in enough which was Edberg’s speciality πŸ˜†

      Ljub oldest first time M1000 winner and he did have a pretty good 3 years in the Top 10 after coming from like 40th. He comes across astute too when interviewed. I just hope he isn’t doing any of the fitness stuff as he was known to be lazy πŸ˜†

      Laid back guy.

  10. I’m a little worried now that Fedberg is over. In my book, it has definetly been a success, even if the GS titles have eluded Roger. It would be unreasonable to call it a failure just because they didn’t get a slam. I think Edberg is a big reason why Roger has been a serious contender in the last two years. Done all the right things, more net play, shorter pointss, etc. It simply has come down to Djoker beeing too dominant.

    I’m wondering exactly what Ivan will bring to Roger’s game. Ljubic isn’t really of the same caliber as Edberg in terms of achievement, so I question just how much respect Roger will have for someone like that. Coaching Raonic, a player who has never achieved true greatness, is one thing, but how will Ljubicic approach a player as merited as Federer? Will his own lack of merit as a player undermine his ability to project a sense of authority needed to push Roger out of his comfort zone?

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In any case, it certainly is a very positive statement. It tells us that Roger still has an aggressive mindset and is not thinking about retirement any time soon.

    1. A player with slam wins under their belt doesn’t automatically make them a good coach though. So for me it makes zero difference. Look at Brad Gilbert working with Agassi for example. Or Stefanki with Roddick. Annacone with Federer.

      No point worrying about Fedberg being no more either, what he added in terms of volleying ability etc isn’t going to disappear overnight, those skills are going to stick around.

      1. Agreed. Toni Nadal has zero slams. Call him a good coach, or bad, he got 14 slams for his whining b**** of a niece of his. Not winning a slam does not disqualify you as a coach.

      2. “No point worrying about Fedberg being no more either, what he added in terms of volleying ability etc isn’t going to disappear overnight, those skills are going to stick around.”

        Yes, most people don’t dump everything they’ve learned along with the coach. Andy Murray, please note.

  11. Edberg made it double-up, and acc. to Fed he is forever part of the team. IMO Edberg might have plans that doesn’t allow him all this necessary traveling with Roger, so his leave from this coach-job has probably been planned and decided for a long time. It shines clearly through, they feel great together, and of course we’ll see Edberg following Roger here and there.
    As for Murli’s long and lovely foresight πŸ™‚ – yeah – in 5 years Roger still on, Novak retired – could be able to good advices for RF!
    I agree with those thinking the co-work and results very successful. This year he’s the man most beating Novak the Winner, – where Roger lost to him, it was very tight – and may have been for the tight nerves, wanting to do it for Edberg, as some say.
    Meanwhile Ljub seems a nice SBH’er, and yes – with competent baseline dimensions – exciting!

  12. I’m feeling better about this already. Been reading through some of Ljubi’s interviews on ASAP – thanks to Andrew Burton who apparently asked the question about respect, & provided the link on Twitter (this is when Ljubicic had just won that M1000 in IW):

    Some of this interview actually sounds a bit like Fed. He’s clearly a thoughtful guy, but more than that, he’s really emphasizing how important the mental side is. If THAT’s transferable, this could be very interesting indeed.

    1. Thanks Thinker – a very nice interview. And a lot of nice attitude to every tennis player, – and “charging” Roger for being the leading one in improving players’ mutual respect. No wonder he had the Edberg Prize for so many times – and still getting it – Ljubi tells clearly why!
      Ljubi might be very able to watch and advice – I trust this to have favorable impact.

    2. Great one, thanks Thinker.

      “I think it’s great actually to have different personalities like Roger, Rafa, Novak, and Andy, all four of them — even Andy Murray; he’s different. Everybody’s different.” – EVEN Andy… πŸ˜†

  13. I like it! Fed tried to keep Edberg on but he was clear that 2 yrs enough. Lub is calm and already a friend and Fed at a stage where keeping it fresh and being open to ideas is crucial. Jonathan andSud are right, the net play isn’t going to go away but the baseline play needs stabilising… Altho I agree that he lost the Wimby final and USO final thus yr by not coming in enough. Actually I am hoping that Lub makes him braver in this respect v Novak…take the risks.. It cld pay off!

  14. “I really consider myself top 5 player in the world, which doesn’t mean that I am close to Roger. Maybe I could win more championships and prize money if Federer was not in the same age with me, but you have to know that there is something money can not buy – that’s playing against Federer.” – Ivan Ljubicic, IW’06 (Wikiquote)

  15. Fedberg certainly the most classy partnership tennis has ever seen. Sad to let it go myself too. But sometimes I also think that the Fed team needs a bit of spice if you know what I mean. Hopefully Ljubi will be just that!

  16. Hey Katyani, i quite get your point on not letting Novak anywhere near Fed. What I meant was that with Fed’s longevity one can’t be sure and he may very well be playing even after Novak retires. And that too at a high level !!!

    As for the new partnership name – RogVan could be a new way of looking at it, moving away from the surname based portmanteaus like Fedal, Fedberg, Fedkovic etc.

    Welcome to the RogVan Tours 2016. Personally I am waiting for it to camp at Dubai in February.

    1. I like the RogVan. Or RogiVan. Or RogerIvan – simply. Great friends working skillfully together. FUN! I’m getting happy for this their attractive solution.
      But we must not forget Roger’s headcoach still extremely loyal along, dear SEVE!

  17. Loved this from ARod twitter: ‘. @HashtagLosing I’m sure Ljubo is a great coach and has certainly been there. I also think he would tell you that his cat could coach Roger.’ And one from ljubicic: ‘#ThatMomentWhen Stefan Edberg tells you that you have very good volleys and you realize that you’re retired and never played serve&volley’ πŸ˜†

  18. I think Ljubicic will be a good guy for Roger to have. He had a one-handed backhand (one of the best, in fact), so he can help strengthen that side even more. He has played (and coached) against Roger numerous times, which means he can give insight into the gameplan that opponents will be using and how to counter-act it. Most of all he seems like a class act and the relationship he already has had with Roger as a player will bring about familiarity and mutual respect.

    1. Agree with you, Kyle. To me, the BHDTL is the most critical shot for Roger in 2016. Imagine Roger hitting that shot on demand? Also, Ljubicic has always had tremendous respect for Roger.

      The Edberg backhand was great, but won’t last five minutes on modern courts, against modern players. I’m sure you were trolling, Jonathan. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Jonathon πŸ˜† it was the outfit vote not just the shirts, right? Just checking…because I could have voted different one if it was the case.

    2. @Slamdunk I will post the results at the weekend.

      @Wanda yeah it was outfit poll which, the actual action shots were the best thing to go off. I just made an image of the shirts seen as though they are usually the focal point. Stitching shorts and trainers to each one though would have taken me too long.

  19. Hi all and welcome back Katyani “Bhengee”. πŸ™‚
    So overall the consensus is pretty much everyone hear are echoing the same thoughts regarding the fedberg split. Like myself upset a little but the partnership a overall success despite just missing out on the big one. Therefore will be missed. Now regarding Ljubicic being the new coach, the majority people hear and worldwide think that its a good idea . Now people are already trying to work out how he impacts federers game and trying to win the big ones. I personally think that its good because federer and his new coach’s thinking and tactics could be the difference maker in unsettling Novak if there is another slam final. Ie the SABR when he used it against novak in the Cincinnati Masters got both Novak and Boris rattled. So not knowing could give federer extra mental game strategy that potentially me thinks is good. Obviously federer has seen and productive ideas from Ljubicic for federer to take him on. So he definitely thinks by hiring him will benefit federer. Now what I have seen on tv on Ljubicic was the interview he actually did with federer. And I thought the way he spoke and questions he asked federer were very good. He came across articulate, intelligent and analysised federers answers really good. So thats my first impression of Ivan L. And I pretty much liked him based on this interview and couple of matches that seen on tv him playing. So thumbs up from me and I hope he can build on Edberg play. And like Jonathan mentioned in a comment above. That sometimes its also about getting through yourmmatches on your off days when you are not playing the best game but somehow you pull through and get the win, and then when you meet the big four then you can worry about the game plan to beat the djoker. As we all saw and have been reminded matches like Seppi upsetting federer at the Oz open. These are the matches when you want someone like Ljubicic to give you a Plan A, B and C to win even ugly. As nobody is always going to be on the ball through the potential 7 matches as you always get an opponent that because hes playing federer and millions are watching that will be the day when they play lights out tennis ( Stakhohvsky at Wimbledon) .If Ljubicic gives him any help then I think it will turn out to be another good signing. Next chapter please, and I hope its going to be good. Things are looking brighter. Fingers crossed. Allez

  20. One thing different about Ivan as Fed’s coach from others is that he was a player in this modern era and played against most of Roger’s rivals. So he can give Roger more practical advice from his own experience, can’t he?

      1. Yeah I know it would be too much work for you. This Fedless time is your holiday after all. Let’s wait and see if Conal pull off a Fed best PTs of the year Video, then we vote which pt is your favourite?

        My fabs could be the half volley against Murray at Wimbledon SF 3set 4-5 0-15, the FH winner after rally IW final 2nd set 4-3 30-15…or the net pt at Cyncy final 1set TB 5-1. So many to pick!

  21. Ok, here is my partner names.

    #1 FebLjubi pronounced Fed-lubi

    #2 Rogivan pronounced Rog- ee-van

    Both terrible, right?

    Like your idea Wanda. Still waiting for a video from Conal.

    1. Ljuberer πŸ˜†

      Cool interview, I remember watching it at the time. But clearly I’m hoping their discussions are a little more colourful when it comes to talking tactics when the cameras aren’t rolling πŸ˜†

  22. Long comment…. sorry…. but bare with me guys….

    Hey sweet Thinker, missed you too. You are so sweet. Unfortunately, because I was studying, I could’t comment a lot, but I tried to read as much a possible. Tix for Rotterdam finals were sold out, but…. I got tix for both the SF !!! But Thinker… I am worried I may be a bad sign for Roger. I also got tix for both the SF in 2013 and he lost in the QF against Benneteau and had a crappy year. Hope it won’t be the same this year. And NO…. there will be NO fan story from me. I will safe you all from a “Katyani drules over the Goat fan story”:)

    Hey sweet Sue, how are you? Thanks for asking about my study. So sweet. I took my 4 courses and passed all the exams (yippee me). Studied my butt off, but I am not done yet. The last course and exam is from Jan till March. So again…. will be busy again, but I will make time to see the love of my life play and hopefully win R’dam. This will be the first time I will see him live. I know almost all of you have seen him plenty times live. Cannot wait to see him in person πŸ™‚

    Hey my sweetest Wanda, what’s up sweetheart?? You know…. you are one of my favourite people on the web and I really really like you. But please get this straight. He IS MY Roger and dammit it… I will fight you for him…. I will. No niceness then… I will fight you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Oh and my predictions haven’t changed. Roger will play till he is 40. He will win 25 GS and by God, before he does the “R-word” there will be a or there will be talk of a Rogerslam:)

    Hey sweet Jon, what’s up? Do you have tix for Rotterdam?? Congrats with the Murray win, but lets be real…. Muzza, his mummy and GB really OWE David Goffin a lot for stopping Swiss at the last moment πŸ™‚
    Uhmm, I don’t know what sectioned really means, Satan’s fan….. I am not a gloryhunter and I don’t jump ship when the times get tough πŸ™‚ Remember when I first came to this blog I told you that beeing Roger’s fan is like a marriage…. for better and for worst… for the good times and the bad times πŸ™‚ Yep… still counts πŸ™‚

    Hey Murli Bhaisaab, what’s up? I like the name “Rogivan”. What do you think?? Oh and I loved when you once said “SABR means patience”. Remember this line? “Sabr ka phel meetha hota hain, hum honge kamiyaab, hum honge kamiyaab, ek din, ek din”. Means something like we will be patient and we will succeed, one day. Aka Roger will win GS, we just have to be patient. Damn… where is GAURAV when my Hindi lines are suddenly so good πŸ™‚

    Hey sweet Serajul Bhaisaab, what’s up?? I liked what you wrote. I am sad that Fedberg is over, they soooo deserved atleast one GS. But maybe Stefan was too nice and too gentleman for Roger. Lets see what Ivan does. I am oke with it all, EXCEPT SEVE LEAVING. That….. I cannot take. Hopefully that will never happen.

    Oh and sweet gentleman Jon and sweet gentleman Sid…. no…. Isis is not a joke guys….. just like White Isis is not a joke anymore…. Trump for president…ai ai ai… help us all πŸ™‚

    Oh and my sweetest “16 year old” πŸ™‚ Dolores…. I haven’t forgotten you !!!

    Think I got everyone covered. Long comment, sorry for that. Talk to you later. Go Goat πŸ™‚

    Ps: For the ladies…. I am sooooooooooo loving unshaved Goat. Really boss. Looks kind of better than when he has shaved !!!

    1. Hello sweet Katyani, Was tickled to see you come back from long silence. You and I are now on another planet, planet Jonathan, nice, isn’t it? Back with Roger fans, the best and the brightest.
      Love your bubbly enthusiasm that I know of you….congratulations on your studies to get your degree…keep up the good work.
      Roger will keep us united….agree with you about loving the unshaved Goat.
      Thank You, Katyani of thinking of the “16 year old” in her 90’s.

    2. Hi Katyani, when I was a kid I read a book called ‘ The vulture is a patient bird ‘ by James Hadley Chase. Your Roger ( hope you like that ) is a vulture and so are we and as as you say he will play till 40, no doubt the fruits of SABR ( patience ) will be sweet, and the Slams will come in one day ( ek din ) for sure.

      Roger Federer the culture-vulture.

      And I like RogiVan as it is refreshingly different from the Fed-based names. The RogiVan carries the entire FedTeam all over the world. Next stop Brisbane.

    3. Hahaha, that’s more like it Katyani, we missed your long comments πŸ˜† Wouldn’t we all feel like a 16y old if Roger is in your sight, let alone in front of you?

      Do you know ’patience’ is also appreciated in value by Japanese culture came from Zen Buddhism. We say ‘Three years on a stone’, meaning ‘Perseverance will win in the end. So ‘Third time honest’ or ‘Third time lucky’ at Wimbledon for #18. Allez!

      1. Hello Wanda… I like your take and wise words fromBuddhism. I have learned something new thanks to yourself. You are much more wiser than you let on. Most impressive. The force is strong in you. Sorry I couldn’t resist the Star Wars quote as I am so pumped up and can’t wait for it to come out.

    4. Namaste, Saasree-khal and As-salaamu-alaykum Bhengee Katyani!! πŸ™‚ welcome back and thanks for your kind words regarding my comments made earlier. Also Congratulations on passing your exams. We all know how stressful revising and then doing the exams and then the long wait to find out if you have passed or not. Well done πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Like you said in your wise words in hindi , I too believe in sabr and ek din, ek din InshaAllah that Federer will win his 18 slam before he retires.
      Anyway I hope you are good health and lastly regarding Donald Trumps condemnation of a entirereligion based on extreme right wing thoughts which echos the same rethorics Adolf Hitler had about Jews. If he did become the USA president then this is already really bad. As the media owned by zionist fake askenazi jews are brain washing the public with Islamaphobia propaganda. And the so called Isis State fighters are actually funded by USA and Saudi Arabia and CIA and Mossad are the ones orchestrating the bs bombing of the middle Eastern countries. They know exactly what arms and bombs they as ironically they are ones who gave them all the hardware. These war mongering senators and congressman and MPs from uk. These are the people that should be charged for mass murder and genocide. Blair , Bush , Obama and now Trump if he gets the backing from the shadows Israelis which he will probably win as the Vote is a scam as everyone who has a little bit of common sense will know that the democracy and voting system is rigged. Funny enough thats how Bush jr won and his dad. Anyway sorry for the long explanation but things are going to get worse and worse as they preparing for this Alien invasion and form the NWO. Call me paranoid but you just have to look at what is going on in the world. So much innocent people dying based on false lies that Muslims are blowing up everything. What a load of clown shoes.

    5. @Katyani – no tickets for Rotterdam no. Hope you get to see Federer this year, I’m pretty confident he will play well there. Redemption!

      @Serajul yeah I agree. Although I find Trump quite interesting, at least he says what he thinks. Most people are afraid to speak their mind and prefer to brush things under the carpet. If you have an opinion in 2015 that doesn’t sit well with the do gooders of this world, you get completely tarred and feathered. It’s a bit double standards. I find it quite worrying that 400,000 people flock to sign a petition to ban him from coming to the UK, whilst we are quite happy to let people go to Syria etc and join Isis, then come back to the UK as nothing happened and keep their passports.

      Obviously his comment about banning all Muslims entering the USA is stupid because you can’t let everyone suffer for the actions of a few. But at least it has brought up the debate and people are talking about it because there are clearly problems out there. Freedom of movement across Europe is clearly a problem as shown in Paris. So his extreme views have actually got people thinking about it which is a good thing IMO.

      His thoughts on no go areas in the UK is pretty relevant too – Tower Hamlets for example. Even places in Bradford are virtually 100% Islamic communities. I don’t think that’s a good thing as you don’t get any sort of integration. Again the government are to blame as they let too many in one go and now just turn a blind eye to things. If borders were controlled better then there’d be no issues. When I was at school in early 2000’s the level of integration was far better. People lived side by side, there weren’t 100 different languages spoken in Primary Schools. Now you just get segregation and that just leads to tension. Only seems to be getting worse too.

      There’s no rule of law in the UK either hwich is a huge problem – bankers commit fraud and don’t go to jail. a faction of the Muslim population setup sharia courts (I hear there are 86 in the UK) and live according to their own rules, not those of the UK. Not sure how that is a healthy a society to live in. By all means people can have their own beliefs and opinions, but you have to abide the laws of the land which men fought and died for less than a 100 years ago.

      1. Sounds like I wouldn’t recognize Britain anymore. Here in Canada, we think Trump is a self absorbed ignorant idiot.
        We have been watching his antics for years. A lot of his views are similar to Nazi Germany.

      2. Yeah a lot of the major cities have changed beyond all recognition even in my lifetime. London in particular. Unfortunately the negatives far outweigh the positives.

        When was the last time you were in the UK?

        I don’t follow American politics a whole lot, bit of a pantomime.

        Although I think comparing Trump to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler is the sort of ridiculous comment you can only really pickup from the typical dog shite propaganda churned out by the media.

        I mean comparing a genocidal mass murderer that waged war across Europe, to a business man speaking his mind and playing up to his electorate. Not sure you can really draw comparisons.

      3. Jonathan, I’m not comparing Trump to Hitler. I’m saying his VIEWS are similar to Nazi propaganda. Fear based. Anyway, I’d much rather talk tennis!

      4. All I am saying is the media is in a rush to jump on condemning Trump because it seems to the be trendy thing to do or something. Google Trump Nazi and all you get are a ton of clickbait articles written by numerous leftists that can loosely be described as journalists. Who have since put their Je Suis Charlie t-shirts from a few months ago to the back of the wardrobe πŸ˜†

      5. I did google that and quite surprised at the number of articles. True, the media is a circus these days. So are most things, come to think of it.
        I did not follow my own advise today and talked about politics. My bad.

        Always hoping for the best for the world and #18 of course. And Jonathan, love your blog.

      6. Hello Jonathan, I read your comments and to be honest you have made valid points and I actually agree where you are coming from. Regarding Trump is he has a huge responsibility of what he says considering that he is a front runner in the run for representing the Republicans party and the race for president for the USA. The fact that he wants to implement and any Muslims entry to the us. And force all usa Muslims to have id and sent to a Fema detention camp because of thir faith is wrong. This is exactly what stirs up hatred between different religions and segregation and chaos and disorder. The same thing happened to the jews as they were held in ghettos and forced to wear arm bands to show that they were jews. History keeps repeating itself it just that instead of jews being blamed its the entire religion of Islam and also the Christianity community as they want to inforce the new age secular one world religion.
        But like I said your other comments you made I understand completely.

    6. Hey Katyani.

      You totally ripped that line off, you line stealer :p . Hope your exams went well.

      I’m always on the blog actually but for some reason most of my comments never show up (seriously J, what’s up with that?) So I’ve given up commenting. You guys know the frustration- once in a blue moon something wise and sagely pops into your head, you spend ten minutes to make it sound cool, only to press “enter” and see your comment not show up. I’ve had to stop myself from hurling the phone from the balcony on a couple of occasions.

      1. I have no idea why would that be? Only thing I can think of is they are getting flagged as spam, but I just checked the Spam comments and couldn’t see any of yours in there.

        What phone / browser are you using?

  23. Hello Jonathan, I read your comments and to be honest you have made valid points and I actually agree where you are coming from. Regarding Trump is he has a huge responsibility of what he says considering that he is a front runner in the run for representing the Republicans party and the race for president for the USA. The fact that he wants to implement and any Muslims entry to the us. And force all usa Muslims to have id and sent to a Fema detention camp because of thir faith is wrong. This is exactly what stirs up hatred between different religions and segregation and chaos and disorder. The same thing happened to the jews as they were held in ghettos and forced to wear arm bands to show that they were jews. History keeps repeating itself it just that instead of jews being blamed its the entire religion of Islam and also the Christianity community as they want to inforce the new age secular one world religion.
    But like I said your other comments you made I understand completely.

  24. I dunno Jonathan- you tell me which phone you’re buying me. At the rate my comments are disappearing, causing me to hurl phones off of the balcony (- not exactly a financially recommended move thinking long run), you’ll owe me a couple pretty soon! ;p

    A new Samsung perhaps?

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