Roger Federer

Federer Has Additional Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Following Setback

The Swiss required a second procedure on his right knee and will miss the rest of 2020

How much tour-level tennis will be played in 2020 remains to be seen, but one’s things for sure, it won’t be featuring Roger Federer after the Swiss underwent an additional knee surgery a few weeks ago.

Federer took to social media with the following message:

Dear Fans,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy.

A few weeks ago, having experienced a setback during my initial rehabilitation, I had to have an additional quick arthroscopic procedure on my right knee. Now, much like I did leading up to the 2017 season, I plan to take the necessary time to be 100% ready to play at my highest level.

I will be missing my fans and the tour dearly, but I will look forward to seeing everyone back on tour at the start of the 2021 season.

All the best,

Roger Federer on Twitter revealing his 2020 season is over

Federer Aims to be Back for the 2021 Season

This recent knee surgery follows the initial procedure Federer had done in February, with his original plan to be back for the grass-court season.

The coronavirus pandemic prevented that plan ever coming to fruition but it looks highly unlikely that the 20 time Grand Slam Champion would have been ready had the tournament gone ahead.

Instead, his focus now is to be ready for the 2021 season which hopefully starts in Australia.

This gives the Swiss a full six months of recovery, much like the 2016 season when he recovered from a torn left meniscus.

While undoubtedly bad news about the setback, it couldn’t have come at a better time. There are zero certainties in the world of tennis right now and very little concrete info on when tour-level tennis will return and under what protocols.

Rather than get involved in the various exhibitions, factions and politics developing outside of the tour, Federer can instead retreat to the Swiss mountains and focus fully on his rehabilitation. 

Can he produce a similar fairytale comeback a la 2017? That remains an open question but we know he’ll be giving it his best shot.

Do you think Federer would have attempted to play again this year if COVID19 hadn’t derailed the entire world? Or would he have put his season on ice regardless? Let me know in the comments.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. I just saw it on twitter, it’s sad, but the bright side is that Tennis is on hold anyway. I hope he will be back as strong as in 2017.

    1. Calling it “bright side” is going a bit too far. And tennis will for sure not wait until Fed is fit.
      The wishful thinking like “coming back stronger” is not very realistic, but I can understand it ๐Ÿ™‚
      I would like to see Federer playing even if he is no more able to win slams or Masters, but still letting us watch tennis of unique beauty. Of course only if he will be OK with this. Sooner or later this must happen and wee need to accept it (I’m sure, he knows and accepts it).

  2. The news is bad enough itself. It’s a little consolation that the tour is stopped now so he does not lose opportunities to play (like others, which is in some sense good for Federer in terms of holding his records). But is this really something to be happy about?
    Strictly from Roger’s individual point of view there’s another side of the medal – he was ageing before (everyone is), but now he’s ageing while not playing. Recovery after repeated surgeries may be not so easy (I mean recovery to reach again the fitness status from 2019.
    BTW – I think, USO will be played even if Big3 don’t like the conditions. But – the pandemic situation circles around the globe and we are getting closer to next waves, while some nations are still in the “start” phase.
    It will probably make year or two or maybe more, until a vaccine is available and it’s available globally, not only for celebrities, VIIP’s a.s.o. of any kind.
    The world, including tennis) must learn to live with the virus, just like we learned to live with flu and other viruses.
    If we stop to play tournaments because no more than 1000 fans on big arenas are allowed and some special sanitary conditions must be followed., the pro tennis in current shape must be declared dead.
    I’m quite sure, even if Big3 does not come, tournaments will be played in any (but safe) circumstances and everyone or at least most of other players will participate, including the rest of Top10. It will get slowly better.
    Djokovic’s Adria Tour on Balkan will feature Djokovic, Thiem, Zverev and other top players (of course it’s not an ATP event, but if you can play such one, you can play also grand slams, with some bigger organizational effort than before. And then organizers and players will learn, how to deal with this situation.
    It’s known right now, if AO 2021 goes, it will host only Australian crowds and probably limited numbers.
    We all must change our lives and tennis players must too. Who does not accept this conditions, will need to retire, formally or not. Federer and maybe also Nadal and Djokovic are in position to have no mandatory tournaments, so they must never retire, simply not play. But in effect, if they let the Tour go without them, they are done in 1-2 seasons.
    Somehow Federer is lucky in the ways, he can skip the problem for now, as he would not play at all, even without the virus.
    Re Federer playing Wimbledon if Wimbledon would be played, I think he would not play, given his setback is older than the date of Wimbledon and he would not risk to have the second surgery after having worsened the status of the knee by playing. Too “old” and wise IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Maybe even worse, given the ticking clock. To recover at 39 is not the same as at 25. That’s the biggest problem of injuries coming late.
        Nothing of course to compare directly. But I have had some injuries in my “career” (started when being 53) and I could see, how it goes with recovery as you are older.
        But it’s of course trivial, so the magic formula of “coming back stronger” has no much sense. Only as a kind of expressing own wishes. Maybe this helps some people to avoid frustration ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I don’t see the logic?

        Would you have rather have two operations at 25 in your prime? Or at 39 when in the twilight of your career? It’s a no brainer.

        One robs you of your best years on your tour in terms of success, the other may curtail your career or mean you can’t play as well as you once did.

        Do you think Tommy Haas would swap getting his injuries in his 30’s instead of his 20’s? I do

      3. Well, Jonathan. It’s individual. Depends on how you recover. For sure better in younger years.
        What about Nadal? He had some serious injury every year since 2003. Was it not his prime?
        Then it would be maybe logic to tell, all the time injured Nadal won almost the same number of slams as injury-free Federer. What if Nadal was injury-free until now and started to get serious injuries in Federer’s age (2016 was the first I guess)? Would Federer win any single slam?
        I prefer to stand with my logic ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. Nadal never had surgery.

        If you asked him would you prefer to play 18-34 relatively injury free and then get some tendonitis in your mid thirties.

        He would obviously pick the latter.

      5. Many tennis fans including myself think that Rafa ‘timed’ his injury-related layoffs to coincide with his least productive period of the year. Note that he never once had injuries during the clay season (Apr-Jun). He has won a whopping 70-75% of his career titles during this 3-month period. So resting for 6-9 months every year and starting the year fresher than the others who went through the grind the whole year made sense for him. We saw that this worked for Roger the only time a real injury forced him off and it worked well for Djoker too.

      6. Surgery or not. He had serious injuries. He used to heal them with Stem Cells Therapy, which is less invasive. Federer and others could do the same. Don’t know, why they don’t do.
        I don’t know details about Nadal’s injuries, but we may assume, for many a surgery was an option, but he/his doctors did prefer SCT.
        Your question and answer are pure speculation. In the real life nobody has possibility to choose. For many decisions you only know after some or even long time, if they were optimal.
        Of course what works for Nadal could not work for Federer, for whatever the reason. Probably Nadal is generally fitter even if his playing style is physically very demanding. Similar for Thiem, but Thiem is maybe fitter and he had only one serious injury (angle in IW 2017 or 2018), but no surgery was applied.
        Not sure about Djokovic – probably only the last elbow surgery?
        Generally Fed was quite lucky with serious injuries.

  3. The likelihood of empty stadiums if tennis comes back probably made this decision a lot easier than what it would have been.

  4. Looking forward to Roger recovering just like the 2017 season don’t u think there will be much if any tennis this year so get well rog see you in Australia Judy.

    1. With Australian fans only. But this will be still good enough. Australians understand tennis and Roger gets crowd’s support everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We known little about how the โ€œsetbackโ€ happened but if it were during match play I think it would be more serious.
    (these discussions are going too much along the lines โ€œman, this really sucks but it could be much worseโ€ ๐Ÿ˜†)

    1. During which match??? If I’m not wrong, Federer didn’t play any match since the first injury/surgery. Nobody did because of Covid. So it was either during training (but he was for sure not training hardly since first surgery or – without any external influence. Just can happen, that the surgery and rehab is not 100% successful and another surgery is necessary – simply the injured body parts not healing good enough.

      1. Rui means IF the set back had happened in a match, then it would be more serious. Eg if he came back and played a tournament and reaggravated it. Like Wimbledon 2016.

      2. @Jonathan
        Right you are. I have n ot understood Rui’s post correctly ๐Ÿ™ Thanks for explanation ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey everyone , I hope y’all are doing well and keeping healthy! Just to share my thoughts here. Love the platform as always.

    Um Roger seems to taking it realistically (39 yeara and 2 decades of tennis) and I am sure doing everything he can to stay as fit, healthy and as tennis ready as possible. The Man s a legend ( couldnt stop smiling when say his Rafa Academy video) , and it sort of makes me feel happy that I learnt about his on court and off court conduct and demeanor , its a lesson for a lifetime truly. And even if doesnt step back ever on court. I cant complain much simple because ” the shot-making and the emotions he has gotten us into all these years” is second to none.
    But keeping all this in mind I think (health permitting) this break could all the good things it did in 2017 and maybe keep federer necessary mental break like it did and 2016 and given tennis is on hold and the unprecented circumstances where the resumption is still far too away for me , it helps federer plan his 6 months wothout having the pressure to resume training not sure what part of the season and surface to play ?!! Also if they manage to play Us Open and RG without the fans as they say, I believe they d surely figure a way out for AO 2021 with much effective regulations and (who knows) fans too.
    I sincerely believe that losses like Wimbledon 2019 final is what keep the man pushing for more believing that he can still do it on the big stages. Given his two big competitors striving to go beyond 20 slams and federer’s admission that they would cross him (read an article) sort of takes the pressure of him but deep inside Roger still feels he has a couple more in him to keep the race interesting (nevertheless he s still my GOAT). A Slam-win(if not a couple), + victory of Djokovic in a slam (like he did to Nadal in ’17) and maybe an Olympic medal is what I believe keeps him in the process of getting back to “100% ready to play at the highest level” right? he isnt just coming to win halle and basel again? its the big ones he still aspries for!

    P.S. Big shout out to to J. keeping our juices flowing during #covid19.

    1. Gosh I wish I could do a grammar check
      Apologies for the grammatical error guys, still working on my below par english :pp

  7. So sad about the news, speedy recovery Roger. Donโ€™t think anyone is keen to travel especially to US right now. Timing is good for a Roger to just focus on health and rehab for his knee.

  8. Nadal echoed those sentiments.

    โ€œIf we are not able to organise a tournament safe enough and fair enough, and when I say fair enough, every player from every single part of the world needs to have the chance to play the tournament, we canโ€™t play tennis, thatโ€™s my feeling,โ€ Nadal said from his Academy in a Zoom press conference with international media on Thursday.

    I agree with Nadal for a change. Not fair to restart the tour unless all eligible players can compete.

    1. It’s only a matter of organizational solutions and pf course additional costs. If an eligible player lives in a country which is locked down just at the time of the tournament, no tournament can be played? If so, we must completely close the book (not the chapter).
      US Open seems to be offering chartered flights for every affected region. If this does not help someone, who lives in a closed country, he is eligible but not available and it’s not tournament’s problem. The tournament’s problem is to make the stance of every player in the tournament’s location safe. Why should it not be possible for New York or Paris?
      In this aspect Big3 are not honest and not fair against other players.
      To play under special sanitary conditions is not favoring lower ranked players. They want to have the same comforts as the Big3. If US Open can be played and be safe for players, it will be played, with Big3 or without. and whatever they say right now (Federer no more because of the new surgery) , they will not miss the opportunity to win another slam, I guess. And probably USO will have some “special offers” for Nadal and Djokovic to come.
      So the argument about “all eligible players” is completely unfair.

      1. An appendix. You probably know how the pandemic looks like in Russia right now? Well, since 7 of July starts an invitation tournament in Kitzbuehel, Austria and both Khachanov and Rublev are invited and have confirmed. Nadal is invited too, but not yet confirmed. I guess, the problem would not be, how to come to Austria from Spain.
        The Pole, Hurkacz, who lives in Florida, is expected for a series of invitation events in Poland.

  9. I am not too surprised about this news to be honest. Maybe his previous knee surgery didn’t go to well (perhaps?)
    Anyways, this can be good for Roger as he will get a big break and I think that he will be fresh heading into 2021. I am not expecting a 2017 type of miracle, but there is no doubt in my mind that he can still be competitive and be tough to beat.

  10. It just feels like a glimpse of the tennis world without Roger. Luckily it may be just a stunt to avoid all this nonsense going around right now, rest well and focus in what’s left of his career.
    If he’s really incapable to play, I won’t mind if he skips everything until the grass season, just want him to give himself another chance to win a Grand Slam. I won’t deceive myself dreaming to be like in 2017, given it will at least about a year without playing instead of months, and he’s older.

    By the way, I’m done with all the hypocrisy and lies about the pandemic.

  11. In Roger’s camp, it always seems, no news is bad news. Perhaps the first surgery didn’t go as planned right from the get go.

    I sure miss him on court. Reading some comments here….is it a Monty Python skit?

  12. Greetings to you, Jonathan! Just paged through the WSJ Magazine, and who would I see advertising a Swiss product, Jura coffee machine. Roger holding a cup of coffee, looking quite handsome, being identified as Roger Federer, Greatest tennis champion of all time with his signature above. Love it!

    1. Am trying NOT to show Djoko the ad, regardless statement of WSJ stands.
      Your comment did give me a smile, Sue. Thank You for your good wishes.

  13. Iโ€™m not sure he wld hv played given the uncertainty and his family situation!
    I wonder if he will use the Hangzhou exho for his comeback and AO prep as he did this year. I think next year may be it if he has another setback. The whole Tour is ageing and those next gen/gen Z guys hv to finally get their shit together!!
    I suspect the USO will fall by the wayside replaces by some kind of North American champs. Not sure enough players want to cross continents at the moment.
    Ironically RG with the top players, both Atp & Wta already in Europe looks in the stronger position this year, second wave permitting.

    1. New York is just doing quite well with pandemic. Not much worse than some of European countries. And there is still time. If they prepare the tournament correctly (Players isolated according to rules from fans. Fans from each other. Fans not allowed to scream but only clap, players regularly tested and only circulating between the hotel and the courts. One week ago they told only one team member for a single player. Today they say 2, but only one to take to the match . In 2 weeks they say 3, but only to to the match. No fans>only “delegations” from sponsors>1000 fans (If Djokovic can allow for 1000 in his Center?)> then 2000 or more (Artur Ashe has 25.000 seats but there are other stadiums. Maybe playing more matches in early rounds on open courts?.
      UISO need it badly to happen. Players need it badly to happen. On of eventually 2 slams to win – not interesting for Nadal and Djokovic? Not interesting for Top10, where there are some contenders for the first slam title ever – Thiem. Medvedev, Tsitsipas, Zverev. If Nadal and Djokovic decide to no start, it’s not a problem of missing attractivity of the tournament. Maybe first Slam since 20 years with all-young Top4-5-8 …? And new era just starting? Fiirst opportunity for NextGens to win a slam not needing to beat 3 Big3 in a row?
      I know, not much interest for FedFans, but Fed is in any case on tiny ice. once the pandemic allows, big exhibitions would be maybe his element for some years, starting with LaverCup.
      Not so bad for everyone. Fed could forget the rankings/records thing and play for pure fun so long it goes. NextGens with potential finally not stopped by Big3. Maybe the other 2 of Big3 reaching 20 GS and retiring? Quite a nice end of Biig3 Era.

  14. Djokovic shows right now, how it can work. Both players from outside of Balkan (Thiem. Zverev) were brought with Novak’s private jet (maybe others too, don’t know). The tournament is played this weekend in Belgrade in Novak Tennis Center, with 1000 spectators.
    No masks, no social distancing – all players did play yesterday soccer – how do you play soccer with distancing?)
    The only difference for USO are costs of chartered flights from some points abroad.
    In Europe every tournament can be played like this.
    My wild guess is, both USO (maybe together with Cincinnati in NYC) will be played.
    “Thanks” to the knee, Fed has no dilemmas with all that. Will start to have it maybe for AO.

  15. I was bored so I started thinking about a ranking of Federer’s seasons, measuring both results and performances… ยฟWhat would be yours? Mine is:

    1) 2006 11) 2014
    2) 2004 12) 2015
    3) 2005 13) 2018
    4) 2007 14) 2011
    5) 2017 15) 2019
    6) 2009 16) 2002
    7) 2012 17) 2013
    8) 2010 18) 2016
    9) 2003 19) 2001
    10) 2008 20) 2000

    1. Are you no more bored now? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m bored with the list. Looks like Corona stats ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And were is 2021?

  16. I think he probably would have iced the season anyway. He knows not to force it, and clearly he wasn’t ready anyway. Good news for him (and us, I guess) is he’s probably missing little to no tennis anyway.

  17. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Djokovic? What is it about that guy?
    Anyway, does anyone know where Roger lives these days?

  18. This might be controversial but I don’t think he had additional surgery what happen is he needs more time to rehabilitate therefore skipping us open and French open would look bad so he had to say why he is taking time off. Looks at he latest pictures that don’t look like someone who had another surgery.

  19. I believe the surgery was a few weeks ago. What does everyone think of the new tour dates? Canadian borders are closed so I suppose the players will have to stay in the US and then travel to Europe.
    I wonder about cheering tracks. And there could be booing and whistling ones depending on what part of the world they are in.
    No fans will be very strange.

    1. The tour should be played normally in the next year, for the sake of the justice, rules and the rankings.
      But well, we’re here now. I just hope a new Gaudio comes up and wins RG.

  20. Forgetting completely about Fed, not right to have any qualifying, mixed doubles or wheelchair events. Catering to the broadcasters and $$$. Are players being backed into a corner to play so to not lose points? Quite the mess.
    Wimbledon has class at least.

  21. Most players (top excluded) need badly money and were very angry over Fed, Djoker and Rafa because their NO to USO at the first time. Now some are angry about top players to accept USO (after they allowed for bigger teams and some other aspects. This way many who will not have the chance to play qualifications, will get 15,000$ each and I hear they are happy with this solution. All entering the main draw will be happy too to earn more money and some ranking points.
    I understand, why you are unhappy. It’s unfair to Federer, who, will lose some points and maybe Djoker and Rafa will win some slam/s. That’s of course not a good news for Federer, but it could be worse for him, if not the pandemic-pause at all. And given Federer is very fair athlete, he will not claim playing anything without him is unfair.

  22. It isn’t unfair to Federer. He isn’t playing anyway. I’m talking about the player who makes it through qualifying all the way to the 3rd round.

  23. Hey guys, what’s up??
    What’s new??
    How are you all doing??
    Something happened?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyone following the “Srdjan against the whole world”-story?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Greetings from a working almost 3,5 months at home and still having like 3 months to go while seriously missing The Goat-Katyani ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Srdjan is idiot. How can he actually know if Dimitrov was positive before Novax Djocovid. No one here in Serbia likes him….

      1. Don’t know iuf he’s idiot, but for sure not likable creature. Nobody can know, who was the “patient 0” on Adria Tour. Fact is, Grigor was probably the highest-risk factor. And what we know, he had symptoms (Trocki as well) before he played in Zadar (we know this from Grigor). This was obviously the biggest carelessness there. But it could have been Djoker and Coric, who both tested positive. The difference is, only Grigor and probably Trociki didn’t stop to play, while having symptoms. All others had no symptoms, including those who tested positive on the end.

    2. Echoes of the banners “Serbia against the world” seen early this year on tour (was it in the ATP Cup?).
      Some people dust off their History books and refresh the memory about where nationalist rants usually lead us to.

      1. Yeah, it was ATP Cup. But in the context of the tournament this was kind of fitting the “nationalistic” formula.
        I don’t know, if Serbs are nationalists since ages or it started after Balkan wars (where the West was involved obviously with the intent to destroy Yugoslavia as a federalist country, having actually more democracy than any other country in the Ostblock).
        German nationalism, leading to Nazi-story had similar roots.
        I don’t know, if Novak is nationalist per se but probably not in love with the West, which is also not in love with him.

  24. AAGGGHHH! Has *anyone* managed to work out exactly what Wimbledon and the BBC’s offering is over the next couple of weeks? I’ve just wasted over half an hour of working time trying to work out what on earth is actually happening. When did people make websites so fancy and complicated that it’s not easy to find out basic information? ๐Ÿ™

    BBC is doing 3-hour highlights programmes of significant finals on BBC2 – yes, I know that. But they say there’s also coverage on iPlayer and the Red Button, but I don’t know what it is, and whether it’s any different. I’d like it to be the full matches, then I wouldn’t need to waste my time watching BBC2 – but can I find a schedule?

    And Wimbledon are doing this “Greatest Championships” thing, but I can’t really work out what it is, and can’t see anything telling me. Seemingly releasing some matches corresponding to the various rounds each day, but can you catch up with them? Are they only on there for the one day? Who knows?

  25. In the absence of Wimbledon, some recaps of Fed Express’s best and most exciting Wimbledon matches could be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Hello everybody!

    If you want to see what Roger’s country looks like before the tour comes back,ย  here is a nice 24 min. documentary (in French) about the Swiss Alpsย  (drone video, I guess). Available here until July 23, 2020. Old castles,ย  cute villages, waterfalls, lakes, fields, trees … and the Appenzell area delivering a delicious cheese.ย  ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿง€โ›ท
    Enjoy !ย

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