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Federer Glides Past Krajinovic in Miami

Roger comfortably dispatched the Serbian 7-5, 6-3 at the Hard Rock Stadium

Roger Federer is through to the fourth round of the Miami Open with a dominant 7-5, 6-3 victory over Filip Krajinovic in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The Swiss improved to 52-14 at the second Masters 1000 event of the season putting in a solid performance that saw him land 14 aces and accelerate away from his opponent after a closely contested opening set.

The win sees him set a date with Daniil Medvedev who overcame Reilly Opelka three tiebreak sets in 2 hours 22 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Krajinovic Miami 19

Krajinovic won the toss and elected to receive. Federer kicked off with a solid hold, featuring 2 aces and a successful Hawkeye challenge.

The Serb then levelled but had to save a break point and come out on top of a 25 shot rally to do so.

Roger then found himself in trouble, after Krajinovic showed great foot speed to track down a volley to give himself 0-30,  quickly dropping serve to love after missing back to back forehands into the tramlines.

The Swiss struggled to recover the early break in his match against Albot but he had immediate chances in game four, creating a breakpoint after forcing deuce. Krajinovic saved it, and a further two but he couldn't convert his own game point and Roger broke on the fourth attempt to level at 2-2.

A solid hold put the 3-time champion up 3-2 before a couple of well-executed drop shots got him in another return game before Krajinovic levelled at 3-3.

Roger then fired down a speedy hold to fifteen to lead 4-3 and fashioned a breakpoint at 30-40 thanks to a quality rally finished with a forehand winner. The Serb saved it with a solid 1st serve and saved another break chance before holding for 4-4.

Another easy hold put the Swiss up 5-4 and put the pressure straight back on Krajinovic. However, the former Paris Masters finalist eased it with a confident hold to fifteen.

It was then Roger's turn to survive a test, slipping to 30-40 but he raised his level just in time with three big serves to lead 6-5.

That gave Roger a nice shot of extra confidence and he was able to translate that into his return game, firing a solid return before Krajinovic double-faulted for 15-30 and Roger reeled off two more points to take the set.

Into set two and Roger kicked off with a solid hold for 1-0. Like the back end of the first Krajinovic was under immediate pressure, having to save a break point at 30-40 but he couldn't stave off a second as Roger broke for 2-0.

Roger then consolidated the break for 3-0 and by now he was in the groove, making inroads in virtually every return game and holding with ease.

3-1 was quickly 5-3 and Roger served it out in style, nearly playing the peRFect game missing a fourth straight ace by a whisker but he still served it out to love to move into Round 4.

Match Stats

  Filip Krajinovic Roger Federer
Aces 2 14
Double Faults 3 1
1st Serve 66% 73%
1st Serve Points Won 63% (34/54) 74% (32/43)
2nd Serve Points Won 43% (12/28) 56% (9/16)
Break Points Saved 70% (7/10) 50% (1/2)
Service Games Played 10 11
1st Serve Return Points Won 26% (11/43) 37% (20/54)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 44% (7/16) 57% (16/28)
Break Points Converted 50% (1/2) 30% (3/10)
Return Games Played 16 15
Winners 15 35
Unforced Errors 18 23
Net Points Won 59% (10/17) 59% (13/22)
Service Points Won 56% (46/82) 69% (41/59)
Return Points Won 31% (18/59) 44% (36/82)
Total Points Won 45% (64/141) 55% (77/141)

Point of the Match

On Court Interview

Tennis Channel Interview

Press Conference

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Krajinovic Miami 2019

Yeah, I'm very happy. Especially because he’s been winning a lot of matches here and in Indian Wells. You can always feel that in a player like with Albot in the first round. They know what they want to do. They stay calm till the very end. They believe they can turn it around. But I was able to serve it out perfectly.

I think it was a good second match for me. Much more humid so I’m happy I played through this kind of conditions and I felt like I played a little bit better knowing the conditions.

A high-quality performance from Roger here and a much-improved display compared with the opening match against Albot. I think he looked far more au fait with the conditions and even though the court is not exactly tailor-made for his game speed wise, he's able to craft well-worked points and use angles + spin to cause opponents problems.

He again slipped down an early break which is risky business but this time recovered it instantly and from there was by far the better player.

Roger's return looked sharper today too and he was able to apply a ton of pressure by holding serve easily then going to work in his return games, mixing it up nicely with drives and chips to ask Krajinovic a lot of questions.

The Serb competed hard, for the most part, saving plenty of break points but winning just 63% behind your first serve and 43% behind the second doesn't often get it done in the pro ranks. In fact, he had to play 23 more points on serve than Roger which tells the story of the match.

Roger's numbers, on the other hand, all look top notch and he fired 14 aces, hit 35 winners to 23 errors and won 74% behind his first serve to come through in a dominant performance.

Predictions vs. Medvedev


Next up is Daniil Medvedev after he defeated the big-serving Reilly Opelka in a match that saw all three sets end in a tie break.

Federer leads the H2H 2-0 with both his wins coming at the back end of last season. The first was a hard-fought win in Shanghai that could have gone either way, the second a more comfortable win in Basel en route to his 99th title.

So the good news is Roger has played him before so is relatively familiar with his game and I'm interested to see how this one pans out.

I think it's a tough one to predict as the surface and conditions in Miami in terms of speed don't really suit the Russian's game but they do allow him a lot of time on the ball and he likes to play deep behind the baseline to take bit cuts at the ball.

We know his style can cause Roger a few problems but if Fed comes out with the same sort of tactics as he did today against a similar albeit less powerful opponent I like his chances.

What did you guys think of the win against Krajinovic? Predictions vs Medvedev? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Good to see his FH comes into picture after few matches where his BH seems more solid…. Good one indeed…

    2. Hit some good ones for sure. And plenty shanks that somehow landed in 😆 even the set point won didn’t look a totally clean hit but we’ll take it.

  1. Thought so. I said to myself “In the 5 minutes it takes me to go from the train to home, Jonathan’s going to post an update” 🙁 Anyway, off to read it properly now.

  2. Oh darn I thought I might be first, for the first time!

    Roger was In Control. I thought “that guy is a cool as a cucumber today”. In the pale mint top and white shorts, he kinda looked like a cucumber too, but in that Roger Federer really awesome way.

    Go Roger 🎾

    1. Oh, is it really pale mint? I was thinking it was just f.lux playing havoc with the colours on my screen 🙂

  3. I quite enjoyed the match. Felt like the first set scoreline was almost harsh on Fed too, that would have been tough to overcome if he lost it. Thanks for the writeup Jon.

    1. Yeah he had a lot of chances in the first set, felt like he had got well on top but only just sneaked it.

      Krajinovic does cover a lot of court though, some of his gets were impressive. Fed didn’t expect a couple of them to come back.

  4. Why did Miami not use purple color scheme? They look like the Australian Open with their court color. Opinions?

  5. Good match, just happen he manage to get good feel about court conditions. I think he still a tad unhappy on how the ball bounces but all is good so far. At least today he was clear in his mind how he wants to construct his points and shot selections. There are quite a few good rallies and point construction by both players. I am just a tad surprised Roger will be playing next day against Medvedev, night match – crikey. Lastly thanks for quick turnaround on match report, you are amazing 🙂

      1. I just check weather forecast for tomorrow evening, expecting thunderstorms around 6pm onwards…. yikes long delay coming

  6. That was a quick recap! Thanks Jonathan.
    Couldn’t see the match and I am so glad Roger made it to such a clean win taking into account the humidity -which is not easy for him- and also the court conditions. Yet he made it smoothly!
    Very promising indeed… 😀

  7. Much cleaner match today. Lucky it was delayed, able to watch in Tokyo at 5 AM. Hard to predict against Medvedev, it ultimately will be on Fed’s racket. Hopefully he has the confidence to make his shots and his serve is on. Thanks as always for the write up Jonathan and for including the clips too.

  8. Well, that’s more like it. “Much more au fait with the conditions” – yes, what you said there Jonathan. Just seemed like he’s much more in tune with everything.

    And…. minty CUcumber???

  9. Roger is the only guy from all the players in QFs in IW who is still alive (4R) in Miami.

    Waouh !!!

  10. Much better match from Roger this time around. Medvedev will be tough especially when Roger is not as his game. He still doesn’t look completely comfortable out there. Fingers crossed.

    1. I’ve not seen any of Medvedev yet, quite a quick turnaround after three sets going the distance although I guess with Opelka the points were quite short…

  11. I was only able to follow the score and watch the highlights later. Roger seems to be more confident attacking one the return. The backhand was causing a lot of trouble: one slice, one slap, one topspin, “try to guess the next one”.
    As for Medvedev, he showed to be a couple of notches above Opelka who in turn looks like a younger version of Isner, but his game came crumbling down in the last tie breaker. He seems to a nice guy too. He was a Challenger habitué in the past years and is slowing making his way in the ATP tournaments. He won one this year.

  12. Post updated with press conference.

    I was laughing at Ben Rothenberg’s comment that the WTA is full of variety and the ATP has nobody really. Except Medvedev is one of the few guys who plays with variety.

    Fed was like huh? Medvedev? Variety? 😆

    1. Ben’s constant digs at the ATP tour in order to boost up the WTA tour have gotten so tiresome. I managed to watch the tie break between Wozniaki and Hsieh and for all the “variety” Hsieh had it was pretty unwatchable stuff. If there was a journalist who acted the opposite way around, constantly putting down the WTA tour to boost up the ATP, they would be widely slammed by all of these tennis journos. For some reason, Ben gets a pass.

    2. Yeah he’s clueless. Fed’s look says it all.

      For me it’s the reverse – women’s tennis used to have a lot of variety as that’s how they played and what worked. Then the Williams sisters came along and it was all about power. It evolved into an inferior version of the men’s game. And that’s where it stands today – no real identity. Because everything has to be the same now right, everything is equal and there are no differences at all!

      Aside from outlier players like Niculescu I can’t think of many that do much different?

      To a degree, the men’s game is lacking too. The homogenisation of the surfaces etc hasn’t helped but there is way more spin and angles involved and you do get players mixing it up a bit.

      If we’re being honest, most guys are only championing the WTA because they think it might lead to getting a blowjob at some point down the line.

      1. 😆 Jon, I agree as usual, just making a small reservation acc your last slam dunk as I have none at all experience about this tennis-dimension. Just: You might be right here also

  13. I actually watched it live as I figured that if he lost it would be the last time we see him for a while and if he won – well then! Was surprised to see him winning long rallies as sometimes I think he gets bored and tosses the ball into the net. Fabulous serving and lots of nice running about. The commentator on TennisTV was good too with no drivelling on about other matters, just concentrating on the actual game, so we didn’t switch to the no-commentating stream. Any idea who he was, Jonathan, I think he had a faint Scottish accent.
    I also watched the Kyrgios replay, what a blast, thanks for the tip, Elizabeth.
    Might even watch at 1 a.m. or later as you say, Jomathan, as the women seem to like keeping Federer waiting, deuce at every point.
    Chum Jetze and all that.

  14. I think this is going 3, will be tough to hit through medvedev on this court. I think fed can use his slice well against him though and the drop shot too… we’ll see if medvedev has enough variety to deal with that 🤣😂

      1. He should have definitely recovered now due to the delay but maybe playing i the day will suit fed better now

  15. Roger played much better in the second match after getting used to the conditions. Hope his BP conversion rate improves and Medvedev doesn’t cause any issues. I would expect Roger to win in straight sets, but anything can happen given that Medvedev is really good and can cause problems to anyone.

    1. Yeah much better, although now he has to switch to nigh session conditions which will again be a change. Dunno if Medvedev has played night yet though either so no real advantage.

  16. The before referred to my comment that both Fed and Djoker have tough matches.I wouldn’t like to say who will win.
    I do hope this is grammatically correct.

  17. I had to laugh one of the commentators saying court to slow for DJO.
    Another well deserved win for RBA. C’mon Roger be good x

    1. £$%^£$%&£ ATP website. Why are they SO SLOW at putting up the results?!

      And apparently it’s raining, anyway. Is the main court covered?

  18. So, at what stage do they reschedule Roger’s match for tomorrow? Or are they really expected to play in the early hours of the morning?

    1. Well yes…how come we like him better than Tsisi (Yes I do it too but I don’t know why – both of them are nice SBH’ers..)?

      1. Because he’s Canadian, eh. If he tames his emotions, he and Felix AA could go far. Two teenagers in the quarters, Crazy.

      2. Haha, Sue, could be so. But I like Greece and the Greeks too – – Well I believe perhaps Felix might be the next solid Wunderkind, when time comes, and Fed allows him!

  19. Quite interesting draw. Only Roger and Isner have won at this level. A maiden masters title is possible.
    Further more, only four players still on the draw had won a title this year, and maximum two of them (minimum one) will be in the semis (RBA and Federer/Medvedev/Anderson).
    20th titlist in the 20th tournament is also quite possible.
    Obviously I hope Roger will be the first one to earn a second title this year. 🙂

  20. Wow, impressed by these pair of Canadian teens!
    Amazed by the fact that the grandpa is still competing against young generations and going deep each tournaments while other top guys have gone or burn out! His constancy is way underrated.

  21. It will be Mirka’ s birthday the day after the Miami final (April 1). Another trophy for her as a present,  Roger ? You can do it !!! Chum Jetze…

  22. Fun fact! With Djokovic bowing out, if Fed wins Miami, he goes to #1 in the ATP Race! Go grandpa Fed 🙂

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