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Federer Gives Goffin Drubbing in US Open Fourth Round

The Swiss was in a free flowing mood, dispatching his opponent 6-2, 6-2, 6-0 in 79 minutes.

Roger Federer is into the quarter-finals at Flushing Meadows thanks to a comprehensive 6-2, 6-2, 6-0 victory over fifteenth seed David Goffin after one hour and nineteen minutes.

The win sees Federer deliver his ninety-fourth bagel at tour level and move into his thirteenth US Open Quarter-Final which ties him with Andre Agassi at Number two on the list behind Jimmy Connors.

 In the last eight, he'll face Grigor Dimitrov who defeated Alex De Minaur in straight sets.

Quick Match Recap

Fed US 4R 2019

Federer won the toss and elected to serve.  The Swiss kicked off with a love hold for 1-0.

Goffin has been working with Tomas Johanssen to improve his serve in recent weeks and the Belgian was soon level at 1-1, firing down a 122mph serve on game point.

Goffin then fashioned two breakpoints. Federer saved them both to make deuce. However, after saving a third and holding a game point, he slipped up as Goffin was able to convert his fourth chance to lead 2-1. 

However the fifteenth seed quickly slipped to 0-30 and despite making thirty all, Federer was able to break back instantly, converting his first break point chance for 2-2.

A love hold put then but the Swiss back in front at 3-2 and a speedy break to love after rushing Goffin put Roger up 4-2. 

Another love hold then saw Federer move up 5-2 and he'd won 14 points in a row. Goffin finally stopped the streak at sixteen straight points lost but he couldn't prevent the Swiss winning his fifth straight game to take the set 6-2. Federer had landed 75% of first serves, hit 12 winners and won 3 of 3 breakpoints to instantly turn the set around.

Into set two and Federer kicked off with a hold to thirty for 1-0. Goffin stopped the rot with a hold to fifteen to level at 1-1.

Another speedy hold put Roger up 2-1 and Goffin was unable to make many inroads on the return. That wasn't a problem for Federer though as he broke in the next game to lead 3-1, mixing up big forehands with the slice and drop shot to cause Goffin all manner of problems.

With Fed on cruise control consolidating seemed inevitable but he slipped to 0-40 after a couple of forehand errors. An inside in forehand winner and big serve saved the first two but a double fault relinquished the break.

With Jim Courier revealing on Amazon prime Federer breaks back around 25% of the time the game after dropping serve, he was quickly on the way to bumping up that statistic creating 15-30. A slick get from Goffin got him to thirty all, but he double-faulted on game point and Federer won the next two points to lead 4-2.

A ridiculous forehand at thirty all then gave Federer game point to consolidate and he did so to lead 5-2. Goffin then wilted, dropping serve to love as Federer moved into a two-set lead after 58 minutes. 

Into set three and Federer's serve hit the spots to hold to thirty for 1-0.  Federer's variety was now on full show, exposing Goffin from the baseline to break to love for 2-0.

A love hold with some sweet forehands consolidated the break for 3-0 and Federer was well on the way.  Goffin, now looking deflated, dropped serve again to fifteen and Federer reeled off another hold for 5-0 before breaking for the third time in the set, sealing it by ripping a backhand up the line after a lengthy rally.

Match Stats

  R. Federer D. Goffin
Aces 10 0
Double Faults 3 4
First Serve % In 42/62 (68%) 30/60 (50%)
Win % On 1st Serve 35/42 (83%) 12/30 (40%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 8/20 (40%) 8/30 (27%)
Net Points Won 19/23 (83%) 4/11 (36%)
Break Points Won 9/10 (90%) 2/7 (29%)
Receiving Points Won 40/60 (67%) 19/62 (31%)
Winners 35 8
Unforced Errors 17 17
Total Points Won 83 39
Distance Covered 4635.7 ft 4817.3 ft
Distance Covered/pt. 38.0 ft 39.5 ft



Fun On Court Interview

Press Conference

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Goffin USO 19

It was great. David didn't have his best day either, he was struggling. I was down on the score early so had to come back mentally. But then when I was up a break I started to feel like he wasn't playing the same way and I was very happy with my level of play. Federer on his win over Goffin

A super slick performance from the Fedmeister here and in some ways it reminded me of the win against Juan Monaco at the US Open in 2011.  A similar scoreline and he took apart Goffin with free-flowing tennis that he had no answers for.

The Belgian actually started quite well, making some nice returns to break but as soon as Federer broke back and got up a break himself, the match turned on its head and Federer dominated in all areas.

Stats wise it is as one-sided as you'd expect with Federer winning in every single area. Perhaps the only low-ish number is 40% won behind his second serve but everything else is complete domination with a whopping 82 to 39 to total points won.

Interestingly he won 66% of return points too, and I was 100% certain we wouldn't see that above the 60% he recorded against Evans in this tournament but here we are!

The key to the match for me was how easy Federer broke Goffin's preferred patterns of play. He was having a confident ball-striking day and used the backhand down the line to stop Goffin getting into any comfortable rallies where he could do some damage with his own backhand.

Having to cover that shot seemed to rattle the Belgian and he got flustered, deflated and one paced which allowed Federer to play as though he was 20 moves ahead of him and smother him from the baseline. Aided by groundstrokes that, as per Mark Petchey on Amazon Prime, were up at an average of 82mph on the forehand and 78mph on the backhand which is heavy-hitting by anyone standards. 

As for Goffin, he'll be disappointed with his level. I'm not sure why he looked so out of it as the match wore on, a low energy day perhaps but every Federer winner seemed to knock the stuffing out of him and that's all she wrote 🙂

Predictions vs Grigor Dimitrov

Next up is Grigor Dimitrov who defeated Alex De Minaur in straight sets over on Grandstand. This is the furthest Dimitrov has been in a Grand Slam since the 2018 Australian Open and since winning the World Tour Finals in 2017 he's had a string of poor results.

This US Open has seen the Bulgarian have a fairly light draw to the make the quarters, beating Seppi, receiving a walkover, defeating Majchrzak and now De Minaur.

I haven't seen him play this tournament other than some highlights so I'm not sure on his level, he's not had any big wins in a while so difficult to see him troubling Roger. If his game clicks he can certainly beat the top guys but he isn't the smartest player out there, so you'd think Federer will be too solid assuming he serves well.

What did you guys think of the win against Goffin? Predictions against Dimitrov? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Yeah too good today. Another one that it’s a little hard to read into because of his opponants level but in this case I think Fed was the one making Goffin look bad.

    Quarters was about as good as I hoped for before the tournament started, and I fancy Fed to make the semis, losing to Djokovic. Can’t look too far ahead though, Dimitrov looks in decent form.

      1. Fantastic play; even more incredible when you consider he is 38. I’m not sure he hasn’t gone over to the dark side. But still fun to watch.

  2. Feds play was sublime in my opinion.Goffin looked hopeless because he was completely outplayed.
    As he was when I saw them play in Basle.
    That is why I found that loss at the World Tour Finals a few weeks later so strange.
    However Fed seems to have played himself into great form,into the quarters after spending such a short time on court this match,is great news.
    Some wonderful points,that forehand😊
    Dimitrov next,I don’t think he has ever beaten Fed and don’t see it happening here,if Fed plays like that.

  3. Great match . It’s cool when his game just flows off his racquet. Dimitrov is next and I’m sure Federer will be tested.

    1. I saw a couple of points in the De Minaur match, Dimitrov looked to be playing well. Still a bit all over the place though, scrambling around. He’ll need to have a very good serving day to beat Fed I feel.

  4. What a joy, that forehand! Great match to watch. Fed has worked hard as of late and deserves this level of performance and so do us fans.
    The on court interview was the best. The stadium is quiet when Fed in on….any one else get that?
    You’d think Gauff was the next messiah. Even more praise than the queen of NY.
    “Goffin stopped the rot”. I really need to return to school to learn all of Jonathan’s sayings. 🙂

  5. Yes, but on the last rally Fed used the forehand only once versus a barrage of the full backhand collection: drive cross court, slice, down the line, spun, flat, you name it. And put all that on a tennis manual.

  6. Super fast post as Fed, great work, Jonathan.
    Didn’t he win 9 out of 10 Bps? 100% until very last game, his Bp convert rate was almost fake news level, fantastic!
    Love the match point and was great way to finish. A stress-free fun match for us but felt sorry for Goff…onto next, allez!

  7. It seemed Fed was very relaxed out there. He was hitting a lot of drive backhands up the line, CC, sometimes just straight in the middle of the court but hard and flat, really crisp. Maybe he wanted to test out what he’d been practicing . He was already reading Goffin’s serve quite well. Hard to believe he only won 40% on 2nd serves, while watching it felt most of his service games were smooth. Good serving percentage, I guess…

    Djokoivc has a tougher road, but I still expect him to get through with a 3 day rest. I ‘ve read people saying he has some big shoulder problem, maybe someone here knows something about that? Anyway hopefully Stan and (probably) Medvedev can make him work for it at least.

  8. Fed played some fantastic points . But, today’s win had a lot to do with Goffin’s mediocre first serve. I would hope to see a better fight from Grigor. All the prep is much needed for a potential showdown with Fed’s current nemesis.

  9. Roger player well making Goffin like a poor player. Rog is improving his form with each match. Unreal stats 9/10 on breakpoint. Post match interviews have a couple of colourful words s*** and a**. Is that Roger? 😆

  10. I for one am super disappointed that Stan won. Roger needs to beat Novak on a big stage to exorcise those Wimbledon demons and the odds get slimmer and slimmer he will have a chance to do that. He is playing into form and could have beaten him here. Instead, Wimbledon continues to fester and Roger may end his career without avenging that shameful loss. What a tragedy that would be.

    1. If Fed can win here, I don’t think he will mind not beating Novak ever again. I still don’t back him to win but draw opened up for sure.

    2. Sorry it was not shameful! You try to achieve what Roger has at 38 !!!! Shamefu no never ! Sad yes , he does not have to prove anything to anyone and he is not to be sneered at by the likes of you not ever. You are not a true fan clearly now that is SHAMEFULLY

    1. C’mon man…don’t you want him to take out Novak on a big stage? We need it as fans, and Roger even more. He is getting passed by Novak and Nadal in virtually every meaningful way and statistic, he needs signature wins against them both!

      1. Djoko had a powder puff draw at Wimb19 and was the heavy favorite to win it. Thats what happened. I don’t care about any stat other than #21 honestly. Ask Roger, he will say the same.

  11. Claud, yes, 21 is huge and yes, the draw was easy. But did novak look a heavy favorite in that match? True, fed had to bang a lot of winners bc Novak put such pressure on his serve in prolly more than half the games, but fed was with him all the way, broke right back after going down a huge break in the fifth, and had the match on his racquet, on his home court, against a guy who fairly and comprehensively beat him in two prior finals. He needed to deliver. Saying novak was the heavy favorite after such a loss is a bit of a deflection. If Roger had lost that game serving for the match after a protracted fight, the result wouldnt sting so much, but four freaking points on the trot with tame serves and reactive play? Not how an 8-time champ does it.

    Only saying, Roger needs big individual wins. Novak will pass him in slams, and likely would even if Fed was at 21 already. I think Roger wants a measure of payback, now or later, along with 21.

    1. “Novak will pass him in slams”. I don’t think so.
      Fed plays until 40. Fed will surely get his revenge. Just ask Nadal!

      1. And what if Novak plays til 40?

        I hope you’re right. A slam final victory would be a cherry in top, but even a semi would work. It has to happen, i think, soon. Fed cant reinvent his game like he did against Nadal starting in 2017, and he isn’t 36 either.

      2. Nope. But Nadal has a chance. He just needs one Australia Open. And I see it as virtually impossible for Fed or Novak to win another French Open.
        (ok, I’m teasing… I know you meant “majors”)

      3. Yeah I totally agree. Federer is unique, his body is unique. Even after the match Novak pulled a cheap trick in d press conference saying he will play for many more years just to get Roger off his game but I felt it weird that he forgot how he had an injury and lost his way completely and his body is prone to injury and his style of play makes him extremely vulnerable to injuries. If he thinks because Roger has played at this level till 38 that he can do it too, he is totally delusional. Even nadal knows he won’t play more than another couple of years. Not everyone is Roger Federer. It would be better if he keeps his smug comments and mind games to himself. It’s cheap shots all the time from Novak. That’s what disappoints me with him. Being such a great champion I just wish he has more class like Roger, nadal, del potro etc.. champions with class

  12. Djokovic is out. Incredible from Stan though. I just enjoy listening to the ball come off his racket . At this level and with the crowd totally behind him I think Stan will dismiss Medvedev in 3 or 4. It may well be a Stan Nadal final . Nadal’s side really is a joke, there’s nobody on his half who realistically can beat him…maybe Cilic takes a set in a tiebreaker.

    The crowd booed Djokovic a bit when he retired, he may have been in pain but he was still playing well. And a left shoulder injury would only affect his backhand , unless it’s so bad that it affects his service toss.

    Go Federer then. Has he got 3 great matches left in him – in 7 days?

  13. Great to see Roger play his best as well as taking advantage of opponent’s weakness so far. Typical of a-hole Djokovic to retire when he was going to lose anyway. He can have 100 slams, but will not be the game’s great. I’m glad Roger has a better chance at 21 now. Fingers crossed. Dmitrov first. I think it should be straight sets again.

  14. Surgical, clinical, transcendent, luminous, unearthly…the superlatives ran out long ago.

    That’s a masterclass, the best Federer’s played in this tournament so far. Possibly the best tennis he’s played since winning Miami this year. When the backhand’s working like that, the opponent has no chance since he can attack off both wings and keep him guessing.

    Dimitrov needs more time on the ball than Federer, so if Federer continues playing the kind of attacking tennis he showed against Goffin, I think he comes through in straights, although most likely closer than against Goffin.

    Slightly disappointed that Djokovic lost as I think Federer would have been able to beat him and do the Djokodal double. Nonetheless, I expect he will take full advantage of this opportunity and give that little bit of extra effort to claim this major.

    1. The opportunity against Djoker was his shoulder injury (occurred 2 matches before Stan.
      Federer was not challenged so far and hard to see his level to be stellar, while he did play against no-opponent. Somehow the best so far was Nagal. Funny 😉

  15. After novak’s loss, this is Roger’s tournament to lose. He needs to win this tournament given the fact that he was just a point away from his 21st GS at Wimbledon. The only man standing infront of him is Rafa. I hope Roger repeats his A0 2017 heroics, he can win this for sure.
    Go Fed!!!

  16. I think a small part of Roger’s success in the 2 last matches might come from playing in the open court at 12. The court may suit him better then, being faster? –
    As for Djoko’s retiring – well – he once played Roger with a heavy strapped right arm – and lost duly. That was of course more visibly hero-like. As for his still playing at forty – well – probably too many injures for that, I guess.

    1. I think you are right in that the daytime court suits him.
      That weird shadow is a nuisance there and the probable reason Fed lost that first break of serve.
      However it is the same for both players and Fed adjusted faster.
      Bit worried(because Fed fans worry about everything)about the change to under the lights as it
      seems to get more humid at night and the ball slower.

    2. Yeah, I think the day time conditions are suiting his game. Gets a bit more speed on the ball to hit through the court. Guessing next match will be at night though.

  17. Gorgeous tennis, Goffin lost heart. Hope this form continues. His half is so full of dangerous players still. Medvedev biggest threat now Novak out.
    Let’s hope Grigs is stopped in his tracks by this Fed.

      1. He had better ditch those antics at the end of the matches, otherwise he risks becoming the next man everyone loves to hate.
        The USO crowd was asking for it, but… is that provoking – provoking back game really necessary?

      2. It is… until he repeats the joke over and it’s not different anymore, just a dead fish floating around.
        But I am quite sure he’ll soon come up with some other piece, being as conflict drive as he is.
        It’s a thin line the one that separates what helps him through a hostile environment from what can seriously hamper his game or even the career.

      3. Absolute superb v Stan ( who shld hv won 1st set). Clever clever player. Completely outsmarted Stan 👏👏

    1. Can Medvedev get by Wawrinka? I think Stan the Man is hungry to go as far as he can after returning from injury. And Medvedev’s played a ton of tennis this summer, two finals plus a Masters title in the last six weeks. He is young and fearless, but it catches up to you at some point.

      The caliber of his opponents so far has not been particularly high, with the exception of Lopez. Wawrinka is a couple cuts above that level.

      Dimitrov could be dangerous. If he serves well, he’ll have a real shot. Hopefully Federer can keep up this level.

  18. Just watched Djoko’s presser. He admitted – what we all know – that a huge motivation is the ambition to beat Roger’s record of slams. That being natural for a currant and long time no. 1 ranked and dominant player it still confirms my suspicion of his being very fixed on Roger’s achievements. Maybe too fixed – so, the body protesting…?
    As Roger answers on the repeated questions in what is a reason to his longevity at the top tennis, – it is the love for the play itself. AND still being physically able to challenge the best. Looking forward, let former annoyances behind.
    This is telling that he’s not fixed on beating Novak in order to get further. Of course it might be sweet enough, as it is every time he he prevails vs Rafa. But being annoyed not having the chance to beat an injured Djoko – No, I really think focus is elsewhere.

    1. Yeah a strange motivation, like Fed said, when he first started playing it was never about records. Just the rise of social media and the need for journalists write new articles every day that they are continually talked about.

    2. If you don’t think that Roger’s biggest motivation to keep playing at age 38 is defending his GS record you are really naive.

      1. It’s to those who replied your post.
        If slams count is not the motivation, so it’s maybe money counting?
        Imagine, you get 300 millions for wearing so hated (just by Fedfans) UniKlo-outfits, but you must wear them on court, not home, would you reject the deal? 😉

      2. His only motivation is being the best, playing those big matches and win them (specially against Nadal and Đoković).

      1. I don’t know Roger personally we can only speculate but champions are motivated and fueled by their competition. I have little doubt that he is out there to face Nole and Rafa and these 2 will keep playing until they break Roger’s GS record because again they are competitor animals as well.

      2. Do you mean, Roger simply loves to hit the yellow ball, nothing else? Why not home or in nice, lovely challengers?
        And – your question is at the same time the answer.
        You don’t know his TRUE motivation either. Even Mirka don’t.
        But we are still allowed to have an imagination of what could it be. Pablo’s guess seems logic, no?

      3. Obviously, but why say someone else’s imagination of why he might still be playing is stupid and naive? 😆

        Go practice your forehand PRF.

      4. @Jon
        Pablo told “naive” not “stupid and naive”. Small difference, eh?
        I would like to go to practice my forehand (rather backhand needs improvement all my career ;)) but it’s raining cats and dogs right now.
        So I can only sit at PC (like you all) and practice my written forehand 😉

      5. It is a broad experience among performers in all kinds of arts and maybe sports as well that if you try too hard/let your ambition be sole and whipping headmastering motivation, you stiffen and miss. Of course you in sports have to like the competition as well as the sport genre itself. But it is a barren desert walk to let the ambition to beat all opponents be the only motivation running your performance. You may be able to do this for some years, but there are more aspects to it if you want a longer performance-life. All artists know that. And there’s competition in arts, as well as art in sports.

  19. Fed has played himself into fine form.
    Very pleased for Stan.He has had some tough draws that stopped him getting momentum.
    After this he will be back in the top twenty and a threat in the future.
    Nice to have another slam winner back in the mix.
    As for Djoker,well.This strange elusive injury that does not show up on a scan and that he showed no sign of in his
    last match.If it is genuine then that is unfortunate but he should have finished the match as Fed did against Zrerev
    that time when he could hardly move.He wonders why he is unpopular,I guess this sort of thing doesn’t help.

    1. Yeah good win for Stan, just watched the highlights he was hitting the ball huge.

      I was surprised he didn’t just see out the three sets, just needed to roll through a few games.

      1. Djokovic didn’t want to lose in straight sets. Reminds me of Nadal bailing against Murray at the AO a few years ago when he was two sets to love down.

    2. …and the rude crowd does the rest. Years from now Novak will be remembered as the guy nobody cares to remember.
      “Djoko-what? Ah, yes, that one. Pass the salt, please.”

    3. Djoker had sore shoulder before USO. You may have not noticed this, but do you watch regularly Djokovbic’s matches???
      If your rule to play matches with injury to the end, you should wonder why Federer pulled out from WTF final some years ago (should have played against Djokovic). His justification was, he didn’t feel competitive enough to play the final of such an event.
      I have seen many top players playing to the end or retiring. It’s up to them to decide, if they put their health under risk, if continuing.
      Just an example: Thiem played Cuevas in Indian Wells with broken ankle (he didn’t know, its broken, but didn’t take medical aid and it must have been painful) before he withdrew after 1,5 sets since the injury. This resulted in 2 month out. I don’t think it was wise.

      Federer playing Zverev in Canada (was it Canada?) final with bad back was unwise either. And had nothing to do with fairness. This was a kind pf showing – hey, you win only because I’m hurt and all the world can see this, but don’t tell in the speech.

      Point of view obviously depending on the point of sitting.

      1. You are an annoying “fedfan”. Wish you kept to your routine of disappearing after the great Thiem loses early in a tournament. You are as welcome in this site as Djokovic is in the list of great tennis role models. Roger has retired once and that was before the match began and come in just to apologise to the paying public.

      2. “If your rule to play matches with injury to the end, you should wonder why Federer pulled out from WTF final some years ago (should have played against Djokovic). His justification was, he didn’t feel competitive enough to play the final of such an event.”

        But he didn’t *start* the match – precisely because he believes that if you show up on court you’re saying that you’re fit to play – and finish the match. And “justification”? Doesn’t being unable to run count as sufficient justification to pull out? He didn’t admit that until a few months later, of course …

      3. Federer didn’t turn up to play because of injury; that isn’t the same as retiring during a match you are losing. He hadn’t done that in a career spanning over twenty years.

  20. On paper the QF shouldn’t be a problem, but we’ll see.
    It seems Roger is in a good place with his game after a shaky start to the tournament.
    Glad to see him destroying opponents. 🙂
    I hope he adjusts well to the slower conditions at night.

    1. So agree with Allison right on what is PRF doing on this blog at all ! Fed pull out never unless he broke his ankle mid match heaven forbid !

  21. The MadLad is a bit strange I think.I was rather warming to him but now not so keen.
    Rather a shame,the DJokers example shows that taking on the crowd,however biased they might seem,is never a good idea.
    Better to put up and shut up.
    Look how dignified David was yesterday in what must have been a very uncomfortable experience.

      1. Will you please NOT respond to my posts.
        I have asked you not to do so repeatedly.
        You are deliberately provocative and I have no intention of replying to anything you say.

      2. @Annie
        Your logic is funny.
        You don’t want me to reply to your post. Just simple solution: don’t post! Nobody has the privilege to choose, who replies.
        Then you reply with “and I have no intention of replying to anything you say”.
        That’s another solution – ignore my replies and don’t reply, according to your intention.

        And I have explained you once and must repeat. I’m not replying TO YOU. I’m reacting to the content. I don’t care, how looks the nick above this content. You are (in personal terms) nobody, just like me.

    1. Doubting about one of the biggest competitors the sport has ever seen is really disrespectful. Those who whistled have either no clue about tennis or are just Nole haters.

      “Rather a shame,the DJokers example shows that taking on the crowd,however biased they might seem,is never a good idea.” He did a pretty good job at that in the Wimbledon final overcoming Federer’s overwhelming crowd support.

      1. Agree. Are such hateful comments here against Djoker or Rafa big surprise for you?
        Some understand loving Federer just like this. Wishing the biggest rivals injuries, bad conditions a.s.o.
        And of course you know the reason.
        Logically Federer is going to retire before the 2 rivals do and they are getting very close to Federer’s records (or have surpassed him, like Rafa in Masters titles record).
        They are not able to understand, that having biog rivals makes their hero even bigger. They dream Rafa andnole have never existed and Federer has 150 slam titles and counting. Pathetic.

      2. Some like to hate fedfans as well. Of course a prevail on mainly account of injure is no real win. Of course we would like Fed to beat Novak, when Djoko is on his best. That would be something!
        Now as for the Wimbledon crowd yelling to support Roger – Djoko did a real smart trick – and told about it afterwards – He imagined the yelling was for HIM and so got mental support from it!
        By the way – does anybody remember BB’s couching Djoko? And BB telling that he during his active tennis competition would do ANY trick to win, short of murdering? So some prefer to “win” at any costs, short of…

      3. Nole doen’t need no tricks to win matches and tournaments. Not sure what you mean by him winning at all costs. He has achieved what he has achieved fairly.

      4. @Alexander
        Yes, you know Djokovic. Mainly from Federer’s defeats. 26:22 for Novak right now. Everything fake. Why? Because of defeating weak opponent?

  22. I told you, in the first 2 rounds he just needed to make some hours of extra practice, playing just 80 minutes every each day was not enough 🙂

  23. The day conditions really help Federer I think – the ball goes through the air faster, less humid, as somebody said above. Problem is, with Djokovic gone Federer will get the stupid ‘under the lights until midnight because it’s NYC’ scheduling for sure.

    Then again, Medvedev is getting so unpopular maybe they will put him and Stan on at night just to rile up the crowd 🙂

    Back in 2015 if you remember the final , which was supposed to start around 4 pm local time, I was delayed due to rain by 3 hour or something, and it got played in damp cool conditions , and I thought that affected the outcome. It sounds like an excuse but Fedeerer and Djokovic are co close it literally comes down to a few points each match. Even the matches Federer beat Djoovic at the US Open were razor thin, even if they were straight set wins.

    1. Oh dear, I hadn’t thought about the effect on scheduling! And yes, I agree with you about 2015. It certainly seemed to slow the match down.

  24. I think NYC brings out the animal in the players. Look at Fed swearing away (would he do that in Basle?). How about meek and mild Medvedev behaving like NK. And Djoker threatening a fan. Arthur Ashe stadium to me is like the Roman Colosseum. Two thumbs up for Rog and not so much for others.
    I watched the Stan Djoker match last night. Seems near impossible to hit a winner. Long rallies with no one being able to put the ball away. Hope Fed stays on days.
    Life is so much simpler if we don’t expect much and go with the flow. Same with tennis. This slam tally means less and less to me. I used to be uneasy about the others passing Fed on the slam count. Now, I really don’t care. The Wimby final was the biggest disappointment for me in all of his career. Then I watch the match yesterday and am amazed to see such beautiful tennis and I loved the interview at the end with Roger trying to hit the ball into the ESPN booth. I feel so fortunate to witness that.
    I have a visual of people in a park in London. They are in a red telephone booth arguing about tennis to themselves. Who is the goat, who will get the most slams, who will have the most weeks at #1…… After days and days with no water or food, they collapse in a heap and someone eventually calls for medical help.

    1. Haha, great vision!
      But on the other hand, we are certainly not vegetables.
      We are just – sometimes – animals with some refined manners and – unfortunately many other times – crueler beasts than the cruelest of beasts (just recall the disgraceful events that took place 80 years ago).
      Sport is, no more, no less, a sublimed version of the fights between animals belonging to the same species, no matter how much one tries to prove that we are different from “them”.
      We only transformed what was a fight for the species survival (reducing the weakest/loser part’s chances to breed) by a ritualized one where each part forces the other one to transcend him(her)self and obtain mutual improvement in the process: this is the theory we write and like to convince ourselves about
      The practice is often:
      “Player A destroys/dismantles/humiliates/owns player B”
      Does this sound familiar?…

      1. Using the word “animal” was a bad choice. Their way in the world is far superior, eh.
        Oh, and go Bianca!

    2. Please tell me where to watch this on court interview. It’s not obtainable here on site anymore, and I missed it..

    3. “Who is the goat, who will get the most slams, who will have the most weeks at #1…… After days and days with no water or food, they collapse in a heap and someone eventually calls for medical help.” I agree that now this is and endless debate but make no mistake about it if Nole and/or Rafa surpass him in GS’s there will be no objective argument to defend Roger’s claim I’m afraid.

      1. All this is a shortlived pleasure, if any at all. Fedfans are Ff’s IMO because we like his performance and behavior more than with any other tennisplayer. That won’t change even if some other tennis”beast” surpasses his records. As RF is our favorite we want him to win, it is a nice confirm of a nice world when he does, and we feel good about it, and annoyed when he doesn’t, – that’s all. To many of us (I believe?) he’s GOAT, even if Rafa and/or Djoko may end up with more slams or whatever. To some others the GOAT is Rafa – or Djoko – whatever. So as Roger himself states it – the dispute about GOAT’ness is somehow absurd – there are different aspects, different masters of that. An objective definition will be a never ending dispute, and a very boring drama. Have fun!

      2. The total number of major tournaments won is just one metric among many.
        You can consider also the total number of weeks at number one or the integral of rank position vs time, the ratio of trophies won at ATP 500/ATP250, ATP1000/ATP500, there are way, way too many to choose from.
        Then you can pick different weighing factors for each and take the average. And why not entering some other factor for the court type and speed?
        Then… which average? Linear, harmonic, geometric? Pick your own.
        No, Pablo, I am afraid that each participant in the debate will choose a particular valid (and why not?) measurement according to which “his Champion” is “THE Champion” and swear upon it.

        The argument will always be *subjective* because of the way each *subject* builds his own set of *objective* measurements. And I am not even “accounting” for the non measurable qualities…

        And in the end no conclusion will be drawn. And why should it? Is it really necessary? Does it make any difference except reducing your availability to enjoy the good things that sport brings?

      3. I have no “claim” to Roger. I just love his tennis. If Djoker gets 25 grand slams, Roger will always be the goat for me. That is my point. And I care less and less what everyone else says. A nice feeling.

      4. Thanks Rui and Sue – bringing more aspects to the point I share with you. Rui I didn’t shortcut you at all – your “And in the end no conclusion will be drawn. And why should it? Is it really necessary? Does it make any difference except reducing your availability to enjoy the good things that sport brings?” I appreciate very much. Thank you. And thank you again, Sue, to set good words to the essential energy.

  25. Broadly speaking, I dont particularly approve of booing a professional competitor who is trying to win. I have no issue cheering the opposite competitor though, I think that’s reasonable.

    Taking a step back, though, sport is what it is. An entertainment business. It isnt only about who’s the best or who tries or who won what major when. It’s also about HOW. So if I, a paying spectator (whether in the stadium or not), choose to dislike a player because the professional entertainment product they provide displeases me, that is well within my right. So by all means have a go at the booing, I think it’s a poor show of dignity. But I wouldn’t agree with the argument it’s because Djokovic has earned the respect to not be booed. There is no universal way to earn love. I would however say booing ANY professional who is being professional at all is poor form.

    1. Booing is a mass culture (culture???) performance. Would you boo crowd on the street, when you are alone ?
      BTW – negative crowds often get the opposite, they wanted. Namely – the negatively handled player gets extra motivation to win (especially if he comes from Balkan country with capital city destroyed by the “West” – he still meets this “West” on every arena. No tournament all over the world, including his country, where Serbians would be majority.

      1. It’s Slavic mentality, you probably don’t understand, using your Western mentality.
        If anger and joy it’s probably not, what you imagine. Not a battle between anger and joy, but anger and joy in a perfect harmony. I know this by heart while living so long among Slavic nation. Balkan is more Slavic than any other Slavic nation.
        A kind of deep will to be oppressed to have a common foe and being then able to do heroic things.
        I don’t like this mentality (I’m rather “western” type, at least for Slavic measures, but I understand it.
        That’s what you need to understand Djokovic.

        When he does his after-match I-love-you-all antics, he is both genuine, aware of the fact, it’s looking for spectators like tasteless and false role play and kind of ironic (I really love you but you don’t get it).

      2. Sounds a bit to me to love to make war, not love, in order to win, – Perfect harmony my a.. – But interesting, thanks PRF

      3. Love to make war or make love, not war are illusions of Western mentality.
        Both love and “war” belong to our life. But not for everyone literally, which was the case for Djoker.
        I guess, he was not politically involved and not aware of who Milosevic really is.
        BTW – Milosevic was trying to keep Balkan Slaves together, which was not acceptable for the West. But on the end (read Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse No. 5” about allies bombing to the ground Dresden, where no single German soldier was present at this time – simply blind revenge) not Milosevic was bombing New York, but so called “allies” were bombing Belgrade, where young Djoker was trying to start his tennis career in ruins.
        Hitler’s war was not against the West. The West didn’t understand Hitler and is responsible for Yalta, which probably does not tell much to Western global citizens (former colonizers of so many locals over the world), but means a lot for Eastern Europe’s nations. Well, too complicated and too politic to discuss it here deeper.
        In any case hard to understand calling Milosevic to understand Djokovic.

      4. War and other cruel violence may be our burden of an insane aspect for the universal longing for love. There is always an alternative, just choose.

      5. @Armstrong7
        Thanks for your kind opinion. Do they have at The Hague calling idiots (acc. to your def.) too?

        I don’t know, how wise you are, but you must have learned a different History of Europe. At you could read some books of Norman Davies (it’s available in English I guess).

        The Hague is the same kind of authority as Yalta. War victors are always rewriting history. The West believes to be the victor.Russia believes to be the victor (according to my understanding Western Allies would never defeat Hitler without Stalin and Russian effort).

        War crimes. Where was The Hague to pursuit the West (first of all US but also other Western Allies) because of war crimes in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and many others?

        Where was/is The Hague to pursuit war crime from Dresden?

        I guess, your history books are rather thin. You or your parents probably never lived, learned, loved, trained tennis, whatever under heavy bombings? You or your parents probably didn’t spend their childhood in ruins?

        That’s some difference – for the way you understand history: History of Europe (East and West) is history of wars. This did not end with II WW.

      6. @muser
        “Universal longing for love”. Hahaha. Did you learn this under bombs or in ruins?
        There are different “universal longings for love”. Just like in social systems some are ,more equal than others. Yes, it’s marxism. For you (I mean the West) it’s crime.

        You may tell The Hague, you just found a marxist (=war criminal) here.

        “Just choose”. The West (including your nation, I guess) has chosen long ago. Let’s call Djokovic war criminal, because he is Milosevic’ compatriot.

      7. @muser
        “Just choose.” You seem to live in eternity or in some virtual world.
        In the real world there are always those who bomb and those who are bombed.
        Only the first have choice. The others have none. Tell them “just choose”´.

        I’m sorry, Jonathan, I felt provoked. I’m just choosing ETERNAL PEACE AND LOVE 🙂

      8. I do agree many people have an overly simplistic view of the world 😆

        But I can’t be bothered getting into the Balkan conflict here. It’s far too complicated and has pretty much no relevance to the post. If you want to discuss it more, book a table at NOVAK and put an open invite on the blog.

      9. “The West believes to be the victor.Russia believes to be the victor (according to my understanding Western Allies would never defeat Hitler without Stalin and Russian effort).”

        Not sure what you mean by the West in this context. The victors were the Allies and the Soviet Union was part of them.
        We will never know what would have happened without the efforts of the Soviet Unión but they did not have much of a choice. Same applies the other way around, nobody knows what would have happened to the Soviet Unión without the help of the other Allies.
        I will give you one thing: there is no doubt that the Soviet Union had to carry the most weight against the Nazi Germany and there is no doubt that the Red Army is the biggest reason why the Nazi Germany lost the war.

      10. PRF, I was in Bosnia in ’94, during the war. I saw some of Milosevic’s work there. You should confine your comments here to tennis.

      11. @Armstrong7
        Ask @Rui to do that. I was writing about Djokovic (tennis, not politics), I don’t know what was Djoker’s political orientation then, probably nothing, he was too young) and the Slavic mentality in this context.
        It was Rui, who made it off-topic argument, telling, that Milosevic was “fine performer of that mentality”. A kind of telling “Ah, we know, where Djokovic comes from and from whom he learned to behave like he does.”
        Whatever was his intention, this provoked the off-topic discussion.
        Now we should end it or if someone still interested, I can open the thread on my blog. Let me know 😉

      1. Forecast 28° during Tuesday, so the court may still be nice and warm and hopefully somewhat fast…?

      2. 22° at the time of second match of the night session and higher humidity (about 70%), usual for these hours. The court will be slower than at noon.

        But does it matter against Dimitrov? If at all, it’s rather advantage for Fed, because Dimitrov hits harder but runs slower, so Fed’s dropshots and other shots to no man’s land will make Grigor sweat (and make UE’s).

      3. Humid, but not the most humid he’s seen this year – I think he saw 88% in his 2nd match. Last year when he had such a hard time, both temperature & humidity were higher.

      1. No reason to sigh yet IMO, the sky is clear, Jon promise sunshine 28° at day, can’t be too humid then at night? And Fed is well-spirited now, I guess, likes his opponent, know him well, looking to have fun.

    1. And another giant is stopped by Diego. Way to go! Size doesn’t matter (not that much…)
      I really appreciate when a player does his best with his resources.

      1. Someone here really interested and following Zverev?
        IMO Zverev is now playing a kind of weird game (life’s game, including tennis).
        I guess, he would like to part ways with parents He not playing a ginat right now. He does not follow hints of father, Ferrero or Lendl. He is seeking his own way.
        He is lost after 2-3 years of being called no.1 coming soon,
        He is kind of playing against himself but not looking unhappy with that. Maybe trying to find his temporary balance by winning one set, losing next a.s.o.. No more serving really second serve – resulting in lots of aces and even more double faults. He can be still dangerous but for now he destroys himself. Doing a reset and starting again from different point.

  26. Hi just wondering if anyone knows what time Rogers quarter final is and isbit today Tuesday or tomorrow ! Am waking up in GB trying to work out tv times fear it will be in the middle of night over here

      1. Many thanks will set the alarm and pray or wake up tomorrow pray and check in !fingers crossed it will still be a fastish court
        Thanks Jonathan . Fed is the only thing worth getting up for over here it’s so depressing the news etc !

  27. So this is the first time I visited the site and I subscribed immediately bcos I’m a HUGE Federer fan. The definitive GOAT for me without even a chance for argument. Watch every single match of his even though it’s at midnight or early mornings for me mostly like today’s QF will be at around 5 in d morning and so I’ll take half day off to watch. Just can’t wait. And I wanted to give a 5 star rating but since it was the first time I wasn’t sure if I should drag d stars or just click n I ended up giving a 3 star (oops) but it was a definite 5 star performance n hope for the same against Grigor.

  28. Hello all ! I didn’t have time to comment on Fed’s last match but I totally agree with your praise : how lucky we are, once again to witness his game in full flight like against Goffin.
    Let’s chant for the one handed backhand boys tonight and go Roger ! It should be a treat even in the middle of the night… I hope for a full replay on Eurosport.

    PS. I watched some of Rublev – Berrettini. The latter’s dropshots are fantastic… 

      1. On the whole most people on this thread are full of common sense and very knowledgable about tennis in general.
        Unfortunately the site has become infiltrated by two absolute pains in the arse pretending to be Fed fans but absolutely the opposite.
        My advise is absolutely to not engage with them.

      2. @Annie
        Agree. Don’t engage with me (Novak’s spy) and Pablo (Nadal’s spy).
        With pains in the arse you should visit good doctor. This may be cancer.

      3. I would have to agree with @Annie on the infiltration aspect. Been here for a long time and I definitely knew something was off regarding those two from the get go.

  29. I totally agree. Federer is unique, his body is unique, his technique is stress free. Even after the match Novak pulled a cheap trick in d press conference saying he will play for many more years just to get Roger off his game but I felt it weird that he forgot how he had an injury cpl of years ago and lost his way completely and his body is prone to injury and his style of play makes him extremely vulnerable to injuries (we do not have to look too far for an example than this year’s us open). If he thinks because Roger has played at this level till 38 that he can do it too, he is totally delusional. Even nadal knows he won’t play more than another couple of years. Not everyone is Roger Federer. It would be better if he keeps his smug comments and mind games to himself. It’s cheap shots all the time from Novak. That’s what disappoints me with him. Being such a great champion I just wish he has more class like Roger, nadal, del potro, wawrinka, etc.. champions with class

      1. I did not mean it with disrespect. A true Federer fan would love nadal too. They are such good friends and I can’t see why the fans can’t be. And I respect him so much. I meant he already has been talking about retirement and also he avoided a wedding due to the rigours of travel but now he most probably will take the vows this October. So reading the signs I think he wants to rest his body from the tough tennis circuit. But honestly I would love to see him go on more than that because after Roger we need someone that the audience unanimously love and root for , just for tennis as a whole and viewership

      2. What a shame Nadal has been injured so often. He would have had 30 slams by now -even if most of them were French titles. He is a triumph of Spanish sports medicine..

      3. @Silo. Trust me on this: Nadal has no plans of retirement soon. That won’t happen until he overpasses RF’s GS record. Same applies to Djokovic.

    1. Excuse me.. was that meant at me? The post I made was about Novak maybe playing till 40 .. and if you cannot even state the facts about why Federer is special then I guess according to you that only makes a true fan .. lol.. ur funny 😂

      1. “True” Federer fans want to hear how “special” Nadal and Djokovic are, and how they are even better than Roger. Perhaps not.

  30. Don’t worry all, here comes Roger to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again. Beautiful break back for 4-5 and then 30-0, loses 4 points in a row, essentially on errors. Just beautiful. Lose the set, but Jesus, fight.

  31. Yes, now that’s a way! But stay on him, don’t wander about in your head! Finish it fast, Dimitrov is ready to go.

      1. These days he doesn’t deal well with night matches on this court. Guessing it’s the decreased airflow from the roof. Can’t find his timing.

        Fingers crossed that he can somehow take this in five.

  32. Jesus christ. Now that’s how you back up a set won, getting broken immediately. What’s up with fed’s volleys? His pickups are way off and he has less sharpness and depth than ever on them. He lost that game with three crap volleys.

    And he’s looping that goddamn forehand again, blasting high or wide so often when going cross because of so much wrist. Cmon man, stay with it. We dont need an epic with Dimitrov.

  33. Fed has forgotten how to hit forehands. Here’s another possible slam falling by the wayside. When you cant hit forehands into an open court, and you’ve decided to rush your serve just to move things along, it’s coming apart for sure.

    Honestly, his forehand is gone. He can’t find the court on easy one-two balls, and his stupid shot selection is making dimitrov look a genius.

  34. Roger completely useless out there. Five freaking break points, all lost. He wins one, Dimitrov likely bows out 5-7! Instead, fed shits the bed in classic fashion. Another embarrassing match from the goat. When are we gonna stop living in the past and understand he’s just not that good anymore?

  35. Roger is trash. He cant hit routine shots, dead easy putaways. Retire from the match please if youre hurt!!! This shit is agonizing. What a horrid turn, roger just keeps gracing his fans with these dumpster fires in grand slams. What a joke. Here comes nadal to win easily and rightfully supplant fed as the best ever in 12 months time. Way to go roger, youve made it almost impossible to remain a fan in your twilight years. Sucked it up big in another winnable event.

  36. Retire, you dumbass! Plodding around, missing volleys right at net that you always made with eyes closed, cant find the court to save your life unclutch bum. Why play hurt, clown? To get bageled by this retard? Well done.

    1. Well, he never fails to disappoint now. The mental side of his game looks to be gone; under pressure he’s as weak as a baby. Painful to watch.

    2. Holdco, I really think you should stop being a Fed fan. You are miserable. In my neck of the woods, you are just like the badass hockey dads.

      1. How’s fed fandom nowadays for you? Is this the roger federer nostalgia tour? He is out there competing still, top 3, and when he is in winnable situations in big matches of late, he mostly loses. That’s hard to stomach for fans, and its right to blast him for now being a screw up. After stupid losses like this, we have some gauzy haze of 2009 wimbledon go up and we go, hey he’s 38, but remember that roddick match?! If he wants to go out there and lose, fine, but why should we keep giving the goat As for effort instead of asking him to deliver in the precious few big matches left to him?

      2. Holdco: “asking him to deliver” – a maestro is IMO not a store (do you pay him anything?) for tennis wins to deliver to your personal need. It’s sports, and shit happens. If he hadn’t this issue he would have won, he was on way to it. Suggestion: Try to understand the world, it is not there for your all-time needs, it is for something else, be more kind to yourself, not nostalgic about the time when RF always won, but enjoy his beautiful tennis, still coming from his wand

      3. muser, Fed needed to deliver above all for himself in that final. In perhaps the biggest moment of his career, he blew it huge. And yes, I like to think that I indirectly make a very modest contribution to Fed’s income, in that I’m a cable and Tennis Channel subscriber, I attend the USO every year, I’ve bought his branded gear and racquets in my younger days, etc. For that, he needed to hit one ace in the most important match of his career, or hey, maybe make a decent approach. Instead, he took a four-point dump on center court and tarnished his legacy forever. Now we have to cling to scraps, like Fed powering through a depleted USO draw to face his nemesis on the big stage, and even that won’t happen. Well, there’s always the faint hope of a Tour Finals run…

      4. Holdco, and hasn’t Roger “delivered” a LOT during times, since you buy all this stuff? You are not his boss, he’s not an employed in your tennis firm, obliged to “deliver”. I seriously suggest you to leave his “shop” – being so disappinted by his “blewing” our needs , go to Rafa, and leave him, when he fails, go to Djoko, and leave him when he fails, you’ll never get your needs fulfilled like that, sorry!

      5. muser, you are really trying to take me to task on everything i say…it seems the truth hurts. No, Roger isn’t my employee, but he is the goat, no? The goat doesn’t lose matches like this. Unlike many, I don’t like Rafa or Novak, and have never switched allegiances, and never will. I’ve liked Fed since 2002 and always will. But, I’m exercising my freedom to criticize him when he sucks, and he sucks big time now. As to your question, no Roger hasn’t delivered in big matches lately, and not much really since I dunno, 2011, 2012? My anger at him is this latest spate of embarrassing gaffes, and I think we can objectively say he blew a lot of wins, no matter his great results years ago. I think one can appreciate the body of work but still call out terrible play nowadays.

      6. Holdco. “The precious few” matches, yes. I appeal to appreciate the possibility and not just tear down. As for the GOAT, this cannot be objective, although a not always perfect human he’s my sensitive GOAT still, maybe not yours, ok with that. For other “tasking”, I refer to my long answer a few moments ago. Have a good recovering time!

      7. muser, the goat comment was rhetorical. Certainly the recent results don’t match that moniker, though the jury is out on that question and will be for a while. I just think that being happy that Roger is competing is too low a bar for the #3, and that maybe once now he can bring the big win home, when it’s clearly there to be taken (I know that having a one slam a year expectation is unreasonable; but again, for the goat, if the win is there, like it has been so often this year, it needs to be taken), for himself and his fans. I’m not stewing in Fed’s failures at all, but it’s indeed a black mark on his file and hard to avoid when looking to the future. I hope he has one more big run left, for sure.

  37. Funnily, fed coulda won in straights or in 4, but decided to lose in 5. Serving to level at 4-5 in set 2, he loses every point after up 30-0. After winning set 3 beautifully, gets broken game one of set 4, and suddenly gets 0-40 at 4-5 on dimi serve, for a break from which he would likely lose it all. He loses those three, plus another 2, and then the set. Hurt or not, Fed was done playing and treat his fans to a fifth set failure. Thanks roger, you always deliver nowadays.

  38. Well. He had to win it in 3 or 4. Who knows when his injury came up. In retrospect he was coming to the net way too often than normal, and serve was off the whole match, velocity and placement. Still I feel he should have won it in 4.

    Bit, big loss here, with Djokovic out this was his chance. I think that’s it. Nadal will get his 19th for sure with this group of clowns left.

    1. Same problem as last year; if he’d taken that second set it would have been a routine four-set win at most. If he’d only held serve in the second set at 4-5 I think he would have pushed it to a breaker and won. But the damage was probably done by then.

      The combination of the court playing slow + reduced airflow makes USO night matches very physical. At his age, hard to handle that kind of grinding towards the end of a long season. If he can’t get quick points, if he can’t hit winners–he can’t win.

    2. Look, i way prefer losing to dimitrov early than to rafa in the final, and if this was feds form then, rafa wouldve smoked him, even on the faster day court. But still, keep a chance alive and beat freaking dimitrov! Losing that second set the way he did was absurd. Dimi was playing better and couldve taken the tb, but christ, get there! He finds new and disappointing ways to lose a match that was winnable at multiple points.

      Now, his serve and forehand looked bad all night. Dimitrov (!) was getting everything back. If he was hurt prior, he needed to withdraw. Theres no glory in this debacle.

      1. Holdco, what is your fandom? An idol winning all? You seem to be very offended when Roger doesn’t win, as if he does so in order to be a bad boy.

      2. muser, again, when Roger is fairly outplayed, as in by Rublev last month (or hell, Djokovic in the other two Wimbledon finals), if he’s really too hurt to play (as in all of 2013, parts of 2016, etc.), I have no qualms about him losing. My point is, Roger has become remarkably adept in the past 16 months of spinning gold into shit. One dead-won match after another slips by, and there’s Roger in the press conference, sniffling and adjusting his hair, saying “You know, he played great, I had my chances, but what can you do, I’ll get over it, for now it hurts.” I agree with another commenter on here who notes that Roger isn’t on some comeback tour. He is a pro tennis player with a legacy he wants to leave intact, not one that’s marred by a spate of failures and defeats snatched from the jaws of victory. With his great experience in big matches, his accuracy, his artistry, he manages to lose again and again at the biggest moments now. My fandom involves a great player demonstrating greatness when it matters most, not at the Laver Cup. And he is still great, but a consistent failure now. That really bothers me.

      3. Consistent failure? I don’t agree. Winning 101 tours, some of them this year, is quite consistent opposite to me. Well no major this year, though very nearly one of them – but we earlier had 4 years of no majors before the 3 latest. Take a tour in the sunshine, don’t necessarily stay in the dark shadow of deploring missed winning – or stay there for god’s sake, it seems you like it more in there, but it is really not benefitting yourself and others to spread it around and grow it

      4. muser, tennis is a what have you done for me lately sport. 101 titles, great, but he’s playing, competing, and he should be winning so many of these lost matches. Yes, 2017 and a few months in 2018 were great. It’s a year later and he’s in an unbelievable trough. I’m not growing or harping anything, just making an occasional point here and there. We are fans of an active player whose failure to win in the big moments is super disappointing. It has no impact on my sunny disposition at all, and this forum isn’t just to express unconditional love for Fed, I don’t think. He’s a screw-up of late and we should be able to say so, no matter how awesome his tennis was three years ago.

      1. I agree for one time. He played for 5 sets with no visible symtoms. He confirmed on the press conference that he was well physically.
        I’m pretty sure his upper back was bothering him but nothing serious from what it looks and what he said.
        Medvedev on the other hand looked bad physically and he found a way to beat Stan. Roger would have destroyed him if they were to meet. What a shame this loss, we could have had an amazing final…

  39. Fed has a upper back injury. He soldiered on trying his best. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. Along with that, Dimi played a good match. If you watch his box when the mto was happening, Godsick is on his cell asking what is going on with Roger. He gets off the phone and says, “back” to Mirka.

  40. Another missed chance at the title with the favorite gone. Oh well. Shit happens. Fans like Holdco should be more respectful to Roger and other players. At this level, on a given day, anyone can beat anyone. Players like Roger, Nadal and Djokovic are so strong mentally that they pull through matches that they should have lost on the day’s form. But it doesn’t happen always. Titles are nice and records are great. But that’s not what it all boils down to. Nadal will get his 19th unless Medvedev has the mental resolve to take him out. He definitely has the physical game for it.

      1. Not at all, J. My point is, Fed in the biggest moments always manages to disappoint now. He is a different and worse player and it’s really frustrating to watch his level plummet on easy shots and against beatable opponents.

  41. Fed said he felt this back issue already from the afternoon on and then during the entire match.
    Shame on all the idiots here that most probably don’t even know how to hit a tennisball properly for a single time in their lifetime but demand from Fed to compete at the highest level regardless of the fact that is body is not at 100%.
    Maybe you should proceed with watching tennis on the playstation instead of the one incorporating human beings.
    Btw this is not an invitation to discuss that issue with all the haters wasting our time here. I will not respond…

    1. Well said, DrEvil. By the way, to focus on reasons to be grateful – how many playful tennis treats received from RF? must be a world-record! – might be more healthy than reacting in a sulky way. Just a suggestion, in the fog of understandable disappointment/sadness

  42. I hope Jon to soon make us all sober again with your next much appreciated match report. Until then, I hope to be the last in this one

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