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Federer Gives Berrettini a Beatdown in Wimbledon Fourth Round

The Swiss cruised through 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 in just over an hour to book his spot in the Quarter Finals.

Roger Federer is through to his 17th Wimbledon Quarter Final with a mauling of Matteo Berrettini on Centre Court that saw him drop just five games.

The young Italian has been the one to watch on grass this season winning in Stuttgart and making the semifinals in Halle before progressing to the fourth round here but he offered little resistance, bowing out 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 in just an hour and 13 minutes. 

Roger will next face the impressive Kei Nishikori who came through the tricky Mikhail Kukushkin in four sets over on Court 2.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wimbledon 4R 19

Berrettini won the toss and elected to receive. Federer kicked off with a love hold but the Italian matched him with four quick points to level at 1-1.

Another love hold put Roger up 2-1 and in game four he took advantage of some tame Berrettini errors to break for 3-1. 

The Swiss consolidated to fifteen for 4-1 and a nervy-looking Berrettini wasn't able to handle Federer's short sliced returns and slipped down a double break at 5-1. Roger then fired an ace on game point to take the first set in just 18 minutes, winning 24 points to his opponents 8.

Into set two and the Italian started with a much-needed hold for 1-0. Roger then held to thirty for 1-1 with Berrettini chuntering to his camp that he was having trouble seeing the ball.

A wild smash saw Berrettini get himself in trouble at 15-30 and the Swiss broke for a 2-1 lead. A love hold consolidated the advantage for 3-1.

Berrettini was able to hold to love in the next game but with Federer cruising through his service game he was soon asked to serve again and he couldn't find the court, slipping down a double break for 5-2. Federer served it out to fifteen for 6-2.

The Italian then took a bathroom break to try and compose himself ahead of the third set but a disaster miss down 0-40 saw him lose serve immediately.

Roger again consolidated in the blink of an eye for 2-0 and with some slick court coverage set himself up another break point in game three. Berrettini fired down a bomb of a first serve but Federer's blocked backhand return landed flush on the line which checked the ball and Berrettini was left in a heap on the baseline after he lost his footing trying to readjust.

After looking imperious on serve, a couple of slack points gave Berrettini a chance to recover one of the breaks at 30-40 but Federer erased it to hold for 4-0.

The pair then exchanged holds before a love hold from Berrettini asked Federer if he could serve it out which he did to love to make serene progress into the last eight.

Match Stats

  M. Berrettini R. Federer
Aces 3 5
Double Faults 3 1
First Serve % In 26/58 (45%) 42/60 (70%)
Win % On 1st Serve 18/26 (69%) 37/42 (88%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 11/32 (34%) 12/18 (67%)
Net Points Won 4/11 (36%) 18/25 (72%)
Break Points Won 0/1 (0%) 6/7 (86%)
Receiving Points Won 11/60 (18%) 29/58 (50%)
Winners 14 23
Unforced Errors 23 5
Total Points Won 40 78
Distance Covered 1122.2 m 1195.8 m
Distance Covered/pt. 9.5 m 10.1 m

Press Conference

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Berrettini Wimbledon 19

I'm very happy, I really got into a great groove, today I was really able to read his serve a bit, get enough returns in play and take control from the baseline, I thought it was a great match. It's amazing how little aces we see, he only hit a few even though he's serving over 130-mph, I'll take it. I'm interested to see how it's going to be against a stronger baseliner getting so few aces as well, just getting used to the conditions still a little bit but I'm very happy.  Federer on his comprehensive victory over Berrettini

A great win here for Roger and he made Berrettini look like a weekend hacker for the most part. I thought he came out right on the money, handled the Italian's big serve with ease and used his variety to cause Berrettini all sorts of problems.

For the Italian, it was one of those days where it never rains but it pours. He came out looking a bit nervous which cost him the early break, Roger got on a roll and trying to avoid embarrassment cost Berrettini crucial energy which he didn't have after playing for four hours on Saturday.

From there his footwork got sloppy, he had no rhythm due to Federer's changes of paces and everything just compounded to zap his self-belief. From reports, he was also complaining that he was struggling to see the ball due to the low-ish light levels and he was also seen massaging his calf during changeovers so that compounding effect really took it's toll and saw him produce a pretty whack performance.

However, take nothing away from Federer. He played great tactically, nullified the serve and was able to show off so many areas of his game that Berrettini will have rarely, if ever, seen before on the tour against previous opponents and it showed.

Predictions vs. Nishikori

Next up is Kei Nishikori after he defeated Mikhail Kukushkin in four sets. The Japanese has had a solid Wimbledon so far and before today's match had faced the least breakpoints of anyone still left in the draw.

That's rare for Kei but in today's match he was broken three times and his serve will always be his Achilles heel so if Federer makes enough returns then I like his chances.

No secrets on the matchup, Kei has to return well, take Federer's time away on the baseline and hope his own serve holds up enough to get him over the line. Roger has to serve well, abuse Kei's weak serves and get on the front foot where possible from the baseline. Should be an interesting match, he faced a guy who looked clueless on the backhand today, next is Kei who has one of the best but I think Fed wins in 4 sets.

What did you guys think of the match? Predictions against Nishikori? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. @Jon, I think Roger read the blog and gave you 88% win on first serve as you requested 😁


  1. Nice job, no waste of energy. We shouldn’t overestimate Federer though, Betterini served less than 50% and was losing a lot of 2nd serve points too. You said it – he was not great defending on the backhand side. Nishikori will be tougher, he straight setted Federer in London just last year, so he has the ability. It will be tough and I am really hoping for 4 and not 5 sets like you predicted.

    Nadal destroyed Sousa completely, and is looking pretty scary. Let’s see what QUerrey can do. Surely he can take care of his own serve and push Nadal to a tierbreaker or two and then anything can happen?

    Argh can’t believe Raonic lost after being 2 sets up…

    1. Pella in a grass court quarter-final. Tbf he’s not the worst on grass but still surprising. Raonic hasn’t been in great form for a while so not a total surprise.

      1. At the end he could not put a volley over the net even if that meant saving the human kind from anihilation… Fatigue, possibly.

    2. Actually no job. B. beat himself with very poor serving . Fed still without serious test. Nishikori could be the first but somehow Nishikori stucks in QF regularly.
      Querrey loses in straights to Nadal. Even if Querrey has some big serve and forehand, even Thiem in the first round didn’t allow Querrey to hit many aces. And Querrey head lots of problems with Sandgren. His serve is quite easy to return. What a problem for Nadal, who returns almost everything and then he rules on the court.
      Cannot imagine Fed defeating Nadal (or they have a sort of Paris-London-deal). No, I’m joking. Nadal goes for the title. Fed goes for defeating easily 3rd league boys.
      Raonic is in final decline. Injuries, zero development of the game, no patience, no confidence.
      Should grow another 10 cm and learn new serve from Isner 😉

      1. I think you are being too harsh on Roger. Of course he can defeat Nadal on grass but in order to do so I believe he will need to improve is BH and he will have to find a way to hit more aces than what he is doing.

  2. Another easy one on Wednesday for the most important Friday (under the roof, I heard) would be essential for the ninth Wimbledon title on Sunday. Till it happens otherwise, that’s what I’m hoping and dreaming for. Come on Roger, bring JesusFed back for the weekend.

      1. If Nadal and Federer are to meet under the roof that obviouly would help Roger. Then I see that nobody speaks of this year’s incredible low bouncig. Slices and drop shot are much more effective which should help Roger too.

  3. That was a bit of a non-event today so hopefully Fed can be mentally ready for a tough game against Nishikori. He should be physically in great shape and he was able to relax and play an expansive game today. Let’s hope that the consistency on the groundstrokes is there when it really matters.

    Nadal looking ominous at the moment, he seems to be most people’s favourite. Not sure if Federer’s all round game is quite there to beat him if they do meet in the semi’s. Fingers crossed though.

    1. He said his legs started working which is a good sign. He did look a bit less explosive early rounds. Needs to keep his energy levels high.

    2. To me the favourites should be Nole or Roger but if indeed the conditions are slower plus the incredible low bouncing of this year’s Wimbledon plus he will have a much easier SF I would give the edge to Nole

  4. Berrettini crushing down on the grass, a break point down to handle the break… I think it’s the moment that defined this game for him.
    Let’s hope he recovers from this nightmare match.

    On the bright side, Roger’s level seemed to rise a bit. Barely gave the Italian something to work with.
    Hope he continues to improve against Kei.

    Go Roger!

  5. Roger seemed to be saying it’s going to be difficult to beat Nadal if the slow court isn’t allowing him to serve aces.
    Lenny and Leo doing Mexican wave with the crowd when Berrettini went off for bathroom break at end of second set 😂😂😂

    1. Agrée about thé aces and maybe why Rao disappeared without this ability( haven’t seen him but guessing) ? Kids were adorable and great write up Jonathan! This surface and event scheduling is really not geared for Fed but he showed more of his brilliance to wreck Berrettini’s ambition, hopefully Fed said some nice stuff at the net to not démoralise him too much more!
      Go Fed!

    2. Don’t worry…should they meet in the SF I expect Nadal to stand 5m behind the baseline to receive serve which will give Fed an advantage🤣🤣🤣

      1. This is never an advantage if you take into account, what Nadal is able to from this position. With Nadal staying so far you can barely serve aces or play serve&volley with Nadal having enough time to find optimal position to pass.

      2. I agree PRF. The position is not the main factor but what Rafal can do from there. He is a master at being able to hit deep heavy returns and find passing shots if the rival wants to volley. Not to mention the mental pressure of getting constantly returned.

      3. To PRF and Pablo

        Yeah like that worked so much at Shanghai in 2017 right? Funny. That position is ideal on clay only and against players that can’t really volley. If he tries that against Federer or even Djokovic he is toast!

      4. Dancy
        Nadal is a bit more then you try to convince us. Never seen Nadal staying close (or closer) to the baseline. It’s naive to think, Rafa cannot differentiate between Querrey and Federer. Rafa can also mix his returning positions if it’s useful.

        Take this years’ RG final. Rafa was standing close to the baseline, so long Thiem stood deeper behind. Rafa stood far behind, when Thiem was playing aggressive.
        You must not stay far behind on clay (or whatever the surface). Depends on what you want or must to play.

        And … Fedfans use to say, every court is getting slower every year. Still there is a difference between surfaces (for instance the bounce)

        Rafa is known for staying far behind. Still you cannot rely on him making it all the time. When it does not work, he can change it.

        You must not be so scared about what poor Rafa will do, when playing Federer. They know each other by heart.

  6. No doubt that Fed didn’t have tough opposition today but his net play was once again excellent and the error column really low. Raffa did look imperious but I’ll take Fed’s match for beautiful, exciting tennis any day.

    1. Errors have been low all week, I’m not sure on the criteria though and who is in charge of deciding. Seems to be at the discretion of the stats person. Would be cool to know how they monitor it…

    2. It’s easy to show RF magic playing a ballkid, not a pro player. This will change with Nishikori and for sure with Nadal.

      1. Why do you compare with Thiem? Grass is so far not important for Thiem. His title in Stuttgart was a bonus.
        Berrettini is still not a Thiem class. Whatever the surface.

        If we compare freely, let’s remind, Thiem is 2:0 this season with Federer. Not only on clay. And this time with no excuses for Fed like coming back from injury or having bad back or hand or leg or whatever.

        Berrettinin may have had some good run before, but in Wimbledon he did play like a ballkid.

        This does not mean, Federer cannot play his Magic in any match. But playing Magic and winning or playing Magic but losing is not the same.

  7. An impressive win for Fed.Improving match by match .
    Query seems to me to be the one to watch,raining down a huge numbe of aces.
    Not greatly worried by Nishlkori,great p layer though he is ,I think in a slam Fed will find the answer in three,possibly

    1. Yeah good win for Querrey, good tournament for him after a fairly bang average 18 months. He at least has the tools to do some damage vs Nadal. The way to beat Nadal on grass is to rush him and get him defending.

  8. “Everything was pink! Just happy” was how Fed described his form today and it was!
    Just too damn good, not surprised Matteo asked him
    How much for the lesson at the handshake! Haha!
    Kei, much more tricky but if Kuku can get a set then Fed can get 3!!
    If he keeps up the tempo and variety of today, then no problem. Drop a level on serve and Kei gets confidence.

    Fed in 3/4 I think

    1. Yes,also Fed loves the centre court and the centre court loves him.
      As long as they don’t move him onto that pesky court number one,I feel all will be well.

    2. Ah did he really ask that? I thought JMac was being sarcastic when he said it as they’d be talking about it during commentary saying will he pay cash or card.

  9. Zero ATP points lost this year in Wimbledon. Hurrah!
    My crystal ball says that Fed will win against Kei in 3 well fought sets.
    Next is twilight zone (insert the original theme)

  10. My own mini-fan story 🙂 : Got to the grounds about 6 am, queued for ages, got in, and wandered over to the resale queue mid-afternoon only to find that it was currently closed 🙁 Joined it later, and was pleased to see Kvitova v. Konta going to 3 sets. Surely we’d get to see Roger: there was a big queue ahead, but still we’d get in okay for some of it, wouldn’t we? Then, shock horror – Roger took the first set in 17 minutes! Eek! Not supposed to happen that way! The second didn’t take much longer, either. Forget having a leisurely wander round Henman Hill before settling down to a nice game of tennis – we grabbed our resale tickets and hared over to Centre Court, where we found out that the score was already 3-0 in the third before we were able to get in. Settled down in our seats, and hoped for a bit more of a competitive game, but sadly not to be. Still, we did get to see a number of special “Federerisms” in our limited number of games – and at least I have finally seen Federer playing on Centre Court at Wimbledon!

    1. That must have been great,the ultimate experience for a Fed fan.😊
      Well I don’t suppose they call him the Fed express for nothing .
      I remember the first time I saw him play live.
      I had hardly relaxed in my seat and thought to myself,I am actually here watching Fed,when it was over.He really does not waste any time.

      1. £15. (for maybe £15 minutes – makes the full price for a whole day seem less eyewatering!)

        From 6 am? I think we were in by around 11 am, although I wasn’t counting. Don’t think we quite made the start of play. But that *was* Manic Monday, with the Big Three still all in, so probably a bit excessive.

  11. Roger is built for Wimbledon Center Court, A repeat of this kind of performance will surely see him through to the grand final showdown. Go peRFect man………………..

  12. Berrettini didn’t show up, nice for Roger to have an easy match ahead quarterfinals against Kei. It’s scandalous how slow CC is, it’s so telling – both players only hit a handful of aces. Is this British version of RG? Sigh gone are days where we can enjoy fast tennis, this trend is not going to change anytime soon.

      1. I think that’s an overstatement. It might be the conditions are slower than in the 90’s (also the string technology has changed a lot) but some comments I read about the court playing like clay I find them ridicolous.

        The movement is completely different, I believe the bounce this year is incredibly low which makes slices and drop shot a lot more effective and players still can dominate with their serves. difficult to break.

        Do you know any site where I can check stats like number of aces by round, average number of shots by point, etc?. All of that by tournament and year? I checked a few things for specific players but that does not proove anything unless we can see an overall view.

        Federer made a comment about hit being able to hit aces with more ease but from what I found out I think that has more to do with him specificall for some reason. He does not even show up in the top 20 this year and considering that some players on the list played less matches than him ( Even Nadal got more aces which is really surprising.

        Speaking about the surface playing like clay, Nadal got 37 aces vs 19 in RG by the same round and same number of sets so you would think the surface is helping a lot.

      2. It was sarcasm. Not an overstatement.

        Dunno about finding those numbers, Fed is in a very similar ball park with aces / pts won behind 1st serve for the last 3 years so far.

  13. From the highlights it looked like Matteo was Leo or Lenny. Did not look like Rog had to do much.

    Fed made a point in his quick off court interview – AND in the presser that followed -to talk about how slow the grass is.

    He not-so-subtly implied he is worried it will take away his serve advantage and reward baseline grinders. (Read Nadal and Djokovic).

    I’ve never seen him talk so much so negatively about conditions. Certainly not here (but I can not recall him doing it anywhere). He must be ticked off.

    And However bad they really are, they are already in his head and that does not bode well for his confidence should he meet Rafa or Novak in the semis or finals. And Neither of them look the slightest bit troubled.

    Afraid we are in for AO’19 finals part 2.

    1. Perhaps a touch unduly pessimistic.
      I can’t really see the comparison to AO19.
      Fed lost to a zoning Tstitsy in a match where if he had converted any of multiple break points he
      would probably have won.
      Nishikori will be a challenge and it will be a good workout for Feds ground game which he is going to need against the grinders.
      One match at a time as they say😊

      1. I didn’t mean Fed. He’s better than AO already.

        I meant – if the conditions are slow as Fed thinks and is bothered enough to keep mentioning – perhaps we’re headed for a Dokdal final with Novak running the tables on an overly optimistic Nadal who crushed nobodies to the final only to get absolutely crushed by Ultron.

        I hope it is unduly pessimistic!

    2. Slow courts indeed but that certainly didn’t trouble Fed in 2017 did it? I am talking about IW and Miami…and if fact it’s certainly slow but I still think it’s low bouncing.

      On the other hand guys like Pella in the QFs and even Sousa reaching the 4th is ridiculous and tells me that they must have really slowed it down a lot. No disrespect to them…

      1. I think we’re talking a distinct perception of slowdown in speed compared with 2017, is my impression. All I know is that I was watching a match on one of the outside courts yesterday and the player was basically standing there waiting for the ball to drop into her hitting zone, she had so much time. Definitely felt more like RG looked on TV this year than what Wimbledon is supposed to be like.

    3. It was quite cool by the time he played which slowed things down, plus the balls are a big factor which ppl forget. They fluff up v easily. Also spin and playing style make a difference. I was there live for the aggressive early ball striking match with Pouille and I can assure you that was pacy and lively. Yes, the rye grass grass does grip the ball more but conditions hv been same for over 15 years, grass length will be same. Balls and spin are biggest factor now.

      1. It would be just funny and whining if so many players and commentators weren’t saying the same thing Fed said today.

        I just looked at IW /17 highlights and WO ’17 highlights and ’17 is obviously faster to the eye than what I saw w Fed / Bert today.

        Balls are slower and/or grass – but its slow. As many are saying/reporting.

        And why would Fed lie or misstate? Do we know the CC lawn better than he does? Is he in the habit of mind gaming – along with w other players/commentators?

        Not Djokdal’s fault, but I think it’s a real issue for his chances.

      2. I can’t see that Dustin Brown would have stood a chance this year against Nadal, the courts are playing so slow. Nor would Rosol, Darcis, or Mueller. Tailor-made for the Spaniard.

      3. PRF your comment was:”Maybe Fed feels, to be in form against Leo or Lenny is not the same as against Rafa, Djoker or even Nishi and looks for excuses before eventually upcoming loss?” Who started feelings feel level? But I agree this is not an interesting dispute. At all. And about RF’s feelings and potential excuses is not interesting too. Agree?

      4. I can’t see that Stakhovsky would have stood a chance this year against Roger. Nor Tsonga, Berdych or Anderson. Wait, was last year slow or not? Was it in 2008 or 2010? Well let me review it: if Roger won it means it was super quick and that’s how it should be if he lost it is very slow, unfair and plays like clay otherwise how Nadal can be successful!!

      5. Leave people out of it. For instance, I really enjoy watching fast grass court tennis. This year it looks a bit robbed. Regardless of who’s playing. There’s been very few particularly exciting matches this Wimbledon. I’m used to watching a lot of slower tennis for the rest of the year. Where’s the variety gone?
        Quit putting words and phrases into peoples comments, that aren’t there. Its just stupid assumption.

      6. Pablo, you are a complete tosser. Players and commentators agree the courts are playing considerably slower this year than last year and previous years. Hawkeye tells us that there is little difference now between the French Open and Wimbledon in the number of shots played per point – 4.5 to 4, respectively. Of course a slower playing court suits Nadal. When it was faster he consistently lost to much lower ranked players – Rosol, Darcis, Kyrgios, Brown and Mueller in succession (as well as to Djokovic). There is no way that any of them (Djokovic excluded) would have stood a chance against him the way the court is currently playing. The balls may be bouncing lower than on clay but otherwise we might as well still be in Paris.

    4. Maybe Fed feels, to be in form against Leo or Lenny is not the same as against Rafa, Djoker or even Nishi and looks for excuses before eventually upcoming loss?

      1. Nah. Is that what you feel? Or feel that Pablo feels? Or…just another joke-belittling of – who knows?

      2. I feel, Fed feels, he will not win the title. Looking for excuses can be natural, not a calculation. Or a kind of self-relaxing, reducing the pressure. For sure Fed knows, he wasn’t tested yet. Nice to have some easy wins but the one against Nishikori (if it happens) will be the last one.
        I cannot tell anything about Pablo’s feelings and I’m never discussing here on that level.
        I take the content of comments “as is”. This content passes my logic and my feelings.
        Pablo, me, you, whoever – we and our feelings are not the subject of the blog. We can express feelings, but it should be clear, we talk about our feelings, not about our rational thinking.

  14. Such a joy watching him playing solid like that. And it was a rare stress-free match 😎 Yep, everything was pink to me, too. Though, shouldn’t carry away, hope he will keep up even more, not going to be pink against Kei, allons-y!

      1. The RULES are widely known but they end since Big3 plays each other. UniKlo cannot tell much Rafa, I guess 😉

  15. Guys, I’m really anxious, I don’t believe that our man can handle this monster version of Nadal.
    IF, and it’s a huge IF our man will win he will have to win against djokovic because the prophecy says so, when Fed beats Nadal, he wins the trophy !!
    I’m so anxious, I don’t know if I can watch the semifinal, it’s too much for me. I became a Fed fan in the most dark times of his career, when he lost the kingdom in 2008. It felt unnatural, the order of the tennis universe was blown away. It wasn’t meant to be.
    Somehow that order was a bit restored in 2017, but this match is HUGE, all can collapse after this one. I don’t know if you realize what this means to Fed’s legacy, it’s even greater than 2017.
    This will be the most important MATCH of Fed’s career. It’s unreal how important this is.
    Let the Force be with him. Dark forces on the horizon..

    1. I think Feds legacy is secure even if he were,God forbid,to never play another match.
      Think of all the pleasure watching him play has given his fans over the years.
      So others may clock up more slams or whatsoever but there will only ever be one Roger Federer.
      Also difficult to know where Djokers game is at the moment as he has played no one of note.

    2. I don’t think it would be the most important match of Federer’s career. It is a SF after all. Roger’s legacy is already secured. He will always be one the greatest players of all time with a unique elegant style.

  16. People are talking Fedal already…
    I made the mistake of not taking Nishikori seriously.
    I didn’t think he’ll make it to the QF and he did it with ease.
    Last year before the QF we were starting to argue who’s better for Roger in the final, Rafa or Novak, but guess what…
    Let’s see he gets past Kei and then we’ll have two days to speculate as much as we like.

    1. Roger will beat Nishikori easily I think. He struggles against the top guys as you could see when he faced Nole and Rafa in the last few Slams.

      1. The top guys struggle against Fed too, and sometimes lose. (Pablo, I think you really enjoy your very irritating comments, which call for aggression, maybe you enjoy that too)

      2. I think you missunderstood my comment. I meant Nishikori struggles with the top guys. Federer is obvioulsy a top guy and that’s why I think Federer will beat him easily.

      3. It’s just obvious and Kei knows it very well. He is always struggling against top guys and … against big guys.
        Nishikori has no chance against Fed, if he is young or old, and how well he plays on the given day. Nishikori beats himself (mentally) in such matches.
        If someone understand tennis a bit, it must have been obvious, your “He struggles” was about Kei 🙂

      4. And is everything obvious about Pablo? Yes I misunderstood his for a while not belittling our man, only Kei. Kei is a brave player, has beaten Roger some time ago, and since then lost in 5 and tight – even if inform Fed probably wins this one, Kei is said to be in very good form too, so there may arise a bit tough moments now and then.

      5. It’s not about liking but about performing.
        H2H Nishikori
        against Fed – 3-7
        against Nadal – 2-11
        against Djokovic – 2-16
        “struggling against top guys” fits Nishikori very well. Somehow he seams to struggle less against Federer than the other 2 of Big3.
        So it’s not belittling or disrespecting, liking or not, it’s simple facts.
        Being in form and not injured, he will maybe not struggle this time and improve the record with Fed to 4:7.
        I guess, we should wish it him, after he has struggled for so long time?
        And yes, of course, Nishikori is (for tennis standards) little brave fighter and nice&likeable guy.

      6. Yes of course it is about performing. Kei’s performance is of course marked by his strength of character.

      7. And some comparison for two who struggle or not (or at least less)
        Thiem’s H2H with Nishikori is 2:3, so they are almost even in direct meetings (but Kei belongs to those, with whom Thiem struggles.

        Comparing Thiem’s H2H with Big3:
        to Nadal 4:9
        to Djokovic 3:6
        to Federer 4:2

        you would not say, if you like him or not, that he struggles with Big 3 (1117 vs. Big 3 alltogether)

        But today Fed plays Kei, so I repeat my guess – Kei will struggle again. This kind of struggling is mental and after so many years and matches played, it sits deep in the mindset. Kei will lose (in his head) before he match starts.

  17. @Alb,sorry I totally misunderstood what you meant in your comment at 4-03.
    Now I agree with that pessimism 😊

    1. I think that after yesterday’s match we should be as optimistic and positive  as Roger is in life. He is the best after all, no ? Tomorrow’s win would be his 100th at Wim. And I am sure he will do 200% of what he can do to catch another unique record. Believe ! Yesterday’s display was a treat and I enjoyed every minute of it.
      He seems healthy (not injured) – not tired – serve and backhand can only get betterer and the clay matches will help him play on every potato field ! Go champion !

  18. So ,some interesting quarter finals coming up.I think Bautista Agut will beat Pella,who has flown under the radar a bit,but surely can’t go any further?
    Djoker V Goffin,difficult as Goffin is playing well and difficult to asses Djoker as he hasn’t been tested yet,but I suppose you have to go with him.
    Fed V Nishikori,I think Fed has this but could be a tussle.
    Nadal V Query.This one is intriguing.Query definitely in form and good at Wimbledon.Nadal tested against Krygios
    who had his chances but blew it in the tiebreaks.We shall see.
    Or rather I won’t see as I am travelling and can’t watch any of them.I shall check the scores though😊

  19. Sid, I miss you already. Comments from the heart, although most of them a bit (ah well a lot) acid there was never a doubt that you love our man, and love sharing this love with your co-fans. I nearly always enjoy your colorful excessives, directly out of extremely subjective preference. Liberating and amusing element in this fan-blog. Thanks, and hoping seeing soon again.

  20. As a tennis fan it’s kind of sad to see grass courts so slow,
    can hardly believe it’s down to the weather, I bet Raonic
    is still shell shocked. Enjoying reading all the posts
    so C’mon Roger give us all another ‘pink’ day x

  21. Nishikori vs. Goffin – not a nice final? For once without BIG3 but with two “older youngsters” waiting so long and well deserving some slam?

    1. The best final would be the no 1 against the no 2, tennis at the highest posible level. Last year’s match was amazing.
      Federer – Nole would be a good one too.

      1. Well, I knew, Goffin and Nishi didn’t have a slight chance today. And I doubt, Agut can do more, so it’s the affair among B3 . Big final around the corner.

  22. I have to say, and I know it’s early, but Fed looks terrible. I know the grass is super slow this year, but he is shanking every third ball, blasting slow moving balls that should be near winners into the skies. This will be a straight-set brutalizing if he doesn’t stop buggywhipping that forehand like a clown and missing basic shots.

  23. Roger can barely make a return and has little penetration on serve, and why oh why is he hitting that forehand so high over his head instead of driving it? What is the purpose? To allow Nishikori plenty of rest before Nadal? If so, great plan!

  24. Second serve points won percentage in the twenties. Three double faults in two games. Backhands and forehands into open court sail big. Passing shots on Kei’s weak approaches? Forget it, they aren’t even close. And an error of strategy: Nishikori is feeling the backhand but Fed keeps going inside out on his forehand to Kei’s backhand and is getting blasted down the line on big points. Stop doing that, Roger. Too much court is being left open.

    He doesn’t look nervous but he’s sure playing like it.

  25. Alright, Roger. Warmup over. Stop screwing around and take care of business here. Kei is playing super well, true, but Roger’s level can go MUCH higher.

    It really is remarkable how Roger ended up with the hardest opponent set of the big three. Nadal’s first seeded opponent will be in the semis. Djokovic just rolled over a terrible Goffin and will be playing RBA at 23 in the semis. Nadal did have Kyrgios, probably the most dangerous player on grass, but still.

  26. First set disappointing. I felt Federer was getting some momentum by the end, but Nishikori came up with a good shot on his one break piont chance that Federer produced, and the inside out FH to Nishikori BH is not really the move…got to make him hit more forehands…

    Argh this could be a long grind and it’s unclear now who will win.

    1. Yes, this is where he needs to be at! A lot of tennis left here, but can you imagine losing the first set to Nadal so tamely? Match would be over. We’d have to draw on the 2008 final for strength, where Fed (despite all the hoopla around how great the match was) didn’t look convincing for the first half and by miracle pushed it to a fifth. But we don’t want to go through that again.

      1. Yes you remember though that Nishikori also took the 1st set in AO 17 before Fed came back to win in 5. But even that outcome would be a defeat here with Nadal coming up on this kind of court. It’s not clay, but it’s like a slow hard court with a low bounce basically. Got to hope Querrey can grab a set too. But please hope Federer keeps his break and takes the 2nd. Even then nothing is guaranteed.

  27. Arjuna, he crushed the second set. Hopefully he builds big momentum here. He even had a break point in the first game of the third. Again, a lot of tennis left but he needs to play more free and go after it.

    The court is ridiculous. And Querrey will roll over as always. Fed will need to be firing on all cylinders, should he make it to Friday.

    1. One thing I don’t like: Roger can’t hit a backhand pass to save his life. He keeps going crosscourt and jacking it into the stands. What is the problem here, Roger? Where are these famous passes? Surely this isn’t age, he has all the time in the world on most of them.

      1. Phew OK I had to be at a meeting and missed the half the 3rd and all of the 4th sets…fortunately he won. Looking forward to the match report because I know Wimbledon won’t let any highlights out except maybe 1 point per set.

        Querrey didn’t put up much of a fight. Can’t afford a start like this against Nadal.

  28. Now, stats look good. Unfortunately I could only follow on live scores. But 54 winners / 32 ue’s isn’t that bad? But probably not a very easy win. Still clear, though, I guess.

    1. It was a tough match. Nishikori was very spry and nimble, and came out firing during the first set. Federer had to turn it around in set 2 and then had to push hard to get the break in sets 3 and 4. Federer’s serve improved and he started returning much better in the last three sets.

      After he captured the third set it was pretty clear he was going to win, but Nishikori never let up and really made him work for it.

  29. Missed the 4th set and most of the 3rd, but from from the parts I saw Federer played 2 weak service games in the 1st set (got broken once, came back from 0-40 down in the second) but then he started to roll on serve. Meanwhile Nadal looking very good.

    Well … 10 years since 2008. Nadal looking unbeatable. Must beat him somehow, but over 5 sets, I don’t know . The pressure is on Federer since it’s ‘his’ surface and Nadal can probably convince himself he’s the underdog.

    1. Arjuna, have some faith in Federer. He’s playing very well indeed.

      Nadal looked “unbeatable” at AO 2019 too–he was broken only once on his way to the final–and Djokovic creamed him in straight sets.

      There’s a lot of hype from people wanting an epic encounter, but I think this match will prove anticlimactic in that respect. Federer could win in four sets or even in straights if he puts on a clinic.

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