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Federer Gets Walkover into BNP Paribas Open Final

Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the tournament due to a right knee injury

Fedal XXXIX has been put on ice after Rafael Nadal withdrew before his scheduled Indian Wells semi-final due to a right knee injury.

There was huge speculation around his participation today after commentator Rob Koenig revealed that he had only practised for 15 minutes earlier this morning without hitting a single serve.


Not a total surprise here as he'd looked in discomfort for most of the second set against Kachanov and at 32 he's got to look at the bigger picture to prolong his career.

The withdrawal means Roger is through to his third BNP Paribas Open final in a row and will face Dominic Thiem in the final.

Predictions vs Thiem

Fed Thiem

Next up is Dominic Thiem who defeated Milos Raonic in three sets. I watched parts of it and it was a fairly close match but Thiem deserved the win as Raonic's forehand let him down firing 23 unforced errors.

The Canadian should have broken back at 4-5 in the third after Thiem played a horrific drop shot but he somehow floated his slice approach long despite getting to the ball with loads of time to spare. It was a comical last game really as you have  a nervy Thiem whose arms and legs fly all over the place on his groundstrokes and then Raonic looking cumbersome bumbling around at the back of court about to explode after missing some routine shots. But anyway Thiem finally closed it out and that's that.

Tomorrow is the Austrian's first Masters 1000 final on hard courts and he seems to be enjoying the conditions in Indian Wells so he's going to be Roger's toughest test of the week so far.

I’ve felt good from the first moment here. To me, it’s like almost like a clay court, just where you cannot slide, because the bounce is pretty high, especially when it’s sunny, when it’s warmer during the day. Somehow it’s strange because it’s a slow court, but the ball is going fast through the air. It’s very good conditions for me.

In terms of gameplan, I liked Raonic's approach of coming forward which he did with some success and I figure if a guy like Milos who is static and quite heavy handed in the forecourt can win a lot of free points Roger will look to replicate that.

Thiem returns fairly deep so there's a lot of opportunities to come in behind well-placed serves to win cheap points and I like Federer's chances tomorrow if he sticks to his guns of taking it early and taking Thiem's time away.

The Austrian gets dangerous when he has time to wind up his powerful groundstrokes so hopefully Fed can neutralise him with some trademark Swiss timing. I make Federer favourite but it's by no means a given. Hopp Suisse! 💪

Roger Federer Talks to Fans About Rafa's Withdrawal & The Finals at the 2019 BNP Paribas Open

What are your predictions for the final? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Indeed,but quite often the young ones aren’t sure how to play an injured opponent.I might be wrong but I think KK dropped his serve straight after the MTO.

  1. It’s particularly irritating because from the sounds of it if Nadal were just fit enough he’d have been beaten and probably fairly soundly by Roger. But we all clamoured about it not counting when Roger withdrew vs Djokovic 5 years ago, so can’t really complain.

  2. Easy to say now, but based on his level I really think Fed would have beaten Nadal regardless of knee injuries. It’s a pity, but 100% the right call for Nadal. I feel like he really ought to start cutting back the tournaments he plays – pretty much every year now he is missing significant portions of the calendar to rehab his knees. Worse news for him is that it’s coming right before the clay season, so he might have to limit his schedule there to be ready for the FO (where I think he’s still a heavy favourite).

    As for Fed, hopefully the extra break wont upset his rhythm too much. I like his chances against either, but especially Raonic, so we’ll see. Going to be nice to see Fed compete in another Masters final here, hopefully he can avenge his rather disappointing loss from last year which I think caused him to lose a bit of confidence after holding match points.

    1. The hard courts are killing him.
      He was on his knees in the end of the summer-autumn hard court swing of 2017, and couldn’t play more than two consecutive events on hard court ever since.

      As for Roger, I hope he wins this one and helps us (and mostly himself) forget last year’s heart break.

      1. Well yes,and you can be pretty sure those knees will get him through the clay court season.When they don’t you will know Nadals to me has come.

      2. True. He also says he has no doubt that he’ll be fit enough to play Monte Carlo. He always seems to know exactly how long his injuries will last. I would have thought that knees that have required bandages since 2005 would have been beyond repair by now. His complaints always seem to happen when he’s about to get his butt kicked. It should have been 6-straight today to Roger. Nadal couldn’t have coped with that.

  3. Well, at least he’s fresh for the finals.
    Got there with 4 and half hours on court or so.
    He seems in good form and straight out of winning five in a row in Dubai so he probably won’t miss that court time.

    1. Ye I think freshness is important, at the stage now in where as long as he gets some matches in then it’s all good. Had some tests in Dubai and had to defend a bit in IW so should be ready for battle.

  4. Raonic-Thiem already going to a 1st set tiebreak. Hopefully that one goes the distance. I was looking forward to the Fed-Nadal match though, I am somehow less concerned about i t now. Winning 5 in a row relaxes one a bit…

  5. In the beginning of the tournament itself I decided that I will not watch whoever Federer plays in final. Not that it was guaranteed to make thus far. But looking at his recent record he has a good chance.
    Now the reason I don’t watch is the time zone and his heart breaking losses to Novak and Delpo in recent times. Most of the night I cheer for his win and it ends in up in a loss in 3 sets ☹
    Once or twice I prayed if he is losing better lose in straight sets than losing in three. They became horrible nights for me and next day was start of my working week. So I decided to have peaceful sleep at least 😁

      1. This might change 😃
        This year men’s final won’t start before 3.30 PM which is kind of 4 AM in India.
        I may wake up around 4.30 to 5 😃

      1. Thanks Annie. Slept nicely😆
        Actually I was happy that most important match happening on Saturday. If Fed could win that most probably he should win final. But in the end he got there without hitting a ball.
        I was in doubt since start of my day whether Rafa would play. I was keep checking interest 4-5 hours prior to start. In the end it was confirmed once 1st SF started.

  6. Welp.

    I’d like to see Fed get a good practice set in before a final, but there’s not much of anybody left to play one with. Tommy Haas should have asked Khachanov to stay for a possible exho set “just in case” after yesterday’s match, offering to pick up the tab to get him to Miami- but of course KK will be anxious to get started practicing on next week’s courts too.

    As for Nadal, really can’t blame him for withdrawing when his knee, a known issue, is acting up. I don’t think any of these fierce competitors actually LIKE forfeiting a match.

    Hmm. Site forgot me since yesterday. Does seem to be a thing.

    1. This should be fixed. The reason it forgot users is because the cookie was only set to last 30 minutes. Now it’s set for much longer. So it will forget you, but in a few months time.

      1. Thiem is nowhere near the threat on hard court that he is only clay. It has to be Roger in straights. As for Nadal, it is the best of all possible outcomes; he avoids a morale-sapping 6th consecutive loss to Roger and obtains another TUE for his “injury” in time for the claycourt season, when the Duracell bunny will be back to his usual ways. I think Nadal is about as credible as Michael Jackson, but that won’t stop fans believing in them.


    See, this is the problem. In 2013,, Roger battled through injuries and his worst year on tour (since joining the winners circle), and still manned up faced Nadal four times, and lost four times. Now he gets denied another win against Nadal.

    Thug, fucking thug! Next time I hear someone bring up the lead Nadal holds in their H2H, I’m going to fucking punch them in the face.

    Now watch out for this asshole to get back to prime form for the clay court season.

    1. That is so Nadal right? I am pissed just because I was so ready for #6 in a row for Fed but it ain’t happening.
      I reckon Nadal won’t have it easy on clay this year. But yeah, It probably won’t be because of an injury lol.

    2. Not much we can do about it.

      Fed’s record of completing 100% of matches is such a great one. Even his withdrawal during tournaments is crazy good, I can’t think of many? London, Doha?

    3. Well yes,but it has become a bit of a joke now hasn’t it?If someone is laughable and predictably so,
      why expend annoyance on them.

    4. I feel like the head to head argument for Nadal is nowhere near as strong as it once was. Even if he still has 8 more wins over Fed, losing 5 straight and having it go from 23-10 to 23-15 tells the story that it was a rivalry that Nadal was dominated in at the end of their careers.

  8. You might think I’m joking but this morning I was going to write on this forum that Nadal would withdraw from the match. I had that gut feeling. Judging from the reports of the match against Karen, which I did not watch, this seemed very likely to happen. Knee injury is a serious thing. It’s one of the most complicated joints in the body and one that has to withstand tremendous stress. I think Nadal did well and in all honesty I hope he gets better.
    As for Roger, it’s all on his racquet.

      1. Haha Jonathan! I was up all night reading my twitter feed as well. Nadal hinted that he might withdraw and so he did. I think it was more strategic than actual injury, but then who knows.
        I also still remember in 2012 Federer had a bad back and could barely sit down and still beat Isner for the Championship.

    1. Yes, Rui, a knee injury is serious but his timing is exquisite, no? You also have to wonder how someone can play as long and as hard as he has – 14 years since the bandages first appeared – if his knees are that bad. And never an operation. Stan would love to know.

      1. And Del Potro also.His knee injury had him out for a whole season.Murray laid up in a hospital bed,Goffin somehow not the same player since he got tangled up in that court cover.Etc.

      2. Del Potro has a knee injury now, which might require surgery so he could be out for 6 months. But don’t think he missed a season for knee before? Always wrist?

  9. Looks like Thiem will win. His backhand loling good. Raonic making stupid errors. Happy Fed will be more rested for the final. No WTA here. Wanted to see the final.

  10. Well he beat Milos in last year’s Stuttgart final so maybe Thiem would be an interesting change. But maybe Milos is safer? Don’t know. Either way, go for it Fed

  11. Quite good too that the media aren’t focusing on whether he’ll get his 100th win or not. Be incredible for him to get another Masters 1000.

  12. Too bad Roger couldn’t get 6th win in a row. Read somewhere today that last time Nadal beat Roger, Djokovic had only 6 GS titles. Not sure which one of these two would be better for Roger to face. On a given day either one could win against Roger, but we know that Roger is far better a player than these two will ever be and will go in as the favorite. I think one dimensional Raonic might be easier for Roger to handle.

    1. Both present difference challenges. Not sure who is harder for Fed, maybe Thiem but I dunno, Raonic can do a lot of damage with his serve.

    2. Raonic seems in good shape and had some slick volleys today.
      I stopped watching the SF, but I have a feeling that Raonic is up next for Roger.
      Theim had 5 UE (!) or so in the first two set and couldn’t seal the deal. Raonic just served too well.
      Hopefully Roger can steal a service game and put Raobot under pressure.

      1. Ha Ha!
        Good thing I don’t bet on matches.

        I like Thiem better actually.
        He needs time to hit his shots, and Roger is the best at taking time off his opponents.

  13. I think I’ll prefer Thiem, as I don’t know whom to prefer, so I go for the SBH’er
    Yes the blog keeps forgetting me too if I neglect it ca more than 1 hour

      1. Unfortunately? If it did, the Fed-Djoko H2H would be looking more unfavourable as well. Can’t have it both ways.

  14. Well Thiem got a single break and served it out 6-4 in the 3rd. Thirem is pretty tough, physically, and young. He can get negative sometimes though . Fed did well against him in London last year on an indoor slow hard court. Great backhand…come to the net at your peril, Raonic got passed a few times down the line .

    Yes, Federer took a beating in 2013 but never backed out. That doesn’t remedy the HtoH with Nadal, but I figure there are 2-3 matches in there that Federer could have pulled out of as Nadal did today.

    1. Raonic’s approach shots not the best though and he’s not a natural net player. Better than a lot of players on tour though, but he struggles to get low down

    1. Haha! Rui. I went off to do the ironing after the middle of set 2 and that was more exciting. We’ve seen the future of tennis when Fed rxxxxxs.

  15. I just hope that retarded lone Thiem fan doesn’t make his appearance again and bore all of us to death about how great Thiem is.

  16. Well to be honest I think Thiem is shaping up to be a good clay courter and this is a slow court.He is very strong and
    could be a big challenge to Nadal when the clay court season rolls around and Nadals knees whatever will be
    incredibly good to go.The semi wasn’t a bad match,it’s just the Raonic servebot is one of the most boring players to watch on tour.I think it could be a fun final tomorrow.Just imagine if it had been,NadalvRaonic?

    1. Shaping up? Harsh! 😀 8 clay titles and French Open finalist. I think Thiem has been the second best player in the world on clay for the last two years.

      Raobot is dull. But I like Fed against big servers. Everyone hates it when Fed plays Isner for example but I like the matchup. If you’ve ever played a guy with a huge serve its a fun challenge. Guess that’s why.

      1. I said shaping up because until he wins the big one,RG he is not quite there,in my incredibly harsh opinion😊

    1. Yes he played Edmund. But it wasn’t an easy draw. Wawrinka etc.

      So Thiem it is. I think it will be a more interesting match than were it Raonic. Although I find it funny when Fed gets big Raonic moving a bit too low and fast for his size 😆

    2. Edmund was 22 seed. Wawrinka not seeded because he is still coming back from injury. Nishikori adn Shapovalov both lost to Hurkacz, Cilic lost to Shapovalov, so it’s not like Fed would have had an easy draw on paper.
      On the top part of the draw, Djoker lost to unseeded Kohlschreiber so seedings can be rather meaningless..get a good player on a day he is playing really hot and there you go!
      Think of it this way, in 2016 did anyone think Fed would still be top 4 and in 3 straight IW finals?

    3. You can only beat what is in front of you really. But no doubt some draws open up more than others or you get a bit of luck elsewhere in the draw. I’ll take it.

  17. Thiem is striking the ball well. Should be a good match tomorrow. Rewatching Fed v Hurkacz, not much of a test there. I agree with Jonathan that Roger should be looking to come forward quite a bit again Thiem, particularly if he remains so far behind the baseline. Sorry to see Nadal out, I read he has actually only withdrawn prior to a match 5 times, so this is more unusual than it might seem.

  18. It should be a very good match tomorrow.3rd time lucky after the Monfils,Nadal withdrawals.If Fed does lose and I don’t think he will,then I think Thiem is infinitely preferable for the win than any of the others.A strong work ethic and a very pleasant personality.Actually looking forward to the final without extreme tension for once.

    1. Totally agree with you on Thiem. I don’t really mind if he wins. He is a nice guy. Hard working. People like Raonic, Nishikori deserve at least one masters title.

    2. Raonic not won a title in three years. I don’t think any player deserves a Masters 1000 title. Maybe if you got to the final and were 6-4, 5-4 up and broke a string in your only racket.

  19. Perfect i thought i miss the match cos i overslept.but boom!! It didn’t happen.. he look like he will go to the beach and sell lemonade on his outfit..i love it!!.. but like others at least my BP was normal now.

    Next up thiem! I hope he didn’t idle too much. I think fed was far stronger when he faces tough opponent before finals… but oh well… he’s on finals🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Good match from Thiem, best he has played for a while. Roger
    will have to be on his toes tomorrow. Should be interesting
    single handed back hands in a final go Rog x

  21. Here’s another interesting stat: Before the start of the 2017 season, Roger had only 88 titles. Aus Open 2017 was 89.
    Now we are hoping for 101…amazing for an almost 38 year old.

  22. Is Fed scheduled for Miami? Was just thinking, with the withdrawal he might be fresh enough to give it a go.

  23. I would imagine that he might be tempted,comes down to how he feels physically and the draw.That must be due to be out soon.

  24. Surely Fed can beat Thiem, serve and volley should do it? And lots more volleys? So easy to say from the comfort of an armchair. I was watching Raonic to see if he could actually run fast and it was strange because he did cover the court, but slowly. Is that because he is tall and wide? I can never watch a Fed match calmly, maybe that is one of the reasons we love to watch him because we remember all the previous matches when he had his little “time-out’ at vital points but also because we remember when he was about to lose and turned it round magnificently and with courage. I hope he has spent the last two days practising his first serve because it was fairly awful against Hurkacz. I have played tennis a lot and it baffles me why players have trouble with their first serve as that is something they can practice incessantly and it is not affected by the opposition. I suppose it is easier to serve on a private court rather than in front of thousands live and millions on the TV.
    So if Brilliant Fed turns up it should be Fed in 2 and lots of happy people all over the world.

  25. This is just a hypothetical but What if……
    What if Jonathan you had 2 semi-final tickets for the Fed v Nadal at Indian Wells. You would be the envy of every tennis fan. Some fanatical fans might have offered you 25 thousand for each ticket would you sell them? Maybe even give you a 2016 BMW for them. Or even box seats at Wimby final in 2019. Would you trade what could be the final match between the 2 greatest players ever?

    1. Based on yesterday’s circumstances of Nadal being a huge doubt and likely getting beaten easily if he’d taken to court? Yeah, I’d sell for that.

      A match where both are fit? Hm tough, depends on how I was feeling. I’d just work out if I could source tickets elsewhere at under $25k a pop and bank the differences if I could. 🙂

      1. I sold my evening tickets when I discovered it was Nadal playing. But, no takers for Djokovic the next night, lol. Turns out it rained anyway, so saw him get beaten the next day.

      2. 🙂 and LOL. Thanks for all details from your IW live experiences, Sue. Small treats during waiting.

      1. Except we can’t.Well I can’t anyway.I have Sky sports and Eurovision but because of this dammed Amazon Prime deal have to watch it on an iPad .A very different viewing experience.😡

  26. I know Indian Wells was hoping for a Fed v Nadal semi and when it looked like it was going to happen I am sure they all were very excited. Nadal did give his good buddy Fed an early Christmas gift with a day off. Getting a win today at Indian Wells would surely help the hurt he felt last year losing to Delpo. Roger Federer still keeps amazing his fans.

  27. The curse of Schwartzman re visited.
    In the past Nadal has been beaten after playing Schwartzman in the previous round.Now however the curse has become so powerful that he has only to be in the draw!
    Nadal defeated Schwartzman comprehensively,but the very next match became injured,to such an extent that he gives a walkover to Fed in the semis.Absolute proof of the power of this formidable curse!
    Seriously though Nadal has been very thoughtful in giving Fed a free pass into the final as he has now defended his points
    from last year,all without raising his racket.

    1. Ha, hmmm, yes, might be so too. But somehow I believe Rafa is more or less injured this time. – Fed’s on court commenting the W/O seemed hearty though, obviously not doubting the injure.

      1. What do you mean – “this time”? He’s always injured. I’ve never seen someone injured as often as he is. But don’t you wonder how a player can carry the same injury for nearly all his career – 14 years – and still keep playing? And not even need an operation?

  28. What I find interesting is……remember the WTF when Roger’s back went out? He went on court and apologized to the crowd that he couldn’t play.
    Ok, fast forward to Saturday. Nadal is injured and who goes on court to apologize to the fans? And look like the star model for Uniqlo while being interviewed. Why isn’t Nadal on court speaking to the fans? Oh right, he doesn’t know how to speak English.

  29. @Jonathan,
    I could if I knew what it is😊
    I think there is some sort of incompatibility problem with my television.It doesn’t help that I am technically illiterate.
    Thanks for the tip I will look into it.

    1. I use Chromecast all the time for TennisTV, Eurosport etc. Works great.

      All you need is an HDMI port and a USB port on your TV. Pretty much all TV’s have them.

  30. For the first time in the Federer-Nadal rivalry, Nadal has withdrawn from a match! Countless times Nadal has claimed injury/exhaustion before meeting Federer, only to run like a rabbit for hours and grind him down, all the while grunting loudly and “Vamos!”ing and fistpumping in Federer’s face. Now, when faced with the prospect of losing handily, he pulls the chute.

    Federer played Nadal four times in 2013 when he was injured and slumping–didn’t complain once or make a big deal out of it. He just took it like a grown-up.

    If one more person talks about Nadal’s “courage” and “warrior mentality,” I’m going to throw up. He simply can’t handle defeat like an adult. If he’d lost this one, the H2H would still have been comfortably in his favor–but apparently even that was too much for him. No one as successful as Nadal should be fussing about something as trivial (in the larger scheme of things) as the H2H. You’ve got 17 Grand Slams–more than any other man in history save one–have some perspective!

    Clearly Nadal has retreated into his clay-court fortress, nursing his wounds and waiting for the Djokovic surge to subside so he can hoover up a couple more non-clay Slams when the competition’s less fierce. He’ll be back full force in MC–totally recovered, running around like a rabbit again.

    Nadal looks to be dodging Federer until they meet on clay, expecting to win and reestablish his mental edge. (He commented that Federer’s return to clay was good for tennis. Translation from the original Nadalspeak: “I can’t wait to meet him on clay so I can kick his ass!”). But even if Federer loses, I don’t think he will suddenly start doubting himself against Nadal again; he’ll be able to execute his gameplan.

    Nadal’s withdrawal is giving up psychological ground to Federer. Nadal seems to have nothing new to show to answer the challenges of Federer/Djokovic. Federer went back to the drawing board, changed his racket, improved his strokes and net game to be more aggressive. He evolved. Nadal can only offer the same old same old: retreat to clay, hoping he can score more easy wins there and regain confidence. Given his record on clay, chances are high the same old same old will work. But what if this time, it doesn’t? Then what?

    In the meantime, I’m glad Thiem made it. We’ve seen plenty of Federer-Raonic encounters, right now I’m in the mood for a fresh face. Thiem will be a tough opponent and it’ll be fun. Looking forward to it.

    1. A devastating critique of Nadal,but difficult not to agree.i agree about the courage point you make.
      Real courage is going out to face something or someone you know is probably better /stronger than you.
      Let’s face it,if men and women had not been able to do this for millions of years,the human race,or at least all that is good and courageous about it,would have died out.

      1. How bad Rafa must made you feel for many many years to find all sort of critisicism after the guy got denied once again due to injury the possibility of winning another important tittle and handle an easy way to the final to Roger. You now even dare to deny the fighting spirit of probably the biggest competitor in sports of all time (frequently mentioned by his biggest rivals Nole and Federer).

        And it is laughable to read to pessimism about the prospect of facing an in form Nadal (even Roger mentioned that) in the SF and now everybody gets out of the cave complaining about not being able to get an easy win to somehow whitewash their lopsided H2H. Guys, 9-3 in GS’s won’t ever get whitewashed, deal with it.


  31. In the mean time will this day ever end.In the UK.Been busy gardening etc,in a howling gale,not the most enjoyable
    experience.Of course the women are going to a third set.LOL.

  32. Roger is an embarrassing failure at big stages now. This was another sickening display of stupidity and passivity in key moments, just like last year at IW. He played the tail end of the third set like a complete loser. An infuriating series of idiotic choices (two terrible drop shots in a row at 5-5??), totally playing Thiem’s game, letting him control all the rallies, doing nothing different. This was a pure disgrace and he should again apologize for this nightmarish outing.

    1. And you should apologise for always appearing here when Fed loses a match with your childish and
      spiteful comments.
      Thiem was the better player for the last two sets.
      He is Definately a force to be reckoned with on these slow courts.

      1. Enough with the scolding, you know i’m right. when he won in dubai, i was first on here to congratulate. when he turns a win into a loss with terrible decisions in the clutch, yes, i’ll say so.

  33. I’m sorry, Fed should shut it down. Who cares about successes at Dubai if he will continue to fail at every big tournament? This was freaking awful, amateurish, and ridiculous. Trash tennis against an opponent who gave him opportunities. Every break point, Fed was sure to find the net, and at 5-5, to play such low percentage, low IQ tennis…what a joke. Fed is worthless in the clutch now. He’s proven that time and again now.

    1. Think that’s quite harsh. For one thing, he just lost a tight final to someone playing very well. For another, it’s really up to fed when he retires, and as a fan I find it baffling that you seem to only want him to play tennis if he wins. I’ll take more heartbreak if we see the genius moments.

      1. C’mon man, this wasn’t a beatable Thiem? How many break chances did Roger let go begging in the third? If you’re gonna lose, lose on your sword in the tiebreak! The stupid decisions at 5-5 were something a club player would do. I get Thiem is younger and had fresher legs, but jeez, don’t dump serve at 5-5 in the third in the final! That’s not a Federer thing to do. Lose big in the TB if you have to, just get there. I think he deserved to lose in last year’s final, frankly, as Delpo was playing better most of the match, and controlled the last few games and TB. Fair loss. Here, Fed had the chances, but wasted them all, which he does pretty much all the time now.

      2. Again you sound like this is too emotional a reaction. Federer is not the first and won’t be the last player to lose a match in this way. He isn’t the first great player to do it, it wasn’t the first or last time he himself will do it, and just about every player will have these moments.

        Enjoy his game while you can, it’s what I’m gonna do. A world without Roger playing is infinitely worse than this one.

    2. holdco is just a fairweather fan. When Fed is winning he’s amazing, When he loses he should retire 😆

      1. Not fair weather fan at all, if he gets beaten by a better opponent, or just isn’t playin well, so be it, but this was self- implosion. Had chances, blew them, and then unraveled in clutch. Those matches are tough to take.

  34. Pretty game, but he’s all grind and power. No different to the rest of this era of athletes, just better or worse. The loss hurts because again the break points, but also because thiem was lucky. The number of line shots he made and that Federer just missed..

    1. You know the old saying about luck?The harder I practice the luckier I get.
      Thiem was dominant in the second and third sets.Seemed like a high first serve percentage and
      very powerful ground strokes.
      Feds ground strokes didn’t seem to have much power behind them.
      Anyway congrats to Thiem on a deserved Masters 1000.
      Roger will fight again on another day.On a quicker court probably a different result.

  35. At a loss for words . Two stupid drop shots. What made him do that !!!! Shocked, Shocked. Ate you kidding me

    1. Yes the drop shots were ill advised especially as it was a drop shot that made him loose his serve in
      the final with Delpotro last year.Perhaps a touch of deja vu.Who knows.

  36. Damn…. Congrats to Thiem for playing a good final, but damn….
    No worries Roger…. more tours to play and more titles to win.
    110 coming up. Time to go to bed for a 3 hours sleep 🙂

  37. well I think Fed went walkabout when he changed his tactics and
    lost his serve in the second set. DT belief just went up a notch.
    I would have liked Roger to win but the other guy played well.
    I frankly can’t understand the bitterness in some of these posts
    Federer lost . nobody died.

    1. You are quite right.Also we should remember that Djoker and Nadal didn’t even get to the semis.
      Thiem deserved the win and deserved his first masters 1000.
      Roger will fight another day.😊

      1. Correction, Nadal got to the SF in one leg. These would have been 1000 easy points for him. Shame his bad luck with injuries, who know how many big tournaments he could have by now…

      2. So Pablo is back to perform his ritual kissing of Nadal’s *rse. As if anybody is interested on a Federer fan-site. Whining their excuses for Nadal is about the only satisfaction his fans get these days, as he loses to the likes of Kyrgios, pulls a fake injury to avoid another beat-down from Federer and is still probably seeing a therapist about his hiding from
        Djokovic at the AO. He probably has nightmares as well about Operacion Puerto, and wakes up sweating over his blood bags. I loved Kyrgios’s comment after their Acapulco match, that he could “smell the blood”. We all can, Pablo. Señor Syringe.

  38. Like the announcers were commenting 19 that is a record 19 different winners this year. Thiem absolutely looked dominate in 2nd and 3rd sets. Roger didn’t seem to be upset with the loss. If Thiem plays like this on clay Nadal will fall out of number 2 this year because Thiem will be dominate on clay. I think the greatest 3 players are going to face more and more challenges this year more than ever. Djoker and Nadal along with Roger the young guns are coming. Like Thiem stated to Roger “I don’t know if I should congratulate you because you have 80 more victories then me”. It is more like 90 plus but who is counting. Good Luck Thiem and prove your the new clay court king this year.

  39. Roger certainly seemed to mind less than some bitter fans here. As long as he’s playing well and enjoying himself, that’s what matters more, doesn’t it? The only losses that hurt (me) are those to Novak/Rafa or those where he has match points.
    Besides, Thiem was so thrilled at winning his first Masters 1000. Always such a huge moment for a player, and he’s been waiting in the wings for quite a while. All the best to him for the clay season, and especially the French Open!! 😉

    1. I agree with your comment 100% . Watching Fed play is always a joy, and now he has the 100th victory I think he will enjoy the season more. Finishing 2nd in Indian wells with a second place check in the millions not a bad 2 weeks work at 37. Wish I could say that.

      1. Yes I also agree with you both! It was a good match and Roger enjoyed it and he is a joy to watch for as long as we are lucky enough to have him in court!

      2. Some fans took the loss a little harder than others, but I don’t know how watching Roger fumble his way to losing a final against an opponent he typically beats is “a joy to watch”.

  40. Well it’s very disappointing because Federer had the best chance to win in the 2nd, early on, 2 break points and Thiem saved them. After that it was going to be tough. Again FEderer had him nearly beaten at 4-3 with Thiem serving – I think 2 break pints squandered.
    Then as said above, there were two drop shots in a row – I can see the 1st one, but the second one , it just seemed he just wanted to end the point fast.

    The disappointment is not just because of a loss, it’s sort of a recurrence of the loss in 3 sets in…2014…2015…2018…and now 2019…Of all those finals I think 2014 and 2019 are the ones he ‘should’ have won. Guess he ran out of gas, and Thiem was firing winners all the time and never missing. Kept on waiting for him to miss but everything painted the line.

  41. This court was Paradise for DOM T, he won’t find a claycourt that suits
    his game better, because here he didn;t even have to slide! Roger
    tried to shorten the points in the second set and it backfired. It has
    been said many times how this court was made to suit Rafa, but he’s
    no fool he knew if got through Roger he would have a hard time with
    Theim. Indian Wells this year for me has been a bit of a let down and
    if they make the courts any slower will ruin the tennis because it will
    be a slugfest. Fed maybe didn’t win but when have you seen a
    happier loser..he’s magic x

    1. Yes it has been an odd tournament,with many seeds falling like flies in the early stages,two Disappointing walk overs later on,no exciting matches .Still Fed has defended his points and has the
      opportunity to make more in Miami .

    2. Love your positive attitude, elizabeth. Our man has 100 titles, of which fully 20% are Grand Slams. If he didn’t win his 101st today, it’s hardly a tragedy. Just glad he’s still playing well and enjoying himself.

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