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Federer Finally Gets RF Logo Back

The rights to the logo were transferred from Nike to Tenro AG on February 20th 2020.

It has been a long time coming, and after two years since the split with Nike, the RF logo is now back in possession of its rightful owner.

The Swiss journalist, Simon Graf, confirmed in August last year that the rights would come back to Federer at the beginning of 2020 in February or March.

Lo and behold the listing at the US Patents and Trademark Office was updated on the 20th of February with TENRO AG, a company Federer started in 2007, listed as the new owner. 

It's also listed on the Swiss Trademark Register for those who want a nosey.

What is Next for the RF Logo?

Rf Logo

The question now the logo is back in Federer's hands is, how does he use it?

Back in August 2019, Federer again told Simon Graf that he had no concrete plans on how he would use the logo, but he's had six months, and a period on the sidelines to think about when and where it will finally make a reappearance.

If the latest opinion piece by Simon Häring in the Luzerner Zeitung is anything to go by, Federer's newest partner, On Running could well be the first to launch an RF branded product since Nike in 2018.

Since the Swiss invested in the business last year and became their global ambassador, the firm On Clouds GmbH registered two brands on the trademark register called “THE ROGER” and “ROGER”.

While nothing is concrete and neither of the trademarks bears any reference to the RF logo, it's certainly not unthinkable that we'll be seeing a pair of tennis shoes soon that features the logo in some capacity.

You don't create a tennis shoe overnight, it takes a lot of work. But I can assure you that the talks are ongoing. Federer speaking about his future plans with On Running

Will Uniqlo Use the RF Logo?

Uniqlo Rf Logo

Uniqlo's current interest in the logo is unknown but their stance in 2019, according to the spokesman, Aldo Liguori was that “Uniqlo has no plans to use the initials.

I can't imagine that opinion has changed as it doesn't look to hold much value for the Japanese firm.

Bringing Federer on board was done to boost brand recognition across its entire core product range rather than produce an RF line of tennis clothing.

If you look at how poorly marketed their tennis range is, coupled with the distinct lack of global availability, it's clear that tennis apparel isn't the focus and not the reason they're paying him $30 million per annum.

Personally I wish they did a better job of it, as I'm a buyer of tennis gear, but I can't argue with their current approach either.

I've bought several Uniqlo items in the last 12 months, which I'm sure wouldn't have happened without Federer's endorsement nudging me in their direction.

For the same reasons Uniqlo won't use it, I'm also unsure if On Running will either. It's a cool logo, but it's more a sentimental thing for Federer and his fans rather than something that will help sell running shoes.

But we shall see 🙂 maybe they have an angle that nobody else has thought of.

Time for a New Range of RF Caps?

Robbie Federer

So with Uniqlo seemingly uninterested, and On Running giving no detailed info, there is at least one stalwart who wants to use the logo.

The original RF, Robbie Federer, has continued to wear Nike RF Caps post-split. Surely Fed can sort out some new gear for the guy that helped put him on this planet? 😆 

How do you guys foresee Federer using the RF logo? Do you think On Running will be utilising it on their shoes any time soon? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. A new cap every other month won’t hurt. I already own like 15 of them and would like to add more to the collection 🧢


  2. Well good I guess.
    Does it mean he doesn’t have to wear those horrible baggy clothes anymore.?
    Sorry if I haven’t been paying attention😊

  3. RF is a logo with many followers and admirers of it , tennis shoes must have RF again wether it is Nike or some other brand, running is not Federer , Uniqlo must use it and also allow selling of its tennis clothing on TW OR TWE

  4. I love the RF logo. And I love how Robbie continued to wear the hats. Screw you, Nike. I don’t understand why Uniqlo doesn’t incorporate it on the clothing. They would draw more attention to it and create more sales. Imagine the joy seeing Roger walk out on centre court at Wimbledon with a smallish red square and a nice RF logo on the chest or sleeve. Just dreaming folks.
    Still pondering a RF tattoo. Or not.
    Miami still hanging in there. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Plans for the Boston marathon hanging by a thread.

    1. It would be cool but I guess sportswear is not an area Uniqlo are too fussed on. Tennis such a niche market. Maybe Fed can add the logo on as a patch for his foundation like Amar mentioned below?

      If you look at Nike’s tennis sales – it is minuscule, just gets bundled onto their balance sheet almost like a side hustle.

  5. As Djokovic put his initial (which is also his foundation logo) on the sleeves with uniqlo, I think it is possible that uniqlo will do the same with RF logo (also a foundation logo of Roger, even before Nike return it)

    1. I wonder if Uniqlo put the logo on or Djokovic did it himself?

      Federer’s deal does allow him to put patches on his gear I believe like a lot of players do…

    2. I sketched a ‘logo’ for Djokovic – but haven’t quite got it to my satisfaction.
      It’s fun.

      I very much like RF logo – almost wish it was part of a keyboard font. Hmmm.

      Still working of Nadal’s … he’s got a few names.

  6. I would 1000% buy a Uniqlo shirt with the RF logo somehow incorporated into a neat graphic.
    And can I say I’ve also bought a lot more uniqlo than I would if Roger were not a spokes-endorser.

  7. Finally! Okay, no RF tennis/sport gear for Uniqlo but still hoping they’d use the logo for some other clothes or underwear one day, like the bra with a RF on the left 😆

    1. I guess the unlucky one to [raise the T-Shirt] / [unbutton the shirt] / [tear the dress] to uncover the brassiere would get a little jealous, and possibly also lose his… hum, enthusiasm.
      OK, I’m going.

  8. My dream is that Fed starts his own brand with his logo, even within Uniqlo (like Jordan with Nike).
    Just to get rid of that awful red square.

    1. Yeah he was cool. I was getting bored of him being asked after every race when he would retire. Pity it did not go to Holmenkollen for the last race, it would have been a good showdown between him and Boe for the overall.

      And Weirer pipped Eckhoff. 3 misses on that last shooting 😆

  9. The priority is to increase quality first cause it’s horrible to play with Uniqlo : very bad materiel.
    Introducing RF logo should be a fantastic idea.

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