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Federer Gets By Dimitrov To Make 4th Round in Melbourne

A sluggish match from the GOAT here as he defeated Grigor Dimitrov 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 in the third-round of the Australian Open. The victory sees Roger record his 300th Grand Slam match win of his career and he's first man ever to reach the milestone.

Rare milestone aside it was a low quality encounter from both players with Roger's serve and experience getting him over the line after Dimitrov again faded at the business end of the match. Next up is David Goffin who saw off Dominic Thiem in 4 sets earlier in the day.

Quick Match Recap

Federer AO 2016 3rd Round

Dimitrov won the toss and elected to serve, holding after Roger pegged him to deuce. During the change of ends the rain began to fall and play was delayed for about 10 minutes whilst the roof closed and the courts were dried. On resumption Roger held to 30 and both players exchanged holds as the scoreboard moved to 3 all. In game 6 Roger took the level up a notch, setting up 2 break points with a majestic backhand down the line before pressuring the serve to force the error to break. Roger then held for 5-3, missed a set point in Dimitrov's next service game before serving out the set for 6-4.

Into set 2 and the level from both players dropped off a cliff with neither of them playing with any intensity. Dimitrov was doing more to force the issue though and he broke early to lead 3-1. Typically Roger had an immediate chance to break back but wasted the chance as Dimitrov held for 4-1. More break points came the way of the Swiss in Dimitrov's next service game but again he couldn't convert and Grigor held for 5-2; he then served out the set to love to take it 6-3.

The match was now a best of 3 shootout and it was Roger who made the first move – holding to 30 in an important first game and breaking to 15 to get a 2-0 lead. The break was consolidated to 15 and despite Dimitrov holding for 1-3 he didn't win another game as Roger swept the set 6-1, saving 2 break points at 5-1.

The trainer paid Dimitrov a visit at the set changeover for what looked like an elbow injury and his first serve speed dropped in the fourth. This allowed Roger to dominate things – holding his own serve easily in the third and breaking at 2-2 with a sweet backhand winner. The Swiss then saved break point en route to consolidating, failed to convert 3 more break point at 4-2 and then held to 30 for 5-3. Dimitrov was now consigned to defeat but he at least held to love to force Roger to serve for it which he did to 30 to close it out.

Match Stats

Stats Roger Federer Grigor Dimitrov
Aces 13 8
Double faults 5 3
1st serves in 69/112 (62 %) 76/126 (60 %)
1st serve points won 52/69 (75 %) 48/76 (63 %)
2nd serve points won 24/43 (56 %) 27/50 (54 %)
Fastest serve 204 KMH 210 KMH
Average 1st serve speed 189 KMH 186 KMH
Average 2nd serve speed 158 KMH 157 KMH
Net points won 29/40 (73 %) 17/25 (68 %)
Break points won 4/15 (27 %) 1/6 (17 %)
Receiving points won 51/126 (40 %) 36/112 (32 %)
Winners 48 23
Unforced errors 55 44
Total points won 127 111
Distance Covered (M) 2306.7 2272.5
Dist. Covered/Pt. (M) 9.7 9.6
SABR 0 0

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Australian Open 3rd Round 2016

A soporific match this one which isn't ideal at 5am UK time but Roger got the win which is all that matters really. Neither player produced their best tennis with Fed looking completely out of it in the second set but he regrouped quickly, got his first serve working and was ultimately too strong as the match wore on.

Winning when you're playing way below your usual level is definitely a positive to take out of this encounter and I think Roger played a solid first set, dropped of a cliff in the second with his footwork looking sluggish but picked it up in the third and fourth sets to get across the line. 4 out of 15 break point conversion not ideal but he served some very clutch stuff late on when he needed it and after winning the third set the match was never in doubt.

As for Dimitrov he looked to be suffering from some sort of elbow problem later in the match with his serve speed dropping off which gave Federer a lot more looks on the return. Prior to that happening though I don't think he reached the level of play he put in at Brisbane or ever really looked like he had the gameplan to win it. Perhaps it was one of those matches where both players play according to their opponents level and with neither of them feeling ‘on it' the quality suffered as a result. Conditions changed quite a lot too with the roof closed too so Roger has now played a night match, a day match in high heat and one under a closed roof with cooler temperatures which likely didn't help either man's cause.

These are the great matches to win, I tell you that, because you're not going to feel 100% great every single time when you go out there. But important is to win those matches maybe where you felt a little off almost sometimes. I kind of was out of it a little bit in the second set. I was able to bounce back and find a way. We'll see now how the conditions are the next round because Goffin can play very, very well. Got a lot of respect for him. Know him well. I think the conditions are definitely going to help or not help, depending on what it's going to be like.

Predictions vs. Goffin

Federer Goffin French

Next up is David Goffin who defeated Dominic Thiem in 4 sets. Impressive win for the Belgian who had struggled with the heat a round earlier. Roger leads the H2H against Goffin 3-0 but the Belgian has caused him some problems in the past due to how well he strikes the ball on both wings and gets around the court. It will be very hard to hit through him if conditions are slower so Roger will need to come up with some good stuff from the back of the court and find creative ways to win points. Goffin reminds me a bit of Gilles Simon who of course played that epic 5 setter against Roger back in 2011 so it could be an interesting one.

I'll pick Fed to win but he'll need to pick his level up from today. Hopefully the Dimitrov match was his one bad match of the tournament πŸ™‚


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I felt these are the kind of match in which Fed knows he wasn’t in any serious danger throughout. He tends to lose concentration for parts of the match in such cases. Thankfully he was able to turn it up again in the beginning of the 3rd. The number of UEs slightly outnumber the no. of winners, which is mainly due to the second set.

  2. Hey,did anyone see the video in which Fed and dimitrov are sitting together and watching Sharapova play before their match.Federer reacted like crazy on one of the points and he looked very funny
    Again I wasn’t able to watch the match but now there is a Sunday and so I will watch federer-goffin encounter.I think goffin is very dangerous and I have a bad feeling for this match.It will be an interesting match and I look forward to it.

      1. That explains a lot. Watching that match may have short-circuited their batteries.
        (what was going on inside Grigor’s mind? “Why is this guy howling at my ex-babe?”)

      2. I’ve been a Roger fan for years now but I never saw that showy-off needy side of him! Looks and acts so weird almost as if it’s not him. XD

  3. “A soporific match” indeed, Jonathan. It was a kind of match better watching highlights than waking up at 4:30 am, waiting a WTA to finish and watching it live. Both guys didn’t seem being up for the fight at all. Thank GOAT, he won!

    5 DFs for indoor? Though a positive note was his clutch serve when it mattered.

    Shame that even Jim Courier interview was kind of uneventful… No celebration for 300 GS wins while Sharapova got a cake for her 600 career wins??

    1. Yeah too many double faults is that, an entire game donated πŸ™

      300 GS is good but guess it’s not a huge deal just one of those cool milestones. They did stuff for 1000 though in Brisbane, maybe Fed said no. It would have been a bit daft to get balloons and cake made had he lost πŸ˜†

      Maybe the organisers were expecting a loss? Or maybe it was meant to be fixed but Fed’s integrity stopped it happening πŸ˜‰

  4. Fed’s game was not at all inspiring
    At one point I thought he was tiring
    But he quickly managed a higher gear
    And that’s the reason I am still here

    Would have to play far better against Goffin. Which brings me to Dimitrov. Lovely game but still does not have that extra zing to take advantage when the opponent is having a bad day. Is never going to be a champ, our BabyFed. So there never will be a

    1. Yeah Dimitrov has not kicked on, still time this year, it’s only January after all and he’s made a final but he has lost 7 in a row now vs. Top 10.

  5. federer’s match always gave me a heart attack.. I hope he can bring his 100 percent again, no chance for him if the opponent is djoko.. Need to raise his gear..
    I know guys that many of u watch him play at 3am i the morning..too bad for me coz im at the office datz why i cannot watch his live match.huhu

    Goffin is a good player,but i hope fed will defeat him in straight set.. We cannot under estimate the most of us thought that he will win in 3 sets,but grigor played very well.. Looking forward to his next match:)

    1. Wahhaa…nah,connection was slooooooowwwwwwwwwww….. And network security was very tight. Hahaha..
      Anywayz..federer’s funny side made my day..itz very rare to see him like that….

  6. Sloppy match, not sure if late start and a bit rain delay makes it tougher. If Roger to have a bad day, better this match then later stages. He looks lethargic and gloomy like the weather. I hope he gets another day match with quicker conditions under hot sunny day. He might get bump to MCA or HiSense this Sunday now that the matches are getting more blockbuster type.

    1. Yeah possible. Tsonga Kei is surely RLA material. Novack already been shifted one match so should return. They should put 3 Men’s matches on RLA Sunday.

      1. Careful. If Djerk-o-tronic realizes that you misspelled his first name, you risk getting smacked… He’s been annoyed before for the same reason. Be afraid, be very afraid!

      2. Roger will 2nd night match at RLA, AO schedulers sure love him. Tsonga and Nishikori will be at Hisense.

      3. I am amazed Kei/Tsonga relegated to Hisense, but they must figure it will get best atmosphere as free with ground pass so will be v popular! Fed on last…. Nightmare!

  7. As you say, Feds has now had a night match – slow, sluggish conditions; a day match, hot, faster conditions; and the roof on when it must be very different again. Must be difficult to adjust every other day to the different conditions, AND be forced to wait while stupid Sharapova (who’s matches are generally slow at the best of times) played another set. He was a bit sluggish/sloppy certainly – not good to see higher number of UFEs to winners. Certainly things improved in sets 3 and 4, particularly the serve, and he got the job done. That’s what counts.

    Goffin was playing v well today against Thiem and he’s excellent from the back of the court. Another tricky one, but Feds is definitely the favourite – played 3, won 3. Day time match with the sun shining , I’d say Feds in 3. I hope he’s focussed. Allez πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah what was she doing losing the second set on a breaker πŸ˜†

      Impressive win for Goffin, he is a very good mover and ball striker. Just gotta play on the front foot and overpower him. Smash his serve too.

    1. Some people will say that it’s not a good thing to do that as you need to hate your opponent before you step on court πŸ™‚

      I don’t think it matters from Fed’s side. Maybe Dimitrov though does need some extra motivation?

      1. I think Roger isn’t earlier while howling..but he looked like realized about camera when he stood up…

  8. Not sure why so many people were dismissing Dimitrov’s chances. In terms of raw talent, he’s a match for Federer. And he was ranked in the top ten at one time. He’s a tough opponent, more consistent than the erratic Dolgopolov who can be counted on to leak one or two errors during every service game.

    I think Federer handled the difficulties very well: the rain delay, the unexpected transition from outdoor conditions to indoor, his own consistency and an injured opponent. The problem with an injured opponent is that you never really know how injured he is, so you don’t know what to expect. This is compounded by the possibility that he might change his tactics and go for broke in hopes of getting lucky (as indeed Dimitrov did in the fourth set, with some success).

    Despite his rather lethargic play in the first set, he still had the presence of mind to know when the important moments were. Dimitrov’s game picked up toward the tail-end of the set and Federer fought off a BP that would have allowed Dimitrov to level the score at 5-5. Had Dimitrov prolonged the set he might have ended up winning it and then going on to seize a two-set lead. So kudos to Federer for recognizing the crucial point of the set.

    After a very mediocre second set, he was spurred on to raise his game in the third. The fourth set was anything but routine and Federer did well to stay steady despite Dimitrov’s last-ditch attempts to come back. The real test of a champion is whether you can win when you’re not playing great, and Federer certainly passed.

    If he cleans up his game, no reason he can’t make a deep run this year.

    1. There is no way Dimitrov is as talented as Federer. Federer has better hands and can take the ball much easier. They produce shots in a similar way with takeback etc. but other than that no way.

      Agree with Fed playing well on the bigger points and handling situation well but he did get away with a fair bit. 4th set was routine though – Fed just made it hard for himself. Dimitrov was done at that point.

  9. Hello hello hello, this is not the French Open, so why do we have put Tsonga or Berdych on centre court???
    No matter how sloppy Fed’s match is, it’s always interesting to watch and it may be good tidings to play Federer on Centre Court, he needs Goffin to overwhelmed.
    I really wanted Fed to get Thiem, but we will still get thru Goffin.
    Now Jonathan, that was a hell of a joke you said earlier. And I love that video on Fed & baby Fed. Fed was just raucous , jeez he is worse than me if that is how he watches matches.
    He needs to know how we feel when he shanks πŸ˜‰

  10. 56th or whatever. I’m sorry I got up at 5am for that one – somehow one of the most dissatisfying matches of RFs I have watched but glad he got through. Not sure if he was tired or me or both of us.

    Projecting ahead I think Djoker has the potentially the hardest last 16 and quarters with Simon and Nish, then its Stan with Raonic and Monfils. Feds is actually fairly doable with Goffin and Berdych and of course Murray’s is a cakewalk – Tomic and Ferrer. Hope Giles or Kei can somehow pull off a miracle and we see a Murray/Federer final #nottakingitonematchatatime

    1. You think ND has the worst draw? Certainly not so far, although Seppi pushed him in last 2 sets. Don’t see Simon who has only won one match (2008) in the last ten against him, causing him any problems at all. Only slam meeting at Wimbledon: 3 straight sets. He will then get either Tsonga (beaten him 9 out of last 10 matches), or the ‘glass samurai’ who has a dodgy wrist – and they’ll be beating each other up in their match. I think we can expect ND to be in the SF. Then it’s all down to our champ. Will it be easier facing him in the SF as some have suggested? Probably not, although I’m always hopeful.

      Murray has Tomic (who has been playing well) but he should beat him, followed (probably) by Ferrer who he *should* beat, but I doubt Murray would consider that an easy match. It is him who has Stan/Raonic/Monfils, not Djokovic.

      1. Yes I was just talking about next two rounds – fourth and quarters. From what I saw of Seppi he played well after the first set and Novak was for him average but he pulled it out when he needed to – plus ca change. I dont think he’ll struggle against Giles or Kei just saying on paper it is toughest

  11. What happened to SABR? Don’t you guys think that he should bring it back? It seems that Becker’s shrewdly made controversy has taken a toll on it.

    1. He made a half SABR today on break point.

      Maybe they looked at stats and it showed he was losing more than winning I dunno. I still think he should use it though…

      1. I haven’t totted them up but it looks about 50/50 from scanning down?

        Problem is that only uses my own SABR counts and YouTube, could be a little bit off. I think most of mine are accurate but sometimes it gets a bit subjective as to what counts – like that one against Dimitrov today – was it a SABR? I didn’t count it but he did move in a long way…

  12. Messy match, messy stats, 55 ufe’s… But he won and Jonathan has said it all, including the double entendre…about Masha!! I personally think that delay screwed the match. They both never really got going and Fed just steely enough to come thru in set 4! Goffin was very very clean against Thiem and Fed needs to up his level and get rid of the unforced errors pronto! All about the serve! If he serves well, can relax on the return game! Allez!!

  13. Maybe, just maybe, below par performances like this are just what Fed needs. He wasn’t brilliant today and he was tested by Grigor. But, he came through! I’m sick of Fed waltzing around during Slams without his serve being broken, without dropping sets, playing undoubtedly the best tennis but then meeting Novak and hitting a brick wall. This has been pretty much the case in the last couple of Wimbledons and the last US. Maybe, just maybe, he needs to toughen up mentally before facing the Djoker? Games like today would help in this regard. He’s got a tough draw here, Goffin will be a challenge and so will Berdych (probably). Being battle hardened can only be a good thing, provided he isn’t dragged into extreme 5 setters. I remember Roger’s last Slam, Wimbledon 2012 and that was not plain sailing. Dropping sets, not playing perfectly. Two down against Beneteau (who?) in the third round. A rough ride and he met Nole in the semis! Maybe, just maybe, this could be the Slam! 18!!!!!

    1. I like tests – but was he really tested by Dimitrov? Both guys played poorly, just Dimitrov is infinitely poorer than Fed in most aspects of the game.

      Agreed on Goffin and Berdych. Berd man is playing well and made the semis in Aus last 2 years so he is a big danger.

    2. I agree. I hate when he plays brilliantly and then loses it for the finals (or in this case the semis.). Look how many GS wins Djoko has after playing mediocre tennis in the earlier rounds.

    3. A fairly tough draw – and with a lot of variety of opponents – could be just what Roger needs – provided it allows him to fine-tune his game on the way up. Obviously there is also the possibility of things going pear-shaped, though.

  14. I’m not worried about Fed’s form. It’s really good that he bounced back from his bad level so quickly at the start of the third. Goffin is different from Dimitrov. Berdych is different from Goffin. Djokovic of course is different from Berdych.

  15. Yeah – not super confident about Fed’s form right now. So many UFEs. It was painful at times to watch. Not feeling it in 2016 so far.

    I hope Stefan didn’t take Fed’s mojo with him back to Sweden.

    1. Give it a rest, Stefan is not Fed’s coach anymore. Stefan made his choice. Fed is moving on. “Not feeling it in 2016 so far” really Federer hasn’t even played two events yet. Such high standards.

    2. I agree with Karen πŸ™‚ Fed hasn’t even completed 2 tournaments yet and we are “seeing a ground game so far that is a bit too reminiscent of some 2013 play”

      He’s already topped his 2015 Aus open performance. So hardly cause for concern is it.

  16. Thanks Jonathan, you summarised it well. This was one of those ‘below-the-average’ matches in terms of performance but a decent one in terms of results. At this stage of the tournment, it is more important to get through without consuming too much energy than anything else. I thought that Grigor played well; his BH cross court passing shot was not a bad tribute act πŸ™‚ . Let’s hope that Roger’s serve, movement and FH will come out nornal tomorrow against Goffin. I feel that Goffin could not play better than Grigor. So if Roger delivers the normal service, outcome should be straightforward.
    I also watched a bit of Joker vs Seppi match. Seppi actually played very well throughout 2nd and 3dr sets except at big points, when all of his hardwork in those two sets was undone. Joker was just mentally tougher to save two set points and wrapped up the match.
    Allez Rog!

    1. Not sure Dimitrov played well – he was ok in patches but same old for him. I think Goffin presents more of a challenge, especially if conditions are slower at night…

  17. Federer (and rest of the ATP tour) has no chance against Djokovic on Plexicushion so there’s no point pondering about form ahead of the semi-final. I mean he’s never taken a set of him regardless.

    A semi-final appearance is as great as a Fed fan can hope for.

    What we should worry are Goffin and Berdych whom are all great baseliners and that is a slight worry given Federer’s erratic ground game so far this tournament.

    Federer is no guaranteed into semis just yet.

    1. First, a player should never concede a match that hasn’t happened. Federer hasn’t played Djokovic at the AO since 2011. Belief goes along way. Will Goffin have enough belief to beat Fed and also Berdych is not a lock either against RBA because Berd has a losing record on HC against RBA. If Federer has no chance against Djokovic, why Djoke fans so desperate to see Fed eliminated. Two words CROWD SUPPORT. Even though Djokovic won, Djokovic fans are really resent anyone supporting Fed. I wonder who the crowd will support if they meet. No, I will continue to root for Federer until the last ball is struck by Fed. The day Federer concedes a match to any player, is the day he needs to retire. Since Federer is not retiring so he is not conceding any match to Djokovic win or lose. Why you think Boris Becker wanted to brainwash people in thinking the SABR was cheating and players in the locker room didn’t like it? If Djokovic is so good, him and coach don’t need to players to concede. End of rant.

      1. It’s not about conceding a match, it’s about being realistic of what’s going to happen.

        I mean if Federer can’t beat Djokovic at Wimbledon and US Open, then it’s hard to believe it will happen at Australian Open which is Ultron’s happy hunting ground.

        The reason Djokovic fanboys want to see Federer eliminated is because Djokovic has reached the point (10 slams and counting most likely) where he could present a challenge to Federer’s GOATship. Nadal fans in particular must be very nervous nowadays.

      2. The reason Djokovic fanboys want to see Federer eliminated has a lot more than challenge to some GOATship. The real reason is because Federer won’t simply concede. You are a poster from the MTF trying to come here to convince Federer has no chance just like those Djokovic fanboys on that site so Fed fanboys won’t cheer for Fed.

    2. TheBigFourFTW, I agree. Seeing a ground game so far that is a bit too reminiscent of some 2013 play. Hope it’s just cobwebs – but he looks clearly less sharp to me than the summer.

      1. I haven’t seen Fed play that much since last Wimbledon, but the *impression* I’ve had is that he’s been a bit “off” since his last Davis Cup tie or so.

    3. Big4 what nonsense, good job Stan didn’t think that in 2014 isn’t it πŸ˜†

      @Alb “he looks clearly less sharp to me than the summer.”

      By summer you have played about 10 tournaments. This is January where he has played 1.5. Wake up.

      1. Jon, I don’t think anyone here can say Federer has a chance to beat Djokovic at Australian Open with a straight face.

        Taking sets off him? I very much invite the possibility however.

        Stan has a much better ground game than Federer these days. I mean why do you think Federer needs to rely on his serve and finesse rather than pure brutalizing power of Stan to beat Djokovic. As well as the fact that the latter attribute as being the only thing that can seriously threaten Djokovic nowadays in grand slams. Stan has taken Nole to 5 sets every match in GS since 2013.

      2. You said: “and rest of the ATP tour has no chance against Djokovic on Plexicushion”

        That argument would be valid had he never lost on Plexicushion, I wrote a post a few years ago asking if he was unbeatable on it. But he has since lost πŸ˜† so clearly people can beat him on it, because it has happened.

        I don’t doubt Fed’s chances are minuscule to beat him on it, but it’s not impossible.

      3. “Wake up”? Am I saying something so heinous?

        I’m not unaware of the season dude, but I just think he looked sharper in 2014 AO where he came in bragging about working harder than everyone. It showed then. Just not seeing the sharpness that brought him to the SF that year.

        And I don’t think missing December for pro tourneys means you have to look rusty in January. As he proved in 2014.
        For Fed’s standards – I think he looks a little rusty.

        And if it’s all about time off, He’ll Possibly have a bigger break to manage after the early HC swing.

        So here’s to some great training blocks.

      4. I just can’t see how we can go from ridiculous levels of positivity on one match, to completely the opposite after another πŸ˜† when the outcome is the same in both – a win.

        He came in sharp to the AO in 2015 too and lost to Seppi in the 3rd Round. He looked sloppy against Dimitrov in 2016 and is now in the fourth round. I know which result I’d take.

      5. “I know which result I’d take.” I’m not saying I want the result of 2015. I want him getting going deep here.

        And I certainly never expressed “ridiculous levels of positivity”.

        I’m simply saying he looks less sharp to me than 2014 AO and I don’t think that’s just about “beginning of the season” when off season is essentially a month and even bigger gaps are still to come. I’m saying I don’t know if he can keep bringing the shanks and his present serving level to the table and get too far against the next few guys.

      6. “Jon, I don’t think anyone here can say Federer has a chance to beat Djokovic at Australian Open with a straight face.”

        Uhmm….. TheBigFourFTW…. YES I CAN….. YES I DO…. even with a straight face !!!

        Is it so hard to believe that Roger can beat Novak at AO?? Did anyone think Stan would beat Rafa at AO after losing to him like 14 times?? Did anyone think Stan would beat Novak at RG after Novak finally beat Rafa??

        Yes, beating Novak at AO is very close to IMPOSSIBLE, but isn’t Roger basically the only one coming close to that?? And what do you think players and their coaches have been doing (in the offseason)?? Remember when “Rafa 2013” was unbeatable and was going to win 20 to 25 slams?? What happened?? I will tell you. Players and their coaches worked on a way to beat him and it worked.

        Do you think players are like “yes Novak, go and have yourself another 2015 and we will all just stand by and watch”?? No, they worked and tried to figure him out. And they WILL succeed. Maybe not in the beginning, but they will. So will Roger. He is not going to let Novak ruin all his slam chances. He has chances, just wish he figures out his BP problem.

        So yes, maybe I am the only one, but just to let you know that there is atleast one “fool” here who really does believe that Roger will win AO. Ofcourse I am taking it one match at the time, but I really believe he will win AO. If not this year, then next year.

        Because “Rafa 2013” did fall, so will “Novak 2015” (or as I call him “Satan 2015” πŸ™‚ ) and then Roger will rise. If you play this strongly at this age with so much young and old competition…. then one day…. it WILL click in a final….

      7. Ps 1: Before I get some reactions πŸ™‚ I am not delusional or a fangirl or a blind worshipper. Just… someone who believes in Roger and his capabillities. Go Rog πŸ™‚

        Ps 2: No one is really talking about Jo Willy…. that is very dangerous…. The way he is playing…. not to be underestimated πŸ™‚

        Ps 3: Stan’s outfit is being laughed at. Which means…. he will make the final πŸ™‚

      8. “Did anyone think Stan would beat Novak at RG after Novak finally beat Rafa??”

        I thought he had a good chance, certainly. I said after he beat Roger that if he carried on playing like that I thought he could win it.

  18. People are talking about Djoker surely defeating Fed in semis but right now I am more afraid of goffin.His game is suited to this surface and if Fed wins, there would be Berdych lurking so fed really will have to up his game to reach semis.Djoker also has a tough draw so he will also have to fight to reach semis. Nothing is fixed and anything can happen.Fed lost in the third round last year so that’s a positive this year..He played an error strewn third round match against kohsceiber in us open 3rd or 4th round and then played superb in the next rounds so I hope Fed does the same this time.
    While I am writing this comment Liverpool wins it ,5-4 ,what a match ,I don’t watch football but this was worth watching and i am glad I watched the second half.
    One match at a time ,come on champ!

  19. If Seppi can push him like that then Plse can either Kei ( looking v sharp, hoping wrist no big deal) or Tsonga ( much more focused) push Novack ( sic) out the building…
    Fed will be ready for Goff, knows he is actually more of a challenge than Grigor and pretty high on confidence after his DC run. Hoping the night session lifts Fed to a better performance!

    1. Yeah Djokovic gets pushed in an early round and it goes unmentioned. Fed plays a bit sloppy and suddenly fans are moaning that he’s not playing well and that he looked sharper in the Australian Open in 2006 which is a worry πŸ˜†

      Night session – bad because it won’t be as quick as day, but good as I think the crowd will factor. Goffin didn’t handle it too well in Belgium.

      1. O Thanks J. How well you represented my arguments!

        Of course if you put out a straw man like (2006) that of I’m an idiot. πŸ™‚

  20. Jonathan I think that Roger mayor problem is the break point rate conversion, 5 out of 15 is no good, with Djocovic at the US Open he has 1 out of 23, or something like that, really scary statistics, it can be the same story, that is why is very important that he improves his break points conversion rate otherwise he will not have a chance against Murray or Djokovic. What do you think??

  21. Wow, everyone fired up here. Shows our passion for the GOAT. Not planning on watching the match…middle of the night for me. Get up in the morning, fingers crossed while I look at the scores. How many times have I done that?
    I want to enjoy every match he plays…time marches on.

  22. Now I know the reason some Federer “fans” are discounting Federer’s chances by going around and saying he’s declined to save face. While Djokovic fanboys can say Federer is playing at the same level as 03-07, when Djokovic defeats Federer. This is nothing more than “my daddy is bigger than your daddy” between two increasely annoying fanbases that stay pressed all the time. It has spilled onto, tennis warehouse and Facebook page for ATP. I am the biggest Fedfan and I have no use for phony Federer fanboys throwing a Fed under the bus because of some flame war with a Djokobitch fan. Do I like Djokovic beating Fed, NO but I would never say Fed is a $hitty player to despite a Djokovic fan.

  23. anybody heard what tomic said about the GOAT? Instead to listen he speaks….
    Pour kid he will learn his lesson the hard way
    …and soon enough!!

    1. That was started when Roger was asked about Tomic in Brisbane and his aspirations of being a top 10. Federer said that was nice but do it not just say it. Then Tomic responded by saying Federer is not near Djokovic. Djokovic had 6 loses last year and 3 were to Federer. The Djokovic, Murray and Nadal fanboys want the young players to push Federer off the tour but leave their favorites alone.

    2. Tomic remarks are petty as clearly it riled him but he is entitled to his opinion. Only really Fed knows how far away he is from Djokovic. In finals last year it was close, just a few points separated them but from my perspective there is a bit of a gap between the two right now.

      I would have preferred Tomic to say:

      “Yeah Roger is right, I need to do it. Same way he needs to stop talking about #18 being a target and go win it” πŸ˜†

  24. Karen, well said.
    As for Tomic, he’s just a young fool who will soon grow up.
    Federer wins Goffin tomorrow period.
    Good to see that AO kept Federer in Centre Court. It would have been ridiculous playing Tsonga Nishikori on Centre just because it would be a tougher match up. He can have that opportunity at the French.
    So guys , when we are past Goffin, does this mean all matches straight to the final will be night matches?
    Have to look for a way to watch them match live tomorrow…need to plan properly.

  25. I have never understood the hate between the tennis “fans”. Whether it’s Nadal, Djokovic, Fed or whoever. Why all this ranting and raving about who is better, what era is better, etc.

    A complete toxic waste of time and energy.

  26. Simon vs Djokovic match is very interesting.Although Djoker won the imp points in first set but still it’s clean hitting and very entertaining to watch.Both are playing at a very high level and the courts are looking really fast to me.

    1. Finally I am able to watch aus open.It’s a Sunday morning and I couldn’t resist to comment.novak 0/11 on bp in second set and finally Simon takes the tiebreak.Simon frustrating Djoker which is so nice to see.Djoker getting annoyed and gifting the set.

  27. Djoko-Bot is sooo tough. Plays 4 sets like he needs glasses very badly. 5th set he’s just lights out. Makes Simon look like a junior.

    Boringly predictable. He’s just a Machine.

  28. Huh, two not so good matches in a row from Djoker, how rare is that these days?

    Let’s see Roger against Goffin, that could be a very interesting match, looking forward to it πŸ™‚

    Nishi Djoker will also be a match to watch πŸ™‚

  29. Roger has done it 61 62 64… plays like the flash in 90 mins. It could have gone in lesser 20 minutes if he hadnt been broken in the third. i guess he really wanted to go to bed that is why he ia hurrying up to finish. but what a display of power and finess plus the intelligence. he looke like he has this 25 yr old legs.. so fast…

  30. Maybe that win will shut a few of the ranters up. That was as good as anyone has played at the tournament so far. It reminded me of why I still watch the game. Beautiful.

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