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Federer Foils Fucsovics to Move Into Australian Open Quarter Final

Roger Federer is through to the Quarter Finals in Melbourne after knocking out Hungary's Marton Fucsovics 6-4, 7-6(3), 6-2 in 2 hours and 1 minute.

The Swiss has yet to drop a set at this year's tournament and the win sees him reach his 14th Australian Open Quarter Final where he'll face Tomas Berdych for the third year in a row Down Under.

Quick Match Recap

federer aus open 4th round 2018

Federer won the toss and elected to serve. He lost the opening point but held to 30 for 1-0. Fucsovics matched that to level and the two looked comfortable on serve in the opening exchanges. At 3-2 Roger fashioned three break points as he moved to 0-40 but couldn't find a way through as Marton held for 3-3. Back to back holds put Roger up 5-4 and he timed his move perfectly to break at 30-40 with a nice injection of pace to take the set.

A love hold put Roger on the board in set two and in game four Fucsovics again had to save break points to stay within touching distance to level at 2-2. The score was soon 5-4 with the Swiss dropping only two points in three services games. Fuscovics was able to hang tough though and he dug deep to hold from 0-30 after somehow losing a point off a Federer shank that went so high it came down with snow on it. He then saved a further break point in game twelve to force a tie-break.

Into the tie-break and Federer went up an early mini-break for 2-1 but a good pass from Fuscovics helped put him back on level terms at the change of ends. However, he couldn't hang on to his serve, slipping to 3-4 before Roger hit a crisp forehand to take a 6-3 lead and broke again aided by a smart challenge off a first serve to take it 7-3.

With Fed now well out in front he was able to free himself up in the third, breaking in the opening game and quickly consolidating for a 2-0 lead. Fuscovics was still competing well but couldn't find any sort of impact on the return and succumbed to the pressure as Roger broke again to lead 4-1 and roll through the third taking it 6-2.

Match Stats

Aces 5 6
Double faults 6 2
First serve % in 53% 59%
Win % in 1st serve 67% (38/57) 83% (40/48)
Win % in 2nd serve 53% (27/51) 76% (25/33)
Break points won % 0% (0/0) 33% (3/10)
Net Points Won 57% (17/30) 67% (28/42)
Winners 23 34
Unforced Errors 37 28
Total points won 81 108
Average serve speed 197kmh 201kmh
SABR 0 0



Thoughts on the Match


Well, because I practiced with him for a few days in a row in Switzerland. That helped, you know, knowing his strength and weaknesses a little bit. He was not completely the unknown opponent that maybe people thought he was. Because in practice I also play the best-of-five set practice match against him in Switzerland. So when you play, you know, multiple sets in a short period of time against somebody, you start to understand their strengths and weaknesses a little bit.

A routine win here from Roger and he never really seemed to get out of second gear. His serve was again completely untroubled facing zero break points and he won 83% of points behind his first delivery and he won 18 points in a row on serve at one point. Fuscovics, on the other hand, had to face 10 break points (saving 7 of them) and he played 27 more points on serve in the match which made the difference as the pressure finally told.

I was quite surprised the Hungarian forced a tie-break in the second set which was the closest set of the three but he played well from the baseline and showed a bit of variety when needed; ultimately though lacked the experience in to unsettle Roger or get things on his terms in the clutch. The conditions were also markedly different to the three night matches Roger has played and that seemed to take him a set and a half to get used to, but once he had that two set cushion it was all very simple.

So four matches down and it's looked fairly easy pickings so far. It was almost like he was playing within himself today and he's been winning easily so far without looking too impressive. Some fans like that under the radar stuff, others worry he's not playing well enough 🙂 . I'd say his timing has been a little off in some of the matches but he's still yet to drop a set and he's not had to step it up too much with the opposition he's faced so there can't be too many complaints. Anyway, all we can do is watch and hopefully, when that extra gear required the response is right there. I think he'll need that bit extra when he faces his in form and forgotten Laver Cup teammate in the Quarters 😛

Predictions vs. Berdych


So next up is Berdych who had very comfortable straight sets win against Fabio Fognini. I've just watched the highlights and Berdych is hitting big off both wings and trying to take it early. The Czech has had a very solid tournament so far, he also had a nice win in Tie Break Tens pre-tournament and I think he will pose a threat when the two meet on Wednesday.

Roger has won all their recent meetings handily barring Miami where he had to save two match points so he's naturally the favourite going in. The key for Fed will be to keep Berdych moving, if he sets his feet then he's dangerous, but if you keep him scrambling then Roger is playing points on his terms. We saw last year how Roger completely smothered his game with first strike tennis and that's what he'll need to do to win through on Wednesday.

What did you guys think of the match? Let me know your thoughts and predictions against Berdych.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Another match that Roger won relatively easy, and as Jonathan categorized it, I start to feel worry he is not having enough challenge.

      And it is Berdych. Considering their last match here, I will not have nails anymore after this one.

      Anyway the three smashes then fail is so funny 🙂 even Roger was entertained

    2. Hahah he said it was the bigget joke point ever in press. It was to be fair but they all count.

      Using the phrase used at every tennis club in the world – “well you paid for the whole frame, might as well use it”

  1. Well Roger has to stay focus on his own service game and go all out offense like how he played last year. So far, he is only on 2nd/3rd gear throughout all his 4 matches. His toughest match will be against Berdych and with Thiem and Djoker out, normal scheduling resumes at RLA – night match. Cmon Rogaaa…..!!

    1. Don’t underestimate Chung, he makes it very tricky, getting great purchase on the ball from way back at full stretch. These strings make all the difference!

      1. Yeah after watching Djoker Chung match, its going to be super tricky…yikessss. Ok let Rogaa focus on his match against Berdych first.

      2. Chung is good, but he was not playing Novak anywhere near his best .

        That removes fear and clears thinking and gives courage. So he was playing freerer than he would against peak Novak.

        Who would have crushed him.

  2. Really interested to see your write up as didn’t watch the match.Roger seems to be doing only what he has to do so
    far,but will definitely have to raise his game against Berdych who was my pick for this tournament along with BAgut?
    But how about the Djokvic match.The Djoker out Djokered!Of course we had the full range of emotion from A to B,
    Medical time out,yelling and groaning but at the end he was outplayed.If Chung improves his serve he will be amazing.
    It will be sad for us Fed fans if Birdy beats Fed in the next round with the way that the draw has opened up but this has been such an exciting Australn Open so far.

    1. Berdych to win a slam! It’s a left-field pick but would be cool if he did. I’d be tempted to say that ship has sailed but who knows if his ball striking catches fire.

      Chung played great, some ridiculous gets in the tiebreaker.

    1. He seems promising. I guess that Chung out Novak’d Novak. (maybe not that much since Djoko is still pretty much injured, maybe needed to take time-off like Murray did)

  3. Yes, 2nd gear. Caught up with some of the Gasquet match online last night, and Rog definitely doesn’t look in 1st(?) 4th(?) gear yet to me. Hopefully he’ll get somewhere nearer that in tomorrow’s match. I’m just slightly worried about Berdy if Roger doesn’t step it up enough. And if he gets past Tomas I’m wondering whether it’ll be a good thing that Novak is out or not … Still, mustn’t get ahead of ourselves …

    1. Both Chung or Sandgren will be a handful for Federer or Berdych. I like Tennys so far, he’s getting a ton of stick for being ‘alt right’ based on him following Trump and a few of his views. But I liked his interviews and his celebrations after winning have been cool. He was very humble when he beat Stan when he could have easily gone all crazy at such a big win. Good story too to make the Quarters.

  4. Thanks Jonathan. have not watched match highlights yet. From the stat, there is little to pick.
    With all other top seeds or big names in the lower half tumbling out, I guess that all we could hope for is that Roger stays healthy and focused. I don’t see how Tomas could beat Roger but the strange things did happen in the past, when Roger was a lot younger. In particular, Tomas was felt humiliated last year. If Roger gets the 1st set, the rest should be easier. Four down three to go.
    Allez Roger!

    1. 2 wins again him in Slams which is pretty good compared to a lot of other players. 6 years back though the most recent. Federer a big betting favourite so far on the Exchanges.

  5. By the time I logged in to the chat, was already the court side interview with Courier. And what a fun interview! Hope AO will continue using Jim.

    Chapeau to you Jonathan for your dedication, waking up in early hour for the Fed’s match and uploading the recap soon after. Looked like Fed struggled a bit for the timing because of the condition but still managed to get it done in straight without facing BPs. And now in QF! Chapeau! to him, too.

    So long as he takes care of his service game and won’t have mental walkabout, he will get pass Tomas. Repeat of the last year, please. Allez.

    1. Thanks. Yeah Courier is good at asking the right questions and he actually knows what is happening on tour. Like he knew plenty about Chung’s results etc. today on court.

  6. Thanks again for the write-up, Jonathan. You are as consistent as Tomas. I see Berdych as a big threat unless Fed steps it up. Tomas is playing with a lot of confidence. Night match…then I’ll be peeking at the score in the morning with fingers crossed and one eye closed.
    If Djoker’s elbow is a problem still, one wonders what the future holds. He had a lot of time off, changed his serve and still he doesn’t seem to be ready for the tour. Same with Stan. Are their days at the top at an end?
    Please someone, anyone, take out Nadal.

    1. Yeah he said after he was feeling it but the pain wasn’t severe enough to stop. See how his next few tournaments go, neither he or Stan have played for 6 months so overall AO has to go down as a success really for them.

  7. I am just wondering if we should be careful what we wish for.Fed seems to have Nadals number these days and the
    way Djokovic played today Fed would have beaten him easily.Perhaps 2018 will be the changing of the guard year.
    Much as we love Fed he can’t keep winning forever,no one can.It seems to me that Dimitrov,Chung even Karl Edmonds could be the stars of the future.
    This Australian Open seems to me a turning point.So good to see some different faces in the closing rounds at last.

    1. Karl Edmonds 😆 sounds like PseudoFed!

      I think Fed is right, no way a 36 year old should be favourite for a slam. Dimitrov is slowly getting it together in terms of patterns and how he needs to play, but he has the yips on serve from what I have seen. Needs that fixing.

    2. IDK, While it’s true that Fed currently has the number on Rafa, his backhand is worrying me, for real. Doesn’t seem to have that “clutchness” like he had at the start of 2017. Probably his start-2017 backhand would probably be the best backhand of his career. (And I have watched tennis since a long time) He actually seemed to lose a little bit his backhand since Wimbledon, yeah he was injured in the US Open and it’s series but his backhand didn’t also seem too convincing in the World Tour Finals last year. Let’s see.

  8. So therefor Chung,who has burst onto the scene like a blazing comment.Not sure how old he is but the acne suggests late teens.But the composure,the fearlessness.Perhaps only the very young can be so fearless.What I do
    think is that a semi between Fed and Chung would be amazing.I think Fed would have him because of the variety of
    his game and the God given ability to take the ball so early.Lets hope it happens.
    Love that comment to Courier,well if I had lost the tie break I was still good for another two sets.Be afraid Nadal,be very afraid.?

    1. Chung turns 22 in May, so he is still a youngster, but not a teenager. He is a big guy – 6’2″ and 192 lbs.

    2. Fed could beat Chung if he attacks his serve. Probably the only weak point right now in Chung’s game is his serve and maybe he has to improve a little bit on consistency.

  9. Well ,yes I haven’t even seen Karl Edmonds play!But it seems to me that all these very young players are overhyped.
    What about Tomic counting his millions ?

  10. Quietly coming thru but yes needs to up the ante now. This is deffo his trickiest match coming up, a fully fit, confident Tomas who will not want a repeat of LY’s beatdown. However Fed knows this, and alluded to it in his interview. Fed in 4 I think unless he decides this is the match to really take off.
    Really impressed by Chung, not only by his defensive skills but by his ability to conquer his nerves and stay calm. He was incredibly tight in 1st set but loosened up once he nabbed that TB. Credit to Novak for not retiring, and he did really fight altho clearly in some discomfort. Whither now tho? Elbow clearly still an issue.

    I imagine Fed will be at night again, he has to serve well, and play fast! No banana skins Plse!

    Btw, Allez Cilic….

  11. @Hartt,
    Goodness,I had not realised he was 6ft 2.A perfect hight for a tennis player and those legs,like tree trunks.Plenty of
    time to get that serve sorted and then ,well,they will all have to watch out!

  12. Go Roger! Advances, I think he can beat Berdych, so a SF is likely. Chung is impressing. Plays like Djokovic, beat Zverev and his idol. Sandgren is a surprise and Edmund too. If Roger and Rafa weren’t there, this tournament would have looked like a WTA tournament.

  13. Thanks for the write-up Jon. I was quite disappointed that he couldn’t play better in the first two sets. He really needs to step up against Berdych. I just heard he played Tomas four tunes in AO and won them all. I’m sure Berdych has been telling himself ‘I’m not losing another match to the old man again here’. TBH I’m not surprised if Fed loses here. I’d pick Berdych, Chung or Dimitrov to win this one.

  14. Amazing photos in this post, eh. I read an article once by a tennis photographer. They get to know a player so well, they knew when they are ready to serve, etc. The more they follow a player the better the photo that is created.

  15. Rafa just got a big english present from Dimitrov. I hoped he’ll give the match of his life against Rafa in the semis and then choke against Roger in the championship match. Well, he choked two matches too soon.

    Anyways, I have a feeling that Berdych will upset Roger and Rafa will go all the way to the title. Hopefully I’m completely wrong.

  16. Kyle EdmundsLOL.Not so much pseudo Fed now? No way was Dimitrov beating Nadal playing like that.What is the matter with the guy?A very dodgy Hawkeye call robbed him of a crucial point but his serve was terrible and unforced errors everywhere.Karl played very well,served well,great forehand ,deserved the win.So Nadals draw opens nicely just like the American Open.He is in the final for sure and with the extra days rest he is probably going to win.SO annoying ?

    1. I’m really surprised the bull still is not the favourite with the punters. He has a bye all the way to the final. I have a terrible feeling now for this AO and rest of the year. Surely the bull won’t stop until he breaks Roger’s slam records, whatever it takes. It’s not like the authority is going to catch him for anything anyway, why not go all the way.

    2. Dimitrov 2018 is horrible after that 5 setter against McDonald he didnt look good reach semis. I thought Cilic would fold like cheap tent against Nadal but he proved me wrong coming from 3-2 down in 2nd set. Hope he can sustain that good level of play.

  17. @Rui,wonderful!
    @Dippy,yes a pleasant surprise but I feel that Cilic will mug it up somehow.Very questionable the umpire saying sorry
    to Nadal because her overrule was wrong and he didn’t get the point!

      1. Yeah i feel for Cilic, he played so well in the 3rd set but poor errors in TB cost him the 3rd set. Now Cilic is up a break in the 4th, right on schedule mto for Nadal for his knee. Stay focus Marin!!!

      2. Yeah, he is clearly having issues. The draw opens up for Roger. This might be the easiest path to a GS we have seen in the last few years (even more than last year’s USO)

    1. Come on, people. No matter how much we dislike Nadal, he’s a person with a physical injury that prevents him from doing his job. At this point I think that he deserves some sympathy. I said this before and will repeat it: Nadal has a genuine passion for the game, although it’s a stressful one. He shows his suffering, be it for a loss or for a withdrawal. Point out his defects, speculate about doping, criticize on the tactical MTOs, and all that jazz. It’s irrelevant: he is injured and having the physical integrity compromised is the worst that can happen to a person, no matter how much one hates him.
      And yes, I think that if he were to reach the final against Fed, he would be beaten again, this time with no hickups. But that’s all abstract stuff now. Fed hasn’t even reached the SF yet.

  18. Guys, with Murray, Djokovic, Nadal, Stan, Raonic, Nishikori all injured and Dimitrov, Zverev not making any headway at GS level – where does that leave the state of mens tennis ! I think Roger will retire out of boredom.

  19. Poor Rafa. Not the way you want a match to end 🙁

    He has, though, secured himself No. 1 probably for the foreseeable future.

    1. Depends. If Roger wins it all, then he merely has to show up at one of the clay events as a guest appearance, pick up a couple of hundred points, and stay No.1 at least until Wimbledon. Even without winning AO, it’s possible but then he would have to risk Wimbledon. We want another Wimbledon!

      Winning a sixth Australian open puts achieving the No. 1 ranking in Roger’s control.

  20. Oh wow. What am I just witnessing? Rafa is out (injured), Cilic passes, Dimi is out, beaten by Edmund… I mean I’m not trying to overhype stuff but this is a perfect chance for Fed to win #20. Has to play better though. Look, this might sound crazy. If Rafa is like really injured and absent for a long time, Fed should maybe try to play Roland Garros…

    1. Stay calm Vik, let’s get this one first. No, let’s win the next match first. On the significant occasions when the draws opened in the past, the Maestro also wondered off.

      1. Including (several times) going AWOL as soon as Nadal got beaten. I think those days are over, mentally speaking, but he can still have a bad day and not progress further. Let’s not put the cart before the horse – one match at a time, remember?

      2. Yes of course. I am staying calm but I was pretty shocked. Lately ATP tournaments look like WTA ones. It’s just mostly the fact that Rafa was out.

      3. I’ve always dreamed of Fed accomplishing the feat to be the first man to win all slams at least twice. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if he could win a second French Open? 🙂

    2. Is Fed really that mean player, he must look for chances to win something by all the world being injured, ill, upset by drug addicts (I don’t mean Nadal, lik you for sure would). I hope, he’s still able win slams with own powers. Poor Fed, has bad luck to have such pathetic fans 🙁

      1. @PVR The question for you is why do you come to this blog? The people here do not insult one another.

      2. If you want to sarcastic and critical of fellow posters there are other forums for that.

        Please be respectful or take it elsewhere.

      3. ? If you are insulting, trolling, or just being sarcastic, I would suggest you go to another blog, since everyone to everyone is friendly here. Fed deserves to be where he is. If the others didn’t make it, they didn’t because of themselves. Let’s say that Fed goes to the final and plays Edmund who beat Cilic. Almost everyone will be starting to post hateful comments that Fed can only win when there are weak opponents. Well too bad that the others went out.
        I mean PRF, is a Thiem fan, maybe angry that Thiem lost to Sandgren? 🙂

      4. Who knows, if Fed needs opponents to be injured, ill or upset by drug addicts to win. What does Thiem need? 😆 As usual no real idea what you are on about though.

  21. Well unfortunately Nadal is rather like the boy who cried wolf.He has done it so often before that when he is genuinely injured some people tend to regard it with scepticism.
    Feel that Cilic played very well indeed, may go on to win the whole thing.His previous match was a tough battle with CBusta so solid preparation for Nadal.It looks like he has played himself into form as he was rather unimpressive in Basle.Kudos to him, if he had given up after that so close tiebreak Nadal would have been through to the semi in straights and as the injury only showed up in the fourth, probably uninjured.

    1. Yeah the fact he hung in there paid off big time, he could have lost in 4 sets easily. Rapier-like forehands , the surface perfect for his game really.

  22. Don’t like to see players injured even Nadal. Hope for a good match against T.B. as Thomas is playing well
    so C’mon Roger forget Cilic and be lucky x

    1. Yeah shame he pulled up lame. Took some of the gloss of the Cilic performance when it shouldn’t as he could have quite easily lost in straights but he really went for his shots. Still back Nadal in 5 if he’d been ok physically but would have been close. Cilic should have won that 3rd set breaker.

  23. Oh dear,I said we should be careful what we wished for.Sometimes it is better the devil you know.With Djokovic,Nadal and Delpo out now we are worrying about Fed melting down because Rafa is out or Berdych playing well or whatever.Perhaps Fed needs a tough five setter to get the competitive juices flowing.To me he has seemed rather flat,even a trifle dis-engaged this tournament.He knows how to win,lets trust him.

  24. Wow! I was thinking Roger will have to go through Djokovic and Nadal if he were to win the title this year. I don’t like that Korean guy. I don’t like him. I mean, I don’t like his playing style at all.

    Nadal finally plays a player inside the top 25 at a slam after how long? And suddenly he is injured?

    1. 15 matches it was.
      Chung has great defensive skills like Djoker, Seems a nice enough guy but not really someone I can imagine following with interest, but still early days.

  25. Well we will have to agree to disagree on that?
    Fed played Three five setters in the last AO,against Warwinka,Nishikori and Nadal .I think he needs and loves challenges.I think he said to Courier that he was happy with his body at present,I just think he needs the stimulus of
    other great players.The match tomorrow will tell us a lot.If Fed is up for it I think he will win the whole thing.Exciting

  26. First, my suggestion, lets ignore the troll, the more we give attention the happier he/she is as that’s what they craving for. Let he/she be the pathetic one that nobody care about.

    Nadal is injured (again) which for me is not really surprising considering his playing style. He can’t expect to win by outpower the opponent, not anymore when you are older.

    Injury happens, even for Roger that plays less brutal then Nadal, and for sure nobody wants it. But blaming the tour organizer for that? Seriously? I believe Nadal already on the exempt for mandatory atp tour since 2017 right? He should be able to manage his own schedule rather than complaining the tour organizer I think.

    I watch again last year match against Berdych, and it makes me more nervous. Especially knowing that Berdych plays well recently. Anyway where is Katyani 🙂 ?

    1. Hey sweet Amar ji, I am here at work worrying that my Berdy doesn’t play like a Tennis God on us 🙂

      I love you Berdy. Except for your family and a few fans from your own country…. I am LITERALLY the ONLY one who loves you 🙂 We have a deal Tomas…. Roger is a line you CANNOT and WILL NOT cross 🙂
      Go Roger…. Please don’t let this be another USO 2014…. BEL20VING….

  27. Shock injury really as Nadal was looking like he was in to fighting form. Wish him a recovery as soon as possible, as no one likes to see retirements in matches. He looked pretty dejected by any standard.

    If Roger wins this tournament he will be 155 points off Nadal in the rankings. With Nadal defending an Acapulco final appearance and Federer with Dubai on the horizon this could be the moment.

    One match at a time, though. Starting with a monster form Berdy, a player I’ve started to like a little more lately.

  28. Remember last year, after he won it all, we said you know, he was easing himself into it because of coming back from injury, but that ended up pacing himself really well to not peak too soon & save the best for last.

    I’m hoping it’s the same this year. Agree with what others have said about learning a lot from how he comes out against Tomas. Who obviously has something to say about it too 🙂 .

      1. Couldn’t really go down the sassy swearing route for a headline now could he ?
        Excellent & work great replies thank you!

  29. The first set will tell us everything.If Fed comes out firing on all cylinders he will get the job done.I think he will.

  30. Watching Kimchovic playing Tennys.

    I had a questions. What’s the different between a retirement and a loss? Anytime I tell some Nadal lost to Cilic, they immediately tell me he retired. Does a retirement not impact your H2H? And at the same time take credit away from your opponent?

    1. You are right,this will not count as a win for Cilic and spoils the moment for him.I have seen injured players hobble through the last few games in order to let the opponent have the win.Fed v Zzerev
      last year in Montreal for example.But not that guy.Good riddance to him and his horrible pink clothes.

      1. The pink clothes are very nice. I am strongly considering getting a set of them I retire from work and embrace a career as a drag queen.

    2. Well you know the difference as well as I do, but a retirement mid match DOES go down in the H2H record. A withdrawal does not.

      1. Ah! Thanks for clearing that up. Now I can tell those people who think Nadal retired and didn’t lose that it will impact his H2H.

      2. Nadal seems to panic when he gets an injury. Always plays it up with the press. Last year Fed was fighting a groin injury during AO. Did he tell the world? I’ve seen Fed unable to bend over but still finish a match.

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