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Federer Flops in World Tour Finals Opener

A losing start in London for Roger Federer as he suffered a 7-6(4), 6-3 defeat to seventh seed Kei Nishikori on Sunday evening.

It’s the first time the Swiss has lost his opening round-robin match in straight sets at the year-end finals and he went down in 87 minutes.

Racking up 34 unforced errors and failing to win a set against the Japanese for the first time in 10 meetings.

The six-time champion will meet Dominic Thiem on Tuesday evening in what is essentially a straight knock out tie.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Nishikori London 2018

Nishikori won the toss and elected to receive. A steady hold to 15 got Roger on the board for 1-0 before Kei held to love to level.

In game four Roger made some inroads, getting to deuce after two Nishikori double faults in the game but Kei held for 2-2. From there neither player was able to make any meaningful returns and the scoreboard ticked over to five games all.

Roger then held to 30 to guarantee himself a tie-break. That gave him some freedom on the return game and at 0-30 the door was ajar. A backhand down the line then landed just wide; that would have given him 0-40. From there Nishikori pulled off a ridiculous dig off Federer’s best return of the night to make 30 all. A code violation followed for ball abuse and Nishikori held to force the tiebreaker.

Into the breaker and a super tricky volley got Roger the opening point but he then missed a simple short ball at 1 all.

That allowed Nishikori to take charge, winning six points in a row to make 6-1 and converting his fourth set point to take the breaker 7-4.

A visibly pissed off Federer received a gift of a break to start set two but he was in no mood to accept the donation, dropping his own serve immediately for 1-1.

A joke forehand miss at deuce in game three was the last close return game of the match for the Swiss and from that point on his game tailed off even further. Losing serve in game six after double-faulting at thirty all.

Nishikori then held for 5-2 and comfortably served it out to fifteen to take it 6-3 to make a winning start in Group Lleyton Hewitt.

Match Stats

  Roger Federer Kei Nishikori
Aces 4 2
Double Faults 4 4
1st Serve 57% 52%
1st Serve Points Won 78% (25/32) 77% (28/36)
2nd Serve Points Won 54% (13/24) 62% (20/32)
Break Points Saved 0% (0/2) 50% (1/2)
Service Games Played 10 11
1st Serve Return Points Won 22% (8/36) 21% (7/32)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 37% (12/32) 45% (11/24)
Break Points Converted 50% (1/2) 100% (2/2)
Return Games Played 11 10
Winners 19 6
Unforced Errors 34 22
Net Points Won 82% (9/11) 62% (8/13)
Service Points Won 67% (38/56) 0% (48/68)
Return Points Won 29% (20/68) 32% (18/56)
Total Points Won 47% (58/124) 53% (66/124)


Thoughts on the Match

Fed Kei World Tour Finals 2018

I felt we both struggled throughout the first set I had my chances maybe a bit more than he did. Then I started to feel better in the second set. I think we both did. The level went up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the lead that I got early. That was important, I think, at the end. That was the key of the match, that sort of – I guess – a 10-minute swing at the end of the first throughout maybe 1-1 in the second.

A dreadful start here from the Fed-meister and one of his worst matches in recent memory and certainly his poorest at the World Tour Finals since his first appearance in 2002.

With the way Fed plays tennis post-prime, his game has always been punctuated with unforced errors as that’s how he needs to play but today they were sustained from start to finish.

In total, he committed 34 of them, and essentially 1 in every 3 points played resulted in an error from the Wilson Wand. He had no real timing from the baseline and his offensive game lacked precision. Any time he was able to get the short ball he couldn’t find the court.

Was he struggling with conditions? He said in press practice has been a bit all over the shop from Queen’s to the outside courts at the O2 and then on the main court, but whilst that’s not ideal it’s the same for all the players.

Rob Koenig also said at the start of the match on commentary that he watched his practice yesterday and it was horrendous. Revealing Fed wasn’t happy at all with how he was playing so read into that what you will.

I’m guessing a lack of acclimatisation to the main court did play a part, but not just for Roger as the first set was terrible from both sides.

The two of them looked all at sea on the return but it’s fair to say Roger had the better fist of things early on.

Those two points in game eleven—the backhand that just missed for 0-40 and Kei’s super dig to avoid two set points changed the course of that set and most likely the match.

Had he broken there then he probably rolls through the match in two, instead his return game flopped and Kei picked up his level.

Playing more on the front foot and with his serve under no real pressure he was able to play freely to get his first win against Roger since 2014.

Predictions vs. Thiem

Next up is a battle of the first match shitters so Roger will play Dominic Thiem. Anderson took care of the Austrian in straight sets and looked comfortable in his first ever World Tour Finals match and he’s got a very good chance to make the semi-finals.

Based on today’s performance I have no idea what to expect. Thiem is rather hopeless indoors, but then Roger’s performance means he goes into Wednesday with zero confidence. So it’s basically a test of who fancies sticking around in the knife crime capital of the UK for a bit longer.

What did you guys make of the match? Can Roger bounce back on Tuesday? Let me know in the comments.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. I’m convinced it goes back to missing MP in IW. Whatever happened there rattled him badly, & it seems like he’s struggled to regroup. Thought he was finally getting it back together in Paris, but today… not so much.

      Interesting to me that Djokovic had this whole existential crisis thing, & as he’s coming out of his, seems like it’s Roger’s turn.

      Roger hasn’t got as much time to play with though.

  1. Seems like his best and worst matches on recent months both against Kei…he talked about getting 3 loses on early presser hopefully he don’t end up with it…

  2. If Thiem can’t beat this Fed, he should go into another line of work. First time ever I actually stopped watching a match with Roger, it was just too ugly and I knew the match was unredeemable after the break back in the second set.

  3. Oh dear,
    Was not able to watch as was travelling,so just followed the scores.Rather glad that I didn’t see the match as it sounds awful.Dont see him beating Anderson if he plays like that,perhaps not even Thiem.?

  4. No one is going to like what I’m going to say. Daniel Nestor said as he aged, his play was inconsistent. Not injured and fit, he didn’t know if he would play like he can or like crap. I am afraid this is what is happening. Everything off for no reason at all.
    And yes, I love Roger all the more.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. Fed is a genius. If we’re approaching the end, I know he will do it with class and purpose. First, he needs to win 100.

    2. Several years ago Rod Laver said the same thing. He said when he was an older player he did not know what to expect. One day he could play like he did in his prime but perhaps the next, for no apparent reason, he could not find his game. There probably are several subtle reasons why an older player is so inconsistent, but it does come down to age. We have to understand that Roger will have days like yesterday, and that they could be more frequent.

      With this inconsistency I have no idea what to expect for his next match – he could be terrific or terrible.

      1. That is mostly down to not recovering as quickly. Does seem like Fed has not recovered as well between matches this season. But still 4 titles, what can you say.

      2. Good point Jonathan, we talk about how terrible he’s playing, but he’s tied for 2nd-most titles (with Djokovic, what a surprise, and behind Nadal, what a surprise – so if Novak wins this week he & Rafa would be tied for most titles for the year). According to Wiki (!), Roger has actually been to more finals this year than anyone else.

      3. Well – but not terrible either, at least by normal standards, which of course we have very little practice applying to him. AO & Rotterdam when he was still in full flow; Having more of a fight for Stuttgart & Basel. Same for IW, Halle, Cincinnati, where he was able to fight to but not through the final.

        I suppose it’s possible the 100 titles thing is really messing with his head. Remember when he said that at the end of RG 2009, when it looked like he was FInally going to get that slam, his legs could hardly hold him, he could hardly stand up?

  5. Fed should have picked the green outfit!
    (this is what happens when one listens to fans instead of taking advice from a Caribbean sorcerer who reads shells and snaps chickens’ heads)

  6. Sadlly it is one of the worst match I have ever seen Roger played. I don’ t know what to expect for the rest of the tournament. Probably not too much unfortunately.
    If his play is inconsitent because he is aging I suppose it is very difficult for Roger to know what he coud expect from himself and it
    will not help his confidence at all. I hope I am wrong and that he will be able to beat Thiem and if not play a lot better.

  7. Disgusting.
    The TB broke my spirit and the level was so bad that I just shut the stream. I had better things to do.
    I hope he will find some form, or else the next two matches might be ugly.

      1. Anything is better than watching Roger play like that.
        But I did have some urgent assignments and I was ready to sleep a couple of hours less to watch Roger. After the first set I realized it’s just not worth it.

    1. Dunno, his forehand is not that good though, No precision. Maybe he has changed his technique very slightly, not purposefully but just compensating or happened naturally. Which does happen, if you see Nadal’s forehand from his younger days, it is a far better shot technique wise, just changed over time subtely.

  8. Up an down. Now is down. Could be up in the next. – A few years ago he (nearly?) bagelled Murray, but the next match – not that excellent. Maybe starting about then…?
    So it is looking like a pattern, but still unpredictable. Might be an issue in hand (4 DF’s) – or another issue too?
    A big challenge anyway for him. Still 19 winners and 9/11 net points is a small encouragement? (Yes I know, too many ue’s – Didn’t watch the match though).
    Wellwell, we’ll see about next one.

  9. Incredibly poor from Federer. Is the ageing process starting to finally kick in and he is frustrated with his reduced speed, reflexes and subsequent timing? He was very tetchy on court, having barneys with the umpire for no apparent reason.

    Anyway, he has to be better against Thiem but you would have to say it’s a genuine 50/50 match, and neither has a realistic prospect of winning the tournament.

    1. Yeah he said he wasn’ annoyed but hitting the ball into the stands says otherwise. Looked mega pissed off, that shot that hit him in the head didn’t help either 😆

  10. Horrible. I kept changing channels because I couldn’t actually bear to watch it – and bear in mind this is the first opportunity I’ve had to watch Roger play live since Wimbledon 🙁 Mind you, I do remember that he’s struggled with the conditions at the O2 first match in before – but then he’s probably never been as short on confidence as at the moment, so that may make a difference.

    I had a horrible feeling when I originally said I wanted Kei to make the cut (for the good of the tournament) that I was going to end up regretting it. Mind you, from what I saw of Roger playing I’d guess that Thiem would be able to beat him – and they are on identical losing scores, which doesn’t help if it comes to a countback.

  11. What a horrible match. Roger should have just said he was crap and moved on. All this nonsense about not being able to hold on to the lead in the second set (as if he had anything to do with that break) sounds like he is looking for excuses. Hope that is not the case in private; hope he is doing all he can to figure this out behind the curtains. If this is all due to age, hope he can come to terms with it mentally, and try for one last push in ’19. I hate to see Federer like this. Hope he doesn’t begin to hate himself.

  12. No one likes to lose but to me he just never looked like winning,
    maybe he felt that from the start of the match because he just didn’t
    look glad to be out there. We all expect Roger to have all the answers
    because he’s very good with the self analysis, but maybe he just
    doesn’t know, this year to me he seems more nervous. Like all
    of you I hate to see Fed play like this and you are right Jonathan
    FLOP is a good description, but just like his spectacular play in the
    past this one left us just the same ….speechless! So C’mon Roger
    if you have to go out do it with a flourish x

  13. Fed is 37 and everyone needs to capture that number in their heads. I believe that Fed and wife Mirka are going to have a very deep and very emotional talk over the tennis winter break. I do think Roger will want to play if only to capture his 100th title. He may play AO 2019 but not play after that till grass court season. It isn’t easy to say but he is human and I do think his attitude is changing more then anything else and that tells me more about his need to frustrate himself through games like yesterday. I do hope to see Fed in 2019 but even less than last year. Even a little Fed is better than no Fed.

  14. Crappy match by both players, Roger was worse than Kei. Lets hope he can regroup from there. Its been a long time since he lost his opening RR match at WTF. Does anyone remember the last time this happen?

    1. Three times, according to that Blick article (funny that the Swiss press often gives him a hard time, but the minute the Brits do it …), so what was the other one?

      1. Simon in 2008. It was the only time Roger didn’t make it past the RR.
        Let’s hope 2018 isn’t the second…

  15. Well Feds play was a bit odd at the O2 last year,that inexplicable loss to Goffin,although that was the semis of course not
    first round!I have only been watching Fed and tennis in general for about six years so never saw him in his days of awesome supremacy,so have seen quite a few tournaments where his form has ebbed and flowed.It is hard to know what
    to say really.

  16. I know Gonzales beat Roger when it was the Masters, it must have been RR
    because I think Roger went on to win the tournament, but I’m not certain.
    Either Rog or Nalbandion won!

    1. Well. that is telling. Last year he had his back as an issue and never told anyone until awhile ago. Why would one cancel a practice if not injured in some way. As usual, we might never know.

  17. Oops – something wrong, I’m afraid. Hopefully it’s just momentarily…(but every time we fear it’s age or another long-run struggle – it may just be for the moment, that’s what I hope, and it is still a very possible possibility)

  18. The 20 minutes reported that Fed cancelled his Queen’s practice session. Visibly something is wrong to explain that shit-show?…

      1. I don’t think he’d be allowed to practise on the main court at the O2 on his day off, would he? I just don’t think you can fit it into the schedule – or at least not reliably. I don’t know where else in London has quality indoor courts -except perhaps for Wimbledon.

  19. Maybe Roger is injured after all and that could explain his poor form yesterday. Let’s wait and see what will happen tomorrow.

    1. This doesn’t necessarily indicate an injury.
      Accordinary of suisse/british press
      he struggles with the slow court saying it’s clearly slower than the 3 tournaments he played before.He needs to adapt this, the rest would be OK.
      Maybe the courts in Queens do not help him to fix this at all and he found another solution – hope I am right….on the other hand the Federer box did not look convincing at all yesterday…just like we have discussed it here in the blog already when something is wrong with Fed ..

  20. Like others we couldn’t watch and closed it down after the third game of the second set.
    He seems to have a problem with confidence and therefore with his line-painting strokes.
    He doesn’t give the impression of enjoying playing tennis or having fun on a tennis court. I think the Uniqlo deal hangs heavy on him, too much pressure to win.
    Bad news that he has cancelled today’s practice. Maybe he has gone to practice on a less public court?
    Thought his outfit was terrible, looked ugly even on Roger, a rare feat for an outfit.
    Loved Nishikori’s outfit, great colours together.

    1. Maybe, or he just though fuck it let’s have a day off 😀

      “Thought his outfit was terrible, looked ugly even on Roger, a rare feat for an outfit.
      Loved Nishikori’s outfit, great colours together.”

      No chance. Kei’s outfit was a horrible combination of colour blocking. Looks like it was put together from scraps off the cutting room floor.

      1. Or maybe he got another invitation to the Palace? (not the cinema kind).
        Antway I still think Nishikori’s outfit was stunning. Clothes made from scraps off the cutting room floor as just the thing, don’t you know?

      2. Agree, Jonathan, Kei’s outfit looked too multi-colored.
        Question….the British Press is not too kind on Roger, calling him “a grumpy, old man!”……your comment?

      3. Court slow? Spirit down? I agree that best therapy maybe to have a day off. Come fresh tomorrow, see what happens. Has had slow courts before, knows what to do. – Hope that’s the reason.

  21. As for outfits,Cilic looking very smart in grey and white playing Sascha at the moment.Neither playing very well in fact too
    boring to watch..

  22. Maybe this less emotional observation would be useful? I’m observing this since AO. Fed cannot move well and run much, which is obvious. Running is the first bigger problem with ageing and nobody can turn it back. I thought, he will invent something and he did, but the available spectrum is narrowing. Fed knows, since first shot after serve and not hitting a winner, he will be more and more in troubles with every next ball coming back.. It looks like he missed timing. It’s because he’s trying to finish the rally so early as possible, going for more and more risk. He can still do anything magic with his hands, but cannot make his legs quicker and more endurant. With every next shot he must play with higher risk, before he cannot reach the ball at all. Trying to hit winners (in any case, including return) so early as possible (while he would hit first some preparation shot back in the day) he cannot have perfect timing, being just in a hurry. If he must run left-right more than one time for a rally, he is in trouble. Can he make his serve better? Probably not – it’s big enough. I hope for him, he can still be happy with how he plays, because the real solution would be to turn the clock back. Fans should be happy to see him still playing and having some deep runs, always showing more or less of RF magic. And be happy with every win. Of a match, of a tournament. And don’t blame him for not playing just what you all expect to see. If he is no more happy with what he plays, he will … invent something else.
    IMO Thiem is not so hopeless on hard anymore. He was struggling in the first set vs. Anderson, not finding the right position on return. Since he decided to play more aggressive, he delivered the game, with which he could have won the second set. Both will fight “for life” tomorrow. Whatever happens, Thiem would be happy to have such an opportunity and we should have a good showing of last 2 one-handers in London.

    1. “Fed cannot move well and run much”

      True to an extent but he still moves great. The reason he has looked off the pace to me is his recovery between matches is not as good this season. One tough match and he’s slow in the next.

      1. It’s quite the same. Fed can skip every tournament to have more recovery time. But then he is maybe rusty. That’s the tough choice. And he cannot choose time for recovery during the tournament. Yes, he moves great. If he can dominate the game (Fognini or Nishikori in Paris). If recovery does not work well THIS SEASON (his first season at 37 years old), how can it work better 2019? I don’t know what’s the solution. If there is any, his team is great enough to know.
        Do you think, Fed is still not recovered from Djoker match in Paris? But he played only 2 short and easy matches plus one tough match against Djoker in Paris. If not W/O, it would be one more. Maybe should have skipped Paris, but last minute decided to try to win the 100. just there. In this age Fed is still able to change and adapt shots and tactics but not improve movement. It’s the first thing tennis player loses. Everyone. Including GOATs. Now if he could not recover well before Nishikori in London, how will he recover better before next match? Fed has still winning potential, but not on long distances I guess. You say “this season” – it’s not an accident at work, it’s one more year in the bones. What would be the workaround? Not for London. For next season/s.

      2. @Alison
        Seriously I don’t know. Think about Rotterdam. This was last minute decision and he needed wildcard to play there. It’s rather obvious, this was a shot for a new record and Federer declared this publicly.
        Now my question to you. If not to try to win the 100., do you seriously think, the reason was to watch Paris by night? Or to make his recovery before London difficult. That’s, what Jonathan seems to think. That Fed could not recover well after Djoker match in Paris. Either he needed time for recovery before London or try to win Paris. Paris is always crazy for many reasons and Fed could have calculated, it would be easier to win Paris than to win London. And this almost happened.
        I think, Federer is aware of the importance of scheduling and skipping some tournaments to have better chance to win another one.
        But I can imagine, Federer does not calculate anymore. Goes to play here and there simply because of wanting to play right now.
        I would like (and respect) if Federer decides to play long enough to let others (first of all the next generation/s to have a chance to play him and to defeat him. Just like he had the chance to outclass the last big generation before him. And you may recall him telling, he was thankful for this chance. This is the natural way of passing the “crown” to upcomers. Of course only my imagination. And yes – of course it’s serious. If I want to joke (no more here), I try to make it obvious, I’m joking.

      3. @Alison
        One of logical possibilities, of course. As I said, I don’t know. You don’t know. We only “think” and we cannot even ask somebody, who was right 😉 But according to Jonathan Fed had problems with recovery after every tough match so it would be not wise to go for Paris to have match practice and land tired and not able to recover before London. Everything only wild guesses.

      4. I’m not not saying he has no recovered from the Djoker match. I just mean in general this year, his recovery between matches hasn’t looked as good. And he has got a bit leggy. Not dramatically but happened vs Coric.

        Certainly not a problem vs Kei, he was just poor.

  23. Not really sure what to think, we’ll know better next match. Up and down season really, probably a successful one overall but these years happen. It probably feels worse because it came statistically after one of his best ever seasons in 2017, but as a whole it hasn’t been all that bad. Going to need to run the table from here on out though, not sure if he can.

  24. I thought Kei wld win. Fed played one decent match in us and he was winning the trophy here….. quite honestly he’ll be lucky to get out of the group.

    Reset, play free and he can do it

  25. What is quite amazing is that Joker seemed to be serving better than Isner!What a pity Karen wasn’t in there as an
    Alternate.Cant see Cilic or Sascha giving Joker the slightest problems in the round robin nor anyone on the other side either in the semis or final.Full Luton mode activated?

    1. Karen is not a big server, he is rather a big defensor. Karen had lots of luck in Paris. This will not repeat soon. Djoker serving better is just the key to his success this year. And it will stay so over next season or two. Take it as is. Djoker is on a new long winning streak and not many have chance to disturb him. Fed could do, but in his form from 2017.

  26. I’m glad I saw Roger in his golden years – and we did also have the Indian Summer of 2017 (or at least most of it). This year he’s been a shadow of that player – and he isn’t enjoying that, either. I haven’t been watching these matches. Roger is not in contention and I can’t be bothered with the Djokovic comeback and the rise of yet another servebot in Anderson. Tedious. Maybe Kachanov will open a new chapter in the game next year. I hope so. Roger needs a successor in other than his grinder rivals. It’s time they were supplanted, too.

    BTW, Jonathan, I like your comment that maybe Roger could go for a nice long hike in the Alps – a la Djokovic. Nice in-joke.

    1. Well,I missed the golden years but loved the Indian Summer and especially The Australian Open final
      (Although I didn’t watch that live either?)
      I agree that Djokovic dominating again is not an exciting or even interesting prospect.Yes he is very
      good I suppose but it is all too mechanical and machine like.Tennis desperately needs new faces so
      let us hope it happens next year.But it is not a terribly confident hope.

  27. STOP! Think:
    Fed’s been on the top of the sport for over 15 years in a row. Millions of fans writing millions of texts about this or the other aspect of his play or personal life. Endless talks about the goat/cow/rabbit status. Endless discussions about the meaning of the head-to-head against the nemesis, the quimera, the furies and the pegasii. Endless speculation about his next tournament “Looking to rise is nth trophy at PotatoeTown”. “Never went out on round N in Shanty Town Open”. The new outfit is awful. The new outfit is gorgeous. He’s growing a beard, he’s losing hair, his belly is showing. He hinted that something might not be fine with the wrist/knee/hip/hair. Launch of new Rolex model. Attend a party dinner at the Windsors, the Khans, the Medici and Julius Caesar. Not being able to walk on the street without the company of 600 kg of muscle wearing dark glasses and earpieces. Not being able to walk on the street anonymously without someone asking for a selfie, an autograph, a hug or a date. Practicing and playing in front of packed stands all the time. Not being able to dump quietly in the forest without a bear coming by and asking for a signed dung.
    The only thing that surprises me is that Roger has not had a mental meltdown yet.

    1. Yeah, I know what you’re saying BUT Fed does love the spotlight. Come to think of it…I would love a date in Shanty Town.

  28. Well yes,but such is the price of fame.There are compensations,the private jet so he doesn’t have to queue with the hoi-polloi,the fantastic house on lake Zurich that ensures his privacy and family life,Mirka flashing her rocks etc.Also Switzerland much more low key than many places.Wanda has posted her astonishment at the relaxed atmosphere at St
    JacobsHalle.And it is true,the Swiss tend to be undemonstrative and good at minding their own business.So not a bad place to live,plus the most spectacular scenery for all those Alpine hikes?

  29. Since Roger was so bad on Sunday, I am going to give him the benefit
    of doubt and say he probably knew that the interview with Jul Ben
    was on the cards and maybe it was a factor playing on his mind. Sad too
    that Benneteau will be remembered by many fans for this and not the
    lovely brand of tennis played. Hope we see another Roger tonight so
    C’mon Rog be good x

  30. Just watching Mr Anderson,I had quite forgotten about him?Looks in devestating form,poor Kei can’t get a serve in
    to save his life as well as looking like a Mondrian painting.Seriously needs a fashion makeover.

    1. What’s so big in Anderson (if not his 2m+), Kei has 39% of first serve in? Kei was not much better against Fed but Fed was even worse.
      If you take direct comparisons and only numbers, you don’t find truth. I have watched Anderson vs. Thiem match. Anderson was playing poor but Thiem could not find his game in first set (he is one of slowest starters on tour). After he found, it was only one missed ball in the tiebreaker. Now this is tennis: A beats B, B beats C and C beats A. No surprise 😉

  31. Anderson bagels Nishlkori.His movement around the court is excellent.Joker might have a fight on his hands after all if Fed doesn’t miraculously regain his form.

    1. Anderson was a nobody for most of his career. Then his game is transformed at 30, after he decided to work on his “fitness”. So now he cleans up another top-10 player – who he wouldn’t have got near a few years ago – for the loss of just one game. BS. This former one-dimensional journeyman, who hung around in the 40’s and 50’s for most of his career, is in danger of making it to the top of the game and winning the biggest titles. In his thirties. Yet another reason why I don’t believe anything anymore in professional sport.

      1. As easy as that. He was also error-prone, with poor court coverage. He’s cleaned that up, too – although it’s funny how it took him 12 years to do it.

      2. I would suggest he’s seen every kind of doctor. According to the commentators at the 2018 Wimbledon he decided, at 30, he was going to work on his “fitness”. Such a buzz-word that. What was he doing from 2003 (the year Roger won his first Wimbledon – think about it), when he came on the tour – smoking and sunning himself at the beach? This is a professional sportsman, for goodness sake.

      1. So he lives in Valbella now? I thought he had a house on Lake Zurich? Looks like a small village. Would take some time to get to a larger centre to fly out?

  32. Federer loses in straights then his victor wins 1 game (in 13 played) just 2 days later v a lower ranked player?
    Surely this has never happened before in Fed’s career? An opponent beating him who then gets absolutely annihilated in the very next match!
    What must Fed be thinking seeing that result?

    1. I doubt Nishikori has ever had such a bad loss. So what is Anderson on? It isn’t just a new training programme, a change of diet or a hike up a mountain.

      1. ZzzzZzzz oh yeah he must be doping to improve his game. Federer hadn’t won the AO in 7 years, he was a nobody on plexicushion, then he won out of nowhere. What was he on?!

      2. Well I have read that he trains incredibly hard(but don’t they all,has a sports psychologist
        To help with the choking,so why doesn’t Cilic get one?And has that lovely little dog who is obviously a great inspiration.Hold on ,hasn’t Joker got dogs too?Rogers been missing a trick here,instead of four children ,he should have had four dogs.But in ultra clean Switzerland that might not go down too well.?

      3. Federer didn’t come from nowhere in his thirties. Anderson has. His career has taken off in what used to be the retirement years for a player. “Tennis has a doping problem” – Richard Pound, former head of WADA. But it couldn’t be any of the top players, right?

  33. I saw the match.
    Poor Kei was completely out of order.
    His tangerine-maracuja-caramel-pistachio outfit didn’t bring him luck. Kevin easily won and won’t be tired for the next one – excellent on serve, return and Swift on legs.
    Do you confirm that if Anderson wins all of his 3 games (including against Fed) and if Fed wins against Thiem – just winning one of 3 matches, Fed would still have a chance to reach the semis as Nalbandian did in the Masters 2006 (qualified with just one win but with  a superior nb of sets won vs the 3rd player, ie Roddick) ? 

  34. I think people looking at Djoker need to realize I still think his style of grinding will cost him. When I see him do the splits I am amazed that his ankles haven’t given way by now. If Djoker plays all year next year the way he plays and wins even 2 GS I will be shocked, I won’t be watching but I will be shocked. I don’t wish anything terrible to any player but I will be surprised if eventually Djoker style doesn’t cost him. Elbow is one thing, I still think ankles and knees will come into play. If not he should have a giant S on his chest.

      1. Yeah, in contrast to Nadal who is bulkier, and has had way more problems with his body due to his style of play. I think Djokovic is a real threat to Roger’s GS tally.

    1. I must admit I agree somewhat.He is not quite as much Mr Bendy as he used to be but being very
      skinny perhaps helps a lot.He hasn’t a lot of competition at the moment but the endless demands of
      the tour will take its toll eventually,perhaps ?

  35. Am I correct in thinking that if Roger loses to Thiem tonight he is out of the tournament?I really don’t understand these terribly convoluted round robin rules.

      1. A little harsh ,methinks.I have a feeling Roger is going to play well tonight.I think he needs to forget about shopping and the bloody Middletons ,and just get on with it?

      2. I mean he won, but how would it be harsh? You’re given 3 matches to qualify top two and he would have lost 2. IMO that’s enough to be out. Now if he beats Kevin in three and Kai beats Thiem in two then Fed will be going home and you’d have a point, but even then, I mean Fed let himself down with losing in straights to Kai in the first match. Even if he runs the table I don’t think he deserves to qualify from what he’s shown.

    1. Time for speculation?
      Well “this” guy still is quite good on a click day. He obviously had an off day. Another day he’s dangerous, at least, esp for an off-day Roger. This and that. I’ll call it days, not guys. Both can change for some reason.

    2. Now ask yourself, how the fuck Roger in this form defeated Thiem, making errors on request. I cannot tell you the answer. You should know, why.

      1. This and that. Fed’s form was ok in Paris. Not there monday. Form is due to a bit change for some reason. Thiem had off-day this night maybe simple as that.

  36. WTF Fed wins easily 6-2,6-3 with 86% 1st serve points and 81% 2nd serve points won. I am starting to think the reason Fed is so great he has a twin brother whom he lets play on occasion to get rested. Is 2019 going to make us end in the looney bin?

    1. Yes but Thiems play was awful.Rather a carbon copy of the earlier match with Nishikori and Anderson.Hard to tell whether the winners are great or their opponents are useless.Have to reserve
      judgement,what a strange half of the draw this is.

    1. It’s not the first time Djoko is nice about Fed. And perhaps he’s honest. But I’m also completely sure he all-time tries to play a kind of a game. I wouldn’t take any of it in.

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