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Federer Fit to Play Davis Cup Final

Hey all, a bit late posting this but Roger’s announced that he’s playing in tomorrow’s Davis Cup singles match vs. Gael Monfils in Lille. It’s been quite a low key week in terms of genuine tennis news and other than a brief 20 minute practice session on Wednesday the Swiss Camp didn’t really reveal much until they announced the teams at 12.30 in Lille today.

I’m kind of surprised that Fed has decided to play but when you look at the team sheet of Lammer or Chiudinelli then their options are extremely thin on the ground. Looks like a gamble from where I’m sitting across the Channel but Fed has said that his back is much better and he feels optimistic about his chances.

It’s hard to say whether that’s just lip service or he genuinely is fit to play; I find it highly unlikely he can be anywhere near 100% considering he injured it less than a week ago and it prevented him from playing an important final. But he’s made the decision so we’ll just have to see how it goes; hopefully a straight sets win for both Swiss guys to give them some breathing space but judging by Stan’s penchant for 5 set matches and question marks over Federer’s back then we might be in for a long day.

If you’re planning on watching then Fed is the second match after Stan who takes on Tsonga. In terms of what Fed is up again then Monfils is a tough proposition. He’s pushed him significantly in their recent meetings; most recently at the US Open where he had 2 match points. He’s played well in front of his home crowd before too so Roger has to expect a tough test in what is arguably one of Monfils’ biggest matches in his entire career.


Friday (play starts at 1300 GMT):
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga v Stan Wawrinka
Gael Monfils v Roger Federer

Saturday (play starts at 1430 GMT):
Julien Benneteau/Richard Gasquet v Marco Chiudinelli/Michael Lammer

Sunday (play starts at 1200 GMT):
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga v Roger Federer
Gael Monfils v Stan Wawrinka

What do you guys think? Has Fed made the right choice or is he taking a gamble?


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    1. Wow Sorry Nambi… that’s a really close call, especially that we have the same time. I am finally on the board after a long time as I thought Eldrin might come in sneaky with a win.
      Anyway a really big call by Federer I hope he isokay aand pulls off the win. Also hope he’s got in enough healing time for his back as he definitely doesn’t want to ruin or further injury his back as the next season is just around the corner. As it starts all over again. I have a feeling if he can play like how he did this year and improve even more then he’s definitely got a good shot at number 18. Its been a long time coming and can’t wait already. πŸ™‚

      1. Ps. The Davis Cup has been soo un-important and crap over the past 10 or 15 years with the popularity of it so low that they need someone like Federer in the finals to maximise and boost the popularity of the whole competition. And its these commentators who are making a real big issue of it that Federer hasn’t won it, they keep forgetting that it’s a team event competition not a singles one. Whether Federer wins or loses they will be jumping on the band wagon of another tournament that Federers not won and keep banging on about it that he has to win it. Lol what a bunch of idiots and plant pots.

      2. Great point. The media truly care about this being the last title Roger hasn’t added to his career rather than the Swiss winning it. I doubt Roger cares if he wins it or not, it won’t complete his career or anything, it’s more about achieving something with his countrymen and representing Switzerland.

      3. Yeah Davis Cup is a tired format. Only because Fed is in final its had any sort of coverage. Needs a refresh. Play it less often or something like a World Cup.

  1. Based on video posted yesterday, it does seems bit of gamble….If he really feel fit then it should be good match…but considering what we seen, i don’t feel entirely comfortable about his match tomorrow….

    on separate note, you have to fix website to keep login longer Jonthan..I lost twice due to logging in time. πŸ™

  2. I’m slightly concerned about this but I guess we’ll see what happens. Also the French are truly mugs. Couldn’t they install temporary heaters so that the stadium wouldn’t be so cold? It wouldn’t surprise me if Roger plays in an Eskimo suit tomorrow, all to protect his back.

    1. Someone else had mentioned this I this Scooter, but a Swiss journalist reported that in the Stadium Pierre-Mauroy, which cost 282 million euros, they β€˜forgot’ to install central heating and it’s so cold that the organization has fixed 26 huge heaters to the headlights and will provide 20.000 blankets for the 27.000 spectators; but what happens to the 7,000 spectators without blankets I ask?! Mind-boggling incompetence. πŸ™ Still, they have at least got heaters. I guess Federer will be wearing a support vest as in Wimbledon 2012.

      1. 27000 bodies, hopefully it will warm up the stadium. I feel bad for the other 7000 people though, I guess they’ll be told to bring their own blankets…bad organization πŸ™

        Also I saw a tweet that said Roger may be Stan’s watching the match from the locker room because it’s so cold.

  3. He did say he wasn’t taking a huge risk and had confidence in his body, so maybe it was only a painful tweak which is now just a dull ache; he must know what he’s doing. I shall be keeping optimistic, but I have to say Monfils on a *very slow* (so Tsonga said) clay court is rather concerning. Let’s hope the clown takes to the court tomorrow! Like you said Jonathan, injuries are part of sport of course; they are used to playing through aches and niggles, so I guess we hope for the best. Federer continues to defy logic, reason, critics and fans alike, so I’ll be chewing my fingernails in front of the TV tomorrow as usual.

    1. To be honest, judging from last year, don’t think you can really trust what Roger says to the media about injuries, he will never reveal the full extent of what’s happening in that area and rightly so. Definitely hoping that Clownfils turns up…

      1. You’re right, Rog tends to keep his cards close to his chest and faces the press with a mix of hoinesty and optimism:

        ”I’ll give it a go. It’s been a difficult week, but I’m happy where I am today.

        β€œI’m not being negative. Sunday evening, Monday, I was more negative. I was wondering about the percentages of risk, but now I’m on the positive side.”

        ‘Clownfils’ – let’s hope so!

      2. Yes, I was just wondering how much credence to give to “It wasn’t all negative. I started to feel better as the match went on. That’s very encouraging” and “But that’s why it was good for me to play three sets today. It definitely gives us a lot of information. I would think that I’m going to get better as the weekend goes on.”

        I like his ambiguous answer when someone asked him about cortisone injections, but I really hope he *hasn’t* been taking any, because that would indicate that he’s definitely not match-fit.

  4. Well, I hope and pray that he’s made the correct decision, and that it doesn’t backfire on him – and particularly that he doesn’t get the back cold and injure it again – because nothing is worth the risk of long-term injury. Hopefully it *was* just a spasm of sorts. Of course, they can substitute him if they have to, right up until the start of the match.

    Hopp Suisse, then.

  5. Yeah I think skipping the WTF definitely made him prioritise Davis Cup above all so it’s not really a huge surprise IMO that he decided to play. But it just asks the question if this is going to make things worse for him, because as you said it’s unlikely the back is 100% and Fed himself has probably downplayed their chances of winning. But if he doesn’t go out there and try he will probably regret it later in his career. I think Fed will be far more relaxed in the match if Stan can beat Tsonga. Tough few days ahead but hoping the Swiss can pull it off and if not, I do hope Roger’s back isn’t further aggravated. If it is then training for next season is going to be interrupted and could halt him over the coming months. All the best to the Swiss!

  6. Its a tough situation for Roger, Swiss DC team needs him badly and his body is not cooperating. Doesn’t help with WTF controversies. He got a lot of flank from many parties on his decision to w.o, I think is the right decision but preferred if he didn’t play at semis against Stan if he knew his back was giving him problems. Again Roger kept thinking of the fans and people who paid to watch him play. All for the greater good and he gets crucified. If he says he is fit then I think he is. Hope the right Stan shows up and help reduce pressure on Roger. Hopp Suisse

  7. Ditto to what everyone is saying here. Roger is damned if he plays and damned if he doesn’t. Can’t believe what is being said about the stadium. Cold air and slow clay, what a horrible combo.

    All he can do is try his best under the circumstances. I don’t think his back is anywhere close to being ok.

    In twenty years, he’ll be glad he gave it a go.

  8. Nice surprise post about DC, thanks for keeping us fans well-informed.

    Doubt if Fed really cares DC for his CV but no question that he wants to get the cup for his country and teammates, especially for Seve who has been completely selfless and being Fed’s side all those years, not just as his coach but as a friend, porter, babysitter etc. I wondered if he had a life his own? Would be great if Fed can get the Captain into the limelight for a change as a national hero. So his decision to play despite the risk is understandable. Just hoping for the best. Hopp Suisse!

    1. “I wondered if he had a life of his own?”

      Hey Wanda…… lets “hope” that Seve doesn’t remember that he has or had a life of his own next to Roger πŸ™‚ I like him having around Roger. He brings good things and peace to Roger. But you are right. If Suisse win DC then I hope they put Seve in the limelight because he is the one that deserves it the most.

    2. Well, he’s certainly said time and again that he’s not that bothered on his own account, but would like to do it for his mates. Whether that’s entirely true, or whether he has revived his childhood dreams, I don’t know.

  9. Hey guys, lets not kid ourself into thinking “Clownfils” will or might show up today πŸ™‚
    Remember? Monfils will definitely play lights out tennis against an “injured” Roger.
    And ofcourse the French players have had more time to practise than Roger and Stan.
    But here hoping Roger could give it his all for 2 matches and here hoping that Stan beats Jo Willy πŸ™‚

    1. We can but hope Katyani! Surprisingly downbeat from you? I thought you were always being criticised for being overly optimistic, or have I got that wrong? That said, you’re right, this will be tough: all advantages with the French.

      1. Well actually Slamdunk….. I KNOW ROGER AND SUISSE WILL WIN DC πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        But I am also used to players playing the match of their life against Roger, so….
        Just hope his back is oke and that he won’t “damage” it for 2015, because in 2015….. mark my words Slamdunk, Roger will win MC and Rome, he will win AO, Wimby and USO and my God… even if it kills all the claycourts out there….. he will win RG πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Ps: Will you be watching today?

      2. Haha…that’s more like it Katyani! I’m just hoping he will skip the IPTL tour but knowing him (and unlike Nadal), I suspect he won’t want to let them down at this late stage.

        I’m recording the matches on Eurosport2 so I will definitely be watching it – I don’t think I’ve missed a single match of his for the last 6/7 years – total obsession! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the post.
    Well since Federer has decided to play his match against the clown then hoping he is actually fit.
    Let’s hope Stan can win against the Tsonga first. Very very important first match for Swiss for sure.
    I was expecting Stan to play first match. Fed has helped Swiss in quarters and semis to reach to the finals, now its time for Stan to secure this with two wins. I don’t expect Swiss to win doubles.

    All the best to Swiss team. Hope they secure the first two matches.

  11. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for the post. Well, looks like Fed really wants this one. But hope he is not having major back problem. I am worried as it is 5sets. I am sure French team is also under pressure to perform against the home crowd. The key here is the first match. Stan has to win or Swiss will lose for sure. The way Fed helped Swiss win the quarters and semis, now it’s time for Stan to give back.
    Looking forward to the finals. All the best Swiss team. May the force with you 

    1. Ditto on the 5 sets Phantom. We must hope that Le Monfils’ mind goes walkabout which can happen with him. At USO he kept up that intensity – he’ll feed off the crowd, but they could also be a distraction. Agree on importance of 1st match – sheesh, nerve-wracking for Stan, and for us, but let’s hope for some great matches.
      Hopp Schwiz!

    2. Quite agree. It’s Stan who’s been fairly unreliable during this campaign, so only fair if he has to do more of the work this time, I think. After all, DC is also about winning *through* to the final in the first place.

      1. Hey Alison, I agree. It was Roger who got the Suisse through the QF and SF, so…. now it is more up to Stan. But Stan is playing mighty impressive and so is Roger !!! He is getting better and better !!!

  12. Hey did you know every players including coaches in DC final all lives in Switzerland?!
    Hah, so Swiss vs Swiss then.

  13. Like the rest of you I hope Roger can win his matches in Lille, but think his health is the most important thing here. I honestly can’t see him being able to give it 100% and against Monfils he’ll probably need to. I hope Stan is up to it too. On paper he should be able to win but that doesn’t take his temperament into account and I really hope he doesn’t let the occasion get to him in a negative way, especially the noisy French crowd!

    Come on Roger! Come on Stan!

  14. Huge support for the Swiss in Lille. Think they got as loud a cheer as the French players – especially Roger and Stan.

      1. ya stan was impatient trying to end points quickly and Tsonga has calmed himself, on to 3rd set now

  15. Ooff. Just one set to go. I have to go out at 5.30 so won’t be able to watch all of Roger’s match. Will follow on iPhone though.

  16. i’m just following livescores, still at work, no tv πŸ™‚
    What , someone shouts cry baby cry in the crowd???!
    That was deliberately done to derail Stan…But he won’t be derailed, victory is near!!! I hope that buoys him up

  17. Anybody know of any streaming links in english? I got one for the Stan match but it was in French…would like to hear English commentary for Mr Fed

    1. Early start but obvious Fed is still inhabited by the back, not chasing balls and on the BH side he is not taking risks which was obvious when Monfils broke him on that last point. This match definitely isn’t in Roger’s favour if he doesn’t have full confidence in the back right now which seems to be the case.

  18. Not looking good for Roger at all. But I guess for the Swiss team he’s still a better bet than any of the other possibilities. Just hope he doesn’t do more damage to the back.

  19. Hard to watch Fed not compete at full level, clear back is hampering him a lot and it doesn’t help that Monfils screams Allez or finger wags on every point. Fed gotta keep holding serve to have any chance of staying in this. Clay is a tough surface on the body, this could hurt him for Sunday win/lose.

    1. I disagree. I think we’re reading too much into it. The back seems to be fine. Monfils is just playing better than him. His movement seems ok, his serve speed is normal. Nothing seems wrong. He might be at 90%, but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about in the long run.

      1. I think his movement is far from okay. Doesn’t have anything like the spring in his step he usually has.

      2. Nah he’s movement is way off, can tell especially when Monfils hits the corners. I mean he’s played better as the match has gone on but really don’t think Fed is playing at 90%, confidence is low.

      3. What I’m trying to say is that the back might be an issue today, or for the next week, but I don’t think that it’s as serious as last time. At least that’s what I think (hope πŸ˜› )

      4. Agree with Rita and Alysha here.
        Roger didn’t run at all to return difficult balls in the corners: no running forehands and no stretching to retrun sharp cross court back hands either, at least I didn’t notice them.
        He also looked a bit sad and resigned to me.

  20. The French player is an . I know it is competition but on every point does he have to have a finger wag. I guess his moment of glory. He has not had many. CLOWN. Sad for Roger that his back had to go at this time.

    1. Yeah, Clown is one player I can’t stand. Employs gamesmanship every time he’s down, celebrates like a hooligan after every point. It’s disgusting.

  21. Wasn’t an awful match from Roger but he was compromised and hadn’t practiced on the surface to get a feel for it. Judging from Stan’s match, Tsonga will be an easier opponent but then again who really knows because we all know how Fed/Jo matches turn out most times. Doubles win will be absolutely crucial here, can’t really trust either Fed or Stan have the singles on sunday, hoping for the best. Also how annoying was Monfils today? awful conduct.

  22. So?? No Clownfils today huh?? Yep, playing in the zone and the match of his life against Roger. But Monfils did deserve the win, eventhough the way he acts after EVERY point is discusting. And eventhough Roger tried and tried, even I can see that he has a bit of a backproblem. When he won the rally in the 3rd set 3-3 I think 40-40, he turned around very quickly like he did last year in Gstaad I think when he couldn’t move properly…

    So now what?? France will win the doubles tomorrow and then it is up to Roger and Stan……

    Man….. did he have to have backproblems right now?? I feel so bad for Roger, Stan and Seve.

    1. I think there’s a possibility Stan or even Stan and Roger play the doubles. And Fed said in an interview if that’s what he’s team needs from him, he will do it regardless of the back.

  23. Oh by the way…kudos and really kudos to Stan. If Mirka did say that (looks like she did), then take that Mirka !!! Stan the Man saved the day. BUT…. he played incredible. Really, when he is in this kind of playing mood, he really is unbeatable. So Stan…. good job dude πŸ™‚

    I do hope Roger and Stan won’t play the doubles. Because if they do and lose (or win) they might be too tired for Sunday.

    And now I kind of understand why Roger “had to” or wanted to play today…. Who was the other choice to play against Monfils?? Chuidinelli who is nr 212 or Lammer who is nr 508?? Maybe this was why he felt he needed to play Friday??? And all the France players are in the top 50….

    1. If Feds has not been injured, I think Luthi would have put them to play doubles as well. That’s why he was trying to get Federer to miss a tournament (Paris) before WTF. In hindsight, that might have been a good idea of course!

    2. Why do keep talking about Mirka ? How is she even invloved here? Without her I am sure Roger wouldn’t have been so successful and so you should probably think of what you are saying.

      1. Hey Ajay, like it or not, Mirka was involved. Atleast the press is hammering on that. Besides even if she did say it, she has been almost 15 years handeling herself very perfect sitting in Roger’s box. So I personally don’t mind that she crewed up once. I mean compared to the Great Uncle Toni and Judy Murray… I mean come on.

        And like I have commented before. We all Fedfans OWE Mirka big and big time. If she would say, Roger, you did it all, now it is familytime, then he would have no other choice then to stop playing. So me, I was and always will be also Mirka’s fan. She is very protective of Roger and she NEEDS to be that too and yes…. she is also human and has her bad moments….

    3. Well, if you’re going to lose, might as well play Chiudi or Lammer.

      I did think dropping Basle or Bercy might have been a good idea, but we’ve no guarantee that it would have made any difference to the back situation even if he had.

    4. WTF was critical for Stan to get ready for DC. Beaming with confidence from that Federer match despite the outcome.

  24. “Federer fit to play David Cup Final” – you missed the “50%”

    Where’s that Sid the Joker face bloke, probably still busy sucking Warwrinka’s dick.

    1. No, no – you’ve got the wrong end of the stick (as I did!) on Sid. He was just stirring the pot and trying to pi** people off – clearly his MO.

      Agree on Feds: 50% just said the same thing myself, so snap.

      1. I know that Ajay, but Sid does like to wind people up – and he’s clearly succeeded with this guy. He rolled me over too! Totally bought it. Go the measure of him now – possibly πŸ˜‰

  25. First, congratulations to Stan – real power hitting and Jo had no answer for the most part. Lost his serve a bit in 2nd set and Jo grabbed his chance; after that it was all Stan.
    Dear Feds, he gave it a go, but there was no power in those shots (esp. backhand); they were mostly landing short, so perfect for Monfils to take a crack at it. Monfils was serving well (9 aces or something in 1st set) so it was no surprise he rolled over Federer playing at 50% capacity I would say. Federer’s movement was also compromised. He did well, all things considered; after all, he’d had no real practice. Don’t know why Monfils was wagging his finger like an asshole on almost every point he won: he’s had two weeks practice, plenty of rest, and is fresh. Let’s see how he does against Stan: I suspect the tables might be turned.

    And what about Mats Wilander – a man so jealous of what Federer has achieved, and who doesn’t miss a chance to crow when Federer loses (+ a gushing Nadal fan). In answer to the question “How much of that loss was due to Roger’s back?”, “None.” F***ing BS! What a tosser. πŸ™

    1. Hey Slamdunk, Mats is kind of fair. He does say things about other players too. When it comes to Roger… well, he does try to stay fair. I do like him, he is honest. BUT when he answered that question about Roger’s back having an influence and he said no… I thought…. dude… did we just watch the same match?? Really Mats???

      1. Have to disagree Katyani – fair on some players, but from the bits I’ve heard, he doesn’t miss a chance to have a dig a Federer.

      2. Hey Slamdunk, honestly…. aren’t they almost all jealous of Roger??? (Except Rod Laver). They all take a dig at Roger. I mean they all worked soooooo hard to win 6 or 7 GS and Roger wins around 10 GS more and makes it also seem easy.

        Remember JMac’s comment that basically says it all??? “Thanks for makes us look so ordinairy” πŸ™‚

      1. There’s a certain other player, sometimes mentioned here, who only loses when he is injured – and never misses an opportunity to remind everyone of his various ailments (and treatments, of course.) Would you all prefer Wilander to lay the injury excuse on Roger? I doubt whether Roger would want that.

        (I also recall Wilander once saying that he would “love to play like Roger for one day – just to see what it felt like”. Coming from a multiple grand slam champion, that sounds more like admiration than envy to me.)

    2. Well, the stats (which is all I’ve got to go on) did suggest that Monf was playing well. He certainly hit a lot of winners, although how many would have been winners if Roger had been 100% might be debatable.

    3. Do agree about Wilander but in the end Roger decided to step out on to court which means he deemed his level acceptable to play La Monf so no excuses from a purely objective side.

      1. Agree Alison and Alysha, Monfils played damn good (unfortunately) and deserved to win. But I don’t believe that a truely fit Roger would not have won atleast one set against him…..

  26. Ps: Loved a comment Stan made after he won. He said France was sooo busy beeing worried about Roger, they did not give a thought about Stan. And that he really played great today and that there IS a reason why he is nr 4 in the world. You go Stan πŸ™‚

    1. I think he’s right. This afternoon I was thinking, wouldn’t it be poetic justice if the French had been so busy concentrating on neutralising (a now injured-ish) Fed that they hadn’t realised they were playing into Stan’s hands by choosing a surface he’s supposed to be good on, and lost as a result?

      Don’t get me wrong, I generally like the French players, but I really don’t approve of DC teams selecting surfaces on the basis of trying to undermine their opponents: I think they should do it to play to their own strengths. OTOH, they *were* facing Fed, so I think I’ll cut them a bit of slack πŸ™‚

      1. Hey Alison, what I don’t get is why don’t the powers to be randomly choose the surface for the final (and all the other rounds) and then it is up to both countries to make sure they deal with it. Like they select the draw for each tour randomly, why not do it also for DC-surfaces??
        So it is the responsibility of each country to make sure that they are prepared the best possible way….

  27. It’s the best day we could’ve hoped for, I’m thrilled, maybe Roger’s condition will improve slightly for Sunday but this doubles rubber is now vital. I’d play Stan and Marco if I was Captian LΓΌthi. Thing is Tsonga is the kind of player Roger can beat on one leg so I have a feeling Clement might throw a curveball and stick Simon in. It’s what I’d do… Here’s hoping that won’t happen!
    How annoying was Monfils though yelling at every point he won, like he was playing Rog at full fitness?! Clown.

    1. Are you allowed to mix your singles players up like that? I thought you had to keep the same ones unless injury or illness prevent, or it’s a dead rubber? Or am I years out of date?

      If you are, then I’d have been fascinated to know what would have happened if Seve had gone with my theory of sacrificing the 2nd singles rubber, playing Fed in the doubles, maybe with Chiudinelli, as first match back to give him a warm-up and perhaps not stretch him too far (and play to his strengths, if you can volley properly on such slow clay), and then have it all decided on the Sunday πŸ™‚

      1. Yep you can, the Serbs did it to win the cup in 2010 by shoving Troicki in for the last rubber against Llodra. Personally I’m conscious about burning Stan out… GAH so many decisions! Who’d be a DC captain?

    2. [Tsonga is the kind of player Roger can beat on one leg]

      Not really. Tsonga is 5-11 vs Roger. They have split their last four meetings. Tsonga won their last one. And have you forgotten Paris 2013?

      Now Roddick is someone Roger could beat on one leg πŸ™‚

    3. Tsonga/Fed rivalry is quite close, if Fed can’t serve well on Sunday and defend on the BH side, Jo will probably get the win.

    4. My bad, I should’ve added because Tsonga can really lack a tennis brain at times… watching the match at this year’s AO I wonder how on earth Roger could’ve lost even one match to him! When Tsonga is actually dialled in he is dangerous for sure

  28. It is so obvious that Feds movement was compromised today. No way would he not win even a set against this french player. This french player as per usual behaving like a hooligan. As I said in a previous post – his miniature moment of glory. Anything can happen in the doubles match and other singles rubber so all is not lost yet.

    Sid I enjoy reading your comments. We know and appreciate you as a Fed Fan.

  29. So from what it seems, Roger’s back spasm must have passed but there’s still a twinge of fear from Fed to play on the injury which is fair enough. I think Monfils played a very good match regardless of Roger’s level and deserved the win but it’s really disappointing to see his behaviour, the lack of respect is pathetic. Don’t really think Fed will be in full flight at all and the Swiss’ only chance is getting the dubs and Stan’s singles clash with the clown.

    1. Yeah he was way OTT. It was like someone told him this is Davis Cup, you have to fist pump every point otherwise fans will think you are not proud of being French.

  30. I decided not to watch the match. I don’t particularly like clay and all the noise. I didn’t want to watch Monfils in all his clown glory.
    Agree with you Alysha. Wondering who will play doubles now?

  31. Cheer up guys, I stil think Marco should play with Lammer. Them leave it up to Fed to see if he can stage a comeback on Sunday.
    If that doesn’t work, there may b another opportunity but all hope is not lost till the last match ON Sunday.

      1. Yup. I think with a 2-0 lead on Day 1, they may have let them play. I doubt even that would’ve been the case. With 1-1, Fed and Stan playing doubles was a no-brainer.

  32. I wouldn’t like to be in Sev’s shoes having to choose who plays doubles today. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do myself.

  33. So Roger pretty much gave himself away in the interview, Fedrinka to play the dubs then! Wow risky is an understatement here, make or break match really for the Swiss. Poor Luthi, wouldn’t wanna be that guy over the past few days. If they lose today, will probably take a Christmas miracle for the Swiss to pull it off and not to mention aggravate Fed’s back more. Anyway whatever happens, happens, C’mon you Swiss boys, bring it home!

  34. 2-0 for the Swiss. Going very well indeed. I’m happy to see Roger seems to be moving well too. A lot more fluid than yesterday.

  35. I think Roger might have got a cortisone shot for his back. Doubles are exciting. Can’t figure out why people don’t think this is important for the Swiss.
    Jonathan….hope you do a post about DC?

  36. Not a Davis Cup fan, but I loved that doubles match. If Roger and Stan were a full time doubles team, dare I say, they would’ve rivaled the Bryan Bros. πŸ™‚

    Alright then, let’s hope we pick up a match tomorrow.

    Anyone see those three volleys by Stan with Roger serving for the match? Killed any possible in cold blood πŸ™‚

    1. Sid did you know the Bryan Bros coach David Macpherson was part of the coaching staff for the doubles tie?

      And yes my oh my, that volley Stan placed in the first point of the game when Roger was serving for it was absolutely flawless, he killed it today!

    2. Yeah bringing in that Macpheson guy was a smart move. I thought Fed and Stan were right on it from the word go, their movement at the net and tactics worked a treat. Mixed it up loads on serve to win lots of cheap points.

      Stans volleys in the final game were spot on, hit some crazy angles. Hopp suisse!

  37. Wow what a wonderful match that was, truly enjoyed it, Fedrinka made a great tactical team and communicated much better than the French. I think Stan took control of that match and it was great to see, he’s so full of confidence right now and it’s so fun to see that in play, showing why he’s a slam winner. I thought Gasquet let Benny down there, but no matter the partner, the Swiss were just unstoppable today, gotta give it to Luthi and Fedrinka, totally dedicated to the cause, hope it has paid off.

    Whilst this was a crucial match, Fed and Stan now playing 3 days in a row, Fed will still be vulnerable in the singles match. This match really must’ve helped Roger get used to the clay, shake off the rust, thought his movement improved immensely and his body language was positive. Tsonga/Fed is gonna be a tight match, can’t call that because form is still unknown for both players but I think there’s a good chance it might come down to Monfils and Wawrinka. Either way, I think the Swiss pulled of a phenomenal effort to get their nose in the lead and put themselves in a great position to take out Davis Cup. Allez.

    1. Gasquet definitely the weak link: just confirmed what we all knew, he’s just one big choker!

      Great post Alysha. πŸ™‚

      1. Ta! And yes Gasquet was hopeless out there, not sure why the French didn’t put Roger-Vasselin with Benneteau, seeing as they kind of won Roland Garros this year?

      2. Perhaps they knew Tsonga was carrying an injury pre tournament, so putting ERV in was a risk as then they are way short in singles if Jo couldn’t play. Benneteau sucks on clay and ERV vs Fed or Stan doesn’t look like a great matchup on paper.

      1. Me too Rita, much, much happier. It would be such a wonderful way to finish off a great year for both Federer and Stan.

      2. Agree slamdunk, debunking the idiotic rumours that have been swirling thanks to John McEnroe’s big mouth

  38. Great match today – fantastic from both – power shots from Stan (and on serving); great serving + finesse from Feds – peRFect match-up, AND they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Have to say this was a great decision from Seve; they also had Bryan brothers coach MacPherson to give them a few pointers apparently – very smart! 2-1, this sets them up in an advantageous position for tomorrow. Feds was looking so much better, some v. sharp volleying from him and from Stan. Very enjoyable and entertaining (esp. for us and the Swiss fans). Happy Saturday!

    I reckon Federer will take it to Jo – different match, different Feds. So happy to see the back holding up: he didn’t appear to have the vest on today?

    What a difference a day makes! πŸ™‚

  39. If I were the French DC coach, I would have played Monfils and Simon in singles. Benneteau and Rojer-Vaselin in doubles. Then if Monfils or Simon were unable to play singles, Benneteau could take over.
    Rumor has it that Tsonga has a wrist injury. Who will play Sunday?

    1. Something seems very off about Jo, even whilst being a spectator, no emotional connectivity with his fellow team-mates, seems disengaged with what’s going on around him. Do you think the French bench him for the match with Roger? All I know is that Tsonga was supposed to play the doubles apparently with Gasquet but pulled out 5 minutes before the announcement. French lacking organisation big time. It would appear focusing too much on Fed backfired on them.

  40. Mighty impressive! Fedrinka played really well, Roger’s poaching in particular. The Swiss is ahead and will need just a single rubber.
    Allez Roger for the Swiss!

  41. It would be so amazing if Roger can do the business against Tsonga tomorrow, whether the latter is carrying an injury or not. I for one would be extremely nervous if it comes down to Wawrinka v Monfils. Of course Stan can beat him but Monfils can be such an asshole that he might wind Stan up. WARNING: this match not for the faint-hearted as there will be far more than just tennis being played… anyways, this match will almost certainly not happen if our Roger can get that much-desired victory. And not just victory for the Swiss in their first-ever Davis Cup title but a victory for Mr Federer against enormous challenge and adversity that will truly copper-fasten his glittering career. About 3pm GMT tomorrow we will probably all have the answer to that!

  42. Hey guys, I said that I don’t want Roger and Stan to play doubles (win or lose) because maybe they would be too tired for Sunday, but boy was I and GLAD TOO be wrong πŸ™‚ I was just at home in time to watch the match. 1st set both Roger and Stan were not that good, still won it. 2nd set Roger got better and in the 3rd set BOTH got better and better. Roger won his games so fast, even a couple of aces and Stan…wow…. just wow….Some of his points… Luckily Gasquet disappeared and took Benny with him πŸ™‚

    I actually don’t think Stan’s match will be the decider. Yesterday I was very worried for Roger, but seeing him play the dubs?? With his playing getting better, hopefully also his back, and with ALL the confidence winning the dubs gave him… I think Roger will win his match. And… I don’t think Jo Willy will play. I think the French coach will make Simon play. But whoever plays… Roger will beat him. The Swiss crowd will help him too (payback for the Monfils match).

    Wouldn’t it be justice if it was Roger who was the last one to get Switzerland the title?? Did you guys know that this is the last title Roger needs to have and then he will have it all??? Come on Roger, believing in you that you can do it and will help Suisse win the DC. And after that… please cancel ITPL exho’s and even the one with Stan and rest your body and back….

    1. Ps: Best thing about the doubles match has to be “the Roger and Stan bromance” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      They really get along very well and are friends. Even had the time to laugh a couple of times in between πŸ™‚ During the match they were there for each other and that showed. Stepping forward to win the title together. And kudos and really respect about the way Stan has been there for Roger now that Roger is kind of struggling. Happy to see WTF didn’t come in between them. Go Stan and go Roger πŸ™‚

  43. Guys,
    To be honest. Since the first day of this final chapter of DC, it was all about Wawrinka, and Stand was the MAN for Switzerland!
    Yes, Roger played good in the double, but it was Stan who really lifted his game and now Swiss is one match away to win DC for the first time

    1. I don’t entirely agree with your comment.
      To me Roger was the stronghold of the Swiss team.
      GAsquet and Benneteau never had a look at Roger’s service games, couldn’t fashion one single breakpoint when Roger was serving. He was rock solid.
      It was not the same when Wawrinka was at serve. In the second set Gasquet and Benneteau had 5 break-points on Wawrinka’s serve. They just didn’t take advantage of it. In particularly Gasquet was underperforming.

      1. thanks for passing by wilfried.
        Roger played solid game, no doubt but what was impressive is the way Stan played the entire tournament so far, including yesterday dub match. He was the MAN!
        I can’t agree with you more in regards to Roger serve and the week side in France team

    2. I see what you’re saying but I think it was more about Stan’s leadership yesterday because of the level in his game over the past two matches he’s played. Fed and him worked as equals to cement their win, and as Wilfried said, took advantage of Gasquet being the weak link. Doesn’t really matter if Fed or Stan get the win today, truth be told this was always about Federer adding Davis Cup to the resume but Stan really stepped up when the Swiss’ hopes were in doubt, true champ.

      1. Fair comment Alysha, and I agree with most of it, especially this part “always about Federer adding Davis Cup to the resume” πŸ˜‰

    3. It was a combination of both guys playing well in the doubles, I don’t think one was better than the other. Fed served well and covered the net brilliantly. Stans raw power set up a lot of cheap points for them both and Stan also moved really well especially from the baseline to the forecourt. It was a tactically sound match.

  44. Apparently Gasquet is stepping in for Tsonga. Weird choice, why not sub in Simon who probably could cause a lot more damage than Ricky.

    1. So Karen has said that Simon isn’t on the team which makes sense as to why they can’t call upon him. It baffles me because if Tongs is indeed injured, what was the coach thinking of even putting him on the team then, I don’t think he got injured in the Wawrinka match did he? Well in that case, Benneteau would probably be the better choice but we’ll see what happens. Either way if Fed is feeling more accustomed to the conditions and has loosened the back after yday, he will have the edge regardless.

      1. Its supper chance for Fed playing Gasquet, I think Roger will have his dream comes true today πŸ™‚
        I am not jinxing, don’t worry guys πŸ™‚

      2. It is a bit puzzling that Jo was put in the team if he was carrying an injury, but perhaps he felt OK initially; he is such a character and (like Monfils) great at getting the crowd on his side and using it to gain momentum, so perhaps they decided to take a chance. Must have had some problems in practice; hence Gasquet coming in at last minute.

        Federer looked great yesterday: playing freely, excellent movement, sharp volleying; he and Stan so together and having a chuckle or two.

        Got to feel Feds is favourite against Gasquet – hope he can take the excitement of the doubles through to singles. Ditto for Stan: go put Monfils back in the box!

  45. The fate of the Swiss team depends at this point on Roger Federer’s performance, because he plays first.
    If Roger loses his match, Wawrinka will have to win his one against Monfils under a lot of pressure.
    I don’t see Stan win against Gael Monfils in case Roger loses his match.
    In the opposite case, when Roger wins his next match (which I think will be the case), I give Stan a decent chance to win his match as well (as the pressure is already off the kettle).
    My two cents…

  46. So it looks like Roger is playing Richard Gasquet. Let’s hope Gasquet isn’t on a mission to make up for yesterday’s poor showing. I think provided Roger is as fit as he was yesterday he can win this anyway.

  47. Now that federer has won dc, it will be interesting to see what the commies are going to talk about now!!!??? These commies are all unbelievable! ! Lol

    1. No matter what the media says, this was a win for Switzerland, not Roger. Fed just said in the interview, that DC is not an individual achievement. And Mats Wilander and co already talking about how Fed hasn’t won the gold singles medal. People will always find something to hate when it comes to Fed, the fact that Roger loves the game so much and has achieved so much and continues to do so in his career makes anything else irrelevant.

      1. If Roger is measured by his achievements – which is what the GOAT debate comes down to – then a necessary part of the discussion will be what is still missing from his resume. That isn’t “hating”. The Davis Cup win is one for the team – and I respect Roger for saying that – but it is also a great achievement for him.

      2. Ha ha ha… already they are moving to another title that doesn’t mean much. Like you said Alysha the Olympic gold in singles. Unbelievable. Mats Wilanders and co are just secretly hoping for Nadal to juice up and come back in the 2015 season andclean up with all the titles and then pretend that he had no injury at all. What a joke these commies aere especially J Mac the biggest clown of them all.

  48. there is a reason why there is only one Major Open cup that is plated in Gold.. the man who owns the most of that is the greatest of all time..

    unfortunate for β€˜mac n cheese’ who has only H2H and Olympic gold to dwell on to dispute who is the real G.O.A.T..

    1. Agree. Wimbledon is the toughest tournament to win. And guess what? The GOAD has lost in Round 2, 1, and 4 respectively over the last three years. That is more than enough to get Nadal out o the GOAT discussion.

      1. but he still managed to get into the final 5 straight years πŸ˜‰ – except 2010 where he didn’t play. This is something impressive for a guy who is pro Clay, isn’t it πŸ™‚

  49. Hey guys, some quick points from me:

    1) Although you guys won’t agree with it. Massive and massive respect for Gasquet. He was there. Knowing that Roger would beat him. Still fought absolutely till the very last point. Like the commie said take a bow Richard. That is what I love about players like Ferrer, Gasquet, Berdych, etc. They know 99% for sure that they will lose against some players, but there they are… willing to fight, not giving up.

    2) How nice was it to see Monfils quiet?? πŸ™‚ Don’t worry Monf, you played absolutely amazing against Roger. But lets see how you do when Roger’s back is not hurting so much.

    3) Great and very wise decision of Seve to put Roger & Stan for doubles. I knew Stan didn’t even have to play today. NO WAY Roger was going to lose today. No matter what and no matter to whom.

    4) Against Serbia, Kazackstan and Italy Roger was the Man and got Switzerland to the final. But in the Final against France Stan was really the Man and got Roger through.

    5) Best moment that happened in the final: French coach going at it against the umpire and Seve looking at him like “what are you doing dude” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    And yes…. Suisse won the DC πŸ™‚ Congrats to us all and Go Roger πŸ™‚
    And ofcourse Stan, Seve, Marco and Michael.

    Bring on 2015 πŸ™‚

    1. Ps: I already feel sorry for Muzza. Knowing the press, now he will be the target for them: “When will you win DC??” πŸ™‚

    2. “2) How nice was it to see Monfils quiet?? πŸ™‚ Don’t worry Monf, you played absolutely amazing against Roger. But lets see how you do when Roger’s back is not hurting so much.”

      I so the entire match, I don’t think Roger’s back was hurting him during that match, he moved very freely for me. it was just an impressive display from Monf, nothing else πŸ™‚

  50. Great stuff! Well done team Suisse. Only downside is I’d have liked to see Stan play Monfils, but there is a price to pay for everything. I’m happy.

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