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Federer Fights Past Kyrgios To Make Miami Open Final

The Fed Express keeps on rolling as the GOAT moves into the Miami Open final with a 7-6 (11/9), 6-7 (11/9), 7-6 (7/5) win over Nick Kyrgios in three hours and nine minutes to setup Fedal XXXVII in Sundays showpiece.

The win sees Roger chalk up his 18th win of the season and he continues to defy both critics and father time in his best start to a year since 2006.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Miami Open 2017 SF

Kyrgios won the toss and elected to receive. Roger held to 15 and then created his first break point of the set. Kyrgios held, but he soon had to fight off two more break points to level for 2-2.

Roger had been doing all the early running, but in game seven he was broken totally against the run of play, starting off the game with a missed drop shot. Kyrgios consolidated for 5-3, but he couldn't serve it out, double faulting on break point as Roger leveled for 5-5.

After Kyrgios saved a set point at 5-6, this one went into a tie-break. Kyrgios went up a mini break twice early, but Roger hit back both times and was the first player to hold a set point at 5-6. Kyrgios then held two of his own at 8-7 and 9-8, but Roger fended them off. The Australian then fired down a double fault at 9-9 and Roger sealed it 11-9.

Into set two and the early exchanges were dominated by serve with both players firing down love holds on the way to 3-3. Here Roger again was the player to hold break points, two of them in total, but Kyrgios came up with some big serving to hold for 4-3, and the set progressed into another tiebreak.

This time Roger was the man to hold the mini-break advantage twice early on only to lose it both times. Despite that he held his first match point at 6-5 and another at 8-7 only to see Kyrgios hang on before sealing it with an ace 11-9.

Set three's outcome was anyone's guess as it was difficult to know what energy reserves Roger had left but he came out firing, and he only dropped 7 points on serve in set 3. Neither player managed to create a breakpoint and a final set tie break ensued meaning all six sets the two have played have gone the distance.

Like the two previous breakers, one player would go up a mini break twice in the set only to get reeled back in. This time it was Kyrgios who looked to be in the driving seat at 5-4 but somehow Roger managed to win both return points (aided by a double fault) to lead 6-5 before sealing it with a big serve out wide on the ad court.

Match Stats

Nick Kyrgios Roger Federer
Aces 14 10
Double Faults 4 3
First Serve Percent 64% (95/148) 61% (74/122)
1st Serve Points Won 75% (71/95) 85% (63/74)
2nd Serve Points Won 53% (28/53) 58% (28/48)
Break Points Saved 86% (6/7) 50% (1/2)
Service Games Played 18 18
1st Serve Return Points Won 15% (11/74) 25% (24/95)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 42% (20/48) 47% (25/53)
Break Points Converted 50% (1/2) 14% (1/7)
Return Games Played 18 18
Winners 38 54
Unforced Errors 34 39
Total Service Points Won 67% (99/148) 75% (91/122)
Total Return Points Won 25% (31/122) 33% (49/148)
Total Points Won 48% (130/270) 52% (140/270)
SABR 1/3 (33%) 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Miami Semi Final 2017

It did feel very good, because you don't very often play three breakers in a match. It's nice to win those and winning breakers is always such a thrill. It's great winning this way, especially because I remember the loss against him a few years ago, It was rough. It was the birthday of my boys. I wasn't with them and had that match, so it was nice to get this one tonight.

The best match of 2017 so far? It may well be as it certainly had a bit of everything. Tweeners, racquet smashes, crowd involvement, crucial double faults and some high quality shotmaking over the 3 hour duration.

I thought both guys showed off what they can do brilliantly with Kyrgios showing just how good his serve is (the rate at which he hits aces is one of the best in the game) and Roger showing that he was at his unflappable best to come through in three tie break sets for the 5th (W5-L2) time in his career.

Ultimately I think it was Roger's calmness that got him through to the final. There was very little to separate the two on the night as the scoreline shows. Both guys have great serves and access to so many different shots but Roger does a better job of balancing them with the percentage plays and knowing what to do and when to do it.

Kyrgios will roll the dice on any given point, which is why he saved match points in style but also why he double faulted at a crucial moment. Roger certainly wasn't slow but he was definitely steady and that won the race last night.

So great win and a great match. I thought Fed moved really well from start to finish which was good to see given he looked tired last match. He also served much better too so hopefully he can keep that up for the final.

Crowd involvement? Huge talking point on Twitter after the match after Kyrgios was annoyed at someone calling out on a key point which he lost (the same happened to Federer moments earlier) and just generally displeased at them getting on his back. I didn't really have a problem with the crowd though, you want them to be involved and there's always going to be the odd moment where some of them shout out at the worst possible time. That's something you just have to deal with and the Umpire has to manage. It's not much different to someone tooting their horn when they drive past public courts.

Kyrgios didn't really help his cause either with some of his reactions, time wasting in between points and halting play but that's his style and something he'll always come up against as he divides opinion (of course the media loves playing along with and furthering that bad guy persona). But if he keeps playing tweeners on break points he'll win more fans than lose them anyway. And he's certainly got way better at focusing point for point and managing his aberrations on court in recent weeks so I think he's cool to watch.

Predictions vs. Nadal

Fedal 2017

Next up is Nadal who cruised into the final after defeating Fognini 6-1 7-5. He barely lost a point on serve as Fognini wasn't able to conjure up any of the magic that saw him beat Nadal in 5 sets at the US Open a couple of years back.

This should be another interesting match – Nadal has the slow conditions in his favour and the fresher legs of the two. Federer has the recent mental edge and is on a great winning streak on US hard courts.

Like the last match, I rate it as 50/50. Fed surprised me how well he held up vs. Krygios last night, so if he takes to the court looking fresh on Sunday I like his chances. Any drop off though and I think Nadal will probably be good enough to take advantage on this surface as there's less chances for Fed to hit through the court and end points quickly.

Nadal has played nobody of note this tournament though so his form is still a bit up in the air. In fact it's been a mickey mouse route to the final as none of his opponents have the belief they can beat him. He looked shaky vs. Mahut who couldn't take advantage and Kohlschreiber summed up his H2H against the elite in their match earlier this week.

Here's hoping for a Sunshine Slam come Sunday πŸ™‚

What did you think of the Semi Final? And what are your predictions for the final? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Damn, I thought I managed first comment..Close but no cigar..?

      Back to match, high intensity…Roger seems creating more opportunity but Nick came up good when needed most of the times…Couple of breakpoints Roger also overcooked going for outright winners but that’s probably the way against Nick…

      About crowd, yes they are bit crazy but it’s bit of both way I guess..Agree on Twitter overreacting, how convinced they are only Nick list point by out call whereas same happened to Roger too…It’s hillarous to read some tweets that Roger suppose to advice crowd on post match interview…Must be smoking something ..Just ridiculous claims ?

      Final, Rafa has fair chance if Roger starts poor…He better make Kohl’s kind of start to put this into bed without giving much sniff to Rafa… Considering matches played road to final Roger gets it done, bit of anti climax if not….Agree that first set probably key in outcome…Good thing is that he has off day before finals…Is it 4pm start? Fingers crossed, he gets it…

      1. Different time zone for me so will have to sneak a peek at the scores during work. If Roger can win this one, he should be firmly settled in Rafa’s head, clay season and all. Rafa is playing a bit like Andy used to: he is forgetting he can attack and reverts to whaling behind the baseline. He needs to get a lot of first serves in and hope Roger doesn’t.

    2. I think all fan cliques are totally divorced from reason and will willfully embrace any claim or cheer any conspiracy theory no matter how stupid it makes them look πŸ˜€

  1. I would have been disappointed if Fed had lost this one, but come the third set my opinion of who had played better was flipping back and forth. Good win, hopefully he’s fresh for the final. It was a bit weird how this lasted 3 hours as there were a lot of short points though, so despite the length I don’t think it was an overly physical grind. Fed did look pretty good in the 3rd too, and I’m glad he got his first win over Nick.

    But damn, they’ve played twice and both matches have been decided by all tie breakers. Anyone know the last time that’s happened? It’s a pity Kyrgios has come so late in Fed’s career as this could have been a monster of a rivalry.

  2. Remember what I said about “big fours”, “bug PIs” and so on?… There you have it. The two old farts again at a final.

  3. I’m feeling 65-35 Rafa’s way for this final. Fed’s disadvantaged by the fact he played the night session and a match that lasted almost as long as the Australian Open final. He’ll obviously have to serve very well and look to play first strike tennis, attacking Nadal’s average serves like he has done so far this year. First set I feel is key for Fed.

  4. Thanks for the great write-up, Jonathan, and the video, much appreciated as I had a heavy week, went to sleep at midnight and woke up after 2 to find them still playing. Whaaaaa?
    As far as I can see on the replays Federer was steadily brilliant and unflappable, concentrating on the game. I would like to like Kyrgios but can’t quite manage it yet. What a cheek pinching Roger’s SABR even if he only pinched a third.
    Top marks to our hero.
    Will he beat Nadal? why not? although Nadal has won his Miami matches easily so far.
    Fingers crossed again, after all it worked last night.
    Off to watch your replay video now.

    1. Just watched your replay.
      Fed’s reflexes are super-human and it seems he can run about chasing the ball as well as he ever did. Someone once said the ball seems to find him. I see he also occasionally played the tactic of sending back the ball until the other player got bored and put into the net (but not All…The…Time like some unmentionables).

  5. What an amazing match. Totally worthwhile watching from 3 am till sunlight. The best I have seen since the Safin-Fed semifinal in AO . ( The Wimby between Fed and Rafa was a farce actually – the final set in particular )

    Now tennis has been in a bad place and still is with two ugly sluggers Murray & Djokovic occupying No 1 & 2 positions.

    And then comes a real tennis player Nick Kyrgios and the stupid Miami crowd can’t appreciate two real tennis players battling it out. Pathetic to say the least.

    Real tennis lovers will least feel the absence of Djokovic & Murray.

    sdon, not only did Fed get sabr’ed he got tweened as well. It was great to watch two of the most innovative players play their hearts and brains out.

    Fed’s composure was remarkable and of course that was the wee difference.

    Nick is the future of real tennis.

    Fed is real tennis.

    1. Great match. I agree with everyone of your statements here. I love Roger’s game in recent times than what it was for a decade from 2008. No more weak, vulnerable backhand which all the baseline sluggers used to unfairly attack and prevented us from enjoying what talent Roger has to offer. I just want Roger to stay healthy and keep beating Nadal everytime they play. Another Wimbledon, French and US Open would be nice too.

  6. Fed had the upper hand in all stats bar aces, interesting that the score line was so close. He won 10 points more so had Fed lost the last breaker he would have still won 6 points more than Kyrgios while losing the match! He was the deserving winner and so good to see he was able to bring up two gears in this match! I just hope he still has something left for Sunday.

  7. Cannot understand that many thinks that nick deserves to win. Federer fights back until d end. Both were great. Not gonna lie i was so annoyed to the guy who shouts in the 3rd set.. i agree to jonathan about the crowd. I think if i watch it live i will cheer in my lungs.. anayway. I told to my self that i will not be hype in this tournament but im wrong. I want this title..??

    1. I don’t think Kyrgios deserved to win, he wasn’t the better player but it was fairly balanced so had he won you can’t have had too many complaints other than a couple of chances Fed had to end it earlier.

  8. I’d quite have liked to have “seen” a Nadal/Kyrgios final, but there you are πŸ™‚ Good to see Fed got through, because I was rather annoyed at him missing match points at 2.30 am my time, and went to bed once the third set started – there’s only so long I can watch live scores, and Radio 5 weren’t covering. Can’t believe how long that match took – only about 30 minutes shorter than the 5-set AO final, wasn’t it? Someone said Nick was taking ages between quite a lot of the points?

    So, an unpredictable final: Roger has been tested – severely – and Rafa pretty much hasn’t been (has only played Kohli in terms of seeds, I think?). Guess it depends to a large extent on how well Roger recovers, and what time of day the match is being played (I’m assuming afternoon?). Thank heavens for the 24+ gap between matches, though.

  9. Good heavens, what a match that was. I had to stay up until 4:15 am! And my heartbeat was over 130 /that time.
    Fed looked way better in the raffles, but Kruis managed to keep track because of his fine serving.
    I’m glad there’s some 40 hours between this match and the final. He’ll be fresh by then. I think he’ll get the job done in 2.

  10. A slam, a Master 1000 already in his pocket and such an epic match to reach another Master 1000 final, what more we could ask for? (okay, Wimby for sure!) Really impressed by his calmness and focus with some smart play. Hope he will recover quickly for Sunday.
    Must say N Kyrgios is hell of a player. And agreed that he is great for tennis, especially he keeps Djokovic and Murray at bay!

    1. Surprisingly, Murray is the only one of the “Big Four” who hasn’t ever lost to Nick. I think he has a 5-0 h2h over Nick. Doesn’t matter though, as long as both Murray and Kyrgios keep Nole and Rafa at bay. ?

      1. Ah yeah I’ve forgotten NK never beaten Andy. Wonder what’s the aspects of Muzz’s game trouble HK?

      2. True. But three of Murray’s wins came in the pre-2015 (Fed loss at Madrid) era. And the last one came on grass (Murray is Olympic and twice Wimbledon champ on grass). The 2017 Kyrgios would better match up against Murray I think.

  11. Yeah Roger was the calmer player, it was intense match. He did not let the crowd get to him like Krygios. I guess it comes with experience and maturity. The old Roger would have let this match, this new ‘aggressive’ Roger never gave up. He played point by point and push hard. I am impressed with his moment since he mentioned his legs are feeling tired. Thankfully he has a day rest. Hopes he has enough tank for Sunday. Allez Rogerrr

  12. Wow. Agree with everything you said, Jonathan. Both men showing off their best indeed. So pleased to see Roger once again flowing. So pleased to see Nick’s increased on-court maturity and the results he’s getting with that. And he’s still only 21, so there’s every reason to think the mental improvements will continue. There were a couple of times, particularly in the last set, when I thought he was in danger of going completely off the rails, but he held it together – bar the racquet smash at the end, which was unfortunate, but not as bad as some of his past antics. He DOES take a while between points- got at least one warning from Mo about it. His multiple-rocking pre-service motion started to drive me crazy in fact.

    My stream froze just as Roger was serving for 4-5 in the first, so just before he broke – aaarrrggghh! – so I’m going to doubly appreciate the highlight reel!

    I did wonder if the nighttime conditions actually helped Roger – a little less heat, maybe less wind? Agree with what you said about the upcoming match. They are both looking good, & Rafa in particular seems to have played himself into some form that was eluding him – but he hasn’t seen the opposition that Roger has, either. Whatever happens, it’s been so great to watch Roger at this amazing level, & to be able to talk about it here afterwards.

    1. Am I right in thinking that it’s at this tournament where all the lighting is on the court and the crowd is pretty much in darkness in the evenings? I think Roger said that it was the boxing-ring-like atmosphere which he didn’t particularly like.

    2. Yeah it did have boxing like look, it was good I thought. Atmosphere was great throughout.

      Kyrgios time between points was the most annoying thing for me, far worse than any of his other antics.

  13. Big win! Fed was calmer than Kyrgios (not hard) but I wouldn’t say he was calm at all compared to his usual self. You could tell he wanted it badly. No sympathetic ‘unlucky, good try’ handshake at the net either, it was all business.

    Also it was a fun match (especially the tiebreaks) but nowhere near the best of the season in my opinion. Kyrgios clearly has a lot of talent but he is still a servebot 90% of the time. There were long stretches of that match that were serve dominated and really quite boring, not that many rallies.

    Even as a fed fan I think the best match of the season so far is still Dimitrov v Dull Aussie Open semi. Qatar final is also up there in terms of quality. People have short memories πŸ™‚

  14. What an Incredible performance by Roger ! Not just tje win but the way he did it, outfoxing his younger opponent in 3 tight sets. These are the kinds of matches that I love to see Federer come through (reminded me of the AO open final, where Federer despite winning so many matches this season never wanted to give up and showed his mettle at the end.

    I am not sure when is the last time I was so impressed from a player standing on the other side of the court against maestro. Nick Kyrgios #respect.
    I am really hoping he gets his act together and dug deep week after week , he can clearly be top 3 in the next 2 years. I mean goodness what can he do with that kind of serve at the SW19and if he keeps it together!!!
    I dont know but that raw emotion of him smashing his racket post match point felt like it was a thing he needed for the future. Not sure Rafa would have challenged him anyway, had he made it to the final.

    Looking forward to the final : Adv Rafa for sure , he is the fresher of the two, court speed , conditions all in his favour. But I’ed like to see federer fresh on his feet post a day off and give it all he has (added motivation of atleast 5 weeks off follows). I am absolutely ecstatic as any Fed fan as to how he has surpassed our expectations in Miami #superstuff. Regardless of the result its been a joy – the first 3 months of 2017.
    It is a day match , I have learnt that the balls flying quickly in comparison to a night match??

    Predictions : Federer in 2 tight sets. He can beat Rafa 4 times in a row no? ?

    1. Forecast is for partly cloudy & 84 deg. F. – they’ll be playing at the hottest part of the day. Winds to 12mph which is less than earlier in the tournament, but not calm either – I think they can get swirly where they are right next to the ocean.

  15. Such a good match both players fantastic. But so glad that Fed won. Is it my imagination or is Nick
    taking longer not only between points but not even being ready at the start, please don’t say he’s slipping into
    excessive ball bouncing or carrying on with timewasting, it would be a great shame because this laddie is
    one very good player!

    1. Yeah he was a joke between points yesterday. Lahyani warned him multiple times. Far cry from when he was playing at light speed vs. Nadal at Wimbledon.

    1. Good place to see some highlights…the guy is hilarious.

      Also, the lights in the stadium look like an afterthought. I keep thinking they are going to crash down onto the court. The fans in the dark…hope someone doesn’t fall down the stairs.

  16. What a match, I didn’t get to see it but watched the highlights (the ATP seems to be blocking them, it took a . while to find a working one).
    Fantastic level from both as far as I could see, I think Federer will regret not managing this in two sets though.

    That match must be been exhausting, and even with a day off I don’t know if he can recover. For example remember after the long match with Del Potro in the Olympics semifinals, he was pretty tired against Murray in the final (and that was 2012).

    On a slow court with a tired Roger, I think Nadal ‘should’ win this, plus no doubt his team have been trying to figure out a way around Federer, particular in terms of serving. Imagine, Federer broke Nadal 4/9 times in the last match (!). Despite Nadal’s advantages though this time, I do think Federer has a mental calmness about him, and maybe that’s better than fresh legs…

    1. “I do think Federer has a mental calmness abiut him , and maybe that’s better than fresh legs”.
      Couldnt agree with you more : everyone knew deep inside federe had a mental block against and I have always believed that the onky way to get pass through it (like in AO) was to embrace it and play tennis not the opponent – somethinf he did remarkbly well in Melbourne.
      I mean lets face it : if were to compare this semifinal post to the Oz open post semi final analysis , you could argue that the air has never been more calm for us as fans regardless of what the outcome will be – I mean the vibe is totally different now (the comments section look very nonchalant to me). Despite all the logical theories backing up Rafa – we know Roger can beat him cimprehensively.

      Federer post his QF match was already talking about prospects of a final against Rafa which he thought would be cool – how often do you see Roger say that?

    2. It will be interesting to see how he fairs physically. It was a long match but not hugely physical. Winners and aces for both very high.

      I think Nadal’s MPH on serve has been up this tournament…

  17. Many thanks, Jonathan, for the quick sum-up. Agree with everything you said. What a match, wow! Roger did ever so well. I thought that he might have been very tired after RBA and Berdych matches. Against Nick, Roger’s mental toughness and composure under pressure was under brilliant display. He moved and volleyed so so well. For Nick, he clearly has got the tools to win matches but to win tough matches like this one, he has to improve his maturity. Smashing racket in front of Roger after defeat was disappointing; that certainly did not impress Roger. Nick does not realise that affections from fans are earned, not given.
    For final, Roger only needs to bring with him 85% of what he did to Nick to court and that should be enough to take down Rafa.

  18. Great write up, Jonathan. One of the best yet. And the Fed fan comments today are as good as the match.

    Roger looked like such a statesman out there. Calm, focused and determined. He outfoxed NK and got the win. Did you guys see that volley off a 118 mph fh. Goat. Concerned about the leg taping but fingers crossed, it’s only a precaution. If Roger recovers enough, I pick him for the win. If not, I don’t think he will mind losing to Nadal.

    Kyrgois is like a wild animal that has escaped from the zoo. Powerful and unpredictable. He has the most talent and athleticism among the guys coming up.
    For me, that was so disrespectful to Roger when he had a temper tantrum at the end of the match. I don’t think Fed was impressed by the look on his face.
    I hope he grows up so I can enjoy his tennis…..and quits with the 2 minute ball bouncing..over 15 bounces at times. Giving Djoker a run for his money.

    Hey Wanda, love that oil painting of a fh too. What a great photograph with the shadows etc. Could watch that motion all day long!

  19. And I saw Federer signing up for Madrid to kick start hi clay court prep – I think watching Federer play these days I have realised the importance of rest and rehab even more.
    In my opinion , I’ed like to him to skip madrid and play rome and paris, reason
    1. Madrid conditioms are quite different and not ideal preparations for the french open.
    2. If he makes decent inroads in them , points wise playing 2 tournaments instead of 3 should be wise enough. Though as far as rankings are concerned he is pretty much top 4/5 for wimbledon.
    3. Skipping madrid gives him that extra week (that would mean 6 weeks)to be in great shape for the the clay and grass court season. (He did something similar while skipping Rogers cup ’15 and we saw how he fared in cincinnati and Us open)
    P.s i am not stating he cant challenge on the ckay anymore , but the fact that he is already looking forward to strenghthen his chances for sw19 (and who knows even flushing meadows) he might wanna keep his schedule realistic given that his 2017 campaign is all about targetting the big titles. Also, MC is out of question for me – tbh.

    Who do you guys think?

    1. I was also thinking it might be good to skip Madrid, even though he’s done well there, because as you say conditions are not good prep for FO, & also as he’s mentioned that’s when the boys’ birthday is. Madrid would be devastated to lose him I know, they’re always shouting out to him on social media.

      I think we established in past years that being on the entry list at this point means nothing, because all the top players are automatically signed up for all the M1000s ( except MC, which is the only one that’s not mandatory ). Fed has earned exemptions, if he wants them, from having to play all the mandatory tournaments because of how long he’s been on tour. He’s said all year that he’ll look at his clay schedule after Miami, so I think we’ll know more in a week or two.

      1. Not a fan of clay.
        Can’t see the ball.
        Too much slipping. I get tired just watching them.
        Reminds me of ’13 and terrible back problems for Fed.


  20. And Yes Great job Jonathan – I simply love your work like everyone else here (I believe). I have been keenly following your blog for 4 years. Cheers to you buddy!

  21. I know this kind if match really was great for tennis but seriously it was really bad to my heart..

    Hats off to Federers calmness..and this guy surely know how to fly. Great balance + shot making skills.. this guy is so talented.its a joke.

  22. Future of real tennis?

    All those so called Federer fans here who are disappointed that Serena Williams will retire any time soon, fear not. She has been reincarnated in the mens tour, where she rightfully belonged, as Nick Kyrgios. This, folks, is the future of tennis.

    The future of real tennis is insulting umpires, insulting an opponent by making deeply personal attacks on them and their girl friend. The future of tennis is insulting the crowd. The future of real tennis is demolishing a racquet, right after match point has been played, a few feet away from inarguably the greatest sportsman tennis has ever seen, Roger Federer.

    Is that what the future of real tennis is? I will always defend anybody’s right to be a fan of any player, but if someone tells me that they are are a true Federer fan, who also believes that what Nick Kyrgios plays and how he conducts himself is what defines the future of tennis, then to them I want to say that you never were a Federer fan. You were an impostor loitering around for the glory.

    Kyrgios might well win multiple Masters and Slams, but that does not make what he does the future of real tennis. There is nothing nice about Kyrgios’s playing style. Nothing pleasing about how he plays. And how he conducts himself is very hard to un-see.

    To those who believe Nick Kyrgios is the future of real tennis, I will once again say to those fickle fans: Hunt as much glory as you can as Federer gets back to his winning ways. Very soon you will dump him for the so called future of real tennis.

    As far as I am concerned, nobody ever has, nobody is, and nobody ever will play tennis like Roger Federer does. The future of tennis is far from what Roger Federer stands for.

    1. Bit over the top tbh. Kyrgios does some questionable stuff but I think a lot of it is blown out of proportion. Smashing the racquet did not look good, but in some ways it’s better than a cold handshake

      I don’t think Kyrgios is the future of tennis, but he’s certainly part of the future of tennis.

      1. Not sure what you found a bit over the top. Insulting Stan was merely questionable too? And I’d rather a cold handshake than smashing a racquet in your opponents face. You are few feet away. That racquet could have slipped. Bounced weird. Perhaps even hit his opponent. It was a very aggressive and uncalled for reaction. What can I say. People love it and endorse it.

        I don’t have a problem with the fact that this is the “future” of tennis, but to say that this is the future of “real” tennis, is what I take exception too. This is not real tennis. Real tennis dies when Federer retires.

        But then again, you have to pander to what the general sentiment of the readers is so I can hardly blame you. I won’t be surprised if I find plenty of readers here enjoying a healthy diet or Nick Kyrgios protein shake. Enjoy! Just don’t forget to wipe your face.

      2. “You are few feet away. That racquet could have slipped. Bounced weird. Perhaps even hit his opponent. It was a very aggressive and uncalled for reaction.”

        What about when Fed has fired balls out of the stadium in a rage? That could hit someone passing by on the head and cause serious head injury.

        Or when he smashed his racquet in Miami 2009? Ball kid was very close, same thing.

        Kyrgios does plenty dumb stuff but I don’t think he’s bad for the game or as big an abomination as you are making out. Almost like Ronnie O’Sullivan for snooker. If Fed wasn’t surprising everyone this year, he’d prob be the main reason people are talking about tennis.

        And I think the general sentiment is people don’t like him. Sue even knows someone who knows someone who know people who know Nick and say he’s an ass.

      3. I think that when a player breaks his racquet, he would have to be forced to play the next full game with whatever is left from it. And then buy 500 similar (or lighter…) specimens from the manufacturer with his pocket money and give them to a tennis club where kids struggle to pay for lessons, let alone get money to buy decent gear.

    2. Sid, for a clown you certainly don’t smile too much. Kygrios’ talent is undeniable. And, while this doesn’t give him the right to act like a social media dubbed brat, this behaviour isn’t new to the tour.

      If we’re going to scrutinise something this match, let’s put some of frustrations on Feds “recent” drop in bp conversion. 14% is low; almost reminiscent of some of his old Rafa matches.

      Anyway, another match, another time turning, winner factory masterpiece and into the final. C’mon Roger!

      1. I prefer Sasha Zverev.

        And yeah – I keep remembering Kyrgios remark to Stan.

        That was just awful.

        But the smashing the racquet was funny to watch, and funny to watch Fed’s response.

      2. Just watched replay 1. set. Roger’s defense in tie-break was – unspeakably fantastic, more than brilliant. A bit lacking in breakpoint conversion vs such a bomber is not to be blamed.

  23. Thought this match was great, but Fed wouldn’t have won it without the crowd. I think his praise of the fans should’ve been much more effusive than it was.

    On an unrelated note, I’m kind of a Federer “completist,” and I’m disappointed that he’s not playing MC. Granted, he only had one good chance to win a final there (2014 against Wawrinka, who played lights out towards the end as Fed flagged after a close TB), but I really want him to notch this scalp too. Same sentiments about Rome, though I think MC would be even better. Anyone else feel this way? Do you think Roger cares about completing his tournament resume in this fashion, or is it just us fans?

    Novak is a Cincinnati away from doing so (boy, I would so love for him to be stopped every year there, no matter who wins), and Nadal would need Shanghai and Paris, so perhaps he’s not in the race yet (though I think he has excellent odds of winning Miami, unfortunately). I think a resurgent Roger should try his luck at MC. Maybe he gets a great draw and gets some luck, and then he can sit out, play a relaxed French, and save something for Wimbledon. What do y’all think?

    1. There’s no way of knowing how either player would have performed with a different crowd…

      I doubt Fed is bothered about the record of winning all M1000’s. It’s the sort of thing you might think about when you’re in the final of the last remaining one.

      1. I can get on board with your comment about the M1000s. Just wish he’d surprise us with a try at MC.

        As for the crowd, yes, there’s no way of telling whether the result would’ve been different if they played with another crowd, or in a soundless vacuum for that matter, but I think the heavily anti-Kyrgios (not just pro-Fed) viewers really let Nick have it, which had to weigh on him psychologically, especially on big points. Meanwhile, Fed was likely getting a boost from that, and of course, there were the usual hoots and hollers at key moments. I wasn’t being critical of Fed’s post-match comments, but I think it’s funny that in this match the crowd really was important, and had more of an impact than I believe it usually does.

    2. I think, maybe somewhere in the back of his mind he wants it, but I don’t think it’s a huge priority for him. I, too, would like it, but I’d rather he skip most of the clay swing and ready to play his way to match fitness ready for Halle and then Wimby. At the end of the day, an Eighth Wimbledon will always supersede the completionist thing for me, and for most Fed fans I imagine (and Fed himself!).

    3. I honestly don’t think Roger cares about more records – he has enough of them. If the Golden Masters had been important to him, his scheduling would have looked different in recent years (and he would have skipped Miami this year). Roger’s focus is the slams, and I still think he dreams about getting to number one again. MC and Rome? Not so much. I agree with you that those two tiny holes in his resumΓ© itch a bit, for me as a fan, but even more so the lack of an Olympic singles gold (I know you don’t agree, Jonathan…). But I wouldn’t be surprised if our hero would actually make the trip to Tokyo. ?

      1. Yea, Tokyo is a pipe dream. Hos best chance was prolly in 2004 when opppsition was weaker and he was finding his championship stride. He lost early that year so you never know how it’d have shaken out anyway…could’ve been outclassed anyway. In 08 he had mono and likely would’ve lost anyway later to very in-form opponents, in 12 he had no legs left for murray (or motivation), and then he’s hurt in 16. His olympic curse. Still, tennis historically wasn’t an important olympic sport (demo sport for long time, and 25 years otherwise), and most greats don’t have any medals b/c of that, often choosing not to play such an exhibition-like event for the sport. Moreover, I think if Nadal didn’t snag a gold, this wouldn’t even be a discussion for Fed fans. Still, two medals, one through the best doubles team of all time, isn’t too shabby, and I would be thrilled with an MC or Rome as a consolation prize!

    4. Too much to say Fed “wouldn’t have won it wihout the crowd”. Djoker was facing a more hostile crowd in USO15 final. They didn’t carry Roger through in that match. It’s Nick who let the crowd get to him much more than Fed gettng a boost from them

      1. Of course the crowd isn’t sufficient to win…you have to play well too, and Fed didn’t in that 2015 USO. But, I think it was necessary in yesterday’s match to give him the intangible edge in a generally even high-level battle of tennis ability.

  24. Yes, this was the best 2017 match so far! It was superb, it was epic, I suffered and remained breathless the whole time. And in the end it was simply SUBLIME! Now, again I am not very optimistic with the final… but I think Fed is now beyond winning Nadal. Just watching his game and enjoying his “art in motion” is the reason why he fills the stadiums with so many fans around the world.

      1. When interviewed on court after winning against Kyrgios, Roger after beating Nadal 3x in a row for the first in his career said why not 4x. I hope he completes the “Sunshine Double” 11 yrs since the last time in 2006. Also winning the AO-IW-Miami again in this stage of his career would be so satisfying.

  25. As per the stats Nick took more than 25 seconds between serves 61 % of the time. And Fed only 3 % if I remember right.

    There should be a comprehensive rule about this. Both Rafa & Djokovic also too take too much time.

    1. You seem to have a problem with Kyrgios taking too much time between points? I thought he was the future of real tennis, so anything goes, right?

      1. I have a problem with this. I mean, even Mirka was whistling at Kyrgios for a moment… (I think it was when Kyrgios interrupted Fed’s serve to go switch his racket)

      2. Hi Sid, thanks for your incisive comments. I was commenting on the style of tennis which he brings on to court, which is vastly different from the rest of the guys in the NexGen I have seen, which of course is my personal opinion.

        On the behaviour front, I am as against it as you are, having been a fan of the Edberg style of tennis and behaviour. However, to be fair, I have been noticing vast improvements on that side and thus I am quite confident that the kid is growing up and if as he says that Fed is his idol, i guess a reasonable transformation is quite on the cards.

        That doesn’t take away from the fact that he takes too much time between serves which should be curtailed by the ATP as it involves major transgressions from Rafa & Djokovic also.

        I guess we are all old enough to know that people always deserve a second chance on certain fronts especially if they are wilfully showing improvement.

        So as Fed himself said, give the kid a break and enjoy his tennis.

        As a matter of fact, I am emphatic that nobody can even come close to Fed in any aspect of tennis – style, behaviour, fan-following etc etc. He is totally unique.

        As for Serena, she is a serial offender even at this ripe old tennis-age. So putting a 21 year old rookie-player in the same category is obviously being very very harsh.

        We will see how Nick pans out. Que sera sera.

      3. Nick is an emotional “hotspur”, and it must be difficult for him to have patience for second thought. I’m sure Roger senses that – and nevertheless all fast stupid reactions from Nick he respects him for his talent and intelligence and vice versa. As soon as respect will get bigger space in Nick’s mind – and I’m sure it will – we’ll see change – and be very far from stupid ego-maniac behavior like we’ve seen in some small-minded stars.

      4. There you go, Murli, that explains everything. Federer is a diplomat. They love him down under and treat him as their adopted son. Rod Laver considers Federer his son. Laver wants Kyrgios to succeed too. There is no way Federer will say anything negative about an Aussie, let alone an Aussie who Laver endorses.

        That does not right the wrong. We are setting a precedent that it’s ok to be like that as long as you’re in your early 20’s. You can do and say whatever you want. It comes with the GOAT’s endorsement. Because eventually you will learn.

        That’s not how it should be. You can’t create a template of unsporting, obnoxious behavior, and endorse it for every young, upcoming tennis player. That is not how the future of real tennis should be.

        It’s like a cop pulling you over and saying, “It’s ok to drink and drive because you’re young and you will eventually grow up and stop it. Hey, while you are at it, why don’t you run over someone? Never mind me, I ain’t writing you a ticket. The GOAT has endorsed your behavior. Have a nice day, Sir!”

      5. Sid, I have to say this: You did the most spot-on analysis of sportsman behaviour that I’ve read in years. There’s only so much that can be tolerated. By the age of twenties, it’s more than about time that one should know how to stand before the others. Hats off, chap!

      1. I am not saying that it’s a worse frame than the new ones. The interest is that I guess it’s rare to find a Henman racket these days.

      2. Oh right, I thought you had some connection to it or used one before. Definitely rare to find.

        And I know, I was just saying many think new racquets are better but there has been no big changes to frames since the 80’s.

      3. Agree. You can use a 90’s racket without a problem. Now rackets from the 70’s are at a lower level.

  26. Hey guys, so…… Roger and Rafa again right?? They play against each other a few times in a few years and now 3 times in 3 months !! Roger is on a mission, he wanted the win against Kyrgios sooooooo bad. I think he knows he can play and beat this Rafa. Unfortunately, Rafa is not an idiot, he too has been searching ways to beat THIS Roger, so it will be exciting, but ofcourse…. I am going for a Roger win πŸ™‚ #obvious

    The 3 hour match against Nick was soooo good. From both. Nick also deserved to win. He plays really good and I like his game. He did bother me a lot. What happened?? Where is that Nick who, like you said Jon, took 18 to 19 seconds to play against Rafa at Wimby, where I think even Rafa complained about him playing so fast between points. And now… he was taking soooo much time between points. Mo only gave him a warning in the 3rd. Why not before that? He atleast should have been given a point penalty. I like Nick, I like how he plays, but he is not 16 anymore, needs to act a bit more professional.

    One thing that did come out of the match I think is that, everybody says Nick doesn’t like to play tennis. Well, I think the match against the Goat, knowing that he was so close, might have been the reason why he will start loving it again and then, Nick will be great. He really is a good player.

    Ps: How is everyone loving the “If I lose to Roger it is ONLY because of the hostile crowd and not because of Roger’s play”-vibe?? Satan’s fans are having a field day. I cannot make out if they like or love Novak or dislike or hate Roger more.
    When Roger was 6 months away, I barely watched tennis, I certainly didn’t watch Satan’s matches, unless I knew for sure that he would lose (that I love to see πŸ™‚ ).
    But they… they watch EVERY move Roger makes and every match. Just read some of their tweets, now that they can’t say anything about his game, it is about his declining hair, what Mirka did and ofcourse their latest meaning of life: the Federer crowd.
    Where were they when Novak gets more crowd support in Rome against Roger all the time or when Andy gets more crowd support than Roger at Wimby?? It looks like Roger can seriously do NO GOOD to them. But did any of them ask themselves what they would do and talk about if Roger did the r-word?? I promise you, they still will follow his life after tennis. They don’t realise it, but they are addicted to him πŸ™‚ It looks like he is more important to them than their own Satan and it looks like Roger is also their centre of existance πŸ™‚ #Goateffect πŸ™‚
    Oh and yes…. I know some of Roger’s fans are the same way with Novak, but some Novak fans are literally keeping more track on Roger than on Novak…

  27. Oh and guys…. did anyone notice there is a 14/15 years age difference between Nick and Roger?? Did it look like that?? Roger was sooooo fast, he even surprised me. He plays soooo fast, doesn’t give the opponent time to think and react. Even Nick was overwhelmed sometimes.
    What did Ivan do to him?? πŸ™‚

    I cannot imagine following someone else. Even if you don’t like Roger, the way he plays….. seriously, how can you not like that??

    However, I have to say, I didn’t like Mirka’s “behaviour”. She should know better than that after Stan, they all are watching her “moves”. Don’t give them any reason. Support your man, that’s all and sit there with a pokerface. If you dislike Nick taking too much time for the racquet change (which was long), then save it for the lockerroom. They are not only trying to get to Roger, but also to her. Don’t give them any reason….

    1. Although in a perfect world Mirka shouldn’t do this….however I just think it’s funny. It makes her
      just like the rest of us, and she is a bit like me I can’t whistle either! When you think of the foul
      mouth of Andy Murray’s wife (against Berdych) it’s not so bad. So all I can say now is C’mon Roger
      the sunshine double sounds nice x

      1. Hey Elizabeth, how are you? I do get what you are saying, I just mean, it feels like lately they put the camera more on her just to see a “bad” reaction. And in that case…. you know…. don’t give them the satisfaction. She has been to more than what 1200 or more of his matches, making no problems, but a few with problems do get remembered for always….

        And Elizabuth…. nothing beats Kim and her mother in law πŸ™‚ Especially Judy

        But right now…. Go Roger…. one final push before you leave us for a month. Although I do think he might play MC πŸ™‚ Or atleast I hope he changes his mind

      2. We are all humans, and Mirka has passion for our hero, and kudos for that! I don’t care what others think or say of narrow-minded things about her!

  28. Am anxiously waiting for the match to start – just 4 minutes now.

    Was interested in the discussion about Nick’s behaviour. For me the worst was when he tanked matches, not just Shanghai but the Rogers Cup here against Denis Shapovalov. There were other instances within matches as well. So I was glad to hear him say he now plays hard for every point. I hope that is the case. As far as his other behaviour goes, I don’t have much time for the “he is so young” argument. He turns 22 this month, so he is no longer a kid – he has been on the pro tour for a few years now. Kyrgios has been improving and apparently he is still working with the psychologist, so that is a positive sign. The real test will be when he does poorly. I will never be a big fan but there is no denying his incredible talent, so I hope he does reign in his bad behaviour and do his talking with his racquet (but not by smashing it!)

  29. WOW, OMG, sunshine double! Congratulations, everyone πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . Let’s celebrate for the GOATy performance!

    1. Now we just need a Wimbledon and/or one more USO (he’s overdue there!) and we’ll be in good shape! Maybe a Rome and/or a Cincinnati along the way. =)

  30. Can’t believe the scoreline! Didn’t watch the match….checked up on the live updates. Roger continues to be my sunshine…

  31. First! Ooops. Wrong post. Ha Ha Ha! Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. What does this guy run on? Plutonium? Corn Flakes?

  32. Wow. No contest really in set 2.

    Fed said to Brad Gilbert he’ll only play RG – no other clay tourneys. He said his body needs healing.

    I think it’s about preservation more than repair.

    What a 2017!

  33. Absolutely, totally amazing. Not just winning but winning in SS! It was an entertaining match, competitive enough to make it interesting but of course with the right outcome! I hate the idea of having to wait until RG to see Roger again. Darren Cahill thought he might change his mind about that – hope so.

    1. I think he’s very tired now, maybe having pains. Needs to have mindset on a long vacation. And take care of body and having surplus for fun and wellbeing and new hunger for tennis game. So if he recovers quickly, he’ll probably change plans.

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