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Federer Fan Story: Simon in Geneva for Switzerland vs. Italy

Hey all! Had a couple of people asking me to do a guest post about the Davis Cup in Geneva, so here it is, admittedly a little late!

First of all, the stadium was REALLY impressive. You don't usually see 18 500 people in one place, let alone everyone sporting the same red and white colors. I've been once to the O2 in London (first time seeing Fed live) and although the stadium seemed a lot bigger in London, having everyone (close enough anyways) encouraging the same guys is really special. When we sang the national anthems, Roger seemed close to crying already then, so for those haters who say he doesn't like playing for his country, suck it up! πŸ˜› *rant done*

The maestro kicked the tie off against Simone Bolelli, and to be honest, it wasn't Fed's best performance ever. Credit to Bolelli, he played a solid match, but Fed could/ should have done a lot better. The one point I remember is that lob volley he hit at some point (cannot remember when it was exactly, I think end of first set). 18 500 people were standing on their feet applauding, even the Italian fans around. It is always special to see those kinds of shots live.

Another thing that struck me was the court speed/ surface: I cannot say if it was slow for I cannot compare to what is a known fast court, but it seemed EXTREMELY gritty. Roger was spinning that forehand furiously, and the ball seemed to jump up from the court a huge amount. His slice was pretty impressive to watch though; it's impressive to see how it floats in the air and barely bounces. I'd like to see him use it more as a tactic, instead of just slicing when he's on the defensive.

After the three set victory, we were all happy at having the first point, contrary to what happened in April, thanks to Stan's seemingly infinite unforced errors πŸ˜› So we were all on edge when Stan and Fognini were warming up. Stan is known to blow away matches he shouldn't, and, well, Fognini is kind of a mystery… Never know how he's going to play.

Then Stan started bombing aces and first serves everywhere and not missing half as much as he usually does. I realize it may have looked different on TV, but to us spectators, live, it looked like he couldn't play any better. With a little help of Fognini of course πŸ˜‰

What is really striking is how hard Wawrinka hits that ball… Federer is all in finesse, Stan is all brute power, though that backhand is a joy to watch!
So here comes Friday evening and we are leading 2-0, all is good. Wilson had a stand there and a β€œcourt” (basically lines on concrete) where we could hit a bit (~2mins per person) with Roger's new racket. Was strung with some Luxilon, BB Alu I believe, but not sure. Very pro staff like, but with more power. Still is bloody heavy though….

So Saturday we go to the stadium having no clue who would play dubs. Apparently Fed got lazy/ confident, so he decided not to play, leaving Marco Chiudinelli and Stan fight it out. So the same team that lost the longest Davis cup match ever lost another 5 setter… Most of us were almost happy – yes we are terrible fans πŸ˜› – hoping to see one interesting match on the Sunday. The dubs in itself was pretty good, tough Marco didn't quite hold out at the end (was broken twice in the 5th), and Stan missed a few key returns, like he has a tendency of doing… Bolelli looked pretty sharp, once more.

So here we are back on Sunday waiting for Roger to play Fognini. The first set and a half was pretty lackluster from both guys, but they started picking up the rhythm and by the end of the 3rd set, it was a pretty decent contest. They both had a couple of very nice points, and it was impressive watching Fed dictate the rallies like that, something he failed to do in his first rubber.

The crowd was completely galore in the tie break, and that celebration at the end was priceless! Never seen fed react that way live, always cool to see.
Enter the journalist –who basically killed the entire atmosphere with her ridiculously stupid questions… Seve and Stan picked up Roger out of nowhere and carried him around the court, was very fun to watch, and saved us from the interview… The rest of the team tried to catch Stan to do the same, but he didn't want to (party pooper) so they chased him around the court before leaving him be 

Then was the dead rubber, with Seppi playing Lammer. Lammer is ranked beyond 450th in the world, but he plays wayyy better than that. He played a very decent game against Seppi, and boy does his backhand look nice –what's with the Swiss and their one handed backhands anyways?! So anyways, since everyone left after Feds match, me and my friend managed to sneak in to the VIP lodges, and watched the match from there, was very nice πŸ˜›

On the way out, we stopped by the players' passage to try and get some autographs, which was a zoo… Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get everyone's, but I got both Stan's and Seve's (I already have so many from Roger that I'll survive not getting his this time πŸ˜› ).

That concluded a very nice Davis cup weekend, and since I don't have the money to go to France + hotels etc etc I'll be watching the final with most of you guys on TV πŸ˜›

PS: For those who haven't seen Fed live yet, you seriously do not want to miss it. It's out of this world how differently he plays compared to the other big guys. If you can arrange, go see him play before it's too late! πŸ˜‰


I'm a huge fan of Roger and one handed backhands in general, but Roger first! The only reason I would skip a Fed match is if I'm playing myself - no player is bigger than the sport!

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    1. WOOW! back to back Title :)) i’m getting lucky!! Maybe because it’s my Birthday.. My only wish is to see Roger in person, but that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. maybe in 10 years πŸ˜€

      1. Happy birthday!!

        I hope you get to see him too in 10 years, would be good for all Fed fans if he plays that long πŸ˜‰

  1. Thanks Simon. Your report is great. Wish I could have been there but had to miss it this time as I’m in hospital. Saw all the matches on Tv though. Great times. I’m really looking forward it Lille!

    1. Hi Rita. Good to hear from you, and I hope you’re doing as well as is possible. Glad you managed to watch all the matches, anyway.

    2. Hey Rita,

      Yeah Lille looks like it will be a huge crowd. Hopefully there is a big Swiss contingent to silence some of the Frenchies. Guessing most won’t be too partisan towards Fed though so should be a pretty good atmosphere regardless.

      Hopp Schwiiz!

  2. Hey Simon, a super cool recap, thanks for sharing the “out of this world” Fedexperience.
    Especially liked the rant in the beginning πŸ˜‰

  3. Excellent Simon, thanks so much. Love your personal touches about what it felt like, & giving credit to other players, & – just all of it really. Thank you again.

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for the compliments πŸ™‚

      that’s what DC is for me, not just then tennis, the atmosphere has a huge impact and is a great part as well πŸ™‚

      usually we have no voice already come saturday hahaha

      1. Haha never! Just booing Fognini when he was doing his antics on court and when one of the swiss players get hits at the net in doubles (which is perfectly normal πŸ˜‰ )

      2. I don’t think I could watch tennis if it had football fan mentality πŸ˜† would seriously lessen it’s appeal.

        I didn’t actually know they booed when a player gets hit at the net. Prob just shows how irregularly I watch Davis Cup doubles!

      3. [I don’t think I could watch tennis if it had football fan mentality]

        It already has a football fan mentality. Wait…it’s ever worse. It’s becoming like WWE or UFC


  4. Go on Eldrin!!! Racking up back to back titles!!! Let’s see if you can get the hat-trick. I will try to get a title but I am too slow these days. I think I am getting old!! Lol.

    Anyway thanks and good write up Simon. It must of been an awesome atmosphere when Federer came up with the goods. I just hope that team Swiss can somehow win their first Davis Cup and defeat the French on there own home soil.

    On a different note I am pretty surprised that Federer has now decided to play the inaugural international tennis premier league. And has replaced Nadal to be in the same team with his friend Mr Pete Sampras and co. I am probably thinking Sampras persuaded him a bit not to mention the big bucks they will be paying him to be there in the off season. Ummmm ???????? Really not convinced with this league business. I mean is it exhibition or proper with points I basically have no idea how this is going to work? ?? If anyone knows how this format is please let me know? ??? Thanks to whoever knows.

    1. Serajul, I’m not sure of all the details, but apparently it has some similarities to an existing Indian cricket league. The idea is that a whole cricket match can take a LOOOONNNNGGG time, like days, so they shortened it up to interest more people. Mahesh Bhupati, the Indian player who is involved in setting up the whole thing, likens it to the NBA in that all the venues are indoors with the ability to add effects like lighting and music – so it’s a whole entertainment package. If I have understood correctly, it’s only one set per matchup, so it sounds more like exhibition tennis to me. The thought is that it could interest more people in “regular” tennis – and with Fed’s huge drawing power, I think they could be right. Roger himself has sometimes talked about his own interest in broadening the popularity & accessibility of tennis, so this move makes a kind of sense to me. He has always been very good about his scheduling. My concern is not so much adding an event of this type, but what it means for his travel plans. Jet lag becomes a bigger consideration with age (not to mention infants under a year old), and I hope he (or Mirka) is taking that into consideration.

      1. Thanks Thinker for explaining it bit more about this League business. Like I said I had no clue on how it works. Also Thanks to Sid for giving me an a little understanding of where they got the idea. Me personally I loathe and hate Cricket. I have never watched the IPL, its the one sport I find boring even as a kid when I had to play in school. Its just a dreary game where the only action is the bowler and batsman and then a fielder if your lucky the corkey ball is coming to you etc.
        I am still unsure about this plus his exo with Stan. I hope he doesn’t get blown and tired out. As one Nadal is resting and juicing up for the 2015 season. God knows what he’s going to do! !??

    2. I’m very surprised, too – and not too happy about the prospect. Wonder if he’d have done it if Nadal had been booked for a different city/country?

    3. The format is a blatant copy of the World Team Tennis (WTT) league that we play here at both professional, recreational levels. Five sets, and the total games are what’s counted. Of course there are some minor caveats thrown in, for example, no women’s doubles replaced by past champions singles.

      Here are the details…


    4. So 5 different one-set events. So if he’s playing 2 days, he must be playing 2 events…. presumably mens singles and – mens doubles? mixed doubles?

      Dunno about this Power Point business – as the receiver, you get to call the next point counts double?

      And I thought I read somewhere there was no Advantage scoring, but didn’t see (or register, in any case) any reference to that.

      Note a tiebreak occurs at 5-5, not 6-6/

      1. My guess is he will only play two sets. They would want everyone to play.

        Yup, you’re right about the power point. Not sure if it’s no ad scoring during the game too i.e. 40-all point is the decider, or just the no ad set. In WTT that we play here, the tie breaker happens at 5-5 too. It’s a total copy of the format.

        I’m glad Nadal isn’t playing. He is so naturally gifted with sucking the life out of anything.

    5. @Serajul

      This Indian tennis thing is just about the cash I think. Not about tennis at all. Same as the IPL for cricket, it’s just a money spinner that gets TV broadcasters excited and stadiums full of people. The spectacle comes first, cricket and tennis are just an after thought really.

      I’ve watched a fair few IPL seasons and it can be quite fun, it’s crash bang wallop stuff that only last 2/3 hours in total but I don’t think it can be classed as a credible way to promote the sport. It’s just an entertainment factor, nothing else.

      I’m surprised Fed is playing really, looks like they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, I guess he hasn’t really chased the cash at all in his career so will give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Clearly he has a lot of fans in India that will never get to see him play on Indian soil so does make sense from that perspective too.

      @Thinker – Do you think he will take the whole family to India? I think he’s only there a matter of days. Might just leave them in Dubai.

      1. Agree that just a couple days in India sounds like he’s not bringing everybody, though as somebody else said he’s on record as saying he doesn’t feel right when they’re not all with him.

        Exho in Zurich with Stan on the 21st makes it sound to me like he’s staying in Switzerland for Cmas. Although he might do a few weeks in Dubai between Lille & India, I suppose – get himself halfway there.

        I think I have read that he has BEEN to India before – visited after the tsunami – but not played there.

      2. I think he’ll probably come to India alone. Bringing everyone for just two days doesn’t make much sense, unless you’re exploring India, which can take a long long…looooong time.

      3. Yeah, he has been to South India before. Chennai, after the Tsunami in 2004. I’ve seen pictures of him with kids, via the RF Foundation.

  5. Hey Simon, good to read yr write up after watching it on the telly! Must hv been simply amazing with so many pulling for the Swiss! Thought Fed did enough in both matches on what looked like a pretty awful court! Fast yes but with that awful ball stickiness, making it kick up! Very hard to control!
    Debating about Lille as only a Eurostar away!
    Do u think Fed will play Shanghai??
    I hv changed my mind a bit and think he might just miss Paris! Shanghai/Basel/WTF/Davis Cup/India might just be enough!!!!!
    Apart from the money which is probably insane! I do think he knows this one chance to visit India where he has millions of fans! Good for him!

    1. I guess it depends how both him and Novak do. He has a chance of reaching number one by the end of the year, so if he is close before Paris, he might want to play. Not sure how it’s going to pan out πŸ™‚ I think he would play shanghai, basel for sure, and then we’ll see πŸ™‚

      Glad you liked the read! πŸ˜‰

    2. Have you heard anything about tickets for DC Susie or are you swindling another corporate freebie?

      Prawn sandwiches in first class for you on the train πŸ˜›

  6. [ I cannot say if it was slow for I cannot compare to what is a known fast court, but it seemed EXTREMELY gritty]

    I watched the Roger-Fognini highlights on YouTube, and I know what you’re saying. It felt like the ball was sort of stopping, and waiting there to be hit. It definitely felt quite weird.

    In the first set, the first point after 4-2 is one of the many reasons I love Roger Federer πŸ™‚

    Good write up, by the way.

    1. Thanks!
      Hahaha, yeah that rally was pretty nice πŸ™‚ the drop shot a couple of points after was pretty fun to see as well. I really liked the lob volley against Bolelli, whenever that was πŸ˜›

    2. Yeah it looked fast through the air but very gritty when it had bounced from the TV angle.

      He played some pretty good shots in both singles rubbers. Stan made some decent shots too, especially in doubles when returning down the line.

  7. Great write up, enjoyed it very much. Playing for your country is very different heck makes any guy go on all out emo-mode. Totally agree with you, any tennis fan out there should try to watch Federer play live. There is nothing like it, no words can fit that moment or describe it. On another note, what the hell is Roger doing playing for IPL (sorry to fans from India)?!?!?! If he needs more milk money, he has plenty to last his kids for a lifetime!!! I think he is also playing exho against Stan for his foundation, thought he would prefer to rest his body. Just don’t get him sometimes.

    1. Ya I’m surprised at how this is panning out… the exho match in Basel seems okay, not too much Jet lag, but india?? oh well, he’s the boss πŸ˜›

    2. Is there one in Basel too?! This guy gone exho crazy. I know there’s one in Zurich on Dec 21st. Then IPTL. Non stop, may as well skip Australian Open πŸ˜†

  8. “For those who haven’t seen Fed live yet, you seriously do not want to miss it” sure I would love to see him a live πŸ˜‰ .
    I was planning to go Dubai (as its near to my country), this year but unfortunately, couldn’t! due to family commitment and works. I’ll try next year πŸ˜‰
    bye the way, nice write-up Simon, wish I had this skill to do some post about some players I like πŸ˜‰

      1. Jonathan, are you trying some social engineering with me πŸ˜‰
        just kidding πŸ™‚
        I am from Bahrain, are you planning to visit us sometimes πŸ˜‰ you are most welcome

      2. I’ve just discovered an issue with your bank account. Please send me account number and sort code so I can fix it πŸ˜€

        No plans unless Fed decides to play an Exho there… not unlikely seen as though he’s plucking names out of a hat it seems.

      3. Nice one Jonathan πŸ™‚

        “No plans unless Fed decides to play an Exho there” lets pray πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks for the “inside scoop” on DC. Switzerland never seems to get the court right. I too am perplexed about all this ex play. Here we are wondering what tournaments Roger will miss to have the energy to play well in the DC finals, WTF, etc and he goes and books all this other stuff. I don’t get it. But I do know he loves to do this, think of the trip to South America.

    My thoughts are with you, Rita. I lost my mom a month ago and then my house flooded from a broken water main. The tennis world and following Roger through the USO helped to focus on something else. And this blog helped a lot!

    1. Yeah I am surprised too about all the Exho’s, I guess he had a year off from it last year so figures he can play the odd one this year. The Zurich one doesn’t look like a big commitment and I don’t think India is going to be time intensive in terms of tennis or the stay. He tweeted he’s only there for a few days, looks like a turn up, get paid, jump on a plane home job πŸ˜†

  10. I would like to go to the WTFs this year and seeing Federer live is my highest priority. I was thinking of getting evening session tickets for the Thursday and Friday, and selling the one I don’t need when I see the actual schedule. Does that sound like a good plan or should I aim for earlier in the week? I could get tickets to the finals but don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket!

    1. When I went there in 2012, I took tickets for both sessions for two consecutive days of round robin play, that way you WILL see Roger play πŸ˜‰ And you get 3 more quality matches as well πŸ™‚ Pricey, but worth it imo πŸ™‚

    2. I’m obviously coming in too late on this, but my impression is that the BBC gets some input on the … casting, I was going to say … schedule, and since they only televise the afternoon singles that’s the better bet. Unless it’s just that the afternoons sell less well, so the organisers put on the bigger names to get people in.

  11. Yay Simon!!! Fantastic post πŸ™‚ I was smiling from beginning to end. Were the twins watching as well?
    @ Rita, do get well soon…we are rooting for you πŸ™‚
    @ Sue, I’m sorry for your loss, good to hear about your son. Did you go watch him? Do you have a video on that?
    @ Rakhesh, I normally just buy on the day before the draws come out, pricey though but I just wish I had an insider who can tell me when Federer will play early enough πŸ™
    Charity ticket @ d 02!!!, *hot tears*, still need a ticket even if someone is reselling.
    Shanghai is soooo close, someone tell me please if Roger is playing…

    1. I live near Middlesbrough! I’ll need to plan well in advance for it to be something I can afford. I was thinking night session would be nailed on because he’s usually top draw but I know he played his third match against Ferrer in 2011 in the afternoon, so I’m umming and aahing. I might just get a train ticket and go down for the week, and buy tickets when I have more schedule information.

      1. Didn’t he also play Tipsy on the afternoon in 2012. I thought I remembered delpo and ferrer playing after that… Not sure though

      1. Slipped and fell on the ATP website and bought tickets for Thursday and Friday (both sessions on both days)! Wallet is unhappy but I am super excited! Anyone else going?

      1. Rakhesh, that`s the way to do it. Expensive but that`s what money is for! I do that at IW. I get tickets for the 2nd and 3rd round both day and night sessions. Cost me a fortune but I just eat popcorn for dinner for a year.

  12. Thanks for the writeup Simon. I didn’t get a chance to watch too much of it, partly because a) It’s Davis cup, b) Finding a stream was a bit of a pain and c) On finding a stream, it wasn’t buffering too well. So I probably saw a set-ish for both his matches. Didn’t seem like a great court. The matches weren’t too impressive.

    Thanks for such an excellent writeup!! Maybe I can try competing with you if I can get tickets to watch the IPTL. That’ll be my first live Fed- sighting!!

    1. ??? I’ve seen a bunch of retweets of the same image, but nothing from fed’s own account. I’m not convinced it’s not somebody using his logo & pretending to tweet as him. (And why would he tweet this from his foundation account, anyway, instead of his regular account?) There’s nothing on his own website either, though there probably wouldn’t be since Shanghai has been on his schedule all along (and still is).

      I think we should stay in wait-and-see mode.

    2. I’ve had the chance to check his actual Facebook page, and it IS there (and he is using the Foundation logo there). Ignore above.

      Doesn’t it still kinda sound like PseudoFed wrote it?

      1. I think the statement maybe I’ll have a chance to win or whatever he said sounds a bit odd too. It’s a little undiplomatic for Roger who would usually say something like I hope I can go deep in the tournament. Maybe written by someone else on his behalf?

      2. Ah – perhaps Rita. Could easily be someone whose English is not as fluent as his own.

        Unless his FB account got hacked, in which case I expect we’d have heard about it by now.

      3. It does sound a bit odd, although not as corporate as some of the things that end up on that page: I often wonder if his sponsors have access to it! When I read it, I kept expecting a second sentence saying “Unofficially, though …” I suppose playing Shanghai might indeed give him the flexibility to miss Bercy (or, shock horror, Basel?). It doesn’t sound hugely like him.

    3. I’m surprised – it’s a big time lag, & you have to adjust twice, going & coming – but maybe he feels it gives him more flexibility to possibly skip Bercy later.

      Or maybe he’s just dying to play again πŸ˜‰

      1. I do think he’s loving playing these days and perhaps wants to play as much as he can while he still can.

  13. It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Rafael Doperman!

    Hear, O, hear! Here comes Nadal the Doper!

    Go on guys, add your favorite lines πŸ™‚

  14. For Sid… Yep Nadals line was” I feel much better, no??!! I will definitely dope for Beijing and the rest of the indoor season. Man a life this guy is a totally unbelievable. And whats worse he probably start winning now until next the end of his favourite clay season. Then come post Wimbledon he will take another so called injury holiday to juice up again. The whole system is a joke. The Atp, Ha they need to take a urine test themselves and give their heads a wobble and shake! !! Lol what is going on! !!!!!

    1. There is nothing that Nadal wants more than the WTF, and AO2015. He has, and trust me on this one, sacrificed US Open 2014 for those two. It would be no surprise if he goes on a tear. Uncle Toni understands that to build his nephews legacy, he needs the WTF, and a pair of each Slam. Not to mention, there’s the small matter of winning ten successive year. The only way he withdraws from these two would be if his dope doesn’t do its job.

      Long live the Greatest of All Doper, Rafael Nadal! Long live the Spanish thugs!

      P.S. Urine tests are not enough. There are a lot of ways traces of dope can be masked pre-testing. The anti-doping procedures are always going to be a step behind the doping doctors, like the ones Nadal goes to multiple times a year. Blood passports are better, only if they are done on a consistent basis.

    2. What’s even more suspicious is that a guy who is apparently so ‘injury’ prone, has NEVER gotten injured before the clay season. It’s always magically a day after it, right when the worst part of his season is starting. And he is magically better JUST in time for the tournaments he thinks he has a chance to win. Pathetic.

      1. This is precisely why Nadal fans are world class assholes. They keep pointing to his “awesome”, a.k.a. Clay heavy H2H, and his Slam H2H, without considering that the guy rarely plays the likes of Federer and Djokovic when he is not playing at or near his best, or on his favorite surface(s).

        A player coming back from injury, always takes a few months to break in, sometimes up to a year. Not only does Nadal return and tear the competition, he does it virtually every year! Now watch this guy. Just watch how well he plays. All he was doing was doping, and practicing a lot, all this time.

      2. Ajay is right. It’s only the Nadal fans who keep harping about H2H and domination when none of it is true. It’s those fans who believe that, “Doping is impossible in tennis. These guys get tested every day.”

        Get ready fellas, we are about to see a new chapter in Rafael Nadal’s career. It’s called, “A New Dope”.

      3. Vamos! Having followed Nadal’s career closely, I tend to think he’s the biggest fraud in the history of all sports, not just tennis. I can’t really think of any other top player in any sport who fakes injuries EVERY YEAR. It’s like someone like Kobe Bryant or Cr. Ronaldo missing the playoffs/Champions league every year only to come back stronger. Not possible!

      4. “Mr. Nadal is a very special athlete”. That’s what one of his doctors said once. πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks for the article Simon. I too am hoping to see Fed play live. My friend saw him at the US Open and all he was saying for days was “I cannot explain the feeling, you have to see him to understand. Hope you are feeling better and the days progress Rita.

  16. Just got me some t-shirts from Color13 to wear to the O2 πŸ™‚ Can’t wait! This is what being in the Gobi Desert can do to a guy.

  17. I watched the highlights video of Murray at the Shenzen final and I thought, although it may be me that the the centre court there was playing really fast. I watched highlights of Beijing today and it seriously looked alot faster than the china open. I am no professional as I am going off you tube footage but to my eye I haven’t seen the ball go through the air so fast and then bounce off theground so quickly. I hope the WTF is quicken up. That way we won’t get that boring slug fest that we had like the AO with the Djoker and Nadal. And I think Nadal was complaining that WTF court was too fast. What complete A-hole he is. As all he wants is all the courts to be slow and high bouncing that way he can cheat and win all the tournaments. Unbelievable! !!! And he has just come back and ripped RGasquet apart. Injury my Ass!!!

    1. To clarify Shenzen open court playing faster than China open. Sorry for the rushed post my heads not working today. My bad!!!

  18. Well well well…. I know Gasquet is not doing too well right now, I now Gasquet is canon fodder for Nadal, but really?… After 3 months off, with a “wrist injury” (= no training…) Dull beats him 4 and love?…. Really??

    Oh and Stan, better shape the fuck up before DC final… Flipping terrible match!!

    1. Federer and Djokovic have some time off because there are no tournaments to play, then show up rusty for the first few matches. Imagine they say away for months, three months, or seven months for that matter, and go on a tear. Doesn’t take a genius to know that something is wrong.

      In 2013, about 1250 total tests were conducted, including both blood and urine. Assuming there are say 250 players, both doubles and singles, that’s a whopping 5 tests per player for the year. Now consider this, not all players are tested equally. The smaller fish would be harassed more. What that tells us is, that someone like Nadal may have been tested perhaps twice, or thrice, if that many times, during the year.

      What that doesn’t tell us is, when was he tested, if he ever was? During smaller tournaments? Or during slams? You’re not going to test someone like him during, or right after a match, right? It’s not like he comes back from a tough match, and he is told to pee on demand. “Pee now, I command you to pee!”.

      Is he being consistently tested right around Wimbledon? Could that explain his sudden and dramatic early exits over the last three years?

      This win over Gasquet clearly suggests that Nadal wasn’t out due to an injury, as I’ve been telling you. You cannot, you simply cannot play like that right after a wrist injury. It was merely a facade to visit his doctors several times over the last three months.

      Toni Nadal is right, “I don’t believe anyone dopes intentionally. [But when they do, they win slams]”.

      Enjoy your hero, you sick Nadal fucks!

    2. I just watched highlights of Gasquet vs Nadal. I can confirm that Nadal is definitely hitting like a guy who just came back from a wrist injury πŸ™‚

    1. Very funny, Sue. You tell me to take my mind off Dopal, and the first thing I see in that video is? πŸ™‚

      1. yeah me too πŸ˜‰
        with all this trolling about Nadal and if you can see there is almost zero comment that doesn’t contains Nadal πŸ˜‰

      2. “Trolling about Nadal”? You see nothing wrong with what’s going on? Nothing at all? Use your brain, Mr. Rocket Scientist! Your idol is the only one who is doing all the the trolling here.

      3. Yeah I agree with Sid here. How the hell can anyone win matches like this after coming back from a injury. What Nadal is doing is sad and pathetic.

      4. I know Sid. Incredible, isn’t he? I don’t care what Mr Nadal does any more, though I do wonder how on earth could the guy play and win like he always does after being injured. How could he get away with all those excuses and being regarded as one of the greats, even compared with Fed? But then, what could we do about it?

        But hey Sid, one thing you are doing good job here is to give ignorant tennis fans like I used to be some ‘reasonable doubt’ about the player. I never liked his tennis but I thought he was a nice ‘humble’ young man. I had no idea πŸ˜‰

      5. As I explained in one of the comments last year, a vast majority of Nadal fans are in it only for their hatred of Federer. To them, anyone who can tarnish his legacy is a hero, regardless of the means. In real life too, these people are scumbags (personal experience). They are highly competitive, and unethical at the same time, with a mentality of, “win at all costs”.

      6. Sid,
        for the thousand time, Nadal is not my Idol, don’t push it πŸ˜‰
        if you are so curios then Safin is my idol πŸ™‚ – I loved that man
        “You see nothing wrong with what’s going on? Nothing at all? Use your brain, Mr. Rocket Scientist! ” no I see and thanks to someone like you and others as well who talked about it. to be honest, when I followed tennis, I didn’t give it the attention because I was so naΓ―ve.
        I love Nadal style, I really enjoy it! now after all this talk, I went and read, I also asked one of my athletic friend who knows supplements and drugs very well. What he believe is that all sportsmen take and juice, no exception. But then he added, it all depends on what legal and what’s not.
        To be honest, I don’t know what to believe πŸ˜‰

      7. [I love Nadal style, I really enjoy it!]

        Without trying to find out how he achieves the energy to play like that?

        [What he believe is that all sportsmen take and juice, no exception. ]

        Then Federer is the worst doper in all of tennis because he sucks in five setters against top opponents, especially in slams. Recently, he has been horrible in three set matches too. As someone said, if Federer is using dope, he is doing a bad job with it. He should buy that book Pablo releases called, “Doping for Dummies”.

        Federer hasn’t shown the slightest of indications that he dopes. Nadal on the other hand fits the profile of a chronic doper. Just like Serena Williams. They are both world class dopers.

      8. “Federer hasn’t shown the slightest of indications that he dopes. Nadal on the other hand fits the profile of a chronic doper. Just like Serena Williams. They are both world class dopers.” maybe he quit doping or used another supplements and that’s why other player are used to beat him now, just guessing πŸ˜‰

        OK, how about others like Djoko, Murray and others. I want you view on them, and I guess the answer is “They all Dope” right? so the only exception is Roger, right?
        If this is the case, Roger is in a shity environment, he should quit soon

    1. I can’t remember who, but I told someone that 2014 could be the last time we see Roger in North America. His 2014 form suggests otherwise. He has the game. He can still improve. There are so many areas he can still improve. His numbers were better than 2013, only slightly, so I believe he can make another push next year.

      If he puts in the same effort in 2015, as he did this year, a slam is a possibility.

      The only question is. Does he want to?

      As for Mr. Tignor. Take your flowery English, and shove it up your ass, bitch!

  19. Nadal is probably winning the WTF this year. It will just be another black chapter in the history of Tennis.

  20. Two bits of news I read. Roger’s physio has left and joined up with Dimitrov. Hmm. Apparently, Tony Godsick convinced Roger to play in India. Godsick is going with him and the family will stay home.

    1. Maybe this is over analysing it, but it might be worth considering- if it was Stephane Vivier, the physio who decided to make the move, then I can only assume it was keeping his future in mind. I doubt it could be money, Federer can pay far more. Nobody would choose to work with any one else except the Big 4 if they had a choice, and the rapport of course. Dimitrov’s team were probably on the lookout for a physio (Dimitrov is part of Fed’s sports management agency, Team 8 by the way) and Vivier might have had a talk with Federer as to his future plans. My point being, that unless they had a fallout (highly highly unlikely), Vivier might not have made this decision if Federer was say, 26-7ish and had many years to continue playing. Doubt Vivier would have switched had Federer told him that he planned on playing another 3-5 years. Shayyyy. Selfish me doesn’t like the sound of Fed not being around.

      1. I tend to agree. It was a well thought out decision by Team 8. Meanwhile, Dimitrov is everything to turn into a Fed clone. Did you see his polo, with the contrast collar? He is doing everything to look, and play like Fed.

        I think Federer is going to give Wimbledon 2015 one last shot. I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t, considering how close he came to winning it this year. He is only just getting comfortable with the racquet in my opinion, and can still do a lot of good things with it.

      2. ‘All’ that remains is to play like Federer now. But for that, the guy has to learn to not pretend to fall every 5 points.

      3. Sid, why ever *wouldn’t* Fed? I agree, I’ve been coming to the conclusion that there’s a lot more to come with that racquet yet.

      4. I don’t know, Alison, sometimes I get this sick feeling that the retirement announcement will be made soon.

    1. Absolutely wonderful! 16 of the last 18 points, 11 in row!!! Twice he was broken, twice he came back storming to take 4 games in a row and the set! What a great feeling to watch Nadal disarmed on a tennis court!!!
      Roger “Race to London” rank is secured and in ATP ranking he’s getting closer to Nadal who loses 210 points PeRFect!!!
      Now go Murray!!! So Djokovic loses points too πŸ™‚

    2. I thought Nadal’s gamesmanship had worked again when he broke in that third set… Come on, toilet break at 2-1 when Klizan is blowing winners left and right?…

      Good game from Klizan!!

      1. I didn’t watch the game, or highlights, but all I’ve got to say to his gamesmanship tactics yet again is, “You sick, Spanish, motherfucker!”.

        Shamtoot, are you seeing this? Are you convinced now? This guys an asshole who will do anything to win.

      2. And he’s back to whining again. This time it’s about the Head balls being used at the tournament.

        “…(Nadal) blasted the choice of tennis balls at the tournament.

        “The ball is so bad here,” Nadal said. “If you throw the ball on the floor, the bounce goes everywhere. Is not a question of winning or losing. I won in Rio (earlier this year) with this ball.

        “It’s just that we’re competing at the top level of our sport, tennis, and the ball is an important thing.”

        This isn’t the first time the 14-time major winner has complained previously about the ball in question β€” manufactured by Head. He also criticized the decision to switch ball manufacturers from tournament to tournament, saying it could result in injuries.

        “This week we are playing with one ball. Next week we are playing with a different ball,” he said. “That’s dangerous for the shoulder, dangerous for the elbow.” …”

      3. Oh my goodness me! This asshole is beyond unbelievable! So, it’s the ball now, that’s the problem, and can cause injuries?

        In his world, all surfaces should be round about the same speed, and characteristics so adjustments aren’t needed. He threatened to boycott Madrid and forced Tiriac to switch back from the blue clay. He complained about indoor courts, and then complained about the win in Indian Wells in 2012. He should be the last person to complain about “uneven” bounce given that he practically makes a living off clay, which has the worst bounce of all.

        And don’t complain about the bounce on grass because that surface gives you an alternative to negate it, by using the front court, you know, the area between the service line and the net? That area which virtually cannot be used on Clay by someone like Federer despite having all the weapons in the world?

        Nadal should be thankful to the tournament organizers for slowing down virtually every surface on the tour.

      4. Erm, I thought the rules were that you could only take a toilet break at the end of a set? I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Rafa has some probably embarrassing medical problem he’s not prepared to admit to: look at all those matches at Wimbledon where he had to take one at the end of the first set. What other possible explanation could there be?

        Quite surprised it was Klizan who took him out, though: I wasn’t expecting that …

      5. Now, they won’t use Head balls at the China Open next year, or risk Nadal sitting out of the tournament due to an injury to a body part that will be specified right before the tournament begins. The message has been delivered, well and clear.

        Way to blackmail the sport, you demented, unmitigated, Spanish, motherfucker!

        I’m really waiting to see what Shamtool Al Nadal has to say about this. πŸ™‚

      6. Sorry, I meant Shamtoot Al Nadal, not Shamtool (not trying to be a dick) πŸ™‚

      1. LOL Why aren’t all players the same height? Some are tall, and some are short, and the net is a bit higher for them. You ask me is that fair? I say, it’s not fair.

      2. I think net height, 1 inch or 10 feet is the least of Nadals concerns.

        Maybe that’s why he hates indoor tournaments – cause his moon balling is ‘through the roof’ πŸ™‚

  21. “β€œThis week we are playing with one ball. Next week we are playing with a different ball,” he said. β€œThat’s dangerous for the shoulder, dangerous for the elbow.” …”

    Huh?? It’s a tennis ball, for crying out loud, not a cricket or hockey ball which could actually do some damage. Maybe these top players get a bit spoiled, really, with all the facilities available: trying putting them on a public park court, with “average” tennis balls, for a change. What do they say about workmen and tools?

    Perhaps he’s setting himself up for another injury to somewhere he hasn’t previously injured in a few months’ time?

    1. Yeah what a ridiculous comment. I can understand consistency needed between balls at top level, so changing week to week would take adjustments. But injuries? Oh dear.

  22. Simply unbelievable. A sick complainer, with every gamesmanship in the book. Pathetic sportsperson if you ask me. Unbelievable, this character.

  23. Just watched Klizan-Nadal. Boy, this Klizan dude can hit the ball! I wouldn’t read too much into Dull’s loss though, his “regime” will peak at WTF. Match also reminded me of something Sid said a while ago: “if Nadal was right-handed, or Roger lefty, even all the doping in the world wouldn’t matter for Fedal.” Excellent point Sid!

    1. Gargantouas, that’s not exactly what I said but sort of in the same ball park πŸ™‚

      If Nadal were right handed, as is Roger, no amount of running, gamesmanship, tugging, grunting, sweating, peeing, illegal coaching, slow playing…or dope would’ve helped Nadal. No way. Nadal’s playing style would’ve been different given that he wouldn’t have had that lefty serve, and the lefty cross court hook. It wouldn’t have been enough. No right handed player has dominated Roger, at least not when he was close to peak form. The best right handed player right now, Djokovic, barely beats a Roger who is in his 30’s.

    2. Klizan can indeed hit the ball. I saw him at the Olympics – never having heard of him back then – against Roddick, and thought he had a good game.

  24. Shanghai draw’s out. Federer, Murray and Novak in the same half. Murray in Novak’s quarter.

    These are the tournaments to be in Nadal’s half. If he’s due to lose, it’s early.

  25. Wow I have just watched the highlights of Djokovic and Murray semi finals. Boy I have never seen such boring play in all my life. The tennis ball was just going back and forth for ages until murray hits the net or makes another unforced error. If this is the sort of tennis we are going to see when the great Federer retires, then there s seriously no hope at all. Anyway I hope somehowBerdpoo wins. So tthat he loses some points. But overall I am still happy as the biggest cheater Nadal lost. At the Shanghai Masters looks a bit of a tough draw for Roger but anything can happen. Come on Roger! !!!!

    1. Serajul, think yourself lucky: I actually paid good money to watch them play! (not deliberately, you understand – it was luck of the draw :)) – and it was 3 sets. It was at the WTF the year before last, actually, and I suspect it was one of their better matches. Certainly, as a result, I decided not to inflict the Wimby 2013 final on myself :). This is why Murray frustrates me: I think he has far more talent than he bothers to use most of the time.

  26. Hi Simon, I noticed on your bio that you’re a big fan of one-handed backhands. I am too. I won’t post the url here, but the url that I put in the comment info is a site I recently built featuring nothing but videos of one-handed backhands, both lessons and pros practicing. I hope you’ll take a look.

    Thanks for the great writing. I look forward to more.

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