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Federer Fan Story: Rogers Cup, Montreal 2017

Regular commenter Miss Elly recaps seeing Roger live at the Coupe Rogers

I thought that since we are all in a “Roger Drought” at the moment you might like a fan experience to fill in a few moments. You had suggested I do this quite a while ago but I (obviously) didn’t get around to it until now.

I have been a devoted (get up at 3:00 am to watch) Fed fan for years but unlike you and most of his fans, I have never played a game of tennis in my life. I only became a tennis fan after seeing Roger play (on TV) a few years ago. Since then, and like millions of others, to see him play in person has been on the top of my “bucket list”. Unfortunately, traveling around the world to accomplish this required more “drops” in the bucket than I could manage.

However, The Rogers Cup whether in Toronto or Montreal is attainable for me and I have been several times but I must have jinxed Roger as he has canceled every time I was there – until last summer.

I took my granddaughter Grace with me to Montreal for some “her and me” bonding time and of course to see Roger. She is a sports “nut” studying same at College, loves Roger, plays soccer, golf and is on her College hockey team (we ARE Canadian after all ) and the fact that The Great One, Gretzky, was in the crowd was a bonus. We had tickets for the Monday and Tuesday day and night sessions, sure that Roger would be playing one of them. I was secretly hoping for Monday the 8th, his birthday, but he was out celebrating without us on his special day. However, ta-dah, Tuesday we lucked in.

It was a beautiful, hot sunny day, we had good seats and he was the first match of the day. He was playing fellow Canadian Peter Polansky and although the stadium was not filled at the start it didn’t take long and the crowd was definitely into Roger, thrilled to have him back and loudly showed their appreciation even though he was playing a local guy. The match was pretty much a foregone conclusion but watching Roger in action, in person, is soooo much better than on TV. I am not spending too much time on the match, not because it wasn’t worth waiting for, but because for us the best part came later!

After the match, we went to get a bite to eat and came across the (small) Lindt chocolate (one of Roger’s sponsors) booth where they were giving away sample truffles. We got in a short line to get our freebie dessert when a young lady came out and told us this was not the line for chocolate but if we wanted to stay there Roger was coming over in a little while to sign autographs! It was sheer chance that we happened to be there. There was no advertising or talk of any sort that Roger was going to be coming around. Of course, it was a no-brainer so we stayed in line and chatted with others that were waiting. A little while later the same lady came out and told us that Roger had asked that there be “no pictures”! Autographs yes, pictures no. We were quite surprised and disappointed, to say the least. We waited a little while longer and decided we were too old for just autographs (I know, I know, brain cramp!!) and we decided to leave and go back to watch our unknown (at that time!) Denis Shapovalov take on Del Potro (whom I now officially dislike and will happily cheer for any of his opponents, (except Nadal)).

Shortly thereafter, however, we saw the error of our ways and hurried back to get in line again and wait for Roger. He arrived on a golf cart surrounded and I do mean surrounded by (presumably) security staff and was ushered into the booth. Soon after he arrived the same young lady came by and asked/told us if we had iPhones she would take pictures with them for us once inside. We happily handed over our phones when we got in and the photo I have attached is of my granddaughter after Roger autographed her RF hat. Her reaction, as well as Roger’s, tell the story. I have a similar photo of myself with Roger!


Roger in person is the epitome of class and charm! We shook hands, and he chatted with me as if there was all the time in the world as if there was no queue, no rush. I wished him a belated happy birthday, he thanked me, signed the Lindt chocolate poster that he was giving out, asked me if I wanted him to autograph the programme that I was holding in my hand ( now hanging on my office wall) and – away we went back to the Shapovalov – Del Potro match starstruck like teenagers (OK for her but I’m an old lady and I was still starstruck!) Definitely not my usual nature but after all it WAS Roger! When the DelPotro match was over Roger was still signing autographs. I have no idea how long he stayed but it was after dark when we left and to the best of my knowledge he was still there doing his thing. As an aside we also saw that young upstart Shapovalov defeat Nadal 😀

Aside from his awesome talent on the tennis court, Roger is a truly remarkable human being. His sincerity and the fact that he REALLY likes people show when you watch him interact with his fans. If it is not real he has a great future as an actor.

My problem is now that I’ve seen him play and met him in person, doing it again is back on my bucket list. Damn!!

Miss Elly.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. NICE story Miss Elly, thanks! I should consider going for Halle, the nearest for me. Your fan story has indeed encouraged this!

    1. Thanks muser and you should go for it! You won’t be sorry. If you do be sure to look for a booth of one of Roger’s sponsors, he just might be planning an autograph session.

  2. What a lovely story.I thoroughly agree that seeing him in person is very different to watching him on television.I have
    been lucky enough to see him at theO2 London three times and in Basle.All wonderful experiences and very different matches.So glad that you achieved your ambition to see him playing in Canada.

    1. Thanks Annie. Lucky you seeing Roger so many times and especially in his home town! I bet that has the best atmosphere, I’m hoping to see him again this year in Toronto but I have a sneaky suspicion he will cancel again, but fingers crossed.

  3. Thanks so much Miss Elly, for sharing this wonderful, heart-warming story of your and your granddaughter’s encounter with Roger. Seeing him play in person is on my bucket list, too, but living in India, I don’t think it will ever happen. I have a crazy Fedfan friend though, who took up a job in Australia just hoping to see Roger play there, and, guess what, he did manage to see Roger win this year’s AO! I was chatting with him via Whatsapp during the match, and lived every moment vicariously! Your experience in person must be all much much more exciting!
    BTW, in the midst of the Roger draught and Rafa deluge (God! aren’t there ANY good clay-courters around when you need them?), I completely agree with your feelings about both Nadal and Del Potro!!

    1. Thank you Sucharita for your kind words. It really was special, time spent enjoying two perfect people, my granddaughter and Roger (I may be slightly prejudiced about my granddaughter). I wouldn’t be surprised if Roger doesn’t play in India sometime, I see lots and lots of requests for him play there. I hope for your sake he does. As for you chatting with your friend from Australia during the AO final, WOW, I think that just might beat my experience!!

      1. Your granddaughter has such a lovely smile. Much love to her. And thanks for your lovely words. Hope so, tpo.

  4. Miss Elly, didn’t know you are a fellow Canadian! I love your story. How lucky for you to meet him in person. He has a “vib” about him that is hard to explain. If you are not a fed fan then something is wrong with you. I’m assuming you’re in Eastern Canada but you might consider Indian Wells next year. I’ve never had the chance to meet him, you are one fortunate fan.

    1. Hi Sue. I live in the middle of the country, central Ontario which makes Toronto or Montreal fairly accessible. Indian Wells would be my first choice of the Masters to attend if I could and every year I think I’m going to get there but haven’t made it yet. Going to try for Cincinnati this year, it isn’t too far away. Mostly I would love to go to the Laver Cup in Chicago but I have other commitments in September.

    1. ? – Delpo for sure. Most hypocritical by far. Djoker shortly after, if ever a threat again (which I doubt). Nadal…I’m not totally convinced he use forbidden dope. Maybe all that is legal. I hate more, that none of the others doesn’t threat him on clay – they did some time ago, no?

    2. Yep we will. I actually miss Djoker now particularly in clay season. I’d love Delpo again if he beats Nadal on dart, too. Hahaha what a biased Fedfan, I am 😆
      But I agree with Muser, why nobody is even close to threatening Dull on clay? Saw a clip of him playing miles behind the baseline, wtf? Yikes!

      1. How right you are. Looking at Rafa marauding on clay, I’m like, come back Nole, all is forgiven. ;). Which is why I loved Stan and Andy when they were winning slams and masters.

      2. It sort of works because there is no one brave enough to pull Nadal to the net and make him chase balls on diagonals. It requires lots of touch and cold blood. Damn, even my son beat me yesterday for the first time on carpet, courtesy of a few sick dropshots from the backyard and my 50 year old legs could not find enough traction. (And I am regretting big time putting a 6.1 95 in his hands. Hahahaha!)

    3. Mostly Nadal in my book, he will die trying to break Roger’s records. Sorry Nadal fans, cant help it. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he drives me crazy!!

      1. Yea, Nadal starting to drive me crazy too ? – like Djoker did some time ago….

  5. Thanks a lot for the fan story, Miss Elly.  Very well written.

    … and Roger : what a man !
    Did you read this ?

    On my side, I finally took time to translate /adapt my few verses I had initially written in French. Here they are.

    I am not an English native speaker, so I hope it does not contain too many wording mistakes. 🙂

    Sonnet for an artist : Roger Federer

    Here’s the praise of an artist on a cushion of air.
    So agile and at ease,  anytime, anywhere.
    Punching the stretched strings of his magic guitar.
    A Zeppelin hovers. His workspace ? Rectangular.

    He plays that cosmic game in which two shining suns
    Alternately pummel a so tiny planet.
    We exalt his feints. His matches ? A celebration.
    His art is champagne-like, with a sparkling palette.

    Let’s admire him soaring for next three years or four
    Drawing Pythagoras-angles with his graphite laser.
    Brilliantly exuding backhands, aces and more.

    Watching him fly on clay, turf or hard courts,
    We’ll forever honour the tennis astronaut.
    We shall never forget the Swiss fairy, the GOAT.

  6. What a lovely story Miss Elly! I felt I was star stuck as well just by reading. I’m so happy for you! You guys were so lucky! How long did you wait and how could you possibly get back to the queue after you left?? I was in Melbourne this year for AO and Rogers practice sessions – that one court-length fence where you can stand and wait, was full of people three hours before he was due to practise. I love Roger but I have to admit I don’t love him enough to wait 3 hrs! Shame on me, lol

    1. Hi April. Thank you for your kind comment. First of all the Lindt booth was not far from the entrance to the court. Second, it was good luck that when we got back to the match the first time there was a game happening and they wouldn’t let us in until it was over That’s when we decided we were pretty stupid to leave the Lindt queue and that an autograph was better than nothing When we got back the queue (I love this word, we don’t use it here) was a bit longer but not much. I think the secret was that no one knew (except those of us in line) that Roger was coming by. Anyone passing by just thought we were lined (queued?) up for chocolate. Altogether we were in queue for about 1 1/2 hours. It didn’t seem long because we were busy chatting with others and there was a big screen within sight showing the on court match.

  7. What a terrific story. How lucky you were to get to meet Roger. I got to see him in person In Toronto a few years ago, and did a write-up at that time. It was an evening match the day before his birthday, and the match went so late that I thought we would be celebrating his birthday with him on the court. The day before, I got to see him practicing with his then coach, Edberg, looking on (and occasionally chasing a stray ball – another humble guy). Edberg was one of my tennis heroes, having seen him play at the Rogers Cup in the 1990s, as well as on TV. So to see both him and Fed on the practice court was truly special.

  8. A bit slow to join the party but many thanks for your fan story, Miss Elly. What a cool Fedexperience! It made my day just reading and imagining it. How brave you were to ask autograph and even talk to him?! I would freeze or pass out. I saw his matches live several times but never thought about getting autograph but I might try next time, perhaps the Basel this year… 🙂

  9. Love reading these Fed meeting the fans stories and in this one Miss Elly you really got it all. The photo captures his ease & naturalness and super, special ability to relate to people despite all the pressures and constant security…what a memorable shared encounter for you, your granddaughter and Fed. I’m sure he really appreciates genuine fans and picks up on the the family dynamic which is reciprocated and seen in the lovely expressions…!

    Appreciate this even more given the clay season offering so little, your timing is perfect as we await grass season and the real King’s return.

    No way is clay any fun so far it’s just moan, repeat shots, suck the life out of everyone, bite trophy and repeat, adding some cliched but faux “humble” phrases we’ve heard far too often.

    You are so lucky to have this very precious photo and personal Fed experience to savour . Thank you.

    1. Oh, dear, that is breathtaking play. I sometimes wonder if Nadal has some hidden dragster engine in his legs…

  10. Fed will play in Stuttgart on top (June 11-17)… Good news !
    Go Ruggero ! ATP points to be won there…

  11. If the odds are in Fed’s favour… Just imagine :
    – Stuttgart 2018 = 98th tournament
    – Halle 2018 = 99th tournament
    … and Wimbledon 2018 = the 100th ?! 🙂

    I don’t dare to think about it.
    Might he think about it ?

  12. An interesting question on Quora and an interesting answer (even if it’s not easy to compare individual and team sports).. Who’s the most impressive athlete of our generation : Tom Brady, Le Bron James or R. Federer ?

    “The answer looks for the greatest Athlete.

    So what can indicate athleticism?
    Perhaps, playing 3 or 4 hour matches, and then playing more matches two days later (and sometimes the next day).

    Perhaps serving a ball using a racquet, to be delivered with power, speed and disguise within centimetres, even millimetres over 55 feet away.

    Now, shooting a basketball is difficult. However, the brain has to so much work when something is used (a racquet) between the hitting action and the ball leaving. This extra work actually amounts to calculus that is done behind the scenes that we are unaware of it.

    Returning a serve requires reflexes fine tuned to the hundred, even thousand of a second.

    Tennis is not just about endurance, it requires the explosiveness of a sprinter.

    An extraordinary athlete is definitely by remarkable physiological test results. I would bet that Federer’s stats are a good bit ahead of LeBron and Tom Brady.

    In a 100 metre race, it would be no contest, Federer would win. Over 200 metres, Federer’s lead would only extend, over 800 metres, you get the point.

    All that said, LeBron, has the right athleticism for his sport. Tom Brady, does not really depend upon athleticism, more knowledge and work with team members on plays behind the scenes. So, it that sense it is probably not fair to compare. That is why I did the comparison on physical fitness, and the extra difficulty of using a racquet between the hand and the ball strike.

    I know many of the US readers think Tom Brady and Football players are great athletes. Perhaps it is worth checking our Rubgy Union, where players, especially forwards and centres, have to have amazing strength, incredible endurance, and the centres to be world class sprinters. They can burn close on 4000 calories in one 80 minute match.

    The fittest Gaelic Football players can cover over 8 miles in a 70 minute match. They need to be strong and explosive as well.

    Or what about triathletes, or formula one drivers?

    One of the greatest athletes I ever saw was the boxer Ali. He had everything, devastating speed, endurance, a remarkable will, and God given balance and timing. He would have excelled in any sport.

    I could mention Ashton Eaton as well, that remarkable decathlon.

    The three mentioned in the question are very very well paid, but that is not a guarantee that they are the greatest athletes. Many could stake a claim.

    Buy if I had to choose out of the three in the question, I would choose Federer”.

  13. Thank you for this Miss Elly. I too love to read these stories, and it sounds like the Toronto venue was a fun visit even when Roger wasn’t playing.

    I wonder what you particularly noticed that was different, seeing him live, vs. seeing him on tv? I wonder especially about the dancing & floating quality of his movement – does that come across when you’re seeing him from perhaps farther away, yet right in front of you?

    Still more than a month before he comes back. What Rafa is doing is phenomenal in its own brute force way – agree with whoever said, why aren’t opponents moving him forward & back – though of course the ball is coming at you with such force that’s easier said than done – but it’s not the same. Of course. Trying to just still be glad he’s still playing. Also really impressed with some of the youngsters the last few weeks. Nice to see them valuing shotmaking.

  14. I said this before: Whatchout for Tsitsipas. The kid has a reckless backhand that he will not think twice to fire back against anyone wanting to glue him to the ad back court (not too different from Wawrinka). Too bad it just wasn’t enough against Nadal. Too good that Sousa tamed him and moved on to his maiden home title. Go Sousa! Yeah!
    Now: Let the red dust whirl around and wait for the grass.

  15. Did anyone watch the joker v Nishikori match?I thought Djokovic was looking a lot sharper than of late.Still terribly thin,but somehow looking dangerous.The Madrid tournament will be interesting I think,for once Nadal facing a bit of
    decent opposition,thinking mainly Del Potro,but who knows,somehow I feel an upset might be in the air.?

    1. Novak may have been looking sharper, but didn’t stop him losing, did it?

      I suspect the only way Nadal is going to be upset is if someone gets onto court and trips him up. Or says nasty things about his family. Or …

    1. Actually I don’t think it’s positive. Delpo has the better chance to beat Nadal than Anderson/Lajovic.
      Well, I hope Thiem doesn’t sh*t in his pants once again. If he plays his best tennis he might even has a chance to take a set from Nadal.

  16. agree regarding Shapo,I think that when Fed hangs up his racket he will be the one for me.Such shot making ability and
    seems personable too.Theim drives me crazy with all that overhitting and ball bashing and I will be amazed if Nadal doesn’t
    obliterate him today.I like Zrerev too although Iknow a lot of people do not.I think Isner, despite being tennis boredom
    personified is possibly the only one who stands a chance of getting a set off Nadal so it is no surprise that he is on the
    opposite side of the draw.And whats with that electronic ball toss thing?A good way of ensuring Nadal serves first,which
    must be an advantage in best of three.So cynical I am these days.?

      1. When the ref doesn’t toss a coin to decide who serves but it it is done electronically.

  17. Finally the clay court season becomes faintly interesting. Not interesting enough – but faintly.

  18. Roger back to number one.
    I am just worried about where is our man in terms of form.

    Nadal has to win Rome to be back on top?

  19. It would be nice if Rafa loses something else on clay this season and Roger enters Wimbledon as number one. I suppose Nadal gains points at Queen’s.
    But I’m more concerned he wins Wimbledon than his ranking anyway, seeing as he finally cracked back to number one – number of Grand Slams has to be the best focus now.

  20. What a match ! Thiem was great !

    ATP Ranking live :
    1. Roger = 8670 pts
    2. Rafa = 7950 pts

    And Thiem drops from 7th to 8th (3305 pts) as Anderson won today and is now 7th with 3660 pts.
    But let’s wait for the semis to see if it changes.

  21. Great win for Dominic after the mauling he got the last time. Really good to see someone step
    up and win on clay against Rafa !!!

  22. Okay,Mea Culpa,I take it all back.Such courage from Theim,I hope he goes on to win the whole thing,too annoying if
    Isner or even worse Anderson were to win the final.And thank God we don’t have to look at that vile orange shirt anymore.?

  23. Wellwel, so far, so good. But what comes at FO we’ll see. Rafa has a lot to defend there, that’s a good thing. And so has Roger at Wimby…?

    1. Yes, I’m trying not to get too over-enthusiastic about the repeat No. 1 by reminding myself that if Roger doesn’t have a good grass season Rafa could end up turning the tables back on him. But another week or 2 at No. 1 isn’t to be sneezed at.

  24. And also,talk about being hoisted on your own petard,that wonderful game when Theim moonballed Rafa and won.
    Also could there be such a thing as the curse of Shwartsman?Rafa plays him at the AO and wins.Then plays Cilic and
    loses.Yesteday he played Schwartzman and loses today to Theim.Coincidence,yes?

    1. So true. At first I wasn’t quite getting if Thiem was just defending the way he could but upon a careful look at the last half of set 2 (which I hadn’t seen live) it became very clear that it was deliberate because Nadal didn’t know what to do with them other than returning with little in it. From there on, for Thiem it was just a matter of waiting for the right dead ball to attack it with his forehand. Very clever.

  25. Yes Rui agreed.I notice that Theim has another coach as well as Gunter,which I have long felt was necessary.For once he seemed to have a game plan and kept to it.Total demolition of Anderson today.Great final shaping up.
    Really looking forward to the Shapo /Sascha match.

    1. The way Stan is playing, he’s on his way out of the first 100 in ATP rankings.
      He’s currently world no. 23, but most of his points are from RG (Finals- 1,200). Another 250 points drop next week (Geneva). So far Stan has gained 155 points in 2018 – AO, Sofia and Rome. That places him somewhere around no. 320 in the rankings. If he doesn’t win some matches in the next two weeks he’ll have a long way on the comeback trail.

      Seeing Novak, Stan and Andy just makes me so grateful about Roger’s recovery. The common case is that players are struggling to comeback. Roger is 69-7 since his comeback (over 90%!! better than career average!), with 9 titles in bag- 3 GS, 3 Masters and 3 ATP 500s. And he’s over 35. GOAT!

  26. @Sue,
    Goodness knows ,he seems to have fallen off a tennis cliff.Must admit I haven’t missed either Murray or Djokovic with their eternal retrieving style.
    Glad to see the young ones at last making a move.Rome will be interesting.Very.

  27. Quarter finals look interesting tomorrow with a handful of good players left, makes for better competition. Shame Federer isn’t there to slay them all, but I do agree with him not playing on clay. Shows great presence of mind not to just give it a try.
    I wouldn’t mind Zverev keeping his title to be honest – I think he’s a player to watch. Would be fun if he won Roland Garros! Of course, when Federer plays I want him to win the slam but when he’s not there it’s actually quite a change to look at the other players and see who has a chance and wonder how many can take down Nadal!
    11 RG titles would be ridiculous.

  28. Just a suggestion to the ITF…..use Hawk Eye on clay. The umps fall asleep and don’t know the mark. It would save on replacing ump chairs too!
    Too big an ask having Shapo beat Nadal on clay. He needs a rest…looks worn out. Anyone but Nadal please.

    1. I guess you saw that shot of Pliskovas which was clearly in and ruled against her? Can’t understand why they couldn’t use a replay.

  29. I saw the match Fognini vs Nadal at lunch time. Fognini played fantastic strokes in the first set coming back from 1-4 to win the set 6-4… but then he collapsed and missed too many strokes. A pity, as he glided really well in the beginning and his forehands and dropshots are sometimes magical…

  30. Now we’ll see if brave and noble Kei comes through Djoko..and if brave and noble Goff comes through the long lightening blitzer..

  31. Are we all praying now? Exactly for what/who in Rome? Anything but Rafa? Djoko, Sasha, Cilic? Maybe Cilic? Is said to be a nice guy, but, but….OK Cilic! But life is also other than tennis…

  32. How about Djoker takes out Nadal then someone takes out Djoker in the final. AND Hawkeye comes to clay.

  33. The Long super talent is in final with Rafa tomorrow. Will he win?? Can we hope? Does it matter?

    1. Yes, in the moment I’m cheering as hell on Sascha…but in a million years it’s Fed who’s remaining no. one!

  34. Oh for goodness sake.Has there ever been a luckier player than Nadal?All the momentum with Sacha and then a 50
    minute rain delay.Totally reset the match with predictable results.However one thing he cannot benefit from.Zrerev is 21 and seems to be getting better all the time.Nadal may win RG this time but looking forward who knows.Them also good on clay.?

  35. Both Thiem and Zverev have found chinks in Nadal’s armor. RG is definitely not a sure thing for Nadal. I think that Nadal may have worn himself out and realize that at nearly 32 he should have rested before RG. We will see, but my gut is telling me that he might have sacrificed his body and 3 set wins at RG might not be so easy.

    1. The only real rival Nadal has in RG is really himselff. I think he is playing good enough to destroy all the opposition. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does not loose a single set.

  36. I thought A.Z. was incredible. After the late night matches and the amount of time needed just hanging
    around waiting to get on court…..after the Cilic match he looked legless. Didn’t surprise me at all that
    Nadal bulldozed him in the first set what did surprise me is that he nearly took Nadal to the cleaners, when
    the match was stopped and they went off I felt bad for Alexander because he had to start all over again and as we saw it just wasn’t there for him. Classy too that he didn’t blame time his matches were played but credit to
    Nadal for winning but he surely got a fright.

  37. A couple of days ago I saw the Rafa-Novak match and understood one of the keys to Rafa’s success since 2017 season.
    Shorter rallies.
    The match was actually fun to watch because both players played riskier tennis than we used to see them play. Always searching for a winner. If Novak was a bit sharper he might stood a chance. He missed some simple backhands down the line that could turn into winners.
    The point is- Rafa understands he’s no longer 22 years old, and if he wants to stay in the top he has to shorten the rallies. Probably Carlos Moya helped him to do this shift. This is why he looks better on hard courts.
    Maybe the way for the next gen players to beat him is to drag him to longer rallies, absurd as it sounds.

    Now this season becomes intersting after a weak start. With Zverev surging, Novak on the comeback, young stars braking new ground…
    I hope Roger comes back fresh and sharp for the grass season and makes a great second half for the season.
    My dream scenario is Roger beats Rafa in straight sets in Wimbeldon championship match, ten years after that famous match. No rain breaks now with the roof 😉

  38. Well,no longer a walk over on clay at RG methinks.Sascha has shown what a threat he can be on clay.As have Thiem,
    And Fognini.Schwartsman also gives Nadal anxious times and his old foe Djokovic took him to a tie break he was lucky to win.The draw and scheduling so important.(Fixed probably).
    Watched the Italian final with my sister in law who has never seen Nadal play before being not into tennis.
    Her first comment was ‘Good grief that is absolutely disgusting.’Refering to the back and front antics.Then,why is he taking forever to serve,Then,’Why does he need a towel when he hasn’t done anything ‘Then’Why is water dripping off him as though he is in a shower’.Finally,why is he grunting so loudly,is it to distract the opponent?
    Final comment ,’No idea that was how he behaved on court.Absolutely awful’.
    Thought some of you might find that interesting ?

    1. Annie, I guess we are used to it. True, it is disgusting. I don’t watch unless someone is beating him. Let’s hope Sasha’s “breakthrough” in the slams is on clay, not on grass.
      Is it just me or does it seems like years since Miami?

      1. yes,it does.It is at times like this when Nadal is dominating tennis that one really longs for Feds
        grace,style and absence of brutish behaviour and delaying tactics.What is more Nadal now seems to be bouncing the dratted ball as much as Djokovic!

  39. Roger Federer has won 15 years in a row most liked player by his fellow tennis peers. He also is the most popular 15 years in a row with tennis fans. What makes Roger so lovable? Is it just great tennis? No of course not, we all can judge what a great human being the man is. I know that the Laver Cup will cost him in going to play in China as was the case last year. Hope he repeats last years win at Wimbly.

    1. Agree. His ambition is of course alive still, but maybe is changing direction a bit – to have fun may be growing in importance – i. e. IF it’s fun having chance to be no. One, then why not – but Laver Cup and education of kids in Africa – and family and tennis sport on grass – may be more fun than that, still. I think, this is to be observed in the way he easily smiles, and the flowing beauty of his style.

      1. Yes,but Fed has that determination to win and be the best.While he is still in there with a
        chance to win a slam he won’t retire.Unfortunately bloody Nadal having a renaissance when everyone said he was finished means Feds slam count is vulnerable because of clay.So annoying.

  40. Nice interview with Seve from Geneva:

    The last paragraph:
    ” did you at least take the time to sample the champagne last Monday?”

    We were unfortunately not together (smile). The most important for me is that Rodg becomes number one again, at his age and after all these years. In Rotterdam I was really in heaven (literally, “with the angels”). After that I will tell you that we gladly take each extra week. But to my eyes, winning a grand slam remains much more important than being number one in the world.

  41. Yes slams are important but to me it is the overall numbers that count. Fed has 20 slams to Nadal’s 16, hopefully stays that way after RG. But Fed also has 97 tournament victories to Nadal’s 78. What keeps Roger in the game is the style of play. I would like to see Roger break his wins to 100 this year. Not important to beat Connor’s record of 109.

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