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Federer Fan Story: Dippy at the US Open

Trying to catch Roger Federer match at GS tournament is similar to striking lottery – one has zero control on draw and scheduling. All you can do is pray for your good fortune and weather. Decidedly I bought tickets for both day and night session leaving to fate that I might be able to watch Roger on Sunday, August 31st.

Day before Sunday, I groaned to learn that Roger is scheduled to play 3rd match after 2 WTA matches. Knowing how long WTA matches can be, it doesn’t help when weather forecast indicate 61% chance of thunderstorm approximately 4pm. I arrived early at Flushing Meadows with hopes to catch Roger’s practice session at 1045am and 1115am. A big crowd was waiting patiently for Roger to appear for his practice session all with their cameras and phones ready. Other players – Serena, Venus and Berdych were going through their practice but crowd more interested in watching Roger. Come 1045am, no Roger in sight everyone started to get nervous. 20 minutes later there was a sudden cheer from the crowd then I knew he is finally here. Like a boss, he strolls into practice courts waving to the crowd. He was accompanied by his trainer, Edberg and Luthi. He went through his drills with Edberg looking relaxed. Then Stan the Man strolled to the next court for his practice session. 2 fellow Swiss side by side; I am melted into goo watching both men striking FHs, BHs, volleys and serves. What a way to start my day! After he completed his practice, he took time to sign autographs for his ‘adoring subjects’ – what a guy.

While waiting for Roger’s match, I walked around the grounds watching other matches and practice session. Thanks to fellow Roger fans, they advise me to get complimentary USO Radio; all I need to do was to produce my AMEX. Unlike other GS that I have attended, USO Radio offers podcast on results, interviews and commentary on match at Arthur Ashe. It’s a unique viewing/listening experience as though you are at the comforts of your home watching via TV. I enjoyed it very much.

US Open Radio
US Open Radio

As predicted Roger’s match could not begin without 2 long WTA matches – Errani vs Lucic-Baroni followed by Shrieka vs Wozniacki. Both matches went 3 sets with extended rallies, oh WTA. As Caro finishes her match, dark clouds starting to build over Flushing Meadows, weather forecast couldn’t be more accurate to predict thunderstorm bummer. I silently lament at USTA for dragging their feet to build roof at Arthur Ashe, should have started work 3 years but better late than never. Arthur Ashe will finally have a roof come 2017 almost same time as Roland Garros.

Under swirling winds and dark skies, Roger walked on court getting the loudest cheer. I was jumping out of my seat screaming loudly like a school girl with a huge crush. He is after all Roger Federer, how can one not cheer for him. My only grief, I was seated too high up and far away for my camera to zoom in. Nonetheless he is on court and that is all that matters. I made mental note to myself, if I am to catch Roger’s match again, I need to invest in good set of long distance lenses like paparazzi.

Fed vs Granola Bar

First set was weird, Roger looked like that he wasn’t keen to come on court. Granollers played aggressive imposing himself on Roger. Though a break down, I was awe in Roger’s shot motion and serves. During changeover at 5-2, tournament director walked towards both players and told them to pack them their bags. Within minutes, it was raining and thunders rolling sending people in the stadium scampering inside for safety. Everyone kept loitering along the corridor hoping for rain to stop and play to resume. Then suddenly announcement on scoreboard stating Day Session has been cancelled. Thank god for tweet feed and Jon’s chat room. Roger’s match resumed at 630pm pushing Dimitrov/Monfils match to Grandstand. Again I thank my lucky stars as I had tickets for night session at Arthur Ashe, better seats – closer to the court.

Play resumed with Roger holding at ease and he broke Granola Bar for 5-4. Half empty stadium is not something I would imagine for most of Roger’s matches; regardless there are tons of people shouting and rooting for Roger to level the score. His highness thought it was funny not able to hold serve at 5-4 and just like that Granola Bar took the 1st set. Honestly I was too busy admiring Roger in full flight especially first 10 minutes up close. I was switching between my mobile phone and camera taking pictures of Roger. Then I realized trying to take pictures of Roger playing will only ruin the entire experience of watching him with his magic Wilson wand. Tucking away my camera and phone, my eyes are glued to every stroke he plays, mouth forming O and squirming in my seat seeing how much high risk tennis he plays.

Dippy Courtside Seats
Courtside Seats (Click to enlarge)

On to 2nd set, Roger upped his game and went full Godlike mode after saving 2 BPs. Watching him live is entirely different experience. Television does not do any justice to motion of his strokes and trajectory of his slices. They are inch perfect over the net and FH is like a liquid whip. He has such a relaxed serve motion; I seldom see anyone like him with that kind of serve except for maybe Pete Sampras. Just like that, Roger took 2nd set at 6-1. He remained godlike mode for the remaining 2 sets drawing a lot OOO from crowd with spectacular shots. One the best shot was insane get from Granola Bar drop volley. Only sad part, half empty stadium was present to witness that shot but nonetheless I was there to view LIVE.

Fed Signing Autographs

I have watched him in EXHOs prior when he visited my country in 2007 and 2008, it’s a totally different when watching him in competition match especially in Grand Slam. No words can describe watching Roger live and playing godlike mode. I am just glad that I am able to watch him in this lifetime before he hangs up his racquet. I dread when that day comes, tennis will never be the same after his retirement. Roger has been great for tennis and sport. His matches almost guarantee sell-out tickets; he championed pay increase for early round losers. He takes time to talk to media, sign autograph for his fan what more can a tennis fan ask for. Through him, I made lot friends who share the same passion for Roger online and at USO. It’s a great privilege to call everyone at Perfect Tennis UK my friends and hope our friendship will continue to last.

As I write this final paragraph, Roger lost his semifinal match against Cilic. Though I am disappointed, I still have hope sometime in 2015 Roger will be able to get his 18th GS – BELI8VE.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Very nice write up Dippy!

    Glad you got to enjoy him close up and in God like mode, it’s a very nice experience ain’t it? 😉

  2. Special thanks to Jonathan for helping to post this little report. Wouldn’t have this opportunity to share my experiences if not for Perfect Tennis UK. Allez to Jon!!

  3. Dippy, thank you SO much for sharing the fun (and not so fun!) details of your experience, I loved hearing how you kept making a little “o” of amazement.

    You’ve put a smile on my face, and I needed that.

  4. Hi Dippy,

    Thanks so much for your fan experience. it’s really really nice. Good to see you were there for Roger when the courts were almost empty due to the rain 🙂
    Thanks Jonathan for adding this fan stories on the page as well. So so nice.
    It’s good to know we will also get some from Switzerland when the Davis Cup starts.
    Btw, Ritaaaaaaa, where are you…
    Goodness, I miss Roger already…

  5. Hey Dippy,

    Excellent reportage, thanks for sharing your Fedexperience. Great that you had a ticket for the night session so you didn’t miss him as many did. So really happy for you! Lovely comment about peRFect Tennis friendship, I’m with you even I am part timer 😉

    1. Wanda, you are my partner in crime on HOLD mantra. We need the mantra to work overtime for Roger to win his 18th GS 🙂

  6. So happy to see a write-up from you, Dippy. Brightens one’s day. Watching Roger live is definitely the best. He has an aura about him. And his shot making up close! Thanks.

    1. Agreed about the aura, no other player even come that close. Its different from Nadal or Djoker, can’t coin it but there is something about him.

    1. Jinxed Roger? Errr err err …..damn should have worn red undies during Roger’s match. Chinese believe its good luck :-p

  7. Hey Dippy, so plsed you got the Fed live experience. Nothing like it is there. TV just doesn’t do him justice. I am so glad you had both sessions, relief relief relief, and you got the full Jesus Fed! Lovely write up! Did you get his autograph?
    Yes sad about the SF but such a great season so far! We hv been spoiled!

  8. Anyone watching the final?? I only am watching now because I have the day off tomorrow, otherwise…. a final without our Goat??

    Cilic just won the 1st set. Kind of hope he wins, so atleast we can say that our Goat lost to the eventually Champion 🙂

    Ps: Dippy, great post and love your funny remarks 🙂

    1. I’m watching!

      But I really find it missing something. Nishi seems really slow, and missing shots he shouldn’t miss… Looks like those hours on court are catching up…

      1. Hey Simon, looks like Cilic is starting to play where he left off against Roger 🙂 Aces left and right. Nishi is…. not like he played Novak…

      2. Yah Cilic is thumping that ball… Scary good. If he can keep it up, he’s gonna be a force to reckon with…

      3. Dutch commie is saying that she does not know what Nishi has to and can do, that Cilic is playing unplayable.

        Guess Novak is sitting at home thinking he dodged a bullet 🙂
        Guess Roger is sitting at home thinking I could have taken THIS Nishi, if I only could have gone through THIS Cilic 🙂

      4. You know, when Del Po won US2009, I dismissed it as a fluke, and said he would never win a slam again.

        Cilic, he looks like the real deal. If he stays fit, and I’m going to avoid the dope word here, he can win many slams.

      5. I believe the same Sid, he looks real deal for the coming GSs, I also believed Stan wont win another as well. he is just another one slam wonderer for me.

    2. Thanks, I watch Cilic/Kei match for only 1 min and but changed channel coz its too painful to watch. Roger’s loss is still hurts a little.

      1. Hey Dippy, atleast Roger lost to the eventually Champion…..
        And for me, this loss hurts way less than the Wimby loss.
        This was maybe “too easy” a win, maybe Roger needs it impossible to win for him to win…..

  9. Well well well… Credit to Cilic, winning quarters, semis and final without losing a set is pretty convincing. Hope he enjoys this victory. He might bring something new to tennis, a little skill and aggressiveness couldn’t be bad 🙂

    1. Yeah and he beat Berdych, Roger and Nishi very convincingly. And… he looks and acts like a nice and humble guy. I like Cilic and I am happy for him, but would have loved it if it was Roger. But… no worries, USO 2015 we will get ours. Even if many of you do not believe that, I do 🙂

      Goodnight all 🙂

      1. So…Krystalyani, what are your predictions for Basel, Paris, Shanghai, and the WTF? 🙂

      2. Well Sid, since you asked 🙂 🙂

        Hopefully he wins Basel. That is long overdue. And oh my God, if Delpo is there in the final just to beat Roger, I will kill Delpo on paper 🙂
        And it would be nice to win the one he doesn’t have yet. I think Paris?? That would be awesome since he didn’t win Monte Carlo.

        Davis Cup. He HAS to win DC this year. You hear me Fedrinka. If either of you messes that one up…..

        And for God sake, oh my God, for the love of God…. please God….please please please let Roger win WTF !!! PLEASE !!!

      3. Sorry Alex, you can take me out of the predictions but you cannot take the predictions out of me 🙂 🙂

        That made sense right??? 🙂

      4. [ I will kill Delpo on paper]

        So, you’re going to stick a poster of Del Po and your bedroom wall…then like, knife him or something? 🙂

        [you can take me out of the predictions but you cannot take the predictions out of me]

        We wish that were true 🙁

  10. Mixed feelings about this final. We can’t go back in time, but imagine Roger playing this Nishikori. Pretty boring final. Nothing memorable.
    Cilic looked impressive. Held his nerve, at the end of the day, deserved the win.

    As far as hoping for #18. I’ve decided not to go there. I want to enjoy the experience every time I see Roger on the court. I never would have thought he’d still be playing at age 33.
    On to DC.

  11. Hey!
    The Davis cup is happening 15 minutes away from my home and I am super stoked. It was kids day today, so my son went with his tennis academy, and I met him there. They had a clinic for kids, (i swear that my son and his academy were the only ones to pick a tennis racquet up in there life) until the players showed up. It was really fun for the children, and they are all great guys. My son and his friend got to play a point with isner. And I got an awesome video of them rallying for like 30 shots. My son hit a tweener which somehow landed on the other side (he hits tweeners all the time, despite his coach saying not to) and John smashed a ball over the fence to finish the point. He’s gigantic in person. Espicially looking at him around children. SAMs no shortie either. I felt sorry for Evan King, hes a hitting partner and ranked 450 something and he only had a few people get his autograph. anyway, that was really awesome

  12. Lool @ Tilas, come to think of it , Federer was supposed to win all Grand Slams this year. I still think he will win Grandslams next year.
    Someone please tell me, If Federer wins all 1000s from October and WTF and Basel, will he end the year World Number 1? this is assuming Djokovic takes sometime off for the birth of his child and maybe loses early in the other rounds 🙂
    There is hope right? ;p

    1. Yes, In Theory that’s very much possible. –> Fed is 1160 behind Novak as of now…so If he can win atleast one 1000 master then WTF which gives him 2500 easily….And Novak shouldn’t be accumulating more points….Also Dull seems ready for return and he is just 160 behinds Roger…so lot of things have to align in…. But he has decent chance if he can Win remaining 2 1000 maters and WTF.

      Other had Cilic does looks like he is man to beat…his Serve, FH and BH all seems working in sync…He should be real deal to beat if he can stay on this level…. Other than Jumping to box celebration, he seems okay on presser….

      1. Why shouldn’t Novak be accumulating more points? He is the indoor hard court player to beat if you look at the two past seasons… :/ I think he’s gonna be a pretty tough guy to beat, except if he takes time off for the child and his lovely wife.

        But it remains that Roger could defo finish year at #1 if he has a strong indoor season, but for that he pretty much needs to secure both 1000s and the masters (supposing that Novak finishes runner up every time it should be enough)

        So tough task, but doable.

        Also, you guys think Dull is going to play in Basel this year? xD

  13. Simon, I haven’t heard any news about Nadul’s return. Maybe the Asian swing? Can’t see Djoker taking too much time off for the baby. He will now see a piece of Roger’s life and how Roger manages to fit it all in and still be happy and enjoy it all.

      1. I expect he’ll be back when he thinks he’s ready to blow everyone off the court, whenever that will be. I’m not holding my breath.

        If you scroll down much further in that page, you’ll find something much more complimentary about Roger and what a nice guy he is with regard to scheduling individual interviews 🙂

      2. I have a terrible dislike for Wertheim. He plays both sides. One day, he will be highly opinionated about something he believes in. A few weeks, or months later, he will support the other. Typical journalist.

        Take a look at what Thinker posted above from Wertheim’s 50 parting thoughts. Nadal could be back. Or Nadal may shut down for the rest of the season.

        Thanks, Mr. Wertheim, that really cleared things up.

    1. Guys, seriously, does it even matter, if he returns? Or not return this year? I’m not sure why Federer fans have this topic at the top of their list.

      That sick fuck of a Spaniard will be ready when he feels he has regenerated enough. Nobody know that except Dopal himself, his Aunt Toni, and his doctors.

      *shaking head*

      1. Because, by talking about it, they are being a part of the ugliness that is the Nadal’s, and I hope they stop doing it, that’s why 🙂

      2. We’re mentally preparing for him to come back blow everyone away in the next 7 months, then have the injury again, and having to listen to all that journalism bullshit saying it’s crazy how he does it etc etc 😉

      3. Oh, then why didn’t you say so? Would’ve saved me the rant 🙂

        Oh yeah, just like I said he would go on a killing spree in 2013, I fear the same will happen again. It will all be topped from a climb from like No 8 in the world to No.1, for yet another comeback of the year award.

      4. Hey Simon, I agree with you. I think Rafa will not play this year at all, (He sure as hell will not play Basel). He will come back at AO 2015 and win it. Then for the rest of the year there are two scenario’s:
        1) He will win a total of 13 or 14 titles in 2015 and then gets injured.
        2) He will win all the titles till Wimby and then will get injured.

        Form of injury?? Well, lets see, what did he not have yet?? Something with his elbow or shoulder??

  14. I really don’t care when Nadal returns. It’s like a good soap opera….can’t wait to see “how the tennis world turns”.

    1. Hugely biased article that hides half the facts written by someone who is so obviously pro Nadal. Can’t believe that a paper like the guardian allowed something like that.

    2. I skipped to the last two paragraph for the conclusion. That stupid author has no idea what he is talking about.

      His conclusion is that ultimately, the greater player “wins more”, utterly discounting things like clay, consistency (streaks), domination (including throughout the season), things like WTF titles. I doubt the writer even understands how bad clay is as a surface in terms of supporting a variety of playing styles.

      “Leaving aside the fact that a one-dimensional tennis player could not possibly win 14 Majors,”, he argues. That pretty much destroys his credibility. He probably doesn’t even know that 9 of them are on the slow clay of Paris. Furthermore, Nadal has not once successfully defended a title out of clay. It couldn’t get more one dimensional than that.

      Horrendous article, utterly horrendous!

      1. I didn’t waste my time reading it. Anything in the Guardian is usually a disaster. It’s written for champagne socialists, soppy liberals or closet Marxists.

    3. Hey Mihir, I read the article. What else is new?? Loved more the comments people made. Especially the people who defended Roger. By saying how can Rafa be the greatest or greater than Roger when he is not even playing all year long?? Or the fact that sickens me a lot is where was Rafa when Roger was unplayable and winning everything and was able to beat Rafa to even the H2H?? In THOSE cases Rafa was always beaten before he could meet Roger. No matter how well Roger knew that Rafa was going to beat him, he was ALWAYS there. ALWAYS.
      So seriously…. how can Rafa be better than Roger?? How??

      The two things no one will ever be able to take away from Roger is that he played for 15 or 16 years all the time (no skipping tours or months) and no matter how impossible the situation was for him to win…. atleast he was ALWAYS there on the other side of the net.

      1. Also Mihir, loved what one commentator said. If the writer had as title for the post “Rafa is the greatest of all time” then many people would read it. But when he put Roger’s name in the title, he knew MORE people would read it 🙂

      2. Yeah, that’s a good one. Cheap way for the writer to get clicks, and server the reader with a ship load of horse shit. Asshole!

      3. [By saying how can Rafa be the greatest or greater than Roger when he is not even playing all year long]

        Nadal is part time tennis player who only turns up when he knows he can win. After all how do you think he has maintained that career win percentage and also his H2Hs?

      4. Scooter, sometimes I think who is the bigger coward, the coward who does all that, or those who gloat about his “achievements” 🙂

        Nadal was visibly upset, and very animated after his 2012 IW loss, where he was schooled by Roger like nobody’s business. He made him look like a hapless amateur. Federer then went on to have a great year, winning Wimbledon, and an Olympic silver.

        Nadal did no play him until IW 2013, exactly a year later. 2013 also happened to be Roger’s worst year on tour, since he started winning slams. During the lowest point of his career, Roger manned up, and faced four defeats in that year, and a fifth one at AO2014, where his Nadal’s doctors “attended” to him right before their match.

        Nadal hasn’t played a resurgent Roger since then. But he will later this year, and early next year, after his return from injury.

        Heard that you Nadaltards? You sick, demented, fucks?

      5. Hey Scooter, I don’t know if you called me a coward, but if you did, please don’t 🙂
        You cannot deny that there is some truth to what I said. Afterall, several writers also say the same thing about Rafa not playing all the time…. It is not like I made that up…..

        And Scooter, the way you defend Rafa is fantastic, but that also means that we and I have the right to defend Roger 🙂

      6. Katyani, I meant that Nadal is the coward not you.

        [the way you defend Rafa is fantastic]

        What?! me defend Dull? I demand an apology! 🙂

        And Sid you’re right about IW 2012. He even tried to take a bathroom break when Roger was about to serve for it. What a joke, doing anything to delay the inevitable.

      7. Hey Scooter, sorry, I misunderstood you 🙂 Apologies. But….. you do defend Rafa a lot you know. To be honest I can understand that very well. I don’t like the guy, but he is not a demon or the devil or evil, just …… a very weird dude 🙂 🙂

        That bathroom break before Roger would serve was hilarious. How did Roger respond?? By acing him 🙂 GOAT

        By the way Scooter, what happened to your avatar??

      8. Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever defended Dull (you must me confusing me with shamtoot who by all means is a cool customer).

        Anyway, what’s there to defend? Nadal has ruined the sport.

      9. Hey Scooter, yeah, maybe I did confuse you with Shamtoot (who I also like). Sorry, my bad.

        Brother Jonas, again…….. I don’t do space cake 🙂

        But Scooter, what happened to your avatar?? Are you going to watch Roger vs the Fog??
        Who knew Bolelli would be that difficult?? 🙂

      10. Who has summoned me 😉
        Thanks Katyani and Scooter, you too are so cool 🙂 . Thing is, am not that blind worshiper! I do see and understand most of the Roger’s fan point of view, some valid and some are not, from my perspective.
        we human are there to agree and disagree, but that doesn’t mean to disrespect,
        and I do like most of the visitors to this blog, there are some special ones 😉

        someone will hit the wall now 😉

      11. Oke guys, lets just be happy that Swiss is through to the DC Final 🙂 🙂
        Now….. it is time to worry about France. I mean come on, Tsonga, Monfils, Gasquet, Benneteau, Llodra…… man, it doesn’t get easy right???

        DC is a week after the WTF. Don’t actually think any of the guys from France will make the WTF. Roger and Stan will. So all the French players will be fresh and Roger and Stan won’t….

        But somehow…. Suisse will come through and win. Positive thinking 🙂

  15. Looks like even Indoor courts haven’t been spared from being slowed down to clay speeds. For the Swiss- Italy tie (From the Davis Cup website). And then people have the gaul to say certain players have ‘adapted’ their games to win on all surfaces.

    Surface: Hard (Rebound Ace), Indoor
    Court Pace Rating: Medium slow
    Ball: Wilson Australian Open
    Hotel: NH Rex

  16. Sid, I was at IW both those years. Roger got that wicked virus that was circulating the valley (2012). Surprised he made it through and won the tournament. That match was one of my favs when he beat Nadal on a cold windy day.
    IW 2013, I saw Roger injure his back in a match. He didn’t even sit down in the change overs. He tried to hide the injury. When he played Nadal, Roger had no movement to speak of. He went out there for the fans and the tournament ( $) knowing he was the lamb going to slaughter.

    1. Hey Sue, last year with Roger’s back injury, having to play Rafa 4 times, Roger knowing those times that he would be beaten… and still showing up to be beaten and to be slaughtered in the press for it…. for that alone I admire Roger.

      And to be honest, the way Roger is playing right NOW, if Rafa and Roger would meet at Halle, Wimby, Toronto, Cincy and USO….. Roger would definitely beat Rafa. I know he would. But ofcourse…. at this “Roger can take 97% of all the players down”-period Rafa is a ….. no-show. The H2H could have been evened more, but….. it still remains very lopsided to Rafa…..

    1. In France/Czech Republic, Gasquet def. Berdych 6-3 6-2 6-3 (they’re playing on clay at Roland-Garros – brutal turnaround from hard for Berdych, who made QFs at USO; but still quite the performance from REEchard). Tsonga also beat Rosol 6-2 6-2 6-3, so the French are up 2-0 on the Czech Republic.

      Roger has won his match in Geneva over Simone Bolelli, 7-6 6-4 6-4. Bolelli apparently played very very well – there were some scary break points for him at the end of the 3rd – while Roger looked visibly tired from the American swing, but got the job done. Palexpo, naturally, going crazy – hopefully Simon will be able to tell us about that, not sure if he’s there today or only on the weekend.

      The (older) twins were there, at Palexpo – apparently the whole family is in Geneva. If you read French, is covering it fairly thoroughly.

      1. Hey Thinker, I saw most of the match. To be honest, I thought Bolelli would be an easy victory. But from the get go it as appearent that that was not the case. You are right. Even at the end of the 2nd set, Roger looked tired. Still he won. So did Stan. France is going strong too, final between Suisse and France??

      2. You’re right Katyani. From what I saw of the highlights, either Roger was tired or seemed as though he was finding it a tad hard to adjust to the faster indoor court perhaps? Personally I’ve always found it harder to adjust to a faster court, just because everything feels rushed. It takes a while. Probably a combination of both factors.

        Did you see his picture on his facebook profile where he’s trying to be “sneaky”? He tries to take a picture of Stan and Seve without them noticing. BOTH noticed. It’s hilarious when he’s being Dorkerer

      3. Faster ? Are you kidding me ? That court was as fast as a clay court. It must have been the slowest indoor court ever. Look at how much Federer was top spinning the ball. How far behind he played and how much he could defend. In a fast indoor court even Nadal could’t defend himself out of trouble.

      4. Sorry Ajay. I only saw the highlights. Couldn’t tell much from the camera angle/ poor quality. I was making an assumption based on it being indoors. My bad. But it does make sense- the court was rated as a slow court.

      5. @Utch – I will do an update when the weekend is over. I don’t have enough time for match by match this weekend.

        @Gaurav @Ajay – I think unless you are courtside or playing on it then it’s impossible to tell, I thought it looked slow, but Fed then said in his on court interview it was way faster then he expected. So which is it? To me it looked quick through the air but sort of slowed up when it bounce as it took spin but I have no idea. Guess gotta take Feds word as he’s the one who played on it.

      6. @Jonathan. Hey. Did you get a chance to read my email? I read somewhere in the comments that you were a bit busy this weekend. Let me know!!

      7. Hey Gaurav, yeah I saw that pic where he tried to take a selfie of Seve and Stan (loved Stan’s smile by the way). Things like these is why fans call him Dorkerer 🙂 But I love that side of him. Makes him human just like the rest of us 🙂
        By the way did you see that vid where he was practising during DC with Lammer?? I don’t know if he was fooling around with Lammer or trying to “teach” him how to play tennis, but it was so funny 🙂 Worth to look it up.

        Hope he defeats crazy Fognini asap today 🙂

  17. Hey guys! was at Davis cup yesterday, pretty cool stuff. Roger wasn’t looking too good, but hit a couple of very nice shots. Stan on the other hand was.mighty impressive. Playing like a top 5 for once! V good serving, and not too many unforced.

    Got to hit with Rogers racket for 1-2 mins, Wilson had a stand to try it out, and then potentially buy it! For those interested, Has a very pro staff feel (which I don’t like) and is a tad too heavy for me, compared to the one I just bought. But has a lot more power and is wayyy more.forgiving than the PS 90.

    All in all, a good day, dubs will be fun 🙂

  18. All this obsession by the critics and certain hardcore fans that just because Nadals won Davis Cup therefore Federer has to win to be on par , is complete nonsense. Lets say for example that Switzerland does win the Davis cup, what are the critics going to move on to the stupid Olympics???? So using this silly notion that Federer has to won to win Davis cup, which in reality Federer doesn’t have to prove anything,as his numerous records and awards says it all , then Nadal has to win a Silver Olympic singles medal and also a doubles gold medal. This is why these critic and pundits are idiots, as for along time they were going on about Federer needs to win the French Open as they thought he would never win it. And so they will move to something else if Federer and his team do get to the final and win. It is just ridiculous, what ,?? Federer has to win Nottingham atp 100 no offence , to say that he is the greatest. Federer doesn’t have to won anything else as no matter what he does they are just simply jealous of what he has accomplished. J mac is the one of biggest haterof Roger, bbecause he couldn’t do it in his time. So to J Mac and the the others get a life!!! And stop using the part time player that is called Nadal the GOAT as there’s only one GOAT and thats Mr Roger Federer.

    1. Plus, the simple fact is that Davis Cup is a TEAM event. I don’t know why some people don’t get that. You could be superman with noobs in your team and you’d still lose in the Davis Cup.

    1. Hey Ajay, great article. It is articles like these that make me really believe that Roger will play long after 2016.
      He loves the game and the admiration way too much to stop. I think until someone comes along who attracts the same adulation, Roger will continue playing. With the way he is preserving his body and play style, I can really see him play in his 40…..

  19. Looks like Federer took Switzerland into the Davis Cup finals. Playing France in France Won’t be easy, that’s for sure but a Davis cup victory could reduce the ammunition for some of those Dulltards.

  20. Thanks SO much for this report. It’s really not obvious to have that ticket that will make you be able to watch your hero. Thanks god you were lucky. And you are right, nothing beats live tennis, it is so much more spectacular than watching it on TV. It goes so fast, there is so little margin and yet players manage to keep the ball in play. And Roger does all of this even better than anyone else. What a guy!

  21. Hello Jonathan,

    Thank you for your great report!

    I will go this year to the US Open and I hope to have the luck to see Roger play because as everybody here, I am a big fan of him.

    Could you please tell me if it’s allowed to take a camera and a camera backpack in the stadium?

    Because in the US Open site, it’s written that backpacks are not allowed and I wrote to the site to ask them but they don’t answer me.

    Thank you for your answer.

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