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Federer Falls To Haas in Stuttgart Opener

A short stay in Stuttgart for the Federer family as Roger crashed out to Tommy Haas 2-6, 7-6(8), 6-4 in his opening match at the Mercedes Cup.

Quite the upset as despite winning more points in the match and holding a match point Roger wasn't clinical enough and paid the price. Allowing Haas to overcome a nervous start to finish with a flourish after 1 hour and 54 minutes. The win sees the 39-year-old set up a tie against Mischa Zverev in Friday's Quarter Final.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Haas Stuttgart

Haas won the toss and elected to serve. The veteran got off to the worst possible start as he was broken to 15 not helped by a double fault and a successful Hawkeye challenge from Federer.

Roger held to 15 for 2-0 and soon found himself 3-1 up with his serve landing with precision. In game 6 Haas fashioned a break back point, but Federer saved it before securing the double break for 5-2 and serving out the set to love in just 23 minutes.

Into set 2 and it looked like Haas was heading for an early shower as he was broken to love to fall 1-2 behind. However, Federer was unable to consolidate, and a solitary deuce in game 9 was the closest either player would get to breaking again.

The set went to a tie-break, and it was Haas who got the first advantage to move 6-4 in front. Roger was able to save both set points and hold his own match point at 8-7, but the German reeled off three points in a row to take it 10-8 and force a deciding set.

With Roger serving first in the decider he was able to move 2-1 in front and held three break point in game 4. However he was unable to break, and Haas took full advantage, breaking at the first time of asking for 3-2, saving a further four break points to consolidate and seeing it out to take the decider 6-4.

Match Stats

Federer Haas
Aces 23 12
Double Faults 2 7
First Serve Percent 74%(70/94) 62%(66/107)
1st Serve Points Won 76%(53/70) 70%(46/66)
2nd Serve Points Won 50%(12/24) 51%(21/41)
Break Points Saved 33%(1/3) 75%(9/12)
Service Games Played 15 15
1st Serve Return Points Won 30%(20/66) 24%(17/70)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 49%(20/41) 50%(12/24)
Break Points Converted 25%(3/12) 67%(2/3)
Return Games Played 15 15
Total Service Points Won 69%(65/94) 63%(67/107)
Total Return Points Won 37%(40/107) 31%(29/94)
Total Points Won 52%(105/201) 48%(96/201)
SABR 0 0

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Stuttgart 2nd Round 2017

Well, as mentioned quite the surprise loss here. Haas has barely played this year, but he came through his opening match against Herbert and toughed out the third set to beat Federer for the second time on grass in Germany.

Just like in Dubai where Roger recorded his first loss of the season, he held a match point, won more return points and points overall but came out on the wrong side of things.

The Swiss flew out the blocks in set one and looked to have absolutely no rust. He was moving well, serving brilliantly and it looked for all the world he'd be into Friday's Quarter Finals comfortably.

However, he slipped up in set 2 when up a break, lost the lottery that was the tie-break and then didn't play well on the big points from there after. So while he looked sharp for the most part, he wasn't clinical enough on the more significant points, and that allowed Haas who already had a win under his belt to come away with the victory.

Result aside; the tennis from both was top notch. Fast paced, quality serving from both (23 aces from Fed, five double faults from Haas but he found big serves when needed), high-quality movement /anticipation from Fed and some rip-roaring backhands from Haas made for an enjoyable match. I think the way Roger played, for the most part, bodes well for the remainder of the grass season as he moved great, but he won't be able to get away with taking his foot off the gas and giving players mates rates if titles are to be won.

Anyway, next stop North Rhine Westphalia. Early exit or H9lle? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I knew it! Kinda felt it was too good to be true that Roger can come back and win straightaway. I hope that he’ll end up winning the Mercedes Cup next year. He hasn’t won the darn thing yet…

  2. To me, this loss can prove inconclusive (or even a benefit to Roger) only if he goes on to win next week. I feel that if Roger wins Halle, he’ll have a far easier time of progressing through the Wimbledon tournament. At the same time, there are a lot of factors not in the least the draw, etc. This loss sucks and I suppose part of it has to do with the fact that Roger chose to practice with Haas couple of days before he was supppsed to play him. That’s almost unheard of but because they are friends, they practiced together and therefore Roger “gave away” whatever little tricks and secrets he had up his sleeve and he made Haas figure him out potentially. Also, the conditions weren’t ideas with shade hovering over half of the court so it’s pretty much a crappy result even though Roger’s game was there.

    Hopefully, we’ll all forget about this next week if and when Roger starts to dominate as I expect him to.

    But we’ll see. I kinda expected him to sweep through these tournaments a la Nadal and this loss is causing me to doubt myself which I don’t like doing. Roger should better win Halle next week to calm us down.

    1. I think Fed once practised with Stan the day before they were due to play… it’s nonsense that this allowed Haas to figure out secrets Fed had, he’s beaten him on grass before and they know each others games inside out. I see it more as like what watching the Klitchsko brothers fighting each other would be like.

  3. Slightly surprised but not overly concerned. Dubai was similar and Fed went on to win the next two tournaments. I’ll take the same outcome this time for sure πŸ™‚

  4. Djeez, what a bummer! I was looking forward for weeks for the coming weeks – finally some real tennis. And then Roger loses his first match…
    Better in everything, but not in the most important one: converting breakpoints.
    Hopefully Halle will be better, especially because I have tickets for the final there…

  5. Things change quickly on this surface. Like you said he looked good enough but ended on the wrong side of the stat sheet. Serving numbers look good and hopefully can build some momentum in Halle. H9lle would be what is needed before the big show.

    Not too concerned but few more matches would have been fine here! How was the forehand ?

      1. Have just watched a few highlights on YT. He looked fine to me, just came up a bit short mentally, I’d guess.

  6. Thank you Jonathan for your info. So unexpected. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy –always tricky when starting a tournament– but he usually comes through… we’ll have to wait to Halle now to see the effect of the loss on him.

  7. What a bummer is right, geezz, I just signed up today to Tennis TV so I could watch Roger play for the first time in forever (it seems), Was so disappointed, made me so crabby for the rest of the day, could’ve kicked the cat (don’t have a cat, before anyone gets excited). Oh well, on to the next, but must say my confidence level is not quite so high. You don’t suppose the new short haircut had anything to do with it do you? You know, Sampson and Delilah….

  8. Terrible, flat, without courage or interest on wining, very very bad for Roger, totoally sad and disappointed

    1. Yes, Emily. Expectations too high. Just opposite the AO. Following divine teasing our “know-it-all” after the latest previous. We are so often mistaken, that we should be clever enough to never anticipate too exact. Roger might be nervous because of the expectations generated from his unbelievable fairytale at the first months 2017. And he was the very heavy fave. His mind prefers the opposite, “nothing to lose” in order to have fun. And he didn’t look like having fun this time, did he?

      1. @muser So glad you mentioned that point of playing a little tight “3rd set was an indication” especially after those first 3 months. I realise the importance of Federer playing a few more matches in Halle to get back to that “play- free” mndset.

  9. I have to say at first he seemed ok, I know u don’t come in at the beginning of a match all giddy but as things progressed he seemed bored, disengaged and didn’t seem to move for the ball. Not like his body was hurting, just seemed like he couldn’t care less. I LOVE Roger, his serving was awesome, hope this wakes him up!!

  10. This loss to one of his best friend on the tour? Perhaps the most easiest to digest and get pass through (never seen federer smiling so often at the end of a match).

    Tommy Haas! Well deserved, all the best moving forward. What a different career the guu would have had, had he not suffered those galore setbacks!

    This almost felt like an Donskey loss of dubai (which only made Fed sharping heading foward). I hope Federer plays 3-4 matches in Halle atleast (if not win the whole thing) though I am not too concerned about the non-big tourneys anymore since it all boils down to SW19 “all that matters”.
    On a postive note like J mentioned, Federer hardly looked rusty at all to me. Some of those anticipations in the elongated ralleys were ridiculous! I think this match give him a good perspective to where he is. Critics debate about whether he ll be match fit for wimbledon (trust me he will, even if he loses 1st round in halle) – Federer knows how to be ready for slams. Though we ed be contended if he goes deep in Halle.

    P.s. I had this epiphany that Federer cant go all out at Wimby after sweeping the two pre-slam tournaments (that would have meant 9 matches in 11-12 days) and thought maybe one full tournament would have been enough, I guess thats what we re left with now! πŸ˜‰

  11. No surprise. Two months off, on a dangerous surface. Last time Tommy beat Federer, it was at 2012 (Halle). That turned out to be a good omen because we all know what happened at Wimbledon that year! πŸ™‚

  12. I’m concerned. Not too concerned, mind, but concerned. I was only able to follow the match through the scores, but what bothered me was the lack of clutch play to get the match done. Even in the third, he had chances to get back into it and flopped.

    Oh well. It’s only Stuttgart. I’m not going to lose much sleep with the knowledge Federer won’t be winning the 2017 edition. But I am worried that another early exit in Halle and he’s in poor form with not enough matches played going into Wimbledon. The Australian Open shouldn’t be treated as the rule, after all.

    So yeah, whatever. Disappointing of course but whatever. Work to do. Improvement to make. As long as he has a decent Halle (semis or bust) this will be fine. Early round exit and Welp. Taking these long breaks always carried risks, and if it affects his grass court season it will have backfired pretty badly.

    But we’ll see. No sense in looking 4 weeks ahead right out.


    1. Great minds think alike. The top photo was when Roger looked in the mirror after the haircut and realized Shanghai was his best bet.

      Go Tommy? His hair is still ok.

      1. Yeah I was whinning about during live chat. Anyway we all prefer his perfect chocolate curls anytime.

  13. So, sounds like TieBreakerer and BreakPointerer back full force? Those would have to be the only reasons I could see him losing with those stats. As someone said, Bummer. I mean, Tommy, I do really like you, but not *that* much! Guess Roger will know he has to concentrate better another time. Good job he’s playing that extra grasscourt tournament, eh?

    Oh, and as others have commented: maybe stick to practising with players in the other half of the draw next time!

    BTW, were the family actually there?

  14. Oh well. What’s done is done. In a way, this is still OK. The only 2 matches that Roger lost this year were to people outside of the top 100 in an early round after a long break and in situations in which Roger held match points in both matches and went on to lose in 3 sets. Not horrible.

    At the same token, there are at least 3 matches that come to mind where Roger could have (and maybe should have lost) – to Nadal in Australian Open (was losing 3:1 in the 5th), and to both Berdych (saved match point – in Miami) and to Kyrgios (also an epic 3 setter). So all, in all – I’ll take the above three wins and the titles that came with it and give up the two losses that we got. Sure, it would have been nice to see Roger win the Mercedes Cup (since he’s never won it) and it would have been nice for the sponsorship, etc.

    But in the grand scheme of things, it’s still nothing. It’s kinda of like when Messi scored the winning goal in the El Classico this year thus winning it for Barcelona. But it ended up being inconsequential since my boy Cristiano Ronaldo ended up winning the La Liga and the back to back Champions League with Real Madrid.

    So, if Roger ends up still doing better in Halle (and hopefully win it), then he should be where he should be heading into Wimbledon. There, it will come down to his form – and he performs in the early rounds – hopefully not run into a Kyrgios or a Zverev and we should be good.


  15. blame the hair guys.blame the hair.. lol..

    kidding aside. yeah. it was a bummer and I thought he could win after the first set so I slept coz there’s no live tennis here in our country. then I woke up and open the twitter and I was so disappointed. well..

    need to move on and bring the Halle already!! πŸ™‚

  16. Great write up as usual but I think you should do away with the star rating system at the end of each post. Seems pretty pointless… if blowing match point and losing to a guy who has barely played all year and is pushing 40 gets you 4 out of 5 stars, what could possibly warrant a 3 or 2 lol

  17. Didnt get to see the match (no decent access to internet/ tv where I’m at). How was the backhand ripper holding up? That and the return?

    1. Where you at?

      BH was ok, was good early on but Haas actually won that battle with his, hit some great shots. Return average, few dodgy bounces, wasn’t quite in the zone.

  18. Did you guys see Roger won the AO this year?

    He defeated Nadal in 5 sets for his 18th grand slam title.

    Just wanted to… Uh… Just mention that.

    1. Funny you mentioned it. That match will be my forever therapy for any more of Nadal’s win this year, or beyond, God forbid. I rewatched the last five games after Nadal won FO and I felt good again πŸ™‚

  19. Not worried. Movement v Gd. Serve good. Rusty on some FH/BH combos which resulted in UFE’s. Tommy made him hit a lot of balls and hit good depth. Rog also rusty on return of serve, altho got some bad bounces at some points. V tough opener, but reckon he wld hv beaten PHH… ironically.

    Ps. It’s a very nice tourney. Small, fan friendly, easy to navigate. Centre court good views from wherever u sit. Court 1 free seating forum
    Style to watch doubles. Easy access to practice courts. I highly recommend it.

      1. I went for Wed/Thurs. tix aren’t cheap (75-95euros per seat) but holy get such good access everywhere. Players are all around you, you get to see all the practices. Very fan friendly compared with say Queens. Low key, pretty and worth a visit. Also Stuttgart a very nice city!

      2. If you’re off to Wimby this year…we need a fan report! Nice, not the increasing crowds of IW then. Europe is the place to live for tennis. So easy to hop on a plane and see a smallish tournament.

    1. It looks a cool venue, weather looked good as well.

      I bet he’d have beaten PHH as well, Haas served well against him though to come through that so well deserved. Zverev for the title!

      1. I picked Lopez/Pouille from the moment Rog lost. The court is fast, really favours serve volley. Grigor also suffered trying to rally…. altho JJ served bombs!!

  20. Huh… where to start: ah, yes, the photo says it all!
    (“Whoops, that’s not quite where I wanted it to land… Bugger. The remote control must be broken.”)

  21. Hair today gone tomorrow

    And the Fed vanishes !!!

    Haas did a Donskoy. Just like what Fed required in Feb. A wake-up call.

    No big deal.

  22. As soon as I saw him step in on court after happy Haas, I got nervous. Oh, Roger is moody, tired, not wanting to be there. After 1. set relaxation came, ah well – he can do it – even if spirit and family isn’t there – but then…And when Tommy broke in 3. I stopped watching. Roger was not at all radiating his usual love for the game. Tommy was much happier to look at. I’m worried, really – but not too much. Only one match. Billions of different reasons for the result.

  23. So he was actually better in almost all departments…makes the loss a lot easier to swallow. I watched the first two sets and thought he didn’t play badly. Movements were really good and the fh was ripping. Made some bad mistakes and gifted the break back and that was it. I also think the friend factor, potential retirement and even the daughter (anyone saw how he made a comment about Haas’s daughter?) all played a role unconsciously in his mind. From the interview he seems to be more sad for the fans than himself, which is a good sign. Anyway I hope the loss will serve as a wake up call for him for the rest of the grass season

    1. Yeah he didn’t drop the hammer on Haas when he had chance I think. Bit matey, smiles between points etc. Which is fine I guess but if you had tickets for Friday expecting a Fed QF, then he should be refunding out of own pocket πŸ˜†

  24. Tad dissapointed, next tourney I am bring my expectations down a notch. This is what happens when you go on 2 months – rust and webs all over. Moving on to Halle – Roger please dont ruin our weekend.

  25. Hi from France !
    Referring to my April 24 post : let’s say the Donskoy defeat and the Haas one will be considered as “gems with little flaws” *…. and we will keep them apart from Fed’s finery… let’s hope the Halle tourney will bring nicer jewels …ahead of a Wimbledon masterpiece ?!

    * in French, the word is “crapaud” πŸ™‚

    S…orry you won’t win
    T…he Stuttgart trophy this year.
    T…he first opponent on the other side of
    T…he net was a
    G…ood friend of yours
    A…nd he won this nice match,
    R…oger ! Take the next days to
    T…rain harder on grass and we will see you in HALLE.

    H… ydrangea outfits like amethysts
    A…re now replaced byΒ  tanzanite ones
    L…et’s hope for a shining cup (instead of a hiccup)
    L …ifted in the blue sky on the first Sun-day of this summer.
    E…meralds (like the Wimby turf) and white diamonds (like chalky gears) will be kept for you until you win …whatΒ  we all bel19ve in !

      1. Thanks, Jonathan !
        Of all the clear green beryl crystals mined across every continent, there are very few β€˜gem quality’ emeralds. Indeed, the highest quality stones are bestowed with complex internal crystal structures, known as the β€œgarden-like” inclusions (meaning flaws)..

        Watch this short video if you have 3 minutes. It’s called “Wimbledon, my … garden”. πŸ™‚

    1. Seriously, the word for ‘gems w/ small flaws’ is the same as the word for TOAD??? Never knew that!

  26. Not really a surprise after a long break, but still disappointing. I’ll be more worried if he crashes out of Halle early. He needs to do well there to at least be a realistic contender at Wimby. Anything is possible, but we can’t really expect him to win Wimby out of the blue even though it happened in Melbourne. He just needs to string together some wins, and then we can hope for a good run in London.

      1. Several websites I’ve checked list him currently as a close 2nd favorite behind Murray. Nadal is 3rd favourute and Djokovic 4th.

        To me, he has to win Halle to have a realistic chance of getting to the final and having a chance to win it.

        Halle will be very important for Roger’s chances at Wimbledon.


    It has been reported that a big conflict has emerged between the members of the tennis world now famous boy band #The Single-Handed Backhand Boys# on the margin of the ongoing Stuttgart grass tournament.

    Some go to say that this conflict is the real reason behind the early exits of band leader Roger Federer and ex-sugarboy Grigor Dimitrov.

    The subject of the conflict that hasn’t been very mediatised for unknown reasons is likely to be the new haircut band leader Roger Federer has chosen for their Grass Courts tour and that the other two memebers considered as hurting the image of the band. However, Dimitrov easily forgave the one he was once nicknamed after and tried to convince Haas to go on with their plans.

    Haas didn’t appreciate the yougest memeber of the band’s change of heart and the surprise peformance the band had planned has been canceled. Federer and Haas facing off in the second tour didn’t help the band’s cause, especially with Haas playing in front of his home crowd.

    Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov went on to both lose their first matches as they didn’t want to stay in Haas’ nor in his fans’ presence anymore.

    1. Aha! …Wait a minute, so their big performance at the kids day in Arthur Ashe Stadium might not happen?Could Stan the Man step in Grigor’s shoes and rescue the band? Only if he plays great (but not as great as Roger) in SW19 guided by Paul Annacorne?

  28. Hey guys, I read on TL that had Roger won the match, it would be his 1100th match win !!! Can you imagine that?? Players maybe take a lifetime to play that many matches and that is how many he would have WON?? Want to bet that Stuttgart maybe had a cake made already for Roger?? πŸ™‚ Now Halle will have to make one. That is if Roger decides to play more than one match πŸ™‚

    I do understand when he says he felt a bit sorry for the fans. He knows we have waited 10 weeks for him, but like I said…. no worries… we have the 18th πŸ™‚

    Some Roger fans… on TL, he won AO, Indian Wells and Miami… and they are dissing him over losing one match… give the guy a break. He hasn’t played in 10 weeks and like they all say, nothing beats matchplay. He will be ready. He knows he hasn’t got points to defend later on and trust me, he likes Rafa, but he doesn’t want him to be number 1. When they all said that Novak protected his GS number, look what he did, he made it happen himself. Ofcourse Rafa is getting closer, but 19th and 20th coming up soon πŸ™‚

    Thanks to Roger we all have the weekend off (eventhough we didn’t ask for it Roger !!! πŸ™‚ ), so… I am going to watch Wonder Woman and The Mummy. I mean… what else it there to do?? Watch tennis?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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