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Federer Ends Willis Run to Make Wimbledon Third Round

A Wimbledon to remember for qualifier Marcus Willis comes to an and as he was defeated by Roger 6-0, 6-3, 6-4 on Centre Court at SW19. The encounter had been the talk of tennis for the last 36 hours but Roger put to bed any chance of an upset in the first few games as he quickly got to grips with Willis' slice and dice game and went on to prevail in just 85 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wimbledon 2nd Round 2016

Willis won the toss and elected to receive, winning two points on the return before Roger held and broke to lead 2-0. In game 3 Willis pulled out the point of the match to make 30-30 and went on to hold a break point but Roger saved it and went on to sweep the opener 6-0.

The Brit needed a game under his belt badly in set 2 and he finally troubled the scoreboard to level at 1-1. Another hold saw him level for 2-2 but after Roger held to 30 the Swiss broke for 4-2 and closed out the set 6-3.

Roger has never lost to a Wimbledon qualifier who was playing club tennis 3 weeks ago from 2 sets to love up so the odds were firmly in his favour going into the third. However he didn't have it all his own way as Willis began to find more rhythm on serve to hold three times on the spin for a 3-2 lead. The world number 772 created his second break point of the match in game 5 but Roger held and at 4-4 the 7 time champion broke to love and served out the match to 30.

Match Stats

Match Statistics R. Federer M. Willis
Aces 9 9
Double Faults 0 3
First Serve % In 45/73 (62%) 50/83 (60%)
Win % On 1st Serve 35/45 (78%) 32/50 (64%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 19/28 (68%) 14/33 (42%)
Net Points Won 29/40 (73%) 12/22 (55%)
Break Points Won 5/12 (42%) 0/2 (0%)
Receiving Points Won 37/83 (45%) 19/73 (26%)
Winners 37 24
Unforced Errors 14 21
Total Points Won 91 65
Distance Covered (M) 1568.8 1530.4
Distance Covered/pt. (M) 10.1 9.8
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Willis 2nd Round Wimbledon

Extremely fun match to watch but not a whole lot to learn regarding Roger's form as it wasn't really much of a physical or mental test for him. I guess you have to say he played well as it was a straight sets job, he didn't drop serve, volleyed nicely and looked to be moving fairly well. Other than that there's not much to glean.

As for the Willis out of all the top players he could have played Federer was both the best and the worst opponent for him. The best in terms of the spectacle but the worst because Fed has played across generations of the sport where unorthodox players were pretty common. Many of today's players will have never seen someone like play Willis which is why Berankis got dumped out in straight sets and he might have caused a modern baseliner more problems.

Anyway, great atmosphere, crowd loved it and I'm sure Willis did too. I found it interesting because it shows the difference between the two players is both small and huge at the same time. In terms of tennis ability there's not a huge difference, but when it comes to fitness, movement and intensity the gap widens. Hopefully Willis starts playing on the Futures circuit and gets his ranking up and we see more of him. It's kind of a shame that this guy was on the verge of quitting tennis when he clearly has a talent for it (does it show tennis is broken in the UK?) because if this was in France it'd never happen. Willis easily matches Mannarino and the Frenchman has been as high as 27 in the world.

Predictions vs. Evans

Next up is Dan Evans who took out Dolgopolov in straight sets yesterday. Hugely impressive win for Evans and he's matched his US Open run from 2013. In fact if Evans had beaten Robredo that year (had set points to force a fifth set) he'd have faced Federer in the USO 4th Round. That would have been an interesting match as Roger was way off the pace that year getting dumped out in straights by a guy he schooled regularly.

Evans has a decent game to watch and I think he'll offer a bit more than Willis as he's more experienced but ultimately Roger will have too many options out there to really be troubled. All Roger's recent losses have to come to guys with fairly big serves and ground games. Evans is solid in all areas but isn't going to reel off aces and winners like Thiem & Zverev can when they need them. I'll pick Fed in straights.

What did you guys think of the match? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. It was an entertaining match and an awesome Federer press conference.
      Willis wore fed’s tshirt which was great to see.
      Hopefully he has a great career ahead .

      What is the point of having only 3 matches on centre court,start early have 4 so atleast the lower ranked players get to play their matches.TBH it is unfair for Federer’s and Djoker’s opponents because they are going to get less time to prepare for 3rd round.

      1. Basically the same story more or less at Wimbledon and RG when it comes to the rain. Middle Sunday not helping things…

      1. To add onto this, centre already looks a bit worn, certainly not as good as usual. If the pile all the matches on centre it will be horrible by the time the final comes around.

  1. Another Win…Sounds very Entertaining match unlike some usual kind of players…Have to catch up some highlights later in the day….

    Looks like likely his 3R Opp may be playing 2 days continuously, or could be much worse if keep rains this way… It may not be bad idea to start some matches earlier in CC…

    Back to Roger, Hoping for few more wins(five preferably) Cheers..

      1. Oops, sorry, didn’t notice Jonathan had mentioned the TB at the end of his post!

    1. Yeah it was fun. Never close but Willis didn’t get outclassed or anything. Few too many mistakes from him and not as good a mover as the top guys but he hit some decent winners. Got great feel on the ball. I hope he keeps going and breaks through more. Like I say – look at Mannarino – his game is pretty funky and he’s Top 50. The only difference is Mannarino moves better.

  2. I thought it was a good match. I’m pretty positive regarding Fed’s play as well, he looked like he moved pretty well, didn’t look particularly laboured and got more on the forehands. We’ll get a better idea as to where his game is round by round, but compare this to the Zverev match and there is a clear improvement really. Fed himself said he expected this tournament to be “pressure-free” so I think that shows even he is taking this round by round. If he keeps getting better each round I think he’ll get to the second week reasonably comfortably.

    1. Yeah, so far so good. But gotta reserve judgement when he plays someone with big groundies. Can’t afford to be a step flow then. Still expect him to make second week no probs. Evans not a power player.

  3. Solid performance from Roger to say the least. Think he s moving pretty well now, looks happy and fresh – good signs.
    Boy talk about the match being fun to watch, how about the last 40 seconds of his 2nd press conference. Roger is funny and elegant at the same time, I mean I watched the end of that video (the last 40 seconds multiple times).
    Good to see Roger this way.

    1. Question marks over movement still I think, looks to be good but we will know for certain when he plays someone with big ground strokes. I have a feeling when he runs into someone capable of that it’ll be a tough one for him.

  4. Come what may, this match will be talked about for quite some time. A beautiful tennis tale put on hold (inevitably) by Fedsey, of all people. Of course it’s not as if Wheelies was a complete amateur who woke up on Central Court by some witchcraft. But it goes on to show how nice the sport can be. Amen to this.

    1. Yeah like Fed said hopefully the press actually follow this guy a bit and hopefully he can rise up the rankings. Dan Evans is 86 in the world, and Willis is 4-4 in the H2H. So clearly capable.

  5. Great fun, Rog very classy in victory, letting Willis Hv his moment and genuinely loving the whole story. He is such a tennis romantic! Agree, not much to report but I agree ( for once) with JMac that it was good to see Fed moving forward to well to pick up the short slices and junk droppers played by Willis whose funky BH slice reminded me of both the Dog and Santoro!
    This draw is good so far F or Rog, allowing him to play himself in, not getting overpowered. Hoping his confidence will grow.. Allez!

    1. Agree but Fed’s returning still a bit of a question mark more than it normally is. Could get in trouble if he comes up against someone like Cilic or Chardy.

    2. Tbh I’ve listened to JMac commentating a fair bit this Wimbledon, he talks a lot but in terms of what is happening on the court in terms of tactics, shots, movement I think he’s spot on. Wouldn’t surprise me if Raonic goes up another notch with this guy.

  6. Fun match! Roof may have amplified the noise in there but I don’t think the crowd has been behind Murray like that before so definitely one to remember in that sense. I was surprised at the small contingency of Fed fans that were hating on the guy for no apparent reason. It was a cool story I think and it’s good for the sport that Roger isn’t always the center of attention so good for him. As you said J, can’t really read into the match much but so far, there’s been a big improvement movement wise from Halle.

    Great moment from Roger’s presser re English Football, not seen him giggle that much in media in a while! Also, testing times coming up for scheduling. Practically raining everyday for the next week isn’t it? Will there be a middle weekend instead now? Really looking forward to Wawrinka/Delpo and Dreddy/Kyrgios so hope those aren’t going to clash with Fed.

    1. Nah Murray never had that support. Willis bursts on the scene and he’s already more well liked 😆

      I doubt they will do a middle Sunday, they try to avoid it all costs. Doubles already cut to best of 3.

  7. Was anyone else bothered by the fact that Federer should have rightfully given Willis the point when the Double Fault was over ruled? Federer had clearly missed the return irrespective of the call. And its not like there was any score board pressure. It was honestly unfortunate to see, unless anyone has an explanation/ reason that I didn’t catch. I’m certain even Willis found it odd that Fed didn’t give him the point.

    1. The point should have been given to Willis. However, it was the umpire’s decision to replay the point. I think Fed requested the umpire. But the umpire had every reason to deny his request. JMac felt that he called for the point to be replayed, just out of respect towards the 7 time champion. So I’m not sure who’s to be blamed more here – Fed or the umpire.

      1. If Fed had requested the point to be given, the umpire wouldn’t have argued. I’ve seen it happen a couple of times- Tim Smyczek, Novak.

    2. I don’t think he should have given the point to Willis for that one as it’s not his job. You start making a rod for your own back if you start handing over points like that and it will create problems down the line with consistency. The Umpire definitely should have though.

  8. Did anyone feel Fed’s box, Sev in particular and parents in the Royal Box at times looked a bit grim? Roger really leaped around and I worry for his various ailments that he was pushed forwards and forced into chasing down very unpredictable shots when he possibly didnt really want to overdo it. Just hope the rust removal process has continued without exacerbating the back or knee .

    At least the fairytale spirit of the match and sporting, have a crack mentality displayed by Willis entertained Fed. Maybe reliving his early days, or as a tour elder statesman ensuring Marcus had a good experience. The happy expression on Fed’s face on that first photo is not a look we have seen much of lately……no mentions of clowns and circuses so I assumed he was amused and enjoyed himself.

    Roger’s Presser was amazing but often when he gets a bit expansive and relaxes , the next match is not as smooth as we might expect. The let down and reboot never simple. Having said that he is media gold, speaks sense and as someone wrote on Twitter, Fed shows you don’t need chocolates to win over the press . Journos were even tweeting how much they were enjoying their time with him !

    Both Willis and his coach also wrote the most lovely words about Fed and their whole experience……albeit losing.
    Roger’s consideration for his opponents is legendary and this sensitivity was exemplified by his sporting gestures both pre and post match today. What a role model and legacy he has built not solely predicated on just winning…truly inspirational. As the fan shouted in Brisbane and again today “we love you Roger” …was anyone on here ever in doubt?

    1. I thought Federer did a great job overall..Katie you summed it up perfectly, adding on to Jonathan’s crack analysis.

      Marion Bartoli had some interesting commentary that Marcus had a dream run in his own country. It’s different on the regular tour to keep up the fight day in and day out without your family and friends supporting you every moment. That said, I do hope he finds more variety in his game, stops depending so much on those drop shots

      Fed was amazing in showing patience and excellent good humor in dealing with all the goings – on! This shows why Fed has been Sportsman of the Year so many times!

    2. Yes Katie I thought too people in his box were looking a bit tight despite the win. I did have a quick thought ‘is there something I didn’t see’. It seems to me he played quite cautiously in a few occasions and could have won more his service points. Anyway onward and upwards! We could only hope for a better match next round

    3. “What a role model and legacy he has built not solely predicated on just winning”


      Didn’t really see his box much, all the focus on was Dr Bate in Willis’ box. No complaints here.

  9. Marcus was a fine underdog
    In the 3rd he made Fed slog
    Quite an entertaining game
    Willis got his share of fame

    Irrespective of the result, the match was fun as Willis came up with some lovely netplay and dropshots. Much better than watching incessant baseline slugfests, Wonder who coined slugfest. Hardly a fest unlike the beauty of the serve & volley game.

    1. Thank you Murli for the nice comments on my last post 😉

      I couldn’t watch this one, but I surely was compelled by the story like many others. My fairytale would be an 8th title for Roger, but Willis has sure got his own this year:

      Wimbledon, Center court, under the roof
      He was a real star, no need for proof
      And of all the players he could have met
      There was the great Federer across the net

      Once upon a time… a loser, he said
      Unknown, unsuccessful, underpaid
      Today he knew he wouldn’t prevail
      But what an end to his fairytale

  10. I really love this match. Thanks you for all the great comments here. I read every one’s comment and feel so happy today. Tennis is so much fun.

  11. Hey Alex, Very nice one, you summed it up well. As Fed said, these kind of stories are good for the sport and keeps our interest going.

    Lets hope ‘Alex’s fairytale’ comes true.

    Also looking forward to more poetry from many others.

    After all, Fed’s game is poetry in motion. So Fed & poetry go hand-in-hand

  12. Another thought….Federer was in a very tough position as the heavy favorite.

    If he won too easily, people would say he beat up on poor Marcus, didn’t show enough consideration, etc. If he lost a set or even his serve once, people would say Federer can’t beat even the very lowly ranked players. I think he showed great restraint and consideration of everyone to play into Marcus’ slice and dice game and not try to over power him , while winning with a scores that is respectable to all parties. Well done Roger!

    1. I’d love to believe it, but I think fed went out to win, simple as that. We all like to believe he can beat every crap player without dropping a game, but he was definitely trying to own at the start, and even after that, it was good serving that shut him out.

    2. [I think he showed great restraint and consideration of everyone to play into Marcus’ slice and dice game and not try to over power him]

      So, he bagels him in the first set, the has a sudden attack of chivalry? I don’t think so! 🙂

      I still can’t believe he was wearing a shirt with the RF logo.

    3. I agree with this bit – “If he won too easily, people would say he beat up on poor Marcus, didn’t show enough consideration, etc. If he lost a set or even his serve once, people would say Federer can’t beat even the very lowly ranked players”

      But I don’t think he let him win games out of courtesy.

      1. So, you’re agreeing that people would’ve thought it that way, but Roger played just like he should be, right? 🙂

  13. Absolutely Donna, Fed was in a very difficult position, no doubt.

    Much like when I boxed with my younger brother. I had to show restraint and was only sparring without being too aggressive and soon enough I got a black eye. After which of course…..

    It was a no-win situation handled peRFectly by Fed.

  14. FWIW, Roger was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt/vest under his SW19 T-shirt when he was practising yesterday. May well not mean anything at all, since it probably wasn’t terribly warm out there.

  15. Just caught up with the match – or the bit that was on BBC1. Stupid recorder didn’t pick up when they switched to BBC2. As you say, difficult to gather a lot from this match, but Roger still lunging for the ball at times, and still a bit of a question mark over his movement as far as I’m concerned.

  16. Please, please, don’t pile up the bad news about his movement , his back or his knees.
    I just read up, went to work and one of my colleagues said, Federer has withdrawn. I almost died inside as I recalled all the comments I read on the group till he smiled and said he was joking.
    Let’s just wish him luck, luck can come in handy.
    After all, we have succeeded in dodging all the opponents Jonathan predicted he will meet 😉

    1. No predictions from me other than Steve Johnson I think. He’s had the easiest draw ever so far, every projected opponent on rankings isn’t there.

  17. Looks like Djokovic caught a really huge break. He will be able to answers Sam’s queries tomorrow.

    This…I just don’t feel good about it. This was the best opportunity to take out Djokovic.

    1. Man – it is such a heart breaker!!

      Nole was sooo on the ropes. Don’t even wanna look at the score tomorrow.

      It will be too much tension for Sam to stomach over 24 hours I think.

    2. Looks like Becker’s drunken rain dance paid off. I don’t thnik Sam has any chance of repeating what happened today. Huge break for Djoker and there goes Roger’s chance of being in another Wimbledon final easily. Of course, he needs to get past two more rounds before Djoker’s presence makes a difference.

    3. But we’ve been there before – several times – last year, and in Paris last year as well, I think, for a start. It never happens. I’m catching up with the highlights on the Red Button at the moment, because I missed it all this evening. Novak will probably wake up tomorrow feeling fine, Sam will wake up and the realisation will hit him, and the whole balance of the match will have changed.

      He was mighty lucky the rain came, though, if you ask me. I’m sure there was time and light enough to restart all the open-air matches if they’d wanted to once the rain had blown over (and wasn’t there a beautiful double rainbow, as well). Clearly someone likes him.

    4. Djokovic is a lucky fellow,last year Anderson choked and we all felt sad after he defeated Fed. Borevic was surely going to go out but rain came.He wasn’t even able to volley and querry was playing awesome.Now I just hope we won’t cry after the semifinals and blame the rain.
      Come on Sam the man,defeat Djoker please!

    5. Agree that Djoker is probably winning this one…

      Though some of you seem to forget that Roger needs two more matches to make a difference, and four more to actually get that 18th. So hold your horses ^^

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