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Federer Downs Groth in New York to Move into Last 32

Another straight sets win for Federer here as he defeated big serving Sam Groth 6-4 6-4 6-4 in one hour and 48 minutes. Not the greatest match from the Swiss but he was comfortably the better player out there, winning 84% of points behind his first serve, out acing his opponent and converting 5 of his 11 break point chances. A good day at the office really and he's into the last 32 where he'll play Marcel Granollers.

I completely wrote Groth's chances off before the match saying he was just a serve but having watched some of his matches from Brisbane earlier in the year I realised he is a pretty tough competitor and it wouldn't be completely routine for Roger out there. Yes he has a big serve as we all knew but he backs that up with decent volleys and high intensity which is rare to see in the men's game these days.

Fortunately Fed played him very well, returning well and using his experience to put him under too much pressure on serve. With the win Fed is now 24-1 in night sessions in New York. Imperious stuff.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Slice vs Groth USO

Groth won the toss and elected to serve, confident approach as most guys who are overawed by the occasion on a show court will definitely choose to receive. He backed up that decision with a love hold. Good start.

Fed quickly levelled and then had 2 break points in Groth's next service game which he failed to convert. At 1-2 the Swiss got into a little trouble on his own serve with a double fault at 15-15 and got lucky when Groth missed a bit of a sitter to give himself 2 break points.

At 3-3 Fed struck first blood playing a smart return game, the chip return doing the damage just like it's done to Roddick and now Raonic. Groth didn't think it was coming over, stopped in his tracks and then had to wait for it to bounce. Not a good spot to be in and he made the critical error. Fed then held to 15 for 5-3, pulled off a stunning return off a 142MPH serve in Groth's next service game and then served out the set 6-4 after Groth held for 4-5.

With Groth serving first at the start of the second he needed a good start to keep his head above water but he was broken easily to fall behind. However Fed threw in a casual service game to get broken back instantly, tamely dumping a volley into the net then badly mistiming a forehand to give the Aussie a reprieve.

The set then went with serve until 4-4 where again Fed got the breakthrough, forcing Groth to overcook a volley on break point before serving it out 6-4, hitting a majestic slice lob in the process. Check it out below.

I figured the third would be a procession but Groth didn't fade in the slightest and in fact he was playing pretty well, hitting some athletic volleys and keeping Fed on his toes. He got his just rewards too as after saving a break point at 1-1, he broke Fed to lead 4-2. Big lapse in concentration from the GOAT but credit to Groth who took full advantage with some clean hitting.

I thought with Groth on the ascendency he'd close the set out thanks to his serve clicking but like Fed in set 2, he failed to consolidate handing the break straight back. He then double faulted on break point at 4-4 which ended his night as Roger served it out 6-4 to move into the last 32.

Match Stats

S.Β Groth R.Β Federer
Aces 8 9
Doubles Faults 8 4
Winners 37 36
Unforced Errors 30 21
Net Points Won 26/59 (44%) 18/27 (67%)
1st Serves In 63% 62%
1st Serve Points Won 41/69 (59%) 41/49 (84%)
2nd Serve Points Won 20/40 (50%) 15/30 (50%)
Break Points Saved 6/11 (55%) 0/2 (0%)
Break Points Won 2/2 (100%) 5/11 (45%)
Total Service Pts Won 61/109 (56%) 56/79 (71%)
Total Return Pts Won 23/79 (29%) 48/109 (44%)
Total Points Won 84/188 (45%) 104/188 (55%)
Avg. 1st Serve Speed 190kph 184kph
Avg. 2nd Serve Speed 163kph 152 kph
Fastest Serve 237kph 201 kph

Shot of the Match

Insane lob!

Thoughts on the Match

Finger Wag 3.0
Finger Wag 3.0

Well, I mean, what I like about these kind of matchups is there's always going to be something unusual that's going to happen, unusual shot-making. You have to react rather than just always play percentage tennis. You just hope to get the other odd ball back, and then all of a sudden it drops short; you've got to run up to it. Whenever somebody is at the net or you're at the net, there's always something of the unknown that's going to happen a little bit more.

Another solid match from Fed here and so far so good. Hard to really judge his level to the nth degree as it was pretty windy and he played a huge server which makes rhythm or extended rallies hard to come by. As usual though Fed adapted to the conditions and his opponent well, using the short slice return to make the first volley difficult for Groth and aside from the third set taking care of his own service games when he had the all important break.

It's hard to really pick out any key shots or what is working well as thanks to Groth's style most of the points are reactionary rather than being constructed piece by piece like they are against a player like Murray where it's tactical. With this guy serving at 140MPH it's about getting the racquet on the ball, getting it in play then going from there. Block a return in that creeps over the net then come up with the right passing shot, point over. Rinse and repeat.

Probably the one area you can say Fed did really well is that he retrieved exceptionally; coming up with 3 or 4 genius sliced lobs when on full stretch to leave Groth planted at the net. Always good to see him winning points from those sort of positions when he's behind in the point but comes up with the goods to turn it around. Finger Wag 3.0 even made an appearance.

As for Groth, he played well and wasn't a passenger like I thought he might be. Like Fed said after, he has huge amounts of power on serve and off the ground which makes him tricky to play. Even his volleys get thumped into the court and he's certainly a typical Aussie type competitor. I would guess he will be able to stay in the top 100 if he maintains this kind of level. His problem will clearly be fitness as at 98KG he is a complete unit, no way he's holding up well after 5 sets carrying that kind of weight around.

Predictions vs. Granollers

Federer Granoller Dubai 2013

Next up is Granollers who I predicted would come through in my US Open draw post. He defeated Karlovic 7-6(6), 6-7(3), 7-6(5), 3-6, 6-4 in a tough battle, only breaking Ivo once the entire match.

Fed leads the H2H 2-0 vs. the Spaniard, both wins coming in Dubai and I'm definitely glad he's his opponent in the third round. There'd be no benefit what so ever to facing another big server like Karlovic after Groth as it'd be another rhythm-less match. Granollers is a typical grinder type player with little power so he's going to pose Fed a different type of challenge. He's also a fairly solid at the net as he plays a fair bit of doubles so I think this should be a good match.

I'd expect Granollers to keep it tight for a set but after that Fed should cruise through. Granollers record on hard courts is poor compared to his preferred clay too; he lost in the first round of both US Open Series Masters 1000's in the lead up to the USO so not great signs for him. He's also likely not the freshest after a five setter.

I'll pick Fed in 3: 6-4 6-2 6-2.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Woot!!

      Jonathan, didn’t Feds lose to Berdych on Ashe in a night session? When he played Robredo it was officially a day session I believe?
      I’m rather happy to see Granollers through, will give Fed more rallies and rhythm, which he is going to need if he is to go all the way.

      And how about a day session match next time!! We need sleep!! πŸ˜›

      Good post as usual πŸ™‚

    2. Nice!

      Yeah I think you are right actually, had forgotten about Berdscat match. Will update post.

      Day time match would be a dream. Should be after 2 night sessions.

      1. Simon & Jonathan,

        Federer played Robredo on Louis Armstrong, not Ashe.

        Fed lost to Djokovic in ’10 and ’11, in day matches, and Robredo in ’13.
        I think Berdych is pretty much the only man to beat Fed at Ashe in the night session.

  1. Ok interesting match! Fed always up for a challenge! Even checked out the serve speed after he hit a few insane returns to see how he had done! Only Fed!!
    Wld love to know the winner stats FH to BH as once again his BH caused the most problems, just dipping into Groths feet or lifting over his head as he rushed the net!
    Did not like the lapse on concentration, it was very visible but then again so was the “ok, enough of that , let’s get back on track” attitude when he did get broken! Changed gear every time! Was clearly very windy!

    Loved the show time finger wag and loved the shoes, matching the racquet!! Shameless plug in the interview afterwards!
    Shattered today and got a teen party to prepare ( daughter)!! Need a day session Fed plse! Granollers can be tricky but no way is Fed wasting this opportunity! Think Goffin cld come thru to give Grigor a few issues btw! Took out Sousa no problem! Full of confidence!
    On another note, liking Bencic a lot! Waiting for the Swiss photo opp with her, Stan and Fed!!
    Match of the day! Kyrgios v Robredo!
    Tomorrow? Clearly Fed but Monf v Gasquet cld be fun!

    1. Fed hit a winner of a 142, he didn’t seem all that impressed though when quizzed by Gilbert, routine for him now after his success against Roddick and Milos. I agree Susie, laps of concentration are become regular in Fed matches these days, not gonna cut it against more experienced players.

    2. Yeah there were 2 lapses that were a bit annoying, easily done though when he’s cruising. Could have gone 4 sets and then it gets quite interesting.

  2. Great article as usual Jonathan and in quick time too, thought you would be tired. Just one little error- I don’t think Groth won 48% of 1st serve return points and I am pretty sure Roger never won 62% of 1st serve return points (I would love to see this happen though).

    Looking forward to the third round. Granollers just played a tough 5 setter against Dr. Ivo, so that’s advantage Fed. I just hope they schedule Fed for a daytime match sooner than later. He would want that experience before taking on Dmitrov who looks to be in fine form.

  3. Hi Jonanthan

    I have to say at the start when I saw Groth I though on no bull in a china shop, but it was an enjoyable match, and Fed just seemed to go up a gear when he needed to, some lovely points especially the one that brough the finger wag out. Fed’s forehand seemed a little off but just pleased to see him get the job done. Do you think he will get a “bonus” for the very cheeky plug for the shoes – which I think are great. Hopefully Granollers will not be too much of a problem – hopefully he will get the forehand more into the groove. A daytime match would be lovely feel decidedly woolly headed today but still went to the gym!!!!!!!

    1. I think it was just typical Fed comment, no real thoughts about Nike or actually pushing people to buy them.

      Daytime wish has been granted, I would guess 8PM UK time.

  4. 5 stars for Winner to UE stat ??
    This stat is ONLY good for comparing Fed to his opponent on that day.
    Do you really want to rate Fed based on his opponents ?
    Is Groth the barometer to rate Fed ??

    If Fed had played Murray instead of Groth, he would have definitely made more UEs than winners.
    I guess you would then give 3 stars to Winner-UE stat.

    All the other stats, serving, returning, net play and break point conversions are % stats.
    The only odd one out is the Winner-UE ratio which is just a count.

    If you really want to know Fed’s level of play in the ground strokes, WINNER %, UE% is the correct stat.

    If it is NOT possible to calculate UE% (may be because the avg.rally.length stat isn’t available) , then i suggest that you consider the play style and ranking of the opponent.

    For this match, W-UE stat deserves only a 3 star rating AT BEST simply because the opponent was a serve volleyer who keeps the rallies short and has NEVER been ranked higher than 92.

    The only case when Fed would deserve a 5 star rating is if he had the same winner to UE ratio against a fit and in form Rafa or Novak.

    1. Your one man crusade continues.

      Of course I want to rate Fed vs his opponents, that’s all that matters. I don’t really care how he played 8 weeks ago as it likely has no impact on his match today.

      Did you stay up till 3am to count the average rally length to work out this stat? If so send me it over and I’ll add it in.

      The review at the bottom is my opinion, not stats based.

    2. Sakthi,
      before you give the idea, think about the way to implement it.

      I don’t even know how is Jonathan keeping up with this, watching the match (which sometimes in crazy schedule for his time zone), keep the live chat, write a review, write the prediction for the next match, reply comments, count the first comment also managing the blog (now that I think of it, I’m quite convinced that Jonathan is a robot, or mutan? πŸ™‚ ). And you want him to count on the total shot as well? (anyway, Jonathan I’m impressed wtih your hard work for this blog, good job buddy)

      Now, Sakthi, if you think that W% and UE% is reflecting the match, check this stat below
      Sara Errani vs Mirjana Lucic-Baroni

      First set 6-3 for Errani
      Errani: W=1 UE=1
      Lucic-Baroni: W=17 UE=24
      assuming total shot for them is almost the same number (for example 100)
      Errani stat: W=1% UE=1%
      Lucic-Baroni: W=17% UE=24%

      Second set 6-2 for Lucic-Baroni
      Errani stat: W=2 UE=5
      Lucic-Baroni: W=20 UE=17
      same assumption
      Errani stat: W=2% UE=5%
      Lucic-Baroni: W=20% UE=17%

      Difficult to see from the percentage, how come a 1% W can beat 17% W (first set) and how come 17% UE can win against 5% UE (second set). I believe it will be easier to just count W vs UE ratio right?

      1. Amar,
        I appreciate your thoughts on this.
        Your scenario ONLY proves my point that Winner% or UE% is NOT to find out who is the better player.
        It is to find out the best level a player can play regardless of the opponent.

        We can easily compare Lucic Baroni’s W% and UE% to her previous matches and give a rating on how she has performed.
        W% and UE% is to compare Baroni of this match to the Baroni of the previous matches and NOT to compare to the opponent on that day.

        That way, we can see Baroni’s form graph. We can easily find out if it is improving or degrading.

        And i whole heartedly appreciate Jonathan’s efforts here.
        NO, i do NOT want him to count the number of shots. It is impossible to do that.

        My question is very simple.
        How can Roger be given a 5 star performance for a 36-21 W-UE ratio against a player ranked outside top 100 ????
        And Jonathan himself has said that this match did NOT GIVE ROGER ANY RHYTHM on the baseline because the points were kept short.
        So HOW CAN IT BE GIVEN 5 STARS ? Does NOT make any sense.

        A 5 star rating for such a W-UE ratio should ONLY BE GIVEN when the opponent is a Rafa or a Novak or Delpo, Tsonga, Murray, Ferrer, Berdych, Monfils, Robredo etc.. The players whose baseline game is very good.

        In this case, though the W-UE ratio looks good apparently, it ONLY deserves a 3 star rating at best because Roger did NOT need to play his best.

        So my point is, when a player is rated, it should always be in comparison to that player’s previous performances and NOT the OPPONENT ON THAT DAY. Because it is always the case that the better player wins on any given day. No need for stats to tell this story.

      2. Sakthi,
        I still don’t get the point, you want a %W and %UE (at least you said it was better than W vs UE ratio) but you don’t know how to implement it (by saying it is impossible to count the total shot). So what exactly do you want?

        About the star rating for the W vs UE,
        I think it is pretty clear that this post is discussing one match, Roger vs Groth. So the rating that Jonathan put here of course based on this one match, no matter who the opponent is. So is the other category (return, BP conversion, etc) all based on one match. Because that is what this post about.

        When you start questioning the rating for W vs UE, why you didn’t ask as well about the rating for return? Or BP? Don’t you think that Roger should get that high rating only if he play this good against Nadal? All those categories are dependent on the opponent too, right?

        The answer is clear, it is because this post is only reviewing one match only. Not reviewing Roger performance through out tournament, or season, or career.

  5. Sam hasn’t Groth what it takes to beat the GOAT. What he needs is some Human Groth Hormones, so he can fight every point like Nadal.

    I couldn’t watch it as I had accidentally scheduled a match and had to catch up on the re-run. The Groth character has a long way to go. I feel like he will do much better in the WWE. Sorry, mate, but that’s the truth πŸ™‚

    1. Still, he seems like an interesting player. How many pros take a year of to engage in top-level of any other sport. Groth apparently took one year of in 2011 to play Australian rules football. Imagine this guy with a good coach that balances his game. Think he did a great match (Groth). With that kind of game, he could beat a lot of high ranked players.

      1. Please…there’s nothing interesting about this Groth guy. He is very simply an Andy Roddick clone gone awry.

      2. I agree. I enjoyed his game. Gave a few tense moments, but he seemed like a fun player to watch. Nice to see serve and volley. He dumped a lot of them into the net, but I would attribute some of that to the occasion and some to Federer’s epic returning and his passing shots that were better than his usual standard.

      3. Groth missed a lot of volleys because he was volleying from so far back in the court, bombing down serves at 140 gives you less time to come in behind the serve as the return is always coming back with interest.

        I think Fed just did enough on return, put enough balls in play when he had to.

      4. Precisely. He is slow too, and his height will always cause him trouble with volleying. He will have to change his game and turn into a Del Po, or Berdych. The last two have nothing except for the leverage they get to hit pile drivers because of their height. Outside of that, they are bunch of bullshit.

    2. Speaking of Nadal, has anyone seen photos of him vacationing, he’s wearing the wrist cast again but took it off for several weeks and looked to be practicing fine just before withdrawing. What gives?

      1. Don’t tell me you actually believed he has a wrist injury. He is fine. He has either been silently banned, or is avoiding Novak for now, and regenerating himself for the first half of next year. The trick is to lose tons of points, get down to like No.7 or 8, and win the best comeback player [from injury] of the year again.

        Just when Roger starts hitting form, Nadal magically disappears. 2009, later in 2012, and now 2013. In both 2009, and 2012, Roger was 1-1 against Nadal. After a Roger win in both years (Madrid 2009, and IW 2012), they never met again. In 2013, Roger’s worst year on tour since winning a slam, guess what, Nadal beat him in all four meetings. And now, in 2014, Nadal has again vanished.

        Keep building that H2H you Spanish cheat.

      2. Could be but I don’t understand how the ITF takes away a cash cow as someone once said before here. But incredibly annoying that every time Fed rises he tends to hide in the shadows, never holding his end of the bargain it would seem.

      3. And that is why, like I said in an earlier post, the silent ban as a mean to give him a slap on the wrist, instead of sending him to the butcher.

      4. I agree that Nadal could be just fine and not injured at all. We just don’t know as usually.
        However Nadal is probably only skipping the US Open because he doesn’t care as much about defending his US Open title as he cares about winning a second AO title next year.
        If he is hiding, it’s not out of fear from Federer.
        Because Roger’s chances to win a 18’th slam title increase when Nadal is absent, whether we like to admit it or not. Nadal’s absence means not only that Roger doesn’t have to face him, but it allows him to also play more freely against everybody else.

      5. Hey Wilfried, Sid and Alysha, I kind of agree that it does not make sense that Rafa would avoid Roger by skipping USO, but…. it does appear to be like that….. Last year when Rafa was The Invincible TennisGod and Roger was having backproblems, they met 4 times and Rafa won all 4.
        This year, with THIS Roger, If Rafa would have met Roger at Halle, Wimby, Toronto, Cincy and even USO, he could and would have won. So…. somewhere some critic or reporter has to ask the question right?? I mean, when it took a “Novak” to beat a “Wimby-Roger”, why was Rafa not present at these tours so Roger could even the H2H what more??

      6. Wilfried, I’m not necessarily saying that it’s the fear of Fed that keeps Nadal out. No, a 10-21 H2H suggests otherwise. However, Nadal would go to any length to avoid making it 11-21.

        I have two theories. Either it’s a silent ban, where he is being kept out, or, he want to go through his regeneration process and get ready for the first few months of 2015. Meanwhile, he avoids Novak who has shown signs of hitting peak form a gain. It’s a well timed strategy that almost guarantees him at least one of those slams next year.

      7. I meant to say it last night, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: every time I think Roger has a chance of beating Rafa, one of 3 things happens:
        – Rafa gets knocked out of the tournament before he can get to Roger;
        – Rafa takes an injury break – or possibly other break where it isn’t specifically stated that he’s injured;
        – I’m wrong, and Rafa beats Roger.

        The last one of those three is definitely the least common – it’s only happened at the AO this year: I’m not sure which is the most frequent.

  6. Thanks Jonathan, you summed up very well and I pretty much agree with all your points. As I commened earlier, I thought that Sam Groth is a pretty decent player, assuming that he could play like this on a regular basis. He could have done a lot more damage, had he faced any other top 10 player, no matter. This was a good match for Roger.
    I think that the next one could be slightly easier, as Granollers has got no weapons.
    Allez Roger!

  7. I thought Roger played great. Could have been a little better on deuce/BP points on his serve. Overall he’s looking to be in great form and getting better. Should be easy until the Quarters. Hope it goes easy all the way.

  8. Hit the nail on the head yet again J, rhythmless match for Fed but he did pretty well. Gotta say this was a pretty fun match to watch because Groth was playing old school and soaked up the moment pretty for his first time on Ashe against a legend on the other side of the net. Samuel’s attitude and temperament got in the way of stealing that third set though, I lost count at the amount of times he said “Sorry mate” everytime his toss went astray, very Rafter like and even his twitches reminded me of Rusty- very Aussie lol.

    Hm, back to back matches of Fed failing to consolidate the break and then out of nowhere dropped serve in the third. Not liking that. Could be facing Dimitrov in two matches, can be costly to lose concentration like that, hope he can try maintain focus and flow in the match against Granollers which will be Fed’s first day session of the tournament. BTW that lob was the epitome of genius, so close to getting a smile out of Stefan or Mirka for that matter! Elsewhere, Novak looks to be cruising and now Tsonga/Murray up on the cards, who does everyone have on that one?

    1. The little I saw, Tsonga is looking very, very sharp; Murray is looking stunned that he isn’t out already. Still you never know what’s going to happen on the day…

  9. OH MY GOODNESS. Is anyone watching KYRGIOS?!?!? This kid is on FIRE!!! Best tennis I have seen ALL YEAR!!!! Absolute Destruction. Robredo can’t do anything. Im predicting Kyrgios is top 10 by end of 2015! Phenomenal!

    1. Are you for real? Best tennis you have seen all year? You’re joking, right? You call this tennis? It’s Hara Kyrgi tennis.

      And Robredo? I had always believed Nadal plays the ugliest tennis on the men’s tour. Not any more. This Robredo is not very different. I mean, this is tennis ugliness personified. Must be sharing the same doctors, these thugs.

      Finally, add Jake Garner into the mix.

      1. Let him have his opinion… If he likes it, then let him like it without having a go at him…

      2. Yeah Kyrgios is a very good player and so is Robredo. So please let people have their opinions.

      3. Alright…alright…let him have his opinion πŸ™‚

        I think Kyrgios is a pathetic tennis player. He represents everything that is wrong with modern tennis players. No brains. Just mad power hitting. I mean, is tennis all about serving missiles, and insane forehands?

        He was trying to hit through Robredo, something Roger couldn’t do last year (Yes, it was a bad 2013 but you get the point, don’t you?). And no, beating Nadal on grass isn’t something to brag about. Darcis did it. Then Rosol did it. It’s getting a bit old now.

        Look, I get it that Kyrgios is till a teenager, and is overflowing with testosterone, and will probably improve with time. But to suggest that it was the best tennis seen all year? Really?

        As for Robredo, the less I talk about, the better.

      4. In that case, in the same vein, the best tennis I’ve seen all year has been Dustin Brown against Nadal at Halle. Now THAT was some epic play.

        In any case, didn’t Kyrgios lose to Robredo?

      5. Kyrgios is clearly a talent, the GOAT doesn’t invite just anyone to Zurich to practice.

        I think he plays with variety too from what I saw at Wimbledon vs Dull?

        Sid’s on a downer against any tennis player who’s initials aren’t RF.

      6. Gaurav, evidently, Robredo had to play better than the best tennis of 2014.

        Jonathan, that’s not true πŸ™‚ There’s no doubt Kyrgios has talent, but he played stupid against Robredo. Didn’t use his brain at all. Same pattern, Robredo pushing, or slicing it to the backhand, Kyrgios imploding, or Robredo eventually getting to hit a forehand with his stupid 102 sq. in. 10 oz, headlight, medium swing speed, toy of a racquet. I didn’t see Kyrgios make much of an adjustment.

        I do like him for taking the Doper out at Wimbledon. What he played today was far from the best tennis of 2014 though πŸ™‚

      1. Robredo won? Despite Kyrgios playing the best tennis of 2014? He really iced this kid on fire didn’t he? Must be one heck of a game.

      2. Kyrgios was playing awesome for like 5 games. Untouchable. He just doesn’t have the mental stregnth. I realize that I was definitely over-reacting πŸ™‚

      3. I was just trying to give you grief, Yousuf H. At least you’re realized you were totally overreacting πŸ™‚

  10. The last or wooden spoon? But hey believe me I’m always there!

    Great write-up as always, thanks Jonathan. Sorry to have missed the chat again, though I woke up in the middle of the night sacrificing my beauty sleep and caught up the lob just in time! What a point!
    Loved his all black kit and the finger wag πŸ™‚

    1. Aaaargh. If they hadn’t taken that extra hour, we wouldn’t be in a rain delay (without rain) before the end of the first set…

  11. I thought Granolla bar was going to be an absolute pushover. And here he is not missing a damn first serve. Thankfully the match has been suspended. Maybe that will disrupt his rhythm and get Federer back on track.

    Also, is anyone else noticing this pattern where Federer’s struggling to adjust to a day session after playing a couple of night sessions? His timing just seems to go off.

    Also also, does anyone else out there hate the American commentators as much as I do? They talk crap in the bucketload. Bring the European commentators!! SO much better.

    1. I did wonder whether the change from day to night was causing a problem … and yes, it has been commented on before.

  12. Damn what a bad start! Let’s hope that’s all it is. Grananrybap is serving well, coming up with huge 1s at the right time. Come on Fed, come back strong and pull it together man.

  13. Guys!!! I’m so nervous! U think the play suspended was a gud thing for Federer to regroup? Came at the right time. I nid to go to bed now bcs of work tomorrow. I hv prayed specially for ds match. I wil wake up to good news on Twitter.

    1. Definitely good for Federer. I think Granolla bar was on a roll, just hitting too freely. Now he’ll have had time to think that he can actually win the set. That should make him nervous, not to mention disrupt his rhythm. Not to mention, Federer’s level can only go up. Add to that Federer’s definitely finding it harder to adjust to the day session, so the night session will suit him. Add them up and just maybe it should be smooth sailing. Just me being positive!!

  14. Too many night matches the last month. Hopefully, Fed will get his game going. I hate most American commentators. They can be so nasty and turn on a player on a whim. Not professional at all. With the rain delay they are showing some of Fed’s past USO wins. Nice.

    1. Totally agree. They’re absolutely horrible. There are moments where I’ve contemplated switching off the TV just because of them. It’s downright hilarious some of the inane stuff they come up with.

      Eg: For the first two rounds they’ve been trying to come up with this retarded Bond analogy where Federer is Roger Moore. The moment he’s down 0-15, Bond’s in trouble.

      1. Yeah. 45 minutes to go. These are the days when being a self employed musician are worth it. You can go to bed as late as you want without having to worry about Monday Morning Blues. (it’s 3:45 am here. Federer will go on at 4:30)

      2. SI Tennis, who generally know what they’re talking about, said this on Twitter:
        “Day session canceled. Roger Federer (down 2-5 to Granollers), Tomas Berdych (Gabashvili), and Feliciano Lopez (Thiem) will resume Monday.”

        Monstrously unfair. What a bunch of thieving ratbags.

        (Roger, I’m sure, will be much more genteel, and say something like “it’s unfortunate of course, but everybody has to play in the same conditions”. BUT. To not even finish matches THAT HAVE STARTED in order to start your night session – what a crock. Not happy. (I’m sure you couldn’t tell that at all…)

      3. On the other hand, Tennis Channel claims it’s starting in about 2 minutes with the resumption of Fed-Granollers.

        I have no clue.

      4. Nah he’s on in 10 minutes. Switched to first match of night sessions and Bencic has made way.

        Gaurav are you a self employed musician, or self employed and a musician?

      5. I quit consultancy at McKinsey last year to do music. Decided to give it a shot for a 2-3 years and see if it leads anywhere. So technically music is my primary focus for the next few years, but I try and do other stuff like write and keep in touch with my business/ finance side, because after a while I definitely do want to see myself balancing the music out with something that ummmn… requires a bit more mental faculty, let’s just put it that way?

  15. I’m seeing reports that Fed’s match will continue first in the night session. Not sure whether that’s true: what did they do last year which caused his match to be moved to Armstrong with virtually no notice? Was it just an overrun of previous matches, or a weather problem?

    1. Oops. Was supposed to be a reply to Sid. Must have hit the wrong button πŸ™

      “To not even finish matches THAT HAVE STARTED in order to start your night session – what a crock.”

      Quite agree, Thinker. That’s why I was asking about last year – we know what happened there, don’t we?

      Wondering what’s up with Roger, though. I know players earlier were reporting about the unbelievably humid conditions.

      1. Can’t remember about last year, Alison – I’m almost thinking it was both a previous match running long, and either weather that had helped to make it run long, or projected incoming weather they were trying to avoid. I do remember thinking that it was a good call under the circumstances, in spite of complaints from fans – and I expect I would have been complaining too if I’d been a ticketholder.

        Apparently I owe an apology to some unknown persons I may have called names: I’m sorry. My exasperation got the better of me, and I apologize.

        However, now I can’t find a stream (no cable), & am tearing my hair out…

  16. Woah, what a nice comeback. 6am here and staying up all night was totally worth it after that initial scare. Credit to Granolla bar- he really did come out firing. Although, now that I think about it, if it wasn’t for that first service game, it could have gotten done in straights.

    Just a few thoughts
    – The match was tougher than the score line suggested. Specially in the second set, first game, where Fed was looking at being broken. Saving that was beyond crucial. It might have been a completely different match otherwise.
    – Impressive tactical stuff. I didn’t notice it up until the commentators mentioned it, that Federer was using the slice because Granolla bar wasn’t able to generate pace of his own because of his abbreviated backswing. If you ask me, that’s incredibly discerning on his part.
    – The back hand return!!! Ooof, boy has he started going on the top of them much more and boy has it been effective. Loved his backhand returns. Aggressive!!
    – Slice- out of the world.
    – Three bread sticks is always fun.

    … and PS: Did anyone see the line’s guy sitting next to the chair umpire, air drumming to the RHCP song in the 4th set, at 4-1? He was pretty tight. Got some changes nailed down too.

    1. It may be because I’m a bass player, but air drumming is very easy. The real thing is much more difficult πŸ˜€

  17. Great match by Roger after the first set where his first serve was so so. Agut does not have any weapons to threaten the master. Looking ahead, don’t see how baby Fed can pose any serious threat to the original Fed.
    Byrdshit or Clownfils can be trouble in the Semis. Hope Gasquet plays amazing for a couple of rounds and face Roger in Semis πŸ™‚ Anyone Roger has to face, I am pretty confident of King Fed coming through. Djoker in the finals the only threat. But if Djoker doesn’t bring his very best to the finals, Roger will triumph. Let the countdown start. Allez!!!

  18. Wow. Only saw up to 2-5 down in first before rain break and Mr Sandman.

    To think Fed broke back to 4-5, the went down 0-40 on his own serve, before losing the first set.

    In the 2nd there was a titanic first game on GrannysRollers serve, which Fed had chances to break. He must have been tired, with nothing to show for it on the scoreboard, set down, 1-0 down.

    Then he had a break point against him at 0-1/30-40!! Blimey, to think he was 1 point away from set down, break down! But thankfully Fed held his nerve in more ways than 1, winning 18 of the next 20 games!!!!

    So it would seem once he got into the match, there was no stopping him, he actually broke GrannysRollers 9 times in total!!!

    Murray v Tsonga, that should be a good one, I’m backing Tsonga!!

    1. Hey Andyb, I am also backing Jo Willy. I think Muzza can beat him, but with him cramping two matches, I think Jo Willy will outlast him. Today Novak against Kohli. Ofcourse he will win (hope not), but if they have to meet, I think either Jo Willy or Stan will beat Novak. Somehow I don’t think he will make it to the final. Ofcourse if Novak makes it to the final, he will lose to every opponent on the other side of the net….. unless it is Roger ofcourse. One or two mto’s and boom…. Novak with the title while Roger is standing there beeing and having played honest.

      I wanted 3 things to happen at USO:
      Sharapova out. Which happened.
      Roger winning the title. Which WILL happen.
      Novak out. Don’t care during which match. Hope this will happen too πŸ™‚

      Can you tell that I have still not forgiven or forgotten Novak for the Wimby mto??? πŸ™‚

      1. Andy’s cramped during *2* matches?! I didn’t realise that. I still have a suspicion that he may do rather better than everyone seems to expect, given that everyone’s completely written him off for this tournament. Oh well, wait and see …

      2. Hey Alison, yes, against Robin Haase (1st match) and his 3rd one.

        Are you watching Novak against Kohli??? The guy (not Kohli) is soooooo………….

      3. Haha, hope your predictions are correct.

        Tsongy frustrates the hell outta me that he hasn’t done better it slams, is it something mental, does he want to win so bad that nerves takes something out of him? Amount of times he has hit a peak in form, whereby I have expected him to win certain matches which he falls flat in straight sets, I just can’t understand it. Take last year at the French, he hadn’t dropped a set, was on fire, blowing decent opponents away with ease, then fell flat to Ferrer in straight sets when I would have backed my house for him to win that one. It will be a disappointing career for him if he remains on this same nearly-but-no plane throughout. At least a Roddick or Ivanisevic for example, who were not half as technically gifted, can boast 1 huge slam moment, someone as talented as Tsonga should be able to claim at least 1 also, in similar fashion to Wawrinka.

      4. Hey Andyb, Jo Willy is the easiest to figure out: loses to everybody, except our Goat. Then he remembers that he is a damn good player πŸ™‚
        Unfortunately Roger has that effect on some players…. against him they play lights out of tennis πŸ™‚

  19. Hey guys of last nights LIVE CHAT….. sorry if I went too far with my “where are all the girls”-stuff. Won’t happen again…. or atleast I will try πŸ™‚

    But girls….. what happens in live chat stays in live chat and will stay there, but please girls…. no one there to talk about how beautiful Roger looks πŸ™‚ All about uni’s and Bitcoins πŸ™‚ And I am pretty sure I was THE ONLY ONE actually watching the match πŸ™‚ Come on, if I can give up my beauty sleep for the GOAT, so can you right?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Ps Sid: I don’t know about the rest here, but I love when you are in your “ranting mode” !!! Don’t stop πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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