ATP Masters 1000Indian WellsRoger Federer

Federer Dominates Istomin in Indian Wells

Stunning start to his title defence from Roger as he dominated Denis Istomin 6-2 6-2 to make serene progress into the next round in just 58 minutes.

No doubt if you were anything like me you weren't quite sure what to expect after the disappointing loss in Dubai, of course I knew Roger wasn't losing to Istomin but I wasn't sure about his level of play or serving form. As it turned out I needn't have worried as it was a completely clinical performance with every aspect of his game clicking from the word go.

Roger was imperious on serve throughout and still found some time to conjure up some moments of genius despite only only dropping 4 points on serve and breaking twice in each set.

1st Set – Federer Dominates

Federer Forehand on Fire

Swiss Masterclasses very often begin with a break of serve in the opening game and Federer didn't disappoint on that front as he broke Istomin's serve immediately. That was soon backed up with a breezy hold and I think most Fed fans knew we were in for a little bit of a show.

2-1 became 3-1 in 59 seconds, insane really considering the likes of Djokovic and Nadal take that long in between points, and Roger can win 4 points in that same amount of time.

The set was wrapped up when Istomin dropped his serve again to slip 4-1 behind and Roger served out the set comfortably to take it 6-2; hitting a couple of GOAT level drop shots in the process. Whenever he's playing the drop shot (and they're coming off) you know he's in a confident mood.

2nd Set – Roger Federer Serving Display

GOAT Serving Display

The key to Roger's game these days is the serve, if that's not firing he finds it tough to cross the line against the top guys. It hasn't looked great in his past 4 or 5 matches but against Istomin and in the second set especially it was in devastating form.

Much like the first set Roger got an early break to lead 2-1, followed it up with a love hold and after that it was all over as he broke again at 5-3 to seal the deal 6-2 6-3. Rather amazingly he didn't drop a point on serve throughout the entire second set and made 88% of first serves. GOAT statistics.

It felt good from the start and was able to maintain that level of play, I never thought he got into the match at all. That gives you obviously even more confidence.

peRFect Tennis Shot of the Match

Hard to pick out just one shot in this match, but this one just shows how sweetly Roger was hitting the ball, the sound off the racket throughout the match and on this forehand especially was so crisp:

Video removed πŸ™

Thoughts on the Match

Obviously it's important not to get ahead of ourselves here and start suggesting Roger's a lock for the title after the way he started but this was an extremely encouraging start. Every angle of his game was dialled in; serve, forehand, backhand, point construction, shot selection, you name it, it was working extremely well.

As to why it was such a marked improvement from Rotterdam and Dubai I'm not sure maybe he's practised hard, he feels at home on the Indian Wells court and likes how the balls fly in the thin desert air or perhaps he just plays better in front of the twins πŸ™‚

Federer Twins in Indian Wells

Of course this is only Istomin, who isn't the toughest player to encounter in a first round but he does have a reasonably big game so for Roger to make him look completely average and never give him a look in was very pleasing.

When Roger wins 32 of 36 points on serve, make 72% of first serves and converts 4 of 7 break points then I don't think he loses a match to anyone on tour. The main thing now is to take this form into his next match and to try and maintain it right up until the business end of the tournament where he'll likely be squaring off against the likes of Nadal, Berdych and Djokovic or Murray. It's a tough run in but if he can strike the ball as well as he did against Istomin then the matches are on his racket.

Predictions vs. Ivan Dodig

Next up for Roger is Croatian Ivan Dodig who beat Roger's Rotterdam conqueror Julien Benneteau in straight sets.

Dodig has quite a big game and will definitely play attacking / gung ho type tennis. He's capable of upsets having beaten Nadal at the Rogers Cup in Montreal a couple of years back so he's not to be under estimated but I think Federer will get through this one problems at all based on his performance vs Istomin.

They've never played each other before so it's heading somewhat into the unknown for Federer but like all his matches serving well will be key. If he can take care of his own service games without too much hassle then he should be able to play aggressively in his return games and be the player who dictates most of the plays.

I've not seen a lot of Dodig but I figure he's only going to play well when he's the one controlling the rallies, no way he beats Federer with a defensive style of game so I think 6-4 6-2. Allez les Suisse!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Couldn’t have ask for a better start for Roger, he played with conviction and on a mission here. Not sure if his opponent plays any part in this but from the looks of it, played as well as he can. Looks like the draw opened up for him a little now that his first bogeyman – Benneteau is out. Then again all his bogeymen except for nadal plays well only when Roger is across the net – darn frustrating. Allez Roger!!!

    1. Hey Dippy,

      I like the way you put it, conviction and on a mission. Spot on πŸ™‚ very clinical when he needed to be.

      Istomin isn’t the greatest but he’s definitely not a mug on hard courts, Roger returned really well.

      Benneteau gone, and so is Isner who he’d have met in the first round. I’d have expected him to beat Isner of course but always difficult against someone with a serve like that as Djoker found out last year.



      1. Thanks! By the way I also enjoyed your videos, very nicely done and professional. Hope to watch more of that in your coming posts. πŸ™‚

      2. Cheers Dippy πŸ™‚

        Yup it’s a new regular feature I’ll be doing with each match report. Thought it was about time I delved into the world of YouTube and Video πŸ™‚

  2. Your video on shot of the match is awesome!! How did you make that? Simply professional and even better than the ATP official one!

    1. Thanks!

      I had someone make the intro for me, and then I just pick out my favourite point / shot, clip it down from the full match, join them together and Hey Presto I have the video to upload πŸ™‚

  3. didn’t see the match but watched highlights and I was really impressed. and those stats where fantastic! πŸ˜€
    The draw opened up a little for Roger, as both beneteau and isner lost.

    Watched nadal highlights and he seemed pretty hesitant, and was moonballing more than usual. Starting to see this tournament better and better! Go Rog’!

    And great article as always Jonathan!

    1. Hey Simon,

      Yeah great match stats. Didn’t drop a point on serve in the second set, crazy.

      Yeah Isner losing was a surprise actually but he’s outta form. Definitely makes the draw a little easier.

      I didn’t see Nadal or highlights yet, going to watch them now. No surprise on the moonballing front though.

      Dodig next huh, maybe he can put up a fight, can be a dangerous opponent. Roger got to be as ruthless as he was today.


      1. Yeah I know about nadal moonballing, but it seemed like it was wayyy more than usual. Even nadal can be aggressive on hard courts, but I didn’t see much of it in the highlights… Tell me what you think when you’ve watched the highlights! πŸ˜€

      2. Watched it, Harrison had a chance at 5-5 I see with the BP but clutch from Dull as usual.

        Seemed to be playing ok from what I saw, Harrison played ok too, just not got an advanced enough game to cause Rafa too many problems, was getting passed for fun at the end. I think he will make Quarters.

  4. Nice start for Fedal. Both Roger and Rafa looked good! Especially Roger, for he won 96% of first serve! Djokovics run needs to bad and Roger looks good right now. Fed needs to play his best to beat Nova but Novak doesn’t to beat Roger. Fortunately, Roger can gain momentum!
    Bad news is we’ll now have Berdych instead of Ferrer for SF….. Nadal and Fed are now more likely to meet each other in QF…. Draw is really opening up!

    1. Hey man,

      Not seen Nadal yet so can’t comment. Will check highlights out.

      Maybe it’s high time Fed got revenge on Berdshit. Hopefully it’s not too soon his loss. If he played like he did against Istomin he’d win. He played well in Dubai really, his level was right there just couldn’t take his chance and it cost him. Maybe this time things will be different. Allez!


    2. Keep yr eye on Gulbis. If he comes thru Seppi, expect him to trouble Rafa. Nice to see both Murray and Novak struggle in early rounds! Think dimitrov can give Novak a few problems! Am liking prospect of Fed possibly playing Hewitt….

      1. Hey Susie,

        Yeah good win for Gulbis vs Tipsy. Got it done quick too so no wasted energy!

        Hope he can give Nadal a run for his money.

      2. Hi Susie. Gulbis has won, but what a character. Almost a Murray/Berdych kind of type.
        I saw the whole match. Unfortunately he is now so tired that Rafa will win.
        I think it will be a Roger/Stan-match.
        I am looking forward to the Novak/Dimitrov-match.


  5. Hi Jonathan and All,

    A dream start for Roger and us Fedfan! He was in mean business, on a mission indeed, wasn’t he?

    Loved the outfit, sooo cool. I like his practise T-shirts of the same colour theme, too. Great stats, especially with his service and number of winners. Thought his return was also good, so was his BP conversion. You’re right about that when his service works, everything follows. Look forward to the next match, it’s getting more interesting since the draw has seen a few upsets already.

    ….For coming back here, I had to detox and recover from the Berd Flu and 5kg of chocolate after the painful loss in Dubai and still I needed this win to finally move on. Allez!

    1. Hola!

      I know huh, I wasn’t expecting him to play at that level but it was ball striking of the highest order.

      Outfit is awesome too, definitely on my buy list. For some reason Nike haven’t started sending me them for free yet?

      Haha 5kg of Chocolate. Think I’d be more sick after that than I was with the Berdych loss. In the past that now anyway, if he makes the final here Berdych is old news.

  6. Hey Jonathan,

    Well, in my comment on your last post I admitted to having a bad feeling about this tournament. So like everyone, I was so pleased and excited to see Rog with such an awesome start. Not much more to say besides Allez king fed! Just a few thots on other matches…I watched the Nadal/Harrison match and don’t recall so much moon balling from Rafa…more so from Harrison. But Rafa looked nervous in the beginning and made several forehand blunders throughout the match along with 4 double faults and had it been a tougher opponent, not sure he would have pulled off a win. Of course I didn’t watch much of the 2nd set, “yawn”. I did catch the end of the Berdych match where he lost a couple games and then went for a 6 minute bathroom break. Totally unnerved Zverev and when he returned that was that. Berdych played great and won but his smug mug made we want to spit. Just can’t stand him. One other highlight of the day for me was seeing Hewitt take down Isner. Don’t like Isner so was sweet victory! Anyway, I don’t know what compelled me to comment about so many other matches here but I guess after Roger’s performance there’s just not much more I can say about him! πŸ™‚ Obviously my initial bad feeling has dissipated in a big way!! Let’s go GOAT!

    1. Hey Wendy,

      Yeah, so good to see Fed play well after his recent dip in form / slip ups. He sounds upbeat in his interviews now too, and aware that he was poor in Rotterdam and not ruthless in Dubai despite playing well.

      Yeah Nadal wasn’t playing great but I think he could find form. Be interesting to see how he performs in his next couple of matches.

      Didn’t watch Berdych, I can’t stand him. Isner losing no surprise, he is nothing but a serve, Hewitt still capable of taking care of guys like him, he is from an era where he faced quite a few big servers.

      Hopefully similar performance vs. Dodig. Allez! πŸ˜€


  7. Haha should have posted some of the tweets you, Kyle and me tweeted during the match, we were pretty stunned at the tennis Roger was producing!

  8. What can I say, folks! Classy! Stunning! Unbelievable! And I’m talking about Roger’s outfit πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Simon and Sid, I already read it !!!
        Simon, what, really what, you don’t like our national colour on Roger? What?
        How dare you !!! You are lucky I don’t know where you live !!!
        Don’t worry, I am just kidding. I lOVE the orange on him.
        Too bad you don’t, but maybe if he wins IW in this colour you will.

        Hi guys, remember me, Katyani. The girl from orange Holland, who loves Roger so much, that it literally hurts to see him lose and I just disappear from the web all together.
        But his last match was unbelievable. Hopes he wins IW, but I am not getting my hopes up too much.

        Yes I am still his fan, nothing is gonna change that (don’t even get me started on his so called fans who enjoy Roger’s win, but if he loses three times they write him off, well if I ever get my hands on them, well I…..).

        Just beeing busy with work and stuff, so I will write my thoughts about Roger’s AO to Dubai to IW when I get the chance. To be continued.

        Hopefully you haven’t forgotten me and will get used to the idea that if Roger loses I am to sad to comment or read anything. Greetings from Katyani, from ORANGE Holland.

      2. Katyani, how can we forget you, the most passionate Roger fan in the history of tennis, in the history of ever! πŸ™‚

        Simon, I warned you. Now, run…trust me…just run!

      3. Oke Sid, with your first sentence you just summed up my DIE HARD PASSION for Roger !!!
        It is so true and I am so happy with it…………… oke, just this once I will forgive Simon for what he wrote. He can stay in his country. He does not need to run and go into a witnessprogramme !!


      4. Oh God… If it’s that dangerous, I’m never posting on this blog again!! And katyani, I thank you for your extreme benevolence for forgiving the scum that I am πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

      5. Your welcome Simon and your somewhat lucky I don’t know what “benevolence” means !!!
        Yep, we orange people try to get by with simple words …..
        Smileyface twice (I don’t know how to put it in here) !!!

      6. @Simon how can you not like the orange man? Works really well with the blue!

        @Katyani good to have you back! I wasn’t sure if you’d gone into hiding after Rotterdam or been locked up. Turned out to be the first one, so good news all round πŸ˜€

      7. Hi Jonathan, I cannot help it. I take his losses so personally. And I know, the older he gets the more he will lose, but man do I take it bad……………..
        You really did not wanted to see me after he lost the QF to Benneteau.
        But I will try to stay in touch more. Is still difficult with work and other priorities.
        Seriously, how do you dudes and dudettes to that, where do you guys get the time to read all and comment????


      8. Katyani, why do we get so much time? Because we love Roger too much, and we love this blog too, that’s why? πŸ˜‰

      9. Jonathan, after Katyani’s threat, Simon ran home, and painted his living room orange. He changed all his curtains to orange. He now wears an orange polo. Adds orange to his smoothies. Heck he even tatooed his left arm with an “RF” in orange πŸ™‚

      10. One (Simon) down, one (Sid) to go. Yep Sid, you too will be orangenised when I’m done with you !!

      11. Cheers Sid πŸ˜€

        From this day forward we will refer to Simon as Mr Orange. Hope he’s not an undercover cop like the original though.

        Katyani, I find time, an hour of peRFect Tennis a day, keeps Nadal fans at bay.

      12. “an hour of peRFect Tennis a day, keeps Nadal fans at bay”

        Ahahhahhahha Ahahhahahah Ahahahahhhahaha!

      13. Katyani, why me now? Why? What did I say against Rog or orange? (Funny, you can actually make the word ROG from ORANGE). So, why me? πŸ™‚

      14. Hm, make the word Rog out of Orange………… hm, did not think about that.
        Oke, I like it. I forgive you. You may proceed.
        Smileyface twice.

  9. Hah, I’ve just spotted that the colour of PeRFect Tennis blog header (with BREAKING NEWS) was a perfect match to Roger’s outfit! See the pix the top of the page. πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, okay, maybe. Orange on Roger’s outfit looks quite redish orange and red braking news bit looks orangie red on both my Mac and acer monitor, better check the colour calibration.

        By the way, when I access the blog from email, my name and email used to be appear for the comment box automatically. No longer? Just wonder why, anything to do with cache or something?

        Another solid win for Fed. Hope his back recovers quickly and JesusFed all the way, just like, remember what happened at Wimbledon 2003 and 2012!

      2. Hey,

        A Mac and a PC huh! It’s set to red in the CSS so but will change from monitor to monitor. Looks different on my work ones.

        Not sure on that, I haven’t changed anything other than a minor update last week, are you using Chrome? I think if you leave a couple more comments then it will just start doing it again…

        I hope so too, he sounded fairly nonchalant about the back when questioned so hopefully not a big issue. Guess we will find out.


      3. No no, I use Mac pro and iMac along with an acer monitor. No idea about PC/Windows as I am totally a Mac person. Yes, Chrome is annoying sometimes so I reinstalled it recently.
        Thanks for answer my question anyway.

        I like Roger being cool and the way he doesn’t make fuss about issues. πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh just one more thing, thanks for all the comments you wrote about feeling sad for me when Roger lost the QF to Benneteau and I had the tickets for the both SF matches to ensure that I would see him.
    I really loved those comments.
    You did not wanted to see me when Roger lost the QF. I was SO SO SO disappointed and sad.
    I really felt like someone near me died. I know, overreacting really badly, but I wanted to see him SO SO SO badly.
    My Roger, my hero.
    But I am not giving up….. if he comes next year……..


    1. Try going to the tour finals in the group stages. That’s what I did last year, and it’s not too expensive. Even I as a student got there (was eating stale bread for the better part of a month afterwards but was worth it :D) Transport from holland is probably the same than from switzerland, find yourself one of those cheap inns and the tickets for the O2 cost me about 150 euros, so it’s not that much! And watching him against the best players is something πŸ˜€ Even got his autograph! πŸ˜€

      1. Simon, how wealthy are you?? 150 euros is not much???
        And no, I am his die hard and stubborn fan, I want to see him in my own orange country.
        Who ever said Roger has easy fans?????

      2. Well, thats about the only holiday i had that year, so 150 in one year is not that much. But that cancels other holidays and small pleasures πŸ™‚

    2. I think he will play Rotterdam next year Katyani. He has to play indoor tournaments because they are good chances of titles πŸ™‚

      Also, it’s only 1 hr flight from Amsterdam to London. Budget airline will only be 100 euros so London isn’t too expensive.

      @Simon “was eating stale bread for the better part of a month afterwards but was worth it” haha made me laugh. The lengths Fed fans go to!

  11. OlΓ‘ Jonathan!
    I think if we could summarize Federer’s carreer in just one match, this one against Istomin would be a great example.
    Shame next match is not against Benneateau, but Dodig also is a very good player, solid in the baseline and with a good work in the net (following him closely bcos he plays doubles with Mello, my old fellow).
    Anyway singles is another story and Rogi will do it with grace!
    Allllezzz, Rogi

    1. OlΓ‘!

      Yeah very true, dominant, clean ball striking, smooth, calm, collected. Kinda had all the qualities rolled into one. Although guess he didn’t have to fight much which he can do from time to time πŸ™‚

      Yeah I think he’d have given Benneteau a beatdown. Dodig will play aggressive I think so he will have to be on his toes.


  12. Stellar stellar performance, was truly peRFect! If this is Roger’s form for the next five matches, title is his. Djokovic and Murray struggled big time but I still expect them to make the semis and hopefully slug it out and once again remind everyone of the terrible tennis people will have to endure when Roger leaves.

    Anyway your post sums up my thoughts exactly on this amazing start, this is the kind of response I expect from Roger. Champion’s attitude is what it’s all about!

    I’m not the biggest fan of Nadal and even though it’s kind of nice to have him back, he reminded me why I dislike him in the first place. Ever since he came back to IW, all he has done is complain about hard courts and whinge about how the enforcement of the time violation is pointless. Really really annoying since him and Djokovic are the ones to why it’s getting enforced in the first place! But that was nothing new, if anyone read his press conference following the Harrison match, an interviewer asked him if he thought it was amazing that Roger plays so well at the age he’s at and has remained pretty much injury-free and Rafa said no because apparently all he does is serve and hits a good forehand. So basically that’s all Roger can do apparently, how disrespectful…Honestly, humble? I don’t think so.

    And Berdych don’t get me started on him. TOTAL gamesmanship in his match when he got broken in the second set but no one says anything. If it was against an American on British player, like Azarenka then something would have been said. Incredible how people in the tennis world react and pick the things they want, so unfair.

    Enough about that though, this is why I love Roger. Reminds me how lucky I am to have lived to see him play and behave against the shitty people that surround him. I just finished watching Tsonga/Blake, fun match. Jo Willy has a chance to upset Novak I think here but we’ll just have to see if Clownga turns up on the day.

    Allez Maestro, onto the next one!

    1. Also does it concern anyone else on the amount of people wanting to enforce a stop watch on the court for players to keep track of time. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard, the umpire is there for a reason and I think they are doing the right thing. A stop watch would make it way too tedious and on a schedule like. Can’t believe people like brad gilbert want it. Utter nonsense.

      1. Hi Alysha, I have said it already. Roger will get his due from the tennisworld, haters, critics, etc. ONLY when Rafa/Novak/Andy are 30/31 years old. I cannot see into the future, but there is no way all three of them will remain at world number two or even make it to world number one at that age.
        Then and only then will they praise Roger. Not before that.

        And whoever said that Rafa is humble or is gamesmanship………..well. I like when he plays, but honestly I don’t like the guy for these things.
        Roger praises him and his comeback and he says such things about Roger.
        Well we will see what he all achieves at age 30/31.

        Trust me, Roger WILL have the last laugh.

        Ps: Did you hear Andy’s interview with Annabel that he is trying to play lesser tours to ensure he can play for atleast 5 to 6 years???
        Come on, the guy is 25 not 31.
        Really, Roger is always the frontman. He leads……they all follow.


      2. Katyani good to see you back friend, haven’t heard from you from the disaster that was Rotterdam. Did you manage to enjoy the tournament anyway?

        And no I did not know thats about Murray, I only know he skipped Dubai and so far looks like it didn’t pay off. But could be just rust. Haha maybe he is trying to follow in Fed’s footsteps but I doubt Andy will be able to play the tennis Roger does when he reaches 29/30, it’s too physical and defensive no matter how many tournaments he misses. Murray already struggles with physical issues at 25, Roger wore him down in Australia and he could only hang with Djokovic for two sets. Oh well, I don’t care what Andy chooses to do, it’s his career and he can copy Fed, but he can never play or be like him!


      3. Stop watch is a terrible idea. The umpire just needs to use common sense but actually enforce the rule. If they have just played a mammoth rally and the crowd are going crazy, then fair enough, it can be longer than 25 seconds. But in between regular points he has to make sure he watches closely and calls players out when they try bend the rule.

        @Katyani did Murray actually say he is trying to extend his career? Wow. I have said for a long time he is built on weak foundations, just a very heavily trained guy. Maybe he knows it too.

      4. Hi Jonathan, I cannot find that interview with Annabel Croft on YouTube, but it has to be there. Maybe one of you guys have an idea how to find it. It is of a few minutes but it is worth checking out.

        He also said that for the past two years I think he played poor at IW because of the travel distance between Dubai and IW and that was the reason or the biggest reason why he skipped Dubai this year. Rubbish, if you ask me. He is not the only one to travel from Dubai to IW, so it sounded like he really meant it, but what a joke reason.

        And yes, he did say something like taking more time off to practise between tours so he could do well in them, so he would not play all the tours and that he wanted to do this so he can play atleast for 5 to 6 years more (and yes, he is 25 and not 31 years old).

        Really, that is why Roger is so important for the game, Whatever he does, the rest follows. I am sure Rafa will say at the end of this year that he will too play less tours next year, like a transition year, etc.

        And what Andy said, well the guy is suppose to be at the peak of his life, why do you want to play less tours when you have a greater chance at winning more tours.

        To be honest, I never liked Andy, but I was one of those thousands or even millions of people who became his fan after the Wimby speech. I really liked him from that time on.
        I remember Jonathan, one of my first comments on this site was even about why you all were so mean about Andy, do you remember that.

        But I totally changed back after AO 2013 and remembered why I did not like Andy in the first place. I was really disappointed at him for his behaviour towards Roger. Not saying that Roger was perfect or anything, but to treat Roger the way he did for letting go just once in so many years, acting like he himself was a saint, was very discusting.
        No, not a fan of Murray anymore.

        I don’t know if you guys know this, but the site you have for Roger, there is actually such a site for Andy, called Murrays World. I found it I think last week or so and I looked at it. We at this site love Roger, but we are also honest when he does not play well and (although the other players are given nicknames) on this site you guys don’t overstep when you talk about the other players.
        But on Andy’s site, the way they talk about Roger is purely discusting and sickening.
        They don’t critise Andy on his site. Make up excuses for his losses and worse for his behaviour (never Andy’s fault, the other player makes him do that, who cares atleast he is the way he is and is not acting, bla bla bla). No matter how much we love Roger and the way he plays tennis, we all also have the guts to say when he did not play well and we all have the guts to critise him. But on his site…. they act like he is a saint and Roger (especially Roger) is the devil himself. When Roger won from Andy at WTF, it was ALL the fault of the Swiss crowd and the stupid English crowd who lover Roger more. And when Novak beat Roger…………… well they were celebrating, not by saying anything about Novak, but about how happy they were that Roger lost. They even have a stupid nickname for Roger which I fortunately forgot. No one calls him Roger on the site, it is that stupid nickname and every player is alright, except for Roger. After two articles I could not stand the comments anymore and I left that stupid site.
        I just let his fans be at his site, not worthgoing back there.

        No, Andy has done it for me, now I know to trust my instinct when I don’t like a person from the beginning. My behaviour changed after his Wimby speech, but no, not anymore, I don’t like Andy.
        I had to say this. Don’t even know what I was writing about in the first place.

      5. Katyani, don’t let those Mugly fans get to you! They are just jealous that the guy they support isn’t and never will be as successful and admired as is Roger. The fan warfare in tennis is quite sad actually because it takes away from the actual tennis sometimes but it also adds to the rivalries. Some fans are just so convinced that their player is better than everyone else that they will never admit defeat and just make excuses, very pathetic and not the best of fans if that’s their attitude.

        In regards to Murray, yeah well most of us don’t like him. He’s a solid player but his attitude just sucks and obviously I felt for him at Wimbledon (not too much because I wanted Roger to win lol) but the way he plays is not as enjoyable as watching other top players and doesn’t even compare to the shots Fed comes up with. Don’t go back to that site too, just shows the fans Murray has to his name, unlucky for him. And regarding the whole Indian Wells/Dubai excuse I too think its pure garbage. How come Roger and Novak do it all the time and don’t lose in the first round? He was lucky to get out of his first round this year but still has Delpo and Novak to get through which I don’t think he will so onto Miami he goes.

    2. Is he already bitching?? didn’t hear that. So they are actually finally enforcing the time violation?? WOOHOO!! Think I’m going to look at the presser πŸ˜€

      1. Of course he’s already bitching, it’s Nadal. I am sick of the hard court crap that he keeps on going on about, especially when he says he is looking out for the future generation when everyone knows that’s not true. How come Rafa is the only one that complains about hard courts, everyone else seems fine with it? Nadal’s style of play is the ultimate reason for what’s happened to him, he needs to acknowledge that more and stop blaming hard courts for why he had to sit out of the game. He chose to run down every ball and what not, the hard court did not make him do that I’m afraid.

        The time violation situation is even worse. Yes Nadal we understand that if players play a long rally the umpire will obviously give you more time to recover but you take 30 seconds after playing an ACE. Honestly, no excuses. He used the time after points as a gamesmanship strategy, to intimidate players and stop momentum of his opponent. Not only does he take forever in between points, his little “routine” before serving also adds another 5 seconds. It was getting out of control and because of him and his partner in crime Novak, we had to endure a overrated six hour final in which one hour could have been taken away if those two had not wasted time between points. I know where Nadal is coming from on both matters but it’s time someone came out and shut him up, his complaining has gone too far this time and it is irritating that he takes from the tennis by talking about these matters in every tournament where he knows he has low chances to win.

      2. And also yes they are starting to enforce it except I haven’t seen Nadal cop a warning yet, so once again just shows that he is in fear of losing his tactics, it’s what makes him so clutch in way. Nadal only whines/gives excuses when he is not in a winning position and this is even more pressing since he is pretty vulnerable at this point in time.

        Djokovic got his first warning today I believe, about damn time. But unlike Rafa Djokovic is in favour of it, as he should be. Nadull really lives up to his Dull name.

      3. Nadal’s usual between points – wiping most of his body with the towel (even his own hands), taking a long time to decide which two balls he thinks are the least fluffiest, bouncing the ball with his racquet and fidgeting with his hair at the same time, wiping his face with his sweatband again, picking his ass and finally, the long slow process of bouncing the ball with his hand before the serve. For the time Fed takes to win a service game, less than a minute, is what Nadull takes between two points after a rally which is only about 10 shots long. Ridiculous.

      4. Aha! So Nadal says that it is so easy for Roger to get a well placed serve in and get to the short reply [quicker than anybody else in the history of tennis], then finish the point or set it up with an incredible forehand. What will make tennis interesting is to make sure the serve is not that effective and players cannot get into an aggressive position inside the baseline. They need to pushed back, and back…and further back so the points will be longer. That is the best way to prolong their careers πŸ™‚

        Also, his last paragraph says the guy who introduced or pushed for the time rule on serve isn’t very smart πŸ™‚

        *slow clapping*

      5. Yeah annoying when he moans about stuff like this.

        It was the same with drug tests, saying they are intrusive.

        Then the two year ranking system.

        Then the season was too long despite him playing everything possible in 2010

        Then it was too many hard court tournaments

        Now it’s the time rule and more about the hard courts.

        Broken record. ZZZzzzZZZ

      1. Sure Roger has talent, no one denies that but he also puts in the hard yards, the physical work and it shows as he is able to stay with his opponent in long rallies. That’s not talent alone is it? i don’t think so. Rogers game yes has made his longevity successful but his scheduling, his training, everything adds up. Nadal just says it’s because he ends points shorter, that’s true in a way but court speeds are so slow that Roger still gets involved in a tonne of rallies he shouldn’t have to. Nadal doesn’t think it’s amazing now but he will when he can’t play that type of shotmaking when he’s Roger’s age.

      2. Yeah he seems to say that short points are ugly… apparently baseline grinding and moonballing is nicer to watch….

      3. Hard to know what he means fully. His English ain’t the best but not the first time he’s used these backhanded like compliments.

        Although to be fair Fed does that too sometimes, just part of the sport and making sure your opponents don’t gain any kind of edge so I can’t berate him for that. But he does sound a little like he’s saying Fed’s brand of tennis isn’t entertaining. Although I think Fed once alluded to Murray being anti tennis too once (which it was, so he was correct). I don’t really care too much, Dull chats shit and only cares about himself so just gotta take what he says with a pinch of salt. Whatever point he makes you know is pretty much the opposite to what 99% of the tour actually thinks.

    3. I think Nadal’s response was a perfect mix of false modesty and backhanded comments. He always manages to add a lot more spin to it than his buggy whip forehand.

      I agree that he very subtly stated that Roger isn’t entertaining. Just like he said similar things about Sampras and players from that era. So, there is a reason he wants court to be designed so as to take away those weapons these players possess.

      1. Yeah he did say that about Sampras didn’t he. Poor form really to come out with that. Lost in translation, who knows. But why even try to explain it.

    4. Hey Alysha,

      Yeah both Djoker and Murray dropping sets. Murray usually loses in first round so good win for him I suppose lol. I expect them to meet in the semi finals too though.

      As for Nadal, I’ve not seen his presser, read some bits but I usually just ignore what he has to say. Don’t let him get to you. Maybe he will get his come uppance.

      Didn’t see Berdych either but I heard about it. He will use any low ball tactic going that guy though. And then complain if somebody does anything to him like Almagro and the Tsonga jumping around on the return. Allez!

  13. Maybe some of it got lost in translation but this is not the first time Rafa disrespected someone he thought just served and hit another shot, I remember he called out Sampras for serving and volleying or something like that if I remember right. From my point of view it seems like he is saying that Roger just wins matches because he has a good forehand when really he KNOWS that Fed is the most complete player to ever play the game. I think he envies Roger because he has to grind it out and defend every single ball hence it contributed to his injury big time. Rafa saves himself and acknowledges Roger’s talent and his place in history later in the interview but I don’t buy Nadal’s “humble” behaviour for one minute.

    But fair enough about his english, but apparently it’s good enough to have a bitch about hard courts and time violations all the time…

    1. Also Rafa doesn’t seem to acknowledge that Roger also is a great defensive player too, his game has improved immensely on being offenderer to deffenderer due to surface speeds and what not. I don’t know, what Rafa says is flattering about Roger’s talent but there’s also a bit off “he doesn’t need to put in as much hard work as the rest of us” vibe. Just the tone I got from it but he said not to take his english so maybe I’ll listen to him.

      1. Yeah common myth about Fed that just because he makes it look so easy. We wouldn’t have seen Federer 3.0 without hard work that’s for sure.

        Who knows what Dull really means. I don’t buy his humble approach either to be honest. It’s always a mixture of PR / media training, subtle swipes at players / rules etc and false modesty. I don’t think anybody knows the real Nadal. Maybe not even himself.

        Oh and by the way, I enjoyed reading your comment spree πŸ˜€

      2. Hi Alysha, you are just a girl like me. When you want to say something about Roger, you do it in a long comment or in a couple of comments. I like that. I am also like that.
        I will write my thoughts about Roger, but it may be in his two month absence. Way too busy now.

        Oh, don’t you just love Roger more when he takes 18, 19 or 21 seconds between points, even if he is tired, winning or playing for a couple of hours.
        Some of the others get time violations, did Roger ever get one???

      3. Katyani, if anything, Roger might get a violation for serving too quickly πŸ™‚ They might make a rule, “The server should give the receiver enough time to prepare, which includes, but is not limited to toweling off face, hands, legs, picking nose, adjusting hair, snarling at the opponent, tugging on Armani’s, and tweeting a friend. After two such violations, the receiver will automatically receive a point, and will be given 30 extra seconds to go through their receiving rituals.”

        Sounds about right? πŸ™‚

      4. In Nadal’s biography (Amazing that he gets a book out before even finishing his career. Tells you he is all about “me”)…so in that book, he mentions that he used to be a very sore loser and admits Uncle Toni has been his mentor and has tamed, or rather, disciplined him. He is simply Uncle Toni’s spokesperson. Everything he says is rehearsed.

      5. Haha glad I amused you Jonathan, sorry for the spree btw, Nadal gets on my nerves sometimes! Yeah very heavily media trained by Uncle Toni and his spanish entourage.
        But won’t let him get to me now after all these years, it’s funny how most federer fans think that Nadal and Roger are friends. There is no doubt in my mind that them two aren’t buddies, they have just been percieved that way. They are big rivals, why would they have this “bromance” everyone seems to love for some strange strange reason…

        Katyani, yes us girls have to just let it all out! Honestly,Roger just makes me so emotional then I already am. Tsonga would know alot about that I guess lol. This video just says EVERYTHING about Nadal and the difference between Roger. Has Nadal seen this yet?

        Sid, you read Rafa’s autobiography? I wouldn’t be able to even get through one page of that book. Probs a tonne of complaining in that one. But it’s all an act, Rafa isn’t the humble guy most think he is, pretends to be this guy that never has confidence and always gives credit to his opponent when really that’s never the case. All you had to see was the Rosol incident where he bumped him and then blamed his injury for it. A lot of media journalists have written articles where Nadal was way too rehearsed and gave the exact same script answers over and over again. But from what I’ve seen and I’ve seen him play live a couple of times, he always spends time with his fans like Roger which is the right thing to do. So, I may have been a bit harsh on him on this post but it’s only because I’m done with the media tantrums.

        Btw guys whats the go on Roger’s back, I heard that he said in press that it’s nothing and he hopes to be 100% for Wawrinka (battle of the one handed) But this pretty much confirms that he’s been having tweaks since the beginning of the year. Hope it’s nothing too serious, I really want him to smash Rafa and Berdych even more now due to their stupid antics.

      6. @Katyani, like Sid said, impossible for Fed to get a time violation! Bet it won’t ever happen.

        @Sid I’ve not read his book, they should be collected and pulped. 25 and has an autobiography. Might release mine.

        @Alysha, I have never seen that video before, too funny. And you’re right, he is rehearsed and very calculated. I understand that certain answers have to be the same every time just the unwritten rules but he is a bit like a puppet. Only time he ever lets his true feelings drop it’s usually moaning or slating somebody else.

        Not sure on Feds back, did not look good at 4-1 in the second set. I missed a couple of serves as I was distracted but he was just rolling it in. Apparently he got treatment straight after and did no autographs. 2 hours late for press.


      7. Alysha, did I read Nadal’s biography? Not all of it, but quite a bit of it. Look, if you don’t like someone, you’ve got to first understand why you don’t like that someone. Of course his biography doesn’t talk about his gamesmanship, his irritating behavior, his whining, but it tells you a lot that he is a total puppet of Uncle Toni. His coaches his game, he coaches his psyche, he coaches his behavior. Unlike our Rog, who is practically self made. He won 10 or more slams without a coach!

  14. I’m glad a lot of you love Fed like I do but perhaps, we’re being a bit too hard on Nadal. I feel the same way about what happened to Victoria Azarenka. I think that we judge too quickly, and don’t take into consideration differences in language, and culture when we label people. When the t.v. commentators started taking shots at Vika, I thought that it was unfair and unprofessional. Especially Patrick M’cenroe. I do think Nadal is a bit neurotic in his rituals, but I think that he, Roger, and Joker are very good sports, and are respectful for the most part. I don’t like the Joker “machismo” stuff, and Nadal’s rituals, but I have to give credit to Jokers’ acknowlegement of other players good shots. Even Fed who I think is a real gentleman, doesn’t give any on court credit to an opponant’s great shots. Let’s face it Men’s tennis is unbelievibly competitive with so many players that can hit the most wonderful shots. Nadal is a very humble person, and I believe a great ambassador for tennis, as well as Fed, and djokovic. We are luckly in this day and age to have good role models for the kids in Tennis. It certainly is not the case in basketball, baseball, football, cycling, etc. Let’s focus on giving out good vibes to Roger so he can really concientrate well, and go all the way to the end taking down all the tough players in his way to the trophy! He’s got the game to do it, and just has to keep his focus on holding serve in every match. I hope he plays Berdshit so we can get some revenge. If anyone is a poor sport it’s him! What do you guys think about Mark Knowles now in the commentary booth for tennis channel. I think he is great. He brings a real fresh point of view, as he has just retired. Hoping for a great Fed match on Sunday!

    1. Hey Tim,

      Maybe a little, but most of it is justified I think. Nobody has slated him too harshly or criticised his game. I think everyone acknowledges he’s got crazy endurance and a real ability to stay in every point and come up with some amazing retrieving and then hit insane passing shots. But the stuff he comes out with off court about rules, schedules, drug testing etc is what winds most people up. He never really has a legitimate reason for what he says.

      That’s why I’m not a fan of his, just doesn’t come across right, something about him makes you question him, not his tennis, but the his personality / attitude.

      I mean, remember when he barged into Rosol at the net? low ball tactics really. I wouldn’t mind that kinda thing in a contact sport, but tennis?

      I’m hoping if he plays Berdshit he absolutely takes him to the cleaners. It’s not gonna be easy though, he could well lose as Berdych is like his nemesis now but I have some faith left in the Fed Express.

      I’ve not heard Mark Knowles, I may try and tune in. I usually get Robbie Koenig who I think his pretty good.


      1. Robbie Koenig is awesome. One of the few good British tennis commentators left in the sport as most have asserted their Murray love. Andrew Castle is an absolute joke, someone needs to kick him off asap. Did not appreciate when he said that Murray is a better player than Federer. Yeah in your dreams.

        Robbie is the one that made that cool comment about that Fed shot against Murray at WTF last year when the last time he saw it God was a boy if I’m not mistaken? Too good.

        I might watch that match right now actually since I have some time, it was fun seeing Murray getting booed by his home crowd. Just shows how disliked he is! I couldn’t tell but apparently Wimbledon crowd was on Roger’s side too? Haha legend.

      2. Hey Jonathan,

        3/4th ( daughter, wife & I ) of my family loves tennis. Half of my family loves Federer ( daughter & I ) . 1/4th of my family loves Nadal ( my wife ) and the rest 1/4th ( my son ) couldn’t care less.

        My daughter loves Fed as he’s cute & has a great single handed backhand.
        My wife loves Nadal as his butt reminds her of my son’s butt ( though he doesn’t keep picking at it )
        I love Fed because of his grace, variety, longevity & charisma ( seeing him at close quarters is an exciting feeling – my daughter cried when she saw him first in Dubai )

        My daughter & I want Nadal to lose all matches ( more so my daughter ). My wife thinks ( sometimes not incorrectly ) that we are scared that he will beat Fed or go on to overhaul his GS titles but the fact is that while Fed is genuine about what he says off-court, Nadal sounds too self-deprecatory. He actually said that Larry Ellison knows more about tennis than him. Thats like I know more about cricket than Sachin Tendulkar.

        Waiting for Nadal to lose against Gulbis ( who I think has lot of talent and no brains – like Safin )


      3. @Alysha, Koenig is South African but I suppose we did colonise them so guess that means we can call him one of our own :P. He can be a bit of a Nadulltard but he does make some interesting points. I don’t think he’s an out and out Fed fan either but he’s not stupid enough to ignore the facts the guy is a one off and capable of coming up with plays like no other player.

        @Murli Cool, three quarters is definitely a majority vote! I know what you mean about the self deprecation and the false humbleness, perhaps it’s hard to have a sense of humour when the questions are in English but I’m just not a fan.

        Hope Gulbis can do it, he does have the right sort of game to beat someone like Nadal so I think it will be interesting. He has to keep his cool though and not start smashing rackets.


      4. Hey Jonathan, I have a different take on the video that you had. Rafa was trying to get to the other side first with his head down, and you couldn’t actually tell who bumped into who. I think that my issue is that in this case Rafa was too sensitive about Rosals jumping around during the return of serve. I think that in the heat of battle nerves get a little frayed, like when Fed yelled at Murray recently. Probably most players have something that they wish they wouldn’t have done or said. Actually this is a good point to talk about in the blog. With technology and social media what it is these days, I think that we are completely overloaded with trivia and information. That’s why I stopped trying to figure out how to use Twitter. I want to have a life! I think that there is absolutely no place to hide for these guys anymore. It must be really difficult to live under the spot light all the time. Although I think that for a few million I could be persuaded to put up with it! Gulbis is a real character, pretty sarcastic sense of humour. I hope that Fed’s back is okay, I’m really looking forward to some Fed 04. I think that he is hitting his strokes better than ever, I’m just concerned about the serve, specifically holding it! I want to see Berdshit and joker go down. Go Roger!!

    2. Tim yeah I have to say I personally was a bit harsh on Nadal and failed to acknowledge the language barriers and stuff but it’s not the first time Nadal has said stuff like that so you know, it makes it hard to see him as some humble guy who is so respectful of everyone and what not because english or no english, he has excuses or complaints all of the time which diverts from the actual tennis at every tournament, and that’s what I find very annoying.

      And also regarding Azarenka, I do agree people like Patrick McEnroe went overboard because she was versing an American, if it was an unknown, no one would have said anything. Obviously what she did was completely wrong and it was clear that she manipulated the rules like Berdshit just did in his first match in Indian Wells but that’s the ATP/WTA’s fault I guess. The rules are there, they didn’t break them, they took advantage of them and both aren’t very popular players so it just shows if they want to pull crap like that then their fan base will suffer. ATP & WTA gotta make new rules or do something, very unfair to pull but then again so many aspects of tennis are still behind so who knows. Nadal also is one of these people as was Djokovic, so this is why I don’t see them as humble. The Rosol match proved that point big time, total lack of sportsmanship for Nadal at all accounts. As with Djokovic at the US Open last year but no one says anything because they are well liked players and bring in the $$$. So proud of Roger that he doesn’t do that crap, plays good tennis and gets on with it and admits defeat when necessary, he may be a bit arrogant but what famous person isn’t, he’s still one of the most down to earth, kindest people ever.

      1. Hi Alysha, I love the fact that Roger is arrogant. He deserves to be that, not as a person but as a tennisplayer. I take his arrogance anyday over discusting fakeness and humblesness.

        What good is it to be humble towards the opponent when the match is over and you won, but during the game you give them dirty looks, like how dare they try to win (this is Rafa).

        I like the fact that Roger says some good things about the other player when he has won and then goes on about himself and his game. I like that better than winning and praising the opponent up to the skies and not talking about your own game (this is Novak).
        I really love the way Novak plays, but I don’t like the guy. I have tried to like him. But he is just to perfect. Says the perfect things, has just too much the right things, that it becomes fake, rehearsed and not meant. Really I have tried it, but somehow I just don’t like Novak.

        Roger is honest. Sometimes he says the wrong things. But I love that. If he said the perfect things all the time, he would not have that much haters. He has that much haters because he is honest, is not fake, says the truth, even if it hurts or is not the popular thing to say.

        Do you know Roger is voted the third most illustrated power players of sport (after Tiger Woods and LeBron James? There is a reason for that, right?

      2. Katyani, I really like this comment of yours above me. That’s what I love about Roger. He says what he feels is the truth, and sometimes he says things that people take as arrogance. And you’re right, Djokovic is too perfect to be true. Nadal of course is on a whining spree these days. All his modest words are put in his mouth by Uncle Toni.

        Roger also does what he thinks is right. Like no two year ranking, higher prize money, faster courts that give several lower ranked players a chance for an upset (remember Benetteau and Del Potro beating him on faster hard courts? Even Berdych likes faster courts). That’s why I feel he is falling out of favor with the ATP muckamucks.
        By the way, I dislike both Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Actually, I can’t stand LeBron James πŸ™‚

        +1 to your comment πŸ™‚

  15. I cant believe it Nadull is in the 4th round without hitting a ball. He got a WalkOver !!. L Mayer is apprantly injured. Hmmm how fishy, looks like Nadal can thank his lucky stars ( the elite). Everybody else has to work for it. I wonder how much Nadal paid to get a extra day of so called recovery for his knees πŸ™ lol Not. Sorry for a blog entirely on Nadull. I was a little annoyed while checking scores. N E Ways hope Fed can do the same and kick butt on the Tennis court.

    1. These things happen. Nadal would’ve handled Mayer well. If anything, a lack of match usually makes things a little bit worse in the next match. In this case though, that Gulbis guy is pooped, so Nadal is going to destroy him.

      1. I don’t know, I rekon Gulbis could make is competitive and has a shot. Rafa is only disadvantaged by not playing more matches on hard court. Gulbis is on confidence streak now, could make something happen.

      2. Agree, think Nadal Wld hv preferred to hv played. Fed was great tonight v Dodig but much tougher prospect v Stan. Lets hope they play during the heat of the day, Wld favour Fed. Still think Gulbis can trouble Nadal if he serves v well. I did pick him for an upset so…looking forward to Dimitrov v Novak. Also one of my 2013 picks.
        Fed looking much much happier on these courts, in the thinner desert air, lets hope he can continue v Wawrinka! Needs to put the blue shirt back on! Sorry Katyani!

      3. Yeah I think Nadal needed match practice. Most Argentinians bow down to him because he’s the clay GOAT anyway so doubt Mayer would have been a problem for him anyway.

        Has Gulbis come out and said he’s tired? He has a day off today so I think he might have a chance.

        I’m with you Susie, blue shirt all the way!

      1. You’re really gonna make mincemeat out of me aren’t you, Katyani? πŸ˜€ Should maybe stop while I’m still breathing huh?…. πŸ˜€

      2. Katyani, I think you should just squish Simon (or Mr. Orange, as Jonathan said), to pulp. That’ll teach him!

  16. Wasn’t able to watch the match, but saw on atp site that fed had back problems? Can anyone confirm that? Hope nothing serious if it’s true….

    1. Apparently mentioned it in the presser which I hvnt seen. Lets hope he sorts it on his rest day. Has flared up badly this season! Needs to play during the day V Stan, not at night, too cold!

    2. He definitely tweaked it during the match. Had big serving issues at 4-1, didn’t arch back and teed off. He also wanted to get off court asap after match was done to head off straight to treatment and apparently went to press after 2 hours of match conclusion. Doesn’t sound good but Roger knows his body and said it was nothing so I’ll have to take his word for it. Anything but a good showing is not getting it done against Stan. Yeah day match would help a tonne I guess.

      1. Yep, he mentioned in his on court interview with Sky but dismissed it saying he has dealt with it for years. To be fair, contrary to Nadal, he has always kept v quiet about his physical ailments. He really needs this tourney, a v deep run otherwise, drops in rankings, struggling already for WTF, and not playing Miami….. Where he cld make up ground as nothing to defend! Come on Roger!

    3. Yup, from 4-1 on in the second set he couldn’t serve. Was rolling his serves in and then completely teeing off on the ground strokes. Was quite fun to watch at the same time as I ain’t seen him hit the ball that hard in a while. Completely bashing it all over. Said he’s going to get it checked out.

  17. I so hope he will be alright and his back too.
    Because it is not just Stan (who is becoming more and more dangerous), but after that, Rafa, Berdych and Novak.
    He has to go deep. You can see that he is not the same guy he was last year at this time.
    Somehow he is not that confident like last year. I so hope he wins or atleast gets his confidence back.
    He is afterall Roger Federer.
    Meanwhile Rafa will play an exhausted Gulbis. So he will be rested against Roger and Roger will have had to work a lot against Stan. How is that fair??
    And I am afraid if Roger loses to Rafa, what that will do to his confidence and selfesteem (he will be destroyed by the press: that he could not even win from an unhealthy Rafa, and he really does not deserve that).

    Really hoping he will be alright and more importantly in a fighting spirit.


    Ps: Once again, he really looks gorgeous and handsome in orange !!! Roger is one of the few if not the only guy who can pull off pink and orange.

    1. Yeah Stan is in a purple patch of form at the minute. But he’s not got a good record against Fed.

      Where is the Gulbis tiredness issue coming from? I know he’s played a lot but he’s young and also has an 11 match winning streak behind him. These things can motivate a player.

      I think Fed can beat Rafa, but his back needs to be peRFect. If he has issues then he’s going to lose confidence in his game and his body. You need to feel like your body is up to the task otherwise it’s hard to truly play at your best.


      1. Jonathan, Benneteau also had a good H2H against Roger and look how that turned out.
        And Stan, well he got into one of the finals on clay and the match against Novak………..
        He is pretty dangerous. Not to be underestimated.

      2. I guess but Benneteau caused problems indoors before. Stan hasn’t really caused many problems other than Shanghai and when he beat Fed on clay.

        He’s a good player but not really the type of guy Fed has problems with…

  18. Hey Jonathan. Bit of a dicey match with stan. I think that there is no denying it any longer. Fed is starting to show nerves in tight situations. I think when you get older it is easier to think about things and get nervous at important points in the match. When you are younger you just hit and don’t think as much. Roger really looked nervous tonight against Stan in the 2nd and 3rd sets. He still hit some unbelievable shots but I think he is more mentally vulnerable these days. Also it just showed how difficult it is sometimes to question a call before you hit a shot. Fed had just hit his half volley and tried to question the serve, and they wouldn’t let him. They timed it and it only took 1.9 seconds until he hit his half volley. I agree with Fed that it’s virtually impossible to stop in the middle of a serve volley point to question a serve on time. Something to discuss in this blog I guess. Realistically I guess there is nothing you can do about it because otherwise players would always question a ball after they see if their next shot goes in or not. It is completly different though when you compare a baseline ralley and serve and volley point. The baseline rally point takes so much more time, it’s not an issue. As a player I can side with Roger, but I guess technically he was wrong. He did it in a professional way so I don’t think anyone can blame him. The next match against Rafa is going to be tough unless he toughens up mentally.

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