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Federer Disposes of Anderson in Indian Wells Quarter Final

Revenge for the Swiss as Roger schooled Kevin Anderson 7-5 6-1 to make swift progress in just 1 hour and 9 minutes limiting the South African to just 10 points in the second set and facing only 1 break point all match.

With the victory he's now up to Number #5 in the world and into his 8th Semi Finals at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

This one was an old fashioned schooling from start to finish as Roger absorbed Anderson's serve and groundstrokes with ease before blasting him off the court.

Anderson will have been confident heading into his first M1000 Quarter Final considering his recent results but here he was completely outplayed.

Quick Match Recap

GOAT Forehand
GOAT Forehand

The serve was always going to be key for both players here and it was Roger who kicked things off with a comfortable hold.

At 1 all Anderson had his first break point after a poor leave from Roger but a timely ace saw off the danger as he held for 2-1. He then created 3 break point chances of his own but Anderson found 3 big first serves to make deuce. A fourth break point followed but an error allowed Anderson to hold.

Both players traded comfortable back to back holds and in no time at all it was 5 all. Roger has always been able to apply the pressure against big servers at the business end of sets and here was no different. He fired off 8 consecutive points to hold and then break to take the first set 7-5.

It peRFect timing from the Swiss who made his move at just the right time in the set. His serve had been bulletproof barring the early BP chance and he used the scoreboard pressure to his advantage and Anderson folded with the pending tie break no doubt on his mind.

The first was a great set to win as it meant Roger could free up even more on the return as he was completely rolling through his own service games.

A love hold kicked of proceedings for the second set and a sweet dropshot followed by a sick lob meant he was up 2-0 and cruising.

From that point on it was all over and Anderson looked out of ideas, the double break soon followed meaning Roger had won 7 straight games to lead 5-0.

Anderson prevented the bagel but the breadstick was unavoidable for the South African as Roger closed it out with consummate ease 7-5 6-1.

Match Stats

K.Β Anderson R.Β Federer
Aces 3 3
Double Faults 1 0
1st Serve % 59% 65%
1st Serve Points Won 23/32 (72%) 26/33 (79%)
2nd Serve Points Won 7/22 (32%) 16/18 (89%)
Winners 9 17
Unforced Errors 21 9
Break Points Saved 4/7 (57%) 1/1 (100%)
Service Games Played 9 10
1st Return Points Won 7/33 (21%) 9/32 (28%)
2nd Return Points Won 2/18 (11%) 15/22 (68%)
Break Points Won 0/1 (0%) 3/7 (43%)
Return Games Played 10 9
Total Service Points Won 30/54 (56%) 42/51 (82%)
Total Return Points Won 9/51 (18%) 24/54 (44%)
Total Points Won 39/105 (37%) 66/105 (63%)

Point of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Chumm jetzt!
Chumm jetzt!

I was also… feeling good movement wise, feeling good absorbing his pace also being aggressive myself. I think the combination in those 10 minutes, all worked out for me. It was big to win the set and then to go on to break early in the second. Then double break was like a bonus. From then on I was home basically. It was a really good match for me, basically.

Where do you start with a match like this? There aren't many things worth getting up at 3AM for but this was certainly one of them πŸ˜€

Just a showcase of Fed magic from start to finish. I thought this was going to be much closer but Roger completely outclassed Anderson here with his all court tennis.

Make no mistake Anderson is a huge server and big ball striker but he had no ideas against Federer. Roger just absorbed his pace, returned his serve brilliantly and exploited his lack of movement.

Winning the first set was clearly the key to the match and it just freed Roger up even more. Anytime he hits dropshots from near impossible positions and lobs a 6 foot 7 inch opponent with a backhand you know it's a good day.

I thought it was also a great example of match play / match management from Fed. Everything was so well timed and well executed. The break of serve at end of set 1 came at the perfect time and everything just flowed. He was in control from point one right till the last.

Stats wise again it was exemplary, near enough double the amount of winners to unforced errors, 65% of first serves in play and a crazy 89% of points won behind his second serve.

Domination really and the fact a guy with a game as big as Anderson's only managed 10 points in the second set shows how one sided this really was.

As for Anderson I think he has potential but he lacks great movement and isn't mentally the best. Looked like the occasion got him a little bit and as soon as he'd felt the wrath of a Federer forehand that got the crowd going crazy he went back into his shell. All a learning experience in his first M1000 Quarter Final though and he could probably make the Top 10 if he can keep consistent.

Predictions vs. Dolgopolov

Federer Dolgopolov Basel

Next up for Roger is Alexandr Dolgopolov who defeated Milos Raonic in straight sets which was pretty impressive.

Dolgopolov had a lot of hype about 3 years ago but he's failed to deliver so far in the major tournaments. Indian Wells has easily been his best career performance beating Nadal and now Raonic with solid displays.

I think this guy will be a test based on his current form and because he's unorthodox. He's done well here and also made the final in Rio last month where he lost to Nadal. Check out the video below for some of his hitting capabilities:

Clay is definitely his best surface but Indian Wells isn't a million miles away from that with the way it plays.

Roger leads the H2H 1-0 after their only meeting being Basel 2010 where Dolgo retired a set and 5-2 down.

With the way Roger is playing I think he will relish playing against this guy. He is quite unique in his style, throwing a lot of junk into the mix and I figure Fed might enjoy it as it's something different to what he usually gets.

For all this assets Dolgopolov is not a great returner and that's why I can't see him winning here. I also think he struggles when players give him variety too. Tomic has beaten him a couple of times by varying his pace and there is nobody better in the game at that than Fed.

I'll pick Fed in 2 again. 6-4 7-6(4). Chumm jetzt!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. That was vintage Federer, I totally enjoyed watching him dominate the game and providing a tennis lesson to his opponent

  2. Nice article! πŸ™‚ Couldn’t watch it live, but watched the replay today, was pretty impressed with what I saw. That lob was just… fine, no words πŸ˜›

    Haven’t seen dolgo play (cant stand Raonic’s game, soooo boring) that I have no clue how good he is right now. Will see what happens πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Jonathan for the match Recaps! πŸ™‚ was not able to join you guys a live chat for 2 matches now cause of school -_- but i watched the replays and MAAAAN! was our guy playing great!! way to go SWISS MEASTRO for that masterclass!! running around waving that wilson wand.. ahhhhh twas majestic πŸ™‚

  4. Great stuff, thanks Jonathan. It was a vintage play, extremeley impressive in all departments, variety in particular. Definitively worth staying up late for πŸ™‚
    Tomorrow, Roger will dispatch Dolgo in straight sets, hopelly not involving any TB (so far he has done very well in TB). Allez Rog!

  5. As I had a meeting first thing in the morning I decided not to watch and wait for a replay and of course Jonathan’s post (which is great as always btw πŸ™‚ ). So what’s better than to wake up from a bad dream at about 4h30 in the morning, check live scores app and read Winner: R. Federer 7-5 6-1??
    And the better part is he’s back to nΒ°5 in the world, maybe nΒ°4 if (when? πŸ˜‰ ) he wins, just a few points away from nΒ°3 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I am so happy as IW turned out to be better than I wanted: new faces emerging, Fed as solid as ever, up in the rankings…

      1. ?? If you search the site for “jetzt”, this is the only post that comes up…
        (Didn’t remember any earlier talking about it & wanted to read it. Was it maybe on live chat instead?)

  6. Great stuff, he looks like in full flight with variety and spins. I half expected Anderson will stretch the match to 75 75 but 61 on final set is really a welcome surprise. Roger should be ready for his next match against Dolgo. Allez Rog!!!

  7. I was blown away like Anderson.

    In other news – Sid’s back and no sign of Pablo.

    Jonathan, did you contact the Nadalites (who’ve retreated to mountains since the AO) for a hostage trade?

    Good move.

  8. Great mach, great perfomance, great show, great post!

    I think it’s time for some drama, regarding the Dolgo mach.
    Might go to 3 sets in Roger’s favour.

    We will see… Alez Roger!

    The German phrase ‘chum jetzt’ translates into ‘chum now’. Chum is bait consisting of chopped fish and fish oils.

      1. Chumm is Swiss German for the german word “komm”, so “komm jetzt” is like come on. The phrase chumm is written differently in various german speaking regions while all sound basically the same. In Austria or Germany it’s mostly written with a k, kum or kumm. In the region at the border of Austria (Vorarlberg, Tirol), Germany (Bavaria) and Switzerland the spoken k sounds a little bit different than in the normal german language so i think when those people write in dialect they use ch instead of k. πŸ™‚

      2. Yeah, I know. And because I am a fluent german speaker, I can approximate swiss german.

        The deffinition I gave above was what showed up when i googled “chumm Jetzt translation”.

        Jetzt – now
        Chumm – i guess it means come

      3. You hv really started something chum! Are we going to get multilingual posts next !! Haha!

      4. Ah – thank you for this Mardn & Tilas. Got the jetzt bit, but couldn’t get the chumm ~~ komm part.

        Come NOW!!!


  9. Thanks Jonathan for the match recaps. I look forward to them after each match. Fed was incredible, really in form. It was a pleasure to watch! So love being a fan right now. Always a Roger fan but it’s especially sweet right now.

  10. WOW….what a masterclass from Fed, especially from 5 all in the first set on. Loved that maagggestic lob!

    Let Roger wait long time for a night match, then JesusFed would come out πŸ˜‰ Remember, US Open 2011 against Monaco?

    Hat off to Jonathan for your effort, waking up middle of the night, watching Fed’s matches and reporting for us, so thank you.

      1. Great effort Jonathan watching, posting, tweeting! U hv made it to the semis so one final push now and yr ranking will go through the roof! The winter training has clearly paid off!

  11. Fantastic match, and fantastic to see Roger in such great shape. Hope he can keep the momentum going for the next match and (hopefully) into the final. I’m keeping calm though as we know his form can change from day to day and Dolgopolov is on a real high right now. Still, Roger knows that and will hopefully be ready for him. Should be interesting as Dolgo is a bit different.

    I’ve been looking at other players recently and thinking who is up and coming and not looking too bad. There are a few decent ones out there. However, when you see Roger play the way he did last night you come back down to earth and realise just how much he puts the others in the shade. Players like him really do not come along that often and I shudder to think of tennis without him.

    By the way, I may have given the impression that I’m not a fan of Anderson last night. This is not the case, I do quite like him, even though I find him a bit (dare I say it) “gawky”. And I wasn’t serious about criticising his tweet re Roger’s being Swiss No. 2 either. I know it was a joke. He seems to be a bit like Andy there. Says things tongue in cheek that can be easily misinterpreted, or rather taken too literally by some. I guess you have to be really careful what you say as there are some dumb people out there. Mind you, Roger has been known to put his foot in it a few times too.

    Thanks for the, as usual, brilliant post, Jonathan, and I look forward to receiving my life-sized cardboard cutout of Anderson in the post πŸ™‚

    1. Tennis without Fed will be a dull place. Dimitrov is coming through but I’m not sold on him yet, bit OTT with his celebrations. Sharapova too, just nah.

  12. Looks like Fed and Stan’s doubles match is not being televised. At least I can’t find any links for it. And for once I could have watched at a reasonable hour! I don’t understand the thinking really. It’s not as though Roger doesn’t pull in the crowds. Last night the stadium didn’t fill up until his match. Indeed, when Roger plays there’s hardly room to swing a dead cat in the stadium πŸ˜‰

  13. Hey guys, because I get up around 5 during the week I know I was not going to watch the matches against Haas and Anderson. Especially since they start in Holland around 3 or 4 at night. But…. man what was I glad I did !!! GOAT !!! Yesterday it did come back to haunt me, because I had 3 boring meetings and seriously it was a fight just to keep my eyes open. Seriously. But today’s match. Man, you should have seen me at work. Awake like hell and with a smile that won’t go away !!! Wow wow wow. Roger in the second set was AMAZING. At one point in the second I thought I saw Anderson actually beeing embarresed that he could not get out under Roger’s claws πŸ™‚

    Tomorrow kind of a D-Day. I honestly believe if he defeats Dolgopolov he will win IW. Novak (if he makes it to the final will not be a threat). Neither will the others. But lets just wait for tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Novak vs Benneteau we can like skip. Benneteau will not defeat Novak for sure.
    Gulbis vs Isner will be worth to watch.

    1. Oh and so strange, no stream of the doubles match…. How come? So funny, critics “suggested” Roger to think about retiring last year…. and now he is playing singles and doubles while the other young ones are all out πŸ™‚

  14. Oh and Jonathan, the very first picture above…. I have seen it now like 6 times and still it makes me laugh…. Roger can sometimes unwillingly pose so funny, like he is on the hunt or watching when an animal will come out of the bushes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. I know. It is so funny πŸ™‚ Right now I am “kind of” watching Novak vs Benneteau.
        Sorry, but kind of a boring match…. Novak is deservedly too good, but what is Benneteau doing???

    1. Whoa!! My foot touched the button. Sorry guys!!! Hahahaa. Dorkerer at his finest πŸ™‚

      Gotta love what he said about the on court coaching. He’s spot on. As expected Dipshit Toni wants the exact opposite.

    2. Thanks for the link Alex, we’re getting lots of good thoughtful stuff in his pressers lately. (Along with the undercurrent of “haven’t I answered this a million times already?” Personally I think I would have gotten there years earlier…)

  15. Do you know the phrase “Dead Cat Bounce” which people use to refer to a temporary recovery from a prolonged decline in the stock market? It’s derived from the idea that ‘even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height’.
    Well I’ve coined a new phrase..
    I’ve termed Roger’s recent good form the “Fed Cat Bounce”.
    There was no way a great player like Federer was ever going to fade into the Nether without a brief rally at some stage.
    I mean his 2013 Annus Horribilis was so completely abysmal it was almost absurd. (One title and numerous losses to talentless one-dimensional bums like Del Bonis, Brands etc).
    You always knew he’d have a resurgence of some kind in 2014.
    I mean he couldn’t do any worse could he?
    What surprises me is the amount of insane optimism surrounding the hopes of a 32yo athlete to recapture his former glories.
    It ain’t gonna happen.
    His year so far has been only average under closer analysis.
    Yes, he’s won a 500 atp tournament and now stands at the semifinals of an atp 1000. Hardly lights out stuff but based on that slim evidence Fedfans are predicting Grand Slam glory. Hold that thought.
    Let’s look at who he’s beaten so far this year: Tsonga (who has since proven he’s gone completely off the boil with losses to all and sundry). Murray (obviously hampered by a back problem or some other injury at the Australian Open when they met and still in recovery mode). Djokovic (in the doldrums and without a title for 2014 and inexplicable lapses against mugs like Anonymous Gonzalez). The rest have been an assortment of also-rans and crumb bums (35yo Haas-been, Door-Mathieu, the Russian Tank(er) Tursunov and Mr Anderson still stuck in the Matrix).
    This seems to be a transition year where the Top 4 are in bad form and Federer on the basis of being the last man standing has reaped the benefits of playing solid if not spectacular tennis.

    That all ends tomorrow night.
    Federer meets a genuine test for the first time since Nadal at the Australian Open 2013.
    Dolgopolov is in form and beating up on top ten players for fun.
    Dolgopolov has torn new arseholes for the likes of Almagro, Fognini (twice), Ferrer and Nadal in recent weeks.
    He is playing an unorthodox style with variety and big serves somewhat reminiscent of the Swiss maestro in his prime. And with his hair slicked back in a ponytail the Ukrainian even bears an uncanny resemblance to the Fed Express circa 2003.
    ..just a big uglier and with horrendous teeth.
    It’s been said so many times as to sound trite but this could be another changing of the guard.
    In Dolgoplov we are seeing a star of tomorrow ready to take the baton from Federer. What better way than destroying Federer the way Federer destroyed Sampras at Wimbledon.
    It’s not quite the home of tennis and not a slam but it is still a major tournament and would definitely halt all the momentum from Federer’s brief revival.

    Tomorrow night Federer the dead Cat bouncing will meet the Dog.
    And I’m pretty sure we’ve all sat through enough Tom and Jerry episodes to know what happens next.

    1. Dolgo…who? The guy reaches his first Master 1000 semifinal and you compare him to Fed? Gimme a break. Let’s see first if he can beat Federer (certainly a possibility), and if he does, let’s see if he can win the match after. He might, if he gets his magic potion right. Wait, no, that is not something that happens in the Ukraine, only Spain…

    2. that was an interesting read…. the guy makes his first 1000 semi, and you compare him to prime fed? He has a chance. but I’m not optimistic about it for him… Also, this beginning of the year is better than last year itself…

      Funny how every time Roger beats someone big, it’s diminished because of this or that, but when Dull wins, he’s the king of the mountain… I’m not thinking about slams yet, but he’s resurgent, and no one can deny that.

      Ah, also, I don’t have the same definition of “destroy”… That wimby match was pretty damn close…

      Now please do us a favor and stop spewing nonsense…

    3. Nice to see someone is watching Pablo’s home while he is away. Don’t forget his cat needs a bath every day because of that paw abscess.

      You’re right, Dog is seriously crushing it – and maybe Fed will lose. But if he wins, will you come back tomorrow and find some other reasons to go all “sad thrashing treatise” on all us blind and drugged-up-on-hope Fed fans who wear the criminal shame of enjoying our favorite player, who’s already legendary by any reasonable standards, finally playing some consistently great tennis after a year of disappointment? (our bad.)

      Not sure I read anyone on here seriously ….seriously … suggesting 17 more slams. You read fans who are excited and get “cute” about #25 and Rio gold with a wink; probably with a glass of wine still in their system. But give us all a break dude, no one is really suggesting the kind of blind optimism you deride us for as you wax dogmatic about optimistic and excited fed fans ON A FEDER FAN SITE (um…excuse me, but …what did you expect here???!).

      Might I suggest you’ll find a more rational audience for your erudite scholarship on the Tennis Wharehouse forum?

      And I would also suggest you may not know as much as you think about these athletes as you comprehensively throw Tsnonga, Murray, Djokovich, Berdych, etc. under the bus with every other top player he has beaten since he “said” he started healing and gaining his strength this fall. I mean, who would there be left for Fed to beat besides the guy he usually can’t? (And don’t bother, we’ve already got Pablo to tell us about him). No, his obvious success against ALMOST everyone since the fall – and his 18-2 record this year is all just coincidental correlation with his schedule and their injuries.

      So when he loses to Hewitt in a final it’s clarifying. When he beats Djoko and Berdych in a row and plays gritty, mentally strong grind it out wining-from-the-trenches like he never has even n the past in the past against world beaters and doesn’t lose a set in his first 4 matches here, it’s fool’s gold. Us Fed fans have a real win win going on here, don’t we? We’re trapped in a burning plane loaded with poisonous snakes with open doors but no parachutes. Not a lot of places for us to go by your reasoning.

      Oh. And also he’s like the stock market.

      Ok then. We’ll forget the top 10-20 and Anderson from last night and everybody else to tell us Federer might actually know something about his back and his fitness and his confidence and his racquet that you might not. Its not Djokovic and co. we should listen to as they tell us Fed is playing great tennis. And definitely not Sampras when he tells us Fed just might be able to pull off another GS. You’ve let us know it’s The “Great Dolgoplov” who is the one we’ve been waiting for to be the clarifying arbiter of Fed’s true state of dead-catness.

      So it’s not 2009. Thanks for the update on that dude. And maybe Fed will lose like Nadal did to a red-hot up and comer. Personally I don’t think so. But don’t worry – if Fed wins I doubt any of his fans here at this Fed fan site will be surprised if you explain to us that Dolgoplov’s wrists were broken from the coin toss and Bennateau will open all our eyes in the final.

    4. Troll based comment I think. Full of nonsense. It is blatantly obvious Fed is playing well to anyone who knows tennis.

      Comparing Dolgopolov in playing style to Fed and ready to take the baton. lol. Then saying it is like Fed vs Sampras at Wimbledon. Dolgo is 25 and has been around the block. Doing well at a M1000 is long overdue and is likely a flash in the pan.

      Put your money where your mouth is Troyo, I saw you have a blog about tennis betting, get up that betting receipt of your entire bankroll on Dolgo and send us a screenshot πŸ™‚

    5. By the way…

      Tom and Jerry was about a cat and mouse.
      No dogs allowed dude.

      …Maybe we haven’t all “sat through enough Tom and Jerry episodes” after all.


    6. What!!!!! Dolgo is hardly the new kid on the block! He is 25 and has been as high as 13 in the past. Yes he is very talented but you cannot compare him to Fed. He actually practised with Fed in Dubai and Fed knows how gd he can be but still think Fed will hv too much game for him! Feel Fed is on a roll now and it will take a lot to stop him, plus he says he has got that grit back and that feeling of wanting to win badly! That tells me he is prepared to fight and scratch his way to a title as he did in Dubai!

  16. Hey, really random but I was just wondering, everybody talks about how Roger won 3/4 consecutive slams 3 times in his career, always falling at the French Open hurdle to Rafa. I was just thinking, what if Federer had won that US Open 2009 final against Del Potro (which, let’s be honest, in all fairness he totally should have). He had won the French, won Wimbledon, and would go on to win the Aussie Open in 2010.

    In 2009, no Federer fan was really bummed about the loss. Even Federer seemed a bit disinterested. And who can blame him. He had just won the career Grand Slam, finally winning the French, matched and even surpassed Sampras’ record, Mirka had just given birth to twins. Life was looking REALLY good. What was a small US Open final loss in the big scheme of things- Just a tiny blip. Never mind, he’d win the next slam (He did) πŸ˜›

    But looking back, it was probably the one slam that really got away. And it would have been his best shot at holding all 4 slams at once.

    1. You can apply hindsight to every win and loss and come up with different stuff. Better to think about about if he can win some tournaments this year rather than should he have won a tournament 5 years ago πŸ™‚

      1. I was just mentioning it in passing man- it isn’t as though I’m sitting and dwelling on the matter. It just crossed my mind and I felt like pointing it out. And just while we’re on the subject, isn’t everything on your blog in ‘hindsight’?

    2. Aside from the peRFect scoreline predictions for the next match then I guess they are πŸ˜€

      But I don’t think there’s really much point thinking about tournaments from years ago with what ifs or changing the result to look at what might have been.

    3. Every fed fan probably wonders about that but who is not to say that if Federer had indeed won the US Open he wouldn’t have won the AO, maybe losing in New York gave him that extra push in Melbourne. Some things are just not to be- i mean Nadal and Djokovic have both had their shot at it and couldn’t do it. Roger continuing to play some great tennis in the present + be a good person is what it’s all about anyway.

  17. Hello All,
    Here is an interesting question to trigger your imagination.

    Who is GOAT ?

    Here is my answer with the marks i would give to these players (out of 100).

    ASSUMPTION — All these players are 100% healthy with no injuries

    BASIS OF THIS THEORY: I really believe that it is the smaller 90sq racquet that has been holding Roger back all these years. Yes one might say he won 17GSs with it, but i believe that had he switched to a larger racquet probably in 2010, we would probably be seeing a tally of 25+ GSs for Roger. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the arguments on who THE GOAT is WILL START AND END WITH ROGER.

    In reverse order

    6. (75/100) – Roger of 2012 — WOULD GET BEATEN BY RAFA OF 2010,13 IN ALL MAJORS.

    5. (80/100) – Nadal of 2010

    4. (83/100) – Roger of 05-06 equipped with his old OUTDATED SMALLER RACQUET — RAFA OF 2013 WILL BEAT THIS ROGER AT THE FRENCH OPEN and Aussie open.

    3. (88/100) – Roger of 2014 — a step slower than Roger of 05-06 BUT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO SURPASS 2013 NADAL — POTENTIAL TO BECOME REAL GOAT mainly because of modern equipment. WE WILL SEE AFTER APRIL 2014 because Roger himself said he will be at 100% at that time.

    2. (90/100) – Nadal of 2013


    1. Confusing? Not sure what this means.

      It is pointless to look at what might have happened had he played with a bigger racquet in 2010. But anyway who cares?

      1. Jonathan,
        It means that the Roger we are seeing now really has the potential to win the French Open (and beat Rafa in the process) and seal the GOAT status.

    2. I think you are kinda not paying Fed enough credit here man. He as ALWAYS had the potential to win the French Open, and he’s done it. It’s not like 2014 he has changed into a completely different player, he has gotten himself back in good shape and is competing again.

      1. I don’t agree that 2010 and 2013 Nadal could beat 2012 Fed at all of the slams. Roger 3.0 was so clutch, he won at least 10 matches he would have lost if it was 2010/11/13 Federer.

  18. Hi Jonathan

    What a lovely way to spend the early hours of the morning watching a genius at work and I still managed to get into work on time. As Mr Anderson found out no the Swiss Number 2 was not an easier proposition. Disappointed that the doubles is not being shown anywhere – and we are still on for double championship. I think he will relish playing the Dog and hopefully he will just carry on doing what he has been doing all week – playing great, looking relaxed and serving sooooooooo well Allez Roger!!!

  19. Jonathan,

    Does this statistic tell accurately how well a player plays?
    because these 2 statistics would be FAR MORE USEFUL if its like this
    % of winners (from the TOTAL NUMBER OF SHOTS played in the whole match)
    % of Unforced errors (from the TOTAL NUMBER OF SHOTS played in the whole match)

    The total number of shots played can be calculated approximately as

    So Jonathan, if you could get in touch with ATP or WTA, could you suggest this as an improvement ?

    I guess these stats too will give a good insight into the game. These could tell the play style of any player
    Total Distance run
    Average Speed of serve
    Average speed of ground strokes
    Average Top spin rate
    Average depth of shot

    1. Well actually it does, it shows you clearly if a player is playing well or poorly.

      Even more so for Fed as his game is based on aggression, usually when Fed hits more unforced errors than winners he loses (against better players) and when he hits more winners than errors he wins. So it does tell you quite a lot πŸ™‚

      And I wouldn’t suggest that improvement to the ATP, as I’m not sure it’s an improvement πŸ™‚ What would you get from that stat?

      You could work it out yourself to an extent as the total number of points one is there… that’s not shots though just points total. So you could say every 1 in X points Fed hits a winner..

      The 4 things you listed are usually given mid match, and I think you can judge them pretty easy with your eyes without needing them on the stats sheet. It’s easy to see if a guy is a grinder, how big they serve, how big they hit the ball etc just from TV.

      1. The logic here is the longer a rally is, the more likely it ends in a Unforced Error.

        I mean
        when Roger plays a player who likes to finish the point quickly just like himself (example: Raonic), the match would have lesser unforced errors because of the lesser number of shots played
        although the total number of points played could easily be higher especially if it goes to deciding sets and tie breakers.

        But when Roger plays Rafa who likes extended rallies, the points end in an unforced error more often than not. Because it just becomes very difficult to hit a winner at the end of a 30+ shot rally. So the number of unforced errors will easily be equal or greater than the number of winners
        however the total number of points played will be same as the match Vs Raonic.

        So higher number of winners to lesser unforced errors would NOT necessarily mean that the player having them is playing a good match.

        But % of winners and % of unforced errors should give a clear picture.

        That % WILL BE SAME if Roger plays a good match against Raonic or against Rafa.

      2. I mean having more unforced errors than winners would NOT necessarily mean Roger is playing a bad match.

        Think about the sheer volume of shots Roger is forced to play against baseline grinders like Rafa when compared to Serve-bots like Raonic, Isner. Its only natural to make more errors and still play as good as Vs Raonic.

        When Roger wins, the % of unforced errors would be same Vs Rafa and Vs Raonic which will tell u that Roger has indeed played a good match against both.

        But the number of unforced errors would mislead u to judge that it was a bad match Vs Rafa.

    2. OK I see what you are saying.

      Well I guess just put some hypothetical numbers in and see what we get? Do a win vs Nadal and a loss. Pick a number for the avg length of rally. Then do the same for a match vs. someone who keeps the points short maybe Tsonga? Again estimating the length of rally…

  20. Jonathan,
    I have had this question in my mind for a long time.

    What exactly is the difference between winners, forced errors and unforced errors ?

    Correct me if am wrong here.

    As per my understanding,

    WINNER means the opponent is unable to even touch the ball.
    So what if he SLIGHTLY touches the ball like in cricket (caught by wicket keeper off an outside edge from the bat) ?
    Does it also count as a winner ?
    I guess its NOT a forced error.
    What is it called then ?

    FORCED ERROR means the opponent is able to get a good contact on the ball but its way out of his hitting zone, the player is stretching to reach it and after contact the ball remains on his side of the net

    UNFORCED ERROR means the opponent could have easily chosen to play a safe shot (because its almost in his hitting zone) and place the ball on the opponent’s side but instead hits it long, wide or into the net.

    1. It’s pretty subjective which is why these numbers differ vastly from match to match, tournament to tournament. You might call something an unforced error whereas the other guy sees it as a forced error. There’s no set standards.

      All the ones you listed right, although if the opponent touches the ball it’s not a winner when you have hit a powerful shot into the corner etc. It is a forced error.

  21. Looks like the doubles was short and not so sweet. Hope it was lack of effort rather than anything wrong with either player. We’ll find out tomorrow I guess.

  22. Thanks again for the write up, Jonathan. Enjoyed the match, not too much yelling at the tv. Cancelled my appt tomorrow to watch the match. People just don’t understand us crazed Fed fans.
    I have a question….does anyone know the stats on Roger’s new raquet? My son wants to know ( he has a raquet named Little Feddy).

    1. Do you mean the specs or how many matches he has won with it? I think he’s like 14-2 or something in 2014.

      Spec wise no idea, only 12 of them have been made. Gut on the mains, big banger on the crosses strung at half a kilo lighter than the mains. 12 string savers he uses. Weight and balance no idea really. All very under wraps πŸ™‚

      1. Fed is lying. He is playing with us πŸ™‚ These guys are freaks of specifications. Roger knows exactly what his racquet is. The weight, the balance, the type of strings in the mains and crosses and the tensions, the grip size, the type of grip, where he puts the lead and how much it weighs. I mean come on. He was probably told by Wilson not to reveal the details.

    2. Fed himself has said he doesn’t know what the absolute numbers are – if he needs a change he tells Wilson “more this” or “less that”, but he’s not into the technical aspects of how they achieve that.

      Personally I’m quite sure that Wilson is well aware they’ve got a gold mine here, and once they and Roger are satisfied they’re done tweaking, there will be a big unveiling with much pomp and circumstance.

      Somebody had a tongue-in-cheek thing on – twitter? – last year, asking for possible names for the new Fed racquet – some of them were pretty cool. On the other hand I’ve also read they’re calling it an addition to the ProStaff line. At least for now.

  23. Hey Jonathan!
    I finally got to see a Fed match. The time difference makes it pretty crazy! Second set was destruction. And the lob was magical! Roger looks so at peace and happy, so ‘zen’ on court that it makes for a happy and satisfied viewing after 2013! It pays off to believe in the great man. Rising up the rankings, high on the year-end race, having a better H2H against top 10 than whole of 2013 already, it all seems to be going upwards for the Maestro!
    Chumm jetzt sounds so cool btw! I often wonder what language he thinks in on court. Probably the shouts of ‘come on’, ‘allez’, and ‘chumm jetzt’ depend on that!
    Oh and in case anyone wants to, go to around the 6 min mark in this presser video to watch Rog accidentally ‘get the button’ πŸ˜€

    1. Haha thanks for the share πŸ™‚ I hadn’t seen his presser.

      He was asked once what language he thinks in and he said either Swiss German or English πŸ™‚

  24. We all know that Roger talks about playing till the Rio Olympics, or maybe even up to another 4 years. And with his family able to travel with him, it’s been no problem at all. But what happens once the kids start attending school (next year). Once they’re based out of a school in Switzerland or Dubai, Mirka, as any mother, would prefer spending time with the kids. Add to that he’s going to be away from his newest babies as a result (which he totally might be looking forward to. Which guy doesn’t want to give up diaper change duties!!? πŸ˜› )

    What happens then? I’m sure Roger and his team have discussed it, buts a whole different league when you’re suddenly traveling to a lot more tournaments without the person who has always been by your side. It will definitely be weird for Roger, and might put him in a tough spot. Talking about it and doing it are very very different. It struck me today when I read his presser-

    On the family front, the next major decision involves what happens when the twins start school, which is coming up in September.

    β€œIt all depends a little bit how my career looks – how much more I’m going to play or not,” Federer said. β€œUnfortunately, I don’t have the crystal ball where I know it’s going to be two more years, four more years, whatever it may be.”

    As a selfish fan I hope status quo remaineth.

    PS- Jonathan, this is an attempt at foresight, not hindsight :p Acceptable?

    1. In the presser he does mention the possibility of home schooling I think which means having them travel with him and employ a teacher, but it sounds like they haven’t decided yet. He talks about doing what’s best for the girls as well as themselves but with kids there does come a time when you have to consider them first. As long as they’re still in primary education it doesn’t matter too much I suppose, though with home schooling they would be missing out on the social aspect of school. Having worked myself for years for the United Nations I know the situation very well of parents travelling all the time and kids being transferred from country to country, although not obviously with the frequency of a tennis player. It works for some kids better than others. Depends on how secure their home environment is, but also on the child’s character. Travelling with 4 kids would be a bit of a circus I imagine, so yes, it is going to be a problem I would think. Yet another thing playing on his mind too.

      As far as the Olympics are concerned, someone asked me the other day what on earth makes him think he could still be a contender. Well, other than Stan I don’t see any Swiss players coming through at the moment so there’s a good chance he’ll still be Switzerland’s best chance of a medal there – along with Stan of course.

  25. Perhaps I’m blind but I can’t see Dolgopolov beating Roger today. The matchup just doesn’t make sense for that to happen. I can understand Rafa having problems with his game and his current level. He is a flat hitter, not much net clearance. Rafa has show some vulnerability to that before. I don’t think Dolgopolov will make enough first serves and that will give Roger opportunities get into his service games. He has a very elaborate FH swing which he seems to have difficulties executing it (yet he tries it) when pressed for time. Think we might see Roger try to take the net and slice the ball down to Dolgopolovs forehand. It would be a bad tactic to go for his backhand which he seems to execute very well with little time.

    1. A week ago I would have agreed with you Jarlub, but at the moment Dolgopolov is really fired up I think, and has the knowledge of who he’s beaten to get to the semis to give him more mental power. Add to that Roger must be tired by now and will have had less time to recuperate than Dolgopolov. So I don’t know. Obviously hoping for Roger to win and behind him 100%, but am also thinking great he made it to the semis yet again, and that what he’s achieved so far this year is already far more than I hoped for. But for sure, whatever Dolgopolov has faced so far he hasn’t yet come up against a Roger in “full flight”. Allez Roger!

      1. I don’t think you should make too much of Rogers age here. He hasn’t been all that much on court. It hasn’t been physical. Sure, Dolgopolov can beat anybody on his best day, and that may be today, but his game isn’t really that big and Rafa doesn’t adapt very much. Sometimes Roger seems reluctant du adapt either, but not lately.
        I think people make too much of his age. Roger is moving really well and age (at 30 something) is more mental than physical. Roger doesn’t get his power by force as Novak or Rafa. I think he has lots of mileage left in his legs.

      2. Rita, no worries. Taunting Roger for his age has always had the dire consequences – Roger could be extrally fired up to ‘teach those a lesson’. At the 2013 AO, that happened to young Tomic and Raonic. We’ve all seen what happened on Thursday to Anderson for having suggested that it could be easier to deal with the Swiss No 2! Dolgo’s best preparation for the match could be to keep his mouth shut and pray πŸ™‚

      3. I wasn’t thinking of Roger’s age at all, nor did I mention it I think. I was thinking more that the scheduling has meant he’s had to play a lot of matches close together (singles and doubles) and could be tired without much time to recuperate. Wish I’d seen the doubles match yesterday to see how much enthusiasm he put into that one. I hope not much.

        Poor Anderson is going to regret sending that tweet about the Swiss No. 2 I feel. Probably thought it was quite clever at the time. It was just a joke though. I’m sure Roger knows that.

    2. This is the Indian Wells! If indoor hard court, indeed, Roger could be challenged by the type of players like Dolgo in current form. He reminds me of Davydenko who beat Roger a couple of times in indoor hard courts. Hitting flat takes time away for the opponent to act. Fortunately, the IW courts are relatively slow. I feel that Roger should have enough time and touch to react to Dolgo’s hitting. In addition, I don’t feel that Dolgo is hitting better than Davydenko in his hayday. I am pretty confident that Roger will bring Dolgo back down to earth to face reality πŸ™‚

    3. Dolgo makes a M1000 semi and suddenly he’s a world beater lol. If Fed loses to this guy it will be a surprise. He practised with him loads in Dubai so he fully knows what to expect.

      I feel this is a good matchup for Fed with the way Dolgopolov plays. He is a flat-ish hitter with decent power but nothing like Berdych / Del Potro levels. I fail to see what area he can break down for Fed. Only one I see is the backhand cross court flat and deep but Fed is just gonna camp on that side of the court so he can play forehands.

      I think it’s daft to start searching for reasons as to why he might lose before the match – tired, played too much, Dolgo on form etc. Fortunately Fed doesn’t have that mindset πŸ™‚

      1. No, if Roger had my mindset he wouldn’t have one grand slam title to his name, let alone 17! But I can only work with the mind I’ve got πŸ™‚

  26. Well…. there goes my Roger/Gulbis-final…
    Now, I am calling a Roger/Isner-final where Roger will win, but it will not be easy.

    After Roger defeats Isner, I would like to give Isner and his team an advice. He has got to stop winning by getting to TB. He has to try more and harder to win sets before a TB. Yesterday I heard he made like 66 TB (don’t know for what period), but he has to try to avoid so many TB…..

      1. Yes, he is, but he should also try to break the other’s game before that right? Like all of them are trying to do…. TB has sometimes also got to do with luck. You could keep up with the opponent to make it to a TB, but maybe right there the other is way better or your shots don’t go that well. His strenght is TB, but he should try to win them before that. Which he does, I mean, I know he also wins sets 6-1 or 6-3….

    1. Really, Katyani? You want him to avoid relying on his biggest weapon? It’s like telling Roger he must avoid going around his backhand and try to win outright. Or telling Nadal to stop moonballing (or picking his behind), or get disqualified!

      Novak takes care of Isner today. As a percentage, Dolgopolov has a better chance of making the final tomorrow.

      1. No Sid, I mean he should not only rely that much on TB. It is not like he wins every match with a TB. He does break the games of the others, but he should try to do that much more.
        He is capable of that. And what happens when he is playing a match when his serve is for some reason not that good?? He should know how to win on that happening.
        I have no knowledge of tennis like you guys, but sometimes I feel he relies too much on TB.
        That is kind of a lottery and what happens when he loses that? Doesn’t it also take a lot of physical strenght and energy to serve aces all the time? Won’t it make him tired to play longer matches??

        And of course it looks like Novak will defeat Isner. But isn’t Isner good at IW? He did beat Novak at Cincy last year and even at IW 2012. He has a chance. It is not like Novak is playing unbeatable…….

  27. Everything seems to be coming together for Roger – he’s moving well & apparently feeling good, & it’s almost like that gives him more time to think, & clearer thinking, on court, to construct effective points. I too wish we could have seen some of the doubles match to gauge whether he lost some of that mobility/clear thinking – they were broken at least twice on Roger’s serve, I think, once to end the first set.

    On the other hand, sometimes a poor match is what it takes for Roger to shake out the cobwebs & come back to his best, & if that’s what’s going on here I’m glad the poor match came in the doubles. If the clear-thinking, free-moving Roger shows up to the match with Dolgo, he’s got every chance of taking it as Jonathan predicts. This is really a mental test, I think, for Roger – is he secure enough that he can sustain the level he has worked up to this week?

    As others have said, he’s already met or exceeded expectations. He’s added points just by making the semis. He has played well enough to go even farther if he can sustain it, and I hope he can & does. Love him saying he feels zen on the court. He’s kinda looking Zen too. Wow Roger – you go guy!

  28. Anyone else feeling a bit uneasy? That Dog is freaky and that’s what scares me. Roger will have to bring his best footwork or we are looking at a huge upset.

    1. Half an hour to go. I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs, biting my nails, getting more and more nervous, unable to settle down and do anything else. Come on clock, move for goodness sake!

  29. Guys, chill, chill. Yes, in the recent 24 months, a lack-of-luste Roger turned up a few times throughout various tourneys, giving us Fed fans tremendous pains. Since the last USO, I genuinely feel that Roger has thought lots of things over, thereby giving us 3.0 version in 2014. If he does not want to win more slams, he might else well do something else with his life. I strongly believe that he does and passionately want more. This is why he said that ‘fans can count on me’. I don’t believe for a minute that Roger would want to do any BS. He geneuinely want to give the best go at the adnvaced stage of exceptionally distinguished career. Dolgo will have to turn up like a world beater, as Jonathan said it earlier, to derail Roger. Is he capable of delivering that day in day out, I strongly doubt it. The match will be Roger’s to lose. Yes, he could be beaten, if Roger does serve well enough and have a melt-down with his FH but that was 2013. Now all that is gone, we are in 2014. If even he loses, he will come out fighting. We know that if he fights for points, he will prevail! In Roger we trust! Allez Roger!

    1. I meant ‘… does not serve well enought …’
      In addition, Sid, there were times I just could watch his matches live, in case he loses, which could easily ruin my days (would be pisxxx all day). Sometimes, just think about that Roger has to go out there to deliver, week in week out and year in year yea out. Doing a few fist pumpings for Roger’s winning points has been enormously satisfaction.
      There were times I wish I were made of the same material as Roger’s. Chumm Jerzt Rog!

  30. Hey guys, I have been nervous for almost every match Roger had to play, thinking that he might lose. Even when he played Rosol in Dubai or Anderson here. BUT not today. I don’t only think Roger will win, I KNOW Roger will win.
    He knows he is almost there and he will go for it. Just like in Dubai. Go Roger πŸ™‚

  31. I am going through the same routine as I did for Dubai’s matches – made myself a strong cup of coffee and started doing a deep breathing … Don’t get nervous – I am telling myself, Allez Roger!

    1. Hooray! What a clean match! Extremely well done, mighty impressive, Allez Roger!
      Hi Jonathan, am I the first (before your post)?

  32. Hello Jonathan, hi guys. Snif Snif Snif… I’ve been trying to get on the chat the last 3 matches but every time I log in, I land in my profil page and I can’t find the button to reach the chatroom… Snif Snif…
    Nervy nervy today but thank you Roger for making our lives nice and easy… peRFect!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miss the chat!

    1. Nath, maybe you are already doing this, but I had problems at first too. Here’s what worked for me. First, go to Live Chat & log on. Then open ANOTHER WINDOW in your browser, go to peRFecttennis, and go to Live Chat AGAIN. The way to get there seems to vary depending on what browser you’re using – from one computer, it says About = Live Chat = Popular Posts etc across the top of the window; from the other computer, there’s a drop-down box that says Go To and I have to click the little down arrow to choose Live Chat. Hope this helps.

      Oh, and once you get in live chat, scroll DOWN to get to most recent comments. I scrolled up once and got totally confused!

    2. Hey Nath, oh sorry to have missed you on the chat. Try next time: go to the blog (HP) from top left on your profile page and click ‘Live Chat’ on the navigation bar. Hope it will work for you. See ya tomorrow. It’s a Final πŸ˜‰

    3. Thanks guys for the tips……. And the great thing is that…………………… I get to try them TOMORROW for the FINALLLLLL YOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! ALLEZ!!!!! CHUMM JETZE!!!!!!!
      Thanks again!!!

  33. After all the hard work Roger put in in AO, he started number 8 and ended at number 8.

    Now in one tour he can go all the way to number 4.

    AGAIN, and people wanted him to retire last year……… don’t you guys ever learn??
    Never write the GOAT off πŸ™‚

  34. Managed to miss the entire Dolgopolov match, but I learned that the time difference to CA is only 8 hours and not 9. Please tell me that Roger sliced some to Dolgopolovs forehand! πŸ™‚
    The results are little bit surprising. Not a single breakpoint even for Dolgopolov. Hope somebody posts the match on youtube tomorrow. Was it fun?

    1. My eyes hurt -.-

      Feds had 1:1 UE/W ratio, dolgo had at least twice as many UE as winners, he served like I do (does that really need clarification? πŸ˜› )

      The only good thing about the match was Roger’s serving, one point in the second set where he scrambled across the court to hit a winner, and the rest was just letting Dolgo self destruct. I may be harsh here, but this match was honestly pretty boring to watch…

      1. Was easier than I thought it would be. Don’t know why I was worried, except I almost always am. Maybe Dolgo just let the occasion get to him, or maybe it was too windy for him, or maybe beating an in form Roger was never going to happen anyway πŸ™‚

      2. Simon, it looked that wind played a part. There were times that balls just bounced their rackets. Visibly they both difficult to rally. It seemed that the condition affected Dolgo negatively more than Roger.
        One set a piece, the Nole-Isner match is getting interesting.

      3. I checked the forecast before the match because Dolgopolov can be sensitive to wind but I didn’t think that 11mph would matter to anybody. Maybe the conditions in that regard were worse than than 11 mph would imply. So far, I only found 10 minutes on youtube so I’m not sure.

    1. No Sid, when I am wrong, I have no shame in admitting it. I made lousy predictions.
      BUT…. I did say don’t take my predictions too seriously, seen as I also predicted that Goffin would do well πŸ™‚
      But Roger will win. Definitely πŸ™‚

  35. there was another line by Roger that went: “rafa is my greesatt CHALLENGER”…….uhhh—it’s more like Roger is ONE of Rafa’s challengers…..since it’s roger that stands at 6-12 since 200FIVE…..2-5 in MAJORS FINALS…and if you get generous and SUBTRACT 2 of RAFA’s FO Finals wins…it’s STILL 2-3 rafa in Major’s finalsbut if you are REALLY “fair” and SUBTRACT ALSO one of Roger’s wimbledon finals (you pick between 2006 or 2007) it’s down to 1-3 rafa on ALL Majors finals…so …WHO’S THE BETTER PLAYER in Majors between rafa and roger? on ALL surfaces.

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