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Federer Dispatches Raonic to Make Wimbledon Semi Finals

A polished display of grass-court tennis from the Swiss Maestro in his 100th match at the All England Club as he defeated his conqueror from last year, Milos Raonic, 6-4, 6-2, 7-6(4) to set up a semi-final showdown against Tomas Berdych on Friday.

Watched by a pro Swiss centre court crowd, Roger was able to produce his best tennis of the fortnight so far to win 90% of points behind his first serve, fire 46 winners and make just nine unforced errors in 1 hour and 57 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Fed into 12th Wimbledon Semi Final

Federer won the toss and chose sides. Milos chose to serve and kicked things off with a love hold, firing down a 140 mph in the process.

Roger then held to 30, and in game five the Swiss was able to force Raonic into some awkward spots as he broke for 3-2. Roger then consolidated for 4-2, and the one break proved decisive as he took the set 6-4. peRFect start.

Into set 2 and Raonic needed a good start but his reluctance to go for his shots resulted in him making tame errors, a weak forehand giving Roger a break for 1-0.

The advantage was soon 2-0, and with Raonic continuing to struggle at the net Roger broke for 4-1. He went on to serve out the set to love, taking it 6-2.

A bathroom break left Roger sat on his chair for a good 5 minutes, and after Raonic had held for 1-0, the Swiss needed to save a break point after losing some rhythm on serve.

By midway through the third set, Raonic had started to up his game as he went after his forehand to take charge from the baseline. In game 8 Roger double faulted twice, and the Canadian held four break points in total, one created by an incredible running forehand get of a Federer drop volley. Fortunately, Fed held firm with some clutch play to level at 4-4.

That was the last drama of regular set play as the third descended into a tie-break. Roger has gotten started well in all his tie-breaks this week, but this time it was Raonic who went up 3-0 with two minibreaks. You'd think that would be set over with his serve, but Fed had other ideas, coming up with two genius return points and winning his next two service points to lead 4-3.

We then got the shot of the match as Roger curled in a forehand pass onto the line when Raonic was even covering that shot. An ace then brought up 6-4 and Raonic then went wide with a backhand as Roger moved into in his 12th Wimbledon semi-final.

Match Stats

Match Statistics M. Raonic R. Federer
Aces 11 11
Double Faults 0 2
First Serve % In 70/96 (73%) 61/89 (69%)
Win % On 1st Serve 50/70 (71%) 55/61 (90%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 11/26 (42%) 15/28 (54%)
Net Points Won 27/50 (54%) 18/22 (82%)
Break Points Won 0/5 (0%) 3/6 (50%)
Receiving Points Won 19/89 (21%) 35/96 (36%)
Winners 29 46
Unforced Errors 11 9
Total Points Won 80 105
Distance Covered (Ft) 5440.1 4985
Distance Covered/pt. (Ft) 29.4 26.9
SABR 0 0

Shitty Highlights Package

Thoughts on the Match

Fed forehand Raonic

Super win here from Roger to avenge his loss from last year against the big-serving Raonic. I said in my preview post I was glad Raonic came through as based on form I didn't think he was in top form.

Based on the first two sets, that was the case; he played conservatively both on his serve and forehand. That allowed Roger to jump all over him and play the tennis fully on his terms. Raonic had no real answers and was made to look rather cumbersome out there, trying to dig out volleys from his toes with very limited success. Combine that with Roger serving imperiously, and he was soon up two sets to love with less than an hour gone.

In the third Raonic upped his game by going after some forehands and it looked like might just be able to extend the match when it had only looked to be going one way. However, in true champion style, Fed responded. Saving the four break points with clutch play and then winning the tie-break from two mini breaks down. First real big moments of adversity in this tournament and he came up with a 1 in a 100 passing shot that bent in and landed on the line πŸ™‚ Genius and very pleasing to see how he responded.

So a peRFect Quarter Final really, movement looked spot on, serve is finding the spots, and he's winning a tonne of points from the baseline (over 50% for the tournament) which is a good sign. He still has the lingering effects of a cold but a day off tomorrow should mean he is primed and ready for the semi-final on Friday where he'll need to take it up another notch.

Predictions vs. Berdych


Next up is Berdych who was leading 7-6(2), 2-0 when Djokovic retired with an elbow injury. The Djoker has had on-off problems with his elbow for the last 12 months and judging by his serve speeds today he had no choice other than to call it a day early.

Berdych has had a good tournament so far, winning in five against Thiem but overall his draw has been pretty kind. Chardy, Harrison and Ferrer aren't up to it on grass, so I think based on opposition he was the favourite to make the Quarter Finals.

I've never really been a fan Berdych's game, but you can't fault his consistency over the years. He's played in so many slams consecutively and is always there or thereabouts. He carries the nearly man tag, but you can't underestimate a guy with such easy power on both wings, and he's more than good enough to win any match on a given day.

Roger has schooled him in most of their recent meetings, but the latest win in Miami was hard fought. Berdych having two match points, so I think he will be heading into the Semi Final with some extra motivation. He's beaten Roger here before as well, so Fed will need to maintain his excellent serving numbers and consistency from the baseline to come through. Any drop off in level from Fed and Berdych will take advantage but I make Rog the favourite to make the final on Sunday.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Jonathan I wanted to give your blog a 5 star but I was only allowed by the site to give it 2 stars. How do you give the rating the you want? I am a new subscriber and have cerebral palsy is there a technique I need to be aware of to give the actual rating I want to give.

      2. Hi,

        You mean give Fed 5* right for his performance? Put the pointer as far right as it will go on the last star so that all 5 stars are highlighted and it will give 5 stars. On mobile not as easy, tap far right and should record it as 5. I just tested one and gave 5* no problem.


  1. Absolutely brilliant first 2 sets from Fed before Milos woke up. I had a feeling it might be fairly easy straights. But needs to be careful of Berdych, who may be seeking revenge after the beating he took at the AO. After all, Roger’s lost to him here before. So needs to up his game a bit more, I think. Stop talking him up quite so much, Barker!

    1. Yeah BBC are all over it now Murray and Konta are gone. I can’t watch the coverage tbh, just mute before players step on court. Phil Jones will have a narrated piece ready for today I’m sure. Few Rudyard Kipling lines thrown in,

    2. No worries, Alison, our man rarely talked about the revenge but he just does it; Milos first, Berdych next. On this occasion, it will not be Berdych who is able to but Roger who puts him in his place. The only memory that Berdych has got now is the one from down under 6 months ago, not seven years ago. For Roger, beating him twice in a row? not gonna happen. It is bad enough with Novack with him being in the very best in 14 and 15.

  2. I take nothing and no one for granted. Fed must stay focused. I believe if he makes it to the final he will meet Cilic, whom we all know can be very dangerous. But man, does Fed look confident!

  3. Shitty Highlights Package, live that heading :-)…. Cant wait to catch up replay… Sounds exciting win from commentary and numbers supports it. Hopefully he plays good level in two more matches….

      1. Only available to French viewers unfortunately, so most people won’t be able to see unless they know how to get around it.

      2. Interesting. I wonder whether my Chromebook will get around it (it *has* to be useful for *something*!)? It did with something else which allegedly required a VPN.

  4. We are putting too much stock into 2010. Federer was in decline after his AO2010 win. So, you can’t think of that loss. Yes, anyone can beat anybody on any day. Very unlikely Federer loses thought. I’m more worried about the final (if he makes it). If Sam somehow beat Cilic, he surely loses the final. Cilic is an unknown quantity. Very hot, or very cold. As someone said, if Fed could beat him with injury last year, he should have no trouble this year. And Fed just beat Milos by what…25 points?

    What an incredible day it would be it happens. I know I will go berserk, like a scientific experiment gone awry. I’m quietly confident, but it’s ain’t over till it’s over, as Yogi Bera would say.

    1. The idea about the Cilic final came to my mind so I wrote it. If they meet in the finals, I still think Fed could win.

  5. What a great match. I’m someone who is perfectly happy if Fed triple bagels the opposition and who gets anxious when the other wins a point. So a great match.
    Did you all see the volley where he casually tapped the ball for a winner and strolled away without looking?
    And I’ve discovered another player to support – Muller. No histrionics, just good shot-making and calm. Even when he beat Nadal he waited till the score was announced and then gave a quiet smile.
    Thanks again, Jonathan, for your write-ups and analysis in a great blog where we can safely share Federer love.

    1. Sheila your comment made me laugh! I get anxious when Fed loses even one point on his serve and never want his matches to be “fun” or too competitive!

  6. Yeah, expected win really. Some insane shots from Fed, and really good to see him tested in the third. It proves that when he has to dig deep he can find it here.

    One match at a time now. I think Fed will beat Berdych, but a lot depends on Berdych. I don’t know if he can turn it on enough to beat Fed over 5 sets when Fed is playing this well though. In 2010 Fed was not at his best, and in the 2012 US Open I think Fed suffered a bit of a come down after winning Wimby/losing the Olympic final. And Fed has beat Berdych 7 times in a row now.

    Looking forward to it, anyhow.

    1. May I also add that in recent years, only a prime Djokovic in 5 and 4 sets could beat Fed at Wimbledon, and a Raonic who also needed 5 sets to beat Fed on one leg (who had come from 2 sets to love down in the previous round against Cilic). Good to exercise caution but there’s no doubt this is a really great opportunity for Fed to win his 19th GS and, perhaps more importantly, put himself in a league of his own with 8 Wimbledon titles. I like his chances.

    2. And Fed skipped his previous USO round, didn’t he, which I don’t think helped – threw him off his rhythm?

  7. Thanks Jonathan for your speedy and excellent sum-up. What a day to remember πŸ™‚ . When he schooled Milos, the two other former champions and world No 1 have gone out! Did this happen before? The first two sets, the Maestro was mesmerising. In the third set, was Roger bored, lost concentration? He raised his level again only when was love 3 down in TB. Not complaining πŸ™‚ , what an awesome display!
    On the Birdych match, yes Roger lost to him once before at SW19 but that was many moons ago. Roger should get to final with straight set victory. Five down two to go!
    Allez Rog!

    1. I thought he seized up a bit – physically or mentally – while waiting for Raonic to come back from what I think the commies said was a 7-8 minute toilet break.

  8. He’s peaking at the right time. Of course against Raonic there is no “riddum” because of the big serve, but whenever Federer put the ball in play he was maneuvering Raonic around at will and easily getting the ball past him. Then Raonic started getting more aggressive in the third set and it got tight. He played a brilliant service game to avoid getting broken at 3-4.

    But that tiebreak was among the best he’s ever played. So many great shots in a row: a great forehand pass set up by an aggressive backhand return, followed by a forehand return winner, then that banana-style topspin pass. Raonic must have thought the third set was done and dusted after leading by two minibreaks, but Federer just tore it away from him by flicking the switch and summoning a five-minute patch of pure genius at precisely the right time. That’s the sign of total confidence there.

    One thing about Berdych, he’s dangerous but his game is pretty mechanical, so there will be no surprises. Federer is playing well enough to come through–possibly even well enough to maintain his clean sheet of no dropped sets on grass since Stuttgart–so I think he will be the lone man of the “Big 4” to make it to Sunday.

  9. It was a truly great effort to win the tiebreak because if he hadn’t, Raonic could have won the fourth if he maintained his level of the third. That 3-4 game was also very key, obviously. He hit two doubles which reminded me of the 5-6 game in the fourth last year (that he was up 40-0) where he hit two straight doubles and then lost the set. But boy, what a breaker after getting 3-0 down.

    I expect Fed to get through Berdych and Cilic to get through Querrey. I’m sure the gameplan againstTomas will be like it was in Australia. Serve wide on the deuce side, get him stretched to the forehand, and attack his second serves (and even first, if he’s taking something off them). I’ll say Fed gets through in 3 …. 6-3, 6-4, 6-3.

    1. Yeah just gotta exploit Berdych movement and now let him get set. Interesting to see if Berdych can try anything different, not sure he really has that in his locker though, just gotta hope to play his best.

  10. Amazing and Stunning. Of course, this was only a dream last year, to see Fed roar like this again.

    Dreaming of YE#1. It is quite a possibility.

  11. A great win for, albeit expected! ? I was extremely pleased with Roger’s performance, especially managing to save all 5 break points that he faced.

    Roger is looking great – reminds me a bit of the 2009 version of him.

    It seems that we are headed to a Cilic – Federer final. But you never know. Querrey could surprise!

    To be honest, Roger looks way better than in 2012 when he won! He’s flying and dominating. He’s yet to drop a set! Simply amazing! So proud of him, especially of the fact that he didn’t get broken and the fact that he won it straights!

    BTW, I read some of Ru-an’s comments on twitter and he seems so pissed right now. Absolutely no class! Acting like somehow Djokovic would have had a chance against Roger if somehow someway Wimbledon didn’t “rig” the tournament in Roger’s favour! He’s just so pissed that Roger is producing such masterclass.

    In any case, I said it before and I’ll say it again. Roger Federer not only was able to withstand Novak’s prime years, but now he’s outlasting him and is in prime position to add to his Grand Slam total and finally win the record 8th Wimbledon Title (with the new racquet)!

    Come on, Roger! You can do this! ☺️?

      1. I actually got curious – well this Ruan doesn’t show up, but some weird money dragging tempting. And the other blogs seem hopelessly outdated or long dead. Except Top Tennis Blog List. Jonathan, do you ever read those blogs nowadays?

      2. Ah, ye the link was dead, someone has bought the dropped domain. I’ve just removed them actually, most of them are no longer updated.

        I don’t read any tennis blogs, Twitter is more than enough for news updates. I used to use MensTennisForums but haven’t logged in there for years.

        Tbh there aren’t many good blogs out there these days. I guess Twitter has replaced the need for a lot of them. Most people just get bored too after starting a blog so they die within 6 – 12 months.

      3. You have dropped the very un-actual links to un-living blogs, very nice, thank you, Jonathan! And may I repeat my sharing the enthusiasm for this one very alive, entertaining, informative and humoresque blog – Halle, London, Wherever πŸ™‚

    1. Best advice is to ignore that mewling quim of an overgrown child. It only takes a cursory look at anything he writes to see the lack of logic, class, and dignity – I suggest you don’t pollute yourself any further.

    2. [To be honest, Roger looks way better than in 2012 when he won! He’s flying and dominating. ]

      I totally agree to that. It’s his movement that I’m the biggest fan of.

  12. I just watched most of the 2016 (contracted) replay vs Raonic. Yes Raonic was a bit better than yesterday, but Roger was brilliant too, and imo a tiny bit better than Rao before the falling. If not this had happened he might have won, and probably also the final vs Murray. As it is, I see Roger has (among other things) improved his returning, so he could get the ball into play lots of times vs R’s canon serve. That may have confused R, until he got more aggressive in 3. Yes – the tie-break was sublime, and that alone deserved him the match. Promising vs Berdych too.

  13. If Fed wins Wimbledon then #20 is not impossible to reach. #20 could potentially end all GOAT fights and discussions!

  14. Raonic tried to fight back in the third and if he he had taken the third set, it was anybody’s game after that. Fed knew it and didn’t want to lose a winning match like last year.

    So he stepped it up in the tie-breaker after the initial wake-up call and closed it out beautifully.

    Berdych is playing well and if he gets on song, Fed will be in a spot of trouble. But i think Fed won’t allow Berdych to get on song !!!

    1. Yeah all about rushing Berdych and giving him no chances to make his power really factor. Lopez beat him at Queens so I like Fed’s chances.

  15. Same time last year collectively on this blog we had given up hope of 18, but here we are looking forward to a more than probable #19! Who would have thought?! I just feel so blessed and lucky to be in this tennis era to witness the one and only GOAT’s greatness.

  16. Hey guys…. look at where we are…. 2 matches away !!! But I wish (like I said before Wimby even started) that people would STOP the jinxing. I can and his fans can…. but others can’t. First people like Peter Fleming and all were saying (even before one ball was played) that Roger would win, now Sue Barker says should we already just give Roger the trophy…
    STOP JINXING PLEASE !!! Roger could win or this could be USO 2014 with Danger Man Cilic…

    And… where are all the “Roger won all his slams in a weak era, now he is exposed in this difficult era because he is not winning slams”-peeps/haters??? #molefarminruins πŸ™‚

    I am sooooo proud of Roger. He kept believing and playing. I have been defending him for 5 years against haters at my work. They joined Satan’s bandwagon when he was unplayable, but I knew Roger would win slams. Difficult but he would win. Like I said, in 2013 with his bad back, he lost every match he played, but always just with a little difference (except that Rome final against Rafa ofcourse). Even in THAT year, playing like THAT, how could he not end up winning slams?? Roger is just TOO good. And look what happened after that. He made so many finals. This could have been his Decima if it had not been for Satan Wimby 2014 you know what… But don’t worry… I won’t go there πŸ™‚

    And I sooooooo wish Roger’s “fans” would show up who said that he should retire in 2013 to protect his legacy…. Where are those fans now?? They all said Novak was protecting his legacy…. and what happened?? ROGER IS PROTECTING HIS OWN LEGACY !!!

    And lastly…. big thank you to Seve. When Roger asked him if he would be his headcoach (his only coach), Seve said no thank you. Then they went for Ljubi and…. the rest is history. Thank you Seve and Ljubi πŸ™‚

    Today is my birthday and my mom asked me what I wanted…. Roger to win 25 slams and…. he and we will get there πŸ™‚

    Love you soooo much Goat. Believing in you no matter what happens !!!

    1. I truly believe that Fed can win #19. As for the USO against Cilic, it was the day after Fed’s very draining 5 setter against mercuric Montfils. Even the Olympic final against Murray was the day after his agonizing long win against DelPo in the Semi.

    2. Happy birthday, Katyani! You can eat as much cake as your mum gets you for Roger. At the same time, make sure that you should keep a tiny slice for Berdych; he will need it to be cheered up at the end of Friday πŸ™‚ .

    3. To Katyani, the multi-multi RF fan in place, wishing you a very Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true, may you celebrate many happy returns of the day.


      1. Thank you ALL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Especially you Sweet Dolores…. yours is pretty soon too and hoping that Roger will give you a great birthday gift with the numbers 1 and 9 πŸ™‚

        Hey Jon, you really should celebrate the blog’s anniversary. Think about it please. In the time of jumping to another bandwagon, YOU STUCK WITH ROGER. Dude, you have to celebrate that. It is because of you sticking with Roger, that we are all here on this wonderful blog πŸ™‚ Hope Roger will give you a great reason to blog next πŸ™‚

        Go Rog… for all of us

  17. What a performance, he read Raonic serve well and didnt try to over hit passing shots. Clutch serving at 4-5 and TB was on god mode coming from 0-3 down to take the match. This is from someone with a cold, imagine is he didnt have any cold or illness. 2 more matches to go, can’t take too lightly. Berdych is well rested and eager to settle score. Roger has to maintain focus and play good tactical game moving his opponent around. Let’s do this Rogerrrr

  18. In 2010 Federer up to his loss to Berdych at Wimbledon, he had made 8 Slam finals (winning 4) so he must have been mentally tired, similar to what is going on with Djokovic after his amazing run and even Murray after just 1 very strong year or Nadal in 2016. At the time it was a disturbing loss after 7 straight Wimbledon finals, but in retrospect it was to be expected. Actually Fed beat him in Toronto a month later.

    This time Federer is much more rested. The court is quick, not like Miami where Berdych would have more time to make big swings. Berdych is dangerous though, he has nothing to lose and would like to play the spoiler like the 2012 US Open.

    I hope for Federer in 4, with one or two tiebreakers because it will be hard to break the serve. But I’d be happy for a 2017 AO repeat performance…

    I would not be hugely surprised if Querray finds a way tomorrow as it will really come down to a few points between the huge servers. Hopefully it goes to 5…

    1. Tbh he was injured in that match against Berdman. Thigh problem. Obviously he got blasted off the court and Berdych was in his best form, but clearly played a part.

      Berdych can definitely hit big, just depends if he actually has time to plant his feet and do it. Fed just gotta rush him.

  19. Sorry but winning 20 majors won’t end the goat discussion. Only when Fed wins his 45th slam at the age of 45, pauses after set 3 tie-break in USO 2025 to grab a space shuttle, rescue a lost crew orbiting Jupiter, finds the cure for cancer on the way back, broadcasts a speech through the intercom that puts an end to the middle east conflict, finds an easy way to fry squids without boiling them in a sea of foam, lands the ship safely just before MTO is expired, gets back on court and hits 4 aces and 4 banana returns successively to win 8-6. Only then some schmucks might consider granting him the goatness status. And then again…

  20. Nice write up J!

    5 down, 2 to go! I have to admit I’m not afraid of Berdych, but Cilic is scaring me… Oh well, we’ll see! πŸ™‚ May the best win!

    On another note, anyone read Ru-an’s last blog post? Was actually quite fun to read ^^ if you’re out for giggles I highly recommend it πŸ˜€

  21. I think the ‘Predictions vs Berdych’ piece sounds about right, yes Roger is the favourite but it is not totally clear-cut the way the analysts and pundits are making out. Berdych has the game to trouble Fed as he has on big occasions in the past and for all we know Friday could be one of those days again.

    Also, being the favourite puts a bit more pressure on Roger’s shoulders and though he has lived with that for nearly all his life, when you are in the autumn of your career your nerves can get worse. Federer knows this is a great opportunity to get a slam, but this could inhibit his performance too. I think it is less of a factor against Berdych but could be quite a big factor if he gets to the final.

    Fingers crossed that he brings his ‘A’ game, as that should be enough to see Berdych off.

  22. Hey sweet people, thank you for your lovely wishes, I really appreciate it, but…. I have a more important question… I watched the QF today which I recorded and…. how the HELL doesn’t Raonic’s hair move??? Exactly how much hairgel has he got in to it?? He moved from left to right, ran all over the court, jumped up and down and…. NOT ONE … I repeat…. NOT ONE hair out of place…. what kind of black magic hairgel is that?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    And Gang…. Berdy and I are kind of on a break from each other…. I defend him from EVERY hater in the world, I stand by him when he loses and when people call him bad names…. and what does he do?? Plays with shoes with Djoko’s logo on it??? #areyouforreal?? #traitor #unforgivable #wontletthisonego #needmytimetoforgivehim #traitor #traitor πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Besides… we have a understanding… Roger is one line he CANNOT cross πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Go Roger !!!

    1. Milos uses the same sticky stuff as Clark Kent, the wet version of the hair fixer used by James Bond and Buck Rogers.

      1. I am actually not joking… I watched the QF today again and ofcourse I focused on his hair… and it seriously… literally… DIDN’T MOVE πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  23. Has anyone seen Ruan’s last post regarding the quarterfinals? Unbelievable lunacy and hypocrisy, but perhaps it’s a medical or genetic abnormality. My man needs to stop crying and take some Midol. Even Djokovic doesn’t care this much.

  24. That’s Canadian seal blubber in his hair. Secret formula.

    I heard Roger say he and Berdych are good friends…what?

    1. πŸ™‚ I think they had great time in Prague, Bird guiding him around when visiting I think for this Rod Laver Cup thing. I think he’s also said so about Rafa, Stan, David G, Grigor, Haas, Andy, Pistol Pete, you name them. And there was hearts too in the after match handshake with Milos. And he has spoken very empathic about the Zverec family. And so on…<3

  25. Just read the latest post on the ultimate tennis blog and you will get to see how wimbledon favours roger and hates djokovic ??.
    I didn’t know fed has such haters.

    I see people (rafa or nole fans)saying fed is surely winning Wimbledon,they are jinxing it but making it sound like they are happy in his happiness.

    One match at a time,I hope fed comes out in god miss today and destroys berdych,wimbledon is still very far away.
    Come on roger!

  26. Hello all,
    For information, scattered showers are expected in London on Sunday pm for the final. This may suggest the roof will probably be drawn.

    This has nothing to do with the above but I suggest you to read the nice article recently written by the IndIan writer and journalist Manu Joseph called : “why we search meaning in Roger Federer ?”.Link is below :

    Today, July 14h is National Holiday in France so, Roger, please win this afternoon to make the fireworks brighter (again) this evening !

    Allez !

  27. I really want Sam to win. One of the really few nice guys on the tour. Very sporting, which is rare for an American athlete, and I’ve never seen him complain. If Fed were to make the final and not win it, Sam would be the only one I would want him to lose to.

    If he does beat Cilic, it will be in 4 and very likely 5. How the hell will he do it? He might fade away in 3. But then that’s what I though would happen vs Murray.

    1. Doesn’t matter. He is cooked. I saw the second. Not sure how he pulls this one out. At this point I can only hope this gets over quickly and does not delay Federer.

    2. Told you. Poor Sam, had to run out of steam at some point. But still, incredibly kept fighting. Cilic will be quite tough to beat in the final, if Federer makes it.

  28. [It’s like they realized Federer can’t beat Djokovic so they had to give him a little extra help to achieve the most profitable and sensational plot.] – said Ruan

    Not really. Djokovic would have lost to this Federer, so he did the right thing and quit. Well played, Novak!

    In 2004, 2006, and 2007, Federer won Wimbledon. In 2008, AO didn’t rig the draw, they rigged the surface by moving from Rebound Ace to the slower Plexicushion to stop Federer’s monopoly, or Djokovic would not have won his first title.

    What a hypocrite Ruan is!

      1. I understand your logic, but I think that once we have learned his antics, we should just not waste our time reading his posts.

      2. But he throws so much variety at you? Can’t help but enjoy it. It’s fun to see him simmering, for clearly no reason.

      3. Yeah that’s true though… I always get a laugh when I read his posts. Even if I don’t want to read his content, his silliness always makes me return and also wonder if the guy is actually behaving normally.


    1. Not firing on all cylinders, going to have to grind this out. Some strange shot choices. He could lose the 2nd set here if he doesn’t get more focussed.

  30. Today, at times Federer seems to be flustered, annoyed, confused. He made wrong shot selections many a times. Sometimes, His shots were not up to mark. In between that, he has kept his cool and displayed RF magic. Maybe it is cold that has distracted him. But, he can’t have this erratic let down in final. He needs to be on the top of his game and charge from get go. Hopefully, he can straight set Cilic. What Cilic did him in US open, Roger will perhaps do the same on coming Sunday. But, for that to happen, he needs to be physically, mentally and tactically to the point from the beginning till the end of the match. And, being Roger Federer, he is very much capable of doing that.

  31. Cilic blew Fed off the court in 2014 and almost blew him off the court last year.

    How will Fed stop Cilic?

    Not panicking… But seriously – what will be his tactic?

    1. Serving 70%.. pile driving his backhand return…Slicing to Cilic’s forehand…producing surprise drop shots..playing focused and determined tennis. Cilic will be over in 3 straight sets.

      1. How does the Fed slice to Cilic forehand help?

        Doesn’t it just give Cilic time to set up a pile driver (a la Rafa) or is it that it takes away the pace Cilic gets from a non slice from Fed?

    2. Here’s a plan that I think will be worth it :
      1 – Serve as much as possible on the lines and serve a lot to his backhand
      2 – Get a good First Serve percentage
      3 – Win more than 80% of his first serves
      4 – Win as much as points with the Second Serve as possible
      5 – Have aggressive shots
      7 – Don’t try to hang on to long baseline rallies because Cilic will be hungry
      8 – Be creative whenever an opportunity is created…

      I can invent more, but I think these are enough…

      1. Ah Vik, if only Federer or Ivan could read this comment from you, I can sleep well these two days and we would have #19 in the bag. πŸ™‚

      2. To note that here are a couple of Cilic’s statistics today.

        First Serve % In : 65%
        Win % on First Serve : 88%
        Win % on Second Serve : 67% (I am sure that Fed could make it drop lower)
        Net points won : 76%
        Break Points Won : 29%

        Yes, Cilic will be a hard opponent but if Fed plays cleverly he could find deficiencies in Cilic’s game.

      3. Sid, I’m pretty sure Sev and Ivan have told him things like that. Important thing is what you do on court. It’s easy to say technical tips but it’s not easy to produce all of these things in real life. That’s why they say that you have to speak less and work more. I’m pretty sure that everyone here who has played tennis for some time will know that it’s easy to speak and convince yourself to try to do something but on the court things will probably be different. (unless you have practiced it so much that it has become super easy for you…)

  32. Jeez, stop investing Cilic with all this power. He might be nervous, the crowd will be against him, he lost last year after being 2 sets up….he is human, too, people.

    1. Yeah, Cilic was defeated by a hobbling Federer who was recovering from injury, despite having a commanding two-sets-to-love lead and several MPs…now Federer is healthy, well-rested from skipping clay season, and playing great, with a Grand Slam and two Masters titles to his name. He hasn’t dropped a set on grass since Stuttgart.

      Last year Raonic narrowly beat Federer in five sets. This year he couldn’t take a set. Let that be a warning to those who think Cilic’s chances of victory are higher this year.

      Federer just straight-setted a very strong Berdych despite being slightly out of sorts today. Chances are high he will bring his very best game to the final after a day of rest. If he does, he is walking out with the title for sure.

  33. Yes, a very good match from Federer. Berdych played well and didn’t crack mentally and Federer did well in the tiebreakers – maybe Berdych missed one easy forehand in the 1st tiebreaker right after he erased Federer’s minibreak lead.

    Not really sure why Federer seemed annoyed out there or flustered…he produced some great shots. Unless he’s got a physical problem, there’s no need for him to be angry, really.

    Cilic is worth worrying about…he’s better than Roanic, crazy angles on the serve, big groundstrokes, good mover for a big man.

    The two best in form players in the tournament made it to the finals. I’d much prefer Muller though πŸ™‚

  34. Not a bad match for Federer. For the finals, he needs to rest and play very solidly. He can beat Cilic but it won’t be easy. I think today the cold showed it’s part but let’s not forget that Berdych also played a good game. Happy that Fed managed to show his magic in the important moments. Fed should rest as much as he can because the cold could be a factor in the finals. I’m still pretty sure that Rog will have all of this figured out and will be well prepared for the finals.

    Chum Jetze! Go RF!
    Hoping #19 and #8!

  35. He will rest. He is on the down side of the cold. And remember, he is Roger Federer. The aura is back. We are all scared about Cilic–he is super dangerous–but think of it from his point of view. Would YOU wanna be playing Fed?? I think it was good that Fed was not at his absolute best today. Remember the 2015 SF against Murray? He was sublime, but then had nothing left for the final.

    1. “And remember, he is Roger Federer. The aura is back. We are all scared about Cilic–he is super dangerous–but think of it from his point of view. Would YOU wanna be playing Fed??”

      Hey Emily, some serious Goat comment from you here, especially the last line. We are all “scared” of Cilic, but see it from his point…. HE HAS TO PLAY ROGER πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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