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Federer Dispatches De Bakker to Setup Gasquet Tie

Imperious tennis again from the GOAT here as he cruised past Thiemo De Bakker 6-3 6-3 in just over an hour.

As I predicted De Bakker didn't have the credentials to make a challenge but what was more surprising was how easy Fed made it look. He was on cruise control out there and only lost 7 points on his serve in the entire match.

It wasn't as though De Bakker played a horrific match either, he served huge in patches but Roger never looked troubled and saw him off with zero fuss.

Fed is always at his best when the match is played on his terms and the 2 in Miami so far have well and truly fallen into that category. Everything just runs smoothly and there's never a hint of danger. Granted Karlovic and De Bakker aren't world beaters but it's just good work to get matches finished sharpish in 30 degree humid conditions. Impressive tournament so far from Herr Federer.

Quick Match Recap

Federer De Bakker Miami 2014

Roger laid down some markers early in this one as he held serve comfortably to kick things off.

He could / should have broken De Bakker in his first game at 30-40 but it didn't make much difference as in his next service game De Bakker chose to incorrectly stop play at deuce en route to falling 3-1 behind.

One break proved to be enough to decide the first set and Roger served it out to love 6-3. He only managed to convert 1 of 5 break points but he was exceptionally clean on serve and barely had to get out of 2nd gear. 15 unforced errors from the De Bakker racquet compared to 5 from the Wilson Wand tell they story here and those numbers are never going to get it done for the 2006 Wimbledon Junior Champion.

The second set saw De Bakker drop serve immediately which pretty much sealed the Dutchman's fate. And from there on in it was all about Roger coasting over the line. In fact he only dropped 1 point on serve in the entire set whilst creating multiple 30 all chances on De Bakker's delivery.

I was hoping for bakery products but De Bakker found big serves when he needed them to keep the scoreboard close. That all changed at 5-3 though when Fed broke serve for the second time taking his 3rd match point to seal the deal 6-3 6-3. Never in doubt.

Match Stats

  R. Federer T. De Bakker
Aces 6 7
Double Faults 1 2
1st Serve % 60% 60%
1st Serve Points Won 22/26 (85%) 27/41 (66%)
2nd Serve Points Won 14/17 (82%) 11/27 (41%)
Winners 23 16
Unforced Errors 11 27
Break Points Saved 0/0 (0%) 6/9 (67%)
Service Games Played 9 9
1st Return Points Won 14/41 (34%) 4/26 (15%)
2nd Return Points Won 16/27 (59%) 3/17 (18%)
Break Points Won 3/9 (33%) 0/0 (0%)
Return Games Played 9 9
Net Points Won 9/14 6/15
Total Service Points Won 9 of 14 6 of 15
Total Return Points Won 30/68 (44%) 7/43 (16%)
Total Points Won 66/111 (59%) 45/111 (41%)

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Overhead De Bakker

Again not a whole lot to say other than playing at a high level throughout and looking solid on serve.

No dramas or difficulties so far he's just gone out there and got the job done. Looks to be moving well and has hit some quality passing shots over the course of his last 2 matches.

I think you just have to be impressed by Fed's all round level, he is looking strong in all areas whether it's serving, returning, behind the baseline or in the forecourt. He just has a lot of time and is choosing the right shots and generally making it look easy.

He's only dropped 10 points in 2 matches on his own serve which is a ridiculous stat especially when the ball doesn't fly through the court here for cheap points. In some respects I can see how that helps too as it makes your opponent less likely to flash some return winners but those numbers are pretty insane on any surface.

Only concern I have is that the court is wayyy slow which is going to be interesting when / if he plays a good returner. Neither opponents so far are great returners so in that respect he hasn't faced any sort of challenge. It's not so much the fact a good returner will be able to hit clean winners but players like Djokovic can recover fast and track down the follow up forehand to then start a rally. Once they get extended the odds of Fed winning decrease.

That's not going to be a factor yet though as Gasquet is next and his return is weak too as he stands so far back but can't track down balls like the top guys. I expect a similar outcome to his 2 matches so far.

Predictions vs. Gasquet

Federer Gasquet Madrid 2012

Decent win for Gasquet over on the Grandstand court today as he brushed aside Kevin Anderson in straight sets. I always thought the South African would have trouble here after a decent showing in Indian Wells as the courts don't help him at all here.

Gasquet enjoys playing in Miami too so no surprises on the result but I thought it might have gone three.

Roger has an 11-2 H2H record against the Frenchman and I can't see that changing here. He leads 6-0 on hard courts and I'm not sure where Gasquet can hurt his game. Fed's only two losses have been when he's played absolute stinkers and I think that's the only way he will lose here.

Gasquet has a slightly improved chance because the surface is so slow but is it enough? It is slow like clay where both his wins come from but I think Fed can still put the ball past him here as his defense isn't great.

Could go 3 but I will pick Fed in 2. Should be able to get a enough chances on the return to break once each set. 6-4 7-5.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Pretty nice match πŸ™‚ he’s moving well, and hitting pretty cleanly. Hopefully he can keep it up when he faces the good guys (starting gasquet). Come on Rog!

  2. Very enjoyable match to watch. Just as easy as the previous one but enough displays of beautiful tennis from Roger to keep me happy. I thought de Bakker played quite well too. Served well. But there was never a single moment in this match that had me worried. What a change from last year!

    And thanks as always for the report Jonathan. Spot on as usual πŸ™‚

  3. Fed is surely racking up the hotshot these days. I am so loving it. He is enjoying himself on the court. Thank you Fed for the stress free viewing (LOL) Thanks Jonathan for your analysis. Look forward to reading them. See you on Tuesday.

    1. I reckon he probably has more ATP Hot Shots than any other player. Combine them with his Mercedes Benz Play of the Week from back in the day then he’s probably in three figures πŸ™‚

  4. Hey 6th as I don’t count Troy!
    Solid game everything we want right now! High serve %,low UFE count and great confident movement!
    Yes Gasquet more of a challenge but reckon u r right Jonathan, Fed in 2 sets as Gasquet hasn’t got the big serve to get him out of trouble and is way too cautious on the return! That said, Fed will be wary of his shot making and will get his match face on compared to today which was a practise session!!,

      1. Not really. If you don’t have anything valuable to add to the discussion, people aren’t going to take you seriously here.

    1. Yeah I don’t think Fed will take Gasquet lightly, just gotta play aggressive, should be able to serve volley against Gasquet as he stands far back. The kick serve out wide on the ad court probably comes into play too as Gasquet one hander will struggle to return that. Djoker can take it down the line with power but Reeeshard can only go cross court.

  5. Fed didn’t look too convincing against a lowly qualifier here. Return game wasn’t impressive. Again relying on bombing serves and relying on errors from the opponent. That is working against these plebs but won’t go well against guys with more rounded games (ie Ferrer). For a guy lauded for a multi-faceted game style Roger is becoming awfully one dimensional (dare I say Isner-like). Ground game is not impressive and is down a lot from the heights of Dubai.

    Next game will tell us a lot. I think he may struggle with GasGay. HIs h2h record is great but I think quoting the h2hs are misleading. Most of those impressive stats were fashioned in the halycon days of Fed (circa 2003-2008). They hardly apply to this model. As they say every Frog has its day and Gasket might not blow a fuse this time.

    Having said that I hope he pulls through so we get the much awaited play-off for 4th spot between Roger and Ferrer.

    1. Ferrer is a pusher man. I would be very surprised if he beats Fed. He has no weapons.

      Gasquet mentally weak and has no way of hurting Feds game. He has to go way above his usual level to win. Fed can win at B level.

      1. Yeah, I see of lot of you in card rooms. Now, if only you could stop belittling Roger Federer, and a Roger Federer blog, that would be very useful.

      2. We shall see.

        Ferrer may not have many offensive weapons but he also doesn’t shank as much as Fed. Points count the same whether you win them with one-handed backhand artistry or just fetch enough balls back to make the opponent misfire. Fed’s consistency has gone up this year but still not a ‘patch’ on the ‘dogged’ Ferrer.

        Make no mistake, I’m not a fan of this poor-man’s Nadal. God forbid having to sit through one of his matches..
        I just think he’ll be way over the odds from a betting perspective. And alas, being asian I can only view sport through this prism of a gambling eye.

    2. I wouldn’t call Ferrer-Federer a well awaited play off at any cost. Let’s remember that Ferrer has to reach the final just to DEFEND his points and I don’t see him getting past Djokovic even if he were to beat Roger so?

      By the way what’s the deal with the constant undermining of Roger? You constantly talk up opponents like this in the earlier rounds with no solid argument whatsoever. I mean you think Ferrer has had a better season than Roger this year? And also he doesn’t shank as much as Fed? I don’t know if you haven’t noticed but Roger actually hasn’t really shanked that many balls now that he’s gotten to a great rhythm with the racquet.

      I think it’s time you just let Roger do the talking with his own racquet rather than constantly spitting out garbage.

      1. Nobody has won more matches than Federer till date this year in the ATP circuit. His win loss record is 21-3 after the De Bakker match. Cilic is second with 20 wins. So statistically also, Federer has a better season than Ferrer. This troll has no idea what he is talking about.

      2. You got any bankroll left Troy? lol. Some shocking picks really. Betting on tennis outright is silly unless you can plunge 5 figures on matches otherwise you’re not winning enough. I can see Nishikori beating Ferrer so don’t go risking too much.

  6. Not really much to add to what has been said above, just a solid match in all areas from Roger. Never once thought ‘he has a chance of losing here’. Not even before the match when I am usually nervous. Anyway the FedExpress is ahead of schedule, looking forward to see how he does against a slightly better player in Gasquet.

  7. Oh new piece has been out while I was reading the previous post’s comments! How neat and quick the recap is, just as Fed’s match today. Agree Jonathan, I have no complaint. He’s done a solid job, no messy play, the stats said it all. It’s so great watching him without suffocating. So you think the new frame has become ‘the Wilson wand’, hah πŸ˜‰

      1. Thanks for this Wanda! I know people have been anxious to know when they can get their hands on “Roger’s racquet”, & it’s good to hear him say he thinks he’s within a month of nailing down the particulars.

        Also very interesting to hear him credit the racquet with giving him “easier power, especially on the first serve” – something I seem to remember hearing various members of this blog say when begging him to upsize racquets.

      2. Think I begin to understand why he said he would not be fully “fit” until April. I thought at the time it was a bit odd to put a date on being fully fit, but maybe he was thinking that was how long it was going to take to make any final adjustments to the racquet and to get fully used to it himself.

      3. Thanks for the share Wanda, I missed his presser.

        @Thinker – yeah but I’m not sure where the added power comes from as I think the racquet would be lighter. Only thing I can think of is that it means less fatigue hitting high balls so more energy to crank into serves.

        @Rita I’m not sure on that, I think when he said he expected to be fully fit he meant at the point where he had caught up on what he missed last year. Hardly trained after Indian Wells so he fell well behind schedule in that regard.

  8. I can’t believe I didn’t get to watch that sick backhand pass. Blame it on De Bakker for not putting up a fight in the first set.

    And I love the look on Edberg’s face after that forehand pass. He is making Roger even better at anticipating the opponents approach tendencies.

    I’ll tell you what, Roger stays healthy, Wimbledon is a lock πŸ™‚

  9. Wimbledon is Fed’s this year. Hope he beats dull a few times too. If Troy is just a gambler looking for tips in different blogs, my advice is not to bet against Roger. Especially Ferrer!?

    1. Ganesh, Troy as as stupid as gamblers come. At least, a vast majority of them. Do I think Ferrer will beat Roger? No. Can Ferrer beat Roger? Possible. Odds suggest Roger wins.

      Troy is the type of guy who would call a pot sized bet for a gut shot draw on the river. While numbers don’t always decide that outcome, Troy loves to call.

      Considering Troy has a betting blog, or something like that, maybe his job is to lure people into betting against the favorite, Roger in this case, so he can make money?

      We’ll just have to learn to live with him on the blog.

    2. By nature to succeed at sports betting you have to be a bit of a contrarian. So popularity with the pundits is not in the deal as I’ll never bet on players like Nadal or Federer (odds too short).
      I probably study them and know more about their tendencies than the so-called fans.

      The only true way to know who has the right grip on reality is in the lab/ on the courts.
      Science is not decided by majority votes. Nor are tennis matches.

      1. You pretend to be such a smart ass, with comments like these, but your moronic remarks splattered all across this blog betray your absolute lack of tennis knowledge and your clear bias against certain players, which will make you a lousy better.

  10. I like it better when his 1st serve % is 65 & up, but otherwise can’t complain about a thing; & I don’t know enough about it to tell, but perhaps he was trying different things while he could, with more difficult matches to follow.
    As he has said himself, the fact he is moving freely seems to be leading to all sorts of other improvements. Love that he ran all the way across the back of the court & retrieved the smash in the hot shot. Love that he is having these good results on a really slow court.
    Mirka looking good.
    I hope ree-chard is playing well on Tues actually to give him more of a test.

    1. Reesharddddd will put up a challenge I think, slow courts help his game so he will be there. I think Fed got enough to see him off in straights though.

  11. Oh yeah, THAT backhand pass was just outrageous. Here was my train of thought during the point…

    (De Bakker hits a big shot and approaches the net) “I think he’s got this point, ah well.”

    (De Bakker hits smash) “Ah well, point over, Roger can’t get to that can he?”

    (Roger gets to the ball) “Well he got to it but theres no way he can hit it over the net from there.”

    (Roger goes for the DTL backhand) “Crazy shot from Roger, no way it goes in in a million years.”

    (The ball lands in) *stunned silence*

    1. That sick shot is definitely making the ATP hot shots of year video! To control that shot with such a light racquet plus with a single handed backhand makes it extremely difficult! Just the Swiss Maestro with his genius shot-making!

    2. My train of thought:

      (De Bakker hits a big shot and approaches the net) β€œI think Roger’s passing him with a flick”

      (De Bakker hits smash) β€œAh well, too bad?”

      (Roger gets to the ball) β€œlob it back?”

      (Roger goes for the DTL backhand) *stunned silence*

      (The ball lands in) *stunned silence*


      Great comment Universal123 πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi Jonathan

    Just watched the match and have to say it’s lovely to see him so relaxed and calm and playing so well – and Stefan seems to be enjoying some of his shot making. Think he will come out all guns blazing against Mr Gasquet – he will not under estimate him – but just carry on doing what he is doing – playing good solid tennis allez Roger

  13. Good work Jonathan – I agree every word you said, a very nice recap. Bravo Roger πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ a super clean match, indeed the Fedexpres is very well oiled.
    For Gasquet match, Roger will rise to the ‘challenge’ and the score will be 6:4 and 6:3. I cannot imagine how Gasquet will threaten Roger in any way. Those two losses in their H2H were both on clay with high bouncing balls (MC and Rome) – Roger had to wait for ages for balls to fall down and just got bored πŸ˜‰ .
    Allez Roger!

  14. Roger got the job done with solid stats and he was playing only 2nd gear. Against Gasbag, am sure Roger should be able to get a W. Gasbag loves standing 10 meters behind the baseline, Roger needs to play his usual aggressive style.

  15. Such a clean hitting match from Roger, great job! And good picks on the shot/s of the batch, damn that BH pass was sweet! Roger must be feeling pretty confident on serve but I agree that the match consistency might not stick when facing better returners. As for Gasquet, he’ll probably be standing 10ft behind the baseline so you would think Roger is playing with the wall. Shouldn’t have to be at top level to get through this one but he needs to conserve energy as he goes deeper. Murray looked to be getting back to form should I say, curious to see how he matches up against Novak without Lendl at his side.

    p.s. Delpo has confirmed he is getting surgery but did no specify the amount of time he would be out but my guess is the rest of the season. Really sad to hear, not fun to lose one of the few guys on tour you enjoy watching!

    1. Yeah I saw the Delpo confirmation, bad times for him. I feel a little sorry for him but truth be told he’ a crock. Part of being the complete package is staying injury free and being able to play continually throughout the year for that reason he probably stays 1 slam wonder. Hope he gets back though as he adds something to the tour with his game.

  16. Well well well, it will be Nishikori who faces Ferrer (or Seppi), not Dimitrov after all. Kei has beaten Roger on clay, ie on slow courts – wasn’t it Madrid? That was last year, of course, so fitness may have been a factor.

    1. Well Thinker…. there goes my “Dimi will be the surprise of Miami 2014”-prediction………..

      Nishikori cannot be underestimated, but last year I don’t think Roger “wanted” to defeat him, seeing as his next match would be against Rafa…. This year things are different…

    2. Troy would be a millionaire if he bet on the reverse of Katyani’s predictions!

      I think Nishikori can take out Ferrer too, my draw post told you he would go deep πŸ˜‰

      1. Yeah, these courts favour his baseline game! Time on the ball, great length , speedy feet!

  17. Somehow I feel like Federer is going to win something incredible in 2014 which he has never won in the past. He is going to add something nice in his already accomplished resume. What do you guys want him to win this year?

    1. Hey Phantom, totally agree. Roger was kind of expected to win IW, he didn’t. But I think he will win something totally unexpected. Because of the “Slowami” factor and other stuff, Roger is not a favourite I think for winning Miami. Maybe he just might…. And last year there was an article where Nastase said (after Roger lost Rome to Rafa) that he thinks Roger will win Rome this year. Well… I think so too !!!

      Rafa needs like 2 or 3 1000 tours to be the first to win all 9 of them, Novak needs only Cincy (which he AGAIN won’t win this year), but I really think this year Roger will be the first to win them all.
      I don’t know exactly if Rome comes before or after Monte Carlo, but he might just play there (MC) if he sees he has a good chance to win or to add points… I think if he sees he plays good on clay (even by beating Rafa, yes, that is possible :)), he might just go for it.

      And ofcourse…. he will win RG 2014 and WTF 2014 πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Katyani,

        I think Nadal needs Miami and Paris. Novak needs only Cincy and our Roger needs Rome, MC. I think Dull has more chance to win Miami and Federer has least chance to win Rome but anything can happen. Of course Federer has so far never won MC but again its not compulsory. Both of them never won Shanghai. Nadal still looking to win his maiden WTF title. Woooooow, even after so many years, this guys are still missing some important trophies : ). I wish Federer can win something new, fresh. Go Fed. All the best for 2014

      2. I don’t think Roger is ever playing MC again (I don’t blame him either) and he’s playing Davis Cup in April too so he’s pre-occupied, already played quite a lot of tennis this season.

      3. Hi Katyani! Yes apart from the big W etc, I too wld love him to win here and in Rome ( 1st time there) . That wld be deeply satisfying !

    2. I ll take the 2014 FO with Rafa at the Final . If you can do that for me just let me know in time so I can book my self a seat there πŸ˜€

    3. I agree with Alsysha, surprised if Fed plays Monte Carlo again.

      I don’t think he was expected to win Indian Wells in the slightest either. He wasn’t the pre tournament favourite and he wasn’t the favourite going into the final.

      He also needs Shanghai πŸ™‚

  18. Don’t you think folks that it is about time we stop feeding the troll? The troll is simply an attention whore that destroys constructive discussion for his own agenda. Enough.

    1. Yeah but don’t stoop to their level! There are a lot of sensible Tennis loving posters here who enjoy a good debate and are huge Fed fans! No need to take the bait! Waste of energy I think Fed wld say!! Relax and enjoy the current good times with Fed!!

  19. Hey guys, the way Roger is playing….. not bad for a guy non-Roger-believers thought (after the way he played last year) that in the beginning of this year he would be out of the top 10 or even top 15 or 20 πŸ™‚
    And look now, he is almost certain for top 4 and even has a chance to be top 3 πŸ™‚

    I love the way Roger makes these people eat their own words….. πŸ™‚ Go Roger πŸ™‚

  20. Did anyone notice Federer won the toss and decided to choose ‘Side’. Mohd. Layani and De Bakker did a double take when they heard him say that. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say side after winning a toss!!! :p Any theories?

    1. I d never notice.

      He chose to receive against big Ivo and then he broke him straight away.
      De Bakker is a good server but not that much.
      Maybe just a little bit of a mind game. β€œits your call . how do you want it to be?”
      Making De Bakker thinking a little bit too much .
      Nice that you pick up on all these details that nobody does Gaurav!

    2. I wondered if it was positioning himself for possible wind or sunset glare later in the match? In case there were no breaks of serve…

      I didn’t actually know you could do that, choose the side instead of serve/receive…

      1. You win the toss you choose whatever you want, serve, receive, court end! Yr privilege!

    3. Hey Gaurav, you know what stuck by me? During the Karlovic match, one of Roger’s game lasted seriously, 45.16 seconds !!! πŸ™‚ Can you believe that??? Winning an entire game in 45 seconds??? Who, besides Roger, can make that happen?? I know Roger wins games in less than a minute, but 45 seconds??? Goat πŸ™‚

      1. if the returner is bad as Dr Ivo, any decent server would reach to that. no offense πŸ˜‰

      2. If the returner was worse than Ivo, Dopal would still take at least two minutes πŸ™‚

      3. No Shamtoot, no offence… have to disagree. The closest who comes to that is Novak…. sometimes… but not in such a less time as Roger….

      4. @Thinker Yeah I think it could be to do with the sun good shout.

        @Katyani – when have you ever seen Djoker come close to a sub 1 minute hold? Ball bouncing takes about 15 seconds each serve.

  21. Match was entertaining at times to watch as DeBakkerman was not reluctant to leave his baselines frequently , the only problem was his too many UE which spoiled any sort of rhythm.
    Maybe I m wrong but non-top players against Roger seam kind of awestrucked. I mean their face expressions and the fact that they seam to be satisfied by just snatching a couple of games. Of course we saw what happened with Delbonis and Stackowski not long ago but still De Bakker looked so so tensed.

    @Troy, listen to the only true gambler and don’t waste your money betting on Ferrer.
    Just donate it to where its needed or to this awesome blog helping it improve itself even more.
    Unless you have some information that Roger received a suitcase with a huge amount of cash along with a picture of the twins playing carelessly while two 7 foot bouncers where discreetly smiling 20 meters behind them.

    Why don’t you just bet on Dennis the Istomenace whose win against Rafa will give you 9 times your money. Not bad huh ? If something goes wrong you can always get your money back by safely investing on Royal Bank of Augut stocks that look very attractive lately.

    Jonathan what happened really to your meaty hitter Turnusov ? Turned veggie?

    Lastly please don’t refer to Richard as GasGay cause this is so wrong. Much better is the old Gascoke as β€œ he had “inadvertently” taken on the drug when kissing at length a woman, identified only as “Pamela”, in a nightclub” . Or even Gaschoke is suitable for him.
    And one more thing is that I disagree with those that see this blog as a place that everyone should praise the greatness of Roger. So true yet so boring if its just that. One thing I like about Jonathan is that he s got a great sense of humor and he is open to listen and reply to all kind of comments as long as there’s no insults of any kind.
    Pablo and Troy, trolls or not , are funny guys just let them live. Let them live till Ferrer (and hopefully Nadal) gets trashed by Roger and then see what they have to say. I m sure Troy is going to say that it was the windy conditions that also dried the court and made it favorable for Roger or something like that .


    1. Roger must be doing something right because trolls have been coming out ever since Roger won Dubai and continues to climb in the ATP rankings. I take as a good sign because trolls don’t come out just for anybody. Also it looks like Roger will have to take out Ferrer himself if he wants the #4 ranking.

    2. Hey GG, I kind of miss Pablo…. It is different without his comments….
      I saw the replay of the first set of Rafa vs Hewitt…. Man, that guy seems to be dangerous again…. still won’t win Miami though…..

      1. Reckon uncle Toni gave him he’ll about landing so many balls short! He has a fundamental need of Uncle Toni in the stands hand feeding him tactics!

      2. thanx Shamtoot and Katyani for your thumbs thumps or humps I appreciate all of them.
        Makes me feel little bit better in a sense that my nonsense i talk about most of the time sometimes make a little sense πŸ˜‰

      3. always welcome Gambler πŸ™‚
        there are some members here in this blog I always love to read their comments and interact, with the, and I may say you are one of them and I will reserve the rights not to be pushed to reveal rest πŸ˜‰

    1. Not sure I like the article. Sounds like he has no idea what he’s talking about and has just tried to write in the style of Ed Smith in that New Statesman article but with less clarity.

    2. Not loving the language! Lethality??? Is that even a word?? All sounded a bit forced as though he slightly resented Fed winning him over but interesting share as I read just everything I can about Fed!!

    3. Points taken and agree, I’m not fond of his OTT writing, too. Though was good to read non Fedfan admitting his greatness for a change πŸ˜‰

  22. Alas no bakery products fort De Bakker, but he still got the job done. Roger’s serve has been on point this week, hopefully it continues to be so. πŸ™‚

  23. Before, the day is over guys, please make my day and wish me a happy birthday :).
    Hope it’s not asking for too much!
    I will be watchin Stan’s match today and hope Nadal getz beaten. Istomin should play lights out πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Utch, hope I am the first to wish you a happy birthday πŸ™‚
      Happy birthday !!!
      Cannot see from your name if you are a girl or a guy……

  24. Happy birthday Utch! You got anearly present yesterday with the win – hoping today & the weeks to follow are as enjoyable!

  25. Happy Birthday Utch ! Live to be a hundred and hope we all live to see Roger win a hundred titles ( slams and 1000s only count ) πŸ™‚

    ps Dolgo is giving such a bad tanking act . He is about to lose to this Lajovic who is really nothing special. And what an awkward ball tossing move? his head looks as though is dismantled of the rest of his body

    1. Crazy scoreline in that one. The Dog looks very awkward, snatchy motion, I don’t like his serve for that reason, breaks down under pressure.

      1. I guess you re wright Susie it may be a good match too earl though . If Dolgo is not too tired as he looked yesterday slicing the ball too much at times . He moves so fast though impressive court coverage of course he is feather weight and courts are very slow.

  26. Am liking this comment from Jeremy Eckstein, only journo worth reading on Bleachers!

    “Karlovic just became the sixth player to ever join the 8,000 ace club, but how many knew that Federer was already there? Or that Federer’s serve is so much more than hitting aces. He has the mind and artillery to set up and finish the shots that do come back.”

    Always underrated the Fed serve!
    Ps nice to hear Novak acknowledge how well Fed playing this year!

      1. what is this ? a potato head grandma ? if it was wearing a cap it would look a bit like Thiemo De Bakker. πŸ™‚ I think this is going to give me nightmares. I better go to bed quickly and forget about it

      2. Haha GG, she’s a 19 year-old girl being cursed as 90 year-old. Okay I’m no longer a girl, still closer to 19 than 90 and thank god not a grandma just yet πŸ˜‰

        Well-spotted, Scooter!

      3. I thought Sophie was 18 in Howl’s moving castle? πŸ˜‰
        Great film, by the way. I imagine you’re a fan?

  27. Aww, thanks everyone. I love you all *one big family*.
    Katyanii, I’m a lady :). @ Simon, watchn d matches on tv πŸ˜‰ , @ Jonathan, I got much love, thanks to the good people on this website.
    Istomin is doing terribly. Oh well, I’ve given up on him, now putting my hopes on Raonic to pull the upset!

  28. Hey guys, Rafa just destroyed Istomin and Stan is winning, but with difficulties. Their match would be something awesome. Both of them looking forward to the chance of proving that AO 2014 was not a fluke. Unfortunately Rafa will win this battle, except when Stan just hangs around and won’t give up. Go Stan πŸ™‚ You can do it πŸ™‚ You did it once…. I am so proud of those two Suisses… Hope Roger goes all the way. He deserves to be world number 3 or beyond that…. But….don’t underestimate Andy. Still seeing him win Miami when Roger won’t… but Roger will πŸ™‚

    1. AO 2014 final wasn’t a fluke, never will be πŸ˜‰
      Don’t you remember Stan destroyed Nadal in the first set, before the Spaniard started to show signs of his so called ‘injury’? Not to worry if Stan loses, because a Grand Slam final is always more important than a match at Slowami πŸ˜€

      1. @Conal, agree, it wasn’t fluke, and Stan deserve to win no doubt, but I disagree with you on this statement ” Stan destroyed Nadal in the first set ” πŸ™‚

        it was a close set with Stan prevailed at the end of the set as he was the one who really wanted to win and he was the initiator and hitting the right shout and was gutsy, the rest we all know the story πŸ˜‰
        just watched the highlights of Istomin match, I haven’t really seen Nadal so dominant since USO last year, I believe he is on a mission and something to prove πŸ™‚
        will be interesting Miami this year with all big 4 wants to prove something

      2. Yeah, unused dope from IW rolled over into Miami. He is on a mission, right.

      3. Hey Conal, ofcourse AO 2014 was not a fluke. But I can understand Rafa, the Great Uncle Toni and their team wanting to prove that it was a fluke. Which it was not !!! Remember the last few games of the first set? Rafa looking at the Great Uncle Toni like what is happening and the Great Uncle Toni responding, hang on, he cannot keep this on for long. Remember that? And the one thing I could not forget was that in one of those games Rafa hit his raquet out of frustration. I have not seen all his matches, but to my knowledge that was the first time I saw Rafa do that. Stan got under his skin… AO 2014 was definitely not a fluke. But you know how their team is. They will make sure Rafa shows the world that it was a one time thing. Hope Stan has another idea about it.

        And yes, yesterday I watched some of the Istomin match…. Rafa was on fire……
        Still… really don’t think he will win it…

    2. I watched about 15 minutes of Rafa/Istomin then went to bed. Would have given me nightmares if I’d stayed up. Ughh !

      1. Oh come one, Istomin has like 800 or so points from what, 30 tournaments, averaging under 30 points per event. That’s how well he is playing.

        What about that Roger guy? 6-2 6-1 against the World No. 9? πŸ™‚

  29. Hey guys, looking forward to Andy vs Jo Willy and Isner vs Berdych….

    Rafa vs Fognini… 6-3 6-3 or less for Rafa….. Fognini has no chance at all…..

  30. Okay. I’m impressed. did you guys see what Novak did? Ball was called out then over ruled, umpire says to replay the point, and Djoker gives it to Robredo. at deuce on Robredo’s serve.

    I’m really taking a liking to him πŸ™‚ tries to get liked a bit too much, but he’s trying πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, saw that. Very sporting of him. He used to be such a pain but has been getting better and better recently. His personality I mean not his tennis.

    2. Missed that, bet it will be on highlights later. πŸ™‚ Not many will do this – it takes guts & character. I’m impressed.

    3. Ok, credit to him when due. But, would he do that against Roger, or Nadal, at a final, in the deciding set, with the score at 4-4? I’ll let you draw your conclusions πŸ™‚

  31. Kei takes out Ferrer in set 3 tb! After David has a couple of match points of his own! Sounds like the match of the day if not the tournament so far (bar the insipid set 2)

    1. I watched the 3rd set tb. Honestly was not impressed. And even less when I saw the stats…. :-/ I mean, 52 UE?? That’s a little too much for someone who’s game is supposed to be solid…

      1. Terrible match! full of down the middle rallies and errors, and serve breaks. Fed def no 4 whatever happens later! Ferrer still looks either injured or not match fit.

      2. Hey guys, now that Roger is officially number 4, is it time to worry about Nishikori??? He is taking out good players left and right… Hope Roger will stop that and take revenge for last year…

      3. Ah, Simon, you told me checking scores was worse than nothing, could be you were right!

    2. Hm. Now I’m reading that the first set was an error-strewn disaster. You can tell I couldn’t stream it, just check scores. Final set, that’s the one to watch.

    1. Yeah clay season gonna be better for him I think πŸ™‚ I just hope he gets his ass in shape before DC πŸ˜€

  32. 48 minutes in this very slow court. Go Roger!

    And Ferrer lose to Nishikori, mmm Troy Nguyen, your analysis? Please make a good excuse for this time. I need something to make me laugh.

  33. Well, clinic much!!?

    ANd where’s that idiot Troy now? What happened to Ferrer knocking Federer out. You and your wisdom.

    1. Let’s not give him a hard time. That’s not our style. All I know is that Roger will not beat Ferrer. So, he was absolutely right about his prediction.

      1. Nobody is having issues with comprehension, you dimwit. We are simply saying that your prediction was, well, actually true, in that Roger was unable to beat Ferrer.

        Beside, I’m pretty sure you, or those you’ve influences with your stupid predictions, must have bet money on Ferrer to beat Nishikori. And of course, lost their bet. Maybe that was your plan.

        Oh, and spare us all those odds. This is not a betting blog. Or maybe Jonathan wants you to shameless advertise those numbers?

        Jon, this Troy, he is a friend of yours? πŸ™‚

      2. Haha. If anyone is struggling with reading comprehension let me remind you that as I clearly stated my bet strategy for Miami would be: “IF Ferrer meets Fed in the QF Miami I will bet Ferrer to win”. Not sure what the gloating is about since the meeting never eventuated so the outcome is unknown.

        And as we saw with Stan – a guy may have the tools to beat the big players but not the consistency to hammer the lesser lights.

        Anyway that leaves me still at 100% for tennis predictions this year (Wawrinka-Nadal) but being asian I was itching to fire another bet off. Oh well. Patience is its own reward I guess.

        NB. “Prediction” is a bit of a misnomer I suppose since the bets I place are always value in the long run theoretically. Eg. I got Wawrinka at $5.40 vs Nadal so even if I was only correct in my ‘prediction’ once every five matches I’d still make a profit.

        Same applies to any meeting from now on between Ferrer and Fed. I’d give the edge to Fed slightly in the actual contest. Maybe 60/40 or 55/45. But the odds for Ferrer in the odds markets would be WAY above that. Maybe $4 or even $5 on hardcourt.

        Anyway Fed is on a heater at the moment so he’s really ripe to bet against. Just like Nadal was after his 2013 year. Nothing personal.

      3. Troy, you’re not the only Asian here. I am asian too. Sorry to say this, but you disgrace asian with your stupid bet with no analysis. Keep it for yourself. Here, we are discussing with fact, stat, and current performance. Not with a weird thought that you’ll win a point if you pick your a** and you have 2 bottles of water in front of your bench facing specifically to one side of the court.

        Perhaps you can find another blog for that

      4. “The outcome is unknown”? Base stupidity for a prediction. By that logic, I can say literally everyone except say Nadal, Raonic would beat Federer in the final from Nadal’s half. If either Federer fails to make to the final, or any of those do, then I will have been right because “the outcome is unknown”. By that logic, then, should I say 100% of MY predictions have been right too because I picked all the bad players to win SHOULD they reach the final of any given tournament?

        I really couldn’t give any thought to whether or not you’re some kind of betting genius (and by the way, the Asian stereotype is nigh on non-existent; I don’t know why you keep using it), but the logic you use is appalling to justify your so called track record. What’s more, I doubt any of us care what your predictions are.

  34. Lol Federer absolutely blew his Gasquet. No chance for Gasquet whatsoever. He had one break point in the first set, and Federer saved it, whilst going 5/6 on break points of his own. I mean 5 breaks against a top 10 player? Including 7 games in a row from 1:1 in the first? OK Gasquet didn’t exactly play that well today but I had literally set aside a couple of hours to watch the match and it was over in less than 50 mins. If he plays like this Kei doesn’t stand a chance. I think it is a matter of how well he plays. If he plays his very best, only Nadal and Djokovic have a realistic shot at beating him, and even then it would be about 50:50 vs Djokovic and maybe 30:70 vs Nadal. IF Roger gets to the final, I hope he at least gives Rafa some kind of fight, lets not have Rome 2013 all over again. Anyway one match at a time, enjoy the tennis everyone πŸ™‚

  35. Ah Ah Ah πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . That was a master class display!
    Who is next? Kei? My prediction is 6:3 and 6:2!

    1. Kei will be tough, very tough. Kei is fast, plays the ball really early, and could give Roger a headache. Remember that Roger was using the prototype racquet in his loss to Kei. But that was then, so I’m hoping your prediction is true.

      1. Sid, Fed was not using the prototype in his loss against Nishikori at Madrid. He used them only in Hamburg and Gstaad for a total of 5 (4+1) matches. I am sure Nishikori is going to get a sweet taste of Fed’s new stick! I am with Gang on this. Moreover Nishikori will be tired after the 3+ hour match as they are playing on the very next day (9 pm local time).

      2. Fed was still using the ProStaff in Madrid last year Sid πŸ˜‰
        Nishikori will be out of gas in one set, mark my words.
        Fed in straights, 6-3 6-0! πŸ˜€

      3. Hey guys, do not underestimate Kei. Roger will win, but I think in 2 very tight sets, maybe even TB or in 3. This Kei is really playing something. Had no gas left in the second set, then ended up winning the third in a TB !!!
        Roger will absolutely win, hopefully very quick and easy, but will be difficult.
        I hear a lot that Kei has no weapons for which he can hurt Roger, but the guy is beating so many good players… even Roger last year (who did not want to win that match)…

      4. Jiten,Conal, thanks for correcting me. You’re right. Roger used the prototype only during that miserable Hamburg/Gstaad stretch. Not to mention he was preoccupied with milking cows and barely focused on tennis πŸ™‚

  36. So enjoying Roger’s shot making. Such a treat to sit back and watch the Fed Express. Unless Roger goes off the rails, I don’t see an upset.

  37. Why oh why…is Fed playing so late!!! Now, I have to keep a late night *sob* 2am my time
    I thought the match of the day is always played at night which should be Djoker vs Murray

  38. A very enjoyable match to watch yesterday. There was not one moment when I had any doubts about the winner – what a change from late last year this is. Some superb shots from Roger and he’s moving really well as we all keep saying. Gasquet didn’t play as well as he can, but I wonder if he goes into a match like that knowing he has no chance. I for one was happy it was over in less than an hour so I could get to bed. It’s going to be a long night tonight though πŸ™ I think the outcome of tonight’s match is entirely down to Roger and how well he plays. My only fear is that he could be getting a little tired about now, coming straight from IW. In fact I thought I saw him flexing some of his muscles a bit after the match yesterday, as though he was a little uncomfortable. That could be me overthinking things again though.

    What chance has Raonic got of beating Nadal do you think. Should I put a bet on him? Is it time for Rafa to have one of his injuries? No, I think the timing is off for that. And Andy? Is he really hurt? Can never tell with him as he always looks in pain anyway.

    1. Hey Rita, didn’t Raonic play a final last year against Rafa (Montreal if I am not mistaken) and lost???
      Cannot see him beating Rafa. Rafa will definitely win and then play Berdych I think, so Rafa straight to the final. Don’t think he will win it though.

      I myself don’t believe in this “injured Andy”. If I didn’t know better I would not even have known he was injured.
      Keeps running all over the place, running after every ball and getting it too. Not so sure Novak will beat Andy.

      Who is better for Roger to beat, “this I found my mojo back because Vajda is back instead of Becker”-Novak or “this I have found my calmness back now that I don’t have to prove that I only play good when Lendl is in my box”-Andy????

  39. The FedExpress is moving forward very well. For the next four QF matches, this is my thoughts:
    Roger vs Kei – Roger surely knows a potential danger that Kei could pose, especially after Madrid. Kei has got a lot of touches and movse reasonably well normally. Then after the 3 hour match yesterday, he will be a superman to move in the same way as yesteray. Kei has not got much of power and thus standds little chance, if he does not defend very well. I feel that likely score line will be 6:3 and 6:2.
    Nadal vs Raonic – Milos was so laboured to put down Becker, who is a decent player. He does not appear to be in a good form at moment with his big serve. I would be surprised, if he can take more than six or seven games from Nadal.
    Berdych vs Dolgo – this is an interesting match up. Berdych likes rhythym (big serve, followed up with big forhand). Dolgo is not type of players, who will give Berdych any. The match could be scrappy and even, 50:50 for me, though Berdych is a better player in general. However, Dolgo has brought down Stan and I think he could certainly brings down Berdman, if he seres more than 50%.
    Andy vs Nole – An even match up again. Somewhat, I feel that Andy might beat Nole on this one. The conditions suit Andy’ strengths very well. It will go distance but I feel that Andy will take it.
    Allez Rofer πŸ™‚

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