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Federer Destroys Simon 6-1 6-2 in Rome

Hey guys, just a quick post after Roger pulled off an absolute demolition job against Gilles Simon brushing him aside 6-1 6-2 in just over an hour. It was another glorious display of tennis from the GOAT as he pulled off just about every shot in the book to totally dismantle a guy whos' been as high as 7 in the world. Just glorious!

I said in my prediction that I thought Roger would win comfortably but Simon would prove a stern test, turns out I was only half right as Roger took the guy to school, breaking him at will and serving with authority from start to finish.

Quick Match Analysis

Devious Backhand Slice

Just like the schooling of Starace this match requires little analysis. In fact, you can't analyse the GOAT when he's in full flight, you just have to sit back and admire some of the shots he is able to produce. And it's not just one or two, there's an entire collection to the point where the whole match could be used as a highlight reel.

The first game is always a good indicator of things to come and Roger started where he left off the the other evening striking the ball extremely cleanly. Simon held his opening service game but was taken to 30-30 and that set the tone for the rest of the match.

Some cheap errors in Simon's next service game handed Roger the all important early break and that cost Simon dearly. Fed is easily the best front runner in the game so to make costly errors early on isn't wise and it just allowed Roger to free up even more than he was doing all ready.

3-1 became 4-1 in about a minute with a breezy love hold and then the set was over as Roger secured the double break and served it out comfortably to hand out a nice tasty breadstick. I thought this guy was meant to be a testing opponent?! Bakery products suggest otherwise.

The second was more of the same, Roger had 2 break points in the opening service game and sealed it with a drop shot. Whenever those type of shots are coming off you know it's a good day.

The break was consolidated with a love hold then there was a slight hiccup at 2-1 with Roger getting pegged back to deuce but he held and then just like the first set at 4-2 he got the double break and served it out, yet again hitting a booming ace on match point. Allez!

Federer vs. Simon Match Stats

Federer vs. Simon Match Stats

Yet again more solid match stats. I wonder if Roger has ever lost a match when the winners are higher than the unforced error count and he's served at above 70%. I'd guess not.

Point of the Match

My Thoughts on the Match

Federer vs Simon Match Thoughts

A few things stick out with this match:

  • The amount of ridiclous drop shots he played that left Simon looking dazed and confused
  • Attacking play
  • A drop shot return off a serve 😛
  • All round brilliance

Really it was a bit like an exhibition this one from Roger, he just kept making outrageous shots and it was like he couldn't miss. I think even Simon was in awe really, throughout the second set he was trying to rip forehands and backhands but was just constantly getting outwitted by the slice, drop shots and big big forehands of Roger Federer.

After schooling Starace this was another solid performance against a guy who is definitely capable of going toe to toe with the big guys so it was pleasing to see.

Simon's only downfall is just his lack of weapons and physicality that prevent him from ever really hurting the top 4 consistently or for a prolonged period but he's still one of the cleanest ball strikers on tour yet it didn't look like that tonight.

Roger just never let the guy into the match, once he found his rhythm after about 30 seconds into his opening service game that was it basically, game over, thanks for turning up. Total masterclass. He just seemed to have so much time to play his shots, moved great and was tactically very sound. Here's hoping he carries this form through right up the end of the tournament.

Predictions vs. Janowicz

Next up for Roger is Jerzy Janowicz and it's the first time they've played one and other so there's no real indicator of what type of match we can expect.

I've not seen an awful lot of Janowicz other than his breakthrough run in Bercy where he beat Murray but apart from that I've only seen highlights. I have to say on the face of it this guy is a clown. He's cocky, makes ridiculous claims, is quite disrespectful and very temperamental especially after his meltdown at the Australian Open.

I mean what kind of guy rips his shirt off after winning a match in a Masters 1000 second round? The guy looks like he has some talent and has beaten some good players before but I get the feeling he's already too big for his boots. By all accounts he blatantly cheated today against Gasquet by fooling the umpire too. I couldn't find it on the highlights but one thing that struck me is why does Janowicz have to fake grunting? It was obvious he was doing it on purpose. So yeah this guys a prick. peRFect Tennis certified.

I fully expect Roger to school this guy tomorrow evening and put him back in his cage. Roger definitely has a good habit of silencing cocky upstarts who start running their mouth off far too early. From what I remember Janowicz said in an interview earlier in the year that “Federer thinks he is above all”

Federer instead is full of himself, he has something not natural. It’s hard to feel him like a integral part of all of us.

Lost in translation? I'll let you decide.

Anyway Fed would have to play a joke match to lose to this guy and I can't see that happening here, I am actually hoping for some more out and out destruction from the Swiss Maestro. Hopefully he can make it happen. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. I’m here, Jen. Congratulation! Thanks for putting that Simon guy in his place. I mean, the Simon who comments here 🙂 He was on some kind of streak. Not any more! That’ll teach him 🙂

  1. Bang on about Janowicz. He’s entertaining to watch at the best of times but he’s so arrogant, and his grunting today was just horrific. He called the umpire over about a mark on the court that wasn’t the shot Gasquet had just played, which he must’ve known, but the umpire overruled the original call and Gasquet lost the point. Sickening.

    1. Sorry, but I don’t entirely agree with your comment about Jerzy Janowicz, and feel compelled to react because I’m attached to the truth and certainly don’t like unsportsmanlike behavior nor sheer cheating, no matter who’s author of it.
      Did you actually see the point (s ?) of dispute in this Gasquet–Janowicz match?
      From what I got to see, Jerzy Janowicz justifiably contested the umpire’s decision in the first or second game of the second set, the score being 30-30 if I’m not mistaken, after having played an unexpected dropshot which Gasquet couldn’t return timely without letting it rebound. This point was shown again for us to be able to judge it. It was Richard Gasquet who was cheating here in my eyes and not Jerzy Janowics, unless my eyes (and perception) deceive me completely. Because of this erroneous decision of the umpire, Gasquet got a gamepoint instead of a breakpoint for J. Janowicz. In my perception Jerzy lost that game because of the umpire’s decision. He regrouped quickly though.
      Anyways, I’m not pleased with Jerzy’s comment on Roger Federer if it’s true that he made such a comment. It’s totally inappropriate to say such things as Roger doesn’ t behave like he is above the rest of the field.
      As for the upcoming match between Roger Federer and this lad, it won’t be walk in the park for Roger in my opinion. This Polish guy strikes the ball very heavy and places dropshots with ease. Roger will have to use the slice regularly, with lots of sting, to keep the guy honest and prevent him from blowing him of the court in my view.

      1. Correction: first or second game of the third set (instead of the second set). (p.S. it was the second set to me because I didn’t get to see the first one).

    2. @Wilfried what I saw was Gasquet hitting a volley bang on the line and Janowicz trying to influence the umpire by circling a different mark.

      I think its both Janowicz fault and the Umpires for showing weakness. He shouldn’t let Janowicz influence his decision like that and Janowicz shouldn’t get involved.

      I’m not sure its cheating as such I even think Roger has contested marks but he’s just a distasteful character.

  2. I don’t know about you but personally I really like Janowicz’s game: huge serve, good movement, and TONS of drop shots, yes more than Roger produced today. But I agree he needs to be tamed and Roger needs to give him a lesson telling him what is real class. It’s gonna be a test but I think Roger will prevail.

  3. My thoughts exactly, hope he puts JJ back in his box. The line call v RG was terrible! Gasquets volley hit the line, left no mark! He was v put off by it. Hope Fed starts fast and can cope with the big serve! Think he can cope with the drop shots as never drops that far behind the baseline. Also, hoping he will take JJ’s time away. Predict Fed will play Paire in semis, and Novak in final. Has a real chance and he must know it!!!!!

    1. Think we will see Roger taking on Janowicz with a lot of slice. Gasquet lacks a good slice and Jonowicz likes speed and height on the ball which he hits it fairly flat so Gasquet was a good match-up for Janowicz.
      I’m actually not so worried for this match even though Janowicz is clearly in the zone at the moment and the more I watch him, the less I want to see more of him. I can’t stand the excessive grunting.

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    Great write up, and coming up almost immediately after the match!!

    Amazing match….it was one of those ‘set the alarm so I don’t miss it’ sort of match for me because it was at 3am in my part of the world….and I’m glad I didn’t miss a minute of it!Roger at his classiest best – I cannot ask for more. I simply loved the drop shots….especially the one returned on serve. Simon was definitely in awe, you could see it clearly the way he congratulated Roger.

    Janowicz will undoubtedly be schooled tomorrow…lessons in tennis and in good manners and etiquette. The 0-0 H2H does not matter in the least; Federer has been around the block for a long time and has seen off many of the Janowicz type.

    1. Hey Vandana,

      Thanks 🙂

      Wow, 3AM, that is dedication! But it was worth it I think, very nice performance.

      I’m hoping so too, Roger would need to play poorly I feel to lose this. Better school the trash.


      1. Yes Jonathan, it was definitely worth it. I’ll be setting the clock again tonight – he has the same schedule as yesterday and I wouldn’t want to miss this 🙂

    2. Thanks for the hyperlink, Vandana. There’s no reply button in your response above, so i do it here.

  5. Awesome stuff to watch! I said on the post about federer’s 2 month break that I thought he might be taking time off to really put some work into his clay game because things might open up a bit for him. Obviously it’s way too early to tell but I definitely think his movement is fantastic and he’s looking in prime physical shape, signs that he has indeed worked hard. Sure Nadal is back now so things haven’t really opened up but hey he was 1 point away from getting bagelled today! Murrays been crashing out all over the shop and is apparently in doubt for the French which is a big advantage for whoevers side of the draw he would have been on. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but all I’m saying is I think the clay court season could throw up some pleasant surprises still for federer. Playing like he played in the last two matches he can beat anyone, even dull! Allez

    1. Not good if Murray fails to show up at French… Makes nasal fourth seed, and roger second, so Novak and fed are in opposite draws, and there’s no way Rafa is playing Novak before the final… That means a fed Rafa semi…:-(

    2. Hey man,

      Yeah he’s been moving very very well so far. Defending well off the forehand which has been letting him down a lot lately.

      Gubis should have beaten Nadal today, he was mentally weak and the surface conspired against him. If this was a hard court Dull was getting owned in straights.


  6. thanks Jon for a great site. I never tire of watching federer win or lose but the last 2 games have been a pure delight. Wonderful to see him play so well again. Wonderful toshare my own joy with other fans like me on your site.

    ps this is my first timing ever posting a comment online

    1. Hey Ellen,

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      I know, it’s been really fun to see him play like this. In such a one dimensional era he is so refreshing.


  7. What a masterful display for variety and craft, Maestro is slowing getting back his groove. Its like the Federer we all love and want more. I was expecting a tougher match but Roger definitely took his game to Simon. Drop shots are sublime. Can’t wait for his match against JJ, that will be one interesting match. I think Roger can get by in 2 if he continues to be in GOAT mode.

    1. Spot on Dippy.

      I hope so to, JJ disgusts me actually now I’ve watched his highlights. Never going to be a fan of that.

      Allez the goat!

    1. He did a good job. He should do extended interviews though. Maybe they will. You know what would be funny? If the interviewer could pull off a Jim Courier impression 🙂

      1. That’d be funny yes 🙂 Although I actually think Jim C should travel around the world and do all the post match interviews cause he def brings out the best in Roger.

      1. Djokovic is better on the body movement stuff I think, but this kid has actually got the voices bang on (which Novak doesn’t even try, it’s not his thing). Try listening to him with your eyes closed, and ignore the “interviewer”. I think the labels are for people who aren’t actually tennis aficionados; those who are will recognize the accents & phrasing instantly.

  8. Very nice performance, especially considering the match-up. Simon is a grinder and Roger doesn’t seem to like those. Amazing to have 83% 2nd serve points won against him.
    Nadal and Roger are very different but both are very special entertainers. Both played very entertaining matches yesterday and hopefully we will se them in the final with Roger bringing the spirit he showed us yesterday.

    1. Indeed Jarek.

      Yeah some very nice stats. Whenever the winners column outnumbers the errors then it’s a good sign. I bet some guys who are good with stats could look at the optimum differential between the two figures for him. A gap of 5 / 6 usually looks like a good number to me.


  9. Hi Jonathan

    Fabulous match – you could see he had his game face on and was not going to mess around – I believe I said in my previous post he could blow Gilles off the court and thats exactly what he did – same again please Roger against the Jerksky, our man seems to like the 61- 6-2 scoreline – and I’m not complaining. Roger is beautiful to watch whenever he is on court but when he plays like this it is pure bliss

  10. Another masterclass showing from the Maestro, 2 for 2. Delpo is out so I feel very confident that he is making the finals and in this form, well who knows, a first Rome title? Let’s hope so.

    Also regarding Murray, I think he does play the French. I loved Roger’s straight up “no” haha he just tells it how it is. Interesting how he said that if he was seeded fourth, he wouldn’t be in Novak’s semi, hmm, seems like Roger is already aware of draw meddling.

    1. Alysha, did he say that about Novak during the presser? Cause I can’t remember hearing that in the postmatch interviews? Or was it too late when I listened and did I miss it? 😉 Very well possible too actually…

      1. Just listened to the interview again, he said “let’s say I was seeded as the four, I wouldn’t be maybe Djokovic’s semi” Seeks like he knows the French isn’t drawing like Australia. And he’s exactly right.

  11. Impressive match again. Loved it. Some absolutely breath-taking shots in it, difficult to choose which one(s); as you said Jonathan, too many highlights almost… Think we got it all, including a bit of drama in that very long game! But he was right afterwards: winning that one was important otherwise he’d have handed Simon the momentum and perhaps also a bit of belief he could actually do something after all… But Simon couldn’t do anything last night. Got taken out of his comfort zone a lot and never really got a chance to get into the match. Obviously the game plan Rog was talking about worked and I was particularly amused by the smile Simon gave him afterwards as if he wanted to say ‘well… what could I possibly have done about this?’ 😉 All in all, magnificent performance and another “statement match”. Particularly impressed this week by his mentality, his intensity in every point

    Jerzy up next and I think I’ve made it clear before what I think about him and you Jonathan, summed it up perfectly. He does have a interesting game though if he’s switched on (cause he also messed it up big time a few times since Paris) and it could be a real test for Roger. He does however seems to have a pretty good idea about Jerzy’s strengths and doesn’t take it lightly so that’s all good. There are more guys with the big serve, more guys with the unconventional shot choices and the droppers and I have no doubt he’ll have an answer to it (or will find it during the match). He may need some time to get used to Jerzy’s game but that works of course the other way around too. And from what I heard about yesterday’s match, Jerzy didn’t really win cause he outplayed Gasquet. He won cause Gasquet didn’t do so well. That does put things in perspective. Same happened with Tsonga apparently.

    As ever, time will tell but I’m positive and thinking if Roger on fire is on court again tonight, Jerzy won’t know what’s hit him afterwards!

    1. Indeed, picked up from where he left off against Starace.

      Yeah I think it was another Gasquet choke job. He is so French it’s unreal!

      Hoping he takes the trash to school. Allez!


  12. I thought this match was going to go to three 3 sets considering Federer was playing in his weakest surface and considering that Simon had troubled Roger in their previous meetings.I was wrong.Federer went on blitzkrieg mode and crushed simon but even in the long rallies Federer came out on top most of the time(i think Simon hit less than 10 winners!).He was also serving above 70% which is brilliant.I think how Federer perfoms in a tournament these days depends on one factor only and that is the serve.If he has a good serving tournament he can annihilate everyone like in Cincinnati.When his serve dosent work well like in Shanghai he almost certainly loses.Everything is falling in place for Federer to bag this title.Now even Del Potro is out which means that Federer will face Paire or Granollers in the semis(hopefully Paire).Even Nadal almost went out and this does not bode well for him.Hopefully Djokovic can take advantage and beat Nadal.

    1. Hey Arun,

      Yeah the draw has opened up very nicely. Amazing how things change.

      The serve + forehand follow up is the key shot as it wins him a lot of cheap points. If he holds serve comfortably then he gets into a groove.


  13. Hi people, I posted my last comment last friday (remember Jonathan my ‘outburst’?).
    So I will be back with my comments later and yes, I have a few saved up.

    Now I am at work and reading some of the posts, people, lets not get ahead of ourselves.
    Lets not jinx Roger. Lets look at it one match at the time, like Roger says and does.
    Let him play and win today and then tomorrow we will see again.
    Please, lets not talk already about making the final !!!


    1. Hey! Agree, although with the poor Italian scheduling, is he ever getting on court tonight! Those girls shld hv been moved! Poor management thinking these matches wldnt go to 3 sets! Will be v late finish for Roger!

  14. Hey the blog, love the interaction! Thanks so much..but I was late for work because of you today! But keep it up! It is the highlight of my news feed!

    1. Thanks Jen 🙂

      If you have any problems send your boss my way. I will explain to him in no uncertain terms that Federer comes first.


      1. Whilst you’re at it, can you also do something about the time zones as well? Living in Australia sucks during FO and Wimbledon.

      2. I really hope for Jen’s sake that her boss isn’t a Nadal fan 🙂

  15. Should be a interesting match with Jerszy ” t-shirt ripper,Raspberry winner for worst Grunting” Janowicz. I hope Fed sends him back to school and teach him valuable life skills and sportmanship.
    For Jonathan… I liked your comment about JJ “Perfect-Tennis Certified” Classic!! 🙂

      1. Totally agree! Didn’t need the points and didn’t need another Nadal match. His coach looked v relaxed throughout! Poor show!

      2. I don’t know Sid, I think this is a massive blow in terms of his French Open campaign. Sure he has a win over Rafa but losing to Dimitrov and now his pet dog Berdych? How’s his confidence right before the most important event for this year? Not great I’d say.

      3. Atleast Sharapova is beeing honest. She retired today because she was sick and she did not want to take a chance before RG. Classy way of her to tell the truth.

        By the way, looks like Andy will not play RG??? Does that mean he will set his sight on Wimby? That he doesn’t want to play RG to practise for Wimby?
        I know he wants Wimby so bad, he will do almost anything for it.

      1. Poor Ferrer?? I think not. When you have opportunities in sport as in life, you need to grab them. Ferrer has had many chances against Nadal and let them slip. He does not have my sympathies Susie!

  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, Berdych just dumped Djoko. The Rome Masters is in the bag for Rafa.
    Nadal to just run thru the field. Vammooss!!! 🙂 Only Fed stands in his way. Another Fedal match down the wire!

    1. Flipping italian scheduling far too ambitious, putting everything on Campo Centrale! The women shld hv been bumped! Roger always gets late game cos of bums on seats factor, but tonight, ridiculous! Hoping it will unnerve JJ rather than Fed! Hopefully will again lead to Fed coming fast out of the blocks!!!

  17. I am getting annoyed with that Janowicz and with the three young boys in the crowd who only root for him because they want Roger to lose. One is wearing a Rafa cap. Stupid boys.

    1. The stats from the first set were amazing, but why doesn’t Roger come more to the net, like he did in the two previous matches?

      1. Unpredictable power from JJ, possibly? Also v fast paced so has to be the right shot!

      2. Actually one of my favorite points was when they were both in the forecourt, hit it back & forth a couple times, pap-pap-pap, then Roger passes him from about 5 feet away – -stunning.

  18. Comment from “Gilou” after his match with Roger yesterday:

    (This must be an extract from his press conference; just this paragraph is quoted here, in French: )

    “He (Roger Federer) was good, his ball was going very fast this evening. It’s another level from all the players I faced before. When he plays like that it’s very, very hard, the drop shots are played to perfection. At the same time, I’m not satisfied with what I did. I was was being beaten 6-1 2-0, I had the impression we had only been playing twelve minutes. There was no match!”

    & a couple of comments for Katyani 🙂

    cendrion: “When Federer plays like that” we are obliged to watch the match over again in slow motion!
    vilander: Hi cendrion. I really hope Roger will be in the final and there’s no reason to think it won’t turn out that way. I rewatched several sequences of the match, and you can say that he’s playing at a very high level.
    (I don’t understand the next bit, but it says literally: All simply aerial sunshine, it does one good.) On to the final!
    vilander: #just simply aerial – note he is also a sun that is shining with a thousand fires at the moment.
    Zasth:@ cendrion : exactly, Fed is an attacker, when he’s a little “apathetic” it’s never a good thing. But when he’s playing to his depth on every point, god it’s beautiful.

    1. Hey Thinker, much appreciated. Keep them coming !!

      By the way if you want Dutch comments about Roger translated let me know.
      I don’t know if you saw the final at Rotterdam 2013, but if you want to know what Krajicek said about Roger that made the crowd boo him, I can translate it in English if you want. Just let me know.

  19. Way to go Roger !!! I don’t know what is happening, but the stats from his three matches are amazing. I am so glad he won in straits. Jerzy played good, he made it difficult for Roger, but Roger withstood him.
    I was actually really impressed with Janowicz. He is good, comes to the net and has variety.
    Actually………… he played just like Roger, don’t you think so???
    And why did Roger not come more to the net?

    Although in straits, this was not an easy match for Roger, he was thankfully tested.
    But I really think he wants to be in the final this year and win it.
    Somehow I think it bothers him that Novak got MC. He may not act like it, but Roger does want to be the first to win all the 9 1000-titles. The way he is playing, all those aces (today had even more aces than Jerzy), the first and second serve, the fewer and fewer ue’s, I really think he wants the Rome title.

    Now hope he rests and plays Paire tomorrow with the same hunger to win. Two more matches to go and we are in the final. But lets take it one match at the time.

    Oh, Jonathan, before you write an article where you will say that Paire will be easy and Roger will take it in straits, let me tell you that THIS is not the same Paire that Roger beat at AO 2013.
    That Paire said that Roger was so good, he had no place to hide, that Roger was everywhere.
    THIS Paire is doing really good and is he not playing doubles with Stan?
    I told you, those people who play doubles become more and more dangerous (look at Berdych, Stan, Paire, Dimitrov, Raonic, Benneteau, even Delpo is playing doubles).

    Unfortunately, Roger has tomorrow the evening session and if he goes through, he will have less time to rest for the final, but hey, he is Roger Federer, he can do it.

    And who would have thought that Berdych would beat Novak? Especially after the first set? I did not think so.
    Maybe he will beat Rafa tomorrow. Rafa keeps winning, but look what he has to do for it.
    He is beeing outplayed more and more. He may win somehow, but maybe it will stop sometime.
    Berdych lost the first set so terrible, won only once from Novak in all the previous meetings and look at him now. Maybe he will beat Rafa. We will see tomorrow.

    And Jonathan, this is my new mantra “we will take it one match at the time” !!!
    Lets win tomorrow and we will worry about Sunday later.


    1. I was also reminded of Roger by some of Jerzy’s play – the variety of shots, the bullets landing in the corners.

      I am hoping that a few years will temper his brashness and rudeness. Look at Novak – he was totally arrogant when he was Jerzy’s age & I couldn’t stand him, but he took himself in hand just like his tennis game & has made great strides. (He still has lapses in my opinion, but he’s definitely impressed me with his willingness to work on his maturity as well as his game.) I have no idea if we might get the same in a few years from Janowicz, but it would be nice if we did.

      1. He was better behaved last night! Possibly the Fed effect from other side of net. He actually conceded an ace to Fed which had been called out, and was simply competitive, not disrespectful last night. These new faces are gd for the game. Tennis must keep moving otherwise fan base will fall. Hey what are the predictions on Murray for RG? In or out?

    2. Didn’t really see the similarity, although think JJ will be huge threat on grass. Was less subtle yesterday and was hampered by sore arm. Feds experience told, keeps so calm with the service billets whizz ing by and was v sharp on the break points. Far less wasteful then earlier in season. The key is that he is serving v well. High ace count, high 1st serve %. Needs to maintain that v Paire. Will not underestimate him! Nadal shld be weary and Berdych cld just do it! Can’t wait. So want Fed to win Rome for first time! That wld silence the critics!

  20. I have made a few posts on the ATP website at the start of this tournament that I have a strong feeling Roger will go all the way, and win Rome for the first time. My feelings remain unchanged. The only point I would like to make here is does anyone think Djokovic tanked his match against Berdshit so as not to allow Nadal another crack at him and so keep Nadal wondering what he has to do in the French to beat him? I really believe this to be the case, which although unethical and lacking integrity on Novak’s part if true, but on another level smart mind-games by the Djoker before the French. What do people think? I also felt at the start of the tournament that it would be a Djoker/ Roger final and Roger would prevail. Although I am nonetheless a little nervous at his meeting Nadal in the final ( I don’t see Berdshit beating Nadal in semi ), my feeling remains strong that Roger will still win and thus avenge one of his most heart-rendering defeats at the hands of Nadal at Rome 2006, when Roger really should have won…

    1. I don’t think any of these guys tank matches intentionally. They have the passion to win, they nurture that, and it doesn’t turn back off. They wouldn’t be where they are without it. Yet everybody has a bad day/week. We’re just so unused to seeing it lately since the top guys have been so dominant.

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