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Federer Overcomes Del Potro in Olympic Semi Final Thriller

Jeeeeeeez what a marathon match! I never for one minute expected a match of this nature, in fact half of my prediction was spent saying Del Potro's US Open win in 09 was lucky and Roger would own him today so I guess it was quite fitting he came out and played probably the best I've ever seen him play and nearly spoil Roger's gold medal chances.

I figured after Roger had won all 5 matches contested this year between him and Del Po that would surely be enough to get the job done in straights but it was immediately clear that Del Potro meant business – he served bombs from the get go and was on top in a lot of the rallies.

Set One – Del Potro Can Volley??

Like I said Del Potro came out guns blazing, I guess he knew that if he was to stand a chance he had to win the first set and he really went for his forehand and first serve from the off.

Roger started pretty well too to be honest but had a few hairy moments on serve before he finally got broken in the 8th game. You could kinda see it coming because Del Potro was really hitting some insane shots. Strangely he was actually pretty effective at the net, usually he's a complete donkey with little control and drop volleys that bounce to head height but today he was showing deftness and his wing span made him very difficult to pass.

The break meant Del Potro lead 5-3 and I thought Fed might be able to recover the break but Del Potro just blitzed his service game to love. It was impressive really how he almost just nonchalantly stepped up and didn't even blink.

Second Set – High Heat

There's a line of commentary that I always remember from the Australian Open in 2008 where Roger hits an insane inside out backhand against Djokovic in the 3rd set tie break (you can watch it here). Immediately after the point Jim Courier says “the level just went up, the temperature just went to high heat” and that's kinda what happened today in the second set – both players raised their games and intensity was crazy high.

This time around it wasn't just one shot that sparked things up but probably the fact that both players knew this set was must win, obviously more so for Roger but I think Del Potro knew the longer the match went on; the lesser his chance of winning.

The quality probably wasn't the greatest ever, there were shanks, mis-hits and daft errors but some of the shotmaking and points were insane. Del Potro was spanking it round and Roger was defending and retrieving unbelievably well before often getting back on top of the point to hit a winner or draw an error from Del Potro.

This time around it was Roger who had his first sniff of break points in the second game but Del Potro was serving very well under pressure and saved the first with an ace and then won an extensive baseline rally to save the second before holding.

At 2-2 Del Potro had a break point but Fed saved it with an ace, that game went to deuce 5 times but Roger held firm and pulled off a massive hold. In the next game Fed had another break point that was saved yet again this time by Del Potro serving and volleying – pretty admirable play under pressure when it's not his comfort zone style of play.

At 4-4, a crucial stage of the match Roger faced another break point but yet again found the big first serve when he needed it and hit two consecutive aces before holding.

With both players playing clutch on the break points the set went into a tie break and it was Roger who got the better start with a mini break after another crazy rally. He went onto miss a stupidly easy volley but recovered from it well and then hit an immense forehand on the run to stay in the next point to create a set point which he took to level up the match and take it into a 1 set shootout.

Third Set – Marathon Men

I said above a “1 set shootout” but this set was anything but that; I had no idea it would go on for 36 games and last 2 hours and 43 minutes.

After Roger took the tie break I thought he was definitely the favourite to win, he'd settled into a really good rhythm on serve and after Del Potro's reaction after losing the set you felt like he'd finally broken the Argentine's resolve. But nope, Del Potro wouldn't go away and was still serving huge.

Del Potro had 2 break points in the second game but Federer saved them with some top drawer serving and ability to stay in the rally. It was a tricky situation for Roger because he was serving second which clearly puts him under more pressure because Del Potro could really swing freely in his return games to try break. Roger served to stay in the match 5 times before he finally broke Del Potro at 9-9.

After breaking I thought Del Potro was done, he looked pretty disconsolate but Rogers 1st serve went AWOL and the depth on the Del Potro returns drew him into errors as he was broken to love. 10-10 back to square one!

After breaking to keep alive Del Potro got a second wind, he held easily and then got to 0-30 on Feds next service game, a worrying moment but yet again Roger found big first serves and forehands to hold.

I've kinda forgotten what happened from 11-11 onwards but it was more big serving and more great defensive play from Roger to keep himself in the points. With Del Potro maybe looking a little tired, Roger was able to create more and more inroads into his service games, there were plenty of 15-30's and I lost track of how many break points he missed, I think it was like 7 or so. The good thing was that Roger was still serving well, I think at one stage he served 4 love games in a row which is scarily good so late on in a match.

At 17 all Roger finally got another break and had another chance to serve it out, this time he delivered and despite a few shaky moments, a sliced backhand chip and charge from a Del Potro backhand that flicked the net was enough to draw the error from the Argentine as he netted the backhand. Game, set, match Federer. Epic.

Federer Collage

The emotions I felt were as strong as winning a Grand Slam almost. But of course you have to hopefully save some for Sunday so you can't go overly crazy. But I was very, very touched at the end. But I was tense. I was nervous,” he continued. Obviously I was seeing myself as the loser many times during the match. But at the same time also I did see myself with medals. So you go through many emotions. You just hope somehow you come out on the other side as a winner and secure yourself a medal, which is now the case.

This match was just another showcase of Roger 3.0 who keeps pulling through matches when they get tight, Del Potro was two points from victory four times in the final set. yet Roger held firm and played clutch when it mattered. He didn't let the fact he got broken when serving for the match at 10-9 disrupt him, he just maintained focus and kept holding serve until he eventually got another break before serving it out to win 19-17. Roger wasn't at his best, the wind made it tricky and he made a lot of errors but he showed determination and that's what got him through and that's all that matters.

A Tough Loss for Del Po

I think this is the best I've seen Del Potro play and on probably his worst surface so it's really a big loss for him. In some senses he's lucky it's only a smaller event like the Olympics and not a Grand Slam because these types of losses can be hard to forget as we know all to well with Roger. He looked upset at the end but I'm sure he will bounce back, after all it's the best he's played in ages so he should take heart from it.

I think most Fed fans like Del Potro because he can be entertaining to watch so felt sorry for him. It's weird really how most people who like Fed like Del Potro too because their game styles are polar opposites but even I have a soft spot for him. I imagine when Roger retires that many of his fans will follow Del Potro closely and hope he can win some more slams.

Predictions vs. Murray

I'm annoyed we got a rematch of the Wimbledon final as we saw that match 2 weeks ago. I wanted to see a Fed/Djoke final but Murray had other ideas. I watched the match between them and it was nothing spectacular, Murray played aggressively but I think that was more because Djokovic allowed him too.

I'm not sure what's happening with Djokovic but he's been a bit of a joke lately, since the Australian final he's not played that well really. I thought maybe he had found his form when he beat Tsonga at the French Open but he's just too defensive. He can't finish points off when it counts and ends up having to do the splits every 2 seconds whilst retrieving. Having that ability is a great help but you can't keep doing it over and over or relying on that to win matches, this is grass so you still get rewarded for attacking play. This was evident last night againt Mugray, he had lots of opportunities to end points but ended up backing off and letting Murray recover before Murray found a winner or he made an error. Guess we will see at the US Open if Novak has lost his form and returned back to his old levels.

Anyway back to the Fed/Murray final, I think it could probably go either way. Obviously Roger won Wimbledon which gives him an egde but there's also the fact he could feel sorry for Murray and not ruthless when it matters. After Murrays tears at Wimbledon, the crowd are going to be seriously in his favour and especially now because the majority of the tickets will be occupied by part time tennis fans/clowns who just want to be part of the Olympics so I hope they don't make too much of an impact or start calling out during points like some douche did in the Fed/Del Po match.

Before yesterday I was pretty skeptical of how important the Olympics were for Roger but he was pretty pumped after winning, perhaps it's a little unclear whether that was solely due to the context of the marathon match or the tournament as a whole but he did kiss the badge which I've not seen him do before so I think he might be up for the final.

I don't think tiredness will factor after him and Del Po were on court for 4 hours and 26 minutes as the match wasn't too physical. It's not like Fed has played loads this week either and most of his matches have been fairly relaxed so he should be fine with a day off before the final.

I think it's easier for Murray this time around because the Olympics isn't a huge deal for tennis so he can definitely play freely which might help him. He only has to look back in the history books and look who's won gold – Rosset, Massu and Kafelnikov to know that's it's nothing like a Grand Slam. That might help him.

It's maybe worth noting that Murray was clutching his back against Djokovic again but I'm not sure what that means, I think it's just fake rather than a legitimate injury, almost like a security blanket for him or something. Whenever he loses a point he looks in agony, whenever he wins one he's fist pumping. It's a joke really and kinda shows he has no class.

Like I say I think this could go either way but I think Fed will probably win it in 4. It may even end up been indoors again which helps Roger even more so we shall see. Anyway I'm team Switzerland for the day that's for sure.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. This match proved Roger could still beat a top 10 player even in a 4hr marathon contest when he is at 31 years of age! GOAT!

  2. Hi, this is my first time commenting here. I found your blog during the first week of Wimbledon and have been following it ever since (although it’s just been only a month 🙂 ). I have to say, your posts are too good, and as a die-hard Roger fan, it’s always nice to discuss his awesomeness with fellow followers (you know what i mean). That being said, what a match it was, the Fedorto semi. There wasn’t a moment where i did not wipe the sweat off my forehead after every service game! And, adding to my despair, the broadcast would always switch to men’s archery, cycling and what not during the most crucial moments of the match moments (as if i would rather watch archery instead of a Fed match). But have to say, after that 4.5 hours of heart pounding action, i can do nothing but fall back on the couch and pant in relief. And the windy conditions really played its part in troubling the rallies. All in all, glad Roger is in the finals and hope he beats Murray to win THE ONE TITLE that still eludes Mr. peRFect. Allez!
    P.S. Great to be part of this blog, keep it up man!

    1. Hey Alvi,

      Thanks for commenting and really chuffed you enjoy the blog!

      Yeah it was a great match to watch! Strangely I wasn’t nervous or on edge through this one, maybe because I didn’t think it was must win. But to come out and win 19-17 after Del Po playing great was immense.

      Ah I’m lucky for once been in the UK, BBC has coverage of everything really so can’t miss it.

      I hope he can take gold too but no big deal if not.



  3. I just want to mention one particular thing which happened late in the match(at 15 each i presume).. Federer mistimes 2 forehands, back to back..instead of shouting in anguish he was smiling. I was happy to see this, to see that Federer was enjoying the challenge. It could’ve been so easy to lose control over yourself in those situations.
    Also i think Del Potro played better than his best. Also i believe that if it was any1 else was against Del Potro yday, he would’ve lost for sure.

    1. Good point! There was that moment as well when he played those 2 fancy flicks off serves that went out and lost concentration!

      I think Del Po played best I seen him play, maybe he’s on the road to recovery.

    2. i rememer that bit bit i don’t think Fed’s smile was aout enjoying the moment, it was more of a frustration and disbelief kindda smile. neverthless Fed did well to just hold and eventually win…

  4. What a match this was. I have to admit I was skeptical that the olympics could serve up matches like this one, what with it being 3 sets and all. Just goes to show how much it means to them, rarely have I seen feds so emotional after a semifinal win – like u said tho that might have been because it was so gruelling.

    Love the fact that Feds is back to winning close matches, obviously he’s shown it at wimpy last month but this game just reinforces it so much. The clutch serving was just insane! Also his defence was as good as I’ve ever seen it, sweeping around the baseline retrieving delpos groundstroke missiles all over the place. For me that was the key to the match, the clutch serve and the awesome defence, especially because his attacking play was probably not at his vintage best (perhaps because of the wind) with lots of shanks, straightforward backhands right into the net (I hate it when he does that) and pretty woeful volleying (he even missed an overhead wtf?).

    Such a good match to come through, I think that about a year and half ago this would have been the kind of close match that he might have lost. But No More! Cant wait to see him beat muz again, hope he doesn’t get soft and really goes for it.

    On a different note I was really happy to see delpo playing well (understatement) again. Not only has he got a big serve but he has the raw tennis ability that other big servers like isner and co lack. As much as I was angry at him after the 09 us final i do hope that he becomes consistent again and challenges murray for that 4th spot. I also want and and djokovic to step it up, they’re beginning to risk falling behind murray atm and that is not good for tennis. Still hope to see more federer nadal epic finals. If theres one soon id expect feds to win it in current form. Muz has been in enuf finals for a while.

    As a weird side note I’ve been getting back in shape and because watching tennis matches takes up a lot of time I decided to do sets of press ups after every game in the last set for a few matches now. What a mistake that was yesterday!

    1. Hey Tommaso,

      Me too man, I’m still not totally an Olympic tennis fan but yesterdays match was by far the best.

      Roger 3.0 has been awesome in the clutch and like you say his hustle and defence were awesome yesterday, squash shot forehands galore to stay in points.

      Del Po is a cool guy I think that’s why people like him, pretty easy going and when I saw him at Wimbledon he was pretty funny with the ball boys/girls and line judges so no wonder the crowds like him.

      You have 5 sets tomorrow potentially, good luck with the press ups!

  5. Why did Roger do it? Why does he do this to his fans? To himself? Is he a self proclaimed masochist? 🙂 Unless he wins the final in straights, I’m going to call him Roger Torturer. Don’t you think Murray will have a huge edge due to Roger being tired and huge support even from British-Fed fans (except Jonathan)? 😉

    At any rate, my doctor has warned me against watching the final.

    And adding to what Tommaso said, I think now would be a good time for me to put up a treadmill in front of my screen. The way Roger is playing, I can easily lose 10 pounds in a month 🙂

    1. I wasn’t on edge this match really, it wasn’t the usual torture more entertainment I thought…

      I don’t think Fed will be tired, it wasn’t a physical match and he’s played plenty 5 setters that have gone on that long before. The crowd could factor though because they will be Pro Murray, hopefully Swiss fans are out in force!

      1. After 4-4 in the third, Roger served twice for the match (blew it once). He served ten times to stay in the match. Ten times a misstep would’ve cost him the gold medal. Dude, you didn’t think that wasn’t nerve wracking? 🙂

        I think fatigue will become an issue. My prediction: If Roger loses the first set, it will be over. He must get off to a fast start. If Murray takes the first set, he will not let Roger in this time.

      2. Nah I can’t see fatigue been an issue really, he had a day off and the match wasn’t physical. He has played longer semi finals in slams and go onto win the final.

  6. Yo!

    I don’t think there’s any reason to doubt the Olympics being important to Fed. Clearly we saw that in Beijing. He’s also been talking about it for quite a long time now. Saw a link to this article (, referring to a cute quote from Fed’s mum back in 2005: “He phoned up from his holiday as soon as he heard London had got the Games. He was so thrilled and said ‘Mum, can you imagine the Olympics at Wimbledon?’ I tried to calm him down by asking how old he would be in 2012. But he’d only be 30 so it’s possible. He even said he might be able to win the Olympic gold medal and retire.”

    Luckily the retire part won’t happen. As for the final I think it’s pretty even. Obviously less pressure on Murray now than a few weeks ago, which might favor him. I’m glad it’s best of five though. I don’t see tiredness being a factor either. Stauffer tweeted earlier today that Fed had a light hit and said he was feeling fine, physically no problems.

    PS! I would much rather have a Swiss gold medal than a Norwegian one (we got a silver and a bronze so far). Hopp Hopp!

  7. Not Fed’s best match, but only the GOAT could prevail in a match like that! Being a Federer fan is a real rollercoaster lol 😛 I enjoy every second of it and couldn’t be prouder to be the GOAT’s fan! For the final, I’ll say Roger in 4 extremely close sets: closer than Wimbledon! I believe Andy will once again take the first set as he is going out with nothin to loose ( I say this because he wasn’t expected to get this far and since it isn’t a Major, the only pressure is Great Britain itself!) and will use the extremely biased crowd to his advantage. But in a best of 5 set match, you most certainly have to give Roger the advantage and for sure on grass as Wimbledon Champion! Allez Roger!

    1. Hope you’re right man! I’d like to see Fed win the first set this time though…

      Weather supposedly not gonna be great, could be indoors.

  8. we have not seen federer played his best , and it went to a marathon.
    don’t know what roger must be thinking while returning a forehand to del p . federer missing a forehand is like a rare thing on earth. But fortunately roger won it even while playing an average game.
    Hope roger punishes murray in not more than 4 sets tomorrow.

    1. Yeah Roger 3.0 wins games when he’s not at his best, that’s how he has managed to turn around. Before he was losing matches he should never have lost, now he is winning matches he could easily lose. It’s GOAT stuff.

  9. With Rog myself, and agree that the Olympics are not as big a deal for either player… Except maybe, the LONDON Olympics and expectations may put added pressure on the Team GB rep.

  10. There was no hurray for Murray at wimbledon.. Hopefully there wont be any Candy for Andy this time 😉

  11. lets not forget feds win and djokers loss means that RF is world no. 1 for the foreseeable future! 300 weeks here he comes..

  12. First have to say I really enjoy following you on twitter and am a fan of your blogs. Well written intelligent articles. I think Federer will definitely win gold. He has wanted this for a long time and while there is pressure as this might be his last Olympics, surely this setting at Wimbledon could not be more peRFect(had to put that in ) for him. I think no one deals with this pressure better than Federer. He has tremendous strength of will and mental fortitude ,especially shown in the 3rd set of the semis which I would think gave him great confidence.
    Murray has greatly improved his mental game and I think Federer enjoys this and as Federer said he enjoys playing the home town favorite. The crowd may be more for Murray but Federer will find a way to use that energy to his favor. Following Federer for so many years he still does things that astound me, I wonder why I should be surprised??

    1. Cheers Will!

      Hope you’re right on the Gold. I think he has to be confident after the Wimby final and then beating Del Po in such a marathon when Del Po was playing unbelievable.

      I know what you mean too man, every time he steps on court something new happens, so many Federer moments.

      Have you seen him play live?

    1. Hey Dave,

      Interesting stats… I never really use them as barometer though as they always go out the window in big matches…

      I could play Wimbledon, serve the most aces ever up to the final, but then if I serve 50 double faults in the final then kinda irrelevant…

      I guess what it shows though is they are pretty even? I think the final is gonna be close so the stats back it up in that sense.

      Who you picking?

      1. I say Federer in five sets. Murray is going to give everything he has and so will Federer. I thought the stats provided was an interesting comparison but they weren’t playing each other so it’s really not something to put much stock into. Like I’ve said before that I am proud of Federer up to this point and no one can tell me there’s a finer more beloved athlete on this planet right now at this time. Good luck to the GOAT.

  13. Hi, Jonathan:
    I have been following this blog for quite some time and it’s my first time commenting here.

    I am also a huge fan of roger and watched his every match live. I am really greatful that you made this wonderful blog. Instead of reading other plain news about Roger elsewhere, I can come to here to read some insightful thoughts and comments.

    However, there is one point that I really disagree with you in your recent posts. You mentioned several times that this Olympic is not an important tournament for tennis and players don’t care that much as Grand Slams.

    I don’t think this is true, and even maybe the opposite. First, in one of Roger’s interview after Wimbledon, he said this year his priority was the London Olympic and he thus scheduled everything to make sure that he peaks right at the time of Olympic. Second, from the matches he palyed this week, especially the last match with Del Potro, You can see that Roger was very nervous and tense. He also admitted it afterwords and I think that was the reason why he missed so many easy volleys at the net in the semis. And it’s very obvious that Roger got very emotional at the end, which shows how much he cares.
    I think the days are gone when top players don’t really care about Olympics and kind of just play for fun or even skip it. Nowadays, players care as much as, if not more about Olympics that the Grand Slams, because you have 4 GS a year and ONE Olympic every four years and the only chance to represent your country as an individual player. For Roger, it’s even more since this is probably his last chance. I would say, in Roger’s heart, the Olympic gold medal is as valuable as Wimbledon title and more valuable now than the other three Grand Slams.
    It’s the same case for other played. So I don’t think it’s an easy loss for Del Potro because this is ” an smaller event like Olympics”. It is definitely a big loss for him. Likewise I disagree that “it’s easier for Murray this time around because the Olympics isn’t a huge deal for tennis so he can definitely play freely”. Both players are aware what is on the line and will be nervous.

    1. Hey Chengao, thanks for commenting and glad you enjoy the blog!

      I see where you’re coming from and maybe I don’t give the Olympics the credit it deserves but I still can’t put it in the same league as a slam.

      I did doubt how much Fed cared about Olympics but he was very pumped after beating Del Potro and I’ve never seen him kiss the Swiss badge before. Medals are in short supply for Switzerland so I think he wants it.


  14. Evening Jonathan.

    First of all, must thank you for starting this blog. Only came across it a month or so ago and am glad it’s only just a year old. Means it’s not impossible for me to catch up on all your posts. Will echo others’ comments about your recent article and I like your descriptive style. One of my favourite things about your posts is your tone when talking about Murray. Never not funny.

    Anyway, I see that you’ve seen Federer many times so I’m interested in what matches you’ve seen and where.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for commenting! Haha I can never be objective when it comes to Murray, can’t warm to him.

      I’ve only seen Roger play 4 times, all at the WTF. In 09, the final against Nadal in ’10 and twice last year.

      Missed him the last 2 years I’ve been at Wimbledon which was annoying, first time I was on court 1 and he got centre against Clement and last year I was on centre and he was on court 1 against Youzhny! Hopefully I will catch him next year.

      1. Hi Jonathan, I’ve been catching up with your old posts as I was away during summer only with my little mobile screen.

        Just wanted tell you I was also there in the centre court Wimbledon 2011, the front row just behind photographers! I thought my dream came true, watching Roger play at Wimbledon. You know how I felt finding out he would be in the next door. I didn’t give up though, went to Court 1, holding a placard saying ‘Want to watch Rafa? Swap for centre court tickets?’. Some experienced spectators next our seats in the centre court wished us luck with sympathetic smile, saying who don’t want to see Roger? I thought somebody surely cared to see Rafa, no?
        And they were right, NOBODY wanted give Roger Federer up…..

        How’s like witnessing him winning WTF against Nadal? Wow, must be awesome! Envy you…

      2. Hey!

        Ah bad luck, I’ve missed him both times at Wimbledon!

        World tour finals was cool, think I preferred his match against Nadal in ’10 and the Tsonga one but both were pretty good. Don’t think anything can top the feeling of seeing him win a slam though.


  15. It’s a bummer to see Del Potro go down, but I wold like for Federer to win a gold medal, because this may be his best and last chance

  16. Hey Jonathan! Glad I got the chance to read your post before tomorrow’s final.
    Anyway, I really think winning the Olympic Gold medal means A LOT to Roger. I can’t even tell you all the number of articles and interviews I’ve read on Roger’s possibility of winning this.

    I agree that everyone felt emotional at the conclusion of the match, but regardless, Roger would’ve been just as excited – and he’s guaranteed a medal for his country, and would be cemented as the GOAT. I know people will continue to say it anyway even if he goes home with a silver, but not only would this complete the Golden slam for him, it would be the greatest thing for Switzerland, and I know that Roger wants nothing more than to make his country proud (even though his fan base would be anyway). Another reason why I think he will give it his all tomorrow is because he withdrew from the Rogers Cup, so that gives him more time to recoup for the bigger and more important tournaments. He also doesn’t have that many points to defend from it.

    As far as Del Potro goes, I agree that we all felt for him after that loss. Roger was right, it sucked to practically be losing the entire match until he finally won it in the 3rd, but look at Del Potro. He was playing some mad tennis, tennis we haven’t seen him play since that final in ’09 when I also agree that he got lucky. I really think the Bronze Medal match will give us many answers to both of the players’ forms.

    Djokovic v. Murray… I agree, it wasn’t really much of a match, but you couldn’t really have high expectations after seeing Fed v. Del Potro. I used to be so scared of the possibility of Djokovic meeting with Federer in tournaments after that heartbreaking loss at the US Open and how his form just seemed to be untouchable. Although I knew he was playing the best tennis of his life, I knew it couldn’t last. I mean, it’s tough to ask anyone to try to repeat the year that he had, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that he is returning to old form. I really just think that he’s burnt out, like Nadal, and he just needs to realize that you don’t have to play every tournament in the calendar year.

    You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth when you made the comment on Murray’s wincing and whining. I make fun of him all the time and it reminds me of the silly soccer players that fake their injuries. And you’re exactly right, when he’s not being such a freaking baby, he’s fist pumping. But ANYHOW, I also think Roger wants the Gold way too much to just willingly give it up to Murray. He can take the Gold in Mixed, I don’t care, but he is going to have to work in singles.

    On a more positive note, I’m glad we’re starting to see a consistent Roger Federer, or as you like to call it, Roger 3.0. We’re starting to see the Roger that is willing to stick it out through these tough matches because he wants it now more than ever. He’s just bloody loving the game, and every single time people have started to count him out – in 2002 when people didn’t know if he could ever win a slam, in 2008 when Nadal started to poke around, and in 2011 when he didn’t win a slam and started to lose matches his fans thought were crazy simple. But Roger won Wimbledon in 2003 and went on to win it for 5 consecutive years, when he lost some tough matches in 2008 – he came back to win the US Open and 2 more majors in 2009 surpassing Sampras’ total number of slams and also completing the career slam, and now here we are in 2012, Roger is about one week shy of 31 years old, and he has already won 5 titles including Wimby, he has gotten back to #1 a lot sooner than anyone expected to finally break a record that has avoided him for so long, and here he is with a major shot in the Olympic final to earn a Gold medal (and heck, it’s his first medal in 3 Olympic Games) and he can finally complete the Golden Slam!
    I mean, all the times he was doubted and counted out, all the times people said that this was the time of Nadal and Djokovic, Roger has proved everybody wrong by getting himself back to the top of the game and he has never looked better.
    Right now, I think we should all just enjoy it, because there is never going to be another moment in history like we have here.

      1. I know I didn’t have my blog added on here until this very comment, but I’m just putting the word out there that I’ve started my own Federer blog on blogger. I’ve got some readers but no commenters so far, I mean hey, I just started it, so that’s okay, lol but here it is if you want to check it out! Thanks!

    1. Wow great comment Kelsey, not sure what I can say as I think I agree with most things you said!

      I hadn’t seen that interview before, his voice was cracking up at the end. Very emotional match.

  17. Jonathan, will and Kelsey thanks for the hope. Friday was tough. I warned people not to bother me and my sister is bringing over the Bloody Mary’s and leave. She knows I am so serious about the Fed. I did not like Del Potro for awhile because I thought he cheated before he was hurt and now he seems like a different person and a darn good player. It will be hard to accept a loss tomorrow but I will always be a Fed fan. We have all pulled for him for so long it is hard to think he will not be a player for ever. We are all so addicted we will need therapy when the time comes for him to retire or at least for me. I think Roger fought harder than I have seen him fight in a very long time. We all have bad days and start out bad then turn our days around. He has minutes and a few hours. What a difference! I will probably keep the remote on mute if Brad Gilbert and John McEnroe are the commentators. We will have to pull hard even though he will not hear us. Let’s go!

  18. Hey Jonathan,

    Brilliant article.

    My daughter and me are great Fed fans and have seen him live at Dubai 3-4 times. Was an avid Edberg fan and then stopped watching tennis till Fed came along.

    Interesting point which you make is the fact that most Fed fans like Delpo despite the 2009 US Open. Apart from Delpo’s different brand of tennis but ‘ entertaining’ stuff, I also think it is his Fedlike approach off-court as well which strikes a chord with Fedfans. Post Fed, I am a Delpo man.

    I didn’t really exult after the Olympics semis, though it was a real relief.

    Fed will win gold straight or in five.

    A pity that he has pulled out of Toronto but good for him I guess.


  19. Hmmm Tense match…, Finally Roger prevailed & Finally Roger got Shot a Gold…., Come on Roger Go for Gold…., TMF

  20. Hello Jonathan, this is the first time I write here as tennislover1977. I previously wrote once as andi, from Indonesia.

    I enjoy your blog very much, and visit your blog every time Roger won a game (practically everything you write after Roger’s loss to Nadal in Australian Open 2012 I think). Sometimes I wonder, why I keep visiting your blog just hours after Roger win a match, and end up saying to my self, “What do you expect Andi, he’s (that’s you Jonathan) not going to finish blogging just hour after the match lol. But when he lose, for me (and I’m sure for millions of FedFan worldwide) the competition is over, leave in sorrow, not interested in watching the next game, and I seldom read your blog. So I felt sorry for you, that when Fed lose, you still have to write and remember all the bitter moments of the games, while we the fans are trying to forget and move on .)

    I ‘ve been wanting to say this for long, I really like the different atmosphere when I read your blog and comments from other Fed fans. It’s just different, for example, if you read and comment on tennis magazine or the ATP official site. The emotion is high, and I sometimes feels that tennis world are full of idiotic people (I wonder, did you also comment on other channel, especially tennis magazine or ATP site? I’m sure you’re going to teach some fanatic who lives in different planet a lesson or two). It’s different here, I really feels like home. So thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful place to chat. If you tweeting during Roger’s match, I really love to follow you. So, I have to own a twitter account, right?

    Something leaves me wonder, especially when discussing Roger’s exhaustion after the semi, but Murray also plays two mixed-double match in Saturday right? Isn’t that would give Roger’s an advantage of having two days rest?

    I really want to watch Roger’s play live, preferebly on Wimbledon. What’s the real differences between watching him live and the live match from some sport channel? Is it really different?

    Forgive my English, is just mediocre, but I tried my best. So forgive me for some errors. I sometimes wish you could simplify your English (if it’s not too much to ask, since of course you’re a British :-)), so I don’t have to go to google translation several time during reading. Maybe a little simpler English like Ruan’s blog, but I hope Ruan can find time to write as reguler as you did, and I also wish you and him best of live. But it’s okay, just keep up the good work. Remember, at least one FedFan from Indonesia is expecting your blog each time Roger finish a match (oops), I mean each time Roger won a match 🙂

    1. Hey Andi,

      Thanks for commenting and it’s really good to know that this blog has readers who don’t always comment but still follow my posts closely! And when I found out (when they do comment) it makes blogging seem all the more worthwhile. Obviously blogging about losses isn’t as fun but it’s just part of been a Federer fan I guess, and it always makes the highs much more enjoyable.

      As for other mainstream tennis websites, I sometimes go on them but mainly just for the scores and other breaking tennis news. A lot of the comments are just from trolls and whilst I don’t mind people slating players they at least have to have a point and not just be mindless. Do you go on Mens Tennis forums?

      Watching him live is a pretty cool experience, you perhaps don’t get to as much as you do from the TV camera angle but watching him can be pretty breathtaking because he plays so much differently to everyone else, the way he moves and prepares for shots is like no other.

      If you ever don’t understand anything I have written then feel free to message through the contact page and I will try help. I write a lot how I would talk so probably quite of a lot of slang in there.

      Oh and yeah I tweet all the time during Feds matches – you don’t need an account to see my tweets – but probably best to sign up if you want to tweet too! Let me know if you sign up and I’ll follow you – @perfecttennisuk


  21. It was fatigue, Jonathan. You will never agree though. I’m still proud of Roger and will wear proudly wear his Olympic polo for my matches. Roger got the one that mattered, and Murray can pick up the crumbs.

    1. Federer didn’t have his legs about him. I will no longer feel sorry for Muzzy. The media said Fed was thrashed by Murray but Federer just wasn’t all there.

  22. People are saying he could never be the GOAT because he has never won a gold, I think, My God, what’s the matter with people don’t they realize the level of play you must retain to win 17 slams, 75 titles and most weeks at number one plus he went farther this olympics than any other time at the ripe age of thirty. People don’t have a clue what they’re talking about or have respect.

    1. Some people are too daft. Take a look at the last ten singles tennis gold medal winners. You will see some names there that you’ve never even heard of. Some even claim the lack of a Davis cup hurts his GOAT status. It’s not Roger’s fault he doesn’t have a strong Swiss support cast, unlike say Spain or Serbia in recent times. Then there is this moron out there on some page saying fatigue wasn’t an issue because Delpo beat Djokovic. I mean, Delpo is 23 and playing his best tennis and Djoker isn’t even at his best. This is a fluke win by Murray and he knows it. Let him enjoy the crumbs Roger left for him or he would’ve cried in his locker room with his fans till all eternity (no offence to the British).

  23. This is what I like about Fed. He never grimaces, winces, or give spectators a lesson in human anatomy (here, this is my knee, my shin, my butt, see it?). Heck he doesn’t even breathe hard! There is no way to tell how he was feeling and only the great man knows it. I know he was tired. I’ve watched too many Fed matches to know that it wasn’t Murray who won it, it was Fed who lost it.
    Having said that, congratulations to Murray. Unlikely he will win a single slam. But, if he does, I’ll be happy because that would mean Nadal didn’t win that one LOL

  24. Spot on Sid, I feel Murray was pretty lucky and that Federer was spent. On to bigger and better events. To be honest, Federer has done enough this year and has nothing left to prove to anyone. Roger has also played more than anyone else, I think he needs this break to relax and recharge.

  25. Roger left it all out on the court and he has nothing to be ashamed of by losing to an inspired and sharp Andy Murray. The win against Delpo was the big one for him as it guaranteed his country a medal. Had he not won that match, I think he may have lost to Djokovic (because it was best of 3), and that would have been much more painful. And even though Fed looked flat most of the match, had he broken at 2-0 in the 2nd set, the match may have been totally different. In fact, I know it would have been. But anyways, Fed has had a superb year and he lost to the fresher and better player on the day. The Delpo win took everything out of him physically and emotionally and he had nothing left. But now he has a singles medal to go along with the doubles medal he has.
    I personally don’t think the Olympics is that important to individual success as it’s all about playing for your country. The fact that it’s only 750 pts shows how the ATP feels about it. I’m happy that Roger won Wimbledon and lost this rather than vice versa because you can’t win silver at Wimbledon.

  26. I still think Fed is the best ! The crowd was tough to deal with. He was great Murray was just very very lucky. He is still #1. Fed is great and there have been others to beat him. It just happens. Beating Del Potro was harder. I mean just think Isner beat him so no big deal. Andy will go back to his usual playing in another country. It was just hype. It is a disappointment but does not change the fact that Fed is still #1 and has made millions. Murray has never really accepted Great Britain as his country. He is a Scot – dah. Great Britain just needed a winner. Who will Murray be tomorrow?

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