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Federer Defeats Wawrinka to Make Semi Finals at Wimbledon

We’re into the business end of the tournament now and Roger once again rose to the challenge defeating Stan Wawrinka 3-6, 7-6(5), 6-4, 6-4 to book his spot in his 35th Grand Slam Semi Final.

It looked for a brief moment like Stan the man was about to replicate his Australian Open form but Roger overcame a slow start, waited for Stan’s level to drop and was there to pounce at just the right moment to get the win.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Roger looked laboured at the start of the match but Wawrinka was creaming the ball to all corners. It was very similar to the first set against Nadal at the Australian Open and if someone with the ability to track down balls like Nadal wasn’t able to do it on a slow hard court then doing so on a grass court is virtually impossible.

But Roger knows better than anyone how to stick around in matches and when Wawrinka’s hitting got that bit wilder, through sickness, fatigue or simply the presence of the 17 time slam champion he was able to capitalise. Impressive stuff.

Quick Match Recap

Federer def Wawrinka SW19

Like I said above, Stan started this match at light speed and he was soon up 4 games to 1. He has some of the biggest ground strokes in the game and when he hits a ball, it stays hit.

At 4-2 Roger fashioned a great chance to break back but he hit a weak passing shot at a comfortable volleying height and the set went the way of Wawrinka 6 games to 3.

The second set was hugely important for both men and it was imperative Roger didn’t hand over a cheap break of serve early. By this point he’d got into the groove on serve and both guys traded service holds right through to 6 all. No real danger for either man as both of them struggled to impact on return games.

Stan was still playing at a very high level but he’d just dropped a notch and that proved enough for Roger who was able to level the match, taking the tie break 7 points to 5 with some much cleaner play.

With Wawrinka playing his 3rd match in as many days, plus feeling under the weather the loss of the 2nd set zapped the energy from his legs. His first serve speed went down and Roger was able to start dictating more from the back of the court and the 2nd set soon went his way 6 games to 4. That was another huge blow for Stan who’d kept it competitive for 2 and a half sets but was now behind in the match for the very first time.

That meant the fourth was all but a formality and even though Stan dug deep to keep it close; saving 4 match ponts Roger was the man striking the ball more consistently and he got the job in 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Match Stats

  Stan Wawrinka (SUI) Roger Federer (SUI)
Aces 9 10
Double faults 1 1
1st serves in 74 of 124 = 60 % 77 of 119 = 65 %
1st serve points won 57 of 74 = 77 % 61 of 77 = 79 %
2nd serve points won 31 of 50 = 62 % 29 of 42 = 69 %
Fastest serve 133 MPH 125 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 116 MPH 116 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 99 MPH 101 MPH
Net points won 30 of 44 = 68 % 32 of 45 = 71 %
Break points won 1 of 4 = 25 % 2 of 7 = 29 %
Receiving points won 29 of 119 = 24 % 36 of 124 = 29 %
Winners 51 46
Unforced errors 24 14
Total points won 117 126

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Stan

The crowd are very kind. It’s always nice playing on Centre Court or in England. I’ve been coming here since 1998 and I’ve always had amazing crowd support. We have got to know each other pretty well in that time. Stan played great, especially for the first two sets. After that he started to struggle. He was hitting the ball too well and too cleanly for me to do anything on it. It’s difficult when you know someone that well. I’m very pleased with the match. We played at a very high level and I wish him all the best for the rest of the season because he’s already had a beauty. I don’t want to get to too far ahead of myself. I’m really pleased I’m back in the semi-finals after last year when I didn’t even come close and was very deflated leaving here on that note. It’s great to be back in the semis and the possibility of a step further is exciting.

First set dropped, first time his serve was broken this tournament but I’m pretty pleased with his overall level. Stan played a lights out first set with his ground game and made life very difficult for Roger.

I think the only real disappointment was Stan’s first serve was only at 39% in the first set but Roger couldn’t break him. He of course had the one chance but spurned it with a weak passing shot.

After that Fed got himself more into the match and began to hit the ball much nicer. Players always break down on the run and Stan made Roger do plenty of that early doors. Once Roger began to anticipate better he was able to get himself set to generate more power from the back of the court and also to mix it up a bit more which made Stan go for too much.

As for Stan it was his best ever performance at Wimbledon in 10 visits and he’s now made the Quarter Finals at all 4 slams so he should be pretty happy. I guess he’ll be a little annoyed at having to play 3 matches in 3 days which isn’t ideal but there’s not much he can do about that. He stepped on court and ultimately the better player over the 4 sets prevailed.

Elsewhere it was another day of upsets as Dimitrov schooled Murray in straight sets. Dimitrov played a very clean match from start to finish and Murray had no answers whatsoever. A flat performance from the defending champion but Dimitrov’s court coverage and shot selection confused him completely. He has a realistic shot at making the final now but he will need to see of Djokovic who defeated Cilic in 5 sets.

Predictions vs. Raonic

Federer Raonic

Next up is Milos Raonic who overcame Nick Kyrgios in 4 sets. Roger leads the H2H 4-0 with their last meeting coming at the Australian Open in 2013 where Federer put on a masterclass to dispatch him in straight sets.

However it’s worth noting that under Ivan Ljubicic and Riccardo Piatti’s tutelage he is a much better player. He tested Federer at Halle, Indian Wells and Madrid in the last 2 years and since then he’s developed his game in all areas.

At 6ft 6″ his game is of course highly reliant on his huge first serve so it’s going to be very important that Roger takes care of his own service games and then takes his chances on the return should they present themselves.

I think Roger’s all court game and variety are going to be the key here. Raonic is now a confident ball striker from the back of the court but like I said above players always break down on the run so Roger will nee to manoeuvre this guy around the court.

Use the blocked and short slice return to get the ball in play and keep the ball as low as possible. Tall guys are notoriously poor when the ball keeps low and with Roger’s slice biting it should give the Candian problems.

Keeping Raonic on the run moving side to side and backwards and forwards will take his legs away as the match wears on, giving Roger more 2nd serve opportunities which he can hopefully take advantage of.

I guess the only concern is Roger has a poor returning day and Raonic serves lights out but I’m backing Fed to get it done in 4.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. Cool my 3rd title!
      I was a bit concerned about the mach with Stan today and when I got home and saw Stan was leading I really got paranoid, but Roger delivered and I’m happy.
      After all the crap that’s happening in Tennis, all I really want is Roger to win the mens title and Halep to win the womens title.
      Almost all my whishes regarding sports did not even get close to become realm but now I feel HE (Roger) can do it.
      I think he can beat Raonic if he holds his serve.

      Chumm Jetzt!

  1. Third. Anyway the tiebreak was so tense so glad he beat stanimal. Up next raonic who I think federe can beat in 4

  2. Good result, wasn’t able to watch full match as I’m doing some racket testing, but the last two sets seemed pretty good to me. The stats though are worth drooling over for feds… And Stan’s aren’t bad either, you know you play a good match when your opponent (who lost) has those stats. Good, win, two more to go! 🙂

    1. Racquet testing eh Simon? I hear there’s going to be a very interesting new racquet to test around about October 😉

  3. From following the scores it looked like Stan’s errors rather than Fed’s winners were getting him a lot of points; but I’m not seeing that in any of the commentary so maybe it’s a case of UFEs still being somewhat dependent on who your opponent is.

    I’m actually glad that Fed lost that first set (in retrospect; I was sweating bullets at the time) because it’s given him that come-from-behind practice that he hadn’t really had yet this tournament. In general he seems to be finding a way to get back to a better level when he slips, & that’s SO encouraging. 1st serve % is up a bit again from the last match. Delighted to see him continuing to come to net – of course that’s a function of it being Wimbledon, & partly a function of the opponent too, but I hope he keeps it up even if he feels he can’t use it all the time against Raonic. Love that he used S&V on set point. LOVE the winner/UFE ratio.

    I still don’t feel like he’s reached top level under pressure; of course this is really the first time he’s been under any kind of pressure all tournament. I hope this has lubricated some old neural connections to allow him to increase his level yet again in the next match (matches?? Yes???)

    Now a much-needed day of rest. Very interesting semis, though not what we were expecting as we were getting started last week, & just delighted our man is still in it. Allez Roger!

    1. Re: his top level to date, meant to say that had Stan been able to maintain HIS level, I question whether it would have been enough to come through. He needs access to that top level.

    2. Think you’re right about the loss of the first set, Thinker – in retrospect, as you say – I was just so relieved when he won the TB :). I missed the first few games – was on the wrong channel – so Fed was already 3-1 down or something when I started watching it.

      I still don’t feel he’s at anything like top level, though, so am hoping he can raise his game and stay mentally strong: he’s going to need it if he’s to hold his own serve throughout and fight numerous tiebreaks, not to mention take advantage of any break points which come his way.

  4. Good he got through this one. I was anxious after the first set so I stopped watching for a while. Was very relieved to see he had won the second so I relaxed a bit. Two more to go Jonathan.

  5. Any one feeling a Fed- Baby Fed final? I think the way Dimitrov played, he’s definitely going to trouble Novak- he’s done so in the past (no surprises there, his game is identical to Federer’s)

    Federer should be able to handle Raonic, unless it reaches tie breaks where it could be a lottery.

    If it’s a Fed- Dimitrov final, it’s going to be seen as the passing of the torch match. Hopefully not just yet though. This is definitely Fed’s best shot at a slam and he’s aware of that.

    Anyway, still a semi final to go before we can even think of that.

    1. I can’t remember who, but someone after a few too many beers perhaps, was blathering about a Roger-Dimitrov final. He/she may have the last laugh 🙂

      I think Djokovic will see off Dimitrov. Maybe a five setter, but Djokovic has enough over five sets to do it.

      Roger-Raonic to me is too close to call. I tried to play it in my head and I can’t make a call 🙂

      1. Roger-Raonic to me is too close to call. I tried to play it in my head and I can’t make a call 🙂

        Is this a reverse jinx type thing?

      2. I’ll have to do a Pinocchio.

        “Uh, hmm, well, uh, I don’t know whether it’s a reverse jinx. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assume that I couldn’t exactly not say that it is or isn’t almost partially incorrect. I’m possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that in no way with any amount of uncertainty that I undeniably do or do not know whether it’s not a reverse jinx, if that indeed was the case. Even if it was a reverse jinx I really have no way of knowing whether it could possibly work, or not, with any degree of certainty.”

        Does that answer your question? 🙂

    2. My bet on thiat side of the draw before the tournament was Raonic. Let’s see what happens.

    3. I still favour Djoker in that match. Novak’s movement on the grass against Cilic was pretty horrendous for a past Wimbledon champion but not surprising for a guy like himself. Novak too hungry for a slam, don’t see Dimitrov denying him here, got a chance without Rafa in the way.

      1. Horrendous until he changed his shoes, I gather. Hope he didn’t put on last year’s ones with the illegal pimples 🙂

    4. It’s going to be interesting if Dimitrov can back up his performance against Murray. Murray was clearly pushing and playing poor so made it easy so I guess we shall see Dimitrov’s true level of performance tomorrow assuming the Djoker can stay on his feet for long enough.

    5. I thought Fed-Dimi would be fun, but mainly at the moment I think I just don’t want Raonic to get through. Having That Game on grass getting anywhere near a Wimbledon title would be pretty horrible, just like the situation in the late 90s – an insult to grass-court tennis, if you will 🙁

      I think it’s going to be tight, but I hope Roger comes through. Some of the radio pundits didn’t sound so sure.

  6. Hi Jonathan

    I was totally privileged to be on Centre court today watching Fed live, and agree with every word you have wtitten! Fed this year has hung around well and from the TB onwards his intentions were clear! His overhead was on fire today as was the knifing slice BH which will be of great importance v Raonic! I still think Fed has too much game for the Canadian but it might be tight. As you say, he is a much better player than a yr ago but hoping the occasion might get to him!
    The last game when Roger served for the match was pure theatre, Stan reverting to 100mph BH returns and Fed’s first serve going AWOL!
    I am also predicting a Dimitrov Fed final! McEnroe? Get ready to eat humble pie!
    So glad for all us Fed fans that he is back to his best! And of course for him and his team! Great job Stefan!! That volley to win the TB paid for your input alone!

      1. Pretty minor actually, most people didn’t notice! Not sure Stan likes the heat at times! Legs got heavy as match progressed!

      2. Ah, that’s right – I was actually concerned for FED when I saw the forecast temperature & realized they’d be playing late in the day. Could certainly be a case where the heat exacerbated possible effects from the scheduling for Stan.

        I did see he tweeted that he left it all out there. It was certainly Roger’s most challenging match so far, even though Stan must have been tired.

  7. Hi Jonathan

    The first set went by so quickly I thought it was going to be Stan’s day – but I should know you should never underestimate Mr Federer, sorry that Stan was obviously unwell but pleased that Fed did not let that affect him, did not like the wobble when he was serving for the match – had visions of a 5th set – thank god he got it done in four. Another one down and a step closer to Number 8 – allez Roger – this has been a wonderful Wimbledon, shame Cillic could not put out Djoker, pleased Murray has gone – he looked so flat and uninterested today – I do like Dimitrov – Fed Dimitrov final would be grand

    1. First, Roger has to get through Raonic – so, respect to the cool Canadian. Having said that, I’m rooting for a Roger-Djokovic final. If Roger were to win Wimbledon without that, he would’ve done it by avoiding everybody seeded above him. That would be horrible. That would be the next worst thing since Bartoli winning Wimbledon 2013.

      I want Roger to earn it, starting with Raonic (and I’m already sweating).

      1. Nah I disagree. After what happened last year and all the crap we had to endure, Fed earns this slam Novak or no Novak.

      2. I know that a title is a title, and that others weren’t good enough, but come on, that, and he will also have not faced any of the other champions from the last 11 years. Think about it 🙂

        I’m rooting for a Fed-Djokovic final. If our man loses, he didn’t deserve it.

      3. I might have agreed with you if we were back in 2007, when it would be alright to have a challenge every now and then cause he was winning so much. But when it’s once in two years, I wouldn’t mind if he wins it because all three decide to retire because they stayed in the pub too late.

      4. Unlike Roger yesterday who looked cool throughout! Boy do the crowd love him. Almost visceral, the amount of support pouring out to him! And in the end he was ruthless sensing Stan was weakening! Two great volleys yesterday which justified Edbergs salary alone! First delicate low cross court to set up the mini break in the TB and second to secure the 2nd set! Majestic! The crowd rose to their feet as one! Even Michael McIntyre and Hugh Grant liked that one having recovered from Muzzas loss!

      5. Hi Sid

        I have not forgotten about Raonic – I’m being a bit of an ostrich as I know he is going to be tough – I only picked Fed Dim as I think it will be a nicer match to watch and am not a lover of Djokervic – in a nutshell – I do not mind how Roger does it – as long as he does it!!!

      6. Aren’t you always reminding us that even though Roger makes it LOOK easy, it actually isn’t?

        I think he’s been earning it all tournament. Granted that some matches have been (or seemed!) easier than others. But however easy or easy-seeming his first rounds have been, I think he definitely earned the match v. Stan.

        However – and perhaps this is what you’re implying – I think he’s got more reserves, and it would be way more satisfying to see him tap into them at some point, and use them in all their glory, than not.

      7. Yeah right. At least people can’t argue that he won an easy tournament. But looking at Dimitrov’s form he may a steeper challenge. Fed knows Novak far better than Grigor. Novak is uncomfortable to Fed’s BH slices on grass.

      8. You have a point, Sid – but to the extent that you’d rather he didn’t win if he didn’t play Djokovic?

        “However – and perhaps this is what you’re implying – I think he’s got more reserves, and it would be way more satisfying to see him tap into them at some point, and use them in all their glory, than not.”

        Yes, Thinker, it really would. Let’s hope he does have them, and can draw on them.

  8. Hi Jonathan,

    It’s time for Roger to win his 18th major…it has been a 2 year major titles drought…I’m only concerned about Djokovic on sunday!!!!

      1. Hi Jonathan,
        I told you it will be Federer-Djokovic sunday!!!
        If Federer steps up his A game, he can finish it in 4 sets maximum..
        Hope to celebrate his victory sunday..
        I’m not sure how many more grand slam finals he will play in the future..he haven’t played any in the past 2 years…

        Allez Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Just concentrating on Friday ATM. After last yr he had worked so damn hard , he really deserves this .

      1. Yes, let’s see if he can get past Raonic first before we start looking any further ahead.

  9. Agree with you completely, Jonathan, and thanks for your beautiful summary. Roger played well overall, especially in the 2nd set TB. A couple of concerns though: one is that Roger seemed to have struggled with Stan’s serves throughout the match, which baffles me. His timing seemed a bit off. Two is that in the first two sets somewhat I felt that Roger had forgotten how to slice – keep it low. Quite a few of them sat up so high that Stan just easily smashed them away. Normally Roger does it extremely well. Finally, Roger’s movement was not as good as he normally is. He kind of chased balls a lot in the first two sets. Ths is a very good win, no doubt 🙂
    For Raonic match on Friday, agree with you complely that Roger must move Milos from side to side and backwards and forwards. In today’s match against Stan, Roger did not manage that in the first two sets. I am convinced that Roger will show Milos who is the boss – three sets victory.
    Allez Roger

    1. I think his movement was excellent today. It was his defense that got him through. He was doing a lot of chasing and his court coverage was incredible. Specially his forehand on the run, which he often send right into the net, whenever pulled out wide- that shot was on fire yesterday.

      1. Agree, seeing it live you hv no idea of the speed of the shots, and Fed reached most if them. Stan was crushing it in first set, 100 mph groundies! Never doubted him even after first set. No panic, no shanks, just hung around and got his chance! Very very focused this yr!

      2. True. Last week I was surprised even at the speed the women were hitting their groundstrokes. Quite scary.

        Hope he can maintain his focus …

  10. Into the semis again where we are 9 for 9! What a match from Stan there in the first two sets, was some awesome shotmaking and Fed’s get after the drop shot at 3-3 in the second was marvellous! So Sid and Jonathan you were both right, Raonic prevailed against Kyrgios, kudos for that call- his return game has improved ever so slightly but this match is solely on Fed’s racquet, as you said, needs to make sure that he takes care of his own service games and that he can at least get the ball in play and put some pressure on Milos to gift a break or two each set. Even in a tie break Fed has the advantage so yeah could come down to small margins serve wise. I actually think this has a good chance of going the distance. Fed needs to kill whatever confidence Raonic has early, Dimitrov and Kyrigos beating top players often has a contagious effect on the other players so can’t be under-estimated at all. But hoping that semi final record says it all and that Roger will be playing for his 8th Wimbledon on Sunday, Allez le Suisse!

    Did anyone watch the Dimtrov/Murray match- I’m very surprised by this outcome. Andy has been looking pretty good the last few rounds so I was totally flabbergasted to see this result. I’m sure the British Media is downplaying this loss to either some sort of injury or the coaching. Now that he’s failed to defend, I think he drop to 10 in the rankings? Yikes. Murray been too inconsistent in slams since Wimbledon last yr, who would’ve thought that the FO has been his best slam after the past 12 months, would like to see an improvement by the US Open. Either way good on Dimitrov, time he made his move in a slam, will be interesting to see if he can trouble Djoker. I saw the post match interview for Fed, the interviewer told him he was an adopted Brit, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, now that Muzz is out they have to jump on the Fedwagon. Sigh. Also pretty sure Murray should tell Kate and Wills to stay home next time, they are a bad omen for him.

    1. Yep I was there! Muzza was poor, tense and pushy! Grigor played v fast, and when he pushed Muzza into the BH corner as he did often, Muzza kept going back cross court, hardly ever used his dtlbh! And his second serve speed caused absolute gasps! Club level! I just think he came out flat, tried to rally himself and some days you just can’t! Even poor Mauresmo looked totally confused by his tactics!

    2. Funny how so much of the media this year were pretty much ignoring Fed – it was all Djoker/Nadal/Murray. He should win the whole thing just to teach them a lesson!

      But Alysha, I think you’re being a bit harsh on Murray: he was suffering from the back injury for much of last year, and recovering from the surgery in the early part of this year, so it’s not surprising he did poorly at slams.

  11. Roger played great again. He wants it more than anyone else out there. I can see Roger matching Raonic with his serves and better than him in all other departments. I pick Roger in 3. Five down, 2 to go. 🙂

  12. Aunt Toni’s and his nephews recent comments. What they say, and what they actually mean.

    “Normally on grass the thing is the first week when you compete against some players, things are not very logical,”

    But it’s logical on Clay, where Nadal has a 93% win percentage, and the next best active player is Djokovic, 78%, a difference of a whopping 15%. That’s perfectly logical.

    “The surface creates the opportunity to players who can play very aggressive and they can see a real chance to win playing that style. On other surfaces you cannot play that crazy, way.”

    Playing on clay where rallies last forever, and you cannot force errors, and could be on court for a very long time, till every muscle in your body is sore is normal.

    “But it’s not that easy when you know that is going to be a lottery against Kyrgios. “

    That teenager is very lucky to be so young and play freely. Wait till he grows up a bit and plays Nadal on clay, or slower hard courts. Then we’l see who the boss is.

    “From a spectator point of view the match was very frustrating for me. I really struggle with this kind of tennis which is so quickfire that you don’t even have the time to think.”

    And Roger wants just 10 seconds between points. Rafa can’t think, can’t tug, can’t towel, can’t look at me. You tell me, is that fair?

    “I don’t like it when all you get are big serves and have to wait for a real rally.”

    It’s the ATP’s fault big servers get so much advantage. To me that’s not tennis. Players are getting taller so it’s only fair that increase the height of the net, or make the service box smaller, so there are more rallies.

    1. “From a spectator [for spectator read Nadal] point of view the match was very frustrating for me. I really struggle with this kind of tennis which is so quickfire that you don’t even have the time to think.”

      So that’s how you beat him …

    1. Woah. I new he owned nearly every record in the game, but to see it listed like that- his name on top of almost EVERY record is quite something. Nadal wasn’t even close. Dayum!!!!

    2. In other words, Ganesh, “Roger has a more complete body of work”. Do you know who said that?

  13. Hi Guys…i dont comment often / ever on the blog.. but im a regular regular, i mean obsessive 🙂 – as much as im a fed-fan..

    my thoughts on the match –

    It really concerned me the way fed played.. initially, he was completely outplayed by Stan & Stan was easily overpowering him.. a particular stat during the broacdast showed that Fed’s backhand was 20mph slower than Stan’s.. all of Fed’s shots looked weak..

    he came thru in the 2nd set TB – THANKFULLY… still, the match seemed to be on Stan’s racquet… when Stan’s level dropped, Fed could manage to win… Fed won, yeah.. but the win was not at all inspiring…

    Maybe he gets the job done against Raonic (maybe…) but Djoko’s gonna take him apart, if he continues playing like this… it just seemed that there was not enough power on his shots..

    So, i do not feel as exuberant as the other commentors on this blog do… plz convince me otherwise !

    1. He never looked like losing, hangs around well, defends well and eventually Stan blew up. He never actually looked panicked and his UFE count still v low. Stan was superb in first set as he was in AO but Feds chip charge, mix it up tactics paid off, and he found his serve. He does find playing a good friend hard but in the end he was ruthless! Overheads vv solid, BH slice v solid. Against Raonic these will count!

      1. Susie, thanks so much for your comments as one who was there (even though I’m still so jealous!). From the description I was reading, it looked like Stan was gifting him more points than he was winning on his own merits; but I’m hearing you say that’s not how it was coming across live at all. And I’m glad! 😀

    2. Hey Mihir,

      Thanks for the comment. I wouldn’t worry about Feds level though. Or his weight of shot.

      Stan was crushing the ball for the first half of the match. It is very difficult to hit an offensive shot when you are trying to deal with express pace on your opponents groundstrokes. I think as the match wore on, and Stan’s average rally ball came with reduced speed we saw Fed take up more offensive positions on the court and strike the ball with more pop.

      Raonic – winnable but not a given. Fed needs to bring out his best.

  14. What a match, brilliant series of jaw dropping volleys and clutch service. Couldn’t have asked for better result from Roger. I love Stan too but honestly if he didn’t get screwed by scheduling, likely the match would have gone 5 sets with result might go in favor to Stan. The stars are moving in favor for Roger, he has to capitalized on this GOLDEN opportunity. 2 lucky signs are there – Muller and Prince William. Each time Prince William watches Roger play tennis, he has gone to win the tournament – AO2010 and Wimbly2012. I know I am going overboard with this superstition here. I so badly want Roger to win SW19

    1. Me too! Lots of hearts beating v fast yesterday as he is our adopted Brit! I had brief chat with his lovely mum after the match, who said she was having palpitations in that last game but never doubted him! She was so complimentary to Stan! What a man, what a player, what a family!

      1. Wow Susie, if you ever have the opportunity to meet with Roger’s parents please help us to the following kiss and hug them. Big thank to them for bringing Roger into this world, guiding and teaching him. They made him the person that we all love so much 🙂

      1. I wish!! Mirka and Lynette are always in Wimbledon village hairdressers getting ready for ‘ lights camera action’ on match days! I expect to see them there tomorrow. It’s all happening here at Wimby!

  15. I almost doubled my money when I bet on Rog in mid second set. Ok it was a gamble coz things were not looking too good and you never knew what would follow.
    I felt like betting for Roger before the match started but he was such a big favorite for bookies it wasn’t worth it.
    Anyway I took the risk and got paid for it. I kept in mind what you said that it was 3rd match for Stan in a couple of days. Only if Fed could get away with the 2nd set, which he did with that marvelous 2nd serve and volley. I didn’t worry too much because even if things went wrong I would always ask for a refund from Perfect Tennis blog cause it said that Roger would do it 🙂

    What do you think would happen if Stan went 2 sets up. Would Roger be able to dig out of it ? I think that he d still have some chances cause Stan’s game was on a decline but still 2-0 a huge advantage.

    Off course I m happy with Kyrgios. Such a pleasant surprise his game and win. I always expected that he wouldn’t follow up such a great win though. The future looks great for him if he keeps it up.
    I m also happy with Greek team at world cup. We could have made it in the final 8 but we lost it at the penalties. Credit to Costa Rika though because they managed to hang on 50 min with just 10 players . Navas one of the best goalkeepers of the tournament I think.

    Back to Wimby , I m not really worried about Raonic. Like Sid I m only concerned about a 5 seter final against hungry Djoker. It is clear that Novak is the favorite.
    I hope Roger makes it although Nole is a Greek national football team supporter :).
    I ll always support him whenever he plays Nadal though. And I really hope he ll manage FO 2015.

    ps Jonathan I guess you re right about Serena. Venus is trying hard not to laugh when she is struggling to reach the net with her serves

    1. Kyrgios has really impressed hasn’t he? (He won me some points in Fantasy Wimbledon too! 😉 ) It’s been so long since a teenager has been able to have any kind of results, I think we’re even more surprised than we might be. And the contrast with Tomic, of course, is no contest.

    2. I enjoyed Greece vs. Costa Rica. I knew that Gekas would miss though, could see it in his face before he stepped up.

      Serena’s episode was a joke. Annoying that so many people were all over it more so than the tennis on show. I hope Katyani has bought her a get well soon card.

  16. Jonathan, as usual, nice review, great job buddy. Really appreciate your dedication to watch the game, manage the livechat, write an after match post, replying on comment, and still be able to live your life (are you sure you are not a robot, or artificial intelligence? 🙂 )

    Another great match from Roger. Some says he is slow on the first set and everything. But looking at the stat, that’s not the case. Most of the stats are tight. It is just Stan playing incredible tennis on the first set (he is 100% on 1st serve). In such case you just have to make sure to hold your serve and take the chance when it is showed up. Need to get better BP conversion though (even it is difficult if during the break point, your opponent is firing some good serve).

    But Roger knows better, nobody can hit 100% 1st serve the whole match. He holds and waiting for that chance to come. I think it is already his plan from the beginning. Once he got it, he left Stan behind. That’s what makes him special, Roger stay calm when he lose a set, but Stan is declining right after Roger make it square.

    Anyway, I am so happy that he is on SF now. Raonic is next.

    About Kyrgios, so sorry for his loss, but he surely have a bright future if he manage. 19 and at Grand Slam QF (beating world No.1 on the way) is amazing. I read about him on wiki and have a question. He is competing for Junior Grand Slam on 2013, but he is also competing on Grand Slam at the same year. So did he play on both draw (Grand Slam and Junior Grand Slam)?

    1. Amar, I don’t know specifically about Kyrgios in 2013, but it’s certainly not unheard of to compete in both the junior draw & the regular draw if you qualify for both. It’s not common, because usually by the time you can qualify for the senior draw (either on ranking points or via fighting your way through qualifying), you’re too old for the junior draw; but I’m sure I’ve heard of it being done before.

    2. Not that I can see from last year’s Wimbledon programme. He was certainly in the Juniors, but isn’t listed in the seniors.

    3. Alison,
      Here is what I’ve got from wikipedia:

      Junior Grand Slam 2013
      AO W
      RG 2R
      W 3R
      USO –

      Grand Slam 2013
      AO Q1
      RG 2R
      W –
      USO 1R

      Wimbledon last year he didn’t play in regular, only in junior. But RG last year he played both.
      The schedule must be crazy, how many days in a row he has to play?

  17. I did Thinker I did! Crossing everything for Friday but his attitude is so positive, has his deserved swagger back! Did fall a couple of times but the baseline is unbelievably dry and dusty, no grass at all!
    His UFE count says it all for me over the tourney! He trusts his game again, much more instinctive play. That said, in this conditions Raonic is a threat but I just think experience and shot variety will be the difference. Go Fed

    1. I think everyone has fallen over this week, Djoker more times than most. Murray always got a trip in him. Dimitrov would rather do the splits than fall.

  18. My nephew and his girlfriend were here yesterday so I was only able to keep one eye on the match. Difficult to say if the result was due to Stan’s decline or Roger’s being in charge but I’ll go for the latter. We don’t know still how much he would have been able to lift his game if necessary. Given the age difference Stan should be able to beat Roger all other things being equal shouldn’t he?

    Think I might have to miss a lot of tomorrow’s match too but hope not. I can’t believe how much Raonic has improved recently. I would say that no more than a few months ago I would have put a match against him as an easy win for Roger, but not any more. Fingers crossed is all I can say. I still haven’t seen Roger this tournament with that fire in his eyes that means he’s giving it everything – but maybe he hasn’t needed to do that so far.

    1. It could’ve been a case of little brother proving his point, then letting big brother have his shot at the title 🙂

      A match against Raonic is never easy. I haven’t seen that fire in his eyes either, and that’s why I’m sweating, profusely, already.

      1. Disagree guys! He is pretty verbal, does look at his box at very key moments, but also before Stan , not tested! The difference between robredo’s firepower (zilch ) and Stans ( huge ) did get him to move up several gears. Make no mistake, he really wants this !

      2. It could’ve been a case of little brother proving his point, then letting big brother have his shot at the title 🙂

        See you are no different than pablo now Sid.

    2. Emperor Rao has improved with Ljub.

      But I think Fed has been very focused so far this tournament. No outward signs of emotion, not really giving much in interviews. I think he has a good shot at making the final.

  19. “Roger leads the H2H 4-0 with their last meeting coming at the Australian Open in 2013”

    I could have sworn they had played earlier this year. Am I getting my servebots mixed up?

  20. Raonic has the mental game to beat Roger. Roger needs to play smart and use his talents. I’ve said before, Raonic is way more than a big serve. He’s intelligent and won’t stop working hard to create an all-court game. Well, my dark horse Bouchard is in the final.
    Go Roger!

  21. Nothing to add…

    I like “100” as a number and this should be the 100th comment of this post 🙂

    Allez Roger !

  22. I am getting super nervous here, a few hours to 1st semis match. 2 more matches to go, very close now. Focus Roger!!! You can do it – BELIEVE!!!

  23. I am already feeling tension and excitement. Staying focused and Roger, you will be in final. True, Milos has been improving under Ivan but I feel that Roger with all grasscourt tools will be able to handle him. Taking the 1st set is important (not necessarily vital), as that will put Roger in a driving seat 🙂 and in particular we, Fedfans, will not feel a senstation of heart attack. I switched off telly for the early part of the 2nd set and do not want to do it again.
    Allez Roger!

  24. Roger better not be as stressed and under tension as we are, otherwise we are screwed hahaha! Come on Fed, this one is yours!

  25. Dai here,
    Fed must be favourite now. Nole and Grigor beating each other up in five while the novice will be nervy in his first BIG semi against the maestro. The only factor that I see more and more of is his “Too cool for school” attitude in matches. I feel it doesn’t help nowadays. A bit more emotion would change it up a bit. A bit more Hewit perhaps. Remind them whose boss !!!

  26. Another little must see today also is the time between serves. Fed is pretty quick and so is Raonic and he has a boomer. Grigor doesn’t milk it either. My answer would be to stop the towels being used between points. Do what Pete Flemming used to and have a little one on your waste band if you suffer with overly sweaty palms. Players need to remember you HAVE to play to the servers pace not yours. But most of all Umpires need to get a lot more savvy and strict with these top pro’s and remind them that while they understand that they are driven soles there is another player out there also. I speak of the tactical yelling that goes on. That needs to be STOPPED COS ITS CHEATING. Just imagine if Sharapova came to play in your local club on the court next to you? Yeagh,shut up precious. That goes for Serena too. Oh! and while I’m on those two,(No pun intended !) No more toilet breaks for a 3 set match either. Mostly 2 sets with those two involved. that’s cheating too!

  27. Oh Roger you wonderful wonderful man.
    I SO hope he gets to win his 18th come Sunday. He really does deserve it. Fingers crossed. I think he has a legit shot against Novak here on grass with the slice being extremely effective.


    1. 2 years ago
      Return to No.1, 7th Wimbledon, 17 GS

      I really want to see 8th Wimbledon, 18 GS, 80th Title this year
      Fingers cross


  28. One more… Just ONE more… Seeing as how Novak played today, it’s doable… But Novak will have trained against a similar game (dimitrov) and Feds had no rhythm in this match… Still BEL18ving!

  29. Anyone else having a hard time watching roger’s matches due to nerves? I don’t know if I can sit through the finals.

    1. No, Stevie, you’re not the only one feeling like that. I’ve been feeling like a nervous wreck all week. And when I watch the matches it always seems to bring Roger bad Luck and make him play badly. I’m afraid I’ll jinx him if I watch the final, but then it’s a pity to miss out on the magic. It’s not easy being a fan. 🙂

    2. Nope. Oh, wait … I wasn’t watching it, was I, I was busy at work and listening to it on the radio, having announced that once again I was way too busy to be sitting chewing my fingernails so please would he hurry up and get on with it. Now, since I won’t be at work on Sunday, what can I find to keep me “way too busy” to pay any attention?

  30. He crushed Raonic. Did not expect that. Wow.

    Mac was not really respect of Roger at all in his commentary. Odd stuff.

    1. I went “Huh?” when I read your comments, Alb, but then I realised we had Connors commentating rather than Mac.

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