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Federer Defeats Rubin To Make Round 3 at Australian Open

Another win for the Swiss Maestro in Melbourne as he booked his spot in the third round with a 7-5 6-3 7-6(3) win over American Noah Rubin.

I expected a routine win here but Rubin pushed Federer all the way and can count himself unlucky for not extending the match to at least four sets. The qualifier who came through five sets in round 1 had the upper hand from the baseline throughout the 2 hours and 3-minute encounter and couldn't convert any of his 3 sets points in the third set.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Round 2 AO 2017

Rubin won the toss and elected to receive, winning the first point of the match on a net cord. Roger then reeled off 4 points in a row to hold.

In his opening service game, the American slipped to 0-30, but any signs of nerves were soon put to bed as he reeled off some crisp ground-strokes to hold. In game six the Swiss fashioned 0-40 but failed to convert and went on to miss a further break point as Rubin leveled for 3-3. However at 6-5, having just dropped 6 points on his serve Roger was able to break through, breaking to 15 to take the set 7-5.

The second set followed a similar pattern with Roger serving well but struggling from the baseline to make an impact. The breakthrough this time around came in game 6, the Swiss again breaking to 15 for 4-2. He then had to save a break point on his serve for 5-2, and he went on to take a two set to love lead.

The third set seemed like it would be a formality but a string of errors saw Roger drop serve. Rubin consolidated to love for 3-0 and Roger, after a short exchange with his box, let out a few expletives in frustration with his inability to keep the ball in the court.

With the break, Rubin had full momentum, and by game seven had only made one unforced error in the set as held for 5-2. The American then had his first set points in Roger's service game, but the Swiss somehow held and managed to take advantage of a tighter looking Rubin to break back. He then leveled for 5-5 and the set progressed into a tie-break.

I'd always back Fed in a breaker, but with the way he was hitting the ball it looked wide open, fortunately, his serve hit the spots and at 4-3 he won both return points before sealing it 7-3 to move into the third round.

Match Stats

Match Statistics N. Rubin R. Federer
Aces 2 17
Double Faults 3 2
First Serve % In 57/102 (56%) 67/112 (60%)
Win % On 1st Serve 36/57 (63%) 55/67 (82%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 28/45 (62%) 25/45 (56%)
Net Points Won 7/13 (54%) 24/29 (83%)
Break Points Won 1/6 (17%) 3/8 (38%)
Receiving Points Won 32/112 (29%) 38/102 (37%)
Winners 19 48
Unforced Errors 27 41
Total Points Won 96 118
Distance Covered (M) 2129.4 1944.6
Distance Covered/pt. (M) 9.9 9.1
SABR 0 0

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Shot of the Match

A tough day at the office this one but another win in the bag which is the most important thing. I thought Federer would be able to force the issue against Rubin but the American is quick, went for his shots and served well to make all three sets tightly contested.

I think Roger served well as he usually does which made the difference in the end, but during the rallies, he looked poor. He seemed a bit lazy on the footwork, in particular on the forehand with less precise steps we typically see. That caused him to be late to the ball on the run, and make plenty forehand errors. So whilst he played ok and did well not to drop a set in the end, he was not able to construct points that well or play aggressive tennis on his terms. Against someone like Rubin that's not the best of signs, but you can make the argument if he can win in three playing averagely after six months out it's not a bad thing. It's just whether he can take his game up a notch when he needs to and we're about to find out.

Predictions vs. Berdych

Federer Berdych Dubai

Next up is Berdych who defeated Ryan Harrison in straight sets. Harrison had a set point in the second-set tie-break winning four straight points from 2-5 down, but the Czech came through unscathed.

Roger schooled Berdych in Melbourne last year but based on what we've seen of him this year this will be a tougher match. Federer's serve has so far been his lifeline, but from the baseline, he's been relatively weak, and he will need to take his level up significantly to compete with Tomas.

Berdych doesn't have the footspeed of Rubin, but he has easier power and has beaten Federer in slams before. Both times you could say when Federer's movement wasn't quite there – Wimbledon 2010 (thigh problem) and the US Open 2012. He's not moving brilliantly based on today's match either and if can't turn backhands into forehands and is having to hit on the run then Berdych will fancy his chances. I think it's fairly open as Berdych isn't exactly in the form of his life but his flat hitting on a quick court might give him the edge, I'll pick Berdych in 4 tight sets.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Strange. Luckyman wasn’t on when Conal and I pricked in (same time). And we even had a little conversation before he could be seen. But time signal supports the win anyway, so congrats, Luckyman!

      2. Thanks for the warm WTF welcome! haha
        Yes, it said that my comment still had to be confirmed (probably since it was the first one). So this really was a SABL (sneaky attack by Luckyman). πŸ˜‰

        This was quite a shaky performance. Apart from the serve and net play he couldn’t find his game at all. But the most important is that he’s through in 3 sets and also that he was able to fight back from a break down. This will certainly give him the confidence to repeat that.
        I’m sure Fed can step his game up against Berdych, the way he always does as soon as he faces one of the top guys. Definitely looking forward to that match!

      3. If he’s new, doesn’t Jon have to approve him first? It’s like yesterday: there was someone who appeared ahead of me several hours later.

      4. Good win Luckyman πŸ˜†

        Yeah I have to approve certain comments, 1st timers etc. although noticing more are getting flagged up lately for approval dunno why. Some no doubt go to spam too as false positives but I always forget to check.

        Sue, table your bid and I’ll see what I can do…

      5. Thanks guys! I’m already nervous for tomorrow… but somehow more confident now that we know it’s a night match.

    1. Yup, well done for the win.
      About the comment approval, happened to me even when I was not commenting for 1st time.
      Probably some sort of glitch.

  1. He struggled a lot with his movement, that forehand on the run/stretch has become a big vulnerability. My money is also on Berdych unfortunately.

    1. Yeah the UE stat off the forehand was high, they said it commentary but I forgot. He said to Wilander after he felt like he was struggling so far. Verdasco said it was quick and skiddy too..

  2. I fear his legs went on strike a bit – he also told something about the like of that in court int. That explains his not running enough to get in place for hitting well – and “distance covered” might tell same story. His walking in the end also looked fatigued. Still his toughness and serving got him through, and I just hope he quickly recovers. If so, I pick him to win tomorrow. If not, Jonathan’s prediction might sadly come true.

  3. It could be the shearing heat that Roger has not yet been used to. See what happened to Cilic and Nick. Indeed, Roger looked a bit sluggish, especially in the 3rd set. A bit worrying for his FH, again, quite a few UEs came from that side, a bit like the R1 match. Credit to Rubin, who could be a top 100 player, if he carries on playing like this. One shot from Roger did not work but Roger did not change is his short low sliced ball. That shot worked over the years against those tall guys but did not work against Rubin at all, who picked all of them up well to put Roger in the back foot. This shot could yet work against Thomas, as Robin’s FH has got a lot of top spin and Thomas’ is much flatter.
    Roger’s serve and net play were good today along with a good defending, especially in the 1st set. If he moves a bit better and makes less UEs on his FH side, I will pick Roger for three or four sets, as this is because Roger can read Thomas like a book.
    Allez Roger!

    1. He’s played Melbourne and trained too many times in Dubai to really let the heat bother him…

      Hope you are right with the prediction, I’m just being conservative and somewhat realistic, it’s a fifty fifty match most likely. 1st set prob key.

  4. I was still expecting Federer to meet Murray in QFs. But watching his movement (on the FH side especially) in today s match doesnt make me feel good about his chances now and suddenly players like Berdych and Nishikori whom Roger would have schooled past 12-13 months ago, seem like a mountain to climb now.
    Maybe we need to keep expectations realistic at this point of time and be hopeful that he finds his feet on the tour in the next 4-5 months.
    Its funny that I never thought of Roger losing in the first week of Melbourne so easily, (Roger s freak semifinal record to be blamed maybe). But then again he had an unprecented-six-months time off from tennis. So makes sense.
    I’ll agree with J’s predictions, but I am gonna enjoy Roger’s match on RLA as a bonus :”)

    1. Fed lost in 2015 in the third round to Seppi and struggled in the first two rounds that particular year as well due to over-playing. Opposite conundrum here…

      1. Agreed Alysia , I have this crazy that this is where Federer will loosen up and perhaps take his level significantly as he has less pressure to lose really under the current predicament and maybe an ideal way of coming up with some surprisly Fedlike tennis or maybe its just me and tbh I have high reverence for Jonathan predictions.
        But then again I think he ll geniunely be a contender once he finds his mark lets say after 20+ matches on the tour and him being healthy is a gift in itself.
        Seems like a win-win situation in R3 no matter what happens.

  5. This match really reiterated that Fed is lacking match play. Played incredibly safe for most of the match and you can see with the patchy footwork/early fatigue that coming back from a 6 month hiatus isn’t as easy as everyone hopes it will be- even when you’re the GOAT. Kudos to Rubin. Fastest guy on tour since maybe Djoker? Both him and Melzer were tough customers as “qualifiers” and it’s a good thing they were if he is to have any chance to advance in the tournament. Based on this form, Berdych would have to be the favourite but Fed is serving well and came back from the edge in the third set, so a little more confidence mentally is a huge encouragement. Should be a night match, maybe the crowd can spur the Maestro to some magic but not going to be sour with the result, it’s a long way to go before he gets the groove back.

    1. Thanks Alysha, agree on most of your beautifully put posting. Roger is himself preparing us to see him lose this, mentioning on court int. Berd’s great toughness and the several times (well not that many – 2?) Berd has defeated him in slam tourns, so – . But that may be a strategy too. Let’s see.

    2. Yeah he’s quick but guess there are others similar – Kei, Schwartzman, that Sousa guy looks fast as well.

      I would like to see them all have a race actually say over 50metres. I think for a period Fed would have been the quickest over a really short distance, talking yards. Murray probably good over slightly longer distance.

      1. 50m race…
        Kei, Djoker, and a couple of others might win…
        Fed will probably be slow.
        I think if we look at 2004-2005, Fed would have been quick.

  6. Patchy stuff and he looked tentative as well. He will need a few months to play himself into peak form. Anything past round 3 is bonus at this point. I heard if he loses to Berdych, he will slip further in ranking to 20++. Anyone can confirm this?

    1. He’s currently at 31 on the live rankings. Not good, which is why he really needs that win πŸ™ You know, the more I think of it, the more I’m amazed at how high Murray and Nadal stayed in the rankings when they were off for extended periods. I guess they’d backed up their results much better beforehand.

    2. Fed missed a ton of tennis though really and had 2 slam finals to defend plus Basel and some other finals, easy to see why he’s slipping. Big chance to pick up points on hard court swing and maybe he can do a clay event then grass.

    3. Yes, he will most prob lose a lot of points. Remember he is defending a SF here, and if everything goes well, the #1 could meet him at QF.
      That’s already a whole mountain to climb, with Bird and Ninja waiting for him before the Dunblane monster guy.

  7. Alison, in my opinion it isn’t a question of whether they backed their results up better, but simply because they played more. Murray and Nadal missed roughly half a year; Fed essentially missed the entire 2016, bar the Aussie Open and Wimbledon

      1. My apologies too, I must have misunderstood what you said. Fingers crossed for the Berdych match!

      2. Grovel grovel grovel πŸ˜€

        What a shame Roger’s on the wrong side of the draw again – or at least it would be the wrong side if Rafa weren’t on the other side πŸ™

    1. I suppose Murray underwent back surgery post the US open after he had played 15 tournaments (winnibg wimbledon) and yet dropping to No. 10 in the world the next season and
      Nadal ofcourse went off for a longer duration time and again only after he had sweeped the clay season (2-3 masters 1000 and RG) which accumulates to 4500-5000 points and I beleive that pretty much assures top 5 rankings
      Federer played 6 tournaments maybe , 4 of them post surgery , where his rankings comprise of two SF appearances in Slams last year (he only played 2).

      1. Certainly feels thaat way :pp
        Djokovic lost to Istomin, I wished he lost early last year :/
        My predictions :
        The slam will see the rise of Nadal : making semis
        Dimitrov beating him to make the finals ,
        Stan and Murray battling it out in the semis (if only makes it that far)
        Murray : 6th time lucky?

        Kyrgios retires from tennis to become a fugitive. ??

  8. Oke guys… something to think about…. some Katyani wisdom πŸ™‚

    You said the match against Noah Rubin would be “relatively” easy… and it turned out to be a very stressfull match.

    Now you say that Roger will have a more difficult match against Berdych… but what if that will turn out to be the easy match… hmm?? Is possible….

    No worries, Berdych flops against everyone except Roger, but the Goat will find a way. He has to.

    And Berdy doesn’t want to lose me, afterall, I am his ONLY fan in the world πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. I just love your spirit Katyani πŸ™‚
      Berdy better listen to you πŸ˜›
      Except that I have to back Jonathan’s prediction on that one…

      1. Haha Alex, I mean it you know….if Berdy beats my Roger it is over between him and me, I will ban him for a longgggg time, no matter how many pics I see of his deep blue eyes and that killer killer smile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah good comeback for Seppi. I think Kyrgios beat him from 2 sets down last year so role reversal. Hid game is decent, not many players hit as well as him on both sides…

      1. Oh good point, not easy to even get as far as Murray obviously… But I feel like he can raise his level as the opponents get better from what we’ve seen so far. Movement will probably continue to be a problem though.

  9. Every match is tough when you’ve been out that long. Rubin has quick hands and feet and was battles hardened after 4 matches on these courts and in these conditions. Fed did well to keep it to 3 sets. Prob wld hv won in 4 but at what cost? Agree with everyone, net game and serve good but FH lacking. Berdy doesn’t play as fast as Rubin and Rog has won their last 5 matches. Berdy has played no one of note, had mixed prep for AO, and will hv to adjust to Rogs rhythm and speed. Berdy goes in as fav which may help Fed who can hopefully free up and relax. Everyone expected him to beat JJ and Rubin. Very few expect him to beat Berdy! I think he can but has to serve, volley a lot… and totally unsettle Tomas! A night match cld also favour Rog!

      1. I imagine the organisers would make it a night match – and definitely on RLA, given that it’ll probably be regarded as one of the “choice” matches.

  10. Watched most of the match and to be honest I thought it was fairly poor. A few flashes of brilliance and great serving, but overall the ground strokes (particularly FH) were just not there. I hope for Roger to win in 4 close sets but to be honest I think its completely 50-50, 5-setter likely.

    1. Yeah it could be a weird match, not sure what to expect. Berdych not in form of late, Fed has no real form to go on. I think if he moves well his chances are good, night match prob better.

      1. You don’t want Fed to possibly win if they play vs? Injured Murray = Better chance for Fed win if they play vs.

      2. Murray’s not injured, as far as I can tell, if you’re referring to the ankle roll. And anyway, he’s far too far away from Fed in the draw for me to even think about it.

      3. Yeah I think papers made a sing and dance about the fall as it looks more interesting in than anything that happened during the match that involved the ball coming off the strings.

  11. if Roger plays like he did against Rubin, Berdy will send him home.

    I’ve rarely seen him look as lost on a court as he did in that 3rd set (not since 2013 at peak of back problem daze). Guts and fortitude that he pulled it out. Rubin was on it and fun to watch – even if frustrating for this Fedfan.

    Fed was just shanking and flopping the FH left and right in the 3rd like crazy. …Losterer, Frsustraterer.

    At 35 its got to be so much harder coming back. The knee gets better but the rest of you gets older.

  12. Not really what I wanted to see, but not surprising either. It’s a little concerning, but being able to win in straights when playing well below par is never really a bad thing, even if he was a bit lucky to do so.

    The Berdych is a great one for Fed to use as a measuring stick. I’d like to see a good 5 setter or so, usually I would hate to see one before a final but realistically that’s not happening this tournament, and it would be a good experience for Fed to go through at this point to help him get the match time and just the experience of it again for the year ahead. A win regardless of set count and I’ll be happy to call the tournament a success, reaching round 4 after 6 months out would be really quite nice, especially beating Berdych on the way. I think I give Fed the edge just, but it’s really close either way. The only way this tournament could have been a disaster is if Fed got re-injured or blown out by now, so as long as it’s still competitive even a loss to Berdych wouldn’t be all that bad given the circumstances.

    We’ll see where it goes, I’m looking forward to it even if it isn’t a classic by any stretch. Movement will be key for Fed I think.

  13. Denis Istomin, wow, just wow, I thought you were going to lose 3 times 6-2 or 6-3. Respect dude, hope you come very far in the tour. Hope you even win it if the Goat is not around…

    Roger, please use this to your advantage. Don’t let Sir Andrew Barron Murray and his awful mom make use of this.

    And lastly… where was THIS Satan when he plays Roger??

    1. Now Istomin is doping because Djoker and Fed gave them their stash (they share on tour) cause they can’t use for 1 year.

  14. That could possibly be one of the biggest upsets in the modern era. Clean hitting from Istomin all the way through and he just zoned in on the fifth set. Thanks for saving our eyes from another Novak/Andy final πŸ˜€

  15. Hey everyone!
    I’m Joey from the past. XD Remember when I had a bet with a lot of you guys that when Djoko hits late twenties he would not have the motivation to win anymore? It was 2 years ago, I guess. Here it is!

    1. I remember your Youssed name commenting I think, but not Joey tbh..

      Looks like you were right although still early days, some sort of decline inevitable I guess, he has been around a while…

      1. The weird thing I’m finding is what Djoker is saying after these losses. Ever since these below standard performances and getting involved with his meditation thing/Pepe Imaz, he is giving the media very wishy washy existential answers.

        Many press saying how this is a masterclass in losing with grace and sure, he’s a classy loser but it’s looking like he’s having an emotional disconnection with the sport at the moment.

      2. Yeah, I know it’s still early days, Jon. He still probably has two slams left in him but he is definitely not a threat to Roger’s throne.

        As for your comment Alysha, he’s far from a gracious loser, on the contrary. He’s just acting because he knows that all eyes are on him but he will lose it one day like he lost it before several times (swearing crowd in Serbian and what not)

  16. well hey there! Was going in an exam at 5-5 in the second, thought that Djoker was gonna roll through him… Was Istomin very good or Djoker very bad?

    1. Combination of both. Istomin extremely clutch and hit about every single line out there. Reminded me alot of Stan when he plays Novak and just goes for his shots. Novak’s form hasn’t been consistent since Wimbledon. AO becomes interesting again now that he’s out. Who makes the final on that side of the draw? I’ve got Nadal. Would be hilarious and also equally painful to watch Murray be denied in yet another final without Novak.

      1. Has Fed suddenly become a dark horse after all these events?
        If he could get his rust off his play, he might well be one.

  17. What an upset, wow. I thought that Istomin is one of those guys, who could beat anyone, if a set had got only the maximum five games; he rarely be able to put a couple of good sets together, until tonight. Wow. Strangely, somewhere at my heart, I felt a tinge of warmness towards Nole πŸ™‚ .
    Andy’s ankle is bruised? it might bother him.

    1. Yeah he hit the ball very nicely. Does he back it up in the next round? Recent history would say no, Brown, Stak, Querrey, Fiasco all lost I think. Only Soderling I can think of who won the next round recently?

  18. So… Djok is out, Murray has an injury scare, and I’m risking to bet RF to win AO.
    (oops forgot Raonic guy, he is 3rd)

  19. In the unlikely event that Roger wins this, he might need to beat seeds 10, 5, 1, 4 and then 3 now that djok is out. Wonder how many times anyone has won a slam by beating five of the top 10, and four of the top 5? As I say speculation as not at all likely with where our man is now and of course other upsets possible.

    1. Dimitrov is now a shorter price to win than Fed. So no chanceI I am spending time looking up this stat πŸ˜† I’ll wait for someone at the ATP to tweet it minutes after it happens!

  20. Hi, guys!

    First off, I am glad that Roger is back and playing again. Did anyone notice that Roger is playing with a new racquet? Is it a slightly bigger head? It could explain this better serving and his better backhand while he’s still struggling with the forehand?

    This my breakdown in terms of what grade I’ll give Roger based on how well he’ll do in the tournament;

    1st round – if he lost, he’d get a 0
    2nd round – since he won, so far it’s still only an F overall.
    3rd round – he now has earned a solid D. πŸ™‚
    4th round – if he beats Berdych, he’ll earn a solid C. πŸ™‚
    QF – if he mandates to beat Berdych and Nishikori, that would earn him a very good B.
    SF – if he somehow miraculously beats Berdych, Nishikori AND #1 Andy Murray back to back – you have to give him an A

    I am not going to go even beyond that because that would more than good enough all things considering. I am not going to even mention that Djokovic lost today because I can totally see Roger following suit tonight but let’s see. ?

    1. Racquet is just cosmetic. 97sq”, no chance he goes bigger. Wouldn’t make a difference anyway really, when you go from 90 to 98 then there is some difference on off center hits. But 98 to 100? Not as much.

      Should he go lighter though? That’s an interesting one…

      I think your scoring is far too harsh, has to make semis to get an A :S

  21. Hmm, disposing of waiting time, diff ways of spending it – as for me I read this blog every hour…
    Well writing too is fair enough :-/ Roger has a big A just for coming back and giving us Fed-time – win or lose!!!!
    Read what Rubin says about his game. Also watch Matt’s saying in a video why he is so loved!!! All possible support for keeping him!!!!!!!

  22. Why oh why Djokovic do you start to tank now. Why not a year or two ago? Thought he’d pull off the win in the 5th so off to bed. Looks like the tide is changing. Wonder what Becker is thinking while at home picking his nose. Sport can be cruel.
    Maybe the court is too fast for Novak? Ball skidding off the court.

    Damn, night match for Fed. Too late for me. If Fed doesn’t get his fh working…

    Still thinking Raonic is the dark horse. Not just another pretty face and big serve.

    1. Yeah suprising loss. Istomin can play though, awkward customer. Who did he play that awesome game against once, was it Djoker in AO? I think he was losing badly but just reeled off like 4 or 5 epic shots in a row.

    2. Was it a daytime match, and hot? (shows how much interest I’ve been taking!) We’ve seen Djokovic struggle with the heat before now.

    3. Djoko was doping… Doping federation banned him from using doping, allowed him to play without it.
      I could be 90% sure about that.

  23. Fed can’t be a very dark “dark horse” at this level. He’s like a “tan horse”. Or maybe a little sickly – like a “green horse”.

    I think his best shot at exploiting the Nole crash (running on since RG) was Wimby last year – he pulled a miracle on Cillic and should never have let Milos go.

    Fed’s best bet to exploit the Nole crash is to go for the Trump of coaches and hire Boris.

    1. Thanks Alb ? – But having the upper hand vs Milos in Wimbledon 16 he shouldn’t suddenly have stumbled and fallen and leaving us all feder-less for a long long time –

  24. I’ve just looked at Roger and Tomas’s GS plus Olympics head-to-head results. It appears that Roger has never lost the big ones to Tomas in odd years; all those losses were in the even years – 2004 Olympics, 2010 Wimbledon and 2012 USO. The signs are looking good πŸ™‚ for the GOAT.

      1. Given the circumstances, Roger shouldn’t be winning the match but from a pure tactical analysis do you think it disadvantages Roger if they play at night? All of Roger’s wins in Melb over Tomas have come in the day time if I’m not mistaken.

      2. I will bet for Fed to win in 4.
        I think 5 setter is likely.
        I don’t think someone will win in 3. No chance.

    1. “if the sample is big enough it can give us an idea of how shaky Federer’s racket gets when the Swiss enjoys a break point opportunity”

      That sounds like our Roger πŸ™‚

      Plus you’ll need to add a factor for the fact that he’s probably forgotten how to play the big points over the last 6 months …

    1. O my goodness. That bouncing. Wow.

      He should just pull out a cigarette and light up before the serve. It would be less noticeable and the nicotine would engender the calming effect quicker.

      Couldn’t you just see Nole stretching across to hit that return with a cigarette in his mouth??

  25. A sweet taste of the first blood πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ from the shoot-out. Two more of the same please πŸ™‚ .
    Allez Roger!

  26. The sweeter taste of the second drop of the blood πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . Just one more please πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .
    Allez Roger!

    1. Today Gang…. you are allowed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ If Roger would have lost, I would have had to break up with my Berdy and you know I am his only fan in the universe right πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. I’m so glad you’re doubly happy, Katyani πŸ™‚

        *Really* didn’t expect that sort of scoreline.

      2. Haha Alison πŸ™‚ Lets just hope that Roger didn’t peak too early like Sue Barker once said at Wimby….

        You better not Roger, don’t let Muzza take advantage of Satan being gone you here me

  27. Rogerrrrrrrr Thank you for saving my relationship with Berdy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Phew πŸ™‚
    Don’t worry Goat, you are still the only one πŸ™‚

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