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Federer Makes Winning Start at US Open

Hey all, very solid match for the GOAT here as he opened his US Open campaign with a 6-3 6-4 7-6 (7/4) win over loud mouth Aussie Marinko Matosevic. Not quite the return of Darth Federer we were expecting as Fed took to the court in some white Michael Jordan inspired tennis shoes as part of a Nike PR drive but it was still a very clinical performance and a great start to the tournament.

It certainly wasn't the quickest 1st round match at a slam Fed has played but he was extremely comfortable from start to finish and in fairness it could have have been even more of a one sided scoreline had Fed not dropped his serve at the end of the third set. A slight lapse in that game but he didn't flinch winning the tie break from 1-3 behind was good stuff. He also managed to finish it with a hang time smash πŸ˜€

Quick Match Recap

Federer defeats Matsoevic US Open

Matosevic won the toss and elected to receive. No way he was confident enough to kick off the match with a very pro Federer crowd and Michael Jordan onlooking so he decided to give the honour to his slightly more experience opponent πŸ˜›

Roger started in cruise control on serve, placing it well on both sides of the court and generally looking untroubled. Matosevic on the other hand was having to work that bit harder and Fed had several half chances early doors with a number of 30 alls. ‘Mad Dog', as he's know back in Australia, however held his end up well until 3-4 where Roger reeled off an awesome lob and a sweet backhand winner to bring up his first break point. Matosevic saved that one with a jamming serve but when Fed got the 2nd he double faulted to fall 3-5 behind. Roger then served it out to love to take the first set.

Dropping the first set was never going to be a good thing for Marinko and by this point he'd already started talking to himself whenever he lost a point. ‘You gotta be fucking kidding me' ‘I feel rushed, he plays too fast' to name but a few of his remarks on the baseline or at the changeover.

Despite his antics between points Matosevic's level stayed pretty consistent in the 2nd set and he again held firm until the business end of things where he was broken at 3-3. A love hold then gave Roger a 5-3 lead and he should have broken to seal the set, getting to 0-40 with a genius lob and then a beautifully controlled backhand but slack returning allowed Matosevic to hold. No big deal though as Fed again served it out with ease 6-4.

Into the third and with Matosevic's hopes fading he began to swing that bit more freely. He actually has a big game and Roger had to save break points early in the set to keep parity. Missing those early chances looked to spell the end for Matosevic though when he played a very poor service game at 3-3 to get broken. This time around though there was no quickfire consolidation from Fed as he dropped serve right back and ended up having to take the set into a tie break.

Matosevic got the upper hand in this one for a 3-1 lead but some weak errors let Fed get his nose back in front and he finally sealed the deal 7 points to 4 with a sweet Jordan-esque jump smash. Made up for the one he tried earlier in the match which went about 20 feet long πŸ˜†

Match Stats

Stats Marinko Matosevic Roger Federer
Aces 3 10
Double faults 4 1
1st serves in 71/120 (59 %) 60/87 (69 %)
1st serve points won 44/71 (62 %) 53/60 (88 %)
2nd serve points won 26/49 (53 %) 15/27 (56 %)
Fastest serve 123 MPH 128 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 113 MPH 116 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 93 MPH 96 MPH
Net points won 27/57 (47 %) 22/30 (73 %)
Break points won 1/3 (33 %) 3/14 (21 %)
Receiving points won 19/87 (22 %) 50/120 (42 %)
Winners 26 41
Unforced errors 44 28
Total points won 89 118


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Serving vs. Matosevic US Open 2014

I'm happy I came through. It was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be in the third set when I had a break. But it's always good to win tie-breaks.

A very solid win for Roger and for the 1st round of a slam this was a pretty testing encounter. Matosevic is probably better than his ranking suggests and he's been able to go toe to toe with decent players before so I think Fed did well to get this one done in straights, especially in the third set tie breaker when he fell 3-1 behind.

Matosevic's problem is that he's far too reactive to things on court and wastes too much energy talking to his box or himself in between points. This costs him when it really comes to the crunch as he never quite played to his best level on the bigger points. Had he zoned in then he could have probably got a set as his tactic of serve / volley worked pretty well in the third set. He wasn't forcing the issue as such but he was definitely in the mix for quite a few of the rallies, Fed just moves too well and has too much guile for him.

As for Roger he did a good of managing his own game and never allowed Marinko's antics to disrupt his own rhythm or play. It was pretty obvious Matosevic was trying to slow down points on his own service games but it didn't really work. The Federer forehand wasn't at it's best on the night but the serve, backhand and all round court craft were pretty much bang on. I mean we got a tweener albeit off a dead ball, some ridiculously good lobs and at least 4 or 5 awesomely struck backhand winners. Some real crowd pleasing stuff there for the night session ticket buyers and for Michael Jordan who had spot reserved in Fed's box thanks to Nike and some footwear marketing campaign they're working on.

Predictions vs. Groth

Predictions Federer vs Sam Groth

Tough to really predict how this one will pan out as they've never played but Groth is just a very big server with little else. This is his best ever result at a slam and he has no real results of note on his CV. In fact he's more of a doubles guy in terms of results and he's only ever been inside the top 100 in singles once for a few weeks earlier this year. The fact he can serve at 163MPH is clearly going to be his main weapon but a big serve doesn't mean a smart serve so I figure Fed will be all over it. He's conquered all comers in that department from Phillipousis back in the day to Raonic last week so Groth is likely to be another one on the list.

So looks like Fed will cruise this one from start to finish as there's now way Groth can hurt him on his own service games. Maybe a tie break will happen in one set but playing against Fed on Ashe (or Armstrong) is easily going to be Groth's biggest match of his career so I think Fed will be able to use that to his advantage and break when he needs to. Fed in 3: 6-2 6-4 6-2. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Federer played great especially in the second set, and Matosevic played good too, which made this an interesting match

  2. Bronze!!! On the podium! Hey great post although missing shot of the match!
    Great opener from Fed.. His groundies were very deep and pretty consistent. Court clearly but faster than last yr which helps his cause.. Serve awesome despite minor drop in 3rd set. BHDTL fantastic, pleasure to watch and his movement was good throughout. Good oppo for a first match as they hit a lot of balls so great for testing his rhythm!
    He is up for it, he wants this title, and he is going to fight for it!
    Quite liked the outfit until the husband told me Fed looks like a referee!!! Which slightly took the gloss off!
    Btw hoping for a day match next time, time difference is killing.
    Favourite shot Jonathan?
    Mine was the FH short flick cross court in set 1. Beautiful!
    I hear Edberg back Thurs as well! Allez

    1. I liked the “curling” fh dtl, the one where on replay the commentator said “it’s out, it’s out, it’s out…… it’s in”.

      1. The effortless backhand winner down the line at 5-3 0-15 in the second set, just before the tweener. Vintage Federer.

    2. Gonna have to ruin the party and hope that Fed plays more night matches as it suits Australian time peRFectly! Also so many genius shots on the backhand wing last night, racquet in combination with his confidence right now is paying huge dividends

    1. Claim your spot before reading or commenting. πŸ™‚
      Great match by Roger, except for the lapse in concentration in third. Moving great and the backhand is amazing. Should be easy till the quarters. Cannot wait for the finals on 8th.

    2. Ganesh you need to stop getting ahead of yourself. 5 matches to make the final.

      I dunno how you can be so confident, you disappear off live chat when Fed is looking vulnerable against Ferrer as you don’t wanna watch πŸ˜† now he’s a lock for the tournament.

      1. I have confidence in Roger making a final on hard courts when there is no dull to stop him in the semis. I wish I had the same confidence in me not wimping out when the matches get tense. πŸ™‚
        The match against Ferrer was more frustration in Roger throwing away another chance at a title this year. I am not very confident in Fed beating Djoker in the finals. I’m just hoping and praying that he does.

  3. I love that the USO is streaming their own matches, but it was a VERY choppy stream; not sure it was worth it. (And the commenting was pretty bad). But better than not seeing it at all. There were a few stretches where it seemed like Roger had a spate of UFEs, but overall for the first match on the surface, very encouraging. It was probably a surprise for him too to find that Matosevic’s game had improved in several areas since he last played him in Brisbane, so well done to him for adjusting to that. Very interesting that Matosevic actually came to net more often than Fed. I was glad to see Roger was able to buckle down & get it done in 3; I had some doubts for a bit there in the 3rd when he broke himself right back (but Matosevic just really wasn’t mentally up for it, was he?)

    Shirt is still too short. Thought the black outfit looked really silly with white shoes & socks. Even just black socks would have helped. Marinko’s outfit was better in that aspect, with the color of his laces picking up the color of his shirt.

    1. Hey Thinker, a good site for watching the US open and pretty much any tournament you desire is “livescorehunter”. The stream is generally pretty steady (although can have rough days ^^) and picture quality can be almost TV like!

      AJ3 shoes are very cool, he looks best with white socks and shoes if you ask me! The jet black shirt and shorts contrast nicely, sort of Darth Federer…

    2. Marinko looked like a mug or ‘mad dog’ as he is well known. Fitting Fed played him on National Dog Day…

    3. I’m not sure Matosevic has improved since Brisbane. His level was probably better in Brisbane, won a set and it was a QF.

      My stream had no commentary, so I could heard all Matosevic’s chat court side. Basically every point!

      I’m not a big fan of this outfit now I seen it on, USO 2007 is way better.

      1. Matosevic didn’t get nothing in Brisbane man, It was 6-1 6-1 complete domination from Fed. I think you are confounding with the Chardy matchup.

    4. Granted Brisbane was a QF, but I thought it was 6-1 6-1, & Fed was still getting used to the new racquet at the time….

  4. What an opportunity for Fed to win the US open, he is the best player in the world at the moment, has the best draw…couldn’t ask for more. Now it’s up to him to actually do it.

  5. Jonathan great post as always but I have to ask. Is federer gonna wear the black shoes in round 2 because he looks good in them but I prefer all black roger.

    1. Yeah, 2009 and 2010 he did it and then we all know what happened later… Hope this time will be different πŸ™‚

  6. Haven’t got chance to watch the match live and cached up some highlights…

    As usual thanks for the write up Jonathan…

    Fed seems hitting zone on back-end..could be because of opponent also, but he played very well in BH wing. bit disappointing on FH side…

    He is so funny on tie break question after match..

      1. ok i woke up at 430 AM and watched the match.. amazing BH passing shots i must say… but badly missing those FH and I/O FH..Good Lord.. when can i see those awesome I/O FH again?

  7. Hi Jonathan it was definitely worth staying up for (My other half thinks I am mad). His backhand was working a treat and the serving was wonderful – If I had one tiny niggle – I just wish he could make more of his break point chances the amount that seem to hit the net – it is so frustrating. But lovely to see him playing like this – hopefully we can have a day match as I want to see the day time outfit – love him inh black Onward and upward Allez Roger

    1. Yeah I can handle opening night match. Not looking forward to when he’s 2nd match on after WTA shit fest though where one of wins first set 6-0, goes 4-0 in 2nd then loses it 6-7 and the third goes to another tie break. Won’t be on till about 3AM!

  8. A fun game to watch. I do not like the black! It reminds me of something Murray or Joke would wear. I am glad he added the white shoes. Black socks just do not look right on the tennis court.

  9. Good start, manage to catch final set. Nearly tripped over the finishing line but solid overall. Important that Roger shorten his time on court. Got to continue focusing on holding serves. Go Roger!!!

  10. I don’t see Roger on the schedule for Thursday. Hmmm…Friday. Just want him to get sufficient rest between matches.
    Matosevic certainly is entertaining. Tweener butt shot, never seen that before!
    I like the black but again the shirt is too short and baggy. What happened to Nike not a proper fit. I see Roddick wants a pair of those tennis sneakers.

  11. Sucks to watch Stan vs Thomaz. I like them both. I’ve only watched him twice, but Bellucci is a really cool character.

    1. Looked pretty one sided to start with. Big time screw ups by Stan and it looks bad for him now. Could be going into a fifth. Hope not. So much for a tough draw for Djoker. Come on Stan! Allez!!

      1. Yeah, Stan needs to be careful here at 5-5 in the fourth. Already squandered two match points. And now he loses his cool, and gets the crowd against him. If he loses the fourth, well, good luck in the fifth.

  12. Good stuff, Jonathan. Just got back from the Open – got to see Janowicz, Dimitrov, and Gulbis…all entertaining in their own right. I made a trip to the Nike store onsite to see if the Fed Jordan kicks were available but of course they were sold out already. A guy who worked in the store said that he won’t be wearing those again – it was a special 1 time thing with Jordan in the house. He’ll be going with the black sneaks in all night matches going forward. Darth Federer will be in full effect.

    As for the match against Matosevic. Backhand was flowing, but I def agree with you Jonathan that the forehand wasn’t in full flight. Didn’t feel like he hit alot of winners off that wing or hitting it that big in general. Watching Stan right now pummelling some forehands in contrast, against Bellucci. Another thing that wasn’t great was that he didn’t seam quite as eager to come to net as he has been lately. 30 approaches is decent, but I didn’t feel that same attacking mindset as in recent tourneys. Perhaps he’ll get back to that when Edberg makes his appearance in round 2 and onward. But overall, can’t complain for a first rounder – solid performance as a whole.

    1. Ahh you remind me of my trip to the Open last year. Probably best atmosphere in a crowd perspective and pretty well organised to an extent, still personally feel AO does it one better. Yeah Fed’s FH lost some of its effect with the racquet change it would appear.

      1. I should setup a tournament event calendar where you can say whether you are attending.

        We can also have a request feature if you want to go and would like a peRFect Tennis reader to meet up with.

        What sorta thing you after Rakhesh for Aussie Open? Tall Blonde 25-30? Must have single handed backhand? Non smoker?

        Will see what I can do πŸ˜†

      2. I am planning to go for AO next year (flight, hotel, and match ticket already in hand). Just need to work on Visa then everything is ready. Got the match ticket for 19-26Jan, all night session. Really hope to get a lot of Roger’s match.

        Jonathan, the tournament event calender is a good idea, esp request feature πŸ™‚

      3. Alysha – agree that the FH overall has dropped a bit with the new racquet, but it seemed to me that he turned the corner in Toronto and Cincy and was starting to use it more effectively and hit it bigger. Maybe felt like it took a slight step backwards in the Matosevic match, but in all fairness it was just one match in a new tourney, new surface so I probably should wait a few matches before judging.

      4. @Rakhesh: Not sure if I’ll be going next year, I already went this year so will have to see depending on work etc but would be cool to meet some of you guys if you were planning on coming!

        @Amar: Sweet, first week. Aussie Open is starting quite late next year. BTW have tickets already been released? Normally come out sometime early October.

      5. Amar and Alysha – what’s the deal with the multi-day passes? I’d like to see Fed as many times as possible and definitely agree with the first week approach, but am not sure whether to buy individual tickets or the RLA first week package. I’m not sure I fully understand the package! This might be because I’m incredibly hung over and in the middle of the Gobi Desert right now.

        I might get some QF tickets and flog them if he doesn’t make it that far.

      6. Alysha,
        Pre sale for AO membership is starting this month. For the multi day passes is already closed. For single session will be closed at 1st sept

        For the multi pass for RLA there are several options to choose
        First week (19-22jan) package, day or night session AUD 310
        Middle weekend (23-26jan) package, day or night session AUD 500
        QF (27-28) package, day or night session
        SF package
        Final Package

        You can also buy single session, i think it is vary from AUD 80 – 125 for first week to mid weekend. Not sure about the QF, SF, and F.

      7. Ah i see, thanks for that! I normally buy a ground pass and then some RLA or Hisense single sessions when they are released and then when the draw is released and the OOP comes out each day I’ll try to get single session tickets. Ticketek also has a great market trade when the Open starts so you can swap tickets with fans to make sure you get to see who you want. Hard to really buy tickets now and get guaranteed to see Fed until next January, all about chance really. Good luck!

    2. Hey Phil,

      Cool, decent win or Dimitrv but Harrison is a joke these days. He had loads of hype a few years ago but got nowhere.

      I bet they made a mint on those shoes, what was the price point? I’m guessing like $180? I can’t bring myself to buy anything from the shops in the ground, joke prices.

      Did you see Fed live too?

      I would think coming to net against Matosevic isn’t easy as he takes it pretty early, maybe that kept him back.

      1. Yeah man, Harrison is def a big disappointment. He was supposed to be the next big thing in American tennis, but that’s not going to happen at this point. He doesn’t seem to have the work ethic that you need to be a top player on the tour…can easily drop 10-15 pounds. I’d say he’s an above average talent – good serve and forehand, but consistently poor court positioning combined with lack of fitness is a bad combo. He did play a good 2nd set against Dimitrov, even served for the set at 5-4, but once he got broken there and lost the breaker, it was over. I was pulling for Dimitrov anyway, so all good.

        I didnt ask the Nike guy how much those shoes went for but my bet is $200. Way overpriced. I was hoping there was going to be a black version as well, but that’s not the case.

        Didnt see Fed’s first match live in person. If 2nd round is a night session, I may make my way out there, but I’m eyeing a potential quarter against Dimitrov as the match to go to.

      2. I missed out on seeing Fed live in NY and probably now never will as I waited for the later rounds and we all know how that worked out :D. I’d probs go to 2nd round as it’s a guarantee, you never know what could happen to both Fed or Dimitrov

      3. Good height for quickstep would be preferable. Being a bald man, I cannot get too fussy about hair colour but have been known to date blondes, brunettes, redheads and jet-blackers (Sri Lankan natives like myself). Non-smoking single-hander preferred but two-handers also considered.

        But seriously, it would be awesome to set up a meet! I’m hoping to move to Australia next year and get the impression it could be my last opportunity to catch some good performances from the Fed at the best-organised major of the lot! Get that calendar going, Jonathan! We can all wear Color13 t-shirts!

  13. Nicely done Roger (and Jonathan for that matter)! πŸ˜€

    Roger looked pretty good out there except for that blip in the third set. No doubt in my mind Matosevic’s interaction with MJ was all gamesmanship and made Fed lose concentration but not totally his fault. This is exactly what I’m talking about with Roger making sloppy mistakes or losing concentration. Sure he got away with it this time but if that were to happen if he was playing a more quality opponent, he would be in danger of his lead slipping away from him. Other than that though, it was a very solid showing for a first round match and it looks like he’s building on the momentum he gained in Toronto and Cincy. Some jaw-dropping backhand volley pickups from the Maestro that can only be done by the man himself! Looked like he was showing off to Jordan huh?

    Am slightly disappointed about the return of Darth Fed, those Air Jordans are pretty neat but it was the first time Darth Fed had come out of hiatus since what 2007? Would’ve been nice if it was done properly. Nevertheless, if he keeps playing like this, it doesn’t matter what kit he’s wearing. Onto the next one!

    1. Yeah Matosevic was taking way too much time between points trying to slow it down. Least Fed came back from a tough spot in the breaker though.

      Phil said he won’t be wearing the Air Jordans again, they’ll be up for auction on his site soon doubt.

      1. Yeah, assuming the worker at the Nike store on site knows what he’s talking about, wearing the Jordans was a one time thing.

      2. Yep, the whole evening was a Nike PR event!
        Btw, while we are on requests, can we hv a return to point of the match or does copyright get in the way??

      3. USO takes stuff down so it’s hard to even get the content in the first place to even put it up. Then if I do, it gets taken down.

        It’s also time consuming to do a post and video, if someone else wants to make videos and upload them, they can and I will post them here…

  14. I just saw some videos of Groth. He seems like a decent player, with a great serve and good feel at the net. How is he ranked so low? Is anyone else a bit worried.

    1. Groth has won all of 6 matches this and has lost 9. That explains his ranking. He has to play the match of his life and the real Roger has to not show up for us to really worry. Stop worrying for the next few rounds. 2 guys with big serves and not much else followed by a grinder without any weapons to hurt Roger. Gets difficult from the Quarters on.

    2. I have seen some highlights too after doing this post. Groth is gonna look to come to the net so Fed will have to be sharp with this passing shots tonight. Maybe it will be an interesting match.

      Groth’s first serve is a bomb but his 2nd delivery isn’t that good from what I have seen, flat and into the middle of the service box. Serves a little like Roddick in terms of height and build and we all know how that one ends up.

      I also think his temperament is questionable, looks like he gets frustrated very quickly. Hard to be worried.

    1. Huh? Won’t they already have started the 3rd round by then? I did console myself with the thought that if Roger wasn’t playing today he’d at least be playing early tomorrow, but I guess I was wrong πŸ™

      1. Okay, I was wrong there, but what sort of tournament is it if they’re still playing round 2 six days in – and without any serious delays due to weather? *And* they play 3-set men’s doubles …

      2. Bad scheduling as always in USO. Their great idea to adjust the scheduling so that the final doesn’t spill over from Sunday to Monday? Schedule the Final to be on Monday!!! From 5 PM no less. Morons.

      3. First round men’s spans 3 days, that is the real problem. In the past, this would lead to a Saturday/Sunday men’s semi and final (though in the past 4 yrs roughly, the final was pushed back to Monday due to rain anyway). It was all to max TV profits of course cause they promoted the “Super Saturday” which had the 2 men’s semis followed by the women’s final. With the physicality in the men’s game now, its too much to ask for the men to play semis and finals back to back days, thats why they pushed the final to monday this year. I remember Agassi got screwed in 2002 where he lost to Sampras in the final in Sampras’ last match. Sampras played the first semi on Saturday and won easy, whereas Agassi had a physically grueling semi against Hewitt. The next day, Agassi didn’t have much in the tank for the finals.

        Next year and going forward, this all will change though. First round will be 2 days only…semis will be friday and finals Sunday…which obviously makes alot more sense.

    2. Someone help me understand. So, if Roger plays today – and considering he keeps winning – he plays next on Sunday. Then, from Tuesday through Sunday, he plays four matches in six days.

      Four matches in six days?!? I mean, I know that the USTA is the most stupid tennis organization in the world, but this is a joke.

      1. If and its a big IF fed goes on to win the tournament, he will play friday, sunday, tuesday, thursday, saturday and monday. This year the final is going to be on monday. So, he won’t be playing 4 matches in 6 days. He’ll have a day gap before every match unless the weather doesn’t screw things up

      2. Slight mistake. Fed doesn’t have to WIN the tournament to play 7 matches. He could do that by reaching the final

        anyway, bottom line is he doesn’t have to play 4 matches in 6 days

      3. Hugely dependent on weather, if it rains next week, Fed could end up playing back to back semi and final like Djoker two years ago.

  15. 7pm NY time is peRFect for me. just get home from work to see the match. When you think about it, most of the tournaments are in Europe so I miss a lot.
    Lots of players retiring in their matches. What that all about?

    1. “I wanted to jump up, but then I, I was like, just stay calm”

      It’s amazing how composed they have to stay out there, with all the amazing things going on around them.

      No Nadal in there? I heard he made a special request to the ATP for a ball boys to tug his behind for him, so he can focus on serving.

    2. Does it make me a terrible person that I’m dying to hear the “stories that ballpersons would rather not repeat to the press about some not-so-nice players”?

      Although I loved the story about Kim too & would welcome more of those. What a treasure trove, really, of stories from these ball-retrievers.

      Fascinating, though, that people who’ve been doing this for years, are clearly not going to make a career of it, and clearly are doing all right financially, still make the effort to spend their vacation time being a ballboy or ballgirl.

      1. [still make the effort to spend their vacation time being a ballboy or ballgirl

        It must be love πŸ™‚

  16. Look to what the scumbag Groth said: “Sometimes Federer is not that kind of player, like Rafael Nadal, who fights on each and every point. I don’t really know how to explain what I mean. I really don’t want to say that it is easier to face Roger than it is to face Nadal, but surely Federer decides to gives his best if and when he is pushed by his opponent.
    You’re right, Federer is not like The Dull, thank God!

    1. You are misinterpreting what Groth said. Groth has failed to understand how these two play, but in a very clear way, ended up giving a huge compliment to Roger Federer. And I’ll tell you why.

      It’s got to do with ability. Federer has way too many weapons, and a variety of ways to win a point. He doesn’t need to adopt a playing style where he has to push at every moment. Nadal on the other hand has to, or must fight every point because there really aren’t many ways for him to win a point.

      It appears Federer is not playing hard. That’s not true. Federer stays very close to the baseline, and plays the ball very early. His game revolves around smooth, gliding movement. The the barest of opportunities, he finds a way to finish the point. In everything his does, there is zero wasted movement, or energy. His timing is close to perfect, given the type of racquet and grip he was using, and the rotations he puts on the ball.

      You cannot, you simply cannot play tennis more efficiently than Roger Federer does!

      If he were to start returning from way behind the baseline, then camp there throughout the point, he will have to run hard, and hit hard. That’s not him.

      Don’t think too much of what Groth said πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah, it’s a fair comparison, not a dig. Nothing out of the ordinary.

        Why hasn’t the match started yet? All centre court day matches are done. Are they waiting for the Karlovic match to get over?

  17. Nice article, Gaurav.
    The break points were an issue again. Roger certainly does well against the big servers though. Winner off a 142 mph serve. Pretty impressive. He probably wishes he was playing Karlovic. Loved the black shoes.

    1. Thanks Sue.

      Regarding break points, I think he can be excused given that was playing a monster server. 5/11 is a great ratio, mind you. It’s 1/2.

    2. I don’t know about if he’d rather play Karlovic, Granollers will give him a lot more rallies, haven’t too many of those. Could/ should get his rhythm going πŸ™‚

  18. This is a good win! I am surprised that Sam Groth is ranked outside top 100, as he is clearly capable of volleying and playing rallies in addition to serving big. Roger stood firm, returned well and moved well in addition to serving well. Bring on the next round!
    Allez Roger!

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