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Federer Sees Off Mannarino in Basel

Hey guys, Roger is finally back in action and got his Basel campaign underway with a win defeating Adrian Mannarino 6-4 6-2 in 1 hour and 11 minutes.

In a relatively one sided affair Fed didn't really have to do much to get the win and despite a couple of shaky moments I thought he played pretty well. Still evidently far from his confident best but he moved well enough and broke his opponents serve 4 times to make a quickfire job of things in his hometown.

Of course Mannarino was never going to offer the toughest form of resistance but based on recent matches it wasn't impossible he'd cause a few problems so I'm happy Roger wasn't too slow out of the blocks and got the job done.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Basel 2013 1st Round

As is often the case Roger started soundly breaking the Mannarino serve and then holding easily to move into a 2-0 lead, as we've become accustomed to though he relinquished his advantage quickly as Mannarino reeled off 3 straight games to lead 3-2.

It was a very poor service game from Roger to drop serve, again something that's been a pattern all year, a solid hold is followed up by a sloppy game with too many errors. Against Mannarino it's not a big deal but it needs snuffing out as it will cost him.

At 3-3 it was Mannarino's turn to throw in a ropey service game as he slipped to 15-40, the first break point ended with an awful shanked pass from Roger and it looked like we were going to get more wastefulness but on his second he ran around a backhand on the return to blast a forehand winner. It was nice to see and certainly full of intent.

No more hiccups from the Federer racquet after that point onwards in the first set and he took it 6-4 despite only making 46% of his first serves.

The second set was always going to be a foregone conclusion against someone like Mannarino as he's not the type of player to fight his way out of a hole and it felt like he was just happy to be there after he dropped the first set.

Roger wasted a break point in Mannarino's first service game and then another 2 passed him by at 1-1 which was a little disappointing. The points to setup the break points were awesome just again he was lacking execution on the ones that matter most.

At 2-2 another break point came his way and he finally capitalised to take the upper hand, 3-2 soon became 4-2 and by this point Mannarino had all but given up. Another break soon followed and Fed served it out comfortably to take the match 6-2 6-4.

Match Stats

Stats R. Federer A. Mannarino
Aces 3 1
Double Faults 2 2
1st Serve % 51% 49%
1st Serve Points Won 22/25 (88%) 22/31 (71%)
2nd Serve Points Won 14/24 (58%) 11/32 (34%)
Break Points Saved 0/1 (0%) 9/13 (69%)
Service Games Played 9 9
1st Return Points Won 9/31 (29%) 3/25 (12%)
2nd Return Points Won 21/32 (66%) 10/24 (42%)
Break Points Won 4/13 (31%) 1/1 (100%)
Return Games Played 9 9
Total Service Points Won 36/49 (73%) 33/63 (52%)
Total Return Points Won 30/63 (48%) 13/49 (27%)
Total Points Won 66/112 (59%) 46/112 (41%

Still not winning enough cheap points on serve but early days.

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Basel 2013 Entrace

Overall a fairly solid performance from Roger, in some ways the match was pointless as Mannarino offered little resistance so it was hard to gauge where Roger is at right now. He's still clearly low on confidence as we saw when he dropped serve and made some poor shot selections on a few points but he got the win and that's all that really matters.

Whether Mannarino is any good or not doesn't matter really as Roger had to come out and play the match regardless, he couldn't just refuse and say he wanted a tougher test 😀 so getting the win is the best he possibly could have done.

I personally would like to have seen some more free points on serve as they were lacking, Roger's serve is usually even more reliable indoors due to the conditions but it still wasn't quite firing.

But like I said you can't draw too many conclusions from a match like this because it's too early, Roger schooled Mannarino at the US Open but then got straight setted by a clay court mug like Robredo so there's no point getting ahead of ourselves.

On the plus side the forehand looked pretty solid and powerful throughout, we saw a sweet backhand smash winner which is always fun and he returned quite aggressively.

As for Mannarino unfortunately he has no real power in his game to do any lasting damage and he also plays pretty casually, that's not always a bad thing but I get the feeling he isn't going to really tough it out should he need to.

Predictions vs. Zeballos / Istomin

Next up is either Denis Istomin or Horacio Zeballos and I believe the match will be on Thursday. Zeballos has won as many ATP titles as Roger this year so he can't be underestimated but he's primarily a clay court specialist. Because of that I'd probably pick Istomin to come through as he has a decent hard court game and played well at this years US Open.

Istomin will be a tricky opponent indoors if he does get through because his big-ish serve and groundstrokes can do damage on a quicker court. I make Federer favourite as he beat him comfortably earlier this year in Indian Wells 6-2 6-3 but it won't be as easy as the Mannarino match that's for sure.

I think Roger will have to sharpen up a little and I'd like to see him just play a much cleaner match, I don't care if there's no special shots or ridiculous volleys I'd like a match where he doesn't drop serve and just closes it out comfortably.

This one is just another stepping stone to something bigger though in my eyes, he is still very much expected to win against either of those guys and I feel he really needs a match against a Top 10 player where the bookies are making it a coin flip or even putting Roger in as the underdog.

Berdych is the ideal opponent here in Basel strangely enough, as he currently has a bit of an edge in the last few meetings (wins at the USO 2012 and Dubai 2013) so it'd be a huge confidence boost if Roger were to win if they did play. Of course that's a big ask as Berdych causes him a ton of problems but I feel like he might just be that bit over tennised this year giving Fed a good shot of taking him out.

PS. I've brought back match reviews, you can now also rate Roger's matches out of 5 stars, get voting and let me know what you thought of his performance in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Woohoo! I didn’t watch the match tonight, won’t have any free evenings until the end of the week. Here’s hoping Fed gives me a reason to be watching at the weekend!

        Your statement about needing a win against a player he’s not expected to beat is bang on. I only used to get nervous about one opponent; I’d like for him to at least get me back to those days!

  1. Didn’t watch the match, but from what I’ve read here it was OK (3/5 from me). Roger needs to win a few matches in a row now to get some momentum and hopefully win the title. From there he could go a lot more confident to Paris and probably London 🙂

    1. Yeah it was average, did enough to win so can’t complain. Still looking quite edgy though, not always confident he’s going to win the point like you were last year.

      Winning here is a big ask I think but stranger things have happen, heck even a chick with a 2 handed forehand won a slam this year 😛

      1. And with a really ugly serve to round it off. Amazing that someone with an IQ of 175 doesn’t understand simple things like economy of motion, conservation of energy.

    1. A respectable third 😀

      You didn’t miss much really man, some ok points, hit a nice BH smash and 2 good passing shots.

      I’ll be putting up highlights shortly.

      1. 😀
        Thank for the recap and the post.
        I really like the star rating thing.
        Cant wait for the highlights.

  2. Cldnt watch it but like Sid, am frustrated by the number if break points he generates, and then fails to convert! 4/13 is pretty poor. Needs addressing. Other than that, pretty solid! Istomin can be tricky but not really an indoor player.
    Fed already leapfrogged over Stan! The only way is up!

    1. Yeah he hit some great shots to setup break points but yet again clowned up on when he had makeable shots to take them. 4 outta 13 ain’t so bad though.

      1. Considering he won 48% of return points, it implies he is supposed to win a much lesser percentage of break points. So, 4/13 isn’t bad. But, 4/13 against someone like Mannarino is bad.

  3. Ps wld therefore give him 2 stars on breakpoint conversion. Needs to get that ruthlessness, don’t mess with me back!

    1. Never been ruthless though on break points just what you’d called “good enough”.

      He’s winning as many points as he always was, just failing to convert and save break points that little bit less, making a big difference to his results.

      Like you said all boils down to the serve.

  4. From the stats it looks like nothing much has changed. 51% first serves in (not great even if serving under pressure against a great server/returner), lost the only break point against and converting 4 of 13 break points.
    The serve has to be working much better and better performance on key points is a must to win against Berdych and others.

    1. Yeah can’t say it was a big improvement. Similar level to Seppi match maybe but of course Mannarino nowhere near as good as Seppi.

      Anyway, 1 match at a time, let’s see what he can do. Allez!

    1. “You can’t win 17 grand slams, some say, without being a fighter down to your shoelaces. But what if you’re simply an awful lot better than everyone else?”

      All those stupid people who make the weak era argument and sound stupid saying it, need to read those two lines.

      I’m not sure why the writer thinks that Nadal possesses the chivalry and sportsmanship of Roger. I’ll have to disagree with him on that.

      1. I actually don´t think he means that, but mearly that Nadal returned the sportmanship from Federer, or the other way around, in regards to staying more friends than enemies despite their great rivalry.

      2. Yeah, we all know how Nadal conducted himself after his loss to Roger at Indian Wells 2012. What sportsman like acceptance of that loss.

        Also, we need to stop calling their rivalry great, or greatest. It was a rivalry forged on clay.

    2. Yes, great article – the title says it all. The article poses but does not really attempt to answer the questions: “Should we want him to stay or go? Is it greedy to hope for a few last moments of inspiration while the risk grows that he will be dragged towards mediocrity?… Should Federer go on?” But one comment is telling: Ali stayed too long in the ring and it was ghastly. Watching him lose late in his career to Trevor Berbick was “like watching a prince leave town on the back of a dustcart.”

  5. Hi Jonathan

    Unfortunately did not get to see the match – they did not have a live stream on Bet 365 – Is there somewhere else I can watch a free live stream for his next match. Reading your report it looks like he needs to knuckle down on the break points – but really just pleased he won – hopefully with a little help from the good folks on perfect tennis I might get to watch his next match

    1. If you google Lemon TV they have a whole lot of links to streaming sites – better quality than Bet 365 too. If they have more than one site for a match the top one is usually the best. You have to banish a few ads but once done it’s fairly reliable.

    2. Trudi, has every match all year round.
      However, for High Definition, ad-free coverage, check ESPN3,
      ESPN3 broadcasts about 70% of the tourneys throughout the year with great quality & totally free, unlike tennis channel.

  6. First of all I must say I loved the outfit. He looked great. Makes that backhand smash look even more special 🙂 I’m lucky to be able to watch on TV for this tournament being in the same country, but it means I cannot easily join the live chat. I tried, but computer and TV are in different rooms so it was exhausting!

    I thought Roger looked nervous at the beginning, and a bit more relaxed later. He was sweating more than he usually does. One of the Swiss commentators mentioned this and the other one said “well it is hot in here”. It occurred to me that this kind of match might actually be more difficult for him mentally than the tougher ones as he knows he should win, knows he’s expected to win, and has doubts in his own mind as to whether he can. At least with the tougher matches there’ll be more forgiveness from the press if he loses. Anyway, not his best match – there were moments of brilliance and moments of frustration – but the main thing is he won. Fingers crossed he can build on it and put away a few more wins before this tournament is over.

    1. Hey,

      Yeah I guess some pressure on him in front of his home fans. Just low on confidence right now for sure, gotta go on a streak to get it back.


  7. I didn’t get to watch it but based on the reviews I read online, his performance still has so much left to be desired. I guess we were used to his being the Mr. PeRFect that we can’t help but miss the old Federer. But just like any other Federista, a win is a win and that’s what matters most. I hope he wins all the way to the Finals and beyond!

    1. It was an ok performance, straight sets. He is of course under the microscope right now due to losing lots of matches so everything looks worse.

      I’m sure if he won Shanghai and USO after today many would say, great match got the job done, dropped serve because it was too easy. But of course he’s slumping so everything looks bad.


  8. Couldn’t watch, but a win is a win. I’m happy that Roger won, though his BP conversation rate and first serve percentage are killing me a bit 🙂

    But one match at a time. Allez.

  9. As Scooter says, a win is a win. I can hardly expect to be disappointed with a performance if the current Roger wins the match. It’s a relief, I’ll say now. Serve needs improvement, BPs are an issue, and I never felt he was dominant, despite the scoreline eventually, but why complain when Roger’s confidence is at ridiculously low levels?

    1. Not relieved he beat Mannarino as he sucks but a loss would have been a disaster so glad he avoided he that.

      Stepping stone to the next match, gotta piece them together.

  10. Hi Jonathan…i didnt get to see the match but am happy with the win. As long as Roger gets the W next to his name i am satisfied. Kets hope he can springboard to momentum of wins and go deep. It seems ages since you have done a post on Roger winning a tournament. Halle feels like a lifetime ago. Anyway hpoefully he can get another W and get through even hes not firing on all cylinders.
    Ps i like the new editions of star ratings etc. But one thing thats killing me is that i cant win a title here, am simply double faulting too much lol. 🙂 2014 will be a good year again for me. No pressure !!

    1. Yeah agreed, gotta string together some wins.

      Halle was a fluke too really, didn’t play his best there but got the job done somehow. Didn’t really give him a whole lot heading into Wimbledon though.

  11. So long ‘Ol Fart Fed’ is getting W, I am happy….baby steps baby steps. Sorry again I can’t resist new nickname and its going to stay a while

      1. Oh no, please, I implore you, not GOATerer. It kind of sounds like goat herder.

        And Dippy, you’re beyond repair man 🙂

  12. Not the cleanest of all matches but honestly who cares. Fed just needs to get past these matches and show up in the latter stages of the tournament. These matches aren’t’ going to do anything for his confidence so fans need to lay off the judgement and expect perfection, 4/13 ok it’s not the best but for Roger it’ll do. Right now, I like you am more perceptive to how Roger’s serve is going to be indoors, it’s key to everything else in his game. Also, I love the star rating feature, gives a good overview of the match. Also baby Fed Dimitrov finally showed up, looks like Rasheed partnership working well already, let’s see if he can do something at slams soon.

    1. p.s Nike finally turned it around with the outfits. Awesome kit! Bringing back the gold I see. Foreshadowing how this indoor season is going to go? I sure hope so!

  13. Star rating, reminds a bit of hotel booking 🙂 Cleanness , Location , Staff friendliness . No I like it its cool! I even managed to give 2,754 stars, cause the Manarino obstacle was low and I expect better stuff.
    F**k man this break point conversion % is not taking him far. We ve seen it all before. He got away with it with this French puppy , he ll get away with it probably with Istomin. Birdcap no way , and even Dimitrov if he is on a good day very tough. That’s why I say he s got to get lucky. First couple of breakpoints coming his way one way or another will make his life a lot easier .A couple of lost ones and then déjà vu nightmares there with him.
    Again as many of you said, chipping the second serves is very weak. How on earth will a heavy hitter like Birdych forgive weak short high returns of second serve. Ok Roger is not the best returner and Birdych no weak second serve , even Manarino was serving quite well. But still….
    I agree with Jonathan though that the game with Birdshit could be a new starting point. A couple of big points coming his way one way or another will knock down Bigbird . Come on Thomas be Feds boxing sack please.
    Jonathan can we rate blogs at Trip Advisor ? 🙂 5/5 from me.

    Trip Advisor No 1 blog out of 83.658.659 blogs worldwide.

    1. Jonathan, Owner at peRFect Tennis, responded to this review:

      Thanks for your kind words about our establishment. Hope you enjoyed your stay 🙂

      A trip advisor for blogs is a good idea man, you might just have a business idea there. Just need monetising.

      Just gotta see how Fed does round by round, can’t be too critical…


      1. Thanks Jonathan ,

        It s been a pleasure, although a bit of a heartbreak hotel lately.

        But I trust your words that this is about to change as I desperately need at least
        4+ stars for London 🙂

    2. Hey, so what’s with Cambler? You don’t gamble no more?

      By the way you can check out of PeRFect tennis anytime, but you can never leave 🙂

      1. Hahhahhaa Sid! so true.

        No , no betting anymore just tennis addiction at the moment . Although I thought I hard someone saying something about bet365 and that gave me itchy hands …

        Just staying in London for 3 days Sunday till Wednesday morning . I just got tickets for Monday afternoon. Of course first and most I want to see Roger play (Perfect Tennis effect here) so i ll just wait till the schedule is out and then a I ll make my next move.
        i ll take my DSLR camera with me so hopefully I ll get some good pictures to send to you.

        No pictures of the gambler though . Old ,grumpy and ugly . Nothing like good looking youngster’s pictures from Halle 😉

  14. A swift report, thanks Jonathan. Welcome back the star rating, it’s been missed. (***for me, too.)

    Not a spectacular display from him. Some nervous moments and weak executions. But currently a win is more than a good thing and with some sweet shots for us to marvel at so overall I’m happy 🙂

    Oh, excuse me for expressing my delight in having got a live stream finally (rattan than after trying everything without success in the past! Though I had to fight through so many pop-ups, invitations from smily girls with bikinis, being asked credit card details or 404s and missed most of the first set. While trying to get the live picture, I had a fun following the live chat, thanks guys on there.

  15. Jonathan,
    Unfortunately I didn’t see the match nor the highlights as I have arrive late yesterday ;(
    But from the match recap and the comments, it look like he played good and solid match as overall
    So this is really good sign and wish all the best
    But as you have mentioned, Roger dropping serve is becoming a habit and this is really costing him so many matches. Before, he just used to hold his serve very comfortably and try to break his opponent one time each set and that’s it. I think he should pay more attention to his serve if he really intend to get back to his confidant level that he used to have and also break point conversion, its really mess!! 4/13, he simply can’t afford to miss that much with Mannarino like players.


  16. And Stan currently unable to get a serve in. Always feels pressure playing at home. Wld not surprise me if he lost to RV. Wld help Roger but actually Wld rather Stan and Fed make London rather than any of the frenchies!

      1. Absolutely. With Wawrinka’s loss, Fed stays 7th in the race. I hope he does not relax too much.

      2. Well got my tickets for the Friday and the Final on London, so hoping either way to be seeing Federer! Funnily enough I do see him making the final here in Basel. …..

  17. Can you believe Stan lost! Soo poor! Looked like he didn’t want to be there! Fed playing Istomin tomorrow 5pm UK time! Will be live on Tennis Tv. See you then!come on Roger!

  18. i’d say Youpie!!! Super Youpie!!! But last time I did that after Nadal lost in wimbledon, Rog lost the next round!!!
    Anyways it’s good Stan lost against all odds today!
    Very poor performance by the swiss player. He seemed to be overwhelmed by the stakes.
    I wonder how Gasquet will perform tomorrow. It helps for Roger’s qualification in London but quite very very sad for Stan who completely gave away this match!

    1. Well summed up, Stan just can’t quite live with the favourite tag. Much better when he has no pressure! All went horribly wrong! Feet stuck in mud and oh my lord, the serve! As u say gd for fed but do not want Gasquet!!!

      1. And Tsonga did a big mistake by trying to play in Vienna as obviously he was not ready.
        His situation (knee) is certainly now worst than before that tournament. I don’t see how he’d be ready for Paris. He should just call it a day like Murray instead of jeopardising next year…

        I hate LLodra but I put all my hopes in him :)! But h2h with Gasquet is not great 0-3 on ATP tour and 0-2 outside. But you never know. Gasquet played a lot lately so… He has to fall at some point before he even reaching Del Potro! Kudla could do the job if he passes PHM. He needs to break through at some point, he has some potential. That would be just perfect!

  19. Jonathan, Roger’s next match is on Wednesday, not on Thursday. He is scheduled to play at 18:00 pm Basel time. Perhaps the organizers are trying to do Fed a favor by making Istomin play back to back matches on successive days.

  20. And Seppi lost, Simon being crushed in Valencia. There are some players who post US Open, simply switch off mentally, Feds scheduling usually leaves him as one of the freshest. Stan looked mentally frayed out there!

    1. istomin has some weapons but only half a brain it seems! Sorry! I just hope is not going to be on fire and have Federer get a Stakhowsky-Delbonis-Brands-Robredo DEJA VU feeling!!! Come On Roger!!!

      (Monfils played great against Roger and after pushed quite hard on an “in form” Djokovic, so I wouldn’t count that one)

    2. No jinxing Plse! Even if Gasquet wins he gets no points til the QF due to no of tourneys played in that category I think. That is where Fed can gain. Agree with Nathan, Tsonga looks cooked for the season, clearly the knee is an ongoing issue. We are really beginning to see the effects now of these long seasons, yr in yr out, on Hard unforgiving courts. Some of these guys will be crippled later in life, stiff and unbending like Agassi, and Becker!

      1. [Gasquet wins he gets no points til the QF due to no of tourneys played in that category I think]

        Not sure I understood that, I mean, the part where you said “category”. Actually, no points for Gasquet unless he reaches the final. But, in the context of the race to London, he is virtually tied with Roger so whoever does better will finish ahead in points.

        Can’t believe it has come to this. Scraping for points. But hey, just another way Roger keeps his fans on their toes 🙂

    3. Isn’t it something to do with 6 best tournaments? Basically Fed gains round by round, unlike Gasquet but after today, taking nothing for granted!

      1. Nopes. It’s not best six tournaments. The London race is simply the points gained in the calendar year. Or, put in a different way, all points accumulated before the WTF, excluding the points gained from WTF last year.

        Roger is 20 points behind Gasquet so it’s a direct race between them.

      2. No sid it’s true. I thought like you at first. it’s the best results in a certain number of small tourneys. so stan doesn’t get any points before semi (hadn’t he lost) and gasquet doesn’t win points until semi as well I think.

      3. You take your 6 best results from ATP 500, 250 etc.

        4 slams + 8 masters 1000, plus 6 best from others.

        Majority of the top 8 don’t play more than 6 tournaments though at that level so all points count usually…

      4. Did not know that only the best six results from the ATP 500 and 250 are considered. But you’re right that for all practical purposes, it’s a running total of points gained in the current calendar year.

  21. I really hope Fed gets a confidence-boosting win during this tournament. Hopefully multiple wins! Those ball kids want some pizza, damn it!

      1. Very good! Several would be comedians on this blog! Gasquet currently one of them, doing his best to lose to Llodra! Over played as well!

  22. Hi Jon!
    It was a good start and Rogi played very good points in a solid match, just dont look to that 4/13 thing.
    Certainly against Istomin things wont be that easy.
    And oh God, poor Stan 🙁


      1. Interesting results today! And Basel conceded an equalizing goal in the 88th minute! Hope that doesn’t impact Roger’s mood tomorrow.

      2. Yeah, not good. Should’ve beaten Steaua. This could hurt. But, I’m happy with Barca getting a draw in Milan 🙂

        By the way, Roger has a long way to go before he meets Doc Ivo, and he shouldn’t be underestimated.

      3. True. But not if it’s against the weakest team in your group 🙂 Basel blew a great opportunity to go further.

  23. Lol, so much for the race to London going down to the wire. Is it just me but does Fed’s pressers allude to the theory that he doesn’t want to go to WTF and he didn’t mind Stan or Gasquet taking his place. Oh well doesn’t matter now, Roger qualifies for sure now, might even have a chance to overtake Berdcap in the race and rankings. Too many players burnt out after US Open, Fed gotta take advantage here.

    1. Expect Nadal to be grouped with Roger, guaranteed. Not looking forward to it, not in Roger’s current form. By the way Berd Flu outscored Doc Ivo 108-100 and lost without getting broken. Tennis can be cruel sometimes.

      1. I still believe Roger has an immense advantage over Nadal indoors if that’s what it comes down to. If Fed can make something happen in Basel and Paris, he could go on a streak but that’s a big if. And well regarding Berdych, not much to say, life is cruel. Gotta take the wins and losses.

    2. Yep, Wld be good for Roger to target ending yr at no 6 but Wld hv to outperform current displays in both Paris and London. Tough!

      Gasquet out as predicted. Head still in the Kremlin!! Nobody seems to want to play the 02!!!
      Ps anyone got any money on anyone else but Serena winning WTA yr end? Looks utterly unbeatable!

  24. You guys just let the rest of the tennis players live for goodness sake 🙂
    Listen to you: J Will s knee destroyed, Gasquet overdosed with coke, Stan worn out and Birdflu crippled lol . A while ago Fed had all this for breakfast , easily.
    Unless Fed goes way under 2 stars Jonathans rating system, I cant see how he ll not be playing on Sundays final.
    Agree with Sussie though , no jinxing .

    p.s When I was talking about the horrific Ivo, grand son of the great Boris Karlof some where laughing . Here comes the evil giant know .

  25. I don’t understand Boris Becker statement (read it yesterday):

    I quote:
    Washington: Former World No.1 Boris Becker has said that Roger Federer`s Rio Olympics 2016 target is far-fetched and that things in tennis are not scripted for him to wait for a perfect ending.
    According to, Becker expressed that next year would be important for Federer and it would be very hard in 12 months time not only to have not won a slam but also to go out in the second or third round of tournaments he has won six or seven times before.

    “He added that fans should respect and give him the time that he needs to finish the career on his own terms, adding that Federer was too smart to keep playing and losing in the second round and still say that he is happy with that”.
    End of quote.

    What does he mean Federer is smart enough to keep playing and losing in the second round and still say that he is happy with that”?!
    I don’t get his point here? Can someone explain???

    1. Weird sentence. I think Becker means that Roger wouldn’t settle for consistently losing early in Slams and would likely stop playing if that happened.

      Which I agree with.

      1. If that’s what he means, I agree with you both… The weirdness could be that one can wonder if Becker is not a bit ironing about Federer positive attitude towards repetitive losses.
        In this case I would tell him (Becker) that he is the one who should give Roger a break. If Roger sees himself play until RIO so what? I thought Becker was over judgmental on this one. Maybe a bit of jealousy there?
        Some of these older guys are just maybe surprised that Roger is humble enough to acknowledge the fact that his complete dominance is over, as simply time has passed, he’s older…but that there are different goals he can settle for himself and still enjoy his job and therefore give himself a chance to broaden the scale of his achievements.
        Maybe Becker was to proud to do that at the end of his carrier and Federer is showing them here again how much greater a man he can be.
        I personally admire that and I don’t think Becker has the right to judge it like that, if that’s what he’s doing of course. Shouldn’t he just be supportive on that? That’d be fairer i think.

      2. Nah I think Becker is saying he doesn’t think Roger will keep playing if he starts losing more and more. That’s his take on things. I think he might be right too, right now Fed is motivated to carry on playing, but if his results carry on being poor his attitude towards that might change.

        Nobody is saying he should or shouldn’t retire, and Becker even said fans have to respect what he chooses to do…

      3. Sure, it’s quite true for any player close to the end of his carrier.
        It’s seems to me though that it’s quite early to say that about Federer knowing he was back n°1 last year and that he really was impaired by his back this year… So truly 2014 is important and we should I guess see from there…

        Gasquet out!!!

    2. I’d like to see the whole interview with Becker. These journalists can and do take a few words out of context and make them sound like anything they want. Becker has quite recently said almost the opposite of what he’s saying here and of all the champion pros has been the most respectful and supportive!

      What is going on in Basel? Have they all been knobbled or something? Going down like flies! Finger crossed Roger survives today’s test and plays well.

    3. [Federer was too smart to keep playing and losing in the second round and still say that he is happy with that]

      It’s a positive remark, folks. What Becker really means is, if Roger thought he was done, he is too smart to be loitering around to keep his fans happy. He really believes he has some big tournament wins coming his way.

      1. I agree with you mostly that Becker said he believed Roger still had some titles under his belt (and that Nadal though could or would pass him regarding grand slam).
        The Rio comment then is weird because it doesn’t fit that positive approach…

  26. haha also Gascoke Gaschoking!

    voodoo , black magic and curses in here seem to work well 🙂

    whose next to go down?

    I think this Argentinian Tower of Tandil looks more like the Tower of Piza lately , No?

    1. Think Delpo might just come thru! Fed has had many draws open up this yr but has failed to take advantage so still one match at a time! Can’t watch tonight as hv a match myself. Enjoy the live chat guys!

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