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Federer defeats Mahut to Progress in Paris

Jeu, set et match Federer 6-3 4-6 6-2 7-5.

Another dropped set but again another fairly comfortable victory on Phillipe Chatriere. I can't really weigh Roger's matches up at the minute, he's playing like he plays in Exhibitions matches. I'm not sure if it's him taking it all too easy because his draw has been a total dream or his game is just not clicking yet. Some people are speaking of injury and others saying he is lacking motivation. But this is all speculation and I think we can only asses his game when he actually plays a meaningful match against a tough opponent, which is likely to be Del Potro or Berdych in the Quarters. The only facts we have to work with are that Roger hasn't played his best yet he's in the 4th round, I'd still stay that's a success.

I thought Mahut played pretty well considering he's not expected to do well on a surface like clay but he took chances and they paid off. Roger wasn't at his best but then again he didn't need to be so what more can one say? If a player plays gung ho style tennis then it's always going to be a tricky type of match. I don't see the dropped set as a problem as the match wasn't physical in the slightest.

Roger played well in parts as usual and it was good sign that after relinquishing the break in the 4th set he broke again and served it out with no trouble. Other than that the match was pretty dull, I didn't feel like it was ever a match as such because the outcome was only going to be a Roger win. Even if it was 5-5 in the fifth it was only going one way.

One thing I noticed today was how everyone seems to panic when Roger drops a set or misses a forehand. This is round 3 of a slam against a guy who has a poor record on clay, there is no need to start worrying. I also think we need to stop speculating (something which even I am guilty of) about Rogers game, he's still winning and he's still in the draw so I'm not going start over thinking things.

I was slow out of the blocks.My game is still not quite working & I am not quite happy but that's how it is.

Predictions vs. Goffin

I remember when I wrote my French Open Draw analysis and said that Roger had quite a tough draw, I couldn't have been more wrong as it's really opened up. Kamke, Ungur, Mahut and now Goffin, it's really too easy. Whether that's a good thing I'm not sure as it means he could head straight into a tough match without ever having to get out of first gear. But then again he has a wealth of experience so should be able to up his game when required.

Back to the Goffin match, this guy has done well to make the fourth round as he only got into the draw after another player pulled out with injury. By making it this far he's landed an €80,000 paycheck which is more than he's won all year. Clearly there is no way Roger is losing this match, it will be pretty routine.

Again, Roger doesn't need to play well, would it be nice to see him triple bagel the guy? Yeah of course, but if he doesn't I won't mind. It is likely to be straights and I go for a 6-4 6-4 6-2 victory.

Could the IMG story effect his play?

A lot of talk yesterday, both on twitter from fans and in Rogers press conference was about Roger no longer being represented by IMG or by his long time agent Tony Godsick.

I don't think it's too much of a big deal, I imagine Roger knew long before the news broke that he was leaving the company. He didn't appear to like the questions in his presser but I guess that's not surprising seen as though it has little to do with the Tennis or the French Open which is clearly more important to him than who is management company are.

As to why IMG no longer represent him I'm not sure, I know a lot of people are saying it's IMG only wanting to represent the guys at the pinnacle of their careers which is why Tiger Woods left the company last year. I guess it's been a while since Roger won a major but he's still a big draw in the game so hard to assess whether those are the reasons Woods and now Federer left.

I imagine Godsick could still represent him now he has left IMG (barring any restrictive covenants) so Roger may still stick with him for the remainder of his career. Who knows but I doubt it's going to effect his game in the slightest.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Federer will beat Goffin but I’d like to see him win emphatically. No scares and solid in all areas. It’s a relatively easy opponent but this is a 4th round match at Grand Slam so it should be treated as such. Experience is one thing but I’m sure Roger knows that his game needs to be finely tuned heading into a match up with either Delpo or Berdych.

    1. Hey Stephen,

      I know what you mean, the draw has been easy so far. Maybe a test would have been good but I’m sure Fed can pick it up when required.

  2. Well… One good thing about the Mahut match is the W/UE ratio.
    I think it was pretty cool considering the last 2 matches. I still think Roger will raise his level when he reaches QF.

    Let’s hope for that!

    1. Yeah 54 to 25 or something? Pretty good stats. Even though Djokovic won in straights his were very similar.

      Hope so man, although FO is already not a big deal to me. Wimbledon! The grass is always greener haha!

  3. I think Roger should take it easy, he’s got Del Potro or Berdych in the quarters. This guy won’t hurt him slightly, a 6-4 6-4 6-2 win will satisfy me, I will assume that Roger will being deliberately playing his C game and will be playing 5 star matches in the quarters (your choice anyway)!

    1. Yeah Goffin can’t win I don’t think (or if he does it will be Roger playing his Z game). It will just be Fed playing it easy I think.

  4. All above comments very true, although I am beginning to worry if Roger has the same level of focus and intensity in the slams that he did during 2005 – 2008. Berdych/Delpo, Djokovic,and Nadal is a tough ask. And he might fall behind in the race to No. 1!

    1. Hmm I think maybe at this years French he hasn’t got as much intensity because its a long year Wimby, Olympics then US Open. No point burning out on the toughest surface. But slams in general? Nah.

  5. I agree! Federer can play more sloppy against Goffin but the Quarters will be a true test. Del Potro and Berdych have very aggressive baseline game and are formidable foes. I see Roger losing at most a set to them, but Djokovic has really improved from last year. I think Roger needs to play a very similar match to last year to win. I see a potential 5 sets but Roger should get his revenge if his service game is on. I really don’t see him getting past Rafa since he had 4 chances in finals (5 overall) and hasn’t done anything but taken 1 set off of him. But we can hope and see. Whether or not RF has won a Grand Slam in 2 1/2 years, I believe he’s the favorite at Wimbledon. I’m hoping for Roger to get revenge and defeat Rafa in 5 sets in the final!

    1. I think Berdych will win against Del Po in 4. And it will be a tough test for Roger.

      Not sure Djokovic has improved since last year though, but regardles he’s gonna be tough to beat on clay for Fed.

      Ad for a Fedal final, pfft I’m not sure either. Gonne be stupidly difficult. Just hope you’re right about Wimbledon.

  6. Also, you have to face reality, Roger is 30. That’s pretty darn old for a tennis player let alone a player who can stay competitive with a Rafa and Nole in their primes. Roger doesn’t need to DOMINATE but staying COMPETITIVE is pretty impressive. I believe Roger can still be 35 and still make Quarters in Grand Slams and Semis in Masters. Rafa and Nole’s playing style will effect them in the long run while Roger has been healthy his whole career (never retiring during a match). Good analysis!!

    1. Yeah he’s definitely got the least demanding game style, hope he can keep going for a few more years, even if he’s not making later rounds I’ll still support him.

  7. Roger’s draw so far has been a cakewalk so I honestly think that he’s just simply lacking a bit of focus out there. With another match before the quarters he’ll bring his intensity back up to the top. What I mean is that he is the GOAT here so he knows what it takes to have enough to get through the early rounds. He’s not totally focused here but he knows how much to put into t where he can get through while there’s still plenty in the tank for going deeper into the FO. A win is a win, doesn’t matter if its 60 60 60 or 76 67 76 67 86.

    1. Yeah total cakewalk. Looked like it could be tough on paper but didn’t happen. I think you’re right about the focus thing, he’s played mostly

      I think he will pick it up over Birdshit too, but its gonna be a tough match regardless.

  8. Federer looking terrible on return. He might be in some serious trouble if he doesn’t pick his game up.

      1. Glad you were right. Fed started his last few matches relatively slow (a bit unusual considering he usually starts in superb form and then sometimes takes his foot of the gas a bit later). As long as he is able to summon his best in the match he should be fine. I guess it’s better to lose the first set and finish the match strong (winning it of course) than blowing the opponent of the court in the first and then fade away later.
        Nevertheless a good win for Roger.

      2. Yeah it was a good match! I’m glad he got tested.

        Whoever he plays in QF will be tough, but least they are coming back tomorrow and playing 4 sets minimum.

        Allez les suisse!

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