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Federer Defeats Lorenzi at SW19

Routine match for Federer here as he condemned Paulo Lorenzi to his 13th consecutive 1st Round defeat at Grand Slams with a 6-1 6-1 6-3 victory in 1 hour 33 minutes.

This was always going to be a gimme first round for the Swiss and aside from a Federer walkabout in the third set the Italian World Number 83 offered little resistance.

A pretty impressive victory from Roger really who just did what he had to do. No fireworks, perhaps a little slow moving into the net but he still managed to win 30 of 42 net approaches in and amongst hitting 40 winners to 20 unforced errors.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Day 2 Wimbledon 2014

Lorenzi came into this one with no pedigree on grass and never having won a match in a Grand Slam Main Draw. It showed as he got broken early in the blink of an eye. Despite Roger offering the Italian an immediate chance to get back on level terms he failed to convert and Fed ran away with the set 6-1. Making 62% of first serves and converting 2 of 7 of break points.

The second was a similar affair and although Lorenzi held his opening service Roger reeled off 6 straight games to secure the breadstick and a 2 set to love lead. No magic required just consistent ball striking and a solid first serve were enough to get the job done.

The third set looked like another breadstick was on the cards but Roger took his foot off the gas and allowed Lorenzi to hold consecutive service games for the first time in the match.

5 match points then presented themselves as 2-5 on the Lorenzi serve but Roger couldn't convert any of them mainly due to showboating and generally loose play. The wasted match points only extended Lorenzi's stay by a matter of minutes though as Federer closed it out to 30 to win his 68th match at SW19.

Match Stats

  Paolo Lorenzi (ITA) Roger Federer (SUI)
 Aces 4 9
Double faults 3 1
1st serves in 49 of 98 = 50 % 48 of 69 = 70 %
1st serve points won 30 of 49 = 61 % 37 of 48 = 77 %
 2nd serve points won 17 of 49 = 35 % 15 of 21 = 71 %
 Fastest serve 126 MPH 126 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 119 MPH 115 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 91 MPH 98 MPH
Net points won 12 of 30 = 40 % 30 of 42 = 71 %
Break points won 0 of 5 = 0 % 6 of 23 = 26 %
Receiving points won 17 of 70 = 24 % 51 of 101 = 50 %
Winners 12 40
Unforced errors 24 20
Total points won 64 103

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Lorenzi Wimbledon

Steady away and a good start to the tournament. Very similar to last year vs. Hanescu really πŸ˜€ . I thought Fed played well enough in patches but still a little ragged. He definitely needs to fine tune his volleys to really stand a chance here I think, for every genius bit of touch he's missing some routine shots either by poor positioning, slowness moving forwards or just being too casual. Looking further ahead I can see him losing faith in the volley if he loses a couple of points at the net and then just forgetting it ever existed.

Roger isn't really a natural volleyer after spending 10 years winning matches from the baseline so it's hard to see him suddenly become Edberg Mk II at Wimbledon but I'd like to see more sharpness at the net from him in his next match.

The serve was again the stand out feature like in Halle and Roger served with precision throughout the match which is the foundation of his game and always one of his keys to the match. Making 70% of first serves is always a good day at the office.

So yeah, a decent performance but nothing to get overly excited about. I think Fed used a little bit of everything when you watch back the match highlights which makes me think he almost treated it like a practice match which makes it even harder to read into.

It wasn't disrespectful in anyway to Lorenzi either or like he had that intention when he stepped on court. Fed was up a break early in every set and that gave him buffer to just play pretty relaxed stuff out there. That meant no real pressure on his own service games thanks to a 2 game cushion meant he could just test a few things out in a real match scenario. Clearly not everything worked with several attempted aggressive returns hitting the base of the net but Lorenzi was never in a position to get back into it. Job done and into round 2.

Predictions vs. Muller

Federer - Gilles Muller

Next up is Gilles Muller who saw off Julien Benneteau in 3 close sets. Roger leads the Head 2 Head against the Luxembourgian 3-0 but they haven't met since the US Open in 2008 and have never played on grass.

Grass is probably Muller's best surface and he's made the third round at Wimbledon twice in 2005 and 2011. He's a lefty too which gives him a bit of an advantage due to their rarity on tour and favourite serve out wide on the ad court going into a right handed opponents backhand which is often the weaker wing.

I'll pick Fed to win in 3 sets but it's not unlikely he drops a set here. Muller is capable on this surface and with Federer showing frequent lapses in concentration in Halle and today in the third set it could mean a set gets away from him.

I expect Muller to come into the net frequently which can definitely unsettle Roger a la Stakhovsky last year so coasting through this one in second gear might not be on the cards. Roger comes up with brilliant passing shots when he needs them, but consistently producing good passing shot isn't one of his fortes like Nadal. If it worked for the Sergiy in 2013 it can certainly work for Gilles in 2014.

Fed in 3. 7-6 6-4 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Well done Scooter. .. Another title for u. πŸ™‚

      As for Federers match today. It was a annoying at the end of the match as Jonathan mentioned was trying to showboat and finish with a fh or bh in style. Which didn’t work out as he had to settle for a ace. Anyway I’ll still take this and hope he can up his game round by round.

      Toni Nadal was crapping his pants at the beginning of the match when he lost the first set. Anyway hopefully Lucas Rosol part 2 coming up. I really hope lightening strikes twice. Fingers crossed. Come on Roger and Come on Rosol!!!!!! I might have to send Saurez to go bite Nadal in the arse, literally! ! Lol

      1. Sorry i think i spelled the Uruguayan name wrong. I meant Luis Suarez. The guy who likes biting sweaty football players. My Gosh this guy has serious mental problems. Bcos as soon as hes angry and frustrated he thinks its ok to bite people. Or do a deliberate foul whether a hand ball or sliding tackle oe headbutting. This person has the same mentality as Nadal that he has to win no matter what the cost. And is a such a poor loser. This is the example he is teaching the young generation, just one of many reasons why i despise people like this. That is why Nadal will never be the respected champion like Roger Federer. Everytime someone beats Nadal its never , Yep the guy across the net played well or better than him. Its answer like i was injured etc etc. Then the rest of garbage that comes out of Nadals mouth. What a f*****g liberty!! What a ‘Rafa’ ” BULL” crap.
        Sorry Jonathan for my rant. I think its that time of month again.

        Ps. Very good post match analysis and summary.

      2. Suarez is one of the reasons why I’m not a fan of South American football (except the Portuguese speaking Brasil).

        These guys are born thugs. I’ve been telling you. They will do anything, anything possible to win. If killing were not a felony, they would kill you to win.

        Did anyone see that horrible penalty given to Greece in extra time? There was no intention from the defender. The guy was simply behind the striker, just a normal stance. I cannot understand how that can be a penalty. What a joke! You should have seen the look on the defenders face. Ivory Coast has been cheated in broad daylight!

      3. Even I could see that Greece did not deserve to be given that penalty and that says a lot πŸ™‚ Poor I.C., felt soooo sorry for the goalkeeper. Don’t worry, you will get them next time….

      4. What can an American know about football???? they even call it different. And he doesn’t like South American football…Shut up and go to watch Baseball.

      5. South American football isn’t a brand of football any more though. They all play in Europe. The flair has gone.

        Suarez is world class but clearly he sees red mist and can’t stop himself. Probably to do with upbringing etc etc.

      6. After 70s all the best South American players are playing in Europe. I disagree about they are not a brand of football. You can perfectly distinguish their style from other styles liike England, Germany or Spain. Between them they are really different.

      7. [What can an American know about football]

        Americans know more about football than you think, compared to how much ****s like you know about baseball. In fact being considered outsiders to the sport actually gives us a lot more perspective. Maybe we don’t play football as well as the rest of the world (but that’s changing) but we do know what playing fair is. As for baseball, at least we had the balls to punish big names like Bonds, and Rodriguez for doping, unlike the thugs that Spain has elected to its government who’ve been destroying blood bags. Hey, new flash, doping was legal in your country until a few years ago. Zing!

        P.S. I have a task for you Pablo. I have no doubt you don’t understand the terms, “neighborhood play”, and the difference between a “force out” and “tag out”. Go Google them you sick ****. Kwabooom!

      8. You punish dopers? haha There are still a few WR in the Olympics that look like were made from Martians πŸ™‚
        Leaving appart the NBA… Armstrong… several gold medailst… Summarizingm, I’m pretty sure your country is the biggest example of it πŸ™‚

      9. Armstrong holds no records or titles now in case you didn’t know. He was punished, and was chastised in the United States too. I want to see the Spanish government do that to your tennis players and cyclists. Not a chance that is happening.

        While I do believe the NBA players are doped (I don’t follow basketball anyways because of that, and also due to the fact that those games are fixed), they don’t have an impact on other countries. It’s a local league. They are not stealing titles from other countries, like your Spanish football team. Your own doctor(s) admit they were doped.

        I want you to do another research. How many people in the rest of the world dream of moving to the United States (given what a bad example we are), compared to Spain?


      10. Dream?? Yes, you mean the dream of the Mexicans or Central Americans who are living under poor circunstances?? Where can they go? Their dream is exactly the same than the Africans that die everyday in the border of Spain.

        I invite you to listen this. Maybe you can realize where you are living. Development is not to have the biggest GPD or the biggest military force.

      11. Hey Pablo, I think the statement your making about how Americans don’t know anything about football is highly ignorant and disrespectful- who says just because one particular culture is dominated by a sport means that other nations or cultures don’t have interest of knowledge in it, that can be applied to almost anything and not only football. Keep your uneducated opinions to yourself if your going to brand a whole nation like that.

      12. I encourage everyone to read this…

        You’re stupid, Pablo. You really are. You think I, or other readers here don’t know where the US ranks in the world in various areas? You think I don’t how much improvements need to be done? The US still attracts the most immigrants to the point that now we have to make sure that visas are harder to get. If we are so bad, why are people still pouring in? And I’m not just talking about Mexicans etc. Those guys don’t even need a visa to get here for Christs sake. Then they stress the economy in many ways. Their healthcare is provided free, and the hit is taken by the actual paying public, who have to pay a higher premium. The Mexicans/Hispanics are the largest minority in the US. Have you ever seen how they behave in the US? You should just see discourteous and rude they are. The way they drive. It’s all to do with their upbring. It’s a really long list on how they are screwing up America. They are the ones who will completely destroy America.

        There are two ways to look at it. There is no country in the world that is so open to immigrants, particularly illegal. If the US opens it doors so liberally to the rest of the world, it stands to reason that the overall quality of life will be on an average, worse than those countries that don’t allow it. Still, if you work hard, you will make a great living.

        The other thing to understand that the US has a very large population. Think of it objectively, the larger the country, the more the problems. The US is, surprise, third in the list of most populous countries, behind China and India. The US ranks poorly in many aspects, but that’s compared to countries that have populations much smaller than a single state in the US. Europe has about 50 countries with a total population of roughly 750 million. The United States has a population of 320 million. You have to look at it objectively. The population of country has a very direct impact on pretty much every factor that involves their well being.

        Finally, coming to military spending. At any point in history, there has to be a super power, that fortunately or unfortunately, is required to police the world. There always must be one super power. While the US has been excessive on many occasion in the use of its military, and the electorate here has corrected it when they needed, the implied threat of using it keeps a lot of countries in order. Look at ISIS for example. In the absence of the US, things would spiral out of control in that region. We will take the necessary measures to make sure the threat is curbed. Someone, some country has to step up and take the responsibility. Who has the strength to do it?

        Now, for Zakaria’s stupid video. Iceland may be top when it comes to Information and Communication as Zakaria said. But do we know Iceland has a population of around 325,000? That’s it. I mean, that’s around the city of St Louis, in the state of Missouri, in the US.

        Take for example Primary School Enrollment. China is top, with Iran nearby. I dare you, given a choice, where would someone choose to live, China, Japan, Iran, or the US?

        Next time, use your brain, if you have one. Don’t just look at some ranking to jump to conclusions without understanding the texture of a country.

        So, shut up. And I’m done with you, you stupid Spaniard.

  1. Fed was moving okay (for his old self standards). But otherwise nothing can be said about this match as Lorenzi cannot do sh.t against Roger.

  2. Nice recap Jonathan. I missed most of the match but I went back and watched it on YouTube. Thankfully the ITF doesn’t seem to be obsessed too much with copyrighted videos πŸ˜€

    Stats looks pretty good. Minus a couple of lapses and also maybe the missed MPs chances on Muller’s serve in the third, all in all pretty good. One match down.

    For the next match, Muller has been playing pretty well so against him Roger will have to be zoned in from the start. Hopefully no similar upset like last year, one match at a time.

  3. Solid stats. Against Muller, needs to convert more BPs. According to his 3 previous HTH, he was only comcerting 30% or less in BPs.

  4. Nice review Jonathan… and right… PASSING SHOT is an important issue now.
    I am happy that Fed missed plenty of passes which didn’t matter today. Hope Edberg has noted it down and they would work on it. I know it’s impossible to improve in a day but they should find a strategy to deal with opponents coming to the nets frequently. Federer has a good measured lob in his arsenal. Probably he forgot it. Even against a player like Lorenzi, he was almost always missing passes…hitting straight to him, or netting. He rarely tried for the lines. Jonathan is right. Opponents can easily unsettle him by coming to the nets. If Fed just leaves this issue just as it is, I’m afraid he has no chance this year.

      1. Yeah. I noticed this too. There’s was a point at 3-1 in the second I think, where he could have just hit the ball DTL and it would have given him three Break points, but nope he just sent the ball towards Lorenzi and it was out anyway. Granted after that he still broke, but still he just had to make it harder.

    1. Yeah that’s like a new thing he does, always goes at the body off the backhand rather than cross court or DTL. Guess he don’t believe he can make it.

  5. Ok let’s get real! Yes great serve stats but otherwise? Lorenzi was so poor, it read like a practice session! Fed did not need to do more as Lorenzi made so many UFE’s. So threw in a few volleys and net approaches but wanted to see him really work on that BH return!! And a better passing shot! Conserved energy which was great as will need to be on his mettle v Muller who is on form, and capable of pullingan upset if Feds attention wanders! Tricky lefty!! Big serve! Let’s hope he moves up the gears! Cannot believe Nadal has to play Rosol!

  6. i think it was a solid match from fed… but lorenzi played bad too… but something is strange. In last few matches (today and in halle) there are some balls fed could catch but he just doesnt go for it… he just stands and it looks like he isnt really trying… strange
    oh and does anybody else think that courts are slower this year?

    1. Yeah, there’s been some discussion about the speed of the courts. Venus Williams commented after her first match that it’s pretty slow:

      “Obviously I’ve done well on this surface, [but] it’s quite different than before,” she said. “Now it’s more about rallies. The courts are very slow. The ball stays up. … Unfortunately I think the courts are becoming so similar that it’s not encouraging players to play different.”

      I know Wimbledon has not as fast as Halle or Queens these past few years, but if organizers have further slowed down the courts then it’s a shame.

      1. This is bad news, real bad news. Nadal and his Aunt Toni are going to have a ball out there this year. Mother******* Spaniards!

      2. I meant ” hasn’t *been* as fast as Halle or Queens”

        Aunt Toni :D:lol:

      1. I sat and watched today as Dimitrov stood and waited what seemed for a ball to get down to a comfortable height for hitting, so I’d guess it’s playing slow πŸ™

      2. mmm I don’t know, I watch the Djoker vs Steb match and it looks fast to me, well comparing to the other surfaces of course πŸ˜‰
        the bass skid once touches the grass, so the balls have low bouncing as well

      3. and just to add, if its not fast enough, Stakhovsky’ won’t find his game πŸ˜‰

      4. Hey Shamtoot, I actually hope Stakhovsky gets very far in the tour. Even if it is just to show that there was a reason Roger lost to him last year, that he is and can be dangerous πŸ™‚

        And wow, Nole vs Stepanek? First kudos to Nole. Lost his cool, but also shows true sportsmanship. And Radek?? 35 years old, plays and singles and doubles and is STILL dangerous to all the top players πŸ™‚

      5. I missed most of that match – had to be up at crack of dawn to get to Wimbledon, so had to fast-forward through it – but Katanyi, did you see Radek playing at Queen’s? Round after round of extremely good grass-court play. I was actually disappointed that he didn’t make the final, and as a person he’s one of my least-favourite players on the tour πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for the review Jonathan. Was not able to watch the match in its entirety due to work and ESPN switching to other matches. Showboating was what cost him the US Open which he lost to DelPo. He should wait to hear game set match Federer before he showboats against every opponent these days LOL.

    He needs to be ready for Muller Jonathan. Totally focused and in the zone. One match at a time.

  8. Good summary Jonathan. It did seem a little like a practice match, a nice easy win, no challenge. Will have to see what happens next when challenges do come. To me he still looks a bit as though he’s in that zone he’s been in since the new twins were born.

    Sorry I can’t join in livechat these days. Treatment I’m doing has made nerves in ends of fingers and toes jangly and typing for long is difficult. Also concentration all over the place. I am keeping up with the matches though, and always following this blog of course πŸ™‚

  9. Okay somebody really need to tell me about the speed of the court.Is it slower than last year ? Seems so to me.. πŸ™

    1. It’s slower than last year…if that makes you feel any better Ajay 😐

      Wimbledon is dead. Long live Wimbledon!

      1. Yep I watched the match. Ivory Coast got screwed. Even worse as it was nearly end of match. πŸ™
        Re: Wimbledon looked really slow and the tennis balls are and look very heavy. Mr Tim Henman spoke a little bit about the grass. Saying its different from before (2008 onwards) This is exactly what Nadal likes slow high bouncing grass courts. Not good at all.
        Also I wanted to mention about a uk advert thats recently been playing and its a betting casino where 3 tennis pundits are asked whats the hardest grand slam to win??? So the first goes the Australian Open bcos of the endurance needed etc the 2nd pundit says the French Open with similar answers and then the 3rdgoes WWimbledon is the hardest to win bcos of the first round shocks you get. They finish off with a joke in the advert. But when I saw it I thought yeah why don’t you tell the public that the 4 slams are all bit near the same as they have slowed it down sooo much. Its beyond a joke. This is why I highly rate and appreciate the legend B Borg alot more than Nadal when he did the most difficult double of French and Wimbledon back then when clay played like clay and grass played truer ie low bouncing, fast and that transition to clay to grasswas regarded by all professionals, experts, pundits and the media back then the hardest double to win. This is why in 2008 when Wimbledon changed its grass to make it slower and hogh bouncing like clay, the paint on lines changed from chalk to a titanium/chalk base. Which when they analyse the speed ofserve, Roger Federers serve on the tennis lines were now unbelievably 10mph SLOWER than before which meant instead of an ace Nadal could now react and return the 1st serve with interest. The tennis balls were heavier and fluffier making them slow. The original grass which was a composite blend of different grass seeds. This therefore made this grass tremendously fast and slippery, hence slice used to a enormous success. This grass is now almost 98% Rye grass. Which this almost like a carpet and has less ware and tear. This gives the now unusual high bounce and feels and looks like a clay court match. With all of these changes plus more that the so called elite enlightened ones did in 2008. Hence in the final the odds were firmly placed in Nadals favour. This is why Nadal was able to hit back the ball, where normally Federers to quote J MacEnroe ” Roger Federers Forehand shots were like a FLUID LIQUID WHIP” instead of a instant winner, Federer was having to make 2 or 3 EXTRA Shots just to win a point. This was another added reason why Federer was getting frustrated and the rest of Un knowledgeable Nadalites and less than part time Tennis observer’s, where thinking ‘ Yes Federers crap’ He can’t beat him on Federers favourite surface. So when earlier Australian Open changed from the fast Decoturf to the highly slow Plexicusion which the US open followed suit. Post 2009 onwards Nadal started making these finals. It took him 2010 when the lightest tennis balls were changed plus the surface. Nadal won 3 Slams that year.

        Its such a shame the Atp the grand slams have slowed down all 4. That people like Nadal, Djokovic and Murray are winning these slams as itssuits their ball bashing tennis for 5 hours plus asno one can hit a outoutright winner as they run side to side all day long with no invention in play and skill has been replaced by stamina and endurance. What a joke. It reminds me of the early days when I used to practice hitting on the wall. And the wall would won all the time as I would get tired and make a mistake. This is unfortunately the current state of tennis. This is why I admire Federer alot for his unique way of showing how tennis should be played. Aesthetically pleasing from the text book shots, to his footwork, movement, decision making, correct striking of tennis shots, angles, volleys, serve etc etc.

        This is why I appreciate whether Federer wins or losses, people forget how long, how many matches plus father time.That his decision to continue playing at his age with nothing left to prove. The Nadalites the Naysayers the people who like to judge other peoples accomplishments whether good or bad win or lose should give their head a wobble. But saying that these haters never change.

        May Federer reign for as long as he is healthy. And show what a true champion is. With so many Open Era records and practically every time he steps on court new records set. I need not say any more.

        Ps this last paragraph is for you Pablo as what a real Greatest Of All Time is. πŸ™‚

      2. Good points Sid and Serajul. Makes the idea of the golden era of tennis a really ridiculous one. Current players are not the best the sport has ever seen, they just play on dead similar conditions so it’s rather easy to dominate.

      3. Hey Serajul, great comment. Loved especially this one: “It reminds me of the early days when I used to practice hitting on the wall. And the wall would won all the time as I would get tired and make a mistake.”:)

        And don’t worry….unfortunately Roger will get his due and praise when he is retired. THEN the tennisworld will see exactly how difficult it was for him to play with his circumstances and to play against players 5,6 or 10 years younger in their prime. Don’t worry, Roger will get his praise….

      4. Gargantouas, Easy to dominate hahahahaha. So explain why Federer has loosing record against Murray and Nadal and sooner or later against Djokovic hahaha.

      5. Federer has a losing record to Pat Rafter too πŸ™

        @Serajul, I agree with you, the 4 surfaces are all very very similar. Tipsarevic said in a video that there is no need to adapt playing style across any surface as they are all identical. It’s a shame but I cannot say it changing.

        Fans would need to vote with their feet but I think purist tennis fans who understand how the surfaces should differ probably make up around 1% of the total ticket buyers at Grand Slams at tournaments. As long as the money keeps rolling in and going up for the guys at the top they are happy with more of the same.

        Same with English football – ruined from the ground up but those at top feel no need to change. They’re on the gravy train, why get off?

      6. so Pablo, since Murray was a better H2H with Fed, do you think he’s a better player?

      7. Obviously not, but he can causes many problem to him.
        Nadal who is the greatest player of all time (IMO) plus Nole another all time great together with Roger the third greatest player of all time (IMO) make this Era a Golden Era.

        And other players like Berdych, Ferrer or Delpo could be a lot more succesful if they didn’t have to face these monsters.

      8. Roger is the THIRD greatest player of all time and…. Nole is above him???? Pablo???

      9. Hey Serajul, I’m not so sure about your statement, “This is why in 2008 when Wimbledon changed its grass to make it slower”. I thought rye grass was being used around 2002 or so. It’s not really the grass, but the soil underneath that makes a huge difference. With racquets getting powerful, players getting stronger (thanks to dope), and rallies lasting longer, the turf cannot handle the pounding, so they had to make it harder for durability, hence bouncier.

        But do let me know what was changed in 2008. I’d be very interested.

    2. Court looks quite slow yeah, Djokodal era in full force here remember- also looking quite dry and warm there so that adds to the conditions even more. Not good to see.

      1. It’s all about creating a story. The new cash cows, Djokovic and Nadal. They want a rivarly. They want a story. They want someone to overtake Roger. It’s just a business. My only regret is Roger didn’t take his chances. He could so easily have been sitting on 20 right now πŸ™

      2. “They want someone to overtake Roger”. Right on Sid. I lost all hope for objectivity by tennis authorities after the monstrosity last year in WTF, a fast low bouncing court turned almost overnight to exact opposite just to complete the “comeback of the century” for mister Rafael Nadal.

      3. Hey guys, don’t be so sure it will be a Rafa/Nole-final. Rafa will not lose to Rosol, but he may lose to someone else further on. And Djoko…… don’t let him mislead or fool you guys !! He is not making the final or winning it. Everytime we think he will win a GS final…he loses. He is not “2011-Novak” anymore. Unfortunately he is kind of a “mental mess”. Lost 5 of the 6 GS finals in a row I think. If Roger cannot win Wimby, I really hope Nole will win, but I will believe it when I see it. Whenever I think, oh good, he is in the final so he will win, he loses…. Nole always plays the first or second match seriously unplayable and then….
        I see Andy making the final and (HOPEFULLY) Roger.

      4. Couldn’t believe Nadal’s comments in his pressers. Said he didn’t think it was that impressive or difficult to do the French/Wimbledon double and that from the time he has played juniors in 2002 to present day he doesn’t believe the speed has changed. Sigh.

        Katyani, I think Djoker has a pretty good chance of making another slam final here depending on Murray. And Nadal if he makes it to the second week should be favourite to win the title. But totally right in calling out Novak’s mental fragility in slam finals, he’s been hurting ever since losing the French Open last year, hurt him big time. Now again he’s been denied, might have the opposite effect and help motivate him? Novak needs a slam more than anyone I think right now, if he makes the final I pick him to win.

      5. Excuses Excuses and bla bla bla. NADALITIES. You all are really scared Nadal gonna win Wimbledon hahahaha.

      6. Hey Alysha, if Roger cannot win Wimby, I really hope Novak will. Sometimes he bugs the hell out of me, but I like him or am beginning to like him more and more (no way Roger level, but oke). I don’t see Novak win Wimby, sorry, don’t see Rafa winning it either, but Andy has a very good chance. Hope (and trust) that Roger makes it though. If it is not for himself, than please Roger, for some of your fans… the jokes I take at work for believing that you will win…. for that alone you should win Wimby πŸ™‚

      7. Pablo this isn’t about not wanting Nadal to win Wimbledon it’s how tennis has evolved into catering into making money and the players bigger than the sport itself, some “golden era”…

  10. Was able to watch 2 first sets before having to go to an exam. I thought that again his backhand is missing something, and he isn’t sharp enough at the net. Decent match against and easy opponent (no disrespect meant) but he’s going to have to tighten a lot of things to even have a meager chance to win this….

  11. I can’t believe all the negativity surrounding a 6-1 6-1 6-3 win! Ok, the opponent was not top class and there are certain things he needs to work on, but tell me any time you have seen a champion play their very best in the first round! I have never seen it. The idea is to work into the tournament a few rounds, get match tough, so you can play at your absolute best in the QF, SF and hopefully F. There is no reason to be worried by this performance. Look at Nadal. He has looked shaky in early rounds before and gone on to win a slam or reach the final. Nothing to worry about whatsoever IMO and this does not affect his wimbledon chances at all.

    1. I agree with u Universal123. As long as Roger gets through these rounds with less effort as possible. Get the W and save the better tennis like u saud for the QF, SF and hopefully the Final. Come on Rogerrrrrrrrr πŸ™‚

    2. I don’t think there is anyone being overly negative. Just pointing out Fed will need to improve as the tournament wears on. I think his match form in a difficult match is quite tough to predict currently.

  12. Hey guys! This is my first comment ever on this site. I stumbled onto this wonderful blog a couple months ago, and visited it a lot since then., I was a Federer fan for about 8 years, and try to watch him play as much as I can. I was a junior player, but I can’t play much tennis anymore since I’ve got a really bad back, but I watch my 12 year old son play whenever I can. Anyway, Hi!

  13. I thought he played better against Hanescu last year, TBH. Not that that meant anything in the grand scheme of things, of course …

    1. I don’t have much recollection of that match apart from the reaction volley. But I think you’re prob right, seems like he was a high level that day. Orange soled shoes to boot.

  14. Unfortunately watching Wimbledon in Australia is quite tricky, the broadcasters here have a contractual agreement to prioritise any Aussies playing hence I did not get to see Fed’s match at all due to Hewitt. So annoying especially when the internet streaming is so dodgy at times.

    Judging from highlights and your recap, not much to say really when your opponent is a no show. But was a I’m sure that casualness you mentioned will ware off as he plays himself into form. All in all, looks in good form! So Muller it is then. This IMO will be Fed’s toughest match until the semis it seems- Muller won’t be no pushover and Fed’s loss last year takes away his aura in this stage of the tournament. But the difference was last year that Fed was missing a tonne of confidence- so should a match happen to ensue here, Roger needs to take charge fast. Hope it will be a great match and that Fed can get the job done efficiently!

    Regarding Nadal, I watched up until set 3. Klizan had balls in the first set and a half and had a very clear gameplan that took Rafa out of his comfort zone. But we all know how this movie has the same ending. I think judging from what I saw yesterday Rafa is out for blood at Wimbledon and was quite emotional at getting the win- probably rubbing his hands together at the thought of getting to get one over Rosol now. Expect Nadal to be there in the second week for sure.

    1. Rosol is toast. They’ve been putting him in Nadal’s path but Rosol has chickened out…until now. Nadal in three. Not sure how Rosol gets a set.

      1. Roger clearly doesn’t think so, either: “Playing tomorrow on Center Court around 4pm @Wimbledon”. 3rd match on, with a 1 pm start?!

    2. Hey Alysha, what is up with that group that always seems to be anywhere where Hewitt is playing?? With their green/yellow-Aussie shirts?? Are they Hewitt’s entourage?? Does he pay them?? πŸ™‚

      By the way, this Muller guy, kind of a Delpo look a like. Does he play like him too?? Please Roger, don’t underestimate him….

      1. They are called the “fanatics”- and they also appear at the Aussies’ matches at the Australian Open as well. From my understanding the AO paid for their tournament costs and reserved them the spaces at the courts. I assume Tennis Australia did the same for them at Wimbledon, load of garbage, they recycle the same material over and over again and take up seats πŸ˜€

        Muller is a danger no doubt about it, does he play as huge a game as Delpo? Id say no but nevertheless got some pretty powerful shots in him.

    3. Those guys have been at Wimbledon as far as I can remember. I saw them last 3 years when I have been. Outside courts watching Tomic causing a ruckus.

  15. Same here in Canada, Alysha. The Canadians take priority. I got up early to watch Roger and Raonic was on. I support the Canadians BUT not over Roger. As well, the broadcasts come from the US so I get a lot of bs from them. Hopefully, Fed will play his way into the tournament. Too bad the grass is slow, what the hell.

  16. You guys are being too critical. Just checked the highlights, sure they were highlights, but Roger looks sharp.

      1. Precisely. He doesn’t even have to bring out his entire tool set, so we cannot make a fair conclusion.

  17. Penalty given to Greece was an invention by the referee , exactly like the one that was given to Brazil against Croatia at the beginning of the tournament. Then Bosnia scored a goal against Nigeria that falsely was called an offside. Generally speaking referees are very bad.
    I am pretty happy and surprised with the game Greece played yesterday. Finally we tried and created quite a few chances proving that we are capable of playing some sort of productive football. Ivory Coast on the other hand didn’t play well. I guess it’s a bit of what happened with Italy as it seams a bit weird for a team to have to play for a draw or a win against a team that has so desperately win.
    Don’t want to brag about it but it’s a fact. Spain is out , England and Italy are out, Portugal is out and Russia is struggling while Greece is playing Costa Rica for a place in the top 8 of the world . Not bad at all.

    Jonathan thank you for Rogers game coverage . Very useful for the β€œnot so loyal” Fed fans  . Very good job for predicting Muller’s win against Benetau who was the slight favorite for the bookmakers. I must say that lately you are really close at your predictions and I guess I ll have to take the risk and follow your advice soon enough.

    Some tipster in a local site was recommending @ 5,5 times your money Federer as Wimbledon winner. Interesting but very poor analysis suggesting that the only real obstacle Roger will face is vs Nadal at Β½ finals. He should have written that Nadal is not going to be there anyway πŸ˜‰ . So its 5,5 for a final against Murray or Djoker!
    What do you think Jonathan ? Ok 1 at a time but what about long term investors ? the only true risk is sh*t happening, but ii m convinced it aint this time !

    1. Greece played a decent match. I like them after 2004 as they showed the top European teams up.

      Betting on Federer outright, not for me, odds just aren’t there. I prefer value bets.

    2. Taking a second look at the penalty, it just may have been the right decision. The defended did extend his leg though he was miles away from the ball, and was in the path of the kick. Most of the rest of it was simulation by the striker. I’d say, marginal. Probably the right call. Greece did hit the pole on multiple occasions. Regardless, Greece sucks and should get eliminated soon I hope πŸ™‚

      1. No Jonathan.. Though I play fantasy cricket, fantasy tennis never attracted me.. maybe I will give it a try sometime..

      2. I did, I selected all players, but still didn’t figure out how to play yet πŸ™‚ . I guess I need to join group right?

    1. Think Muller will indeed be quite tough: he’s come through qualifying and presumably therefore in good grasscourt form, plus the height and the leftyness …

      Hoping to go tomorrow, but annoyed that Nadal is on first and Rog 3rd: wish it had been the other way about. I wanted to get Nadal and avoid Roger, not the other way about.

  18. Hey LADIES, I don’t know which one of you (maybe Trudy??), but one of you ladies has her 25th wedding anniversary today. Whoever you are…. congrats πŸ™‚

    1. My 8th was yesterday. I had a wonderfull time . I played tennis for a couple of hours then watched football while drinking a lot of beer. Greek Team won bets were all succesfully settled so thats like gillet ‘the best a man can get ‘ .
      Ok I just had to promise that following ones will have just a litle bit more romance involved πŸ™‚
      But hey! 8th is not like 10th or like a 1/4 of a century, its hardly a 3rd of a quarter … plus Greece was playing…
      Katyani as an expert don t you agree ?

      Anyway congrats to the lady with the 25 years of marriage . Ok this has to be a fancy restaurant with candle lights surprise expesive gifts and so on .
      Or in my case a long weekend to Amstam with a bunch of buddies for Ice Creams, Van Gogh and Rock n Roll πŸ˜‰

  19. So I didn’t see the match and I have to disagree with one small thing. I don’t think saying “Federer isn’t a natural volleyer” is correct at all. In my opinion he’s probably THE most talented volleyer there is/ possibly was. It’s just that he doesn’t get the chance to use it as much as players of the past which is why he occasionally misses some here and there, which is to be expected, given also, the slow courts that prevent people from moving forward. The fact that he can still come up with so many absolutely sublime volleys, making it look so mind numbingly easy should allow one to over look the fact that he misses a couple here and there (which everyone does/ did- great volleyers included). Bear in mind, he doesn’t just come to the net only when it is an easy put away like Nadal and 95% of the tour today. he uses it as a tactic, which will have him getting burned every now and then.

    1. +1 πŸ™‚ He has one of the best touches ever. Doesn’t get to use it much, but under similar conditions… Look at wimby 2001 and 2003. the volleying was pretty exquisite there

    2. I don’t think Fed is a natural volleyer but I think he’s a good volleyer, I mean his touch and feel is unreal. But his technique isn’t as solid as an Edberg and neither is his position at the net.

      There are 2 big things when it comes to executing a good volley – racquet head control / touch and court positioning. I think Fed is often out of position when he approaches. Makes him easier to pass. Maybe it can be taught but for others it comes more natural. Henman at the net was very natural in his approach and execution.

    3. “In my opinion he’s probably THE most talented volleyer there is/ possibly was”

      Give up drinking.

      1. Why don’t you give up drinking the Nadal and McEnroe protein shake?

      2. Get out of here Pablo. I’m sure your opinion is Nadal’s the greatest vollyer as well just because he manages to put away every ball that’s above shoulder length in the fore court.

  20. Honestly can’t draw much from his 1st match since Lorenzo is kind of tomato can opponent. Only thing consistent is his service. Am taking this one match at a time and can’t really see any heavy favorite player winning SW19 just yet.

      1. Chris Fowler (ESPN) once referred to Wawrinka as “Stan, the tomato can” during a schooling from Roger, and got a lot of flak for it. In Melbourne, the tomato can laughed his way to the bank πŸ™‚

  21. Hey All,
    I will just make bold prediction, although I don’t like to make one πŸ˜‰
    S.Stakhovsky will go deep into the tournament πŸ™‚

    1. Well he took care of Gulbis. But playing multiple 5 set matches in a short space of time will be alien to him so I’m not sure. Federer Stakhovsky final? πŸ˜›

      1. Why not, this guy really like playing on grass, and he love it. last time when he beaten Roger, he was carried over by the win and didn’t take care of the next match the way it should be. look at his draw. he will play Chardy next and then the winner of Cilic vs Berdych, so I can see him on QF πŸ˜‰

  22. I am watching Andy giving an interview to a famous dog on BBC 3?? πŸ™‚ Really πŸ™‚

    But it gets worse… JMac just called (with a straight face) Rafa the best volleyer in the top 100 and Stepanek the second best. Thank God I don’t know exactly what he means πŸ™‚

    1. Ah McEnroe always changing his tune, the guy can’t be taken seriously whatsoever, and seems he is one of the commentators I have to listen to here in Aus, thankfully though it’s not BBC idiots like Castle or someone like Neil Harman ugh- to be fair though he’s not wrong about Radek, he played in the zone against Novak there, could’ve easily taken it to 5, Djoker’s confidence should be pretty high after getting out of that one.

      1. Hey Alysha, Radek played amazingly. Kudos to him and also to Nole.
        But… this JMac-thing is getting really embaressing. He doesn’t even hide his “love” for Rafa. All because of jealousy for Roger….you should have heard some of his comments during Klizan/Rafa-match. He was actually silent when Klizan broke Rafa in the 4th…

    1. Well well well that was surprising to say the least, if Rosol wants to do this, gotta do this in 3 otherwise Nadal will show him no mercy- seems this guy only zones in on Nadal

      1. LOL! Forget Nadal vs Rosol. Vesely had a chance to go up two breaks in third set and win but Monfils holds. Monfils levels the match at 2 sets apiece. If Monfils wins, Vesely will only have his self to blame because Monfils was playing mind games.

      2. Rosol isn’t winning this match. He missed his opportunity after the second set. Gasquet finally won.

  23. Soon as he lost that 2nd set, he was done. Didn’t have to win in 3, but winning the second was a must. Bummer

    1. Root for a Roger to win instead of Nadal to loss. While I am waiting for Roger, I am watching this match with Tsonga and Querrey. LOL! How long is this match is going to last?

      1. Yes, quite πŸ™‚

        I was sitting just opposite Court 2 (couldn’t get on it for love nor money) when the Tsonga/Querrey match ended, and they got a great ovation.

  24. I wish Eurosport had some Wimbledon coverage. These BBC commentators are ludicrous. Peter Fleming just referred to Wawrinka’s forehand as ‘not an exceptionally powerful shot’ and McEnroe earlier said (of Nadal’s time between points) ‘It shouldn’t be a big deal. Think of how many tickets this guy sells. If all he does wrong is takes a couple of extra seconds in between points, his opponents should be able to live with that.’


    1. I told you guys, it’s all about the money. The cash cow decides how the rules are applied, how the surfaces are made, how the draws are made. That’s where the sportsmanship of Roger comes to light. Even though he dominated the sport like nobody else, he never abused the rules. On the contrary, through the player council, he looked out for all the players.

      That’s the different between a Swiss, and a Spanish asshole. There are 47 million of them, and one of them lurks on this blog like a Psychopath.

  25. Hey guys, I don’t know about you guys, but I am very proud of Rosol. He fought and fought till the end. But Rafa is Rafa. Will play patiently and patiently and patiently till…. the opponent makes a mistake and keeps making them.
    To be honest, most of the time I still give kudos to Rafa for winning a match he should have lost by hanging on and hanging tough. But that was NOT today. Today he was just about… well, let me play so that Rosol (who took the most chances by the way) will make errors. Today… no kudos to Rafa. He won, but in a bad way. Congrats to Rosol.

    Come on Roger, show (you know who) how to play….

    1. Agree with you Katyani

      Here is some stat for the match
      Winner: 59
      Unforced Error: 38
      Forced Error: 21

      Winner: 46
      Unforced Error: 11
      Forced Error: 24

      Rosol pushed it so hard, and only lose because of his unforced error (not because forced error caused by Nadal). Rosol still have more winner and less forced error. Lucky win for Nadal, no? πŸ™‚

      1. I agree… Rosol was scary good first set and a half, and Dull withstood it. Like his game style or not, he’s a real threat here…

      2. He always is a threat everywhere πŸ™‚ . This time I thought I was gonna loose, after I cheked the mobile he was one set down and one break down in the second… But this guy never gives up. Best competitor ever in the sport.

  26. I just have to repeat this: “I don’t see any point in taking more than 10 seconds between points” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. The delay between points was the single most important reason he was able to win Wimbledon 2008. Aunt Toni admitted using that tactic. There were several challenges in that match where right after the display showed the ball clearly “out”, Nadal waited for at least 3 or more seconds just looking at the screen as to how far out the ball was, so he can make the few millimeter adjustment πŸ™‚ He was buying as much time between serves as he could. On an average, he took about 30 seconds between points. Roger was well under 20.

      A 10 second difference has a huge impact on energy level, as well as thinking of a strategy for point construction. Aunt Toni admitted that he has illegally coached Nadal and that it’s the ATP’s fault that coaching is not allowed. He clearly used it at Wimbledon 2008, and AO 2009.

      Bunch of fucking cheating Spanish assholes. 47 million of them.

    1. Hey Simon, I liked the match. After a long time I think watching a match without absolutely no fear of Roger losing. Great fast points, which were over really fast. But… I also hope Roger will get matches where he will have to find a way to win when things are not getting his way. Great first and second serves and a lot aces, those matches he will not have all the time. He needs to win too when those things don’t work…. Because isn’t this true, Roger’s first three matches or so are with a lot of aces and great serve, but further on in the tour those things abandon him…..

    2. The Radio Wimbledon commentators were really enthusing about it. I was listening, and thought, that’s way too many aces and things, surely?

  27. Yeah, was a serving contest and hard to gauge where his game was at due to lack of decent rallies, but good to get a win under the belt again. Muller was potentially tricky so glad he got it done and dusted in good time.

    1. This match wasn’t hard to gauge Roger’s game. Roger didn’t give Muller any thought this match was going to winnable. Muller was never going to break Roger’s serve which put Muller under pressure. All Roger needed was one break in each set.

  28. A few stats from Roger’s R2 match:

    Winners: 44-5 Unforced Errors (Yes, you read that right, forty-four winners to five unforced errors)
    Nine points dropped on serve in total.(!!!!!) (that averages to about three quarters of a point per service game)
    Four total breaks of serve.(!!)

  29. If Roger can continue to serve like this, he is my favorite to win Wimbledon this year. Question is, can he serve like this against dull and Djoker/Murray. I don’t think so, but part of me wants to believe that he will. I want him to win this year so badly. I hope things fall into place somehow, don’t care how πŸ™‚
    Rain/closed roof in his matches against dull/Murray could only help.

    1. Federer would have use his serve and his grass court skills to defeat them He already has done it against Djokovic and Murray, but he has not played Nadal on grass since 2008. But Federer fans should only worry about them until Federer is standing across net from them.

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