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Federer Defeats Lopez to Make Final in Toronto

No tough 3 setter for Roger here as he saw off Feliciano Lopez 6-3 6-4 in one hour and 22 minutes to make his 5th Roger's Cup final. In Sunday's showpiece he'll be bidding for his 80th career title and 22nd Masters 1000 crown; in the way stands Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who will be looking to cap off a great week where he's defeated Djokovic, Murray and Dimitrov en route to the final.

Back to last nights encounter and Roger played a very solid match to break Lopez once in each set and didn't allow the big serving left hander to create a single break point of his own, winning 86% of his first serve points en route to a comfortable victory.

Pleasing match I thought after two tough 3 setters against Cilic and Ferrer; it was important he got this done quickly so he can get more time to recover for the final which is at 3:00PM local time and will be the first time he's played a day match this week.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Serving vs Lopez

Fed won the toss, elected to serve and promptly fired down a love hold to kick things off. Another love hold followed for 2-1 and he then broke Lopez to lead 3-1 after a marathon game where Lopez saved 7 break points with some big serving and crispy volleying.

With Lopez failing to make any sort of impression on return Roger had 2 more chances to break in the 6th and 8th game but couldn't convert. It made no difference though as he served out the set to 15 to take it 6-3.

With Lopez serving first at the start of the second he double faulted at 30-15 and then blazed a forehand long at 30-40 to drop serve. It was a huge choke with the whole court to aim for he managed to slam it long. Reminded me of a forehand Murray missed vs. Nadal at Wimbledon in 2011.

That spelled the end for Lopez as Roger just maintained his consistency on serve with the serve + forehand combo allowing him win plenty of cheap points.

Lopez on the other hand was being forced to work hard in all his service games which never gave him the freedom on the return he was looking for. At 2-1 we got the highlight of the match where Fed hit a tweener, then decided to squash shot a ball miles into the crowd when he knew he couldn't make the forehand. It was like “Ah f**k it” moment, boom, into the stands.

With the crowed pleasing segment done Federer cruised home; 2-1 soon became 5-3 and a few sweetly timed forehands later Roger was closing it out to 30 to book his spot in the final.

Match Stats

F. Lopez R. Federer
Aces 8 13
Double Faults 9 1
1st Serve % 38% 55%
1st Serve Points Won 24/29 (83%) 25/29 (86%)
2nd Serve Points Won 21/48 (44%) 16/24 (67%)
Break Points Saved 9/11 (82%) 0/0 (0%)
Service Games Played 9 10
1st Return Points Won 4/29 (14%) 5/29 (17%)
2nd Return Points Won 8/24 (33%) 27/48 (56%)
Break Points Won 0/0 (0%) 2/11 (18%)
Winners 19 26
Unforced Errors 33 15
Net Points Won 12/19 13/18
Return Games Played 10 9
Total Service Points Won 45/77 (58%) 41/53 (77%)
Total Return Points Won 12/53 (23%) 32/77 (42%)
Total Points Won 57/130 (44%) 73/130 (56%)


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Tweener vs Lopez

From my standpoint, I think I served well, I was aggressive, and I was able to really play the way I wanted to play tonight. I'm very happy. I think [Lopez] was probably mentally a bit tired this week. He's played a lot of good guys in the spell of a short period of time. He played one more match than I did, and back-to-back three setters the last couple of nights, he was probably feeling it there.

A very solid performance that saw Roger move into an 11-0 H2H lead against Lopez, another stunning record really and had he not lost to Robredo at the USO his record against 3 of the best Spanish players of the last decade would be peRFect. 15-0, 11-0 and 11-1.

I thought Roger moved very well again last night which was key to the win, Lopez couldn't really open up the court when he needed to and whenever a rally above 3 shots began he was instantly the underdog.

Watching the match back Fed perhaps looked a little flat towards the end but he'd got the break and was able to just coast over the line. Lopez was never really in the match after being broken early in both sets and his first serve wasn't finding it's spot like it was vs. Raonic a round earlier.

Other than that not a whole lot to say, solid on serve, moving well and get's the job done in straights. Can't ask for more.

Predictions vs. Tsonga

Federer Tsonga Charity Match

Into the Championship decider and Tsonga is the man waiting for the Swiss and he's been playing some inspired stuff this week. I've not seen many of his matches but I did catch the highlight reel vs. Murray and he was crunching the ball off both wings and looked very focused.

Tsonga's record in Masters 1000's isn't that impressive as he's missed so much tennis over the years but 2 semi finals in Canada previously means it's one of his best tournaments and in fact is only bettered by his performances in Bercy where he won in 2008 and lost in the final in 2011.

Based on his results this week defeating Djokovic, Murray and Dimitrov I think this will be a very tough match for Roger. He might lead the H2H 11-4 but there's been some tough encounters between them over the years, including 2 losses in Canada to Tsonga in 2009 and 2011. If he allows the Frenchman to get into his man on a mission mindset he is very difficult to stop.

Tsonga can overpower guys, serve up a storm and then play really aggressive with his forehand and also be solid in his backhand. You think you're in a safe place in the rally, and he takes one step and just hits it and the point is over. That's why he's been in the Top 10 for so long.

From Roger's side he needs to play aggressive and let Tsonga beat himself mentally. Mix it up, vary pace and just generally give Tsonga no real rhythm. When Tsonga is pummelling shots from the back of the court he's in his element but once he has to actually think about what shot to play, he breaks down. His court sense is poor and he doesn't read the game as well as Federer so Roger needs to exploit that.

I'm expecting Roger to come in quite a lot thanks to the Edberg influence and that should be a profitable play, there's no way Tsonga can hit passing shots consistently well a la Murray, Djokovic and Nadal so that's something to watch out for.

If Fed serves well, is able to move like he's moved all week and keep the errors down then he can win this one handily. Fed in 3. 6-4 4-6 6-2.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Well this 16th win was a little lucky I reckon, I’m staying up late doing my assignments and checked out the blog due to a lapse of concentration! Don’t think I’ll win another for a long time – I send out my apologies for the lack of competitiveness!

  1. I reckon it will be a three setter with at least one tiebreaker. Tsonga is on cracking form, but as long as Federer keeps the UF errors out and serves well, he’ll pull through for the title! Allez!

    If you don’t like the paintjob on the new RF97 racquet, you could win an exclusive one with a full black paintjob!!!

  2. I would like to favour Roger to win but looking at Tsonga, its probably going to be tough ask. Tsonga seems to be in the zone right now plus Roger’s 1st day match. Hope Roger can mixed up his play and drive Tsonga to doubt himself. Its going to be a physical match and Roger needs to keep his 1st serve % high to stand a decent shot.

  3. It will be 3sets but first for Tsonga and last 2 for Rog.The day session will be a disadvantage initially for Rog as he is switching from night to day..

  4. Tsonga and does seem in sure good form….Also I have still vividly remember the match Roger choked back in 2009 against Tsonga on same tournament…He was set and 5-1 then he went on losing that match in three sets….Once again on couple of years back…Probably this is the tournament where Jo have two victories against Roger…

    However Roger already lost two masters this year in very close margin…Not to Forget Wimbledon too..Roger due for this title..I am hoping he can get the job done tonight quickly and effectively….

  5. Pleased with the win and I hope federer can improve the 2-4 record in finals in 2014. I reckon federer can win in 2 and if tsonga wins it’ll be in 3. Let’s hope for a master/ 1000 title for federer.

      1. That 2-4 really kills me. It could so easily have been 6-0. Or 7-0, depending on what happens today 😐

  6. Hi Jonanthan

    Recorded the match and watched this morning before heading off to the gym, obviouslly gave me inspiration as did a 32K bike ride!!!! Lovely match to watch as there was no moments of ohy my god here we go again just oh my god he looks so good!!! Have watched Tsonga’s games this week and have not seen him play so well in a while – I think Roger may have his hands full but hopefully we will get off to a flying start and win in a not too nerve racking three – I still remember with sadness the loss at Wimbledon against Tsonga when he was two sets up.

      1. Hi Jonathan 45mins to be precise (no I am not joking) my warm up with my trainer is 10K in 15mins or less I am 58 and the fittest I have ever been!!

  7. Roger needs to bring his A game today. Last 3 rounds he had the advantage of opponents struggling with first serves. Hope the same happens today. Fed needs to serve and return better than what he has so far. Given the occasion, I’m sure he will. Roger in straights. 🙂

    1. Given how close this is likely to be I think the key for both will be the first serve. They will be relying on it. Second serves expose them to attack.

    2. I hope Federer wins here and gets near the title in Cincy. Two Master 1000 titles going into the US Open with over 8000 ranking points would be sweet and impressive for a 33 yr old player. It would force Nadal to have to play the US Open. But Roger would have to win both 1000’s and the US Open title to bring the #2 ranking into play. Remember Nadal has never defended a title off clay. For Roger to make that kind of push, with Davis Cup, indoor season after the US Open, to end the year #2 after he was ranked #8 and being 2-4 in finals also after 2013 with the physical problems. I am getting tired just thinking about it. I don’t know if Federer can or want to make that kind of push. It starts today. That type of run at age 33 with the game being so physical would be very impressive. GL to him.

  8. That’s a f**king schedule… finishing semifinal at 10 pm and having to play final at 3 pm next day!! I’m afraid, Fed’s gonna be tired. Can anybody explain the reason behind such ridiculous scheduling?

    Fed has to finish it in 2. A 3rd set might put Tsonga ahead.


    1. From what I seen Roger is so darling of crowds, so they made use of it by scheduling it all night session…Also other than Tuesday his matches went close to midnight, so no way he can play again on day…Though not sure why they have to schedule 3PM final though….May be Some Baseball/Football match on prime time…

    2. If Roger wins this title, it would be impressive because he has played all his matches at night with 3 of them being the last match of the day. Then playing your only day match against an inspired Tsonga who has played day matches and will have the advantage of playing his semi hours earlier. Roger is a competitor.

    3. They always play the final at 3PM.

      When Fed has played night matches all week it’s tough to really change it. If he had played day vs Lopez, people would be saying same thing.

    4. I’m guessing the final might be that time a) because it’s a Sunday and people have work the next day, and b) with Cincy starting immediately after, the players need to get away early. I was half hoping that Roger would lose the SF because it must be such a rush finishing up in Toronto and then getting down to Ohio that I’d think it would be difficult to settle mentally. Just hoping he recovers in time for Cincy, although I suppose if he does end up losing there early through tiredness (and there are some potential stumbling blocks in the early rounds) he will at least have got an additional 600 free points in the bag to more than offset any losses.

  9. Yep, shocking schedule but Fed victim of his draw ability and money spinning for the tournaments. He will be very up for tomorrow, eager to improve his 2-5 record this yr in finals, and to win In front of Stefan!!Depends a little on the Tsonga serve and FH. Jo may just tighten up a little now he has realised what he has done this week, and is now in final! Mentally he may be a little weary! Agree with Jonathan that Feds net play will be key as Jo hasn’t really got a passing shot and does play a bit randomly from th baseline! Fed need to target his BH which can break down under pressure and yes, get Jo talking to himself and beating himself. Fed in 2 Plse!

    1. “Yep, shocking schedule but Fed victim of his draw ability and money spinning for the tournaments.”

      Over at The Other Place, I said once I saw the two days’ schedule that I expected whoever won the first semi to win the whole thing. It seems to me crazily unfair that you should have one singles semi, followed by one doubles, followed by the other singles semi, and particularly when you potentially add in blocks of dead time by specifying “not before …” for each match. That worked out at probably 5 hours more recovery time for one player than the other, and the second player having to play one match at 8 pm and then the next at 3 pm, as opposed to having 24 hours between the two. It’s a big difference. I’m assuming the TDs had an afternoon and an evening session and wanted a singles in each, so I guess it boils down to money, really, rather than players’ wellbeing. Personally, I hate tournaments which have 2 sessions, and think they’re a rip-off, but then I’m used to Wimbledon and other things which just run through from beginning to end.

      It wouldn’t by any means be the first time Fed had been given late matches because he’s such a draw: I remember last year in Hamburg the back problem flaring up because he’d had to play the last match, until about 8 pm, on a very chilly evening, and then was playing the final the next day at 2 pm or so. Insufficient recovery time, and we know what happened to the back …

      Still, from what I gather Tsonga had been playing well all tournament and deserved the win.

  10. With Murray, Djokovic out early, they moved Fed and Raonic to night sessions. He said he’s not getting to bed until 3:30am! Not good. When you do pressers in 3 languages, takes forever.
    I noticed Cincinnati is pretty well sold out. Only a few tickets in the nose bleed sections.
    Now for some valium!

    1. The commenters joked that looks as if he would have liked to have hit snooze a couple of times. He was totally not in the match. Still, it is interesting how Roger not even close to his basic level can switch to serve and volley and stay in the match until tiebreak. Roger in ordinary shape would have beaten Tsonga. Please Roger, take a nap before you play the next final.

  11. Guys, let’s stop this talk about switching from night to day. This guy has played like a thousand matches. It’s not going to matter that’s he is suddenly playing at 3 pm 🙂

    P.S. Weren’t all his Cincy titles won in day time? His five US Opens were won in broad daylight, and the sixth one was stolen from him in broad daylight 🙂

      1. Roger has conditioned himself well to be able to play back to back best of 5 sets. This should be a piece of cake. Not worried about his physical ability at all. He does go mental against players who have beaten him in the past. More he has lost to some player, the less confident he gets playing them. Hope he can stay confident and serve and return well. Keeping the UFEs low while staying aggressive should get him to the title. Enough losses already this year in the finals. Now it is time to start giving the winner speeches. Let’s go Roger. 2 hours to go for the match.

      2. Ankur, true. Remember though that the US Open final has been played right after the Saturday semifinals.

        The gap really is a non-issue. Which Jo Willie shows up is the only issue 🙂

      3. Hey Ganesh, I think that really isn’t true. We’re making the mental inference only from his record against one player- Nadal, which in my opinion is completely explained by matchup. Yes, it’s a bit mental, because he knows that due to playing styles, the odds are stacked against him, which is why he needs to try harder and consequently makes mistakes…which we attribute to mentality. I think that’s only to be expected. So in all fairness, I think it’s the other way round. Admitted, he doesn’t have the mental tenacity of a Nadal or perhaps a Djokovic, but let’s face it, these guys are just unreal when it comes to mental toughness. Roger isn’t mentally frail, just these two are at another level altogether, credit to them. Fed’s probably third in that department. Bringing me back to the inference. I feel it’s flawed because he has reversed H2Hs with a lot of players. Nalbandian, Hewitt, Nishikori, Simon, and recently Murray.

    1. Sid, it isn’t about having played a lifetime’s worth of day matches. It all has to do with the week. For eg, in Rome last year, he played all night sessions, only to play Nadal in the day, and he was completely out of sorts. Agreed, Nadal on clay versus single handed, 32 year old wasn’t going to lead to a different outcome, but it surely had a small impact.

      Here, I think one thing that might help him is that it will play a touch slower in the day, which will help him negate Tsonga’s power.

      1. Gaurav,

        [ in Rome last year, he played all night sessions, only to play Nadal in the day, and he was completely out of sorts]

        Um…he would’ve lost to Nadal in Rome any other time too like, 9:10 AM, 12.13 PM, 6:45 PM, 10:22 PM, 2:06 AM, 5.32 PM…you take a pick 😉

        Also, what Jonathan said.

        Let’s face it, Tsonga is playing too good.

  12. I think your last line says it all Jonathan: “If Fed serves well, is able to move like he’s moved all week and keep the errors down”….

    He had slipped badly on 1st serve & UFE earlier in the tournament; was somewhat better yesterday; hopefully can continue an upward swing. If Jo is playing anything like as well as he has been all tournament, he’ll need it. His movement has been great as you say & a lot of it starts there for him – allez Roger!

  13. Pretty impressive as Grandpa 😉 I thought he’s moving like a kid. Loved he’s taking the ball so early, going to the net often. Despite missing many BP opportunities he’s return is way better than the last year. So I’m happy he’s in the final, though a trophy would be extra special!

    It’s not official yet but heard that with reaching the final he has qualified for WTF for 13th straight year, wow!

    A decent time for us as europeans at last! So hopefully see you guys soon on the chat 🙂

  14. Well….damn.

    Fought hard. Which was impressive. Got done in by a crap schedule. But that’s a lousy excuse at best. Should have adapted to the day session much better.

    1. It was nice to see him change tactics and come to the net. Net play was incredible. Serve clicked at the right time towards the end of the second set. I had a feeling if he could eek out the second, he had started to find his rhythm on the baseline, in the last game of the second set at 5-6. The added confidence would have carried him through.

      But Fighterer’s spirit is extremely commendable. Proud of that.

      1. Yeah I had that feeling too! But it was like pulling out the last chunk of energy from the tank. Would have lost the 3rd set for sure. Match was actually lost after 1st set.

    2. Beg to differ Gaurav… The energy level was the difference. Credit to Tsonga for his consecutive wins against 4 great players. TSONGA BACK IN SONG. But I just can’t accept this absolutely ridiculous schedule. semifinal and final within 16-17 hours!! Apart from the excitement that causes delay in sleep, u need to do pressers etc. after the match. It means having to sleep very late, wake up and get to the court for the big one! You can’t call it a lousy excuse. Fed visibly looked tired from the very beginning. I just can’t see why they didn’t schedule a night-final.

    3. You can put that new lousy excuse along with doping, use of MTOs, slow surfaces, matchups, racquet, weather etc etc etc.

      1. I heard Nadal has a wrist injury, there are a couple of tasks he is struggling to perform. I put your name forward as a volunteer.

    1. Ankur, a request to you, please don’t get involved with this troll. It’s never done any good to any one. Just ignore him.


      1. Or non-dominant wrist (how do you injure that, when you aren’t really using it?) Never mind, the human growth hormone that’s part of the treatment will provide an ideal boost for the USO. And of course the work he and Uncle Toni have been doing to “tweak” his serve won’t be set back, because of course he serves left-handedly. The trick is to get the right kind of injury. Right, Rafa?

  15. Disappointment but not unexpected. Not enough gas in the tank. Sid, Fed said himself in an interview yesterday, it’s hard to go from night to day. For the last two nights, he didn’t get to bed until 3:30am. Not enough time to recover and rest. He wouldn’t be used to the conditions during the day either.
    Maybe he shouldn’t be so accommodating with all the pressers, etc.
    So many finals this year, what a shame for him.
    Tsonga played so well all tournament long, Hats off to him at the end of the day.

  16. Serving all over the place, groundstrokes off both wings wildy inconsistent, he was close to losing against Cilic and Ferrer, he finally played someone good enough to take advantage of his lapses this week. See if he can do well in Cincy but he really needs a big title (1000+) before the year is out otherwise all his consistency in getting to finals will be wasted. He also drops to a 2-4 record in finals, 0-3 in M1000 finals and 0-1 in GS finals. He really needs to get it together in the big finals again. A 1000 title in Cincy (or anywhere) would be a huge step towards getting that all important 18th slam.

    1. Tonga was solid and completely locked Roger out of his service games. Roger hit 37 unforced errors – the last a lame backhand into the net on match point (echoes of the Wimbledon final). That’s up there with Sharapova. I suspect the problem isn’t scheduling but being 33.

    2. Roger will be okay. Last year he couldn’t even compete because of physical problems. I think some are being unrealistic because Roger is not going to be able to play his best tennis all the time. Recovery is going to be an issue and stamina. I think Roger did a good job getting to the final not playing his best tennis. Cilic and Ferrer never had match points on Roger. I think it is hard for him to win because he is playing tired and you can’t beat top players playing tired.

      1. “Tired” read “old”. Some of us need to wake up here. This is a player well past his prime. He isn’t who he was 6 or 7 years ago and so it would be foolish to expect some of the same results. Simply reaching a final now might be his best.

      2. Roger need to take the results he can get and be happy because he is the oldest player in the top ten being ranked #3. Why you think David Ferrer is so grumpy? Him tired. Feliciano Lopez played bad against Roger. Him tired. What do Federer, Ferrer and Lopez have in common? You can’t play all night matches with some being back to back and be fresh when you are over 30 years old. The organizers did that to Roger in Rome last year. Roger did better than Djokovic against Tsonga.

    3. Actually he is 2-5 now…and 0-3 in masters…..Bitter disappointment in the end of tournament… He is so close to win couple of masters but none so far…he is so consistent with out results to back it up….Hope he turn things around in finals again….

    4. And yes, I also think the scheduling played a part -> All night matches, late finishes and not even a day match which may have made adjusting to day conditions tricky. But hey, things happen.

      The only thing I’m worried about is that all these loses in finals might begin to affect his confidence and his ability to perform in future finals…

      1. Tired equals excuse. This was only two sets. Not five. I could play two sets. And I am way way past my prime.

        Q. You have said that you’re hoping to play for a few more years for sure. Are you at a point now where you enter an event and you kind of soak up each event’s atmosphere a little bit more, not knowing if maybe you’ll come back again?

        RF – Yeah, it’s a lot of fun but it’s also a lot of work, and especially this week it’s been a grind, going to bed at 3:30 last night and it’s been rough, you know. And then now turn around to tomorrow, 3:00 match, I think. It’s a change, so I hope I can play decent tennis tomorrow.

        This was after the Lopez match, so I think the scheduling did play a slight role along with adapting almost different conditions in the daytime. And as you said Fed is older which means that the extra recovery time would have been welcome. Scheduling the second SF so late would have been unfair to any player not just Fed.

        Regardless, I’m not too bothered about this loss. For me a combination of different factors led to it. I just hope that Roger can continue to put himself in these positions to win big titles and then who knows, perhaps one of them will finally go his way 🙂

  17. I saw the entire match; I don’t what was wrong with Roger! Worst return and baseline game I have ever seen Roger play from long long time! Really!!
    Tsonga played OK, not a woooow match. He managed his backhand and played solid on the forehand. His service game was terrible (47% I guess), yet he won, which shows how bad Roger was playing
    Anyhow, hope cinci will be another good tournament for Federer, but I have my doubts

  18. All this ‘almost but not there misses’, I rili dnt appreciate it. If the racket doesn’t produce champions, then I’m pretty disappointed. This title was up for grabs, I was agitated when I discovered Roger was notserving ffirst. And yeah, we know what happened. I’m soo disappointed. And I think we should tell the truth to ourselves, this was throughly disappointing

    1. You guys are kidding right? You think Roger can still make these quick turnarounds from match to match with no recovery at his age it not affect his game. He was mentally and physically tired. When you tired, you don’t make good decisions. Roger is out there trying to survive and you guys are giving him he’ll for that. Roger doesn’t take months long breaks, he doesn’t miss ATP events even through the tour rules says he can and he doesn’t miss GS either. Most fans would dream to root for a player who is as committed to the tour as Roger. These Masters event schedules are just brutal for Roger and managed to get to the final. Most of all Roger didn’t put his personal life on the back burner for tennis either. Roger Federer age 33, happily married, father of four, ATP player 16 years, ranked #3, no miss GS, never retiring from a match.

      1. Ok, if Roger was that “tired” he had no chance of winning. Agreed? In which case, there was little point in watching – the outcome was predetermined.

      2. I watched the match because Roger is match favorite player and one day he is going to be retired. I knew the match was going to be hard for him because the whole tournament was hard for him. He can’t control the tournament formats or his age. All he can do is continue to put in the best effort he can.

  19. My take on this loss is multifaceted. Firstly let’s give credit to Tsonga. He had a phenomenal week in beating Djokovic, Murray, Dmitrov in consecutive matches. He was just simply solid and didn’t waver like he usually does in his other matches. Federer has a bit of a strange pattern when he plays him. It’s either superb or dreadful like at last year’s French Open.

    Back to Roger. Serving was decent, volleying Godlike. The ground game was just not there. Second serve returns ineffective.No variety, almost no use of the slice which is what he always uses to great effect when he plays Tsonga and wins those matches. The decision making was poor in so many of the baseline rallies and he just had no rhythm off the ground. Not sure why that is but he did seem fatigued from this week’s schedule and perhaps playing two unnecessarily long three set matches played their part.

    Mentally I thought he was strong- his serving was clutch on those break/match points and he made the scoreline look much more respectable that it deserved to be.

    I’m going to put this one down to fatigue. He seemed distracted out there. Reminds me of Laver’s recent comment that when you get to that age sometimes you just have an inexplicably bad day. Credit to Tsonga for maintaining in his level. Roll on Cincy.

  20. Hey guys, I am going to copy paste a comment I left today on Ru-an’s site, because I mean EVERY word of it.
    Read it if you want or don’t read it if you don’t want to. I hope you still will be proud of what Roger achieved, eventhough he and we are disappointed that he lost:

    Can I just point out 3 things some of you seem to have forgotten? (Apologies if I sound harsh, but I am kind of getting tired of Roger fans druling over him when he wins and then acting TOO disappointed when he loses)…
    1) Roger did not get bagels or lost with 6-2 6-2 or something. He MADE Jo Willy work his butt off for the win.
    2) Roger believed till the end AND fought till the end. He looked tired, still…. no gamesmenship, no MTO, no toiletbreak, no giving up, he fought till the last point.
    3) Did I miss something?? It was Roger in the final right?? Because….. I did not see the world number 1 Novak there, who is the best player since last year. I did not see Rafa there who is well… unbeatable. I did not see Andy there, who is back to his best level. I did not see Stan there, who won a GS. I did not see……fill in…. there !!!
    Who I DID see was a 33 year old Roger Federer, last year around this time nr 8, now nr 3, who played gruel matches at night instead of atleast one or two matches during the day….

    Please guys, I am more gutted than most of you, but only for Roger, because he deserved this win. NO ONE will mention that Jo Willy beat Novak and Andy, they will only mention Roger. I am so sad for Roger that he lost, but the year is not over. He will have wins.
    Look at how many finals, sf, etc he has made. Any top 20 player, etc would almost kill for what he has accomplished so far this year. Again, apologies for beeing too harsh. But lets not be too sad. Better times will come. Go Roger. I still believe. Bel18ve 🙂

    1. Oh and before I forget. Kudos to Jo Willy. He acts like a clown, sometimes plays like that too, but also remembers that he is a darn good tennisplayer when he plays Roger. He deserved the win. It takes someone special and very good to beat 3 of the top 4. And loved the fact that he did not overact when he won. Great guy…. but Jo Willy…. if you are reading this: Next time it is payback time and we will beat you 🙂 🙂
      The Goat is like a elephant, never forgets…. and forgives 🙂

    2. +1 🙂

      Couldn’t agree more! Yes 2-5 in finals is bad, like really really bad. But making those 7 finals after all he went through last year and at his age too 🙂 I am proud of him, of his mental toughness and I couldn’t be prouder of being his fan 🙂

      Better days are coming. This year is already better than last year, but Roger made it clear that he wants it to be even betterer 😉

    3. Totally Agree…As a viewers everyone clearly see that his ground strokes from baseline is so off, still he never gave up any point so easy…And he made Jo Win rather than let the match go by… As I said its just so sad to see that he don’t have enough titles to show how consistent he is playing, where as player like Jo/Stan just made one final in masters and has the title…. Hopefully things will be better for him for rest of season…

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