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Federer Defeats Khachanov To Make Halle Final

An 11th Gerry Weber Open final awaits for Roger Federer on Sunday after he battled past Karen Khachanov 6-4, 7-6(5) in 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Federer will be aiming for his ninth title in North Rhine Westphalia, which would make Halle his most successful tournament in terms of titles. Can he do it? Here's hoping!

Quick Match Recap

Federer Khachanov Halle 2017

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. The decision paid off as he broke to 30 but wasn't able to consolidate as Khachanov hit back to level at 1-1.

Game 3 saw Roger break again for a 2-1 lead, and this time he held to 15 for 3-1. That was quickly 4-2 with Roger hitting a delicious inside out forehand on game point.

At 5-4 Roger served for the set and ran into difficulty, facing a break point at 30-40, but he made deuce and converted his second set point to take it 6-4.

Into set 2 and Khachanov continued his gameplan of going big on every single ball, which helped him hold his opening two service games. In game 5 Roger fashioned 0-30 but couldn't find the break point however at 4-4, the Russian made some wild errors, and Federer broke to 15.

Serving for the match is never easy, and with Khachanov returning well Roger lost three straight points to drop serve. The Russian then fended off a break point to hold for 6-5.

From serving for the match, Roger was now serving to stay in the set, and despite holding a game point, he had to save two set points. Khachanov missing an easy mid-court forehand on the first.

A tie-break felt like a fitting end to the set and Roger was the first to strike, going up a mini break for 1-0 only to get pegged back. The Swiss then went up 3-2, only to relinquish the advantage again as Khacahnov won 3 points in a row to lead 5-4. Roger dug in to hold both serves and lead 6-5 and converted his first match as Khachanov went long with a backhand. Phew!

Match Stats

Roger Federer Karen Khachanov
Aces 3 3
Double Faults 2 1
First Serve Percent 66%(51/77) 62%(43/69)
1st Serve Points Won 71%(36/51) 70%(30/43)
2nd Serve Points Won 58%(15/26) 46%(12/26)
Break Points Saved 67%(4/6) 40%(2/5)
Service Games Played 11 11
1st Serve Return Points Won 30%(13/43) 29%(15/51)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 54%(14/26) 42%(11/26)
Break Points Converted 60%(3/5) 33%(2/6)
Return Games Played 11 11
Winners 22 20
Unforced Errors 21 27
Net Points Won 73% (11/15) 75% (9/12)
Total Service Points Won 66%(51/77) 61%(42/69)
Total Return Points Won 39%(27/69) 34%(26/77)
Total Points Won 53%(78/146) 47%(68/146)
SABR 0 0

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Halle 2017 Semi Final

Toughest match of the week so far for Roger against a hard-hitting opponent who took the game to Fed. I've not seen much of Khachanov, but he hits big off both wings, serves huge and moves very well for a tall guy. Somewhat similar to Safin and he has a very destructive game.

Pre-match I thought Roger's variety would cause him problems, but Khachanov played very aggressively which meant Roger had to play reactive tennis for the most part. We're used to seeing Fed force the issue on most surfaces, but here he was the one having to defend and make the Russian hit one more ball. That's not really his game, even less so at 36, so it looked scrappy at times, but he was able to soak up enough pressure, draw the errors and use his experience to get through in straight sets.

As you can see from the stats the serve wasn't on great form and I thought Khachanov made Roger's serve look tame, which is why he wasn't able to settle into that nice rhythmical groove that lets him roll through matches. Not sure if Khachanov was reading it or Federer wasn't quite hitting his spots. I'll go with a bit of both as he didn't look fully dialled in today, sitting down after the first game for instance 😆 so coming through in straights is impressive. Fans want silky smooth winners so get worried when a has to scrap out a win but there's every chance he can run into someone like this early doors at Wimbledon so it's all good practice.

Predictions vs. Zverev / Gasquet

Next up is Sascha Zverev who saw off Gasquet in three sets. I've not had chance to see any of Zverev's matches this week but from all reports he's hitting the ball big especially off his favoured backhand side.

The German was able to beat Federer here last year, although you have to say Roger was obviously not at his best, but based on all their previous meetings he's been a tricky matchup. Like Khachanov he's strong in all areas, moves well for a big guy but is far more balanced than the Russian in terms of not going huge on every single ball. So Fed will need to take things up a notch today if he's to take down his 9th title. No losses of focus on serve and he'll need to try play on the front foot. If he's having to defend often like he was today I think Zverev has the upper hand. Fed in three for me 🙂

What did you guys think of the match? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Not a great performance from Roger, in keeping with his mix of good and bad tennis this weak. I think Roger was lucky today, as Khachanov was not consistent enough and perhaps did not have belief that he could beat Roger. Roger needs to pick it up if he is to do well at Wimbledon. A good draw without big servers in the early rounds would help!

    1. Nono, I think Kachanov was the lucky one to get that tight. For instance some of Roger’s briliances hit the top of the net and unfortunately bounced back in his half.
      For sure Roger is very solid at the moment, so good to see.

  2. A good win considering he was on backfoot most of the time, experience helped him a lot. If he meet Zverev tomorrow it’s going to be a huge test. Big serves and big hitting. Roger got to maintain focus and up his serve percentage

  3. Good win. Khachanov is dangerous and had nothing to lose. And even though he’s probably played Karen before in practice, this was their first meeting on a surface that makes it toughest to break the big servers.

  4. Whew. Couldn’t actually watch, stream site spam tried to take over. Good that he gritted it out… but seems that he’ll have to raise his level to beat Sascha, who has already beat him here once. Even if he doesn’t though, lots of positives from ‘just’ making the final – he’ll have the most match practice he could from the week, & we all thought that was what he needed.

  5. It is 6:50 pm local time in Germany : the Zverev brothers just started the doubles semi-final in Halle !! 2 matches played in a row for Alexander. .. he surely will be more tired than Roger tomorrow, no ?

      1. Ah, but I guess it was seen as the more tempting match. What *was* stupid, though, was the minimum 3-hour gap between the start of Fed’s match and the start of Sascha’s. When they were already through 7 games after 22 minutes, I thought that was really crazy. It should have been 2 hours. Plus there was the “after a suitable break” for the doubles match (which they’ve just won in straights). If Zverev is tired after this, it may still be affecting his game tomorrow (although I doubt it – he *is* young, after all).

  6. Don’t care how scrappy it was, we knew Karen hits huge and Rog wld hv to dig off his toes at times! He kept calm when he needed too and came thru. Yes, agree Re serve, not enough free points and missed the spots more often than not!
    So it’s Sascha! Well Rog will not be like last year on less than full fitness so I expect him to win. Draw Sascha in and ask the question! Look after yr serve please Rog and then take chances! Allez!!

  7. These are the types of wins that show me that Roger is in fact going to have a great chance to win Wimbledon this year. It’s easy to win when your game is flowing but today I am happy because even if Roger wasn’t playing at his absolute best, he still managed to win.

    So, congrats to him. Tomorrow will be difficult against Zverev but I also think that Roger knows that as well so he’ll be in peak condition. I think that he CAN raise his level just a tad (as he himself said) to get it done. At the same time, Zverev will be hungry so a good start by Roger would be paramount. This will probably go to 3 sets but Roger must serve great in order to give himself an opportunity.

    Today’s match was very good preparation as well.

    Let’s hope for a 9th Gerry Weber Open Title and great chance moving forward at Wimbledon!

  8. Agree with Jonathan. Last two matches won by just 6 points each. And now gets Zverev in the final. Couldn’t have asked for better Wimbledon preparation.

  9. Isn’t Roger 35? (J said 36.)

    I think Fed wins tomorrow strong. “Bad” day was today ( you know what I mean) but he hung around for big tall hitter and will be prepped and confident but not over confident for Sasha.

    I say straights and dominant Fed w STANHAND making the difference.

  10. The prep of Wim8ledon has looked good so far. Though I have not seen RF using his BH as it was used in the HC season. Its going to be the key shot against red hot opponents.

    Cant wait for SW19.

    1. agree… new STANHAND not there as much? others see that?

      if so what’s up?

      ball bouncing two low?

      grass too fast?

    2. Harder on grass due to less than perfect bounce.. gradually getting there, plus slice good against these v tall guys!

      1. you got it.

        It looks like Wimbledon will provide a little more bounce especially in the 2nd week.

  11. I don’t know if Roger was training so much on grass but surprised me so much how many unforced erros he had today and yesterday , not great volley balls and a lot they “died” on the net. I really hope he will better focus tomorrow and of course in his (our) best performance in Wimbledon. Best regards

  12. You were right… although I am nervous bec. zverev really improve a lot, Fed needs to have a tough opponent in preparation for wimby..

  13. What a match. Fed got lucky a bit but showed amazing no-giving-up attitude to pull out a win.

    Khachanov the new Marat Safin ???

    Perfect prep for Wimby for Fed.

    Win or lose against Zverev ( admire his fighting qualities too ), Fed on track for Wimbledon 19.

    On a lighter note Fed shouldn’t win the first set.

    1. I am a bit nervous myself as well. Not sure if he can do it but let’s hope. 2-3. As long as he wins, I’ll be happy. If he loses, it will be a bit disappointing but I hope for the best.

  14. Really good win for Fed. I didn’t think he looked as dialled in as usual. However he won , we just expect him to roll up and play his wonderful brand of tennis at all times, as fans we have truly been spoiled! As for the final
    well looks like Roger will have to play another blinder…nice or ugly I don’t care as long as he wins. The young
    German we can see is a great player (although his in your face fist pumping drives me mad). The court this
    year seems quite bad and uneven at the baseline so this is maybe another factor in trying to protect the footing..
    forgot to say wonderful young Russian but C’MON ROGER curls or no curls x

  15. Wow! Whenever I am nervous before a Federer final, he manages to RISE and annuhilate the opposition and win with a MASTERCLASS performance!

    Congrats, Roger – 9 time Gerry Webber Open Champion.

    Primed and Ready for Wimbl8don!

    I like it!!! ?☺️

    1. We people of little faith. When we are optimistic, he botches. When we get nervous, he gets into orbit.
      That’s the deal with humans: one never knows what to expect, not even from the over-gifted.

      (Hey: is that an opera singer singing the swiss anthem at the closing ceremony? Oh, dear…)

  16. Simply wow.

    Who would have thought after the week to culminate in this kind of performance. Especially after yesterday.


    Great win for Rog. I didn’t expect him to play that good vs Zverev. Just WOW.
    Congrats to him ofc he deserved the title.
    With this Halle preparation, I believe he will be confident and ready for Wimbledon.

    #8 and #19 anyone??? 🙂

  18. Wow! Surprised at how quickly that was over. What happened? Did Federer play lights out, or was Zverev a tad tired after his heavy schedule? Or a bit of both? Anyway, a good win, sweet revenge for last year, and a 9th symphony (as I read somewhere)!

  19. He turned in a masterclass! He was obviously super motivated to figure out a way to beat Zverev after losing to him last year and at Hopman Cup, and all his tactics worked perfectly.

    He looks great for Wimbledon. C’mon Roger, go for #8!

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