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Federer Defeats Janowicz in Rome to Make Semis

Buongiorno! Another nice match from Federer as he progressed to the Semi Finals where he'll meet Frenchman Benoit Paire. Like his 2 previous matches this was a solid display and another great serving performance that saw him defeat the young Pole Jerzy Janowicz 6-4 7-6 (2).

I think the circumstances prevented seeing a stylish display like we saw against Simon & Starace ; play didn't start will 10.30pm local time due to poor scheduling of a WTA match which meant the players were waiting around all day and also because Janowicz is quite a tricky customer. But regardless of the level of play I'm pleased Roger got it done in straights and looked pretty composed throughout, let's take a look at the match.

Quick Match Analysis

Federer Fist Pump Rome 2013

I was hoping Roger was going to school Janowicz last night much like he did to Simon & Starace but it was clear from the first few games this was going to be a much closer affair.

The first few games were all about the serve as both guys were serving big and accurately, more so Roger who was racking up the aces count for fun and they came to his rescue as he saved 2 break points early in the first set.

After that opportunities were few and far between for both guys, Janowicz was coming up with some really powerful hitting that kept Fed honest and didn't really give him a lot to work with. The most important thing was Roger was taking care of his own service games easily so you felt the very worst outcome was going to be a tie break.

As it turned out Roger got the all important break at 5-4 when he played a really nice return game, Janowicz ended up playing a very daft drop shot on set point when he had ample time to hit a winner into the open court and Roger tracked it down then made the pass to take it 6-4.

Janowicz is one of those unpredictable kind of players who can play 4 terrible points and then come up with something crazily good at that's how the second started as he went for complete broke in Roger's opening service game, hit some big shots and got an early break probably hitting the best forehand of the match on break point.

I'm not sure how Roger could have stopped it really, maybe made a few more 1st serves as he was a little bit sluggish in that particular game but Janowicz proved he's a dangerous shotmaker and can hit winners at will. He also moves well for a big guy and has a lot of variety which is quite unique for someone of his build.

After the break of serve we were back to a serving display from both guys, Roger got back into the groove and never looked like dropping serve again and whilst he created a couple of inroads on the Janowicz serve there wasn't really any drama or chances.

That all changed though at 5-4 with Janowicz serving for the set as Roger put together some solid returns and then a classic clay court play to break back and put himself back in control of the match.

He then held serve to lead 6-5 and had 2 match points in the next game but wasn't able to capitalise due to a big serve and a poor return so a tie break ensued. As usual the guy with the best tie break record of all time upped his game when it mattered and returned solidly to move 4-1 in front and then never looked back as he closed it out 7-2 to setup a semi final with Paire.

Match Stats

Federer vs Janowicz Match Stats

Yet again some very solid match stats from the GOAT. Great to see that consistency has been a core part of his game this tournament.

Point of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Im in Awe of You

This was just another solid match from Roger, he's found some good form here after letting us down in Madrid which is nice to see. His serving has been truly impeccable all week and today he served at 76% first serves which is exceptional.

I think this was just a match where Roger's return game and experience were the telling factors. He often plays the chipped return too much but against big servers the block return is such a useful tool to have at your disposal and he used it really well last night.

Janowicz is clearly a very dangerous opponent and I thought Roger played a very consistent match and raised his level when he needed to which was good to see. I was also pleased that Roger maintained his winning record against cocky youngsters who have said something about him in the press. Janowicz called him arrogant earlier in the year so it was good to see Roger put him in his place.

As usual these guys talk a lot off the court but then as soon as they get onto it the reality hits they're playing the GOAT and then soon are in awe of him. Same with Tomic and now Janowicz who appeared to congratulate Roger heavily at the net.

As for Janowicz he still looks like a loose cannon, maybe he's not as unclassy as I first thought so time will tell. I do think he's going to be player for the future though, he has some quite scary shots when they come off and like I said he moves well for a big guy. Perhaps just slightly too tall to win a slam though.

Predictions vs. Paire

Federer vs. Paire

Next up for Roger is Benoit Paire with whom he holds a 2-0 record against in the H2H, they met in Basel last year and then at the Australian Open this year.

Both matches were very routine with Roger winning in straight sets but I think today might be a little more tricky. I haven't seen much of Paire lately but looking at his results it's obvious he is improving and he has caused Nadal a few problems on clay recently too so he's clearly no mug.

I think just like the Janowicz match this is where Roger's experience will tell and I think he will get the job done in straights. If he serves like he has all week I'm not sure Paire can make an impact and I'm sure Roger will be able to create some chances on the return.

Elswhere in the draw the big surprise was Berdscat defeating Djokovic in 3 sets, Djoker was 6-2 5-2 up but ended up losing 2-6 7-5 6-4. Quite a surprise to say he has such a dominant record against the Czech. I only saw the last few games but it looked like Berdych started zoning and Djoker let his game slip, I've seen some people say Djoker tanked here so he could head into the French without letting Nadal get another look at him. Interesting theory but I'm not sure. He was 5-2 up in the second set!

The other big surprise was Nadal beating Ferrer in the other Quarter Final πŸ˜€

Anyway, I'm hoping Roger dispatches Paire and makes his first final of the year, this has been a successful tournament whatever happens from here on in. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I saw Roger play Paire here in Melbourne earlier this year..Paire had improved but imo, not enough to be a huge threat least while Roger is playing so intently & with such purpose.
    But I still will be nervous..because it matters!

    1. Hi jen πŸ™‚

      i don’t think you should be nervous for todays match. fed should take care of business. its the final i’m a bit worried about!

  2. “The other big surprise was Nadal beating Ferrer in the other semi final ” , loved it haha πŸ™‚ . Ferrer is such a mental midget against Nadal it’s not even funny πŸ˜€ , similar to Berdych vs anyone of the top 4 (except for Roger of course), that’s why his win against Djokovic is a big surprise to me. I couldn’t watch Roger’s match, (I’m looking at you WTA), but from the highlights I saw and your great summary it looks like he played another great match (could have returned more aggressively at times). Let’s hope he can easily beat Paire and have another shot at Nadal in the final (Berdych has a chance if he plays well, but than we come back to the “mental midget” problem).

    Best of luck to Roger πŸ˜€

    1. Hi leon… Iv just realised iv said the same thing as u. Whats the saying ” great minds think alike” . πŸ™‚

    2. Yeah it was a late one, didn’t finish till midnight here, bit annoying!

      Hoping Paire is on the end of a GOAT performance. Allez!

      Berdscat has a chance I think.

  3. For Jonathan… Lol your statement ” the other big surprise Nadal beats Ferrer” very funny!! πŸ™‚ . I hope Berdskat beats Nadal and a repeat final of Madrid with the same result. Roger winning the Rome title. If Fed does manage todo it would make up a bit for his losses this season. I have faith in Fed to make it happen πŸ™‚ Come on Rogeeeeeeeer!!!

  4. Amazing match. As you said not a spectacular display of shots like the two matches before (although still as always pretty impressive of course), but this wasn’t the match for it. The thing that stood out for me was again his mentality. Focused, sharp, kept his cool. And patience and more patience, and then he could do what he needed to do. I agree JJ is a dangerous opponent. I too thought he’d school him (or maybe I was more hΓ³ping he’d do that) and I think in a way that actually did happen, given Jerzy’s comments after saying “” Roger is not natural .. he is not one of us .. he is the greatest off all time “. It matched the smile, his facial expression at the net at the end. Both Roger and Annacone made a point mentioning the talent Jerzy had afterwards.

    Paire next. Definitely not to be underestimated. He has improved a lot over the last 2 months I think. Especially his mentality on court. Rog said somewhere that he is definitely not taking it lightly. He said he knew the previous times he defeated him easily but stressed that those were completely different circumstances. This is clay, it’s a semi final (and Paire has nothing to lose) and Paire has improved. Read it in French, so not sure if I got all the details, but think this covers the basics. Here is the link:
    Paire himself, which is interesting too, said in Friday’s presser: “It will be a tough match and I played twice before and it was difficult because I don’t see where he puts the ball”. Which to me means that he can’t read Fed’s game. Of course nothing is certain in tennis, but I think just like everyone else here Fed’s going to get the job done in straights (but closer than previous matches). We’ll see if we’re right! πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks Natasja.

      Yeah Janowicz is talented, no doubts. One for the future maybe. Seems he respects the GOAT after all.

      Thanks for the link too.


    2. Hi Natasja… Enjoyed your reading your comments and thoughts. I agree in what you said. Furthermore i think you and Katyani will probably be in competition for having long and indepth comments πŸ™‚ its all good. Look forward to your next post and analysis!! πŸ™‚

      1. Oke Serajul, first of all, I have ‘given’ up the competition for first commentator on an article.
        After the Simon match I waited for one and a half hour for Jonathan to post so I could be the first. Did not happen. After the Janowicz match I waited two hours or more for Jonathan to post. Did not happen again. And when I looked the next day there are more then 10 or 15 comments. So, I am not even going to try to win that one.

        Jonathan………. you are like Fuentes, aiding and giving the likes of Simon, Serajul and Sid (the dishonest Rafa types) an advantage by maybe tweeting them when you will put up an article. leaving the likes of me and the rest (the honest Roger types) with having no chance to win !!!
        Hmm……….. but luckily Karma is watching over us (the honest Roger types) and sometimes it is possible to outsmart you (England’s version of Fuentes) like Sirius and Jen did !!! And who knows, even I might be lucky someday.

        No Jonathan, I told you before….. I smell a conspiracy, I can’t prove it and maybe the evidence will be destroyed too, who knows.

        But Serajul, if it comes to long comments, I am almost…….unbeatable !!!
        (Which is unfortunately one thing Rafa and I have in common, strange how destiny works !!!).


      2. Hi Katyani… Very funny with your analogy. Most likely Jonathan may or may not deny the charges?? We will have to see lol.
        Regarding long comments i think you will win because i have read your previous ones, and they take me 10 years to read !! πŸ™‚ So dont stop,your comments are very intresting and i can see your passion for tennis with respect to Roger. You have a unique perspective which makes your comments very intriging and fun to read. Anyway looking forward to the Fedal final. πŸ™‚

      3. Dishonest Rafa types? Me? Not fair Katyani πŸ™ I have not made a single first comment in a long time.

      4. [ So, I am not even going to try to win that one.]

        Winners never quit. Quitters never win. What are you, Katyani? πŸ˜‰

      5. Sid, I am someone who knows when to leave the game she will never win (like Andy left clay) and is concentrating on the game she will always win (like Andy on grass/hardcourt).
        Boy, I have so much in common with the big four, it is scary. Or should I see it like this, they have so much in common with us mortal beeings???

      6. Hi Serajul, you just made my night (day) with your lovely comment.
        Expect more from me, an incredible HONEST die hard Roger fan.
        Boy that man is my passion !!!

        Unlike you, I am very nervous about the final !!!

      7. Fuentes? Haha Katyani, does that mean I’m going to be spending time in jail for my actions on this blog?

        I’m actually more like the ATP, first comment goes to the highest bidder. Sid has racked up too much debt lately so he’s on a hiatus.

  5. Great match from Roger again, he’s having a fantastic tournament!
    How epic would a Fedal final be though?! Their last match in Rome, well, I don’t even need to go into it, one of the great matches, and we’d see a match 10 times better then their last meeting at Indian Wells. You stated exactly what it was on the tin Jonathan: Kneedal vs Backerer.

    It would be their first match on clay since RG 2011 as well, an underrated match in which Fed should’ve been 2 sets up. Roger is still the second best clay courter in the world behind Rafa, and above Djokovic in my books, even after Monte Carlo this year. Yes there is plenty of room for debate on that one but I state RG semi 2011 as my main evidence. Roger’s clay court A-game is still superior to Nole’s.

    I know it’s hugely optimistic, but I fancy Roger’s chances should it happen. He’ll have nothing to lose, Rafa would be the one defending points, and he does know how to beat Rafa. If Gulbis and Ferrer can give Rafa good matches this week, then Roger can beat him. It would be a phenomenal confidence boost for the French as well so Fed would be so pumped for revenge for ’06 to claim his first Rome title! OK maybe I am getting a little too excited ha. He would have to be in JesusFed mode, but there’s always a chance.

    They’ve both got to get through to the final though, and honestly Berdych has become a very solid clay court player. Rafa’s A-game should see him through, and with all due respect to Paire who is improving as you say Jonathan, Roger really should be reaching the final especially after how he’s playing.

    Very much agreed though, very successful tournament no matter what happens, just fantastic leading up to the French. ALLEZ!

    1. Hi Tom,

      I give Roger a slim chance. Nadal is a beast on clay and there is also a whole history of mental problems for Roger to overcome if he were to beat him. Makes it a very very difficult match to win. He’d need to play lights out tennis. Not sure he’s quite there yet.

      As usual Berdych rolled over like a pet dog. Shocking performance from him.

      Whatever happens this has been a good tournament. Allez!

  6. Where is the Berdych from yesterday?? Rafa up 5-1. Does he never get tired???
    He is playing like this is his first match and he is playing some great shots.

      1. And…………… 8th final. Can’t imagine what Roger must be thinking.

        Anyone glad Berdych defeated Novak yesterday???

  7. I can’t help but think the point of the match was the one in the tiebreak with Janowicz at the net, but I guess since he won that point, you probably shouldn’t put it up on a Fed blog, eh, Jonathan? :p

    Great match from Fed, particularly his serve stats, which have been exemplary this week. Without tempting fate, I can see a comfortable semi win against Paire, who has improved, but not enough. Then the final… well, call me pessimistic, but I can’t see past Nadal at the moment. But who knows? I’d have said the same before Madrid 4 years ago. And there certainly are parallels, with Fed going out early to a young gun in the previous tournament and then turning up in form on the final tourney before RG. Either way, should be a better display than the shambles that Indian Wells turned out to be. Looking forward to it!

    1. No chance I’m picking a point of the match that wasn’t won by the GOAT. Would have to be something crazily good for that to happen.

      Nadal is favourite by a mile. Based on how easy Berdscat rolled over I’d say 80/20 in his favour. Maybe even more.


  8. Nice post as always! I have to disagree with you on point of the match: I think the rally Jerzy won in the tie-break was it. But hopefully point of the tourney will be when Roger dismisses Rafa in the final and falls to his knees to win the only non-mandatory Master that has eluded him for 12+ years! I’m not getting ahead of myself and we’ll take it one match at a time, but a man can dream no? πŸ˜‰
    Fed is playing the best he has been since Wimbledon last year! This is the type of Roger who can beat Rafa and Djokovic! His coming to the net Nd drop shots will be key against Rafa as will his serve. I think win or loss will give Federer confidence going into Roland Garros.
    By the way, what’s happening with Mr. “I’m number 2 but can’t make the SF on clay” Murray? If he withdraws Fed gets #2 seed and Rafa moves into top 4, right? And this is the 2nd tourney in a row that Fed has made it further than Djoker πŸ™‚ this year may not turn out to be so bad: slow start but maybe a dominating finish!

    1. Like I’m gonna pick points that Fed didn’t win! That point was good from Janowicz though.

      Will be tough to beat Nadal in the final I think. Near impossible.

  9. I thought Roger played great and the best part was his calmness and patience. I just caught the end of the Nadal/ Berdych match and I can’t say that I’m entirely impressed with Nadal. If Federer wins against Paire, I think Federer will beat Nadal in a thrilling display of genius.

    1. Berdych played a very poor match. Zero gameplan. Almost embarassing for him as Nadal schooled him.

      Like your optimism but I think Nadal is looking pretty ominous here.


      1. Optimism? No, Federer is confident and healthy. He hasn’t lost a set all week and didn’t play well today as to throw Nadal off on how he’s playing. I think he going all out tomorrow to silence the naysayers and doubters who the greatest tennis player ever is. Time to step out and show the world who’s who!

  10. Roger played a very intelligent game, he waited his time to seize the opportunity against JJ. I noticed that JJ can be explosive but also equally erratic. As usual Roger always has the ability to neutralize big servers like Raonic, Roddick and Karlovic. JJ has a good game but he comes across a nutcase just like Gulbis and can have epic meltdown too. As for Birdshit, I am not sure if I am happy that he finally beat Djoker or upset that he just spoiled the party between Djoker and Nadal. I was hoping for Djoker/Nadal match again. After a brilliant match yesterday, Birdshit goes down tamely to Nadal. Hope Roger plays well today and don’t subconsciously tank coz Nadal is waiting for him tomorrow.

      1. I see it happening now…playing sluggish against Paire when he was up 0-40 and did not convert. Not sure what is he thinking out there

      2. That was a very strange tie breaker…each man telling the other, “After you, Sir!”. Glad Roger obliged πŸ™‚

      3. That was a very strange tie breaker…each man telling the other, “After you, Sir!”. Glad Roger obliged πŸ™‚

      4. Sid………. Roger is NOT a tanker !!! He has one game left, yes I agree, maybe he is already thinking about tomorrow. But he does not tank matches.

      5. TANK? You are a fool for saying that! The maestro hasn’t lost a set all week and everyone is doubting him for tomorrow. Didn’t Nadal eat a bagel last week by Ferru? Federer is going to go all out tomorrow and I believe that he is and always be a student of the game. Federer is always working on his game and his mental fortitude and strategy. Nadal will get what’s coming to him. Wrong or Right, I still believe and support.

    1. Yeah Djoker is a clown for losing here.

      Berdscat is just a mental midget, can’t blame him for rolling over, always does, always will. Will never beat the top guys back to back.

  11. [Interesting theory but I’m not sure. He was 5-2 up in the second set!]

    Even more reason to believe he made his point and threw the match away πŸ™‚

      1. Whether Djoker wins the French is immaterial…fact remains that he is clearly avoiding Nadal on clay.

  12. This is just great…squander three break points, then drop serve. Well played! Game over!

  13. Thank God. I can breathe calmly again. Roger just won the first set.
    Paire is playing really good.

    1. Pretty average, he lacks the composure to trouble Roger. Fed is just thinking about the final with Nadal, effects his level as usual.

    1. I do believe, but he defo has to up it a big notch. If he plays like in the first two-three matches, could be a good match, otherwise straights to Dull.

      I was pretty impressed with Paire at the beginning of the match, if he can buckle up, he could be a pretty dang decent player, no? Thoughts?

      1. Hi Simon… Yep totally agree Fed needs to play lights out tennis. And have the confidence play he had in the early rounds. But i have a sneaky feelin that Fed could do it with a best of 3 sets.
        I just hope Fed doesnt come with his mental weakness he has against Nadal and plays aggressive and not let Nadal bully him on his backhand.
        Whats annoying is that Nadal plays the same pattern of play against Roger. πŸ™ But in tennis anything can happen.

      2. Yeah Fed will need to bring his A game. Dull is favourite for sure but you never know.

        Paire is pretty good but he looks like he has the French curse of lack of mental fortitude. He should have won the first set and the breaker.


  14. Oke, now that the match is over, we can look and worry about tomorrow !!!
    But did you see it in Roger’s eyes, he is not planning on losing tomorrow.
    Who knows. Great that he is in the first final of this year, where as to Rafa is through to his 8th !!!
    Can you believe that? After playing two days three sets where the matches were almost three hours, he comes up today looking as fresh as a daisy playing some incredible shots.
    Hate to say this, some of Rafa’s shots even impressed me big time, like how can anybody beat that !!!

    1. Fresh as a Daisy? Wait till you see him tomorrow. He will be juiced up and ready to go. Unfortunately, Roger has no antidote for the cheating Spaniard.

      1. Hi Sid… I believe in Karma and have spoken to Earl. It will eventually catch up with Nadal and every other sportsperson who have cheated.
        Regarding Feds chances,hes in the final so he still has a chance!! Its not over until the fat lady sings.

      2. Oke, what is up with you guys and the woman tennisplayers?
        Why so harsh on them? You also talk like that about Serena (who I absolutely love !!!).

        I really like Serena, Venus, Sloane, Na Li, Bartoli and Schiavone.
        Why are you so mean about Serena and Marion?

      3. If Nadal was human you’d think he would be getting tired by now after this week but I doubt it. Guess we’ll find out!

  15. My thoughts for the match tomorrow: –

    After feeling it out a bit, Roger will have to take high risks on the inside out…and I mean, really take some risks. The way I see it, he will find himself in the inside out position more often than not, so, it’s either go for broke or give up court. On the backhand wing, it’s a different story. He must break that ugly pattern Nadal uses by going down the line or whatever it takes.

    In short, what I’m saying is he may end up losing with a high unforced errors count. But that’s usually the case. Except this time, he could lose on his own terms. I’d really like to see Roger go kamikaze for once.

    Forget legacy, head to head and all that malarkey. This is clay. I’d rather see Roger lose big by playing aggressive, high risk high reward tennis, than lose by just those painful few points. No Sir, something needs to change tomorrow.

    1. Albert Einstein once defined “Insanity” as: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      Nadal makes you do that. He will lull you into the same pattern over and over again and you will gladly oblige by getting hypnotized. I want to see something different tomorrow. If Roger doesn’t have a very different game plan, I’d rather he stay home and spend some quality time with the twins.

      1. I think Roger needs to learn from others like others have learned from him.
        Did they not all say that they played better because they also wanted to beat him?
        Roger should do exactly the same. He should look at what Novak, Gulbis and even Ferrer did that they outplayed Rafa. He should do the same thing.

        And I do agree with one thing, he should definitely change something. If he does the same thing he always does to Rafa, then he will lose. He needs to take high, superhigh risks.
        I too rather that he would lose with big numbers but by taking a lot of risks, then lose playing like he always does and losing by some points.
        But I do believe he was saving himself today. He could have maybe finished earlier, but I think he wants to leave somethings for tomorrow, because he already knew that no matter what, he was going to defeat Paire.

        I so hope he takes risks and wins (or loses). I can’t see him again losing to Rafa, knowing that he can beat him. My God, even Zaballos did it. Novak did it. Even Dimitrov, Gulbis Ferrer and Tsonga were close. Ferrer, Gulbis and Novak were even on the verge of bageling him.

        It may be impossible tomorrow, but this Roger…… I cannot get over the look in his eyes.
        The hunger, the determination, the way he played all his matches so far.
        He is up to something. He knows if he wins, he will have a chance, a good chance at RG.
        And he will have shut up the losers who only talk about the H2H.
        By the way, who has beaten Rafa more than three or four times on clay, like no one right?

        What did worry me a little bit was that he was wearing a white shirt under his shirt.
        Is his back (hopefully not) bothering him again?
        He played night matches, will the day match condition give him more problems tomorrow???

        I am already getting nervous. Roger deserves SO MUCH to win tomorrow. Hope he can play tomorrow like he played against Potito and Simon.
        And he has to come more to the net tomorrow, he did that against Jerzy and today way to less. And no aces today?? Saving them for tomorrow?? Luckily Rafa doesn’t play aces too, so……
        And Rafa today, second serve both sets 100%???

        So hope he wins tomorrow. That would be something. All the critics and naysayers and haters silenced in one moment.
        (Of course, Rafa’s fans and Rafa himself and the Great Uncle Toni will have an excuse lined up in front).

        If Roger wins tomorrow, he will have 22 titles and Rafa 23. Otherwise Rafa will have 24.

        Can you imagine that the Great Uncle Toni would have to eat his own words if Roger wins tomorrow, about saying that Roger was not a favourite at RG????
        I will leave it at that with that lovely thought !!!

      2. Cool Einstein analogy. I guess Roger never changes his gameplan that much though, so be interesting to see what he comes up with.

        Aggression gonna be important for sure. I’m looking forward to watching though, even if ends up being another predictable match.

        Forget the titles and H2H though, they are all too lopsided in favour of clay. Federer has yet again headed into a clay final with Nadal waiting. Nadal never keeps his end of the bargain when it comes to other surfaces.

      3. Jonathan, exceptional situations require you to make an exception with what you do. Roger doesn’t change his game like you said. But he must treat Nadal as an exception and modify his plan. If you have a 2-12 record against someone, agreed it’s on Roger’s least favorite surface, then your game plan isn’t really working.

    2. Amen to that!!
      I’d like to see him go back to that backhand a whole lot, indian wells 2012 style πŸ˜€ bu yeah, inside out when he’s pushed nadal out, and f*ck the unforced error count πŸ˜›

      1. Roger’s biggest problem is with those 5-7 and 6-7 sets. In those situations, he figures he has invested so much, he doesn’t want to throw it away by being aggressive. The result? He does the exact opposite, becomes too tentative and you end up seeing some childish unforced errors. Now, I can only type and never understand what it is to be out there…but…having said that, what if Roger refuses to be dragged into those tight situations in the first place? I mean, it’s Rome, it’s clay, and he is playing against the GOAD. What’s he got to lose?

        And yes, **** the unforced errors count πŸ™‚

      2. GOAD? And i agree with you big time, but he prob knows better than us what to do πŸ˜‰

    3. Yep 100% agree!! Something different from Fed on clay against Nadal the one dimensional style of play. FH to Feds BH so on and so on and then down the line. πŸ™

  16. Hi Jonathan

    Well our wonderful man is through – he has looked so determined this week and the hunger is back – he seems to have found his mojo – It would be lovely if he comes out tomorrow – all guns blazing and totally surprises nadal (do you think he can – or have they just played too often for him to come up with a few surprises?) Anyway just lovely to see him play like he has this week – and not long to go until Wimbledon !!! (I know Roland Garros is first but Wimby is my favourite tournament)

    1. He is!

      I think he has a chance, it won’t be easy and I think Nadal has to be the favourite just based on previous history and current form but you never know. Nothing is set in stone.


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