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Federer Defeats Haase; Makes Final in Montreal

A 45th Masters 1000 final for Roger Federer awaits as he defeated maiden semi finalist Robin Haase 6-3, 7-6(5) to book his spot in Sunday's showpiece in Montreal.

The Swiss was in solid form throughout, dropping only nine points on serve and soaking up the heat from Haase in the second set to win the tie break and keep his 16 match win streak alive.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Haase Montreal

Federer won the toss and elected to serve. He then held to love in sub 1 minute to set out his stall. Haase then slipped to 0-40 and although he saved all three plus a further break point, he missed a volley on the fifth to slip to 2-0.

Surprisingly the Dutchman broke back for 1-2 but Federer immediately restored advantage before holding to love. The one break proving enough as Roger took the set 6-3, dropping just 2 points behind his first serve in the set thanks to some great variety.

This was Haase's first ever Masters 1000 semi final so it was tricky to know he'd respond in set 2 but came out firing on serve. Both players were able to hold comfortably with only two deuce games in the set which inevitably went into the tie break.

Into the breaker and Roger got the peRFect start, moving up two mini breaks for 4-1 but Haase again showed his ability to hit big, winning four points in a row from 4-1 down.

However, it was not enough for the Dutchman as Roger regrouped to lead 6-5 and Haase's resistance ended when a forehand drifted wide as Roger took it 7-5 in the breaker.

Match Stats

  Robin Haase Roger Federer
Aces 9 9
Double Faults 1 1
First Serve Percent 61% (45/74) 56% (30/54)
1st Serve Points Won 78% (35/45) 87% (26/30)
2nd Serve Points Won 38% (11/29) 79% (19/24)
Break Points Saved 67% (4/6) 50% (1/2)
Service Games Played 10 11
1st Serve Return Points Won 13% (4/30) 22% (10/45)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 21% (5/24) 62% (18/29)
Break Points Converted 50% (1/2) 33% (2/6)
Return Games Played 11 10
Winners 17 28
Unforced Errors 27 18
Net Points Won 50% (6/12) 89% (17/19)
Total Service Points Won 62% (46/74) 83% (45/54)
Total Return Points Won 17% (9/54) 38% (28/74)
Total Points Won 43% (55/128) 57% (73/128)
SABR 0 0

Best Shots

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Montreal Semi Final 2017

Another decent match from Roger as he played front foot tennis, looked to get forward and keep it on his terms. The Swiss won 17 of 19 at the net and fired 28 winners and he's looking slightly better round by round. Not a whole lot of talking points as there were no long rallies as both guys made it their goal to end points quickly. As a result, it wasn't physical in the slightest so he'll surely head into tomorrow's final feeling fresh.

Other than that I thought he served well in terms of variety, especially the first serve which was mixed up really well with the body serve coming in handy a few times to cramp Haase. He also defended well when required in the second set when Haase started to bomb down the serves and go for his groundstrokes so all in all a good performance and hopefully, he can take it up another level tomorrow

Predictions vs. Zverev

So next up is Sascha Zverev who defeated Shapopolov in two sets in the semi finals.

There's a bit of a mini rivalry building between Federer and Zverev now with both guys scoring a win against one another this year albeit Zverev's coming at the Holman Cup.

Heading in it looks to be a fifty fifty match. Zverev has won a lot of hard court matches and bagged the title in Washington so he's full of confidence. Fed is obviously still riding high and is in yet another final without really playing his best. So I'm not sure which way it goes.

I think for Fed he will look to keep coming forward and not let Zverev boss it from baseline. So it really does boil down to who takes the initiative. Also interested to see how much energy Fed is willing to expend if it does turn into a tough three setter as he's surely got one eye on Cincy and the US Open.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Felicitaciones a Roger, es mi favorito como tenista y lo amo como persona, le envío t energía y fuerza para que gane el torneo. Suerte

  1. I’m glad he’s getting better. I think the next match wil bel interesting no matter who the winner will be. And I hope he will left his first Montreal trophy Tomorrow :D.

  2. Great write up as usual Jonathan.

    Strange tournament this. Poor most of he way through, but a solid semi. I would rather Roger play Zverev over Denis…

  3. Oops, getting distracted by the athletics here!

    Did I imagine it, was there a wobble on the ATP site, or was Haase actually serving for the second set at one point? I thought the score said 5 all at the time!

  4. Omg Silver! Podium! Good write up Jonathan! Yes, def his cleanest match in terms of serve points won and net play.
    Wld like the BHDTL to come back tomorrow if he plays Zverev and am already worried about Cincy! When wld his 1st match be? Wed?
    I think Zverev will be a handful on these courts but Rog seems very determined to win here for 1st time.

    1. Yeah not sure about Cincy scheduling. What was the turnaround time from Miami to Indian Wells? Didn’t seem to affect him. Least no grind fests this week for him.

  5. The only hiccup was in the breaker when Lodgel lost his 2 service points at 4-1. Overall, net play okay, reliable service, backhand needs some screw tightening, slice defense fine, thank you. The million bitcoin question now is: Who next? Has Dennis got some fuel left? Me thinks he doesn’t have it but Zver have. Ha! (ok, I’m going, I’m going…)

  6. I think he needs to get the backhand firing like earlier in the season. Otherwise the final could be a struggle. Meeting Mirka in Cinci, guess he’ll have to clean up and stop partying.

      1. Chess is good exercise for strategy-mind setting, so its part of training. But I do hope he comes in to the final with no beard…

  7. Good match except minor blip during TB leading 2 mini breaks squandering it. Thankfully he manage to get it back. Match against Zverev will be interesting, think slight edge to Roger since he has been playing all his matches during the day. Zverev has been playing a lot of night matches, transitioning might be a bit challenge. Lets go Rogerrrr

  8. Agree with your thoughts on the final. Roger still has a long career’s worth more experience, & more strategic options, so you’d think he should come though; on the other hand if he can’t tkae it up a gear, Zverev’s not going to have any problems taking advantage.
    Gear-shifting practice in itself is probably good for Roger. Would love to see him tie Lendl here, but if he doesn’t there should be other opportunities. Hard to be dissatisfied with his reaching the final in his first tourney since Wimbledon.

  9. August 13, 2017 : a 36th victory (since January) at 36 ?

    Let’s hope for a win in Montreal
    Then the dream could become real.
    If today’s match is absoluely royal,
    Soon, the tennis throne will be possible.

    If Alexander is nevertheless better
    than  the pink panther-Federer,
    we will rejoice for the young Hamburger
    as soon as he deserves to be the winner.

    Go Roger !

  10. If not an injury, its almost as if he’s in a hurry to get off the court. Never seen such indifference/ low intensity from Fed – like his mind is elsewhere. Almost reminds me of when someone has something like a stomach bug that just doesnt allow them to concentrate on the task at hand.

  11. Yeah I agree, seems to be a physical issue… No jump on serve, and movement is way off. Oh well, Good week anyways, passes Nadal at race 🙂

    Congrats to Zverev, seems like he’s living up to the hype around him 🙂

  12. Just hope it’s not an injury. ?
    He was not his true self this afternoon. He looked uncomfortable the whole tournament but today clearly is more than that.

  13. It’s definitely the back. Federer said it to Zverev at the net (in german). Hopefully nothing serious.

    Zverev: (Didn’t understand)

    Federer: Yes, it’s the back

    Zverev: I’m sorry

    Federer: No problem. Don’t talk about it.

  14. What on earth happened? Was following the scores on my phone., couldn’t watch it live. Feeling worried.

  15. Well an injury clearly occurred at some point in the start of the 2nd set. Federer was playing with more aggression, had 3 break points but Zverev served well…after that he stopped even bending his knees to serve, was moving casually around the court…it is clear something is wrong, I’m worried it was his back. Didn’t call for a trainer though.

    Have to assume he will skip Cinccnnati now.

    1. Yeah. The 2nd set made it clear he was unwell. Even in the first set, you could see that something was bothering him.

  16. Yes. I also think it’s physical. At a point he was touching his left thigh and testing a slight start of crouching movement. It was barely noticeable but I saw it just after (ou around that)the game where he missed the BP. I saw some glimpses of limping too. He then decided to call it a week and not push it any further.
    In less words, do you know what that is? It’s the F.A. syndrome: “F***ing Age”!
    Get home, rest, recover and please no more Coldplay! Go watch Swans instead.

  17. What happened today really sux because Fed had no business to show up in Canada. I think he shot himself int he foot if he got injured today.

    1. I agree with this. Looked like it should’ve been Cincy+New York. Now, he might not play Cincy or he risks being not well rested or injured for New York.

      1. Huh? If he got injured in Cincinnati he would have almost no time to recover. At least now he has 2 full weeks before USO starts. Who can tell where or when an injury decides to show up, except that the odds are larger when you are stressing your body?…

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