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Federer Defeats Gasquet to Keep Semi Final Hopes Alive in London

An important win for Roger here as he kept alive his hopes of reaching the knockout stages in London with a straight sets victory of Richard Gasquet. After the disappointment of losing to Djokovic on Tuesday it was important that Roger hit back and although this wasn't a particularly thrilling encounter he deserved to win and now has to do the same against Del Potro in his final round robin match.

I said in my prediction that I thought Fed would win in straights fairly comfortably and despite dropping his own serve in the first set and wasting quite a few match points his aggressive nature was enough to prevent Gasquet from doing much damage as he won 6-4 6-3 in 1 hour and 21 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Gasquet World Tour Finals

Like most matches other the past month or so Roger started well, digging himself out of love 30 early and then breaking serve to take a commanding 3-1 lead. That unfortunately didn't last long as a tentative game at 4-3 let Gasquet back into it to level things up.

Pleasingly Roger hit straight back himself to lead 5-4 before serving it out hitting a nice ace down the T to set things up. Good that he responded but he should never have gotten broken at 4-3 in the first place.

The second set turned into a pretty scrappy affair after Roger broke Gasquet in his opening service games, there were a few nice points from the Federer racquet but overall both guys had difficulty keeping the ball in play.

Gasquet had break point chances in the fourth and sixth games but made weak errors and Roger fended them both off. At 4-3 Gasquet had another break point but again failed to convert and that forced him to serve to stay in the match.

Roger had pressured the Frenchman's serve all afternoon and despite wasting five match points all with unforced errors of his own he finally closed it out when Gasquet netted a simple forehand.

Match Stats

Stats Roger Federer Richard Gasquet
Aces 6 0
Double Faults 1 3
1st Serve % 75% 59%
1st Serve Points Won 33/48 (68%) 21/40 (52%)
2nd Serve Points 9/16 (56%) 15/27 (55%)
Break Points Saved 5/6 (83%) 7/11 (63%)
Winners 29 11
Unforced Errors 30 27
Service Games Played 9 10
1st Return Points Won 19/40 (47%) 15/48 (31%)
2nd Return Points Won 12/27 (44%) 7/16 (43%)
Break Points Won 4/11 (36%) 1/6 (16%)
Return Games Played 10 9
Total Service Points Won 42/64 (65%) 36/67 (53%)
Total Return Points Won 31/67 (46%) 22/64 (34%)
Total Points Won 73/131 (55%) 58/131 (44%)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Gasquet Thoughts

Scrappy is probably the best way to describe this one, both guys made a lot of errors but the fact Gasquet chooses to take up position 3 feet behind the baseline making it 10 times harder for himself to win a point probably made Roger's job a little easier.

I don't think Fed played badly, still looked quite hesitant on a few points but he did come up with some nice plays and I think tactically he played astutely. A couple of times he hit some wild shots but they didn't really cost him a whole lot and when he did get in trouble the kick serve to open up the court + forehand combo worked pretty well.

The backhand held up pretty well and his slice is always effective on these courts, the inside in forehand wasn't firing, usually a sign of lack of confidence and just overall shot selection weren't spot on are my two main criticisms.

Things like silly sliced forehands and trying to over think points etc are a little worrying but fortunately Gasquet isn't a clutch player who can take advantage. Like Fed said in his post match interview (see below) he got lucky on one of the break points because a great volleyer (Gasquet is only a good volleyer in his opinion) would have made him pay yet Gasquet was unable to.

I think Gasquet will be disappointed to convert only 1 of his 6 break points but to be honest he plays pretty daft tennis when he needs to focus. He has all the shots in the world but in terms of actually playing solid when he needs to then he goes missing. That's why he's top 8 and not top 4 I guess.

Back to Roger and the main thing is of course the win, sometimes a scrappy win can lead to bigger things and he'll definitely need some inspiration when he faces Del Potro in the next round.

Predictions vs. Del Potro

Predictions vs Del Potro WTF 2013

Make no doubts about it Roger is going to have to up his level for this one to make the semi finals as Del Potro is a much tougher opponent than Gasquet. The one thing in Roger's favour is that Del Potro looked pretty tired in his first match and he's playing Djokovic tonight too which could be another drain on his resources.

Fed should be pretty confident after he beat him in Bercy too so if he can replicate that kind of match I think he can win, court slowness doesn't really make him an under dog vs. Del Potro as the Argentine doesn't use defense to win his matches so I think point construction will be the main thing.

If Roger makes it athletic, does a good job of moving Del Potro around and serves well he should come out on the right side of things and stand a good chance of qualifying for the semi finals.

I'll pick Roger in straight sets. 6-4 7-5. Interestingly this week no player has managed to hit more winners than unforced errors in a match, can Fed do it vs. Del Potro?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Another title for the world number one!

      As for the match: I didn’t see much of it to be honest but I’m not bothered provided he got the win. All we need is two good sets from Roger tommorow. Del Potro has been looking a bit tired but then he always trolls his opponents by looking tired and then serving 135mph first serve rockets and 105mph forehand laser guided missiles. I’m backing Roger to win it, but I disagree Jonathan I don’t think it will be easy. I think it will be close all the way. Something like 5-7, 6-4, 7-6(5). Anyway:

      Allez le suisse!

  1. Wow!! Where did you find that Federer post match self analysis video? I have never seen Federer analyse his own play like this. It was just amazing to see what goes on in his head. Fantastic!!

    1. Its on Sky sports Gaurav, they hv done it with every winner so far! Great insight and really adds to today’s game!

    2. Filmed it in my living room earlier. That’s me interviewing him. Can’t believe I forgot you couldn’t hit down the line to that kick serve though πŸ˜›

  2. A win moves Roger to 1- 1 so that’s good, can’t really complain. Really though, Gasquet should have been put in Group A. It must suck that once the draw came out he knew he was probably not going to win a single match.

    And yes, nice analysis of his Performance by Roger there!

  3. DidenΒ΄t see the match but okay stats from Roger, great first percentage but a little low conversition on it though.

    Very nice video with Roger making the post analysis, Like Gaurav, I have never seen that before. A moment insight the head of a genius, good stuff πŸ™‚

  4. I thought the defensive lob in the second set was pretty awesome as well! Cool video analysis you found there Jonathan, interesting to see what Fed’s analysis is like. The match was pretty low quality once again, waiting for Fed to play himself into form/Jesus Fed form like he did last year when he got to Murray. Delpo and Novak still in battle, hopefully Delpo continues to tire himself out and Roger takes the initiative, after no Fedpotro for a year, now we have 3 encounters in less than 2 weeks. Allez!

  5. Also did anyone see Roger tell someone in the crowd to F*** off I think it was towards the end of the second set, haha I love angry Fed.

      1. I saw the lob but how the heck did I miss that? Either ways, not very cool of Roger to do that. Didn’t he just win the Stefan Edberg…..never mind 😐

    1. Ok, finally saw it. It was at 4-3 advantage out. There was some yelling from the crowd during point play and he did say something which was similar to **** off. Then in the point after that, his first serve was called a let and he blasted the ball to the center lines judge. Hmmm…wondering why he was so edgy for a minute. Regardless, not cool.

      1. I think Roger was just really very frustrated at the way the set was playing out, it happens to the best of us Sid sometimes, Roger is only human.

      2. Dont’ know why he yelled F*** off, because I thought the crowd wasn’t too bad that point, it was worst during the Wimbledon final this year.

    2. I’m not sure he did say it. Can’t tell from the clip. It could be in Swiss German, weren’t his team sat over there too so it could be a come on? He’s been saying something different lately other than “come on”.

    3. Not sure he did. I couldn’t hear it myself, but if it had been that audible the BBC commentators would have apologised for it, like they did earlier this year. It’s been reported elsewhere that he said “Wach auf”, which means “wake up”. Even in standard German I can make that sound pretty much like “F*** off”, so I don’t know how much more distorted it would be if converted into Basel dialect.

      1. A new phrase I learned today. I’ll use that in my next match. Would be fun to see how the people around react to it. Wach Auf! I like it πŸ™‚

  6. The most interesting stat from yr piece J is the sheer amount of unforced errors this week. The court may be slower but the balls are really flying and hard to control! Great to see the first serve % up and the winners up! And he will hv conserved energy with the fast 2 setter. Hopefully Delpo will be knackered on Sat! Fed will hv been Plsed to hv seen this go to a lengthy battle. And hopefully he can draw confidence from having solved Delpo in Paris. Lots of slice, lots of low balls, drawing him in, pushing him out wide. He has to brak his rhythm and mix it up big time. Fed has nothing to lose at all except a possible semi v Rafa (gotta hv a sense of humour !) Allez Fed!

  7. An important win to give himself a chance of qualifying for SF. Although I was annoyed at times, overall it wasn’t a bad day. Even a Federror day, he always amazes me with some thrilling shots. Love the Fed’s self-analisis video, awesome, thanks Jonathan. He would be a cool commentator one day.

  8. Interesting that Delpo followed similar pattern to Fed, failing in his resistance in third set! Novak is doing that to mst people these days! So it’s show down time Sat at 2pm. Schedule just posted! Better for Fed, longer recovery and day time match! See you there!

  9. [Interestingly this week no player has managed to hit more winners than unforced errors in a match]

    You are talking about the two groups combined? Are you serious? Indoors at London? Wow!

  10. Roger’s biggest problem in this game has been match point conversions. He was 1 of 6 and needs a lot of work in that department. I’d say it should be at least 2 or 6 πŸ˜‰

    1. Actually, his BP conversion rate in the match was relatively good by his standards. It was only the MPs he really fouled up on big time.

  11. Aren’t the courts here in London slower than Bercy, plus the higher bounce, meaning the balls can bounce right into Del Potro’s hitting range perfectly? Perhaps its the reason why he has beaten Roger on every occasion here in the World Tour Finals. Roger needs to use the slice as often as he can during the match, like in Bercy, the super low slices were sick.

    And if Fed qualifies for the semis, he will play Nadal for sure and what are your thoughts on the potential semi clash?

    1. Nadal is too juiced up to lose to either Roger or Del Po. He’s been planning this for a few months now. Looks like it’s going to be a repeat of AO2012 except, this time it will be over three sets.

    2. Yes but if he gets to the semis, he will play Ferrer first and most probably beat him. Ferrer is just a bad match for Federer. Hopefully it would give him a big confidence boost. But we’re getting so far ahead here, he has Delpo first, and Fed winning that one is not set in stone…

      1. No, I’m sure it would be Fed vs Nadal in semis as the leaders in each group don’t play like together. Djokovic will play Ferrer or whoever while Fed (if he qualifies) will have to face Nadal (leader of group A)

      2. oh yes you are right, sorry about that. I’m still not used to thinking of roger as not the leader of his group… =P

      1. On Atp website, they said if Berdych can beat Nadal in straights then Berdych will actually be the leader of Group A. We may see a Nadal v Djokovic semi! But Berdshit beating Nadal in straights? Not gonna happen I think πŸ™

      2. This is true because then Berdych would be 5-2 beating Nadal’s 4-2 and of course Stan with 4-4 will be a goner! Yikes!

        Why are we even talking about a scenario that has a 0% chance of happening? πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Jonathan and all. Thanks for the article. I’m also not so excited about this win.The match was pretty scrappy and Roger himself wasn’t clinical at all. It was Gasquet so Roger still won, but if it was Djokovic or Nadal or even Murray, they would have made Roger pay on so many occasions in the match.

    The main thing that’s been bothering me is how much less aggressive Roger is. He doesn’t take as much initiative as even a year ago, is now just content to play the rally and wait for a ball he really likes before belting it. Last night was Gasquet, who is totally outclassed by Roger in everything, so there was no way Roger was going to lose. He looked almost bored by Gasquet. But against a ball basher like Novak who’s all over the place… Well, we saw how that turned out. Even just a year ago on this court, he was so much more aggressive. He gets a ball in his forehand strike zone and next thing you know it’s in the corner and Novak was doing splits. But now he just pats it back into play so many times, or even moonballing and slicing some of those things (!!). If I have to guess, it’s the declining strength of his core that’s had a negative effect on his footwork and preparation. And also the low confidence from the back injury and lack of wins. What do you guys think?

    1. Not sure I agree that he’s not been aggressive. If anything looking for winners to soon costing him a lot lately. Fed is at his best when he uses variety to open up the court.

      He’s also not helped here by a slow court, many of his FH could be winners if the court didn’t slow the ball up.

      1. I tend to agree with Jonathan here. I know I was sitting far up, but the ball really did seem to bounce a bit weirdly. And I frequently got the impression that Fed was staying in those rallies because he didn’t trust the surface to let him put the ball away. Interesting interview with LΓΌthi today saying that Roger’s got too many choices of shot and is having difficulty choosing the right option, or words to that effect.

      2. [Roger’s got too many choices of shot and is having difficulty choosing the right option]

        And that has been my observation all this time. He does get there, but doesn’t do the right thing, or isn’t able to do enough because of his racquet. All those backhands he was hitting against Djokovic, well, he was there, he timed the ball well but is unable to do enough with it. Can’t counter the spin generated with a 100 sq. in. racquet with a 90, no matter how well you time it. He needs a little bit of help.

        As for the surface, I’m devastated. How could they do this?

      3. He was so strong a few years ago with the same stick, Sid. Guess with his declining age, he’s going to have to accept that he needs a new stick soon. Thanks for pointing that out Alison, yes the balls definitely arent bouncing as they did last year… It’s turning into just another outdoor hardcourt condition…

    2. Certainly agree that one of the top players wouldn’t have let him off nearly as lightly – if at all – as Gasquet did. He’s going to have to play much better against DelPo later on today if he wants to get any further, otherwise we shall only have the “wrong” Swiss in the SF :). Hope he’s getting some rest.

      1. But then again, top players do have the tendency to adjust their intensity or playing style depending on the opponent. Roger has never really felt threatened by Gasquet so why spend energy? It almost felt like he was toying with him at times.

  13. Wawrinka has the best one-handed backhand. And this is better than the Gasquet. The Forehand Frenchman is Awful. Gasquet remains a TOP 8 because it has a very weak minded. It is a sad reality.

      1. Nobody, nobody hits the down the line backhand as easily and elegantly as Stan. The Yonex 98 helps though.

  14. So so match by both, fed needs to up his game this sat to qualify for semis. He is passive aggressive which is very unlike the fed we know. I guess this is mainly due to low confidence. Hope he scores a win against delpo

  15. Does anyone think Roger sounds like he’s fighting a sickness? His interview on Tuesday sounding stuffed up and today he did again – also he mentioned Gasquet had been fighting a virus or something. I wonder if there is something going around.

    1. I did think I saw him sniffle when giving his interview prior to the Djokovic match and after. But I thought it must have just been something else. It could be that he has a cold- credit to him for not using that as an excuse as we’re sure ‘certain’ other players would have done within minutes of getting one.

      “I has cold. I spend half the time shoving my right hand into my nose instead of my butt crack. Dat is why I no play so good today, no?. “

    2. There’s certainly something going round London – my throat is all scratchy again, and it’s not from shouting “Allez Roger” yesterday :). But whether it’s any more than the sudden change in the weather I don’t know. Didn’t notice Roger sounding significantly different from normal yesterday.

  16. As much as I would like Roger to win on Saturday, given the clay-ish conditions, facing Nadal the very next day isn’t going to be all that much fun. I really really hope that if they do meet Federer can come up with the goods. However, if Delpo does advance to the semis, assuming that he isn’t too tired, he could give Nadal a good run for his money.

  17. Actually think they r all tired, especially Drlpo! Fed has to run him around, dropping it low and short, sliced, drop, whatever! Talking from the baseline no way plse Rog! And he has to keep yesterday serve % up. And finally be brave re attacking the net!

    To Johan and others. Ferrer is out. Stan will no doubt be thru as even if Berdych beats Nadal, if Stan loses to Ferrer which he cld he has the win over Tomas!

    1. Yeah just saw it, Stan qualified after Nadal.

      Tonight is such a must-win for Rog. How sad it would be if Stan is in the semis and Roger is not?? I’m gonna be watching!! See you all in the live chat!!

  18. Saw almost the whole match after a long time and boy does watching Roger Federer play tennis makes me happy! πŸ˜€
    It wasn’t anywhere near the best of performances, but he produced some beautiful shots. He served better than he did against Djokovic (didn’t see that match but going by the numbers and the fact that he fended off break points in 2nd) so that’s a positive. He missed some regular forehands which was frustrating but then displayed couple of sick kick serves and reflexes at the net so inconsistent is the word I guess.
    That video of Roger analyzing his own match is so effing awesome! I’ve watched it a couple of times already even though I don’t really understand much technicalities!
    The group standings and qualifying scenarios are so confusing! Novak has apparently won the group already. But then in the improbable event that he loses in straight sets to Gasquet and Roger wins in straights against DelPo, they will both be 2-1 on matches with Novak 4-4 on sets and Roger 5-2. Shouldn’t that mean Roger wins the group? Utterly confused!

    1. In the scenario you’re described, Djokovic wins the group because of his win over Federer. Regardless of who wins the Federer-Del Po match, Djokovic will win the group.

      1. Hey Sid! So the head to head in RR is used in case no. of matches won-lost is same? Just to clear it out, is the sets won:lost ratio and the games won:lost ratio used at earlier stages when the two players in question haven’t played each other yet? Or are those redundant? Anyway, thanks for the clarification, it helped πŸ™‚

      2. If only two players are tied on wins, the H2H is used for elimination. If three players are tied on wins, the percentage of sets won is considered. For example, let’s say Berdych beats Nadal (I’m dreaming of course), Stan with a 4-4 (50%) of sets won record will lose out to Berdych (5-3 or 5-3) and Nadal (4-2 or 5-2)*

        In case of Roger and Del Po, the scenario is simple; the loser is put on a plane.

        *Assuming all players have played all of their three matches

      3. I think Fedfan has a point. I was thinking about this too. Say Fed, by some miracle, routies Delpo in straights, and Richard decides to do the same to Nole (as improbable as it is), Federer and Nole would both be at 2 wins, 1 loss. Since Federer would have had 2 straight wins (Gasquet 6-4 6-3, and Delpo assume 6-3 6-4 and one tight loss to Nole 4-6, 7-6, 2-6)

        The same for Nole- 2 Wins, 1 Loss. But 2 tight wins and one straight set loss. (6-4, 6-7, 6-2 against Federer, 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 against Delpo and say he loses 6-4 6-4 to Gasquet)

        This scenario puts Roger at the top of the table and avoids a showdown with Nadal. All of a sudden he’s playing Wawrinka in the semis. Tada!! (i think)

      4. As Judge Chamberlain would say in the movie, My Cousing Vinny,

        “That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection……………….Overruled!”

        Your logic has a fundamental flaw πŸ˜‰ With two wins each for Djokovic and Federer, and one win each for Del Po and Gasquet, Djokovic pips Federer by virtue of his H2H win (regardless of percentage sets won).

        Once again, Roger has a chance to improve his H2H vs Nadal by losing to Del Po. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

      5. Assuming Djokovic loses to Gasquet, he will be tied with Roger (two wins each). The tie breaker would be Djokovic’s win over Roger in the group match. Had Del Po, it would be the same situation. Djokovic was a lock for topping the group before this game.

    2. Yeah it’s good to see players analyse their own game. Fed is the best in the business. Can’t imagine many other players doing it and explaining things.

      1. I agree. His knowledge is phenomenal. Loved when he gave a scientific explanation to the chair umpire for why the ball couldn’t have bounced twice (something about the spin)- replays showed that he was absolutely right.

        He’s probably the best at analysing it. Rafa’s probably a tad better at implementing it. That or maybe Federer just doesn’t enjoy sticking to a single game plan for more than 5 minutes. πŸ˜›

    1. I think he did, I mean, it sure looked like that, then he blasted the next ball that was called a let right at the center lines judge. Not sure what happened. Maybe he is sick of winning that Sportsmanship award and wants to win a slam?

      1. I can almost guarantee you it was an expletive. He clenched his fist, unclenched it, and said something. I remember that expression from the 2008 Wimby final. He was definitely angry at someone πŸ™‚

  19. Hey guys, I know not many will agree with me (or even no one), but deep deep respect for Berdych….
    Anyone saw the match against Rafa? When Rafa broke Berdych in the very first game in the first set, I thought, well that’s it, Berdych might as well just leave the court. But he kept believing, he fought and he even almost BAGELED Rafa in the second set !!! Of course Rafa is Rafa, so found a way to win the third. I actually felt really sorry for Berdych. I really really like him (except of course when he beats Roger, than I can’t stand him for a while).
    It must be difficult for him. I guess he is the only one in the top 20 I think without a title. Hope he wins the DC.

      1. Oh come on Sid…. did you atleast saw the second set??? Berdych was seriously bossing Rafa around, the new number one, the invincible…. It was so great to see. Rafa looked like a first timer. Nothing worked. Even his parents and girlfriend looks worried (who up to that point were smiling and talking like it was a practise session).

        If you can do that to Rafa, the new number one, you DESERVE respect, no matter how much people dislike you…..

      2. Katyani, once Nadal took the first set, it was over, he was confirmed group topper. It’s understandable he would be relieved and step off the gas. Perhaps he fell back to some tactics he might want to implement in the knockout matches. Meanwhile, Berdych would really step up to fight for his tournament life. But anyone can win set, especially in that situation where Nadal didn’t give a damn. Did Berdych sustain it? 3-17 says no! Berdych might be the worst top 10 ever πŸ™‚

    1. haha yes well, I don’t like his attitude (few ppl do), but I really like his game actually. His forehand is a beauty when it clicks. And yeah the second set against Rafa was just awesome πŸ˜€

      1. Berdy won 3 of their first 4 meetings, and since then has lost the last 16!!! 17-3 to bum scratch.

  20. Anyone who says Roger has not got a huge fighting spirit or is mentally extremely low, should watch this match.
    Roger did not play too well, but today he fought his way out. Goat !!!
    He is not all the way there, but he is getting there. Mentally, phisically and with his fighting spirit getting stonger and stronger.
    When the third set began and Delpo would start, I just new, it would be 3-0. When it was that, honestly I got a little mad at Roger. Screaming quietly at him why Roger why???
    But fortunately this is what he still is…. a fighter !!! Go Roger Go. Rafa next. Maybe your play will not win it from Rafa, but this never give up-never say die attitude will make you beat Rafa.
    Love and respect you forever. Goat !!! Bring on tomorrow !!!

      1. Actually… I am a tea drinker and this is what Roger’s confidence does to me !!!
        It makes me believe anything can happen, even Roger beating Rafa !!!
        Of course he cannot play the way he played Delpo, Rafa would eat him up.
        But last year at the SF he had something special for Andy, hope he does have that tomorrow for Rafa too.

        By the way, Novak is wearing his spiderweb shirt again. Will Gasquet have a chance?
        Don’t think so….

  21. Wow Just how did he come out of that one. 2 breaks down in the 1st set, (it looked like he was quitting at one point I think he lost 2 consecutive games to love). Then he pulled back to 1 point away from levelling at 5-5, but drops first set 4-6. Goes a break down in 2nd, it looked like curtains . Pulls the break back, wins tiebreak convincingly 7-2. 0-3 down in the deciding set, pulls it back to 3-3. 2 holds each for 5-5, Fed breaks again, then holds. Pure guts. Sometimes I watched sometimes I couldn’t watch. Whenever I watched it kept going wrong, when I turned off to watch the live score, it kept going right again. A great win. I do fear he has used up a bit too much gas with caveman having the day off today. We’ll see. Hope he can keep it up. Love it when he beats captain caveman, am in a bitter mood if he loses to him.

  22. That was one of the best matches I have seen Roger play all year when it comes to playing well when it mattered. Roger’s 3 comebacks:

    1st set: 5-1 down, loses it 6-4.
    2nd set: 3-1 down, wins it 7-6(2).
    3rd set: 3-0 down, wins it and the match 7-5.

    I mean you really can’t fault that. What I really liked seeing was Roger defending really well off his backhand, he will need that tommorow because Nadal will try and abuse his backhand until his game collapses in a stream of unforced errors. So nice to see him defending well for a change and pulling out a difficult match.

    I won’t be able to watch tommorow but wish Roger all the best.


  23. For tennis fans who purchased the inflated viagogo Saturday tickets 6 months ago… the excitement of Djokovic (already through) versus Gasquet (already out)…

  24. HI Jonathan OMG Houdini-federer was in the house today – could not believe what I was seeing – and the good news is I have it all recorded so will be able to watch again!! The best match he has played this year – obviously needs the anger to get his game going – could he pull it off tomorrow – do not know but we are in for a fun time watching if he gets his act together from the word go – allez Roger – I hopefully will still have a voice left tomorrow due to all the yelling at the TV I did today – I was home alone so my husband was not there to keep shushing me (which is really annoying)

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