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Federer Defeats Fognini as Swiss Make Davis Cup Final

Hey all, thought I’d do a quick write up on the Switzerland vs Italy Davis Cup tie which took place at the Palexpo arena in Geneva this weekend. I haven’t had much time to watch it but I did catch some of Federer vs. Bolleli and the last 2 sets of the doubles yesterday. Unfortunately I missed Federer’s decisive win against Fognini but it was another straight sets victory for him despite not being at his best.

With the victory the Swiss are now in the final against France who defeated two time defending champions Czech Republic in Paris. A big win for the French really and it looks like the choice to play on clay at Roland Garros paid off big time for them. It should be an interesting final really now, a team of French chokers vs a team who has never won it. Will most likely be a very nervy encounter πŸ˜†

I think it will be close as the French have a sold outfit with Tsonga, Monfils, Gasquet and Llodra but I think it’s advantage Switzerland as the match will have to be played on an indoor hard court as the tie is in France. Not sure exactly where it will be yet but there’s Bercy, Nancy, Montpellier, Marseille and Metz as ones that spring to mind. I’m guessing they will choose the one capable of holding the most fans as it should be a sell out. Indoors is Fed’s territory and looking at Stans performance at the World Tour Finals last year he is no mug either on the surface. Tsonga can be good indoors too but Gasquet’s style of playing 10 feet behind the baseline doesn’t serve him well.

Quick Recap of the Weekends Action

Federer Davis Cup vs Italy

A good weekend for Roger and a nice way to bounce back from the Cilic loss with couple of good wins over best of 5 set play. Obviously there’s no point reading too much into a players Davis Cup matches as it’s a completely different format and arrangement but it’s good to see him not dwelling on a loss and coming out and getting the job done.

I haven’t see much of Fed’s matches but he’s looked fairly solid from what I have seen, a little scrappy but that’s due to the quick transition from outdoor hard to indoor courts. Bolelli gave him a pretty hard time in the first rubber but he is just one of the players who doesn’t know how to win matches. Fed on the other hand just knew what he had to do, didn’t drop serve and although it wasn’t an eye catching match for the tennis itself it was a perfect start to the tie for the Swiss.

I missed all of the second rubber but from the highlights and and commentary it’s obvious Stan just manhandled Fognini to beat him in straight sets. There are plenty players who can hit as big as Stan, but when it comes to sustained firepower he’s one of the best, every ball comes with something on it and when he is capable of teeing off without errors he’s very tough to play against. That victory put the Swiss in pole position at 2-0.

Saturday’s doubles saw the Swiss decide to rest Roger and they went onto lose in 5 sets. Really they should have won but Chiudinelli made some really costly mistakes in the fourth and fifth set. I don’t know a whole lot about doubles strategy but from what I saw it looked like he was getting in some terrible positions and just making life difficult for himself. Stan wasn’t exactly in peak form either and that cost them in the fifth.

Overall though I think resting Fed was the right decision, had he played doubles and the Swiss had lost then he would be both tired and under pressure for his singles rubbber; not an ideal scenario. Of course he was still under some pressure to shut the door in the fourth rubber but he came in rested which I think made the difference.

Fognini played singles and doubles, so he had far more games in his legs and he’s never been able to trouble Federer in two previous meetings. In fact Fog hadn’t won a set the previous encounters and he’s now 3-0 in the H2H with zero sets to his name. If you have no weapons like the Italian then you are always going to struggle to really make an impact against the GOAT.

Again I didn’t watch the match but caught some quick highlights and both guys were pretty scrappy. Fed actually looked tentative early on and should have been broken but once he got into the lead it was always going to be easier for him. The second set was again not eye catching with only 1 or 2 real crowd pleaser rallies but Roger won it yet again by playing the important points well. Fair play to Fognini who didn’t go away in the third set forcing a tie break but Roger just came up with a sweet cross court winner at 4-4 and then closed it out with an ace for 6-4 before Fognini made a forehand error on the first match point. Cue the wild celebrations.

Match Point vs. Fognini


Who are you guys picking in the final?


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Come on. I typed in my comment but it isn’t showing. This is the first time I’ve tried to win these things. Urrrrrghhhhh

    1. Good you complained on this page, or you wouldn’t have won. This Jonathan, is a shady guy. Lot’s of fixing going on for titles, in exchange of Bitcoins. Thugs, top to bottom, I’m telling you πŸ™‚

  2. Well done Gaurav πŸ™‚

    Jonathan, I don’t understand why being in France means it has to be indoor hard – couldn’t they pick Roland Garros again?

    Very interesting matchup for the final. Would be amazing to see Switzerland get their first ever title while Roger is still playing but it will depend very much, I think, on individual players’ forms. It’s likely that 2 players from each team will just have been contesting the World Tour Finals in London; if that means it comes down to the reserve players, I think that might give France an advantage. (Or alternatively, if only 1 of the French players has just been in London, again advantage France for freshness of its players; but perhaps advantage Switzerland for recent play on similar surface? – if indeed it’s indoor hard.) Both teams will be very motivated; both teams will have strong support (no matter where they play in France, it’s an easy trip from Switzerland).

    Glad to see Fed toughing out the win even without being at his best, & as you say, kudos to Fabio for not folding in the 3rd & coming close to forcing a 4th.

    Good job Rog didn’t retire yet, huh? πŸ˜€

    1. I am pretty sure they won’t be playing outdoors in late November in Paris. It is likely to be about 6 Celsius and it will also be pitch black by 5pm. So with 2 best of 5 set singles rubbers on Friday they would need to start at about 9am to fit them in.

      It will be indoors.

      1. So, indoor clay, then?!

        I think – assuming that both Roger and Stan are fit, and I certainly hope they will be, or their chances will be completely scuppered – they are going to be very much pushed to win DC, because they really have no backup. France may not have such highly-ranked players, but funny things can happen in DC, and they do have good players in abundance. Plus, as Thinker says, most of them will probably be rested, whereas Roger and Stan will have been involved in the WTF. I *don’t* expect Roger to play Shanghai, unless he has promotional activities he really can’t get out of, but I wonder if he’ll drop something else to ease the strain? Can’t see him ducking out of Basle, so Paris, maybe? After all, it sounds as though he’s virtually been running on empty this week after 4 solid weeks of playing, 2 1000 finals and a Slam SF.

      2. Actually, maybe I’m wrong about that? After all, Swiss fans *have* had an unusually large number of chances to see him play at home this year, and maybe if they seriously want him to have a chance of winning DC they ought to be prepared to pay the price for it?

        So, will change that to “can’t see him *wanting* to duck out of Basle”.

      3. hehe – maybe they’ll do a rush job on the Chatrier roof πŸ˜‰

        ok, that’s probably outside the realm of even theoretical possibility at this point, but what a thought!

      4. I read this from wikipedia page of Swiss DC Team

        For the final against France, Switzerland had to travel to Villeneuve-d’Ascq, near Lille. The local football stadium, the Stade Pierre-Mauroy was transformed into a tennis stadium for this occasion, with a capacity of 30’000 people. Initially, the French team evoked the possibility to organize the final in one of their Overseas Territories in order to impose a massive jet lag on Federer and Wawrinka, both playing the ATP World Tour Finals in London one week before the Davis Cup final. Gilles Simon mentioned the city of NoumΓ©a in New Caledonia as a potential venue [4].


        Seriously? To impose a massive jet lag on Federer and Wawrinka?

      5. The source is from an unknown author – anyone could have posted that up so we can’t fully trust it, yet πŸ˜‰ To be honest I won’t mind if they actually do play in New Caledonia because its right next to Australia and I will be able to travel there easily to watch the final! Lolz πŸ˜€

      6. Note the use of the past tense for an event which hasn’t happened yet. Probably a troll, or something.

    2. Don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this; Jo has a chance to make it to London WTF if he does well in upcoming events (though still a fairly long shot), but Simon & Monfils would have to do something totally unrealistic like win both Shanghai & Bercy to make it.

  3. God we hv been spoiled this yr! Barely a week passes and we are watching Roger again! Barely off the jet lag from NY, on what looked like a fast but ball sticky court, he produces enough to take Switzerland into the final! Give the man a medal! He must be knackered!
    Fogs just hasn’t got enough power and today was just a case of Fed playing well enough when he needed to! Even he got tight in that TB!!
    They are talking indoors at Lille for the final but I reckon they will go for medium pace as Tsonga won’t thrive on too slow courts! If they are mega slow, they shld play Simon!!
    Hoping for a French choke in front of home fans and that Stan/Fed blitze their way thru ! It’s a tough ask but reckon the Swiss know it’s now or never! ( and maybe the French will cheer for Fed!!)
    Ps putting money on Fed missing Shanghai! London and DC final are in the bag! Doesn’t need the stress!
    I see Muzza has been put under pressure to up his ranking(12!!!) and qualify for London by running himself ragged on the Asian swing!! Otherwise seeding at AO looking tough!!
    Anyway, proud of the Swiss team, very pleased for Seve ( never seen him so animated)!
    See you in Basel I think…unless I hv got it wrong re China!! Thks for so many great posts Jonathan so far this very achieving Season!!

    1. “I see Muzza has been put under pressure to up his ranking(12!!!) and qualify for London by running himself ragged on the Asian swing!!”

      And he probably will, which won’t be clever. I must admit, I’m surprised at how far he’s dropped, compared with Roger not dropping below 8 last year. I suppose it’s just been unfortunate that certain other players were on the move upwards at the same time. Anyway, from now until the end of the season the only way *is* literally up for Andy, as he has no points to defend.

    2. No surprise if the French will cheer for the Swiss as the most of French I know love Fed and think as if he’s theirs.

      Heard a rumour that he might play Stockholm?

      1. Can’t imagine why. Skip a Masters 1000 (Shanghai), then add back a 250 a week later, which is the week before Basel, which is itself the week before Paris Bercy? Doesn’t really even make sense. Sounds more like wishful thinking on the part of some Scandinavians πŸ™‚

        Agree that skipping Shanghai makes a lot of sense – not only because he already knows he’s got WTF and Davis Cup finals coming up, but also because it eliminates two entire jet lag cycles (to China time, & back from same) – he stays on European time, +/- an hour, the whole time.

        Is it Shanghai that has that amazing twisting roof, or is that Beijing? I was thinking it was Shanghai, but then I thought, wasn’t it built for the Beijing Olympics? Muddling myself up.

      2. Yeah, right Thinker, parhaps Scandinavian’s wishes due to Fedberg or for the final Fed against Dimi, the defending champion?

        Agreed about Shanghai for all reasons, beside didn’t Fed go there without his family last year and say he didn’t like staying alone in the hotel room so that gave keys to his coach and physio?
        Unless his target is No.1 end of the year for 6 times which I don’t think it is, skipping is no brainer!

        Isn’t Shanghai basically outdoor event? Did you mean the Beijing’s ‘Bird’s Nest’? Oh wait a minute, ah yes Shanghai has an amazing roof, looks like a flower, closes like a steel steamer, you know the one to place in a pan?

      3. Fed’s been to Shanghai the last 2 years without his family – the year before was the year of the death threats, remember?

        My only concern is that he does have a lot of commitments (or did last year) with promoting Chinese tennis, which is why I wondered if he might go, but not actually play.

    1. Just reading in the comments at ATP site that they last met in SUI in 2004. Also apparently the last 4 times SUI/FRA have met in Davis Cup, visitors have won! (Not, of course, that that has any actual bearing on this year….)

      1. I don’t think they’ll choose clay, not necessarily Tsongas best surface! And both Rog and Stan pretty handy on it!Still think it will be medium indoor hard, a pretty neutral surface. Key to the win is how they plan for the dubs! One view is to go for broke for all 4 singles and neither Stan nor Rog play the dubs!

    1. [Nice to see doubles players getting some attention]

      Of course, that’s a direct result of Butorac been voted President of the ATP Player Council. I’m sure he is a nice person.

  4. Thanks Jonathan, you deserve an award for this. U’ve really been fantastic throughout the year.
    Guarav, pls tel me Roger didn’t jst sing that!!! Lol dt ws aawfu, loool. My gudness he is soo happy.Β The lastΒ point had a lot of tentative shots from Roger’s racquet, looks like he was dreading a 4th set, loved the way he jumped at the end.
    Cnt wait to c him do dt at the WTF and anoda grandslam.
    Hv a great week everyone…

      1. Wait a minute. You’re telling me that Fed singing is from 2009 and not after the Italy win? Shayy.

      2. Aaah. You’re right. 2009. My bad. Although the title said Swiss celebration after beating Italy. Did they beat Italy in 2009 as well?

      3. Yup, they beat Italy in 2009, and that was the first round I think. Technically, it’s after an Italy win, so…sing along man!

        Who are the best? We are the best! Better than the rest!

  5. A nice bonus post, thank you Sunshine πŸ™‚

    Although Fed was far from Jesus mood, I was just pleased to watch him play at last after missing his matches so many times this summer. He looked tired and struggled but great effort to finish both matches in straight. Lovely to see him so emotional with the win in the end! Now he needs a good scheduling for the rest of the season. Skipping Shanghai for instance? Against froggies for the final, it will be tough for sure but I believe the Swiss has a chance. Would love to see him win DC, as well as Basel, Paris, WTF….no no too greedy πŸ˜‰

    As Roger’s having a great season so far, you have been doing a cool job too, Jonathan. Now he’s going on holiday so you also need some bloody good break, don’t you? Off you go!

  6. Yes, Jonathan, have a good break – and thanks for making the sacrifice and actually watching some DC for us πŸ™‚
    At least we can just ramble on and on on this thread and maybe make *it* into one of the “favourite threads” instead of those other ones which all seem to deal with losses by Fed!

    1. Oh Sue, I don’t know where exactly, I heard a commentator mentioned, though it might be just meaning going away from tennis. He went on beach holiday such as Maldives, Sardinia in the past but not sure this time around with new babies.

      1. Yes, after all, they stayed in Switzerland after Wimbledon. Hoping he gets a good rest anyway, wherever it is.

    2. Hey Sue, I’ve just heard he’s on his way to Dubai, a plenty of sunshine before indoor season, hope not for a training yet though. May go somewhere else from there, I guess. Anyway, wishing him for a lovely holiday πŸ™‚

      1. Hadn’t heard that, the guy is under 24/7 surveillance from fans and media. Can’t go anywhere without someone asking for a pic or spotting him. Bet twins were conceived in a cupboard.

      2. Dubai makes sense. I’d rather be in my own home with babies instead of another hotel room. I guess he’s weighting his options for the rest of the season.
        Stan got major heck for pulling out of Metz. Give the guy a break. I don’t see tournaments saying they are “angry” at Nadal.

        Indoor clay sounds like a good possibility. The French did so well at RG. Let’s see how many RF hats are in the crowd.

        Just buying my IW tickets this week. Awesome seats courtside in the shade for 4 day and night sessions. Tennis marathon!

    3. He’s gone to Dubai! Some Twitterer saw him on their plane. Makes sense really in terms of time, not too far, home from home, can train if he wants to, in case he ‘has’ to go to Shanghai! Ps there is no way he misses Basel! He cld miss Paris instead of Shanghai but there is an extra week between Paris and WTF this yr!
      Think Shanghai early oct!
      I am suggesting Paris as backs into Basel! Something has to give!
      Btw what is Nadull latest?! Big fat silence?!

      1. Is Dubai a good stopping-off point for, say, the Maldives? πŸ™‚

        Alternatively, it’s presumably a lot less far to get to Shanghai from there, if he does go.

        Poor Rog, can’t go anywhere without *someone* posting it on Twitter, can he?

    1. The picture is a little, um, alarming – and clearly photoshopped by the way as the new racquet hadn’t been revealed yet at the time of the Moet & Chandon event – but the article itself is quite good. In fact I’ve now seen 2, I think, possibly 3, of the articles resulting from this Moet & Chandon event, & I’ve enjoyed them all. There have probably been others in languages I don’t speak.

      1. Oh, that, yes, I read it last week. Good interview, but that picture is just … awful.

        Was it Jon Wertheim’s sum-up of the USO in Sports Illustrated where he commented on Roger being easy to arrange interviews for, no haggling about whether you get the front cover photo? I could quite understand why in this case …

      2. King of Cheese. Some of his adverts are a joke really. I don’t bother reading pieces like this, just celebrity culture. I’ll stick to tennis and pressers πŸ˜€

  7. Came back from DC week end and all in all was pretty cool πŸ™‚

    Roger not playing his best, but he was still way fun to watch, last set vs Fabio was pretty decent (looked like it from the stands at least haha)

    Final is prob gonna be played on indoor clay, looks like it’s gonna be in Lille. Gonna be a tough one!

    1. More detail Simon! How close were you? Did you get an autograph again or leave that for others this time? Did he look like a good rest would cure what ails him? What else have I forgotten to ask you? πŸ˜€

      Rita, thinking of you too & hoping you were well enough to go as well, though concerned at not having heard from you…

      1. Yeah I thought everyone knew guest posts from tournament visits were a pre requisite now πŸ˜€ otherwise there are fines.

        @Thinker – Yeah been a whille since Rita last commented, just checked was 8th of August on Fed’s birthday. Although I can tell from IP address use she was last on the site on September 5th so 10 days ago so hope she is ok too.

      2. Woah Jonathan, you can check how often we check the site as well? I guess my record shows me visiting every day?? πŸ˜€

      3. Conal, yup he can, up to the exact time of the day, down to milliseconds, including your IP πŸ™‚

        Unfortunately for me, there is no such thing as frequent flyer miles or I would’ve won a lot of goodies πŸ™‚

      4. @Jonathan – thank you for encouraging Simon, & for the reassurance about Rita

        @Simon – See? It’s not just me!!! I’m looking forward to it already!

    2. Great win! So happy for your guys the Swiss, Simon πŸ™‚
      It must’ve been a fantastic atmosphere there, I believe? The emotion came out from Fed after the win was so joyful to see, wasn’t it? Would love to hear more about the whole weekend, please!

    3. Oh we need a write up! Never seen him so happy! Awful court btw! Was it as fast but sticky as it looked on telly! Some very high bounces!!

  8. Somehow, as a tennis fan it’s very hard to get excited about Davis cup. It’s hard to know when the tournament starts or ends, who’s playing, logistics etc. Different payers seem to take it seriously in different years.

    1. I agree, it’s not a huge deal in Tennis terms at all. It’s good for fans to watch but in terms of competitiveness and importance it is low down the list along with Olympics.

  9. Roger indicated there might be some changes to his fall schedule. My take he will play at Shanghai, Basel, WTF and DC, skipping Bercy. I doubt he will skip Basel considering its his home tourney and organizer will crucify him if he pulls out. Honestly I prefers if he skips Shanghai as it a waste to time to travel all the way to Asia and back for 1 week’s tourney. He needs to be fresh for WTF and DC hence skipping both Masters does make sense at this juncture.

    I am happy that Roger manage to secure winning point against Italy even though he looks tired and lethargic. Now he needs to rest his body and be ready for a pack fall schedule this oct/nov.

  10. Was wondering if there would be a post on this but you’re just full of surprises. Good win from Roger here and who would’ve thought he would be adding another title to his very long resume, would be sweet end to the year if the Swiss can pull it off. This was the happiest I have seen Roger maybe ever? Will be a memory he will treasure forever no doubt, sad that the final is not at home but as you said indoors slides the advantage back to the Swiss, will be intriguing when this match finally comes around and how maybe winning DC could give Fed an extra spring in his step next year. But right now, hope they savour the win, such a proud moment for the team and the country and wishing them all the best!

    I have a feeling Fed might withdraw from Shanghai? He’s played a lot of matches this year, I think prioritising Basel, Paris and London to getting another long awaited indoor title might make him do it, guess we’ll find out soon what the go is.

    1. I think he’s gotta lay it on thick in front of the fans. Pretty sure winning a Masters 1000 is a far bigger thrill πŸ˜†

      Yeah a lot saying Shanghai is a no go, dunno though, guess we’ll find out in a few days.

  11. Its great win for the Swiss. I am especially happy for Roger.
    hope they can capitalize the momentum and get the win over France comes November
    it will be difficult as some have stated. having to play WTF would consume some energy from both (Rog and Stan). hope they can rearrange their schedule well

      1. well, he has been whining about Spain basketball team for the past 2 days, lots of tweets I have received πŸ˜‰
        but I hope he recover soon and play for the next masters πŸ™‚

      2. Well, I guess he’ll be whining about the Spanish DC team now. But then people who don’t show up for their ties don’t really have much cause to complain.

      3. [He will get revenge soon ]

        Yeah, that’s precisely the type of player he is, and so are his fans. It’s not about the love of winning, the love of being out there, the love of playing fair, without resort to gamesmanship. No. To your idol, it’s all about not losing, and exacting revenge. Those are the signs of vindictive human beings. And so, once he loses, he runs away and hides, and plots, and comes back for revenge.

        Let me guess. You, Shamtoot, are the type of guy who likes Nadal, Boxing, WWE, UFC etc.? How do I know? I know what I know. I’m a genius! πŸ™‚

      4. @ Sid, fist of all, thanks for passing by, its an honor πŸ˜‰
        second, I was sarcastic in regards to that part between bracket πŸ™‚
        “Yeah, that’s precisely the type of player he is, and so are his fans” seriously!!, come on man. considering I am a big fan of the doper, as I always like to call him. After all this time with you guys, you see me that way, shame on you ;). FYI, I like Nadal game style, its an appetite, can’t help it! however, he is not my idol and he will never be, I have my own πŸ˜‰

        by the way, I hate boxing, WWE and **** UFE.
        I like Football, I am a big FAN of Liverpool and Brazil (I would say die hard fan), and I hate MANU πŸ˜‰
        I like tennis, Basketball (Chicago bulls) and Volleyball (Brazil won yesterday πŸ™‚ )
        so, you can see, its doesn’t work the way you think, so cool down man and stop being so judgmental

      5. See what I did there, Shamtoot? Made you spill the beans πŸ™‚

        For someone who doesn’t like boxing, WWE, UFC etc. liking Nadal is like a disease, and a serious one at that. Only sick human beings are fan of the doper. You better get yourself cured soon man!

      6. Sid, I don’t know why you don’t get it!! I guess you are very smart man and educated as well πŸ˜‰
        You see it disease, someone else see it cure!
        Take Katyani as an example, she love Roger and at the same time she likes Williams πŸ˜‰
        Does that mean she has a disease and need a cure according to your book? I know the answer; you do not need to say it 

        Its like that, what you see, someone else see it differently, you may urge with him all day, but if he is convinced, its hard to change it. so why bother!!

        My brother adore Roger, he is passionate about him, but when it comes to Nadal, he respect him, does that mean he need a cure as well?!!
        Again, what you believe, someone else don’t see it the way you see it.

        Very simple formula, if you apply it you would be happy, I guess you are already 

        By the way, who is from Polska πŸ˜‰

      7. Shamtoot, education and intellect have nothing to do with it. It’s all about getting the information, being curious.

        There are a ton of Agassi fans out there, right? Including you? Forget about his post retirement theatrics, and admissions of guilt. During the 1990 US Open, in one of the earlier round matches, Agassi got into a verbal altercation with the chair umpire, used the fuck word, and later in the match, spat on him, SPAT on the umpires socks!

        I bet you didn’t know that. If someone can still be an Agassi fan after that, I only have my middle finger to show them. Nadal fans also happen to be huge Agassi fans.

        If only your brother reads more about Nadal, he would lose all respect for him πŸ™‚

      8. Just for your own record, I hate Agassi, and I like Sampras πŸ˜‰ so as I said, it doesn’t work the way you think, totally different.

        What I wanted to say bro (if you allow me to call you bro), you have all the rights to say whatever you think and believe about Nadal, but not on his fans that you don’t know or barely know them. This is not right!

        And by the way, my Bro and me know enough about Nadal to judge πŸ˜‰

        ohh forgot to say this, intelligent and education do help a lot on understanding others opinions, so don’t give me this kind of lecture that it doesn’t. Save it πŸ˜‰

        P.S: I don’t know why in earth Steffi married him!! money? maybe πŸ˜‰

      9. Shamtoot, I used the word “educated” because I imagined you were taking a dig at me in one of your earlier comments πŸ™‚ Yeah, I’m well educated. How intelligent I am is something that others can judge.

        We are no more intelligent or educated than the generations before us. We are no less intelligent or educated than the generations behind us. It’s the information that is passed on that gives future generations the appearance of being smarter.

        Education is a direct result of the information you absorb, regardless of whether you get it from a University, or simply reading it off the word wide web. Think about what I just said.

      10. couldn’t agree with you more Sid on the last two paragraphs, well constructed and said.

        “Think about what I just said” I’ll try my best, but no promises πŸ˜‰

        ” used the word β€œeducated” because I imagined you were taking a dig at me in one of your earlier comments” yeah, I was trying to take a dig at you πŸ™‚

  12. Great win for Switzerland. It is too bad that we had to wait for so long to see Roger playing for the team. He is ready now, he benefits from these matches and it is a win-win situation for both sides. Great tennis right there

    1. Seems to me there have been plenty of chances to see Roger playing DC over the years. And I’m not exactly sure that he *does* benefit from them: just how is playing 2 Bo5 matches in 3 days after 4 weeks of almost solid tennis including a Slam good for him? Everyone seems to have been saying how tired he looks.

    2. Agree w/ Alison here, he’s played DC quite a bit – his DC singles record is 37-7, he’s played in 25 ties. I think I read somewhere that he’s now the Swiss player with the most DC wins. Switzerland hasn’t gotten to later rounds often, true, but then he can’t really be expected to win a team event single-handedly, either.

  13. Congratulations to the Switzerland! Very well done with a pretty decent performance from Roger πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . Thanks Jonathan, this website is for the Swiss for now πŸ™‚ . I thought that the 3rd set was pretty well contested with Fognini showing some of his best touches and flair but Roger stood firm.

    1. Why wouldn’t it be? Swiss played USA on indoor clay. France has the choice of what surface and where to play, as long it’s viable (so not outdoors in end of november πŸ˜‰ )

    2. Yeah I guess they could opt for clay. Swiss did it in 2012 at Fribourg like Simon said and I’m pretty sure that was at a non tennis venue with a court laid especially for it.

      1. The best ever DC final was on indoor clay in Gothenburg 1984. A breakthrough for a certain Stefan Edberg, who defeated McEnroe /Fleming in pair with Anders JΓ€rryd. Let’s relive some good memories, Fedberg!

      2. Wasn’t that when they lost to the US? Isner beat Fed on the clay? France could see that history as being to their advantage…

    3. My guess is that the French will chose clay on the basis of believe that Roger and Stan will be tired for their respective 2nd single rubbers, if the Swiss don’t win it after the first three rubbers.
      For indoor hard court, the French will be much less sure that they could take a point each from both Roger’s and Stan’s singles.

  14. my take about Federer & Shanghai is almost a must, purely about marketing, nike, rolex and mercedes will be the force to bring him there, and can’t resist, and its the only big game in Asia, also from ATP point perspective, Federer did not so well last year, this is the chance to gain, while Djo and Nadal are likely to lose some points there giving their injury and performance in USO. As a fan, I just want to see him play as much as possible and stay healthy, that’s it.

    1. The numbers won’t stack up from this year to 2012 because Roger won more tournaments including Wimbledon and regained the #1 ranking. You guys are being way too greedy. He didn’t lose Wimbledon this year to a chump. You how many guys who is Roger’s age would kill for his results? Roger is not ageless. The field is improving but is also getting older. Roger is doing just fine. Shut up some who thought he never would be in the top three players in the world again.

      1. I would kill for those results πŸ™‚ Hope you weren’t telling me to shut up. I was confident Roger would come back big in 2014 and win at least one slam (viz Wimbledon).

        The numbers won’t stack up well from 2012. The argument I was making: there has only been a bit of improvement in 2014 in all areas compared to 2013. So evidently, a lot more must be done to get back to slam winning potential. It’s possible he is still in the process of getting there.

        Djokovic is no chump. But Roger wasn’t anywhere near 2012 form either. As Jonathan mentioned about that match, Djokovic played a little bit better.

      2. Come on guys. Roger is two years older from 2012. He may never get back to slam winning potential. Age is going to rob him of some of his skill. Just look how much 2012 took out of him. Most guys Roger’s age are down the rankings, injured, lost their skills or retired. All Roger can do is continue to put himself in position and stay somewhat injury free, but that’s going to get harder as he ages.

  15. LOL @ Sid, you are a character
    @ Karen, I am sure Sid understands, and so do the rest of us in this blog, but because we are humans, we can’t help but keep being greedy all the time AND I’m one of them.

    My expectations for Roger at the end of the year:
    Champion: Shanghai.
    Champion: Basel.
    Runner Up: Paris;
    Champion: WTF;
    Year end No 1.
    Champion: DavisCup. πŸ™‚

    I was nice enough to make him runner up at least once πŸ™‚
    I hope that’s not too much to ask πŸ˜‰

    1. That’s a pretty reasonable expectation, if you ask me. And to think that someone mentioned that Roger fans were delusional? Ha!

    2. LOL! Yeah, that wish list isn’t delusional at all! It’s sweet talking about Roger even having a shot at #1 ranking. Even though he didn’t win a slam this year,it would be cool because haters was trying to put Roger “out to pasture.” So-called “Strong Era” advocates are already making excuses. “But he didn’t win a slam!” How can it be a “Strong Era” if a 33 year old “Weak Era” player with no be close to the #1 ranking. If Roger was so weak, he wouldn’t be even close. If Novak or Nadal don’t perform well. But ultimately its up to Roger. Novak and Rafa fans aren’t scared of other player’s because they don’t fear them week in and week out to challenge for the top spots.

  16. If you were allowed to vote, regardless of your nationality, what would it be?

    (a) No
    (b) Yes
    (c) Sorry, I live under a rock

  17. Hey guys, while most of the players end of the year will play exho in India (Tennis IPL League or something), Roger and Stan will play an exho on 21st dec in Switserland for Roger’s foundation…. Goat !!! Can he (and Stan) be any more cuter?? Come on Roger, hope you and Stan will raise a lot of money for your foundation and of course…. hope you beat Stan πŸ™‚ Love you Goat πŸ™‚

    1. Did not see that coming? Are you kidding me? She is 32. She peaked late in her career that took a lot out of here. She is a normal woman you know? Not like that bitch you like so much call Williams, who pumps herself up with steroids and steals titles and money away from other deserving girls.

      When that overgrown bitch retires, that will be the day!

      1. Hey Sid, I really like Li Na and will miss her. Great tennisplayer, great person and wow, great rolemodel. Loved the way she made jokes about her husband !! She was very quick and good for a 32 year old. I really thought she could go on for atleast a few years, I mean, she did win AO this year in a very strong era with very strong and good players. But I guess like Bartoli her body could not give it anymore…

        By the way Sid, are you a Jesse Pinkman-Breaking Bad fan?? Please TRY to use the b-word less…. Can you atleast try that? πŸ™‚

  18. I follow David Goffin’s progress rather closely.
    His QF – victroy yesterday at the ATP 250 MEtz in France on indoor hard against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is not only great for himself, but imo also for Federerer and Wawrinka’s chances at the DAvis Cup.
    This loss won’t do any good at Jo-Wilfried TSonga’s confidence, and I expect him to be less of a treath at the Davis Cuip fianl for Federer and Wawriunka than his countryman Gael Monfils.
    As a belgian I’m very happy of course with David Goffin’s victory.
    I hope he advances to the MEtz-final to see him play against Gael Monfils whom he never faced yet.

  19. Wilfried, Gael lost to Joa Sousa so the final is between David and Sousa. You probably have seen that already. Sid that is not a very good adjective to describe any human being. Let us keep this site a pleasant one for the fans of Roger. It is not what we ingest that defiles us but what comes from within. Whatever is good, pure and of good report let us think or meditate on those things. Roger is a good example of such doings.

    1. Awesome comment man. Even I hate a lot of things about guys like Nadal, Djokovic and even Williams and Sharapova. But it is not nice to vent our anger like that. Better to just look at the positives and move on

    2. [ It is not what we ingest that defiles us but what comes from within]

      Matthew 15:10. Yes, I understand. Sometimes you’ve gotta say what you’ve gotta say πŸ™‚

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