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Federer Defeats Ferrer in London; Qualifies for Semis

Hey all, not the prettiest match from Roger but he got the job done ending David Ferrer's 11 match unbeaten streak to qualify for the semi finals for the 4th straight year in London.

I was expecting a fairly comfortable match for Roger, he was 13-0 in the H2H going in and has never really been troubled by Ferrer but it was actually tricky for him today. After Roger saved 3 break points in the opening game of the match I predicted he'd break Ferrer immediately and blitz the first set; I was half right as he broke and it was soon 3-0, but in true Stefen Edberg Sportsmanship style he handed Ferrer the break back and got pegged back to 4-4.

At 5-4 Roger upped his level just a notch and when Ferrer hit a backhand wide at 0-40 the set was his. After he lost the break I thought a breaker was on the cards but yet again Fed won the points that mattered and Ferrer crumbled.

It was a tough first set to judge really, it looked promising with Fed staving of break points early but his game never quite clicked, Ferrer is in good form too so he probably put Roger under more pressure than he's managed to in his previous matches. His backhand and serve were definitely off but to come good at the end was good to see and you felt like if Ferrer was going to win the match he had to win the first set.

The second set was another sloppy affair with the only improvement being Roger's first serve percentage. Ferrer wasted 2 break point chances in the opening game and after that little happened with both guys holding comfortably. I thought Roger was going to break at 5-6 when he got to love 30 but Ferrer won 4 straight points to take it into a breaker.

The breaker was the one area that pleased me most in the match, after serving poorly all game, Roger reeled of 5 well placed first serves to move into a 6-3 lead. Ferrer won the next two points but Roger sealed it the third time of asking to ensure he qualifies for the semi finals, beat Ferrer for a 14th straight time and records his 70th win of the season.

Did Ferrer Waste His Best Ever Chance to Beat Federer?

I honestly don't think Ferrer will ever get a better chance than he had today to beat Fed. Roger made 39 unforced errors in the match and his first percentage was as low as 34% in the first set, if he gives you a window like that you got to take it.

Ferrer was on an 11 match winning streak, won his first Masters 1000 title in Paris and has won the most titles this year with 7 yet he still couldn't get the job done against a below par Federer wasting 9 of his 10 break point chances. With all that in mind I can't see him ever breaking his duck.

It was a good match and I am happy with my game. I had a lot of chance to break his serve. When he had one break point, he made it. Sometimes with these players, if I don't take my chances, I don't win the important points and it is very difficult to win.

Federror in London – Cause for Concern?

Federer Variety of Serve Keeping him out of Trouble

After seeing Fed cruise past Tipsarevic it looked like he was back with a bang after his Post US Open lull but then today he looked a little flat again. Watching Fed of late has been a series of peaks and troughs.

Today was definitely a trough as the serve and backhand were way off the pace. Usually when Roger hits more unforced errors than winners it's in a match he loses but luckily today he just won the big points when it mattered.

I'm not too worried as he still got past a red hot Ferrer in straight sets and it could have been far worse. Roger usually plays 1 bad match a tournament, and from what I remember from his match against Ferrer last year in London it wasn't the prettiest match either; yet he still got the job done and went onto win the tournament.

I think I definitely needed a good second serve, especially in the first set. But I think also, credit to him for being a great return player, getting back a lot of good returns on good serves. That makes you go for the extra special serve, and then you start missing by a little bit. Today, I had to use everything I had in terms of variation, kicking it, sliding it, going all different ways.

Gimelstob Hits with Federer

This isn't a particularly interesting video but I thought the bit at the end was a great quote from Gimelstob:

There's so many great players, there's a lot of great champions; but there's only one Roger Federer

Prediction vs. Del Potro

Next up for Fed is Del Potro, this one could be interesting because it's likely that Del Potro needs to win to qualify and Roger doesn't need to becasue he's already through. But at the same time he'll be looking for revenge after he lost the final in Basel to Del Po.

One guy playing to stay alive, the other playing for Pride and Revenge. It could be interesting.

Regardless of the permutations I think Roger will beat Del Potro and move into the semi finals unbeaten. He has to serve better than he did today and hit the backhand cleaner but I can see those clicking back into place and doing some damage.

This is a very special tournament in many ways, it's always been the tournament I wanted to be part of when I started playing at the beginning of the year, many years now. I had breakthrough results at this event. I learned a lot. I've loved everywhere I've played over the years at the [Barclays ATP] World Tour Finals. But I think this one is obviously special, because it's in London and The O2 is an amazing venue. I'm happy it's going to stay here for the next few years.

What are your predictions for the remainder of the World Tour Finals?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I’m worried about Djokovic and the dreadful Murray if he continues to serve as badly as he did in the first set. I think if he gets to the final he’ll step it up and win it, but he has to serve a lot better to even get there.

    1. Yeah Djoker is looking good. Confidence boosting win against Murray that’s for sure.

      I said Fed won’t win the world tour finals after Basel, it’s in the balance I think. He’s in the semi’s. 2 matches, coin flip.

  2. Hey guys, the highlights are from Serbian TV “Sport Klub”. We in Macedonia can clearly understand what they say. I can say that the comentators are always against Roger and against Murray! For them Djokovic is GOD! I think that it is not good for a sport commentator to pick a side! What do you think?
    BTW Roger plays fantastic again!

    1. Haha I guess that’s to be expected. British commentators are pro Murray here as you’d guess.

      Pretty sure if I was in the commentary booth I’d be pro Federer! Wonder if you’d get away with using the terms Mugray, Nadull and Clownga on TV? 😉

      And to answer your question, as long as it’s not complete ass licking I don’t really mind, nothing worse than sitting on the fence in my opinion.

    2. Hej Marijane, ja sam iz Bosne pa ćeš vjerujem bolje razumijeti ovako. Slažem se, također gledam preko SPORTKLUBA, i istina je da se preferira srpske natjecatelje, ali mislim da nitko ne može ostati ravnodušan na čovjeka i tenisača kakav je Federer. Čast svakome, ali ROGER IS THE BEST! 🙂

      1. Tako jee! Drugi mozda ne razumeju ali nije vazno! Mislim da svakako nije u redu da se zauzima stranu narocito ne kada je TV internacionalna! Mislim nisu svi srbi i ne vole svi Djokovica!

        Guys sorry if you don’t understand! We both agreed that they are pro Djokovic but I think that it is not good for commentators in interational TV such as SPORTKLUB to be one! I mean NOT everyone likes Djokovic especially not everyone in other countries!

    3. Well, the commentators on “Sportklub” here in Croatia are very pro- Fed, and don’t miss a chance to highlight Roger’s greatness and GOATness. It is very enjoyable to watch, hehe. They also show great respect to Djokovic and the other two members of the big 4.
      Pozdrav susjedima 😀

  3. Predictions? Hmm… I think Fed has a change to win, but he might give away a set… I’m curious how his form will be if he plays against Delpo next… Hopefully, we’ve had the one relatively bad match (although there were still quite a few moments of brillance imo) and the next one will be better…

    I was amused when he said at first, he thought he played a great match and later admitted that his 1st serve did need improving (or he needed a good 2nd one; well, he was admitting at least something). Tim Henman later said, that Roger probably needed to have a look at the video later 😉 But I guess, it’s a tactic that he uses in interviews, never show everything you feel, esp not in the 1st post-match interview… But I might be wrong…

    It was interesting today and a bit nerve-wrecking at times, but I thought he’d deliver if he had too and he did 🙂

    1. Yeah you gotta keep your cards to your chest, especially when you’re getting interviewed by a known Murray worshiper!

      Not the greatest match, but he still won so that’s the main thing. The Ferrer match last year wasn’t great either but in the end nobody remembers it.

      1. I’m still figuring out how you can become a Murray worshiper… 😉 No offense to the people who do like him, but for me that hasn’t happened yet (let’s just describe it like that)… I did think, btw it was nice that Fed got such a huge cheer from the crowd, before the 1st question was even asked… 🙂 And the same when he was about to walk on court… (before the doors were open even…)

  4. Not so great match, but good result! 🙂 My predictions for another match Roger win with result 7:5, 6:3. GO ROGER!
    And one technical question;
    Is there a possibility that we have a photo like you when commenting, or it is some kind of special privilege? 🙂

    1. It’s a special privilege, you have to send me £1000 via Paypal to have one 😉 but I also heard that you can sign up and get one here for free:

      Make sure you use the email you comment with to sign up with. Leave another comment here to check if it works.

  5. Fed was fine. When have you seen him hit so many amazing shots in one match? He threw so many different looks at Ferrer. The second serve was solid, and many of the errors weren’t really terrible, but he was trying to do too much.

    1. That was the description I was looking for, going over the match in my head later “he was trying to do too much”… That’s why it was different from Tuesday’s match I think… Thanks for clearing that up 😉

  6. I had predicted that this match would have a similar scoreline to their semifinal match last year, and I was right. Ferrer’s form is probably in the best stage of his career now, so for Roger to win in straight sets is a pretty decent effort.

  7. In 2009, Federer was in a similar situation of having qualified to semis after the first two matches and then lost the third match against Del Potro and lost the semis to Davydenko. Most likely he will face Murray in the semis, against who Roger’s serve is very shaky since Olympics. Roger is struggling to serve well against the good returners like Murray and Ferrer. I would not be surprised if Federer has already played his last winning match of the year. Let’s hope he will win one or two slams next year with less pressure, since ranking doesn’t matter to him from now on.

  8. My prediction, unfortunately, is half way through after the match with Delpo. Roger has already played his last winning match of the year.

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