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Federer Defeats Dzhumur After Slow Start at US Open

The Swiss again had to come from a set down to win through 3-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4

Five times US Open champion Roger Federer is through to the third round in New York after a 3-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 victory over Damir Dzhumur under the roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

For the second match in a row, the Swiss had to recover from a dodgy start, hitting just eight winners compared to seventeen unforced errors in the opening set.  However, he was again able to hit back and despite being challenged throughout by the crafty Dzhumur, prevailed after 2 hours and 20 minutes to move into the last thirty-two at Flushing meadows.

He'll next face either Dan Evans who saw off Lucas Pouille in four sets after their match was delayed until Thursday due to rain.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Dzhumur USO 19

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. The Swiss won the first point with a stylish move forward and was able to make deuce but Dzhumur held for 1-0.

The second game looked to be following a similar pattern with Dzhumur winning the first point and then forcing deuce but this time the Bosnian broke serve, taking advantage of some forehand errors to move up 2-0.

Dzhumur then consolidated the break from 15-30 down to lead 3-0 and Federer had made nine unforced errors in three games. That was up to twelve by game four as Dzhumur broke again to lead 4-0.

Into game five and Dzhumur was unable to consolidate the insurance break as Roger finally got on the board, a hold to fifteen moved the score to 2-4. Suddenly the Swiss was virtually back in the set at 0-30 on Dzhumur's serve but he lost four points in a row to slip to 2-5.

Federer then held to fifteen to make 3-5 but Dzhumur had little problems serving it out, doing so to fifteen to bag the first set aided by Federer hitting seventeen unforced errors.

Set two saw Roger immediately slip to 30-40 but he made deuce after an entertaining point and after holding broke to lead 2-0.

A hold to love consolidated the break for 3-0 and the Fed express had started to find his groove, coming out on top of a cat and mouse point in game four and holding a breakpoint for 4-0 but Dzhumur saved it to hold for 1-3.

Another love hold thanks to some forceful groundstrokes put Federer up 4-1. However, Dzhumur fired down a love hold of his own and was able to fashion a break back point. Roger saved it with a big first serve and escaped the game to lead 5-2. That hold cemented the set as Dzhumur dropped serve to love and Federer was back on level terms, cutting his unforced error count to six.

Into the third and after Roger opened with a hold for 1-0. A lengthy game then saw the Swiss break for 2-0 and it was quickly consolidated for 3-0. 

Another long game had Dzhumur scurrying around the court before eventually holding. The Bosnian then called the trainer and after Federer held for 4-1 he had a visit from the Doctor to discuss what appeared to be an exercise-related transient abdominal pain.

With Federer now beginning to enjoy himself, Dzhumur was again in a tricky spot at thirty all in game six but he held for 2-4. He then found himself with a breakpoint but a line judge correction meant the point needed to be replayed giving Federer a first serve.  The Swiss saved it and the two further breakpoints that followed with some slick execution to hold for 5-2.

Dzhumur then fired down a love hold to apply some pressure but Roger sealed the set with a hold to fifteen, firing down an ace on set point to take it 6-3, landing 77% of first serves and winning ten of fourteen points at the net.

An exchange of holds opened set four but in game three, after three solid points, Dzhumur played three terrible ones, hitting a double fault at deuce and then choosing to serve and volley behind a second serve to drop serve.

Roger then had to save a breakpoint, doing so with a drive volley off a big first serve and the five-time champion consolidated with an ace for 3-1.

The score quickly moved to 5-4 with neither playing making any inroads on the return before Roger served it out to thirty to move into the third round after 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Match Stats

  R. Federer D. Dzumhur
Aces 16 2
Double Faults 4 8
First Serve % In 81/118 (69%) 76/117 (65%)
Win % On 1st Serve 62/81 (77%) 49/76 (64%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 16/37 (43%) 21/41 (51%)
Net Points Won 28/42 (67%) 19/26 (73%)
Break Points Won 5/9 (56%) 2/8 (25%)
Receiving Points Won 47/117 (40%) 40/118 (34%)
Winners 58 26
Unforced Errors 45 40
Total Points Won 125 110
Distance Covered 8786.7 ft 9283.7 ft
Distance Covered/pt. 37.4 ft 39.5 ft


Press Conference

Thoughts on the Match

Federer US 2R 2019

I got exactly what I expected from both guys, I knew what Nagal was going to give me, I knew what Damir was going to give me. So I didn't expect to hit fifteen to twenty unforced errors which is basically an entire set just donated. But look, they came out, they were well prepared and got me to do that, so I clearly have to play better from the get-go. I just have to take the positives out of it, once I lose that first set I do get better which is a good thing. Federer on his level against Dzhumur and Nagal

An almost carbon copy of the first round here with an extremely poor first set followed up by some slightly better play as the match wore on. 

As I mentioned above Roger hit seventeen unforced errors in the first set and was ineffective on serve winning just 30% behind his second serve and only making 57% of first serves. Dzhumur didn't exactly serve well himself hitting four double faults but with Federer recording those sloppy numbers he easily won the first set.

However, just like the Nagal match, Fed was able to shake off the poor start to recover. The Amazon Prime coverage showed an interesting graphic that in set two he'd shaved five miles per hour off the forehand and boosted the net clearance by a good few inches, that cut the unforced error count to just six in set two, nine in set three and thirteen in set four. Much tidier and that extra margin righted the ship and allowed him to get back level.

Once Roger was back at parity, he was able to hit the ball better + play more freely and was the better player over the last three sets. Not a match you can call plain sailing as Dzhumur had eight break points in the match and made Federer's second serve look simple to return.  However other than being quick around the court and showing some good feel on the drop shots he had no weapons to scare Federer with and that made the difference.

I've been in that position many times where you go through a little phase when you don't start so well. Everybody asks you right away, what are you gonna do? And you're like I don't know, you just go back to the drawing board, just do the same things and you hope for a better outcome.

I don't think there's per se a secret to a good start other than warming up well, being well prepared mentally, not underestimating your opponent, I did all that, you know me I will always do that. So when it happens like this in back to back matches it's a bit frustrating more than anything especially when the level is that low, there is that many errors and the energy is not kinda there, yeah I can only do better which is a great thing moving forward. Federer on his poor starts in back to back matches

Predictions vs Evans or Pouille

Next up is Dan Evans who pulled off an impressive win against 25th seed Lucas Pouille. The Brit could have come through in straights, holding a 4-2 lead in the third before losing the tie break but he recovered to win through in four and make the US Open third round for the third time.

Federer has played Evans twice before on tour, and once at the Hopman Cup. Their most recent meeting was at this years Australian Open where Dan forced Roger into two tie breaks.

The two have also practised together many times, with Roger inviting him to Switzerland on an all-expenses-paid training camp ahead of the French Open this spring; so they're both familiar with each other's games and have reportedly become decent friends.

While Evans hasn't got a set in two previous meetings, I like his chances to cause Federer some problems tomorrow. In their previous matches, Evans has let the occasion get to him a bit and not played his best tennis but given Federer's form in his first two matches, I can see him getting a set.

The Brit has a decent serve for someone of his height, has a ton of variety and likes the conditions in New York, holding match points against Stan in the year he won the US Open.

Fortunately for Roger, it's a bit of a disadvantage for Evans having to play two days in a row however and he isn't the best on the big points so I'd be surprised to see an upset but stranger things have happened.

What did you guys think of the win against Dzhumur? Predictions against Evans? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. That first set was quite excruciating to watch.
    I have never seen Fed play so badly.
    Also the first game of the second set,if Fed had dropped his serve there-well,who knows.
    He really has to up his game or he will be out next round.
    Two nice things:He had a shave and lovely to see his daughter so excited at his win.
    At least someone is enjoying these matches😊

  2. Ok, so disregarding the warm up set, thought he played much better than Monday. Far more winners to UFEs, high 1st serve % and much better energy.

    He almost tried to come out too fast, with low margins, poor footwork, zero feel. Thankfully he was playing Damir…. got better for all the reasons JON gives.

    I also thought he got more competitive juices going in this match. Got angry, got the heart rate up and ran everything down!

    Slightly confused about court speed. The ball looks fast but clearly they can run a lot down and after having said that his next oppo wld enjoy the fast conditions he then went on to give an interview in Verman in which he said it was at best medium and more clay like…. is it the conditions maybe? It was cool today.

    Anyway, we r in R3 and I’m picking Pouille to come thru unless Evans his his level from R1.
    No one has looked completely comfortable bar Rafole so we shall see….. and look at some of the losses!!!
    Onwards Fed. Just keep winning however you can, and week 2 awaits

    1. True, he did start letting out some come on’s and showed a bit of anger. Maybe that’s a good thing.

      Too many mixed messages about court speed though, balls dead, court slow who knows.

      I want Evans to come through!

  3. I got off my train for my meeting just as they were warming up. Got back on the train (with wifi) just after he’d won, by the looks of it. Sounds as though it was just as well I missed it.

  4. Nice speak at the presser – at least doing that well IMO. The court and ball doesn’t suit him well I guess. We’ll see. Very nice points from the highlights to be pleased at.

  5. Some patchiness was expected since Federer had so little HC prep coming into NY. He won in four against a very solid opponent despite having an off day, that’s the good thing. He did play pretty well in sets 2-4. And this was his first time playing under the roof, I believe.

    Still one, maybe two matches left for him to acclimate himself to the court and conditions. Long as he keeps moving forward without too much energy lost, things are good. And anyway it’s often hard to tell what his level is by appearances. Last year he looked great right up until Millman ground him down.

    Whoever Federer’s opponent is, he’ll be tired since the matches on outside courts have been canceled due to the weather. Although against Federer, everyone always seems to find superhuman reserves of strength, so who knows.

    C’mon Roger! Just five more matches to the title!

    1. Was Dzumhur solid? Notz yesterday. He looked very surprised to have gotten the first set gifted. Solid player does not make 7 DF’s in a match (or he is she ;)) Or he is Zverev, hahaha …

  6. “Slow start” is by far the biggest euphemism I’ve read in years!
    I think that he did not hear the announcement that the match had actually started.
    From set 2 on it was the average RF playing against an average opponent on an average round, statistically way better than the adversary, giving the general impression that it’s all under control, good points here and there and some errors that make you want to grind the teeth and bang on your forehead with both fists clutch closed.
    He does have his joke of a start against a stronger player and it’s “pack your bags”.
    The positive thing is that he stayed calm and found a way out. He has done it so many times…

    1. Indeed, not the best tennis, looks a bit shaky, forehand wild, missing a few of those big step lunging backhands. Served a bit better as the match went on though.

  7. Well, at least Roger got his match in, I suppose. Now, if this were Wimbledon, they’d have moved a couple of matches over on to the covered courts – not here, apparently. Can’t let anyone have more than their fair share of matches, I guess – and never mind the players.

    Rog is seriously going to have to up his game in the next round if he wants to stay relevant.

    1. Are you sure they would have moved singles matches at Wimbledon? I’ve seen them do it with doubles but they tend to want to protect the grass? Not an issue in NYC so I guess they could have moved a couple but like you say, will cause some players to feel hard done to.

      1. Yes, but with NYC it’s of course the day/night session thing – a problem Wimbledon doesn’t have. But if Wimbledon had a huge gap in the schedule because matches didn’t take as long as expected (say finished around 6 pm or earlier) they might have fitted another match in on the show courts – they frequently leave some “to be arranged” matches so they can fit them in wherever seems sensible. Sometimes they’ll even move a match from one of the outside courts if necessary. I’m sure I remember them putting on 4 matches on Centre or No. 1 recently when only 3 were scheduled.

  8. As much as I enjoy watching Roger’s game, these first two games have had far too many unforced errors. If that can be reverted then success will come easier. Just hope to see him through to the second week, he deserves that as his artistry is there.
    Go Roger!

  9. So excited that Fed won today, is still in the running for the USO, he’s still on the tour & I can just turn on my tv and watch him play live!! A thrill every single time. Of course hoping that he cruises through R3 in straight sets, this business of losing the first set is exhausting! I think he is close to playing really well …

    1. You’re right about that for sure, easy to forget when he’s making 17 UEs in a set. Maybe in a year or at best 2 years we are not going to have him there anymore.

  10. That first set was pretty lousy. It was 4-0 at one point before Federer was able to get one break back. But as the match went on he even had a smile when challenging a line judge (Fed was right, I believe, but it was very close). Dzuhmur has some skill and shot making ability and is too good to just beat easily. And the extra time on court is probably not the worst thing, although it is probably not good for his confidence.

    From here on in it will be harder though – probably Pouille, then likely Goffin and Nishikori. Similar type players, good counterattackers and very solid with attacking backhands, speed around the court, good return, etc.

    I don’t get the court speed eitehr. Sometimes it looks fast, but I feel like you can chase everything down. Fed seems to have trouble getting cheap points on this surface.

    Nadal crushed Miliman yesterday. Hoping that it’s a repeat of Wimbledon where he looked invincible (but wasn’t).

  11. “Warmup set”, lol Susie.

    I was keeping an eye on the humidity – it was 83% in the am, then started falling below 80% around noon, & I thought oh good — and then it shot up to 88% while he was playing. I wouldn’t be surprised if actual readings in the covered stadium were higher. So I’m pleased that he’s figuring out a way to come through these matches, & indeed improve considerably after the 1st set. If he served at 57% in set 1, he had to do much better in sets 2-4 to bring it up to 69% for the match.

    Like Alison, I am appalled that they couldn’t move at least one of the matches scheduled on other courts under the roof – apparently Ashe sat unused for over 2 hours this afternoon. And doesn’t Armstrong have a roof this year as well, or is that coming next year?

    1. He wasn’t sweating much though and told Gilbert it felt cooler with the roof on so seemed fine with the humidity.

      Armstrong has a roof too. Lots of matches scheduled today, good for the fans with outside court tickets I guess.

  12. I feel Roger isn’t moving well, don’t know the cause of it.
    Well, he obviusly can play way better than this so let’s hope for the best, and that Evans beats Pouille so he’ll have an easy round.

      1. I hadn’t noticed the heavy tape so thanks for posting that link Wanda. I was wondering why one sock seems to be pulled up higher than the other these days (very un-Fed-like). Yes hopefully a precaution!!

      2. I think lots of (most?) players tape their ankles, from something that was said somewhere earlier this year – it’s just that for most it’s not as obvious as with Andy Murray.

        I did notice that Roger doesn’t appear to be wearing two pairs of socks, though, but maybe he hasn’t done that for a while? I can’t say I’ve been looking.

    1. I think he has moved pretty well. I have seen the ankle tape before, he always has them taped but that right one has way more on. Probably just precaution.

      1. @Jon
        This was meant as reply to Alexander about moving 😉
        I know, how to use taping but no need – being vegenazi I have still most physiologic parameters of a 30 years old 😉
        And I don’t think this is ankle taping on Fed. Rather Achilles. Or soleus calf muscle. Too high and too thick for ankle taping.

      1. As I posted before I saw this one, I think a lot of players do it, from what I picked up somewhere earlier this year – seems it’s though to reduce the risk of sprains or something. And Andy’s been doing it for donkey’s years, so it’s not just an age thing.

      2. Again – this was answer to Alexander about moving, not about taping..
        Many wear preventive taping or other gadgets. This hear is too high to be an ankle protection, rather Achilles.

  13. I think he’s just trying to use these first matches as preparation for the second week, since he practically didn’t play in Cinci, that may explain the very low starts. At least I hope…

    1. PRF, you need to learn the art of a joke. Caravanning was close to being funny the first time you said it. But now it’s dead in the water having being overdone in multiple comments! Maybe you can revive it with a different spin when Federer next loses.

      1. Right, too much of that. Completely worn. Sorry.
        BTW – I’m not hoping for Fed to lose before second week.
        Caravaning joke belongs primarily to Rui, but his art of joke is better 🙂

  14. I don’t know.Somehow to me Fed is just going through the motions,the whole thing a bit of a grind,doesn’t really
    want to be there.
    He has been fortunate in two opponents who have no real weapons to challenge him.
    Perhaps he will catch fire as against Berdych in the third round of the Australian Open,2017.
    Certainly both Pouille or Evans can beat him if he plays as he did last night.
    Sorry to be pessimistic but something doesn’t seem quite right.

  15. Does it bother anyone else that the white version of his outfit is not for sale? I like it more than the black! :O. Great job Fed though, I think losing sets helps him prepare mentally for comebacks.

    1. Agree on all counts.
      White is smart all round
      Lines look messy against the black and black sox with white trim a definite no-no.
      Zoomer gave Rog a run for his money which was good and just what he needs it seems

      1. Whenever Damir got a deader higher ball on his backhand it was point over. Had he missed a few less scissor shots the match would have been much tighter.
        Djokovic also has a slow start… which lasted for 5 games.

    2. And all the sets he didn’t play going out early in Cincy …Susies “warmup set” comment almost seems a plausible situation to build in competitive conditioning & match fitness possibly missing ? Seems risky tho !

  16. A quick, excellent recap as usual, thanks Jonathan.
    Did I post a twitter wrongly above? If I caused some problem to you sorry!
    Okay the slow start made us concerned but it turned to be a quite good match and importantly he came through. So I am happy. I also prefer the white version of the outfit, though still a mediocre look.

  17. The outfit? The lines to make shoulders even broader? No necessity for that! An ok outfit, but not the most beautiful, and the white slightly nicer than the black. (I’m still in love with the zebra-version from AO fairytale)

  18. Just excited as always he is still in it. It is like once Fed is out of a tournament it just isn’t the same anymore for me. So, the longer he can stay, the greater for us all. He has made the finals in the meantime so hopefully he will stay healthy enough to be there no matter the rest of the season.

  19. Seems Few idiots have come here from TTwarehouse or MTF . Looks like an association of sorts to disrupt normal conversation in lots of forums. Unemployment is rampant.

  20. Not been commenting much lately, had a lot going on. Anyway I didn’t see the Nagal match, but saw virtually the entire match against Dzhumur. I wasn’t that worried when he lost the first set as we’ve seen this many times. Of course, once it got into set two and Roger was down that break point, that was the huge moment. I remember watching that rally and though he was in trouble when he retrieved the drop shot because Dzhumur guessed right. Fortunately he was only able to slice it and so Roger could get the ball back, if Dzhumur had hit that ball flat down the line that would have been the break, and then who knows what might have happened. Still think Roger might have won even from there but it becomes much dicier at a set and a break. On the positive side Roger usually has one or two walkabout matches per tournament these days (as do Rafa and Novak, they’re not invincible either), so better to have them in round one and two rather than playing sloppy matches later on (looking at you, Wimbledon final). Needs to start a bit better next match, but due to how quick those matches were I don’t think tiredness will be an issue. Just needs to get through to the semis (ideally without having to play long four setters or five setters) and then there’s always a chance. Say 35% against Novak, 50-50 against Rafa, so assuming they both make it to the semi and final respectively and Roger makes the semi, that’s a just under 20% chance of winning the title if he makes the semi. People forget so quickly that Roger playing not quite at his best and at nearly 38 beat Nishikori in 4, Rafa in 4 and lost an unbelievably close match to Novak in 5. Two sloppy matches does nothing to change that.

    Commentators were mostly suggesting that Roger struggles to get up for these early round matches sometimes, and I think it’s the same for all the top players, they seem to have occasional lapses. If you play tennis yourself it’s more understandable, sometimes you’re a set and 5-1 up, you catch yourself thinking ‘this is in the bag now’ and start thinking about your match in the next round, or trying daft shots just to try it out, meanwhile your opponent has absolutely nothing to lose from keeping on playing, and before you know it the score has narrowed to 5-4 and you’re under some pressure. Hopefully playing seasoned pros like Evans or Pouille will make Roger start stronger.

    1. Nice cold water on worries, thanks Charlie. We may be spoilt by all those tours with Fed not losing a set – or very few. Now he needed some slow-show for warming up. Doesn’t have to mean a thing. He won anyway, which is good.

    2. Agree wholeheartedly about the importance of winning that break point at the beginning of set two.
      For an old’un fed sure can move fast when he has to,very impressed with him reaching that drop shot.
      Your comment is full of relevant and encouraging points.Thanks.😀

  21. Hey guys, yeah I don’t like the white gear either. I wonder if Fed is regretting his decision to leave Nike? At least the shorts aren’t thick, tapered and baggie. The black a priest, the white a nun.
    Interesting to see players from the Vanopen doing well at the USO. Koepfer and Kokk for example.
    I believe Ashe used to have 3 day matches and 2 night. They changed it to 2 and 2 because of long day matches and night starting too late. I think Rod Laver arena has air conditioning when the roof is closed?
    Finally got a chance to watch the match last night. Bad timing on the ball first set and occ’l throughout but some fine maestro hitting in there too!
    I heard one of the commentators say they had rented a house in Connecticut. So, a completely different routine that his usual stay in the upper east side of Manhattan.

    1. Yes but priests can be sexy too.
      Think Fleabag and that Cardinal chap played by Richard Chamberlin in The Thorn Birds.
      Perhaps Fed should go the whole Soutane thing.😎

  22. I was wondering if Fed might have a cold.His nose was rather red and one of the children didn’t look we’ll yesterday.
    Occupational hazard I suppose with four children in the house.

  23. I think still Wimbledon final is kicking his head. Having a marvellous tennis, having Championship point and loose, let him exactly a copy like last year he lost Indian Wells agains Delpo. Next championship, Miami, he lost against Kokkinakis, do you remember guys? I think the problem is mental because he has tennis to do what he wants and has no injuries. Pouille is a difficult guy to him like almost all the french players, this school for some reason complicates Roger, but we will see. Best regards

  24. Watched the match yesterday. Worried in set 1 but a nice match afterwards with entertaining shots. Just tried to watch Pouille vs Evans : boring match in comparison.

    I wonder if Fed may be worried for the upcoming Laver Cup too.
    The opposition coming from the World team may not be that good :
    Raonic : injured
    Anderson : injured
    Kyrgios : may be suspended  vs his deeds + ATP sayings.

    Who could join among those in case of retirerents ?
    Felix ? Diego ? Nishikori ?  Pella ?
    De Minaur ? Pella ? Fritz ? .Tiafoe ?

    Do Russians are counted within Europe ?

    This may bother him…

    1. Yes and who knows. Think I watched a small wound on his right knee and the shadow of a big cross from a possible plaster…well well

  25. I meant : are Russians counted …. booh ! long day at work. My grammar seems as bad as Roger’s fist set …

  26. It seems that Evans is on course of winning. Don’t know him, and only following on live score. How is he? A power player? Or? I quite like Pouille, though.

      1. For sure according to stats Pouille is the more aggressive and entertaining player – much more winners. They both have more errors than winners. P. most of them, of course, he may take many more entertaining risks.

      2. Evans is far more entertaining to watch than Pouille. He has played Fed 2 times on tour and once at the Hopman Cup, surprised you haven’t seen him. He’s not a power player, he’s a touch player with a lot of hand skills.

  27. @Jonathan,
    Well you got your wish with Evans through but a weird match.
    First two sets Pouille was so useless I turned it over.Lots of breaks of serve from both layers.
    Very scrappy.
    Can’t see him beating Fed unless Fed is abysmal.Which we hope he won’t be.😊

  28. Pouille seems to be either very good indeed-or a bit hopeless.
    Today hopeless unfortunately as he has a lovely touch when he is on.
    Can’t share your enthusiasm for Evans I am afraid.
    Stan was playing well,it would be great if Stanimal could appear again.
    Saw the end of the Medvedev match,what a wonderful backhand he has.Djoker could have problems there,Especially as there are rumours of a shoulder injury.
    Zrerev wins in five,despite the double faults.He will surely go out soon.
    Just watching the most boring player on earth,playing Sruff.😊

  29. Erm against all odds and through pure luck (mainly I think because Djokovic is playing an American) I’m going to be seeing Rog play Dan tomorrow. Wow!

  30. NYC forecast is for higher temps but significantly lower humidity…. humidity was mid to high 80%s in his last match, & should be under 50% tomorrow. Not that 46% is LOW humidity, but hopefully that puts some zest in his step.

  31. The court appears to be lightning fast… Fed likes this. I’m not worried about the first sets in two matches. He is more than capable of sorting this out. But the Evans match is not going to be easy. Evans also likes these conditions and knows fed inside out. He will come to the net as muh as possible and fed doesn’t like this as passing shots are not the strongest part of his game. Very interesting match coming up. Fed has to be spot on to win this one ….

    1. Yes but Fed also knows his game inside out too!
      I think Fed can become rather discombobulated (love that word)when he is up against someone he
      hasn’t played before.
      Rublev is a good example recently.
      I bet next time they play Fed will beat him.
      I will be very surprised indeed if Evans beats Fed and if he does you might as well just hand the cup to Nadal now,who is through to the third round without lifting a racket.
      The Kyrgios/Rublev match should be a corker😊

      1. Fed said it’s very slow!!! Surprised to know this! Of course speed may be very different from what it appears to be in tv…

  32. I think I must be the odd one out because I think Fed looks
    good in his US outfits, his tennis though a little hit or miss.
    He will need to get his act together against Evans so I’m
    looking forward to that so C’mon Roger we are waiting x

  33. No slow start this time for Federer, it was a clinic. Great serving and clean ball-striking. Just what he needed heading into week 2.

  34. My goodness,when Fed is in the zone he is just poetry in motion.
    Some wonderful shot making and serving.
    That has laid down a challenge to everyone else in the tournament.
    I do think however that Evans was tired and had relatively little recovery time.He can obviously play better.
    However these are professional athletes and a four setter should not be too draining.
    So say I sitting in a comfortable chair at home😊

  35. Oh and I thought the white and black combo was very smart.
    It’s just the all black or all white that isn’t so great.In my opinion.

    1. No. Evans defeated by Evans so Fed could be sitting on the bank most of the games. Only counting opponent’s errors. For which Fed got deservedly high notes from Jonathan 😉

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