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Federer Defeats Berlocq 6-3 6-2 6-1 at US Open

Just a brief post from me as Roger made serene progress into the third round defeating Carlos Berlocq 6-3 6-2 6-1 in just over 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a very routine match and just like the one against Grega Žemlja on Tuesday he was never in any trouble.

For both the fans and Federer himself I think this was a better type of match due to some longer rallies and Berlocq's style of play allowing Roger to get plenty of clean strikes on the ball and build rhythm.

Quick Match Analysis

Nice Net Play from Federer

The first set started very smoothly from Roger and he looked to be hitting the ball well from the off as he broke early to lead 4-1. It looked like it could be a breadstick stick as Fed had more break points in Berloq's next service game but couldn't take advantage. That didn't make a difference though as Roger served it out after getting taken to deuce 6-3.

The second set started well too with an immediate break but Roger failed to consolidate which was probably the only disappointing part of the match for me. It's only a minor blemish on his performance but like it or not Roger is making a habit of doing things like that and they can be costly.

Fortunately he did break again immediately to lead 4-1 and I think that pretty much broke Berlocq's resolve who knew the result was know a formality. That set ended 6-2 and the third was always going to be a walk in the park with Fed breaking in the first game and sealing the double break in quick succession to put the match to bed 6-3 6-2 6-1.

Match Stats

Stats Roger Federer Carlos Berlocq
Aces 6 1
Double faults 2 2
1st serves in 36/69 (52 %) 70/83 (84 %)
1st serve points won 27/36 (75 %) 36/70 (51 %)
2nd serve points won 22/33 (67 %) 2/13 (15 %)
Fastest serve 126 MPH 121 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 113 MPH 102 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 95 MPH 86 MPH
Net points won 28/40 (70 %) 7/17 (41 %)
Break points won 7/13 (54 %) 1/3 (33 %)
Receiving points won 45/83 (54 %) 20/69 (29 %)
Winners 37 17
Unforced errors 25 17
Total points won 94 58

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Forehand vs Berlocq

As far as I'm concerned this was another solid match from Roger, there were no real concerning moments and he played at the level he needed to over the three sets.

Berlocq is just a fairly consistent baseliner so he was never going to cause Roger too many problems anyway so the match was basically what I expected. I was 1 game out with my scoreline prediction 😛

There weren't any real areas I thought Roger excelled either to be honest, he was just consistent in all of them but I did like how aggressive he looked to play and his overall net play. I feel the net play is going to be a key area against Nadal should they meet especially on serve as he has to get as many free points as possible.

There were numerous times where Roger made some great digs and also showed great reflexes at the net which I think is a sign he is quite sharp at the minute and “on” his game. There were a couple of casual misses but you're always going to get them in a match of this nature so they're nothing to worry about.

Stats wise it was again another good performance too, winners outnumbering the unforced errors and winning 75 percent (27 of 36) of the first serves he fired down while Berlocq could only 51 percent (36 of 70) of points when he got his first serve in play.

Probably the only negative I can think of is Roger dropping serve and failing to consolidate the break when he had it in the second set. Some fans say that it's due to him not needing to focus against someone like Berlocq, but we've seen stuff like this cost him in the past and it happens more frequently these days. I'd much prefer it if it didn't happen as not dropping serve in the match would have made this an extra clean match.

For me, one match against Rafa is not going to make my season or going to make me super confident or not. It needs to be more than that. It hadn't been actually a terrible season up until Wimbledon really, and Wimbledon was just a disappointment. I wish I could have played better, but I thought (Sergiy) Stakhovsky overall played pretty well. Let's give him some credit, too.

After that, I just really hoped I could win Hamburg and Gstaad back-to-back to gain confidence. It never really happened. For me it was just playing matches again, enjoying myself training really hard, and I really got the matches I was looking for in Cincinnati, and I'm still hopefully gaining confidence match by match.

As we know, it might not just take a match but it might take just a few matches, and next thing you know you're playing really, really good tennis again and you're close to playing some really great tennis. I think that's kind of where I am right now, and that's where every match is really important to me and how I play every single point.

Predictions vs. Mannarino

Federer Slam Dunk vs Mannarino
Federer Slam Dunk vs Mannarino Wimbledon 2011

Remember the above on match point vs. Mannarino at Wimbledon in 2011 under the roof?

Next up for Roger is Frenchman Adrian Mannarino who defeated Sam Querrey in 4 sets which was a bit of a surprise. I don't rate Querrey but he's won career titles and has the better record but clearly Mannarino was the better player only dropping his serve once.

Roger leads Mannarino 2-0 in the H2H both matches taking in place 2011 back then Mannarino was quite new to the tour and clearly nowhere near good enough to trouble the GOAT. As for today? I think that's still the same story.

I haven't seen him play since then to be honest but from what I remember he lacked any real power, he did make the third round at Wimbledon this year so he's not going to just roll over but this should be a good workout for Fed. The biggest test will probably be how he returns the lefty serve so that might be interesting.

Mannarino will have definitely improved since I last saw him and will obviously be more match ready / battle hardended but he lacks the firepower to do any damage. The only way you really beat Fed is either hope he has a shocking day, overpower him or pound his back hand all day long.

Mannarino can't do either of those last 2 despite being a lefty so he just has to hope Fed has a terrible day at the office which I can't see happening. I'll say there will be one close ish set and predict Federer to win through 6-2 7-5 6-4 Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Ajay, I don’t know if there is a better way to put this but your title doesn’t mean anything. There is hardly anyone commenting so your win was achieved in a weak era 🙂

  1. Couldn’t watch the match but glad to read he played solid. Your prediction was near perfect, wasn’t it hah?

  2. I only got to see the first and beginning of the second sets which included the minor hiccup after he broke in the first game and failed to consolidate. And I agree with you, it’s those kinds of things that have been tripping Roger up lately so it made me pause a bit. Nice recovery though to break back. Also, his movement is so much better, footwork, etc. and more like we’re used to seeing. He is SUCH a joy to watch! C’mon Roger!

    1. Hey Wendy,

      Yeah it’s a little annoying he does that hopefully when it comes to crunch he can avoid it.

      And I agree, looks much lighter on his feet for sure.


  3. I recorded the match. Unfortunately, ESPN didn’t show much of it. If an American is playing (this time Jack Sock) they don’t show much of Roger. Only when he’s losing and they think it could be an upset do they focus on Roger. They never talk about his 5 USO wins, but they always talk about his loss to Delpo in 2009. Hoping Roger stays healthy and confident for the rest of the tournament.

    1. Ditto. Hope he can improve his first serve pct to the 60’s and fire more aces. Miss the days when he could out ace Rodick. Higher first serves and less lapses in concentration should bring in the sixth US Open.

    2. Hey Sue, isn’t that the most frustrating thing! Lately though I’ve been watching online on ESPN3. There you can watch exclusive matches without the annoying cutaways.

  4. Only saw the 12 min highlight reel, but it was full of awesomely fluid and graceful Fed – not the tentative frustrated creaky guy we’ve seen too much of this year. So that made for happy watching. I think even though it was just Berlocq – the fact that Fed looked so spritely and flexible out there is good news.
    I also loved Fed’s post match on the court with Pam Shriver in front of the crowd. He looked more relaxed, unruffled, and even honest(?) than I’ve seen him in a while. I loved how he joked about not even knowing Nadal was in his draw. He didn’t seem nervous or somber about Nadal – he seemed ambitious and excited and fun. Go Fed!

    1. Hey Alb,

      I agree, Fed is moving better this tournament, looking very sharp.

      Interview wise, I found it all a bit awkward, some daft questions and with the fickle American crowd it’s hard to weigh up a players answers…


  5. Hi Jonathan

    I thought it was a good match up for Fed and he seemed to be really enjying himself out there – I would just love to see him convert more of his break point chances and to not let his odd service game slip where he gets broken – I think he goes walk about for a few minutes – but her certainly can’t do that with the better players – anyway pleased with his games so far – onward and upward – I just wish the commentators would stop harping on about his 2nd round loss at Wimbledon – they don’t seem to harp on about Dulls first round loss – moan over I feel better now – PS 2nd moan who’s idea was it to put bright pink and grey shoes with blue and white!!!

    1. Hey Trudi,

      I agree, failing to consolidate breaks is never good, in big matches it maybe the one chance he has so can’t afford it.

      I’ve had Taylor Dent on most of my commentary so far, he isn’t too bad, not really talking about the Wimbledon loss so I can tolerate it 🙂


  6. Just 9 comments? Where is everybody? Nobody loves Roger any more? Simon? Scooter? Gaurav? Katyani? No, wait, Katyani hates Roger. Tilas? John? Seraj? Shamtoot? Sorry, Shamtoot is a Nadal fan 🙂 I promise I won’t scare you and cut down on my bad jokes!

    1. Hey I am still here, still loving Fed as I hv done since 99 but currently recovering from Delpo losing to Hewitt!!!!! Good for Roger overwll in the rankings, will move to 6 anyway! And for the race to London. However, sorry about Delpo losing because diminishes the QF round!!! V odd Open so far!

      Fed was so solid but Berlocq was looking his age after his 5 setter! Hoping Fed imposes his game on Mannarino under the lights tonight but cannot watch it as will be 2am Uk time!!! Support him for me!!!

    2. Early slam rounds, should pick up!

      @Susie, Del Po’s fitness is a joke still it seems, although I hear he had wrist problems. Could plague his whole career this. Hewitt choked bad too, weird match from the highlights I saw.

      I’ll be watching Fed at 2am, tough but it has to be done!


      1. Go for it! Some really poor matches for the viewing public. Ram v Granollers, v poor quality! Boggo v Symcsek(!) . The draw has been poor for that. Gasquet has played nobody. Can’t see anyone beating him and Ferrer before th QF. Ferrer will get to Semis again( deserved or not, good question?). Final will be either Murray v Nadal or Murray v Fed if the matches break his way…….on current form, Muzza will beat Djoko. But if Fed loses, then anyone but Dull!!!!! Plse!! Fed v Evans Wld be fun but can’t see Evo getting past th wall that is Robredo!

      2. Hi Jonathan

        I will also be up and watching as I always do – husband always says are you staying up – he just usually gets a look and an of course!!! (no point in trying to sleep as I usually just lie there wondering how he is doing – so end up getting up anyway) I like Hewitt always have so pleased he won against potty

      3. @Susie yeah strange tournament so far. All the top guys going through but they are like in a bubble or something. Elsewhere just rubbish matches and weird results. Anderson losing?

        Good call on Evans not getting past Boredo, but he should have by the sounds of it, just not experience enough.

        @Trudi die hard fed fans staying up to watch, 4am finish I am tired today!

    3. No worries Sid, take your comfort zone, am used to it an love it 😉
      Just was busy bit and the journey time zone is terrible for me that’s why.
      but its always pleasure commenting in this blog

    1. Yeah he’s made some great volleys, it will be key if he plays Nadal. Even if Nadal comes up with some great passing shots he has to persist to end points quickly.

  7. It looks like a very clean match from except for minor blip of being broken but he is not in an real danger. I liked that Roger coming into net often and being very aggressive. Nice to be in the chat room with everyone too.

    1. Hey Dippy,

      Yeah pretty tidy match, 1 blip which is annoying but can’t be too critical.

      Cheers, yeah chat is fun, I hope it doesn’t decrease discussion on the comments though as they are here permanently for people to read. We shall see though.


  8. Hey! I am still a Fed fan and always will be! I will be pulling so hard for him when he plays against Nadal. I hope someone beats Nadal tomorrow though.

    1. Can’t see Dodig doing too much damage but he did beat him on hard courts before at the Rogers Cup. He’d have to play unreal though as Dull is resurgent.

  9. Hi Jonathan,
    This time I watched the full match 😉 last time couldn’t resists and fall a sleep
    So I still have some dedication 😉
    Back to the match, I thought roger played with comfort and showed some brilliant variations of shouts out there! Still not the match that he was looking for to give him more confidant, but I thought the more he win easily the more he trust his game. So next is Mannarino, an awkward player ;). This guys might really give Roger the required test.
    Good luck Roger

    1. Hey,

      Ah the last 2 matches have been peRFect timing for me, although tonight is a tricky one 2am I think!

      Mannarino – he is a lefty, but I don’t think he has any firepower to make an impact. I’d be surprised if he troubles Fed. But you never know, maybe he improved since I last saw him.


      1. Hi jonathan,
        I’ve seen the two sets of his last match, the guy hit some flat and strike it with interest and find angles. So he improved a lot. That’s why I think will give Roger good test

      2. Well you were right, he does hit very flat, but his game deserted him really. He has a strange type game, weird racquet swing path but has some power. Just no real variation or tactical game.

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