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Federer Defeats Anderson in Bercy; Qualifies for London

Bonjour tout le monde, my blogging break after Basel lasted a whole 2 days as Roger quickly got back onto the showcourts and started with a win against big serving Kevin Anderson.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the South African as he has a decent game but has a reputation of letting the occasion get to him hence the nickname Anderchoke and that's pretty much what happened today. Despite having a fairly big game he made some poor decisions at key moments and Federer simply took advantage of them to move into the third round.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Anderson Bercy 2013

The match started peRFectly as Roger drew blood in the first game to break serve and held to love to lead 2-0; Anderson isn't the sort of guy who will create a lot of chances on the return so to drop his own serve (one of his main weapons) immediately was a real gift.

After that Roger could just play freely on his returns which allowed him to get into quite a few of the Anderson service games but he couldn't get the insurance break. That didn't matter though as he was holding serve comfortably himself and he served out the first set to 30 to take it 6-4.

The second set was very similar with Roger having a break point in Anderson's first service game, this time he failed to capitalise but sealed the deal in the next to lead 2-1. That scoreline soon became 5-1 but Anderson then reeled off 3 games in a row to claw his way back. The set looked like it could be bakery products at one stage and I was disappointed Fed failed to serve it out at 5-2 hitting a trademark backhand shank into the tramlines on break point.

Luckily the insurance break paid off and he got the job done second time of asking saving 2 break points to take it 6-4 6-4 in 1hr 22 minutes. A routine match really without any real difficulties other than that slight falter at the end. I can't be too picky about that though, it looks like he's in good form after Basel and could do quite well here which would be good to see.

Match Stats

Stats K. Anderson R. Federer
Aces 9 7
Double Faults 5 0
1st Serve % 58% 63%
1st Serve Points Won 27/38 (71%) 29/39 (74%)
2nd Serve Points Won 11/27 (41%) 13/23 (57%)
Winners 15 23
Unforced Errors 35 22
Break Points Saved 5/8 (63%) 5/6 (83%)
Service Games Played 10 10
1st Return Points Won 10/39 (26%) 11/38 (29%)
2nd Return Points Won 10/23 (43%) 16/27 (59%)
Break Points Won 1/6 (17%) 3/8 (38%)
Return Games Played 10 10
Total Service Points Won 38/65 (58%) 42/62 (68%)
Total Return Points Won 20/62 (32%) 27/65 (42%)
Total Points Won 58/127 (46%) 69/127 (54%)

Winners and Unforced errors are back 😀

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Anderson Paris Masters 2013

Overall a great start to the tournament, Anderson has made just as many finals as Roger this year, a misleading stat perhaps 😛 so he can't be taken too lightly and beating him comfortably is a good sign.

To be honest Roger didn't have to do a whole lot to get his breaks of serves or to cross the finish line but he looked sharp for most of the match and other than a slight blip near the end he was by far and away the better player who was fully deserving of the win.

I thought Roger was moving well, serving well and putting in quite a lot of variety which is good to see. I don't have the stat to hand but it felt like he won the vast majority of rallies that went any sort of distance and I recall plenty of points where he showed defensive hustle to finally draw the error from Anderson.

To get critical it's always disappointing to not close a match out first time of asking especially when you haven't been troubled in the slightest before that, it just looks a bit weak and it feels like quite a while since Roger saw out a match without any sort of difficulty. I know full well closing out a match is one of the hardest things to do in tennis but it'd be nice to see him bang down a couple of aces rather than make no first serves and get broken.

On the flip side though he did slip to down 15-40 on his second attempt at serving it out but fired down 2 huge serves to make deuce and then closed it out on his first match point so I'm probably being too critical here. I should pay some credit to Anderson who played pretty well in those games with some aggressive tennis.

Predictions vs. Kohlschreiber

Fed & Kohli

Next up for Roger is Philipp Kohlschreiber who defeated his fellow countryman Tommy Haas in straight sets. Both guys are good opponents for Roger so I wasn't really too fussed who won but from the scoreline of 6-2 6-2 it looks like Kohli dominated proceedings.

Kohlschreiber has never beaten Roger before (H2H 7-0) and Roger won fairly easily when they met in Cincinnati earlier this year so I expect something similar here.

As for scoreline I'll pick Roger in straights 6-4 6-4; Kohlschreiber plays attacking tennis and is good to watch so might be able to produce some flashy winners but that's usually not enough to beat Roger. I figure if Roger stays patient and can maintain that level of aggression coupled with good defence then Kohlschreiber won't have the answers. Now Fed has qualified for London he can play pressure free too so that should help his natural game. Hopefully it's a good match. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Second?
    No problem.
    Got my place to WTF 🙂

    Kohlschreiber did a really great job against Hass, hope he decreases his level a bit!

    Alllez, Rogi

    #<3 Fans

  2. I got really lucky there, even had time to read the article and still get first. I literally just checked the website, saw the article and read it. Just pure luck. Anyway onto the match. Not too bothered about the lapse at the end, besides that he played brilliantly, if not for that i would have rated 5 stars, still i gave it 4/5. Big serving when he needed it, constantly taking advantage of Anderson’s weak ground game. 30+ errors from Anderson, its difficult to beat Roger even if he has a bad day with those kind of stats, and on a good day…. well nothing needs to be said.


    Positives: Clutch serving, consistent returning, great defence.
    Negatives: Slight blip at end of second set.


    Federer 6-2 6-1 (bold prediction I know, but I think Roger has a statement to make here)

  3. About time he got the double faults under control! Loving the amount of posts you’re churning out at the moment.

  4. It’s very critical for Roger to be able to serve out match the first time instead of relying on insurance break. He needs to stop wondering too much about London before final point is secured. This is a very worrying trend, it’s NOT good and cost him even at GS level.

    1. Yeah but he still played the big points better when he had to. Two big serves at 15-40 . Kept much cooler than he did in the US open when he forced matters.

  5. It was a really good match from Roger, lots of rallies which is always good because it builds up rhythm and less shanks/random impatient shots. Yes Roger got broken at the end and nearly let Anderson to 5-5, but credit to Anderson he stringed a bunch of good points to get to that position, and Roger was clutch when it really mattered. The serve definitely upped a bit and Roger seems to be back at where he should be.

  6. The blip at the end sucks but to be fair Anderson did play well in those games and kind of caught Fed off guard since he had been so poor throughout the match up to that point.

  7. Yesss! Love him, love him, love him! Great serving, no doubles! Clearly he is getting more and more loose as his back completely heals and his fitness and confidence return as a result. Crisp from the baseline and only one 1 nervy game when he cld smell London!!! Even loving the shirt as well. Note he wore it button open tonight!!!!
    The London organisers will be sleeping easier tonight as the sales have been pretty poor. Finals tickets were only £50 at one point. The Fed puts bums on seats and will continue to to do so whatever his ranking. Hoping he can put air between himself and Berdych this week, and then thinking about making a move on Delpo. well done Roger, and thanks J for all the posts! Hoping to join live chat but schedule tough at the moment with family life! Will be watching and supporting my daughter in her junior tennis tourney semi final match tomorrow! Allez!!

    1. No way Susie, you´re being seduced by the improving and more confident Roger and I cannot blame you, but that shirt remains bo be thrown back to the 90´s where mc Hammer is missing it big time 🙂 But if it keeps him winning I can live with it, for now 🙂

      1. Lol very funny regarding his MC Hammer Shirt. Can u imagine if Roger came on with the baggy pants and did the side to side move while hitting the ball. It would change the song to ” Stop… Its Roger time…oooooh oooooh!!” lol id pay to see that.

    2. No way Susie, you´re being seduced by the improving and more confident Roger and I cannot blame you, but that shirt remains bo be thrown back to the 90´s where mc Hammer is missing it big time 🙂 But if it keeps him winning I can live with it, for now 🙂

  8. Good luck to your daughter, Susie.
    Ever notice when Roger plays, the stadium is always packed. No other player is close to that.
    Happy with the serve today. Roger did look looser in his motion.

    1. Thks! Has fulfilled her seeding so like Fed can play pressure free! Haha! Think Kols tougher but Fed looking more in the mood and getting more match tight with every game now! I think Nadal will win easily. Hoping Dimitrov pushes Delpo this time! He must be a tad weary! Has played a lot recently! When is London Draw? Fed wld prob prefer Stan, Ferrer and prob Nadal! Lets give Novak Delpo and Berdych! If Fed can make it out of group stages then anything can happen!

  9. Not a bad start, but failing to serve out the match the first time was annoying. Its been happening so many times this year and if he has these kinds of opportunities in matches against Nadal and Djokovic, he cannot afford to lose serve when serving for a set or the match. I think we all got a little pissed off when Roger was down 15-40 in the second game (to serve out the match) but luckily he recovered well.

    P.S Jonathan, sorry I couldn’t reply to anything on Live Chat even though I was logged in, I was using my mobile and though it usually works, today it didn’t. Tried refreshing my browser, but every time I pressed ‘enter’ to post a comment, it doesn’t respond 🙁

  10. A decent win.. I think Kohlschreiber will be a bit more testing.. I hope Roger keeps improving his serve. The serve is the key shot for Roger.. I hope he gets to high 60% 1st serves as the tournament progresses ( I am hopeful of a semi showing here).
    Gotta keep an eye on 2 other matches.. Dimitrov vs Del Po & Jerzy vs Nadal.. I hope for a long match in the 1st and an upset in the 2nd.. Jerzy played Nadal close the last time they played, but hasn’t lived up to his potential showed in Paris last year & Wimbledon this year.

      1. yes, pretty happy. He needed to conserve energy for facing Del Potro. On the other hand disappointed how Dimitrov imploded at 4-4 hitting a series of FH errors to gift Del Po the match. 🙁

  11. Bonjour mesdames et messieurs,

    As usually very good match coverage Jonathan, thank you once again.
    No need to look for any news any more cause Jonathan you say it all and more!

    Nice game more like a walk at Hyde park for Roger. It looked as though it never passed Andersons mind that he could really bit Roger yesterday.
    Not a bad player though but first of all he needs a decent haircut. You can’t be playing Atp Masters 1000 looking like BigBird of Sesami Street.

    Ok I don’t want to go to far but I have a feeling, maybe because Feds playing with Phil Koli(ns) and I can feel it coming in the air tonight , Roger is not going to lose to DelPo again. Feds game is on the rise while DelPo I feel is slightly on a decline. We ll see though…Lets get rid of (e)Koli first. Hopefully not to much pain in the a*s 🙂

    Allez !

    PS couldn’t find live chat either yesterday. Although sorted with gravatar, sorted with passwords and user names from Perfect Tennis I just couldn’t find the b***dy thing…Technology is getting ahead of me I guess 🙁

  12. Hey guys, great win yesterday… Roger the warrior is returning back. Slowly.
    Unfortunately he still thinks it is fun for his fans to stop breathing for a while… the last three games.
    Great to see him hang on. Kohlschreiber today. Will be tricky. Go Roger Go !!!

      1. No John sorry. No cannot do. I made a promise and you know what. I have gotten so many “nice requests” from commentators to write short and to the point comments.
        At first I was like, sorry, but this is me, I cannot change. Then I started to think, you know, they all have one thing in comment, not liking my long comments. So… I had to change that.
        Is difficult, buy hey, if MY Roger can change, so can I !!!
        And besides, didn’t my long comments just say one thing… how much I just love and love and love and love MY Roger??? Really, I am almost crazy about that man…
        Ps John, you are so sweet !!!

      2. About John beeing sweet??? Yesssss

        Damn, I want to watch Roger’s match but I am at work right now……

      3. Oh, I see. Sid you were asking me? Yeah, I kind of do. You don’t get to see passion in arguments nowadays. It’s all statistics, mostly. Take you, Sid. For Roger’s game, you use stats, and for Nadal, you use passion; venom, but passion in a negative sense all the same. I do actually enjoy those posts more.

      4. Why do you think that is, John? Maybe because, (a) Roger is not a girl, (b) There are enough fans on this blog who make passionate comments so there’s got to be someone to balance it, (c) Both (a) and (b).

        Actually, I do throw in some poetic ones at times. About Nadal, the only reason I’m keeping myself on a leash about him is because I could get banned, and also out of respect for some of the classy Nadal fans on our blog. Of course, the phrase, “classy Nadal fan” is an oxymoron but let’s not go there 🙂

      5. This is so bad Jonathan, I am really not good with these things. You wrote “check your junk email, is it there?” Did you sent me another email? Where should I look?? I only got one email from your emailadress. Should I look somewhere else???

      6. You are using hotmail / outlook, have a look in your Spam folder / junk mail. The live chat login I sent you probably went there…

    1. First of all Welcome back Katyani!! 🙂 I have missed you and your comments. I know not everyone reads all your long posts but i personally like reading your thoughts and feelings regarding Federer and his matches. You have alot to say but i know in your post you may not be able to express it fully in your writing, but i still like reading yours. So in short, Nice to see u back!! 🙂

      For Jonathan.. Spot on with your prediction with Kholi man!! I hope Roger can stop the rot with 3 losses in row to Potro. I think it will be another close match again but this time bcos hes qualified for the WTF that Roger will be playing alot freer. Without the pressure, if he does beat Potro i also believe that he’ll give the Djoker run for his money. Although we know the Djoker is solid on hard courts and indoor imo Roger even if he losses he’ll be able to check where his level is with the top 2. So lets hope Roger plays without back hindrance and less shanks and sorts his serve out. Although todays performance was alot better. Heres hopin Roger keeps improving match by match. Come on the Maestro!!

      1. [You have alot to say but i know in your post you may not be able to express it fully in your writing]

        You’re kidding me, right? 🙂

      2. Hahaha 😀

        Cheers Serajul, had a good feeling he’d see of Kohli, never troubled.

        Hoping for revenge against the Tower of Tandil.

      3. Hey Serajul, thank you for what you wrote. You are so sweet, too sweet !!!
        You know, this time Roger will defeat Delpo. Last year he also lost two times to Delpo and then he defeated him (it was at the exho, but still). I have just like all you guys a good feeling about this all. Roger the warrior. Without a coach, looking for solutions himself.
        I think Roger or Novak will win Paris and one of them (preferably Roger) will win WTF.
        I think Roger will win WTF. Would it not be great? They all feared will or will he not qualify and then for him to win it for the 7th time??? Great times are coming…. Roger time…

  13. Very good article Jonathan. I missed the last part of the second set because I had to go do my own racket swinging but you summed it up great.

    The part I saw of the match was great with Roger being in control, but apprently he had minor hick up in the end, but overall he left a good impression and continued his good form from Basel. He just looks more confident and he´s again building up points instead of looking like a headless chicken on the court. So hopefully big things could happed here at the end of the season.

  14. It was soooo not necessary…the wobble in the last few games. He likes teasing us, doesn’t he? Beside, it was a pleasing performance from him, playing like his old self most of the time. Saw some great defence, NO DFs, loved him! And loved your post, too 🙂

  15. Yeah feel what everyone else was saying about how he couldn’t serve it out, it’s been an issue this whole season and even he seems “fed” up with it too and has vocalised that something has gotta be done. He asked a good q actually, when was the last time he has gotten through a match without being broken? Hopefully he can reverse that trend and in the process set up another Fedpotro rematch. Allez! Also I couldn’t tell from the display on my computer but the court speed is looking a little faster than last year, hard to make out though. Was it just me that saw but did he write a hashtag on the camera after his win? I think Mirka needs to give Roger a break from twitter, the guy is obsessed but he makes me laugh.

    1. Hey Alysha, was it a hashtag?? It looked liked a heart to me… Appearently he had another AskRF session…
      Can you believe it, you ask Roger something and he answers you back…. Wow…

      1. Hey Alex, I wish we would get a notice upfront for when he is holding one of those AskRF sessions….. Some of us REALLY want to talk to him you know. And with some of us I mean me !!!

  16. Very pleasing performance from Fed. Fewer errors and it’s good to see that first serve percentage up in the 60s. In his post-match interview he said himself he was disappointed in that last-minute hitch so he’s aware of it which is important. When you’re 2 breaks up it’s difficult to maintain 100% concentration on finishing, and if your opponent chooses that moment to up his game it can spell disaster. The important thing is he got himself back down to earth and did finish it.

    Looking forward to today’s match (es).

  17. Hi Jonathan

    Lovely match – he seems to be getting his mojo back, serve was better and apart from the little wobble at the end he looked in fine fettle – long may it continue, I have a sneaky feeling he may surprise everyone at the tour finals. allez Roger

  18. If any one of you believes that it’s Roger who is tweeting those questions, you’re dead wrong! It’s Paul Annacone. Why do you think he left his coaching gig? 🙂

  19. Who’s got tickets for O2 next week? Wonder will Fed draw the Mon/Wed/Fri lottery or the Tues/Th/Sat. Got handed the murray/djok/berd/tsonga day last year (little disappointed) so fingers crossed Fed’s group fixtures falls on the Wednesday this time!!!

    1. I hv Fri evening and Monday finals. Roger is just peaking nicely! 3 SHBH’s in the WTF’s! Not dead yet, and 2 Swiss players! Grat effort Stan! Roger 12 straight yrs! Incredible! Who does he want in his group? Gasquet, Ferrer, Nadal? That would do nicely!
      Ok, so here’s the thing. Tonight was the first match in ages, I actually thought Fed will win this. Played awesome to save the BP’s. 75% first serves! Since forever! Fantastic! Now for revenge on Delpo!

      1. Hope so Susie. Again I think the draw is a little unbalanced, Delpo is arguably the form player at the moment, yet facing Fed QF, winner playing Djok or Warwrinky, a very tough semi. Whereas Dull (as known on this site, I prefer captain caveman, same mannerisms), gets Gasquet, then prob Ferrer before the final. Joke.

        Blimey I thought there was gonna be loads of folk on here going next week, come on guys!

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