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Federer Crushes Kyrgios to Make 2nd Week at US Open

No tiebreaks here as Roger Federer brushed aside Nick Kyrgios 6-4, 6-1, 7-5 in just 1 hour and 44 minutes to book his spot in the US Open fourth round.

Heading into the encounter all their previous matches had gone to the wire with third set tie-breaks but the Swiss was in no mood for a tight encounter, recovering from 0-40 at 3-3 in the first set which proved crucial for the victory and sees him set a fourth-round tie with John Millman who defeated Mikhail Kukushkin in four sets.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Kyrgios US Open 2018

Kyrgios won the toss and elected to receive, opting to SABR the first serve of the match as Roger held to 30. Kyrgios kicked off his opening game with a 136mph ace and throughout set one he was dominant on serve; firing down a 39-second hold in game four that featured a Federer serve impersonation.

In game seven Roger got in a whole world of trouble slipping to 0-40 and by that point, he was 0/9 on second serve points won. Somehow he saved all three thanks to a combination of clutchness and Kyrgios missing some makeable returns. A fourth break point was saved before the Swiss held for 4-3 in what was a 9-minute game.

Kyrgios quickly held to love for 5-4 but with Roger feeling good after that big hold he matched it and in game ten made his first inroads on the return, creating set point at 30-40. Kyyrgios saved it with a 121 mph second serve but on the second set point, Roger made a smart return off a kick serve to steal the set.

Winning set one out of nowhere put the wind in Roger's sails and he got off to a flyer in set two, playing freely and using the drop shot to great effect as he broke for 2-0. That was soon consolidated and Kyrgios was beginning to look frustrated, screaming “I need to hire a coach” as he slipped down a double break for 4-0. And although the Aussie was able to save two break points and avoid the bagel he was soon eating a breadstick as Roger took the set 6-1.

Into set three and Kyrgios needed to find something and quick. Three comfortable holds gave him signs of life for 3-2 but in game seven Roger held two break points in a multi-deuce game that featured the round the net post winner which is currently getting GIF'ed to high heaven 😆 . To his credit, Kyrgios held and took Roger to deuce in game eight but in game eleven Nick went off the boil, dropping serve from 40-15 as Roger played smart percentage tennis to draw the errors and break. The Swiss then served it out to love, sealing the deal with an ace on match point.

Match Stats

N. Kyrgios R. Federer
Aces 13 16
Double Faults 2 1
First Serve % In 57/94 (61%) 61/92 (66%)
Win % On 1st Serve 36/57 (63%) 53/61 (87%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 22/37 (59%) 15/31 (48%)
Net Points Won 14/30 (47%) 21/25 (84%)
Break Points Won 0/4 (0%) 4/10 (40%)
Receiving Points Won 24/92 (26%) 36/94 (38%)
Winners 32 51
Unforced Errors 35 24
Total Points Won 82 104
Distance Covered 5472.7 Ft 5959.2 Ft
Distance Covered/pt. 29.4 Ft 32.0 Ft
SABR 0/2 0


Thoughts on the Match

Fed Kyrgios US Open 3R 18

I thought Nick was inspired. He knew what he wanted to do. I didn't quite, off the baseline, get the right balance going. It was important to somehow get out of it and stay within 4-3 and probably look at a tie-break. But I was able to break earlier, which was clearly great because I had no sniff on any of his service games in the first three or four. I didn't get discouraged, and I think that was also the key today.

I think he didn't come up with the goods when he really had to, and I was good, I think, by making him hit that extra shot. Things worked well for me today.

Best match of the week so far from Roger and he played some smart tennis out there. The first set turned out to be crucial and Fed actually started poorly, missing a string of backhands; struggling to win any points on his second serve. However, he steadied the ship with that big hold in game seven and from there completely took control, dropping just eight points on his first serve in 15 games, firing down 51 winners to 24 unforced errors and not giving Kyrgios another look at a breakpoint after saving all four in game seven of set one.

Once he snatched that first set it was all about keeping his base level high and playing smart tennis, and he did just that playing with more confidence than we'd seen his first two matches. Ultimately he outclassed and outthought Kyrgios with a lot of variety to his play; opting to just keep the ball in play and make him hit that extra ball, then ramping up the aggression to really keep Krygios from producing the type of whacky shots he needs to keep himself entertained out there.

Obviously the round the net post shot was genius but I liked a lot of the drop shots he threw in there too which were executed to peRFection. I also liked that he was fully focussed throughout, never getting into silly cat and mouse games with Kyrgios and he was just all business against a tricky opponent.

As for Kyrgios, I thought he started very well with some huge serving but after failing to break he seemed to lose his way. No tanking from him here as I guess he respects Fed too much for that and he competed to the last ball but he didn't really look like a winner out there. Perhaps a match like this is a wake-up call for what he needs to work on, usually, he can fall back on the excuse of not trying or caring, this time he put in the effort but came up short against a guy who knows this game inside out.

Predictions vs. Millman

Next up is John Millman who's a bit of a surprise opponent in the fourth round. The Aussie had a decent win against Fognini in Round 2 and beat Kukushkin in four sets today which was impressive.

Millman has had an injury-plagued career to date but he's known as one of the most hard-working guys on tour and he will fight hard for every point out there. Roger leads the H2H 1-0 which was a tough three-set win in Brisbane three years ago, the two also practised together earlier this year in Switzerland before the grass court season so Fed has plenty intel on his game.

I'm predicting a tough match as Millman will try like hell from the baseline but Roger should have too much in his repertoire to come unstuck so Fed in three or four again.

What did you think of the Kyrgios win? Predictions against the Mailman? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Totally unexpected win too. I was like let me see what’s going on on the Perfect Tennis website and out of nowhere a new post. PeRFect timing? ?

  1. A great match from Fed against a tricky but erratic opponent.Should give him a lot of confidence going forward.
    Best I’ve seen him play in a while.
    Don’t know much about Millman,but hopefully Fed keeps this form up.

    1. Typical Aussie battler. Always there to mop up if the opponent doesn’t have a great day. But no wins vs. Top 10. I saw him play vs Nadal at Wimbledon in 17, one sided scoreline but he played pretty well.

  2. Hey hey, the man can play!

    Couldn’t find a way to watch but followed along & saw some gifs. Impossible to tell what switch clicked for our guy – maybe it was pulling off that first set. Guess we can call this one “fun”! I said I wanted to see him playing with joy, so I got my wish. Of course I wish for more of the same for him but if it doesn’t happen, we had this. Very pleased.

    Nick yelling “I need to hire a coach” was kinda hilarious.

    1. Nick has humor and seemingly doesn’t mind losing. And to impersonate Roger’s sabr and even serv, is great fun. Creative guy, in no way boring. He got 2 more stars in my book.

  3. Nice! (Except that my browser is not supported by Eurosport, so I couldn’t watch one bit ?. I have to buy a new mac I guess (this one is from 2014…))
    Millman might be tough, but Roger will manage.

      1. Thank you guys. I use Safari, cannot be updated – tried firefox, no success. I try Chrome tomorrow.

  4. And Roger served more aces than Nick.A great match,so happy don’t care too much what happens going forward to be honest.

    1. Really? Not even if he ends up in the scheduled QF against you know who?

      Jon: “In game six Roger got in a whole world of trouble slipping to 0-40” – game seven, surely? I was glad he got out of that one – eventually – because wasn’t it the vital 7th game where he was broken in both sets in Cincy?

      Thanks for saying that Nick didn’t tank: from watching the 2nd set scores, I assumed he had, but actually that’s quite unusual from him against top players.

  5. I’m so annoyed as I set the alarm to wake up but it didn’t ring. Turned out I set the wrong date. I expected it’d be a good match which Roger would win in three tight sets. Pleasantly surprised to finally wake up to see the scoreline.

    My first ever live match of Fed is that crazy three setter against Millman in Brisbane 2015. I never felt so strange physically before. My mouth was so dry despite all the water I was pouring in. My hands were sweating the whole time. My heart was bumping in my throat. He turned around that match one set and break down. I expect Millman will be hanging very tough next match but eventually he will stumble, failing to deal with Rogers variety. Three sets, small chance to be four if Fed has a a mental lapse

  6. Great match by Roger following the sub par performance in the second round. He really brought his A game and that was too much for Kyrios. I was a little worried about this match and was very tense when Roger went down 0-40 early in the match. Glad he picked up his game and was a little lucky that Kyrios couldn’t raise his level to break early. It was showtime after that for a while. Hope Roger can keep up a high level from hereon and finish on a high. Millman is a good fighter and will get Roger well prepared to face Djoker in the QF. I think Roger could win in straight sets again. Just hope and pray that he can keep his focus and high level for the rest of the tournament.

    1. Should be straights against the Mailman but he will definitely be up for competing hard. He had some ok results this year, beat Coric in Aus. Taken sets off decent players.

  7. A good match by Rog against a very tricky opponent, NK does have the talent to do more damage but needs someone to help string those talents together. As for Roger, a very intelligent game by him heck people don’t call him tennis genius for nothing. He gave no rhythm NK, never the same shot twice and some sweet dropper. He really had us worried after his performance against Paire. So happy he brought out his A game and some really clutch serving during 1st set.

    Second week is more intense now, I hope he will bring his A game again. Against Millman, I think he can get through in 4 but the hardest test will be against Djoker who is looking better with each round. JesusFed can you please stay for the week.

  8. Can’t stop copy pasting below from 2nd Round Review thread which I posted during the match. Watched it live on TV?

    Federer hitting a round the net winner in 7th game of 3rd set. Haven’t seen this shot for a while. Loved it. And look at Kyrigos reaction ☺️

  9. I am glad he won but am not that carried away that many here is, he missed alot of “easy” shots and the points behind his usually good second serve was low so there is alot to work on but he also did many fine points against a good opponent but this level will never be enough against Novak who is afar better returner.

    1. yes but Kyrigos is a much better server than Djokovic.Speaking for myself I am not getting carried away but just happy to see Fed playing at a high level again after so many sub par performances recently.

    2. I’m not getting carried away either, he played well, now gotta improve next round. The main thing is winning in straights against a tricky opponent. Can’t ask for more.

  10. @Alison,
    It is probably just my way of dealing with what may be the disappointment further on.I think that perhaps one match at a time is the best way of looking at it from my point of view.

  11. Jonathan, I love that “Roget” error in the last paragraph of the Quick Match Recap. In India, in the pre-Google days, we used to look up a Roget’s Thesaurus to improve our vocabulary. And Roger is such a living thesaurus of tennis shotmaking!

  12. Love the main photo, a good choice, Jonathan.
    I almost died of a heart attack by the time 4-4 in the first set, got finally easy hold and then BOOM he breaks NK out of the blue! After that it was fun watching Fed’s smart tactics and all sort of shots; wicked droppers, around post winner, clever slice, etc.. And NK contributed quite a few of them himself. Glad it wasn’t a tough match physically as potentially could’ve been a 5-TBs. He was focused without mental walkabout, hope he keeps on!

  13. Fed’s game was really encouraging yesterday.
    A recovered forehand, feather-like dropshots, a cool as a cucumber Swiss, and just 3 short sets to wrap the parcel in. Loved it !

    My husband watched a film in another room and he heard me yelling and applauding when Fed hit the winner around the net 🙂
    Raz Ols will have to review his 1000 Fed’s best shots collection to add another one … 🙂
    Vision – athleticism – touch… : PeRFect.

    I love this cartoon  ! 🙂

  14. Some beautiful tennis there from Roger and a match played in a good spirit. A reason – one of the few now – to still watch the professional game. No grunting, fist pumping or interminable grinding. I hope it signifies an elevation in Roger’s game for what could lie ahead.

    1. Yes, just blue paint over coarse sand. There is an official picture of a zoomed in version of the surface. Its pretty clear.

  15. Just had a look at the Nadal match.For thirty seconds.He is not only wearing a vest but it is pink.Ychhh.Also the guy
    playing him had broken his serve but gifted it straight back with a double fault and wild shot out wide.So no more of
    That rubbish.

    1. Aint too worried about that guy as I am worried about Djoks. Kanchanov should have taken him out if not for those timely DF’s.
      Still cant believe how RF lost to Anderson.

      1. It’s up and down you know. Never a straight line. Luck for Anderson in Wimby. Seen from the stats he didn’t move much vs Thiem. Fatigue?

  16. Yes a surprising result in the Anderson/Theim match.The latter has sort of fallen off the radar recently(If anyone needs a new coach its him) but these slow courts should suit him.
    Nadal had a bit of a tussle there.A half decent player ,like Theim could had him.But no doubt they won’t meet.

  17. After the first few heart stopping moments wasn’t that a fun match to watch?!! Fingers crossed Fed is just warming up for what’s to come. Some of those shots yesterday had me hooting out loud they were so pretty. (no wonder I can’t get anyone to watch with me)
    Love the cartoon FBRF…….”Once upon a time———” Random thoughts: I heard Layani was umpiring one of the doubles matches. Hope they let him out of the “dog house” soon, I really like him and think he adds to a match, Anyone else notice how good Mirka is looking these days?

  18. Fun match to watch. Didn’t really feel nervous after that great hold in the first. Nice to see the kids there too. Don’t you think Fed was sort of scolding NK when he was praising Millman on him being a hard worker and nice guy. Djoker and Nadal look boring as hell. On my way home from NY.

      1. We shall see after Thiem and then Del Potro if he can hold out. This is a lot harder for Nadal then last years USO. I will be watching you Rafa you better not cheat.

      1. Anybody could be doping now. If Roger is he should ask for his money back. But Nadal
        Is clearly a poster boy for ped’s.

  19. Good win for Fed. After he won the 0/40 game he just looked so determined, just
    love it when he plays tennis like that it just seems to free him up. Have just read
    that Dom T says the court plays like a clay court, wonder why someone any of the past
    champions don’t comment…now that’s a good one for McEnroe to get his teeth into!
    However back to the real world C’mon Roger don’t let your guard down we want
    another good Jonathan write up x

  20. The Delpotro/Isner match result should be interesting.Even if I could watch it I wouldn’t,Delpo staggering around and Isner
    slowly moving,just.Saw a little bit of the Isner /Raonic match ,rather surprised Isner won,as his body language was awful.
    I wouldn’t think that Nadal would relish playing either in the semis but Delpo definitely the bigger threat,I think.

  21. If the court is playing like a clay court that might be why Thiem is doing so well. Come on Dominic show us that your skills and have someone in the Next Gen in the finals.

      1. Nadal has lost at Grand Slams before. To players like Rosol, Darcis, Brown, Soderling, Fognini, Pouille, a 19 year old Kyrgios – the list goes on – none of whom were ranked anywhere near where Thiem currently is. Clearly, anybody has a chance against Nadal at a slam – even nobodies.

  22. Good lesson by Federer. Kyrgios is a joke, as soon as he loses his serve he starts to tank. He has the poorest shot selection I have ever seen, he does not care at all about winning, he is a clown.

  23. Great! Let’s see against Millman, will be tough but as you said, Roger has all the “ingredients’ to win easy. By the way , only Roger and Del Potro hadn’t loose any set till now. Best regards

    1. Indeed.the only break Fed got in his draw was that Delpo was on the other side.Hes looking pretty dangerous I would say.
      Just watched the end of the Nishikori match.Hes looking pretty sharp too .At the final changeover he was wiping his face with what looked like a plastic bag!Perhaps its a Japanese thing.

      1. Yes, Annie, you are right. I think Delpo has strong chances. I insist: if Roger has a good day, a good day in his mind he can win from everyone. We could’t see him like one year before. Didn’t see Nishi & Kohrsc, but i read the result and was surprise. Remember the good match the german played against Misha. We will see in some minutes. Best regards

  24. @Muser,
    Did you manage to get it?I downloaded Chrome and can now watch it on my Mac on Amazon Prime.So thanks Jonathan and the other posters who recommended this.?

  25. So many players peaking at this slam especially Delpo and Nishikori. I wont be surprised if the Big 3 does not win this.
    Millman should be a good prep for RF because he has a stable all court play just like Djoks. Unlike the Kyrgios match, RF will get to have a good number of rallies in play. Glad its a night match since the one against Djoks would also be a night match.

  26. Rankings :  projections …

    I especially love this part :

    “Rafa is on 8400 points on the Live ATP rankings list, 1500 ahead of Roger Federer who will reduce the deficit to 1320 points if he beats John Millman tonight. If Nadal loses against Thiem and Federer goes all the way to win the first title in New York since 2008, the Swiss would become world number 1”.

    But, step by step…
    One match at a time.
    Maestro : Prove us that one man is better than Mille-man 🙂

    1. Nadal knows this all too well. Hence he is putting the extra effort to reach SF because that will seal his #1 spot all the way until April 2019 since RF has 2100 points to defend after USO.

      1. yeah, I don’t think Fed cares about the #1 or YE#1 anymore. Moreover, RF totally lost the plot this grass season with regards to YE#1.
        Its all about the tiles from here on. I am still counting on RF to make it past 109 titles.

  27. Roger can’t hit first serves to save his life. He also can’t seem to make easy forehand volleys to put away won points. His game is just short of an embarrassment half the time tonight. Serving for the set at 40-15 and proceeding to miss two neutral balls, and an easy volley, and then double fault on the break point? Does anyone realistically think he can hold a candle to Djokovic? Assuming Fed can even win tonight, it’ll be 3, 3, and 4 versus Novak.

    1. The best way to prevent Nadal from catching Roger is Djoker to make it to the finals. If Thiem or Del Potro don’t do it first.

  28. RF’s USO 18 is over. Millman made it so tough but RF’s serve was just not there today.
    IW’18 is where it all went wrong.

    1. He’s 37 dude.

      Literally ancient for a tennis player.

      All of his generational peers are either retired or ready for the challenger circuit.

      I think IW was the effect, not the cause.

      Father Time is undefeated.

  29. I’m sorry, Federer is garbage. He has become an extremely streaky and unfocused player. To lose the set to a hack like Millman, up 40-15 at 5-4, and then dumping that and his next service game, is the mark of someone who needs to retire. Otherwise, we will all be suffering through these embarrassing, disgusting shitshows. Fed has no excuse. His opponent was ready to go, and he fucked up two service games. Couldn’t even get in to the tiebreak! Millman did nothing special! Fed couldn’t serve, couldn’t volley, and looked like a dog out there. Frankly, I want him to lose now, because a true pro like Novak will expose him even worse. Sickening.

      1. My man, how else can you paint it? This is Millman, not Djokovic. Serving for the set at 5-4 at 40-15 and losing, okay, he plays a terrible game, but then to immediately lose the next on serve to? Lose in the tiebreak at least. This is self-imposed terribleness. Millman has nothing on Roger, who should’ve been close to winning the third set by now, maybe this one in a tiebreak, not locked in an exhausting battle with a nobody.

      2. Tennisfan, he seems to be losing? Playing possum, you think? Absent a huge injury, please agree with me that this is unprecedented performance in terms of its awfulness.

      3. I wasn’t say it was a good performance but I’m optimistic for as long as I can be! Have you ever joined the live chat

    1. A “true pro like Novak”?

      Federer is 6 years older than Novak, playing at a ridiculous ancient age.

      Let’s see how Novak does when he’s chasing down his 38th year on earth.

      1. Yes, I hear you man, but I will say that Fed’s inability to close is something I don’t see Novak displaying. If Fed was being straight-setted by the opposition, so be it, but he keeps putting himself in great spots and then blowing it. Against someone of high rank, accomplished (i.e., a true pro; maybe not the best choice of words), he’d be exposed even more. That’s why tonight was so disappointing. He could’ve won all three of the last three sets, but lost them all.

  30. I can’t disagree with you because I have always said Roger is 37 and 37 today is not 37 when Laver was playing. I really think the 20 plus year old tennis players will break out next year. I still hope he can win 2 more for his 100th victory.

  31. I haven’t seen a more pathetic display of tennis in years. Roger should retire immediately after this year. He sucked horribly and is a disgraceful player tonight. Up a mini break in the tiebreak, proceeds to dump a winning volley (which would lock up the tiebreak), and then blast a neutral ball out. When he has set point on Millman’s serve, he returns a tame second serve like an absolute clown, and proceeds to play the next point like someone who just learned to play tennis. This is the worst tennis I’ve ever seen from him and it’s painful to be his fan. He is freaking terrible and I’m sorry for everyone like me who is his fan.

    1. I would prefer Millman to put the old dog out of his misery in 4. I don’t want to see him turn out for another thrashing from Djokovic.

      1. I absolutely agree. Roger could whip this guy so easily but he’s just shooting himself in the foot time and again.

  32. Hey the tennis gods wanted Roger to get his 20th GS. I think Roger cried so much at the ceremony at AO 2018 realizing that 2018 was not going to be imitated like 2017. As I stated many times if he can get to victory number 100 even if it means playing ATP 250 I could care less. Then he can retire and enjoy his life unless his sports clothing contract obligates him to keep playing.

  33. Agassi said that as a player you don’t know when the end will come but when it does it will come quickly. Today is looking very much like that day for Federer. Sad to see.

    1. Absolutely shameful. Roger better be nursing a beastly injury. Goes up a nice break, and then plays a service game so awful only four double faults would be worse. He had such easy put aways, including one for game point. Instead, he hits terrible drop shots at key moments and gets passed over and over again. His game is a joke, and he needs to seriously consider stopping this primetime humiliation.

      1. Yes, Fed’s just slapping at the ball and hoping it goes in. Honestly, I wonder whether this racquet is hurting him. He can’t volley with it, that’s for damn sure, and his returns are horrific. His put away balls are 50-50 propositions, and he often blasts neutral balls way out.

  34. Look at the first two forehands in the 5-5 game. He has this awful exaggerated whip now, especially on defense, not driving through the ball, and he pushes so many damn balls wide and long.

    1. Everything into the net. Nothing even close. Balls that used to be winners or setups are muffed like a poor club player. Federer should apologize for this kind of performance.

      1. Fans are allowed to get frustrated, especially when their player is at well below ability against a patzer like Millman. Fed doesn’t make it easy this year.

  35. 75 unforced errors and nine double faults!Just cannot understand what was going on there.
    I do wish some people would lay off with the vituperative comments.It is really not necessary at all.

    1. Yes, it’s disheartening.

      One thing I don’t like is that I feel Nadals brute force and athleticism people think he is an amazing tennis player but they seem to overlook how Federer actually plays beautiful tennis and Nadal is just an athlete and boring baseliner.

      Wait for it all to be shouted about again how good Nadal is. Such a shame! Take him out Thiem. I even don’t mind if Delpo wins ?

  36. Sickening display. I guess we’ll find out whether he had some (back?) injury, although the 1st serve came back at lower speed in the 3rd and 4th.

    So many easy put away forehands and volley into the net! Why? After all he is playing well enough to be in the winning position, so why blow it?

    Very disappointed. Where was the Federer who played Kygrios? it all went to hell at 40-15 serving for the 2nd set. Should have been done right there. Then it’s like a switch went off and he just played badly after that.

    1. He isn’t a machine, the line isn’t straight. Maybe every second match can be a masterpiece – as long as he comes through…not this time, unfortunately – or maybe he needs resting for some reason, then ok. Maybe Flu is around.

  37. Let’s wait for the press conference. Fed may have explanations to this. Heat/humidity ? Injury ? I guess he deserves a few minutes and respect, no ?

    1. Agree. Holdco’s comments are sickening. But I guess he’s just very disappointed and streams out aggression because of being extremely hurt and sad and therefore angry. Blames his pain on Roger, wants to punish somebody (Roger).

      1. My comments are merely a reflection of Fed’s performance. I’m not sad, as Roger’s prior accomplishments and cash flow are more than enough collective consolation, but anyone who isn’t made angry by that display last night is lying to themselves. Roger had every opportunity to win sets (including all three of sets 2-4), but couldn’t put enough basic balls away to close them out. This is a shell of a player, something which I very much hope changes.

  38. God! Federer has been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ever so often since IW 2018! I so wish he could play consistently with the enjoyment that he had for most of 2017, which we saw in the match against Kyrgios. That’s the most beautiful sight in tennis. But such dispiriting losses, they’re just so … I don’t know…such downers. And there so many trolls who simply flood the ATP website with nasty hate. Makes me feel even more exhausted and sad.

  39. After losing the Queens final earlier this year Djokovic was asked if he is back and he replied – “I’m back in the locker room”. It is as though Federer and Djokovic have switched bodies. Federer is back in the locker room alright, the aura of a champion gone, while Djokovic – against all prediction six months ago – steams towards possibly his second slam title of the year. None of it was foreseeable as Roger held up the AO trophy at the beginning of the year. A boggling turnaround – and even more so when his round-the-net-post brilliance was only a match ago. But, please, Roger (and us) – no excuses. Leave that stuff to Señor Bad Knees and his constant “injuries”.

  40. I feel sorry for Roger and his team. When you are that great a player, everyone is out to beat you so you have to be consistently greater as Serena Williams said. So, at 37, on a humid night, Federer has a bad time, and yes, its disheartening but lets think about something good. I can’t be bothered to think about this match any more. I’m going to replay AO17 final.

  41. Agreed.Djokovik was back to his old tricks yesterday with time out for a medical assessment.Or in other words cool off for a bit and break the other players momentum.I did notice that Fed was breathing very heavily at changeovers
    sitting in his chair.Time to get away from all that heat and humidity and let the rest of them grind it out.

  42. Without being dismal about this it is hard to recall Roger playing worse than today. And how could it have happened immediately following the vintage Federer we saw so much of in the Kyrgios match? This was no ordinary loss explained by a slight dip in form against an inspired opponent or even a missed opportunity here and there. It was as shocking as to watch a jetliner descend from the sky because all its engines had suddenly and inexplicably failed, one by one, and you know nothing can prevent the inevitable. If that is a terrible thing to see imagine how it must have felt for Roger, as the pilot wrestling with controls that refused to respond. We might feel bad about this loss but I can only feel a profound sympathy for Roger, to have been so betrayed by his magnificent gift. The end comes at some point for all great sportsmen but we like to see it as a gentle descent, a decline, not a catastrophic plunge from the sun. The career may not yet be over for Roger but the glory surely is, as Millman – to his credit – showed with his subdued response to a triumph he might once dared not have imagined. We have seen signs over the year of metal fatigue but in New York today the wings completely fell off.

  43. Well folks I understand that we are disappointed…but nobody died Roger Federer
    lost a tennis match that we all thought he would win, so lets be realistic nobody
    but nobody wins all the time not even Nadal or Djokovic, and he didn’t mention
    any injury so why can’t we actually believe the guy who was playing the match!

    1. While we all wait for Jon’s match report, I will hold on my rant. Yeah he lost a match heck why are people calling for his ‘R’. You are right not the end of the world. Here is my take why he lost which he said it himself – conditions are so humid without any air/wind circulating, Millman played extremely good tennis, slow clay court…its not HC to me anymore. Lastly I blame Trump, global warming is not #fakenews

      1. Dippy,I think you raise a valid point about the weather.The amazing and completely untypical
        summer in England turned the grass at Wimbledon to a high bouncing dirt court that certainly
        helped Nadal.I don’t know if New York is always that hot and humid at this time of year,but many players are obviously suffering in these conditions.I wonder why they closed the roof,
        even the spectators were sweating and they weren’t running around for hours.

    2. You are right Elizabeth,it is only one match and Nadal and Djokovic have both been through slumps when
      they lost to very low ranked players.It is a mark of Feds greatness that despite all those unforced errors and double faults he still took it to two tie breaks.

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