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Federer Cruises Into Second Week at SW19

Another first class serving display from the Swiss as he dispatched Santiago Giraldo 6-3 6-1 6-3 to make serene progress into the second week at the All England Club.

Federer has yet to be broken this week and once again he used his serve and forehand to dictate proceedings from the word go, getting up a break early in the first two sets before fighting off a late Giraldo surge to shut the door in 1 hour 21 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer def. Giraldo Wimbledon 2014

A lightening quick start here from Fed after Giraldo elected to receive and soon found himself down 2-0 as he struggled to keep the ball in the court.

At 2-0, 40-30 Fed hit an ace out wide that was called out. He then asked Jake Garner if he was sure it was out, who said it was. Roger decided to challenge. Obviously he has history with Garner and he knows he can't be trusted πŸ˜› Hawkeye ruled it was IN. Game Federer, complete ownage πŸ˜€

3 more comfortable holds later and the set was over 6-3. No break points on the Federer serve and he was in full control.

The second set couldn't have started in worse fashion for the Colombian as he was broken to love. He looked increasingly frustrated on court as Roger kept drawing him into errors with some smart play and precision serving.

A quick hold from Roger saw him consolidate the break and 2 minutes later he was leading 4-0. That was then 5-1 and Giraldo was broken again when he made a wild error to drop the set 6-1.

With a 2 set lead Roger usually cruises over the line and when he hit a sublime half volley in his opening service game it looked like Giraldo was resigned to just being part of the Roger Federer show.

However the Swiss wasn't going to get it all his own way as Giraldo decided to play high risk tennis and blast the ball much like we saw with Kukushkin's first set earlier in the day vs. Nadal. At 3 all the World Number 35 got his first break points of the match. He hit 2 huge ground strokes that Roger had no chance of retrieving and then a Fed double faulted saw him slip to 15-40.

Here though Roger showed his mettle, firing down an ace to make deuce and then another on advantage to stave off the danger. Giraldo was crushing the ball so Fed just decided the best way to stop that was to not let him get a racket on it. Nice πŸ˜€

With Fed seeing off the Giraldo surge he was able to break in the Colombians next service game. It was a weird one actually, as Giraldo played a great point to drop volley and lob Fed, but for some reason apologised when he won the point. He then rolled in a 77mph first serve that allowed Fed to hit a clean winner before going onto break. Mental lapse? Too much respect for the GOAT in his own back yard? Who knows.

That decisive break took the score to 5-4 and Fed then served it out to love. Zero drama here, just more precision serving to get the job done.

Match Stats

  Santiago Giraldo (COL) Roger Federer (SUI)
Aces 0 8
Double faults 4 1
1st serves in 61 of 85 = 72 % 50 of 73 = 68 %
1st serve points won 37 of 61 = 61 % 42 of 50 = 84 %
2nd serve points won 8 of 24 = 33 % 12 of 23 = 52 %
Fastest serve 127 MPH 126 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 113 MPH 117 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 93 MPH 100 MPH
Net points won 8 of 13 = 62 % 15 of 23 = 65 %
Break points won 0 of 2 = 0 % 5 of 9 = 56 %
Receiving points won 19 of 73 = 26 % 40 of 85 = 47 %
Winners 17 27
Unforced errors 20 14
Total points won 64 94

Thoughts on the Match

GOAT Serve

I got off to a good start and broke right away. I stayed in control until midway through the third set when he had a couple of break points at 15-40. Next thing I had break points of my own and got them and served it out.

I'm very pleased to keep moving on (through the draw). Last year I lost in the second round so I'm aware of the dangers of certain players on this surface. You are always worried about the first week. The grass plays different the second week, you can do a few different things according to the weather.

I'm just happy to be into the second week. For me, it is now about maintaining a good level of play. I'm in pretty good shape right now – a few niggles but nothing that really worries me.

Another very solid match where Fed dictated from start to finish. Early consolidated breaks make his life so much easier and allow him to play almost pressure free.

I can't really say much about Giraldo or be negative as this is easily his best ever tournament on grass but he was never really a factor. Too erratic and Roger's mastery of the surface was too much for him. Spins, slice and short returns caused him all sorts of problems.

To beat Fed on this surface you have to defend well and get on the attack when you have chance; Giraldo did neither of those really aside from hitting some flashy winners from time to time. Not enough consistency from him especially in a best of 5 sets.

Serve wise again it was very positive, Roger picked his spots, hit 8 aces and won 84% of points behind his first delivery. Looks like the new racquet is doing its job here. Backhand isn't looking too shabby either really although it's not really been tested yet by anyone who can kick it up high.

Obviously Fed hasn't faced the toughest of opponents so far but I think he's done a great job this week – not had his serve broken, minimum court time and he's played smart tennis. No real physical battles out there either which is imperative. Interestingly he said he had a few niggles but is feeling good physically. Not sure what he means by that but all players carries niggles and it could be Fed playing the media here. He's made a few comments for people to second guess this week so I guess we'll find out. Doesn't sound serious though.

Predictions vs. Robredo

Federer Robredo

Next up is Tommy Robredo who defeated Jerzy Janowicz in 5 sets. Good work from him to get it finished actually otherwise it would have meant Fed would have had to play on Tuesday.

More importantly it's time for Roger to get some revenge over Boredo after his shock loss at the US Open last year. Obviously Robredo deserved the win that day but Roger wasn't at the races. I mean we've seen Roger lose tough matches before but this was a mental blowout of epic proportions from him on Louis Armstrong. I think he was 2 / 16 on break points and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

I saw Robredo get destroyed last year by Murray on Centre Court and he is really just a pusher. Solid off the ground and he is definitely a fighter but Fed should school this guy on grass. I think he'd beat him playing with a stick of Rhubarb never mind a racquet on this surface. Robredo can't play up the court and he has zero weapons so I fail to see how else he can win other than pushing and hoping for a Federror display. Not impossible but I can't see it happening.

Fed obviously dominates the H2H as the USO was his sole loss to this guy and I think he's going to set the record straight come Monday. Fed in 3. 6-2 6-4 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Yeah…Giraldo the Latino pig was definitely making it very exciting, no?

      “I piss on you Espana, I piss on you King Felipe, I piss on you Nadals”

    2. i’m not a regular commenter like some here nor am I a Federer fanatic and nor do I really despise Nadal…but this guy pablo even gets under my skin. You have my vote for banning him in case it counts.

    3. If you find a Federer match ‘boring’ I wonder how you manage to stay awake through a Nadal match. Every point is basically the replay of the previous point. It’s one massive loop.

      1. Good one Gaurav

        Anyway I wonder how often Pablo visiting Nadal Fan Blog. Seem his live is devoted to this blog already (I even wonder did he even work?) Why here? Nothing is interesting in Nadal’s blog?

      1. As it has already been pointed out several times, this Pablo just gets a kick out of provoking Fed fans. So be it, let’s be smarter than him. We cannot ban anyone who does not agreed with us.

        What I would ban though Jonathan is a much worst attitude that consists in insulting people. Sid, I think you are going much too far as of late. Get a grip on yourself!

  1. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    My first Wimbledon title! Just ran round my home screaming in delight πŸ˜‰ I dedicate this win to Roger to see him through and win his 18th grandslam, 8th Wimbledon

  2. Interesting. Roger’s ace count has come down. Could be the court is slowing down?

    “I piss on you Espana, I piss on you King Felipe, I piss on you Nadals”

    1. Giraldo probably a slightly better returner, quite quick. Maybe Fed even went for less on his serves seen as though Giraldo will try blast winners from the off.

  3. Who would have thought trashy Pablo was actually looking to win a title on this blog? Smh, Try again later
    Back to the match. I was so relaxed watching, I’m glad πŸ™‚
    On another note, Monday will be full of crazy matches: Djokovic vs Tsonga, Murray vs Anderson. They might play these two on Centre court and Fed’s match on court 1. What do you all think?

    1. Roger is not playing on Monday…both quarters of the second half will play until tuesday. Too bad, 2 or 3 days in a row for them….For Roger, 2 days…

  4. Great write-ups as usual, Jonathan. I hope niggles doesn’t mean back issues! Ace count going down. Revenge for the next match.
    Things getting interesting on the woman’s side with Serena out again. Bouchard could be the dark horse.
    Sid, ignore all Spaniards…bad for your health.

    1. Sue, I didn’t have that big a problem with Spaniard…that is…until Pablo arrived.

      “I piss on you Espana, I piss on you King Felipe, I piss on you Nadals.”

  5. I share that emotion Sid. Thanks for the review Jonathan. Only saw bits and pieces of the match. Good win for Rog. Saw his interview after on the ESPN set. He is so relaxed. He is into the second week Jonathan. Next is Robredo I think. He should get through that one. Cheers.

  6. OK I have a big doubt. Nishikori is going to finish his 3rd round match on Monday.So will Raonic play his 4th round only on Tuesday ? That could make Raonic/Nishikori really tired before their quarterfinal which is mostly going to be against Nadal.

      1. Ok my previous comment was supposed to be in the thread above.Anyway people what is going on with the scheduling ??

    1. Don’t think this all matters to be quite honest, the moment Nadal makes it to the second week, he’s near a lock for the title now.

    1. I guess they’re just trying to make it as fair as possible for all players in the bottom half of the draw . If you would let Roger and Rafa play Monday, they would have a clear advantage in the QFs (if they get there) with an extra day’s rest compared to their opponents.

    2. Sir Andrew’s draw was too hard, so they decided to make sure his final opponent is at least as tired as the OBE. What a joke.

  7. Didn’t get to watch this match due to the World Cup taking priority but seems like the routine match from Roger and great to hear that his grit is coming into play in those break points down moments, that’s just the type of stuff that will help him fine tune his game and give him more confidence. Laughing at Fed’s challenge against Garner, ah those two will never get a long after the US Open in 2009, classic Roger. I see Nadal once again fools everyone by dropping the opening set, he might as well play a practice set with Aunt Toni before coming out, would save everyone a lot of time.

    So from what it seems, the organisers are going to have a big challenge ahead with Monday seeing as the rain prevented everyone finishing. Wimbledon is of course the most important tournament in this sport but at what point does it border pretentious? I can respect tradition and what it represents but enough is enough with Middle Sunday, so unfair on the players and it messes up the rest of the schedule. Doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon.

    1. Middle Sunday is more for making sure grounds are good shape along with tradtion. Looks like grass courts needed that… Still its puzzling they choose not to schedule Roger and Nadal on Monday… Anyway couple of players have to play few days in row

    2. I totally loved it when he trolled Garner. “Sure?”. “Yes”, said Jake. “Challenge!”, went our champion. And Jake got pwned, on center court LMFAO. How the heck could he be so sure? Maybe an error with the challenge system?

      Also, Nadal is not fooling. He needs the first set to figure out the opponent, and get enough, “strategy signals” from Aunt Toni to devise a solution. That, and probably the magic potion he takes needs a set to fully kick in. Maybe losing the first set ensures the steroids put him in the right, “combative frame of mind”.

      1. Could someone please link me to this? It sounds hilarious. Trollerer. Couldn’t catch the match because I had to catch a train.

    3. Ooops! I forgot to add my new signature to my comment above. A thousand apologies!

      “I piss on you Espana, I piss on you King Felipe, I piss on you Nadals.”

      1. apologies accepted Sir Sid πŸ˜‰
        Anyway, out of tennis, yesterday I was about to die, Brasil almost killed me man πŸ˜‰
        They need to regroup; playing like this won’t win them WC. But somehow, I had a feeling that FIFA doesn’t want Brasil to win it!! The referee made sure we struggle yesterday, the cancellation of the legit goal and other stuff were almost made sure Brasil is out!! The only different is, GOD was in our side πŸ˜‰ not to concede a goal from that last minute astonishing shot, was woooooooow

      2. Yup, Cesar was beaten hook, line, and sinker. Two inches lower, and Pinilla would’ve had his name entered alongside Ghiggia (from 1950). Wow! That would’ve been a disaster. You have no idea how I was feeling when the ball rebounded. But then I got this feeling that the rest of the day would belong to Brasil.

        Poor Pinilla would be denied later by Cesar in the crap shoot.

        The Hulk goal actually was not legit. I watched it several times and it did hit his upper arm.

        “I piss on you Espana, I piss on you King Felipe, I piss on you Nadals.”

      3. offffff, that was heart breaking for Pinilla, if I were him, I wouldn’t be able to play football again πŸ˜‰

        “You have no idea how I was feeling when the ball rebounded. But then I got this feeling that the rest of the day would belong to Brasil.”

        I had the same feeling, I even told my wife, this is it, we won and she was like, what!!!
        anyhow, they needed fortune to win yesterday, next match is Colombia which is another tough match. hope we regroup and do well.
        4 matches gone, 3 to go

        GO Brasil

      4. Jonathan, if its fixed then its surely not for Brazil. at least the referee didn’t show that πŸ˜‰
        and yeah, I so highlights of that match where Brasil should have been in the final instead of Arg, but Peru allowed them to score the needed goals and more to show its not fixed πŸ™‚
        and the rest is history πŸ˜‰

      5. Smoke and mirrors. Disallowed goal was probably part of the plan to make it more believable. Brazil will be in the final I think even though they are useless. Flair is dead in their game.

        And the Argentina Peru game was fixed for Argentina. Things were very unstable over there at the time, Argentina had to win to avoid things escalating. Well known fix.

      6. Jonathan,
        and even the last mnt astonishing shot by Pinilla was part of the plan πŸ˜‰ ?

  8. Oh well, the winner of Jonathan’s competition will be well pleased. I think Wimbledon were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t on this one, really. Wonder how Kyrgios will do against Nadal? Hmm …

  9. And there I was willing the Janowicz/Robredo match to get finished so that Roger would get to play on Monday πŸ™

  10. 3rd W, can’t complain since he has a pretty clean sheet. If he has a few niggles, extra day of rest helps. Road will get tougher now. Scheduling will be a problem for Roger as he starts on Tuesday instead of Monday. This means he might have to play 4th rd and Qtrs 2 days in a row πŸ™ Hopefully he finish Robredo in 3 easy sets. Time for SW19 stop with Sunday rest tradition until they get 2nd court with roof.

  11. Whoa. Thanks for the heads up Ajay.

    Schedule issues look rough indeed.

    Better to have 2 days off right now or a day off between 4th and QF?

    1. I think it will depend on how easy he dispatches Robredo. Playing a 5 setter vs him won’t be very good for a QF next day.

      Although Stan, Lopez etc might have to play Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If Fed can dispatch Robredo easy then he has the advantage going into the QF.

      1. Do you see Feliciano Chokez going deep in the tournament? Don’t like him at all

      2. Depends if he can play his matches without getting involved in any tight sets or crunch moments. Isner next so big battle of the serves. Tie breaks going to play a part, guess it will be who holds their never.

        He is a pretty talented player, Top 10 probably in ability, but mentally nowhere near.

      3. Made at least 4th Round at all the Major’s so better than Gulbis and Raonic has only just achieved it. His serve and forehand are pretty good, been up to 15 in the world too. I think his game could have been Top 10 for sure, just mentally he isn’t up to it. Seen him choke so many big matches.

  12. I really can’t share the excitement with Rogers game this week. Where is the shot making, the running FH? The BH is all but gone missing. He misses easy putaways at the net. He serves well but that’s about it. He is into the second week because he hasn’t faced any real opposition and will exit the tournament as soon as he faces an opponent that stays in the rallies for 6 shots and moves the ball around. After seeing the Giraldo match I see no hope for Roger, perhaps not even against Robredo (and that I would really hate because I truly dislike him) even though I haven’t seen his game.
    I’m sorry, don’t want to be the wet blanket but something is not quite ok with Roger and his game shows it.
    Is it possible that his serving hasn’t given him the opportunity to get into enough rallies to find his stride? It might prove to be a mixed blessing. I cannot see Roger making it into the QF.

    1. Jarlub he played Lorenzi who was an easy opponent. Muller who is a serve and volleyer so what else can he do except hold his own serve and break when the chances arise? There was no way Muller was going to engage in long rallies, and Fed’s game is about keeping points short too so he’s not suddenly going to start putting the ball in the middle of the court to get a rally going.

      And then Giraldo who is a loose cannon – brilliant one minute, can’t find the court the next. There’s never going to be extended rallies with him either. When Fed playe him at USO 2011 it was an awful match for that reason.

      With Robredo you’ll see lengthier plays though, so then you can judge how he handles a rally over 6 shots. Robredo will grind all day long and keep the ball back in play.

      I think Fed is looking decent but if he and Nadal make semi final then is decent enough? History says no.

      I think title is between Nadal and Murray from what I have seen so far.

    2. Jarlub, I rather agree with you: Roger hasn’t even been vaguely tested as yet, which may be nice for my nerves, but is no way of being sure where his game’s at. Plus he was netting an awful lot of forehands, I think it was, yesterday, which doesn’t fill me with confidence, even before I realised he wasn’t going to play tomorrow.

      1. The same applies for Murray, too (but without the netting forehands, as far as I can see πŸ™‚ )

  13. Great job from Roger I thought. It is difficult to judge to what extent he’s able to up his game right now as he hasn’t had any real tests and has just been on cruise speed. We’ll find out on Tuesday I guess. I’m annoyed about the daft scheduling and am ever so slightly worried about Robredo just in case Fed has developed a mental thing after the last time. Hope not.

  14. I hope you are right, of course. I’m not criticizing Roger for not engaging in long rallies but rather that he is unable to produce that little extra such as a running FH cross or show a little pop on the backhand. Roger has so much grass experience that he can win matches against weaker opponents with a frying pan but what I see is not enough to beat the likes of Novak or even Wawrinka. Not sure where Murray is and FWIW, I believe Roger may have a good chance against Rafa which doesn’t look all that good either. The bread and butter is there but when he meets a good returner who returns with a purpose, he will have to produce that little extra quite reliably.

  15. With the scheduling change, it is imperative that Roger does not indulge in a long match with Robredo. Next up could be Stan/Isner/Lopez and the opponent would have played 2 days in succession. So Roger needs to make the advantage count by playing a focused match vs Robredo. Stan has been surprisingly good so far, so he may make the QF. His track record on grass did not really point to a good showing here so I am surprised his making 4th round easily (well he is almost there).
    Also, I do not know why people think Raonic can give Nadal trouble! He has never troubled Nadal & his movement is not that great on grass. Yes, he can serve bombs but that’s just about it. I feel Nishikori would be a bigger challenge for Nadal & if he can play anything like he did in Madrid, he can as well cause an upset.
    Not seen Kyrgios play so not sure if he can trouble nadal in 4th, but the lad seems confident. Hope he does not go the Tomic way..

  16. From Jonathan’s report, which I’ve just noticed:

    “Roger picked his spots”

    Eeuwww. But nice to know he’s human like the rest of us πŸ˜€

  17. what is wrong with wimbledon??? fed is playing on court 1 again…. what a shame that 7 time champion plays 2 matches on no1 court… SHAME

    1. And Djokovic hasn’t had his supposedly mandatory spell on No. 1 court at all, yet. Disrespect, maybe, but perhaps Roger asked for the early start so he was clear for Switzerland vs. Argentina? πŸ™‚ Wonder what the weather forecast is for tomorrow?

  18. Oh, and the other thing Roger needs to cut out is overcooking those drive volleys into the corners of the baseline like he was doing on Saturday. *No* volley should be that long, surely?

  19. Hi Jonathon, Thanks for all the work you do, writing match summaries, analysis etc. The match stats you post are much more useful than those on the official sites. Roland Garros’s were particularly poor this year.

    I have just been reading some articles on the ATP website and there is a lot of love for Roger out there. It is amazing how he has such devoted fans in every corner of the globe. I was happy to learn that even young players like our Nick Kyrgios, look up to Roger as their idol.

    I am looking forward to the match, but to quote the great man himself, I will be “slightly nervous”.

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