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Federer Cruises Past Lacko at Roland Garros

We're underway in Paris and as I predicted this one was cruise control for Roger has he defeated Lukas Lacko 6-2 6-4 6-2 in 1 hour and 24 minutes to book his spot in the second round.

Lacko was a tailor made opponent for Fed as he has no real weapons, a poor clay court record and hadn't played a match on the surface for 12 months.

As for Fed himself he looked a little rusty in some areas but moved well, played aggressive with plenty forays into the net and was too good in all areas.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Roland Garros Day 1 2014

The first set was uneventful and Roger got the first breakthrough at 2 all with some nice defence to convert his 1st breakpoint. 60 seconds later and he'd consolidated to lead 4-2 before breaking again to lead 5-2 and serving it out to 15 to take the first set.

Lacko had a <1% chance of winning this match before it even started so losing the first set wasn't ideal for him. It of course gave Fed a buffer and allowed him to just settle and test out some different plays.

Again the Swiss went up an early break and soon led 5-3. A set point on the Lacko serve passed him by but he served it out again to 15 to take a 2 sets to love lead.

Lacko knew his time was up and he pretty much checked out in the third set dropping serve with a double fault. He was physically still on court but his mind was already thinking of ways he could spend his €21,000 1st round loser pay cheque.

Fed obviously sensed this and just kept playing solidly. Looking to move forward to end points quickly which is good to see and I like the fact he is trying to end matches quickly. Managing matches and court time efficiently will ensure he keeps the energy levels high for the 2nd week.

Lacko soon found himself down 5-1 and facing match point but he managed to pull off the hold before Fed closed it out comfortably to move into the 2nd round.

Match Stats

3 ACES 7
57/91 (63 %) 1ST SERVES IN 44/61 (72 %)
32/57 (56 %) 1ST SERVE POINTS WON 39/44 (89 %)
18/34 (53 %) 2ND SERVE POINTS WON 13/17 (76 %)
7/14 (50 %) NET POINTS WON 16/20 (80 %)
0/0 (0 %) BREAK POINTS WON 5/11 (45 %)
9/61 (15 %) RECEIVING POINTS WON 41/91 (45 %)

Thoughts on the Match

Twins Rocking the Polkadots
Twins Rocking the Polkadots

No real surprises here and the match went exactly as expected. As I pointed out in my prediction Lacko hadn't played a single clay court match in 2014 and after digging a little deeper I discovered his last match on the dirt was at last years French Open.

There's no way you are going to trouble the 2nd best clay court player of the last decade with no matches on the surface yourself. Of course the fact he has no real weapons works against him too and it was just a dream opponent for Roger.

Ignoring Lacko for a second and concentrating on Fed I thought he was pretty solid. Quite a few suspect shots into the bottom of the net from time to time but it was a relatively clean match. There's bound to be some ring rust on him with no real match play since April so losing just 8 games is a decent start.

Obviously the first round has no bearing on how he'll play over 2 weeks so the most important thing was getting the job done which he did with aplomb. Onto the next match.

Predictions vs. Schwartzman / Gestao

Diego Sebastian Schwartzman

Roger's next opponent is either Elias Gestao of Portugal or Diego Sebastian Schwartzman of Argentina. I think Schwartzman will come through that one in 3 or 4 sets in what is his first ever match at Slam level.

Roger hasn't played either of these guys before but I expect him to school whoever comes through. No real prediction necessary other than straight sets.

Nadal played Schwartzman in Acapulco last year winning 6-2 6-2 so that's the only real intel I have on him and I'd expect a similar score for Federer on the red clay of Paris.

Argentines have been known to give Fed some trouble before on clay, Jose Acasuso most notably in 2009 right here at Roland Garros, so maybe Schwartzman can put in an inspired performance but I highly doubt it. Fed in 3 regardless of opponent – 6-2 6-2 6-1.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. You’re doing well there Eldrin πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the analysis Jonathan. Spot on as usual. The only negative thing about the match was Roger’s outfit. Horrible! Colours don’t look too bad on my computer but on TV they were awful. I don’t mind the contrasting sleeve ends but not in this colour combination. He was a bit rusty at times as you say. It was good for him to have a nice easy match to begin with and to use the occasion to try out some new things. Little girls looking good too πŸ™‚ In a pre-match interview on ITV he was asked about the babies and said they were putting on some weight so they were less worried about them now. I had no idea there was any problem but it would certainly explain his lack of presence in Rome. I know we don’t like to make excuses but…there are exceptions. Looking forward to match No. 2 now.

    1. Hey Rita,


      I haven’t seen that interview. They were a week early right? Probably weighed a lot less than the first set. Surprising he played based on that but who knows.

      DSS for Fed next. But he won’t be handing out any benefits.

    2. Well, Jonathan, kudos for getting this report out so quickly!

      Rita, ITA about the outfit: it was a couple of shades nearer vermillion than the deep-ish red I’d seen on the photos, and I really wished for the blue outfit back.

      My thoughts on what I’ve seen of the match so far (I was out this morning, and messed up the time difference in my head): “Roger, you’re not going to win this tourney playing like that”. Will go back and have a proper look later. But liked seeing him serve & volley so determinedly, even with Stefan not there yet. (And I *love* being able to watch my tennis on the telly – thanks, ITV!)

      Rita, I’m not sure I read into his comments about the twins what you did: I just assumed that the first few days are a bit problematic for any new parents, with jaundice and things a possibility. I’m sure if there had been anything to worry about he wouldn’t have gone to Rome in the first place.

      1. Thanks.

        I think he played a pretty emphatic first match really. Didn’t face a break point and was mostly very clean off the ground. Hard to picture what he could have done different other than a triple bagel.

        No bearing on his chances of making the business end of things but gotta be in it to win it.

  2. Oh wow Jonathan, a lightening quick recap! Don’t you go out playing tennis or cruising in the Med on ‘Rehab’?

    It was a relaxing sunday afternoon without any hair-raising moments so I enjoyed the chat, thanks πŸ™‚ Good to see him moving freely, coming to the net and serving pretty well. I must agree Rita about the outfit, though I still dislike the sleeves. Loved the girl’s polkadots outfits with the sun shades, ahhhh πŸ™‚

      1. Why did you have to bring that up Susie ?
        Wanda it is not funny πŸ™‚
        For know I just have to worry about getting them in time at piano, ballet and tennis lessons cause they re still 7 and 5.
        Or when the little one is asking for cookies, chips, candy or anything you can imagine while I m 30-40 on my second serve and trying to hold πŸ™‚

      2. Oh oh GG, will you survive their troublesome 16?? Or… sooner?? What if they discover boys??? πŸ™‚ Having nervous thoughts already?? Sorry GG, couldn’t resist πŸ™‚

      3. Boys ? you re trying to freak me out , arnt you ?
        Nah I m not worried I am working hard on their tennis addiction and that has to be about enough. At least til they are 22 or smthing and a nice guy looking like Roger wearing white lacoste polo shows up .
        BTW Katyani do you have any idea where I can get Suzzane Lenglen style tennis dresses for them when they grow older ?
        15 to 20 inches above the ankle it has to be

      4. GG are you serious??? Or are you kidding?? Noooo idea about those dresses. I didn’t even know Suzanne Lenglen was a tennisplayer until one of the commies mentioned it once. I just looked her up on Google. She was born in 1899. GG, a lady never tells her age, but how old do you think I am that I would know such things about her dresses?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      5. Yes I am kidding but its true that I m worried . It s always been like this but today I feel there are more dangers and more things you cant control in your childrens lifes.

        O dont know how old you are but I thought you mentioned that you where a fan of her and you once as a kid you had a chance to watch her live πŸ™‚

      6. Oh Papa GG, relax! Mirka mama is going to take care of the girls. But I know what you and Roger will be going through as I’m a mum of a teenage girl, too πŸ˜‰

  3. Didn’t see any of it but am liking the serve stats a lot! Nadull pushed onto Lenglen tomorrow, bit rude considering he is defending champ Nd world no 1. Unloved or what!!

    1. Haha the runt of the litter. The French hate his tennis I’m sure Gambler has a limerick for that πŸ™‚

      There was a young man called Dull
      They called him the Spanish Bull
      He hated to play on Lenglen
      It’s a pity the French signed Schenghen
      His trophy cabinet would only be half full

      Think I’ll stick to the day job πŸ˜€

      1. Yes, I thought that was a bit disrespectful, too, but maybe that’s the way RG always operates? No favoritism to past winners? Difficult to tell, when there have basically only been a couple in the last decade? I’ve only been watching RG since ITV took it on, so am not too familiar on what they did before that.

      2. **** and Β½ for your poem. Shenghen / Lenglen nice rhyme while using the clever nonsensial idea that Dull would have only half GS’s if the treaty wasn’t signed.
        Good job! I agree we stick to our day jobs for may be just a bit more πŸ™‚

        Oh by the way nice match recap as usual, didn’t watch it cause of elections and lovely weather which demands of a lot of tennis to be played, especially on weekends.

        It seems the French need a knew FO champion. I guess we all need a knew FO champion, preferably a Swiss one without a GS in 2014 πŸ™‚

      3. Haha maybe they wouldn’t have allowed him in without a working Visa πŸ™‚ and Uncle Tony would have been left at the border due to his criminal background.

    2. Also your favourite Bartoli is commentating on ITV. She’s good too, actually provides some insight.

      Sam Smith knows Nada. Zero opinion just toeing the media line.

      Glad Petchey said on air that Silliams is disrespectful to opponents when she’s screaming come on and fist pumping at 30-30 5-1. Such an awful character.

      And to think Katyani idolises her πŸ˜€ we need an exorcist. Sid?

      1. Totally agree re Sam Smith and she has this awful rambling unclear way if speaking too. V poor diction! I like Bartoli, yes, bright and to the point and I may be in the minority but hv always liked Courier too!!

      2. Bartoli doing well thus far – and I quite like Courier, too. I got so distracted by the discussion over the new raquet that I actually stopped watching the match!

    3. Hey Susie, could it be that Rafa asked for it himself?? Maybe he practised more on that Lenglen court and wanted it… Because why else would he not be on that Chattrier court? He is defending champ and world nr 1…..

      1. Interesting question actually – when Rafa commented about the clay being looser & quicker than usual, was he specifically referring to Chatrier? Maybe he was wanting to not play on that?

      2. Interesting theory Katyani. As Pat Cash said on the Sunday Times “Nadal is a warrior but also a worrier. His anxiety in recent months has resulted in him not timing his shots perfectly.” So, is he trying to take pressure off himself asking for Lenglen?

        Though I think more of RG anticipates Nole and Stan’s matches will be more competitive and worth placing on the central. Or just the French hate his tennis as Jonathan says? Who knows French mentality…agree it’s a bit disrespectful. By the way, you are as good poet as GG, Jonathan πŸ™‚

      3. Hey Wanda, I wouldn’t put it past the “so humble” Rafa…. Great warrior, true, but also selfish and that is also true. Might even be the idea of the Great Uncle Toni. Wouldn’t put it past him either.

      4. I doubt Nadal would ask to play on Lenglen. Guess it’s possible but why would they make special arranagements for him? If you start doing that it’s a right can of worms.

    4. Hi Jonathon, I saw a replay after I had already checked the score, so there was no tension. However, Fed made quite a few unforced errors and lots of net shots that he didn’t put away. He got away with it here but wouldn’t against Djokovic or Nadal or even Nishikori or Ferrer. Still he has a few more matches to clean up his act. I hope!!
      I am not a fan if the outfit at all. It might look better if the colours were reversed but… It didn’t sit well across his chest and just didn’t look neat enough for the normally suave and elegant Roger that we expect to see.

      1. Too many sweat patches on this shirt.

        I thought Fed looked solid on serve, no break points faced. Can’t ask for more.

        And he doesn’t have to worry about Nishikori πŸ˜‰

      2. I was wondering about this: is there a link between the quality of his outfits and whether he wins GS or not? If so, he definitely hasn’t got a hope here!

        Mind you, Nadal managed to look like a kid playing on the local park courts today, so he’s no better.

    5. Wimbledon have done the same with Roger a few times over the times. I’m pretty sure he played at Court 1 a couple of times, even during the 2003-2007 dominance period! I do remember in the 2010 championship he was on Court 1 for the second round, even though he was defending champion.

      1. I thought he was on Centre every match after 2003 until 2011 or something when he played Youzhny on Court 1. Not sure though.

      2. I thought I read/heard something recently (Chris Gorringe’s book, maybe?) that said that Wimbledon always try to put all the top players on No. 1 court at least once during a tournament.

        Anyway, given the result, I think putting the match on Lenglen was probably quite justified. If they were going to do it once in the tournament, probably better to do it for that match.

  4. Nothing to see here apart from highlights, should have been 6-2 6-2 6-2 really.

    Cruise control.

  5. Thanks, Jonathan. I think I should get an 8 hr handicap….since I’m 8 hrs behind you. Then I would have a chance to be in the running for 1st! Haa.
    Strange they didn’t put Nadal on centre court. I wonder what that was about? Maybe they are hoping for an early loss?
    I have to listen to John McEnroe and company for 2 weeks! Blah, blah, blah. He talks about himself and his career over and over. Enough already. They are so disrespectful of players. Judgmental and nasty sarcastic comments. They were making fun of Lacko. No class, no wonder Roger doesn’t seem to particularly like him.
    Roger looked a little rusty with the shots into the net but overall seemed to move really well. That’s what impressed me.
    Hate the outfit. Nike, please get yourself together. Lindt could do a better job.

    1. Hey Sue, Roger’s outfit is not so bad, only his shoes should have been red with white laces instead of white with red laces. His socks just look too white for the outfit. And the outfit is by the way a Rafa outfit. He wore the same thing in kind of a baby blue at last year’s WTF.

      And Sue… think Roger’s was bad, have you seen what Berdych was wearing?? Really Thomas, I am one of the few people on this planet who likes you a lot. Why oh why do you want to alienate more people?? WHAT are you wearing???

      1. I think Berdych’s shirt should be banned – except maybe on the beach. And Aga’s dress, although very pretty, looked more suitable for strolling along the Promenade des Anglais than playing a match in. Surely there must be some limits on the amount of visual distraction allowed in the dress code?

    2. Yeah, hate the outfit! The husband’s comment was, well that’s another Fed outfit I won’t be buying! Hate the red shorts which clash horribly with the court!
      Thought Fed looked thinner again! Hv finally watched highlights! Lacko didn’t really come to the races did he??

  6. Thanks for your recap, Jonathan. I thought that Roger played well, so did Lacko, especially in the 2nd set when he stayed with Roger for quite a few rallies. It was a straight forward match with no drama. Roger moved extremely well.
    I thought that his outfit was not that bad, ladies, πŸ™‚ . Of course, we’ve seen some better ones over the years. Maybe, Nike and Roger just want to make some changes πŸ™‚ .
    One done, six to go, Allez Roger!

  7. I had to check out Berdych’s shirt. Hmm….I’m thinking Hawaii 1970. Aga’s dress, same thing.

    1. I kind of like both, actually; not sure what’s supposed to be so awful about them.

      Fed’s outfit, on the other hand – the best that can be said for it is that it’s marginally better than the blue variation he was wearing a few weeks ago. The red shorts at least are not so transparent as to show his underwear. But the whole thing hangs badly, moves badly, shows perspiration badly, & looks vaguely plastic. It’s awful. I know it’s late in his career, but really – maybe it’s time to change clothing sponsors. This is appalling.

      Fed himself, however, is thankfully moving well & I too was pleased to see his excellent serving numbers. We’ll have to wait a couple matches to see if he’s brought himself to a good place on return (since he wasn’t particularly challenged in this match, & probably won’t be in the next either). What do you guys who play think about his familiarity, now, with the new racquet? Is he wielding it like something he’s comfortable with, or are shanks still a result of it not behaving the way he’s expecting?

      1. Nah, I think he’s got the hang of it now, mostly. Shanks are due to just his game imo, taking the ball early and aggressively.

      1. Have to say, Novak’s outfit at least looks clean, sharp and fresh. I still don’t like his shorts, though.

  8. Unable to draw much from his 1st match except his shirt match the rustiness level of his game right now. His daughters dressed better than their papa for tennis. Good call to play on Sunday, at least he gets 1 match while waiting for the rest. As Nadull, heard he was going all whiny about court conditions, organizers decided to shove him to Lenglen. So who is the da boss now eh?

    1. Isn’t that funny?? His fave slam is the one he’s complaining the most about πŸ˜€ Afraid to lose his crown ya think? πŸ˜€

      1. Guess Nadull going with – if can’t win whine and blame the court. He has won at PC 8x and considered GOAT on clay, what is he smoking here. If conditions are bad, it effects all players on same court as well. Djoker better win this #RG14

  9. Overall I agree with you Jon, Rog played a good opening match giving his lack of matches recently. Especially his movement was great which is promising, then the fine tuning of errors will be better as the tournament proceeds.

    And well okay shoot me, but I liked Rogers outfit also the shoes, only thing is I thought he looked really skinny in it! Daddy to 4 is maybe a good diet πŸ˜‰

    1. Seriously Mark, he is getting thinner by the day. Have you seen how thin his upperarms are?? Like sticks. Going the Nole way?? πŸ™‚ And…. whatever Roger’s outfit (even his too white socks)… the dude looks good in anything πŸ™‚

      1. True. He is extremely strong. Plus, you can never trust the camera. It adds a few, docks a few, depending on the person and the angle, lighting etc.

  10. Outfit- Hell NO
    Winning French Open- Hell NO
    Reaching semis: yeah, maybe.
    Winner: Djokovic( I really hope so) or anyone except Nadal.
    The only positive thing about this french open is Federer can play some Long rallies and get himself ready for Wimbly..
    Wimbly and Long rallies??
    U must be wondering..

    They have slowed it down like a clay court and the sad part is the bounce is very true which is so unlike grass courts where it seems to skid and very low bouncy surfaces..

    Speed i can understand but if the bounce just sits up then slice is not as effective.. Roger’s strength is his way of turning defense into attack with one slice BH.. That is nullified over the years..
    I for once think that nadal would not have won 2 Wimblys had the bounce be like in the 90’s..

    That is why Nadal lost in 2nd and 1st rounds in the previous years..
    He would’ve schooled them if he played them in the later part of the tourney cos the bounce is a lot more when u continuously play…

  11. Rog looks good in anything really! I’m sure you wouldn’t like him to repeat an outfit of another year and have the press showing to pictures to find out which Roger wears it best.
    Fantastic and relaxed match, what I wanted so he doesn’t doubt himself so early.
    When is he scheduled to play again by the way…
    Nadal vs Robby Genepri, definitely not a match to watch 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. Nadal will be seething inside that he gets Suzanne Lenglen while Stan gets Phillipe Chatrier
    I liked Aga’s dress, i think that was all I saw during her match, never saw the ball πŸ™‚
    As for Berdych, all I was hoping was that he should lose so Fed doesn’t have to fight so much in the 4th round.
    Now , what does this Schwartzman have to offer…..can fed just play the same tunes he played against Lacko..
    Waiting to see

  12. Right! That’s the very last time I’m ever going to put a bet on Nishikori! He is so unreliable!

    1. HAHAHAHA. Shay, another bad bet Rita? Your track record is a tad unenviable. :p

      Perhaps you should tell us where you’ve put your money and we can go do the exact opposite. A fool proof way to make some money? :p

  13. A solid opening match from Rog (moving well, solid hitting, some silly errors). Hopefully he keeps improving as the tournament progresses.


    Watching a few minutes of Nadal’s match, just in time to hear Vilander drooling all over Nadal’s all court game, and claiming he’s the most complete player of all time (due to winning 3 slams on 3 surfaces in 2010), along with several other hilarious “facts”.

    His argumentation is so beyond ridiculous, I feel he should be banned from commenting on someones GOATness forever (together with another former champ, we all know who). Having an opinion is one thing, but completely ignoring Djokovic’s 2011., and Roger’s 2006/07/09 (or in fact his entire career) when saying Nadal is the most complete player ever (because of ONLY one (1) year from his entire 10+ year,clay dominated, career) is either ignorance/jealousy/heavy liquor.

    I guess I’ll be adding him to my “Mcenroe like commentators” ignore list :p

    Cheers πŸ˜€

  14. Anybody checked Dopal’s score? Told you…the dope is just about kicking in πŸ™‚

    1. Btw how’s the knees doing? Are they miraculously healed? No mentioning of the career threatening injury?? he has been playing tennis non stop since last year including a full hard court season but apparently all is good!

    STAN is down 4-6 7-5 2-6 0-6…
    no way nadal can be stopped from reaching the finals now

    1. I had a nasty feeling this might happen, although not quite with such a bad scoreline. What the heck was wrong in that final set? (I was busy cooking at the time). It’s all very well Roger saying there are a handful of players capable of taking Nadal out – including two Swiss – but what if they don’t actually make it far enough through the draw to even try?! (And why didn’t MTF go ballistic over that statement? I was expecting it!)

      It really does make a big big hole in the draw – although all the British commentators could fix on was that it made it a lot easier for Murray πŸ™

      1. Garcia Lopez was very impressive and sure Stan played as if he did not care where balls went. GL won a title recently in Moroco and might be able to play. Not necessarily a dark horse but surely qualified as a grey horse πŸ™‚ .

    1. Actually, I think on clay Stan’s backhand wouldn’t have stood a chance against Nadal. Murray has shown that he has the game to beat Nadal. He’s also far more experienced than Stan. I think Ferrer in the quarters and then Murray in the Semis (if it gets to that) could be a tough ask for Nadal.

      1. 62 errors from Stan, what a shocker! The last time I remember someone hitting 60+ UF errors in 4 sets was Roger in his loss against Nadal back in the semis of AO 12.

      2. I think Nadal would have beaten him comfortably. But Murray doesn’t have the game on clay to beat Nadal as we saw in Rome.

      3. Ferrer may have the confidence to beat Rafa after their last meeting… but Murray?? No way! Should they meet Nadal will just trash him… In fact I doubt whether Murray has enough left in him to sustain as a GS contender…

      4. I disagree.

        Murray has a solid backhand that Nadal can’t exploit. Rome was an EXTREMELY close match on a VERY slow clay court. It happens to be Murray’s least favourite surface and Nadal’s favourite and Nadal barely scraped through. To be honest, it could have gone either way. Credit where credit’s due- Murray played well enough to win. If it was any other surface, I would put my money on him beating Nadal. On clay, it’s definitely 70-30 in Nadal’s favour, more so over 5 sets, but those odds are better than Stan’s. Nadal would eat his backhand on clay.

        Ferrer has now beaten Nadal in their last 3 or three matches now, with one being on clay? I think he has an even better chance of beating Nadal. He’s gotten over his mental block. The victories have definitely given him belief that he can win.

      5. It is not about his opponents. If Nadal finds his best and he is doing it, he doesn’t have any rival in the clay of Paris. There is a reason why players consider beating Nadal at RG is the biggest challenge in the sport by far (and in the history of tennis).

  16. Disappointing from Stan – yes, GGL was expected to be a very tough opening test, but a Grand Slam champion needs to be able to β€œfind a way” to win, which is what Roger, Rafa, Novak and Andy have been able to do so well for so long. Methinks he’s still not quite accustomed to dealing with life as a big-time winner. The No. 3 ranking is also in jeopardy

    1. Very true. I suppose we have to remember that a year or so ago Stan was only in the mid-teens. It was a very big leap up the rankings.

  17. Really disappointing from Stan. He’s been so up and down (well mostly down really) since the AO. Makes it all the more annoying he beat Roger really.

    And how horrible was it to watch the boring, boring Robredo defeat Ward. I wasn’t really expecting Ward to win but after the first set thought he might have a chance. Ah well.

    1. Just great, Stan is out. I am very disappointed with his performance. He has yet to live up to his billing of GS Champ. Nadal looks lock on for final and we will have the same winner for the past 4 years again. Honestly can someone stop him please. Anyone?

      1. I make that 5 seeds out of Nadal’s half of the draw already, and we’re barely into the second round yet. And one out of Djokovic’s?

    2. Joke match from Stan, it’s like he thinks all he has to do is swing hard and that’s it. No point construction just mindless ball bashing.

      1. Indeed,… I was just shocked after watching Wawrinka… What’s wrong with him?

  18. I think Roger was over-played by then anyway, which was why I was a) surprised he played MC anyway (and surmised it must have something to do with the boys’ due date) and b) not surprised he lost.

    A shame about Ward. I did think it was a lot to ask against Robredo, but he *might* have had a bad day …

  19. Hey Guys,
    did anybody read this quote by Roger about Djoko “Three weeks ago he couldn’t play tennis anymore. When he was injured, oh, my God, you know. Things are looking so terrible. Now everything is great,” said the Swiss.

    oh my oh my, this is a big dig on Djoko, Roger prove to me from time to time, he doesn’t respect Djoko at all πŸ˜‰

    full link

    1. I actually took it as a dig at the MEDIA. I think this is Roger saying, a lot of what is reported as a big deal just isn’t.

    2. Yeah – in context its pretty clearly a media critique. Roger says they never look at players week to week. They like to come up with career defining interpretations from a poor tournament or a slight health hiccup here and there.

    3. Uncalled from, from Roger. I’m sure Nadal and Djokovic fans have already gone to town with those comments πŸ™‚

  20. Well, Kei might still have been injuried (not fully recovered). However, Klizan was mighty impressive – hitting ball cleanly and very agressive. He seems to carry his winning form from Stuttgart to Paris. He seems a darker horse than Garcia Lopez is.

    1. Jonathan, the two matches that you picked indeed came up as upsets – Klizan and Garcia-Lopez emerging victorious.

  21. Oh, Alex! Didn’t you say you managed to get tickets for Chatrier – but Rog is scheduled for Lenglen!

    Bet there will be lots of Chatrier ticket-holders wanting to trade. Maybe you could find a Djokovic fan who has Lenglen but wants Chatrier…

    Hope you have a great time even if you don’t get to see Rog play.

  22. Watching Federer;s second round match and all I can think of is- Federer’s return of serve= JOKE!!

    And why does he try to be so aggressive whenever he’s pulled wide on the forehand. He dumps routine balls into the net.

    1. Ok, seriously. WTF is up with the damn return. The damn twat can’t put enough balls into play despite the fact that he’s playing a qualifier. He just doesn’t get himself into enough return games, like most of the other top 10 do.

      1. Maybe he is practicing. If he is fairly confident that he is winning, why wouldn’t he practice different return tactics.

  23. Summary: Seems Schwartzman has a weak backhand. Seems federer is playing bad too. I hope this gets his mindset up to play better because he nids to think ‘win’ all the time

  24. @Gaurav, it might also be the way this chap plays, besides i don’t think they have a H2H. Different people , different games

  25. Well he won in straight sets, but to be honest some of the credit for the closeness of the scoreline must go to Schwarzman, he played a good match. I would say Schwarzman played like a guy ranked about 30-50 and Roger somewhere around world number 5-10 standard. But like his first match, I think Roger could have handed out bakery products if he REALLY wanted to, but why waste the effort in the early rounds? Winning in straight sets in under 2 and a half hours or so is what you want for the first few rounds, and he has achieved that.

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