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Federer Cruises Past Davydenko at Australian Open

Another cruise match from Roger as he made light work of Nikolay Davydenko 6-3 6-4 6-4 to setup a third round tie with the only Australian left in the draw and the guy everyone is talking about, Bernard Tomic. I'll get onto that match shortly but firstly todays match against Kolya.

Just like the match against Paire on Tuesday this was another imperious victory as far as I'm concerned. Straight sets, no break points faced and an extremely comfortably victory. What more can you ask for?

The match in terms of tactics played out pretty similarly to every other time these 2 have met on tour, Davydenko played aggressively, Roger never backed down, served well and ultimately forced Davydenko to go for too much and made him make mistakes in the key moments.

Davydenko is robotic in style so often matches follow the same pattern, he starts well with clean ball striking, fights off some Federer pressure early and then folds when he comes under continued attack. Today's match followed the script as he saved break points early and then got broken as Roger moved into a 4-2 lead and cruised to the first set taking it 6-3.

The second set was similar to the first, Davydenko cranked his serve up a notch and went for the lines early in most rallies but he wasn't able to find any consistency and after dropping serve early he failed to make any inroads on Federer's serve losing it 6-4.

By the start of the 3rd set Roger was never going to let Davydenko back into it and was helped out even further when the Russian played a terrible opening service game to hand over another all important break of serve. As per the first two sets Roger cruised through on serve and served out the match with ease to head into the third round.

An Impressive Win

Federer Backhand Defence

Tonight for me again showed Roger is in good form and feels very comfortable with where his game is at. His movement was spot on and he didn't give up an inch on the baseline meaning he was able to transition well and also pile real pressure on Davydenko throughout the whole match. The end result was the Russian trying to hit the lines too often and Roger always ready to capitalise as soon as he got on top in the rally.

A few fans seemed to be a little disappointed with Roger's game tonight and I saw tweets and forum posts like “oh he's not finding his range”, “he's making too many errors”. I find it a little unbelievable really, I'm not sure what fans expect this early in a slam but he can't really do much more than win and win comfortably at that. The match wasn't even close and he won in under 2 hours in stupidly warm conditions.

I thought his game was clicking too, when you're playing a wily old verteran like Davydenko who's still able to take the ball extremely early and play in a relentless kind of style to come through without facing a break point and without expending too much energy is impressive.

Dayydenko might be number 40 in the world these days but we shouldn't forget he was in the top 4 for quite a long time and has a winning record against many of the other top players. Except Roger of course who now leads the H2H 18-2. GOAT.

The match stats might not have been the greatest from either guy or the rallies of the highest quality but that's often the nature of this type of match. Roger made 68% first serves and won 76% of points behind it against a guy who has a great return of serve. 3 out 13 on the break points isn't Roger's greatest stat but he created a lot of chances and didn't face a single one on his own serve. Very solid from what I saw and it bodes well for the tournament.

What did you think of the pink trainers?

Federer Pink Trainers

Predictions vs. Tomic

Next up for Roger is the match that everyone has been anticipating and talking about against Bernard Tomic. The press have been making a meal out of this one ever since the draw came out last Friday and both players have been asked about it non stop in interview and press conferences.

If you read Roger's press conference after the Davydenko match there isn't one question about how he played; everything is related to Tomic.

It's kind of annoying really as this is only a third round match so it's not exactly deserving of such hype but I suppose it's going to be interesting to see what Tomic can do. The fact he's the only Aussie left in the draw also means the press are going to be all over it. He has said he can beat anyone after his positive start to the year so it's time to let his tennis do the talking.

At the end of the day, you got to wait for the match. All the talk around it. I don't read the press, so I don't know it's going to affect me … I think it's important to be confident to a degree. It seems he has that. Now obviously we both have to live up to a big match, big hype, and then we can talk about it afterwards.

Right now I'm still at the beginning of the season. He's obviously played a bit more. So he knows more so where he is with his game. So it's an interesting matchup right now I think for both of us.

I have a feeling Roger will be pretty motivated to stamp his authority on this one. I doubt the press or Tomic's comments have effected him but he always seems to silence players when they have made cocky remarks. I get the sense a few Fed fans are worried about Tomic but I'm not so sure. He'd have to really have improved to do any damage as far as I'm concerned.

I think it will be closer than last year, maybe Tomic can win a set but if JesusFed shows up and plays aggressive I think he's going down and it may even be a Monaco like US Open beat down if his game really clicks.

Tomic played way too far behind the baseline against Brands today and dropped a set in a pretty close match. He's improving but he hasn't faced anyone of Roger's calibre in Sydney or in his first 2 matches Melbourne.

Of course Tomic fans are quick to point out he beat Djokovic in the Hopman Cup but we can't really read too much into Exhibition matches and it's also worth remembering he beat Djokovic at Kooyong in 2010 too but nobody remembers that!

I have a feeling this surface is just a tiny bit faster. That may help all of us feeling like we're serving better. But then again, maybe he is serving better. That may be the case for him. He's done a nice job of holding his serve, putting pressure on the return. I'll find out many, many things in a few days.

Hopefully it's an interesting match, as it's always good to see Roger face the next generation. It'd be good if the crowd get into it and to be honest I'm not sure how well liked Tomic is by the Aussie fans. He is all they have left though so that might count for something but I see Federer dazzling them under the Rod Laver Arena lights winning through 6-4 7-6(5) 6-4.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I did think he overall had a good match, but 40 UE is little too much… Think he needs to get a hold of those if he’s going to go deep into the tournament (when I say dep, i mean GOAT deep ie semis or better). And the shoes?? They’re the only flipping thing you see on the court!!!

    1. I think it was the nature of the way Fed vs Kolya matches play out. Roger has to hug the baseline and never back off so errors are just a by product of that tactic.

  2. A great performance from Roger. The shot making (both of them hitting the ball extremely early. Reminds me of Federer vs Agassi matches) was amazing ,and there were lots of “out of this world” shots (both offensive and defensive from Roger… backhand flicks DTL, crazy angled forehands and backhands, simply wow (And he can still rise his level even more)). This clearly shows Roger is in great form and ready to go all the way. Hopefully a repeat of AO 2010 (where his level was also amazing) is on the sight.

    1. Yep, I had a few Wow moments too… And even a few “shakes-head” and jaw-dropping moments. Shame I just have a terrible memory, so I never seem to be able to recall exΓ‘ctly at which moments that was… πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey Jonathan and all others! Another peRFect match without any trouble and with pink shoes! Commentator on my television at one point said: “…Well, that there are two Davydenko this would not be able to go back!” And that’s the best description of the match today! And, speaking of styling, AGAIN those pink sneakers from Serena! Oh god, glowing on the field, but if Roger win the title I’ll buy myself the same and it will be my favorite shoes! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Predictions for TomiΔ‡, ROGER WIN! TomiΔ‡ (and his surname is written like this, not Tomic) originating from my country, there is no chance to win, I know!!! πŸ™‚ BYE!

  4. I thought he played well. I bit to many errors perhaps, but his serve was clicking and thats the most important thing. I think federer will probably win in straight sets. If federror shows up he could lose a set but still win in 4. I keep reading ‘tomic has improved so much’ but I honestly don’t see that much difference with last year when he also played well.

    About the shoes all I can say: I love it.

    1. Yeah his serve was nice. And about Tomic, he certainly seems to have matured a bit, before you’d see him strolling around on the court and wondered what the f**k he was actually doing there. I personally see a big improvement due to that. But boy has his cockiness gone to new levels…. It’ll do him good to come down to earth again πŸ˜€

      about the shoes: o_O πŸ˜‰


      1. Tomic has improved his serve and his forehand has more power but other than that, I don’t think he has the game to match Federer’s. Fed needs to make sure his return game is aggressive on the second serve and come to the net as he did last year in the fourth round. I actually liked the shoes? maybe they will be his lucky charm to get this fifth open title!

      2. I certainly hope the shoes (or whatever else) get him that trophy, but I honestly can’t say I like them. I usually like the more discreet kind of stuff. this is….. indescribable πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ nah just kidding, they’re just a little (a lot?) too flashy to my taste.

      3. @Simon I agree that his behavior seems to have improved atleast for now, lets see if he will keep that up after a couple of though loses in the year, but I don’t really see such a big improvement that warrants the hype around him. Some people honestly act as if he has a good shot a beating fed. It’s baffling.

      4. Haha yeah the shoes were a bit out there but ANYTHING OTHER THAN YELLOW AND I WILL TAKE IT! At least Federer plays around with stuff, maybe just black shoes would do but his footwork is impeccable no matter what shoes he wears. Novak’s outfit is just i dont know how to explain it, green, white, yellow with stripes? No no… and Berdshit is designing his own line for H&M. Man tennis players these days…

        Agree that tomic/fed match overhyped, Australia wants ratings, that is all.

      5. @Sandra I dont think tomic has a sniff of a chance against fed, but i honestly found tomic to have improved. maybe its juste me πŸ™‚

        @Alysha ya gotta hate the yellow πŸ˜€ fed/tomic definitely overhyped, but I really think it could be an interesting and good match πŸ™‚

      6. Yeah, you gotta be confident on court but Tomic is getting a bit too full of himself that’s for sure. I guess you gotta say he’s entertaining though, least he’s getting people talking even if it’s not all because of his tennis ability.

    2. Hey Sandra,

      Yeah, I think Fed vs Denko always results in errors. If you pull up most of their stats from past mathes, especially at the US Open then Fed made a ton of errors then too but won in 3 and 4 sets both times. The way to beat Davydenko is to pressure and not let him dictate play, Fed does that well but he has to take risks which means more UE than usual.

      I don’t think Tomic is worth all the hype. Been mildly entertaining though. Especially when he said Brands played like a top 10 player. Comedy.


  5. I was a bit concerned in the beginning; I always am when each service game seems to start with 0-15 and 0-30… Luckily that changed very quickly. I just had the feeling he really needed to get into this match (different than usual). But when he did that… Serve was incredible I thought, quite a few killer points, really really impressive as ever and no breakpoints that he had to face… Before the match, I was really thinking Davy was going to take a set, but it never happened and that’s because Fed played a *really* good match and Davy seemed to get more and more frustrated as time progressed and made too many mistakes at times when it mattered… I do think though Fed wasn’t too happy himself at times, but I might be wrong…

    And as far as Tomic is concerned, we’ll have to wait and see. Roger will win. I do believe that. I think there is a very very good chance Tomic is going to back to school tomorrow night… And maybe Tomic takes a set, maybe not. Too much confidence/arrogance can get in the way (as Fed hinted at in a very subtle way during the post match presser) and I hope that happens of course cause I think the boy needs to learn a few things first… It was a real shame that today’s post-match presser was almost entirely about Tomic btw while there were so many other things that you could have asked… But it happened. I admire him for his ever ongoing patience, although his body language spoke volumes a few times…

    Oh and no opinion on the shoes ;), but I did like the on court interview afterwards where he jokingly said that he had ‘nothing to say’ if it comes to those decisions…

    1. Hey Natasja,

      I’ve only read the press transcript so will try find a video of it. His eyes and expressions probably tell the story if the relentless Tomic questions were pissing him off.

      Hoping he schools him.


      1. It’s on the AO website, the video. Curious what you think… I hope he schools him too. The boy needs it. We’ll find out many many things tomorrow morning πŸ˜‰

  6. Excellent performance once again by the master! Davydenko was impressive a the beginning but Fed ran away with the match after 4-2. I do agree he was making more errors than usual and his break point conversion could have made the match much quicker but hey a win is a win and he makes such good players look ordinary!

    As for the Tomic matchup, well a few things need to be taken into account:
    – Neither has been broken yet so far so they will rely on their serves alot and if Fed says the surface is playing quicker that is going to make this match very interesting. However, they are playing in the night on Saturday so conditions are slower and I can definitely say that Fed has been working on his return game, he is looking in form!
    – I watched the Tomic vs Brands match, Tomic was quite passive and unimpressive in that match, he was lucky he won that second set tie break and had a good serve, he will struggle with Fed’s serve no doubt about it, his return game was non-existent yesterday.
    – Crowd will be on Fed’s side, alot of us Aussies don’t think highly of Tomic and his stupid media remarks lately have made it even worse. I know he is trying to be confident and whatnot and obviously he has to say he has a chance but try to be a bit more respectful. Fed just laughed when Courier told Federer after his match with Davydenko that Tomic said “If he makes it that far.”

    I think Federer relishes this moment, playing the Aussie on Rod Laver Saturday night, he has set the perfect trap for Tomic and I really do hope Fed puts him in his place come this weekend. Look I see this being a Fed victory but if Tomic gets the first set through a tiebreaker or something, this match could go anywhere. I want straight sets, and I agree with you that this match has been overhyped so the media needs to let the tennis do the talking.

    1. Btw Jonathan, have you been watching Delpo, he is flying under the radar BIG TIME but he is definitely back in his 2009 form. Yesterday he hit 50 winners to 18 unforced errors. I think Delpo will pull off the upset against Murray and has a huge chance against Federer and Novak. But then again, something always happens to Delpo and the later stages of the slam so I’m not too sure. Speaking of Murray and Novak they have been cruising, yet to be tested, but both look in great form also, I think Fed will need to step it up when second week comes around.

      1. Completely agree about Delpo… He seems in fine form, hit quite a few very impressive shots. I hope he pulls it off against Murray and think he certainly has a chance. If he stays fit enough that is, cause yesterday at the end of the match, he seemed absolutely exhausted which I thought was kind of worrying… Fingers crossed, it’d be nice if he would make it to the semis…

      2. I’ve only seen some highlights. He’s always a danger though and he could take Murray out I feel if he can keep his fitness and his level up.

        Murray looks in form too I guess, although no tests of yet, see how he gets on tomorrow.

        Djoker is pretty much a lock for the final I feel.

    2. Hey Alysha,

      Cool stat, didn’t realise Tomic hadn’t been broken yet, that’s quite impressive. Although he hasn’t faced any one with a good return.

      You’re right about the Brands match too, Tomug played too far behind the baseline I thought. He’s still a bit of a pusher. Maybe his forehand is getting a bit more effective though.

      Good to hear that you think the crowd will be on Feds side too. I wasn’t sure, knew it wouldn’t be partisan but I thought maybe Tomic would have some on his side seen as though he’s the only Aussie left in the draw.

      First set could be an important one so we’ll see!

      Allez les suisse!


  7. Usually I don’t watch early rounds but I keenly watched this one and was amazed at how well Roger moved and played (considering this is only his second competitive game of the year). All those who think he had a lot of UFE’s, calm down. Consider this. Roger was under no pressure. He was simply trying out a lot of shots, getting back into the groove. So, there will be a lot of UFE’s.

    Some of the worst UFE’s came when he had break points. On most of them, he took the shorter path to the baseline and missed. Just some rustiness, is all πŸ™‚

    Overall, I’m very happy with how he played.

    1. Same here Sid.

      Like I said in an earlier comment, if you look back at all the other matches Fed has played against Davydenko in slams they all have a high unforced error count from Roger but he’s won every match in 3 or 4 sets. It’s just the matchup and tactics that Roger has to employ to make sure he nullifies the Davydenko game.


  8. So, Jonathan, now you are predicting tiebreak scores down to the points? Dang! You must be good πŸ˜‰

  9. I am not worried about the Tomic match, Roger is way too good to fail in this match. He would have to have a really bad day to go down and I hope it would be a 3 setter so Fed can save energies for the next match.

    1. I think so too Emerson, if JesusFed shows up then there’s only one winner. Anything is possible in tennis of course so it’s not a guarantee but I’m confident Fed will do it.

  10. Loved the shoes, thought he played great. If he is that aggressive v Tomc, I predict straight sets. Agree, Delpo is the unknown, but just think Murrays movement is too good. I also think Raonic will lose to Kolschreiber, especially f courts playing a bit faster. Cannot see anyone blocking Novaks path to the final! The top half is really pretty dull, organisers only hv themselves to blame!
    Great to see Watson and Robson doing so well. Robson will win a lam within 4/5 yrs I predict! Really reminds me of Lindsay Davenport’s game!

    Go Fed, fingers crossed for no 18!

    1. Hey Susie,

      Delpo is kinda under the radar, no talk about him. Still early but I think he could beat Murray if he plays smart. He’ll have to be prepared to hit big and hit one more ball to finish points but he has a big game that can take Murray out of the equation. Still, it needs Del Po to raise his level to win.

      Djoker is a lock for the final I think. Too good on this surface.


      1. Speaking about body language and all that; you should see how he looked like when he got asked that question at the post match presser… πŸ˜‰ I might have read it wrongly, but I took it as a ‘wtf are you asking me now’…

      2. Yeah it was a boring presser, he looked bored. But he handled the questions will, seems relaxed. Especially with this answer:

        “So at the end of the day, you got to wait for the match. All the talk around it. I don’t read the press, so I don’t know it’s going to affect me. I don’t know if he’s going to wake up in the morning, first thing in the morning, and go to the coffee shop and read the paper.

        I used to be like that when I was a lot younger, and I stopped doing it a long time ago. It has a big effect on you if you care what people write about you and think of you.

        I think it’s important to be confident to a degree, you know. It seems he has that. Now obviously we both have to live up to a big match, big hype, and then we can talk about it afterwards, you know.”

  11. It was a very solid match from Roger. To not face a break point against a good Davydenko return is very impessive. As for Tomic, I think Fed will be super-motivated to beat him and we could be in for another Fed Masterclass.

  12. Wow, great performance by Roger! A bit disappointing with all those unforced errors during the break point opportunities, but one per set is enough to win and that is all that matters. That awesome backhand flick winner early in the third set was amazing! The television previews in Aussie (where I live) are awful, everyone is going for Tomic. All they show is the stupid comments he said during the interviews, that kid is way too cocky, he was lucky to beat Brands, who actually should have won the match in straight sets. I hope Federer can school him in straight sets on Saturday.
    Did anyone catch the match between Monfils and Lu? Crazy match, especially in the final set. On Monfils’ first four match points, he served double faults in all of them. Unreal!

    1. That backhand flick was GOAT material. Out of this world!

      I only saw Brands vs Tomug highlights but the scoreline was close. Tomic serve got him outta trouble by the sound of things.

      I saw Monfils, he’s a clown, 23 double faults in total in the match, that’s terrible. Kvitova served 18 against Robson too!

      1. Hey …. I like the new name u have given Tomic. Did u make that up urself. I think i will start calling him Tomug if u dont mind.I thought Tomic the Tank Engine was good but i like Tomug better cos it rolls of ur tongue quicker! Ha ha Thanks Serajul.

      2. Haha I think it was a combination between me and Ru-an. We just make them up when we are talking tennis. A few come from Mens Tennis Forums too as they use nicknames all the time!

      3. Wished Kvitova had won! I was a fan of her when she won Wimbledon 2011, even got her autograph a few days ago!

  13. Hey Conal I live in Australia too, I absolutely agree that the previews are awful for the Tomic Federer match, the same thing happened last year and Federer taught him a lesson. I think because Tomic is on this unbeaten run this year and Stosur is out the media are placing all their hope on Tomic for ratings, money etc. I also too hope Roger once again puts him back in his place, his arrogance is deciding the match result for Saturday, because he has talked himself up and now he has to deliver.

    I did catch that match as channel 7 changed it from RLA to Monfils, it was so crazy, can’t believe he did that. It was like 23 double faults over the whole match. Monfils is a talented player but is not organised and has no work ethic. If he did he would be a top 6 player at the least but he is still entertaining at the least, did you see that dance he did at the end?


    1. Yes, Monfils is disappointing us all with his lack of consistency. I don’t think he will be dancing any more the next match, he was exhausted after the five setter with Lu.

    2. It’s all about getting as many viewers as possible I guess so they have to really sell it tothe public!

      Clownfils has a huge game, yet chooses to play pusher tennis rather than aggressive.


      1. Again i am laughin at the nick-names u r giving! i.e Clownfils…do u have names for all the tennis players if so whats the funniest name u have come out with. πŸ™‚

      2. Haha too many remember!

        Verdasco = Fiasco
        Gasquet = Gaschoke or Gascoke
        Monfils = Clownfils
        Berdych = Berdshit
        Anderson = Anderchoke
        Nadal = Nadull
        Murray = Mugray
        Tomic = Tomug or Bratomic or Tomic the Tank Engine
        Tsonga = Clownga

        Think that’s about it!

  14. Hey, Jonathan. Did you see Fed’s fade-away forehand volley reverse crosscourt? He did make a bit too many unforced errors but he was playing even more aggressive than usual, and that’s probably why. I think that davidenko in his prime hits on the rise almost as well as Fed. Probably the reason he hasn’t been doing as well lately is because he is a few too many steps behind the baseline. Maybe a loss of confidence or a step slower, I don’t know. When he is up at or in front of the baseline he can beat anyone. I think Fed knows that and that’s why he didn’t give davidenko time to breathe. Some really bang up points. I’ll pick Fed in straights or 4 against Tomic. Come on Fed!

    1. Hey Tim,

      Not sure if I missed that. Will youtube it later today. I remember those 2 backhands he hit up the line though, pure talent.

      Davydenko is a good ball striker, Fed gotta go super aggressive against him to keep on top so I’m not worried about the errors.

      Hope you’re right about the Tomic prediction!


    2. I think I know what you’re talking about. It was a reflex volley. It happened so fast, it looked too good πŸ™‚

      Davy is one of the very few people who can actually take time away from Federer. One of the reasons why Roger has to be aggressive as Jonathan pointed out and that causes errors.

      In 2010, Roger used a different strategy when Davy was rolling over him. Instead of going for the lines, he started cramping Davy for width. That, and the infamous Roger restroom break threw Davy off and he never recovered.

  15. Hey Jonathan… Regarding ur post match article on Davy v fed. The tweets u read where the fed fans were upset at his play. I think these people r too busy concentrating on Djokovics flawless performance in the 2 rounds and comparing this with Federers. I am of the same opinion of urself the most important thing is to get the early wins under ur belt and then in the later rounds improve and play flawless and faultless tennis. You dont want to play ur best tennis at the beginning, federer needs to gradualy get better and better in each rounds. Its a 2 week tourny if he is to go deep. I think that is federers gameplan to improve in each round.
    P.s. Regarding his pink trainers, i didnt mind the pink shoelaces but the back of his trainers had too much pink! It should of had a pink stripe at the back. But thats just me being over too critical on the fashion sense! Anyway look forward to ur next post. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey man,

      Yeah Fed fans have high expectations when it comes to matches. They always want more! Guess that comes with the territory of playing so well for the last 10 years that nobody is ever satisfied. Good match and a great win as far as I’m concerned.

      I’m not too big on the trainers either, too loud!



  16. Hey all… Just to update people… Djokovic has crused into round 4 . What a joke , the tournament have totaly messed up the top draw. I really hope someone does beat him.
    On 5live they r really hype-ing the Fed v Tomic, but Fed should still win confortably.

  17. Overall another excellent straight forward win with some exquisite shots form Roger. Okay, less errors would have been great but I think he’s still tuning in his strokes to peRFection. I agree, can’t ask him more.

    Oh, I quite liked his outfit! It looked much better in him than the pix even the shoes, though they were shouting a bit. I like his confidence to try iffy things and does himself justice and it usually works! I hate red colour myself but love in him. Can you imagine Murray in pink? Roger is the only one who can look great in anything. Look at him in suits compare to other top 8 at WTF, for instance.

    Good job and keep at it, both Roger and you, Jonathan.

    1. Straight sets against a former world number 4 without breaking a sweat, can’t do much better I don’t think.

      Murray in pink haha. Murray looks terrible in anything, the clothes wear him not the other way round!


  18. I only watched the highlights. But it was a solid performance by Federer, as long as he doesn’t get involved in a chain of rallies early in this stage.

    My complaint is not with his performance, but with the pink trainers that he is wearing and the outfit in general πŸ˜€

      1. U girls love the trainers! My mum( aged 80) is a huge Fed fan and she loves his outfit! On anyone else? No way but with his colouring, just Perfect!

        Can’t wait for your report on the Tomic match. Fed played so well. Awesome backhand tonight, and very few UFE. Huge retrieving when half the arena thought tomic had the point at key moments. He really tested himself I thought, in his court coverage. Looks like practice has paid off!!!Just how fast is he, and such brilliant anticipation. Second set, best so far of the tourney! If he can keep improving like this, round by round, and convert a few more break points… Then I am looking forward to the Murray encounter. Can’t see Raonic having enough weapons ( except serve) or movement. Clearly the court is playing a little faster and that suits Roger! Sad about Delpo, still can’t quite get the old consistency back, but can still see this year as improvement on last year.
        Been watching some of Monfils v Simon, 72 stroke rallies!!! Like watching paint dry!

      2. Hey Susie,

        Tomic report done. It was a good match. Tomic played well I thought, I’m not a huge fan of seeing Roger have to play on the defensive but it worked tonight. There were a few moments where you felt like if Tomic had more experience he’d have won some of the points he lost.

        Raonic will be a test too but should come through.

        Del Po clowned up. Typical him. One slam wonder.

        Clownfils vs Simon is a joke match. WTA standard.


      3. Jonathan, agreed with that. The WTA really is a joke (Note: I’m not saying women’s tennis is a joke). Look at some of the scorelines, and all that hard work for equal prize money. What and amazingly deep field for the likes of Williams to win another cheap slam. Sheesh!

  19. Hi all…. During the davy match, what was the actual colour of Federers t-shirt, is it silver or grey? When i watched it on tv it looked silver,but on. You tube it looked grey! Or is it me who is colour blinded by federers pink trainers.

  20. Hi Jonathan!

    I know a few Fed Fans that are concerned about Tomic. Fouls!
    In my opinion we will see and we want to see Federer cracking Tomic up in 3 straights sets!

    Yeah, I really love those pink trainers, one more for my collection, for sure!

    Thanks, for another excellent post!

  21. Hey Jonathan, How are you doing in the racquet bracket? I’m at 1500, with 114 points. So far I’m at 75% right. I didn’t think Tommy Haas would lose so soon, same with Sam querry. Did you do a private pool? Looking forward to Fed-Tomic, should be a lot of interesting finesse points. Tim

    1. Hey Tim,

      Ah you are way ahead of me! I’m on 101 with 67% right. I’ll need a good day tomorrow to try make up the ground.

      I invited you to a pool I just created. For the next tournament or slam, I’ll create a pool for the blog so everyone can play as it could be quite fun!


      1. Sounds good. You staying up for the match tonight or recording it? Must be really time consuming running this blog. Thanks for all the effort, good on ya mate. Tim

    2. Hi Tim… Did u do these predictions online or for urself enjoyment?…either way 75% is good therefore please can u give me next results so i can put on a bet. Also the lottery numbers aswell ? Cheers …Thanks…it looks like u know something that i dont! πŸ™‚

  22. Hi… Jonathan thanks for the names, all ov them r good and funny. But i cant decide which is the best!! Cheers ….Mugrey sounds exactly like his personality spot on in my books. πŸ™‚

  23. You truly are a sick human being, Jonathan πŸ™‚ What a sick prediction: 6-4 7-6(5) 6-4. What next? Are you going to predict Roger’s net approach percentage?

    1. Pretty close on the score prediction! Fed was incredible tonight. Just loved the awe and disbelief in Simon Reeds voice when Fed earned that break point at 5/5 in the second set after that stupendous rally with Fed retrieving all over the place. Ie, no one else can do this!!! Wish he cld play forever!!!!!

      1. I think Tomic let you down by virtually giving up in the third, or it could very well have been a 6-4 scoreline πŸ™‚

  24. Hey Jonathan. What a match with Tomic heh? This was classic Fed at his best. If he keeps up this form and gets a bit more aggresive with returns, I think he has a real shot at it. His backhand is really looking tight at the moment, no errors at all. His forehand as well. I like the way he is relaxed and quietly confident. Tomis should take heed, and not get so mouthy. He is young, so hopefully as he matures he’ll get more class. Fed’s 2nd serve needs to get better. I think that it was at 43% winning his 2 serve points. Tomic looks very impressive. Even when I first saw him last year, I thought that he was something special. He has a great tennis brain, and he has all the shots. If he gets fitter, and gets a bit tougher mentally, he is going to be real tough to beat. I actually think that Tomic has a better sense of court angles than even Djokovic or Murray. Fed is still the man though with his sense of angles, and nuances. Raonic is going to be tough, I think we can expect a 4 or 5 setter with a lot of breakers. Go Fed!

    1. Hey Tim,

      Yeah was pretty much JesusFed I thought. Few moments where he wasn’t quite at his best mainly because Tomic played unexpectedly.

      As long as Roger makes first serves that’s the key.

      Tomic played well, he has got better that’s for sure. He looks to thrive on big matches. He has a lot of variety as well. Like you say understands the geometry of the court well and he has quite a lot of finesse. Maybe he needs to add some more power to his game so he has an out and out weapon. He’s tall though so his serve is improving.

      Hope Fed gets past Emperor Rao in straights –


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