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Federer Cruises Past Chung into BNP Paribas Open Semi Finals

The Indian Wells last four awaits for Roger Federer as he defeated Hyeon Chung 7-5, 6-1 to match his best ever start to a season with sixteen wins and extends his stay at the top of the ATP Rankings.

The 36-year-old Swiss last started the season with a 16 match unbeaten streak back in 2006 but it seems not much has changed in the world order of men's tennis since as he comfortably dispatched the South Korean in 1 hour and 21 minutes, overcoming a minor blip in the first set to take full control and set a semi-final showdown against Borna Coric who defeated Kevin Anderson in three sets.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Quarter Finals Indian Wells 2018

Federer won the toss and chose sides. Chung elected to receive. Roger promptly held to fifteen and although Chung was soon at 40-0, Roger reeled off five points in a row to break for 2-0 with a sweetly timed lob.

The Swiss then consolidated the break for 3-0 but in a role reversal during game four he couldn't hold from 40-15 as Chung broke back and levelled at 3-3. The pair then exchanged back to back holds for 5-5 but after holding for 6-5 with an ace Roger upped his game, breaking to 15 to take the set 7-5.

Into set two and Roger found himself in trouble having to save four break points, one of which Chung dumped a makeable volley into the net, before finally holding for 1-0. The hold seemed to break Chung's spirit as he dropped serve himself as Fed moved into a 2-0 lead. That was soon consolidated for 3-0 and Fed was able to move through the gears, dragging Chung around the court with geometric precision as he broke again for 5-1 and he saved his fifth break point of the set as he served it out 6-1.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Hyeon Chung
Aces 12 0
Double Faults 1 3
1st Serve 67% (46/69) 52% (30/58)
1st Serve Points Won 70% (32/46) 53% (16/30)
2nd Serve Points Won 57% (13/23) 54% (15/28)
Break Points Saved 83% (5/6) 43% (3/7)
Service Games Played 10 9
1st Serve Return Points Won 47% (14/30) 30% (14/46)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 46% (13/28) 43% (10/23)
Break Points Converted 57% (4/7) 17% (1/6)
Winners 32 8
Unforced Errors 24 22
Net Points Won 78% (14/18) 54% (7/13)
Return Games Played 9 10
Service Points Won 65% (45/69) 53% (31/58)
Return Points Won 47% (27/58) 35% (24/69)
Total Points Won 57% (72/127) 43% (55/127)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Fed Chung IW 2018

I'm happy I found a way. Started off really well, struggled afterwards, found my game back again and was able to protect it, saving big break points early on in the second set. I think that was the key to the match, those 10, 15 minutes where I broke at the end of the first and then saved break points early in the second. I'm very happy. It was a good match. I played well.

Classy match from Roger here and he played at a high level throughout. He was able to get off the perfect start with the early break but Chung was able to respond with some really nice ball striking to peg him back. However, Roger was able to pick up his level at the end of the first set just when he needed to throwing in some nice variety that Chung couldn't handle.

The first game of the second set was where Fed basically sealed it but Chung really should have broken in that game, missing a very makeable volley off a defensive Federer slice when he had plenty of open court but didn't counteract the backspin instead just dumping it into the net. After that Fed's confidence was high and Chung's shoulders slumped as Fed just took full control giving him the runaround for the remainder of set two.

Predictions vs. Coric

Next up is Coric who had a big win against Kevin Anderson coming from a break down in the third set before prevailing in the tie-break. He's had some decent wins of late and like Chung is a very solid baseliner. Roger has played him once before back in Dubai three years ago where he lost just three games and the two practised together at last years US Open so has some familiarity with his game.

Playing Chung will have been great prep too so I like Roger's chances to come through unscathed. Coric is a great mover but he plays fairly deep and Fed can impose himself on that sort of game style by taking all his time away. If you saw the numbers Hawkeye put up Fed was taking the ball inside the baseline 75% of the time against Chung who's a bigger striker of the ball than Coric so I expect an aggressive Fed to be coming in and asking Coric all the questions. Can he answer them? He'll either have to grind like the best of them or switch it up and play aggressive himself. Fed is my pick.

What did you guys think of the match? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Was only really close for like 4 games, cruised to 3-1, then from 5-5 took control. Although second could have been way different if Chung wasn’t hitting down on a sliced ball 😀

  1. Yet another bronze medal 🙂 I left the match at 5-4 in the first, so glad to know things picked up from there.

  2. So, Coric. I gather Ljubicic is involved somehow with Coric’s team as well, so that could be interesting …

    1. Ljubicic is Coric’s manager and apparently sometimes gives the youngster advice. One of Coric’s coaches (since last fall) is the experienced Riccardo Piatti, who coached both Ljubicic and then Raonic for many years. It looks like his new team is having an influence on Borna’s results.

      Presumably Ljubicic won’t be giving Coric any advice for this match.

  3. I don’t see Fed losing against Coric. If Delpo makes it through, Final will be tough for sure. Some ppl will be happy with him retaining #1 ranking but I want Fed to win titles. #1 is by product of winning titles but at this age. Looking at the no of points he is ahead compared to #3, the #1 ranking will be yoyoing between him and Dull and he will be able to get it much easier compared to last year. For Fed, the RoI is important. Investment is his energy and reward is titles. You only get it if you win it otherwise all that energy is waste. He doesn’t have any other reasons left. Don’t need experience, have had more than enough life on tour and what comes along with it, all major titles that most players would want and so on. The only reason left for him to play tennis is to get more titles. He says he enjoys playing tennis but that’s because he is winning so much. If he was losing in 2nd or 3rd round in 4 or 5 consecutive tournaments he wouldn’t say that., We remember number 97 because he won those 97, nobody talks about the number of titles he didn’t win or even almost won. That was fine in his early age but at this point in time, he has to go for titles.

    I am not too sure about Miami, if he plays, he might burn out before final but if he wins it, clay is a complete no go no matter what Fed says. He will be burnt out more than last year after SS double because in Dubai he had only played 2 matches and in Rotterdam this year he played full tournament. Playing Fo with or without a warm up will defo jeopardise his chances for Wimby.

  4. These late night matches are reeking havoc with my sleep patterns.Woke up at 2-30 am so had to get up and watch
    the second set.So saw Fed in imperious God mode which is always nice.The Achilles heel of the next Gen apart from
    their lack of variety is their poor performance at the net.Plus Chung also has an unremarkable serve.
    I felt that if Fed got past the early rounds he would be unstoppable,and so it would seem so far.Totally agree with your comments re Coric.
    Will be rooting for Koli tonight,he has played very well so far.

  5. Coric has had a great run, but so far in his career he has only beaten top players when they have been playing well below their best. It’s inconceivable that Fed’s current level will drop sufficiently to give him a sniff of a Masters final. Fed is gunning for history, looking to wrap up title 98 here, secure 99 in Miami, and, perhaps, take down Nadal in five sets at the French for 100! Now wouldn’t that be a dream! But, in all seriousness, the only real threat this week would appear to be Del Potro, who is playing powerfully and freely. At the moment, though, it is all about Fed and how much can he win given his limited schedule. At the moment, it seems he is sweeping up Dyson-style, and I think he was won 38 of 41 sets this year. That’s not success, it is utter domination.

    1. True, but Coric is improving all the time you would think. If this was Ferrer or whatever 5 years ago when he wasn’t going to get much better, but Coric young and on the rise a little recently. But I think the matchup favours Fed.

  6. Superb play from Roger in windy conditions against a player 15 years his junior who had absolutely nothing to lose
    .. I read somewhere that Delpo is having some back problems… hmm. I also would love Kohli in the final against Roger!

    1. I agree – would love to see Kohli in the final. Even if his H2H against Roger is dismal, I still think Kohli could make it an entertaining match.

      1. Sure. Kohli-Fed have had some fairly tight -and beautiful matches. Of course with Fed eventually taking it, but not without some of my nails down-bitten. To day – march on, Kohli!

  7. I am in total admiration of the way RF managed to win the first game of the second set. Fantastic ! I would like an engineer to invent a system to let us see what happens in his brain during one of those moments…

  8. First set was close, Roger manage to steal it to avoid TB. A bit surprised Chung went awol in the 2nd set, thought he would up his game to push for 3rd. Much to learn young man.

  9. “dragging Chung around the court with geometric precision. ” Jonathan, you should be writing for the ATP or commentating for ESPN. Escaping with that game at the beginning of the 2nd set was key. Smooth sailing from then.
    Again, beautiful photos of the Goat. Love the one under “thoughts on the match”. Shadows awesome.
    Fed off to Chicago after IW. Hope he is wearing a bullet proof vest under his Nike jacket.

    1. I think I stole that line off a commentator. Maybe Koenig not sure but he was verbal, mines written so I’m claiming it.
      Chicago is a crime-ridden dump. Strict gun laws but gun crime is stupidly high.

    2. To be fair though I’m slating Chicago but London is just as bad, I think I’d rather get shot than acid chucked over me. I can’t believe what a shambles the UK has become really. Even in my lifetime.

      Just lucky we got a few hidden gems like Telford, Oldham and Rotherham.

  10. Roger’s performance was quite extraordinary. That’s just it. Of there were UE but only to make the match more exciting.
    Go Maestro!

  11. Thks for these quick write ups J! Typical youth v experience match for me, and I agree with all yr comments.
    I wld add that Coric has a much better serve than Chung Whi really needs to improve that if he is challenge at the top!
    But I wld also say that Coric is more of a grinder and that Fed’s variety will throw his rhythm. Can’t think that Roger will drop his level now… straights Plse
    I hv Sam coming thru and Kohli/Delpo as a 50/50 given Delpo’s possible physical issues.

    1. Yeah Chung’s serve is very weak. Zero aces.

      Coric better serve but I think Chung better off the ground so adv Fed surely. But who knows tomorrow is a different day.

  12. PS I see he is going to Chicago Monday to launch LC with NK in tow. That can only be a good thing, having NK in board. Bums on seats player!

    I see the ATP/ITF are fighting over team tennis… getting ridiculous now.

  13. If you had a choice to go to either Cincinnati or Chicago for the Laver Cup, and you could only make it to one, which one would you go to and why?

    1. I think I would pick Cincy. As I rarely base attending somewhere purely on Tennis, the city has to offer something too and I think I’d prefer Cincinnati.

      If purely tennis and to cram as much into a weekend as possible then Laver Cup.

      1. Chicago. You can have several interesting hours there, besides the LC. Wonderful city.

      1. IF you are going to see Fed play then I’d pick Chicago. There is NO guarantee you will see Fed at Cinci. Chicago is an indoor event…no rain outs. LC, Fed will be there for sure…it’s his baby. Cinci has thunderstorms rolling in and no ticket refunds. Chicago will have great tennis and maybe just maybe Fed will play doubles again with your second fav player.

      2. A double-vote on Chicago, supporting Sue, if that counts. I was there, say 6 years ago, nice and bright people eager to make you feel comfortable (ctr. New York), wonderful sights, interesting story, no bullets.

      3. Have you seen Fed live before, Sid? Agreed with Sue. For Fed I’d definitely go for Chicago. Telling you from my own experiences. The general tourney it’s a gamble. Had the ticket for WTF 2017 final but you know what happened, right? But I had a great time in Prague. Not just the game but also fun watching the team spirit. It’s the only time you wouldn’t mind seeing Dull 😆
        Though, Fed at Cincy, it’s on my wish list.

      4. My goodness, Sid, why would you want to miss the Laver Cup? A certainty to see Roger playing and the best tournament ever.

  14. @Alison,
    Interesting about Ljubicic,a bit of a conflict of interests I would have thought.Hope he is not moving on,he has done so much for Fed recently.

    Just about to watch Raonic v all time good guy Sam Query.?

      1. Whenever someone says that someone got lucky I am always remember that lovely Arnold Palmer quote”yes and the more I practice the luckier I get “?

    1. 11am PDT. Those lucky dogs in Europe….again. Will Roger be awake? When is the last time he played at 11am?

      1. Yeah, good for us europeans but 11am? Don’t remember he ever played in the morning??

      2. Yes, what a treat for us in the UK. Possibly Roger is bored with waiting for long drawn out boring matches to finish. We have visitors staying but managed to watch the replay with Chung yesterday evening and thought that Chung did very well and also played without any fuss. Not happy with delp winning, can Raonic beat him? – probably not but we can hope.
        Allez Roger tonight at 5 or is it 6?

      1. Isn’t it 6 pm? I thought IW was 7 hours behind UK for the rest of the week. Or have they suddenly gone over to summertime?

  15. So if he beats Coric it would be the best start to a season he has ever had? Just ridiculous.

    Good match. As for Chung, I feel like he lacks a big time weapon. His serve for one needs to be clutcher, you could see here when it came to the big points Fed was mostly making big serves while Chung was dragged into rallies or faulting.

  16. Wellwell. I’ll take it as something to be hugely grateful, that Roger has won so much lately. And a wonderful gift, every time he still makes it on court (win or lose). I think he probably makes it tomorrow too, and probably some good time further. He looks even stronger than last year.

    1. Not sure if such Fed has much to worry about . Should handle Delpo just fine. Slice a lot like what he did to Krajinovic and with Delpos back issues inflict more pain upon him . Maybe the day session bounce may make things just a bit harder but trust our hero he’ll come through.

  17. Chicago Sid, LaverCup was good tennis and such fun, a blockbuster weekend of unique memories with legends present. Aside of Fed’s wins that was the best event of the year…Cincy minus Fed is just a minor event, I’d opt to go where Fed is for sure…on or off the court he is worth encountering!

  18. If you want to watch live Roger’s second win at RG (or Rafa’s 11th … who knows ?)… for those of you interested in clay, the public booking for Roland Garros 2018 will start on the web next Wednesday March 21 (Spring day) as of 10:00 am French (Central European / GMT +1) time… You have to create an account ahead and wait  in front of your PC screen your turn to buy your seats…

    A nice city trip to be organized to get tanned ahead of the summer … but be aware the SNCF (train company) has planned a three-month (yes … 3 MONTHS) train strike as of early April (2 consecutive days with very few trains every 5 days… so it will be a total mess (“bazar” !! in my language) as people will travel by car instead… I guess I will ask a 3-month sabbatical leave … to watch tennis all day long instead !).
    France = the country of strikes…

    Good luck anyway…
    … ant to Fed (Mr Straight Set-erer) for the semi tonight !

  19. Great play by Roger. Good to see that he is making better use of the break points he gets. Hope the next 2 matches are in easy straight sets for Roger since he is planning on playing next week in Miami.

  20. lovely weather in Indian Wells as we shiver in the snow in this benighted country.
    I prefer Raonic to Delpo anyday,there is a mean streak in the latter which no amount of gentle giant nonsense can hide.
    Whoever wins I feel that Fed will beat them,but Delpo seems to be in Feds head a bit.

  21. so so liking Fed’s Rugged look with that stubble and long hair……

    synonyms for “Rugged”: durable, sturdy, robust, strong, tough, resilient 🙂

    Thats our Fed.

  22. I am not that keen on stubblerer.It looks rather unkempt,but perhaps thats just me.I hope he doesn’t grow one of
    those huge beards like Paire.Gross.
    Sorry Jonathan if you have a huge beard.

  23. Things are looking better for Fed. Let’s see if he can turn the match. 5-7 6-4 and a third set to come…

  24. Wow what a battle. Incredible fighting qualities playing horribly at times. I wonder if it was the cold, the wind or more likely the early start. How often does he start at 11am?

  25. Roger has to wear orange to the finals. 😉
    Next match is no 1,400 in atp level! 🙂
    I hope he get win no 1,150.

  26. How the hell does he do it? Shitty passive play at large patches, pegged back at the baseline for most of the first set, recover, get broken again, yet somehow grinds both his opponent’s spirit and his way back. Credit to Coric who caught all balls he could and was only betrayed by the tension and by the lack of net play that Fed did not exploit. And by the line judges who stole 2 clean points from him.

      1. Fed played passive because Coric was eating up all his aggressive play and sending it back with interest. Fed said so in the post match. He pulled back on purpose to make Coric generate his won aggression and it worked.

        Also I “heard” a rumor Fed has a cold. Anyone hear that?

  27. my Nerves.. Need help finding all the missing pieces.. Sheeesh, wat a topsy-turvy match from the Fed..

    Super Glad Rugged Fed Came Through!

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