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Federer Coasts Past Del Potro at Miami Open

Roger Federer's peRFect start to this years American hardcourt swing continues as he defeated Juan Martin Del Potro 6-3, 6-4 in 1 hour and 21 minutes.

The Swiss is now on an eight-match winning streak and has won 14 sets in a row as heads into a fourth round clash against Roberto Bautista Agut who defeated Sam Querrey in three sets.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Miami 3rd Round 2017

Del Potro won the toss and elected to receive. A Strange choice considering how well he served against Haase. Roger held to love in a matter of seconds for 1-0.

The Swiss then moved up 0-30 in the blink of an eye with some aggressive returning. 2 break points followed, but The Tower of Tandil held for 1-1.

In game six Roger fashioned two more break points but again couldn't find a way through. He was then pegged to 30 on his serve as Del Potro showed signs of life, but after holding Federer finally broke to 15 for a 5-3 lead.

Serving it out wasn't without its troubles with Del Potro holding two break point at 15-40, and two more after Roger made deuce, but the Indian Wells champ was able to hold and take the set 6-3.

Into set two and the Argentine kicked things off with a hold to 30. Roger levelled, and after a further exchange of holds, he was able to break for 3-2. A double break looked a possibility, but Del Potro held and created another break point of his own but couldn't find the answers as Federer went on to serve it out to love 6-4

Match Stats

Roger Federer Juan Martin Del Potro
Aces 7 6
Double Faults 0 2
First Serve Percent 58% (35/60) 66% (41/62)
1st Serve Points Won 83% (29/35) 66% (27/41)
2nd Serve Points Won 60% (15/25) 43% (9/21)
Break Points Saved 100% (5/5) 71% (5/7)
Service Games Played 10 9
1st Serve Return Points Won 34% (14/41) 17% (6/35)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 57% (12/21) 40% (10/25)
Break Points Converted 29% (2/7) 0% (0/5)
Return Games Played 9 10
Winners 29 15
Unforced Errors 19 18
Total Service Points Won 73% (44/60) 58% (36/62)
Total Return Points Won 42% (26/62) 27% (16/60)
Total Points Won 57% (70/122) 43% (52/122)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Beats Del Potro Miami 2017

A very nice win here from Roger who took Del Potro apart. It wasn't the highest quality tennis from Juan Martin, but Roger took the racquet out of his hands. He had no idea what type of shot Federer was going to play, had no rhythm from the baseline and looked bereft of answers.

We all know that if Del Potro can hit 2 or 3 big forehands in a row, the point is usually his but Roger didn't allow it as he totally nullified his game. Of course, he doesn't have the backhand anymore, but he beat some top players last year and took Djokovic to three in Indian Wells, so he's not a total pushover. Roger just played the right way and during the commentary; Hawkeye data showed his average contact point was 2 metres inside the baseline!

So solid win, 14 sets won in a row and into the fourth round. As for Del Po, hopefully the taping of both wrists during a changeover is precautionary and not a reoccurrence of his wrist injury.

Predictions vs. Bautista-Agut

Fed Agut

Next up is Roberto Bautista Agut who beat Sam Querrey in three sets. Agut is the ultimate workhorse and seems to rack up so many wins by just refusing to miss. Of course, he's got a decent flat forehand and is very solid from the back of the court as well, but Roger goes in a strong favourite.

The Spaniard has a bit of a hockey shot backhand, and it's not obvious where he's going to win many free points as there's no standout shot in his game. It won't be a walk in the park, and we saw at last year's Shanghai Masters RBA can make you pay if you're not quite on your A game but I'll pick Fed in straight sets.

How do you see the match against the Royal Bank of Agut going? Can he track down enough balls and make Fed miss?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Wanda – Thanks! But, I have much more in my tank. My aim is to be top 4.

        Jonathan – Yeah, I saw it. πŸ˜‰

  1. Congrats Vik
    Roger is aggressive on RoS, and creates many opportunities, a good sign
    Unbroken vs Delpo

    He almost Sabr’ed him πŸ™‚

  2. “we saw at last year’s Shanghai Masters RBA can make you pay if you’re not quite on your A game”


      1. Oh, right, I probably wasn’t paying attention – and assumed Fed was involved in some way. Wondered if you were getting him confused with Ramos from the year before πŸ™‚

  3. Super quick, Jonathan, we chatted only a while ago.

    Fed keeps going! Impressive that he’s been so clutch at the important moments this year, no more lame shots. Hope Delpo’s wrists recover… πŸ™

  4. I was a bit puzzled by some odd choices of put away volleys, some ugly ones straight onto JM body, others handed onto his forehand.
    RBA will be a different business. He will go for each ball after each ball, not exposing much, let alone taking risks, in typical Spanish school fashion. Fedsey should know what to do. Now, one day of relax. Tomorrow is my practise day.
    Sleep well (depending on your time zone, that is…)

  5. Speedy writing as always. Good work Jonathan. I watched all the match and unusually calm throughout because this year’s Roger made me believe he’s got it inside him.
    I particularly like his current mindset of going for his shots and not being timid in the BPs. It seems like his backhand has played more role of offense rather than defense or changing role in the past. Also his confidence and free mind off pressure made him solid and gritty when facing breaking points. When I watched him down 15-40 in 5-3 serving for the first set, I just knew he still got it and came back to deduce and won it. Maybe the only thing I complain about is that he kept missing the first serve though first serve was back in critical situation.
    Watching the remaining draw, I would like to see Fed with Stan and Fed/nadal in the semi and final. Particularly, I would like to watch fedal final again because I chose to miss the live streaming in the last 3 meets (how stupid I am to give up AO final ticket) and rewatched them after knowing the result. This time I will be brave to watch it live if it really happens.
    Do you expect it to happen and who you give him an advantage? Also, can I see Miami as a excise match for the clay season?

    1. Yeah I heard he’s converted 50% of break points so far this season, impressive.

      I don’t really see Miami as exercise for the clay season, because Fed already said he won’t be playing much on clay…

    1. Hello Sue, sorry for limited English comprehensive ability. I didn’t quite get your point. Are you making jokes or praising Ivan and roger in a humorous way? I think you are trying to say Ivan contributed a lot to Roger’s current game set up in a good way, isn’t it?
      I need a bit help from English-speaking teacher. Haha

      1. Yes, you are correct Sheng gu. I think Ivan is playing a huge role in Roger’s success. I’m not particularly normal.

  6. I thought they both played some gorgeous tennis, esp at the end of the first set. We don’t often get to see those rapid-fire exchanges with both guys in the forecourt these days. Agree that Delpo seemed out of ideas at the end. Also agree it seemed like Roger’s 1st serve was abysmal – was it windier again today?

    1. It does feel like his first serve seems to be dropping off a bit. It just my opinion, but I get the distinct feeling that he loses focus once in a while and then wakes up to play some clutch tennis. This might work against the del Portos and a fading Nadal but not sure it’s gonna work against a raging Kyrgios or a fighting fit Djokovic. However, like Sheng Gu, I just knew he would dig himself out when he faced breakpoints. There is an aura about him now, like a predatory lion that walks the jungle fully aware that he is the alpha.

  7. Delpotro did gamely try
    But Fed – no longer the nice guy
    Love the new bully-Fed
    That’s what will keep him ahead

    Fed really overpowered Delpo in the first set that Delpo became even a gentler giant in the second

    Agut beware !!!

  8. Hey guys, we sooooo deserve all these wins. So does Roger and his team. Remember 2013 when Roger was losing like what seems every match he played?? I love the fact that he is winning, but I am NOT taking it for granted. It can suddenly turn quickly. So I am, like we all are, enjoying him playing, playing freely and winning and making some damn beautiful shots.

    And it sounds very arrogant as a RF-fan, but there are many many many good and great players out there who are great to watch, but seriously…. NOTHING beats seeing Roger play and play great shots. Ofcourse tennis will go on without him when he does the r-word at age 50 πŸ™‚ but how will it go on without him??

    And really, someone should really tell Roger and his team that THIS is the year to try to go all out on MC and Rome. He will not have a better year to do that then this year. He is fresh, confident, has no pain and is playing freely. Next year he might not be so fresh. I know he is not playing MC and not sure on Rome, but I sooooo hope he changes his mind. This IS the best year to try to win it.

    1. “he does the r-word at age 50”, Katyania I love your posts and wisdom, I just ask to just please be careful to put “around”, “maybe” “ca” in front of any age number when you use the r-word – and as youthful he behaves on court it does not seem to worry about actually in some near future at all. To let it stay so, I’m actually supporting him in any tour he seems to let go without him, and make “vacation” to charge his batteries. IMO he’s allowed to make the fun of it have priority over possible “missing” wins and strategy of chances – and this way may win more, as it seems right now πŸ™‚

    2. How do we know he’s not playing MC? He said he’d decide on the clay season after Miami. The fact that his name isn’t on the list doesn’t mean anything, does it?

  9. Oh and isn’t it funny? Rafa played this year like 3 or 4 tours, lost in them and no one is asking him questions about retirement…. Roger would get a hole other treatment…..

    Peter Fleming made a great remark yesterday during the match. Don’t know if any of you heard it. He said when you play Roger now, there is no safe haven to go to. Earlier on it would be his “weakness” backhand, now he says Roger has no weaknesses, so there is no safe haven to go to for his opponents πŸ™‚

    Oh and lastly I have to say this. Last year I didn’t understand Roger’s choice for Ivan…. well…. the Goat knows who to surround with, first a great choice in Stefan and now Ivan. Ivan made a big big difference right?? πŸ™‚

    1. There is one other noticable difference, he seems to be winning longer rallies and he doesn’t just attempt a 1-2 hook, he goes for the combination punches, sets em up for the knock-out right upper cut and more often than not gets em with their guard down.

  10. No wait, this will be the last one πŸ™‚ Some fanbases are going for Roger’s hair…. sigh…. if you are someone elses fan and Roger is kicking everyone’s ass (except Donskoy) and you have nothing else to say then talk about his lack of HAIR…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Uhmm Jon….. is it me or are your posts getting shorter and shorter now that Roger is winning more and more?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hope the Goat gives you manyyyyyy more winning posts to write. Keep it up πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Jonathan, enjoying reading your observations and upbeat comments on Fed. The tennis he is playing now
    is really a treat for all of us. Katyani…surely must be the same one who posted so well on ‘Ruans’ site, it is nice to see that you are as passionate as ever, many a laugh I had about Rogers Curls!!!! Take care guys
    loving all your posts x

  13. Thanks for quick post. Delpo looked flat tbh. Roger was trying to rush him and it worked. Except for his poor serving overall – good mix of aggression and fast samba tempo which not to Delpo’s liking. Strange Roger will be playing again the next day. Another awful timing match for me but who cares, I can hug Roger GQ Cover (perv)

  14. I’m hoping the previous matches today are 3 hr plus. Then I’m home in time to see the match. No evening match for Roga? Spending his evenings with dragon lady?

    1. So it seemed, which, come on, is absolutely normal. When it mattered, the extra gear was there: breaking back and grabbing the tie-breaks by the neck. And playing a few marvellous points along the way. And a few shanks, too. But does it matter, really? It’s all part of the game.
      Not all days can be perfect. That would be terribly boring.
      PS: And I, also a proud father of four, won a tie-break yesterday against a guy less than half my age. So, count me in for the goat discussion. hahaha!

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