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Federer Breezes Past Kavcic in Melbourne

Very solid performance from Roger here as he played on Hisense arena for the first time in 10 years and immediately found it to his liking defeating Blaz Kavcic 6-2 6-1 7-6 (7-4) which was his 70th match-win at the Australian Open in his record-breaking 57th consecutive Grand Slam. More numbers that defy the odds from the GOAT.

With the extreme heat policy in effect it meant the roof was closed and Roger came out the blocks firing on all cylinders and completely outplayed his opponent for the vast majority of the encounter. The only real time it wasn’t all about Roger firing off winners was when he dropped serve in the second set and ran the third a little closer than it needed to be. Regardless of those minor blemishes it was a very solid performance and one that hopefully signifies he can reach the business end of the tournament.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Kavcic Melbourne

There’s much more to talk about from this match compared to the Duckworth one and that’s mainly because Roger came out with a super aggressive mindset which meant the match was much more high tempo and rhythmical.

Strangely Roger elected to receive at the coin toss, perhaps he knew Kavčič was vulnerable early from their Dubai training sessions but whatever the reason it worked as he broke immediately. That was followed up by a comfortable hold and some epic volleying brought to you by Fedberg™ saw him take the first set 6-2.

The second set was more of the same with Roger dictating every play, returning serve very well with lots of mix up – slice, drive, chip it was like he had a lot of time here and was clearly seeing the ball pretty big. The only blemish was getting broken back after going up a break, especially when he played an epic point to save the first one. Of course it’s always the reaction afterwards that matters most and Roger hit 4 clean winners to break back immediately before going on to seal the second set 6-1.

By this point I thought Roger was going to run away with it like a freight train but his level just dropped ever so slightly which coincided with Kavčič finding the consistency off the ground and the higher 1st serve % that he’d been looking for.

That meant he fared much better in the third set and it was actually a very close affair, in fact Kavčič will be disappointed with himself not to have won it after going up 3-0 in the tie break but Roger composed himself well, won 2 key points to get back to 3-2 which rattled the Slovenian and allowed Roger to take it 7-4.

Match Stats

Stats Blaž Kavčič Roger Federer
Aces 6 11
Double faults 3 0
1st serves in 61/99 (62 %) 58/76 (76 %)
1st serve points won 32/61 (52 %) 45/58 (78 %)
2nd serve points won 18/38 (47 %) 9/18 (50 %)
Fastest serve 202 KMH 208 KMH
Average 1st serve speed 181 KMH 180 KMH
Average 2nd serve speed 142 KMH 151 KMH
Net points won 4/13 (31 %) 23/29 (79 %)
Break points won 1/2 (50 %) 6/11 (55 %)
Receiving points won 22/76 (29 %) 49/99 (49 %)
Winners 14 52
Unforced errors 21 35
Total points won 72 103

Point of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer 1 Handed Backhand AO 2014
Butterfly Effect

Yeah, I mean, it was a good match, you know. I’m happy on a hot day like this, you know, I got through because it’s going to change from the next round on for us now, even though it’s going to be hot tomorrow apparently.

So, yeah, it was a good first two sets I thought. I played really aggressive and it worked out. Third set I think he was more consistent. He served better.

In the process, it got closer. You know, I’m happy I got it done in three.

No complaints what so ever about this match from me, I thought it was great to watch whether you’re a Federer fan or just a neutral. It had a little bit of everything and the fact is when Fed plays all court tennis there’s nothing better out there to watch; you get to see so much variety and skill plus witness his opponent, a solid top 100 player look bamboozled by it all which makes it even better.

Like I said above the only real blemish was getting broken and finishing the match at a canter rather than a gallop. I’m not too fussed that the third wasn’t as high a level as I’m pretty sure it was just Roger deciding to coast over the line rather than any sort of fatigue or inconsistencies in his game.

By the same token I’m not getting carried away with the win either and making him a cert for the semi finals, you only have to go back to the USO where he schooled Mannarino only to get comprehensively whooped by Robredo in the next round. So one good match doesn’t guarantee anything but I do hope it’s a sign of the sort of tennis we can look forward to going forward.

Stats wise it’s probably his cleanest in a while, I know the unforced errors count is quite high (although ~50% of them came in the 3rd set) but that’s not really a concern for me as winners outnumber them comfortably. Serve wise he was spot on again and managed to convert 55% of his break points which is a big improvement on his last 2 matches.

The return also seemed to hold up better, I’m not totally anti-chip return but the fact is if he keeps doing that it’s too predictable so it was good to see some variety on that front with lots of full blooded returns as well as blocked ones giving Kavčič a lot to think about. It is all about trying to keep your opponent guessing and that definitely worked well for him today.

And before I forget I just wanna add a little note about his defensive work, I thought today he chased down a lot of balls and that helped him get more into the match, in fact you could say the better he defends the better he attacks as it just feels like he’s in every point. Movement was definitely a big plus that’s for sure.

So my perspective? I think as a fan you can be confident about what you saw today but have to keep things realistic, Kavčič wasn’t playing pressure tennis for most of the match which really allowed Roger to get into his comfort zone and get his shots off. To start winning big matches it’s going to be about how he plays when he’s out of his comfort zone so I’m not raving about a Fedberg revolution just yet or giving the new racquet saviour status. I’m just gonna enjoy the match for what it was, a high quality encounter with the desired end result, now it’s onto the next one where both players start at zero 🙂

And before we look at the next round just a quick recap of elsewhere in the draw, the top half has all gone to plan really and has so far been uneventful, strange things happen but Djoker looks a cert for the final based on his level and the draw.

The bottom half is where we’re seeing more action with Del Potro crashing and burning today at the hands of Bautista-Agut. I did warn you guys about Del Potro’s weak record in Australia and even if he were to make the Quarters he’d be getting schooled by Nadal on this surface but he wasn’t even able to make it that far. Time to hit the practise courts for the Tower and find different ways to win matches other than blasting his way through.

Tsonga is looking impressive so far and I still make him a minor favourite vs. Roger should they meet, nothing to do with H2H or who I think is better, just gut feeling. I reckon Fed has to take it up a level there to win which I know he can do, just a matter of whether he does or not. Murray is playing himself into the tournament based on his results (I’ve not seen any live play), although today his opponent was 5-1 up in the third but lost it 7-5 with Murray winning 23 points in a row I believe to seal it. Credit to Murray for clawing it back but if that’s not a typical Frenchman choking I don’t know what is.

Predictions vs. Teymuraz Gabashvili

Ruining my picture selection for this post!
Ruining my picture selection for this post!

Next up Roger faces Russian Teymuraz Gabashvili who thanks to the number 1 choker in the sport, Fernando ‘Fiasco’ Verdasco managed to get past the 2nd round of a Grand Slam for the first time since 2010 by defeating the Spaniard in 5 sets.

I saw none of the match but I did see some of the scoreboard and it looked a typical Verdasco encounter where he blows multiple chances and then folds when it counts. This guy is unreal to be honest as he has slam winning talent but just no way of ever crossing the line even against way lesser opposition.

I don’t want to do Gabashvili a disservice but he’s never been past the 1st round at the Australian Open so for Verdasco to lose here is criminal. However I’m not complaining as I’m pretty sure this makes it slightly easier for Roger.

Unlike Duckworth and Kavčič, Roger has had the luxury of playing Gabashvili before way back in 2007 where he swept him aside comfortably at Wimbledon in the first round. I’m expecting the same here too and I’ll go with 1 close set as I think Gabashvili will be confident after his 2 wins and will likely be able to hustle quite well. He did manage to get 9 games off prime level Fed on grass which was quite a feat back then and I ought to mention the fact he beat Roddick in straight sets at the French Open too so he’s not going to be a total pushover.

I’ll pick Fed in 3: 6-4 7-5 6-2. Allez!


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Although I saw only the last set which was supposed to be his worst, it was still a great improvement in many ways. More variety on returns, improved contact and perhaps a purpose to every shot. He was going for his shots. The backhand down the line in the tiebreak (which sadly he didn’t make) was beautiful. Tomorrow, he will make these shots, maybe. Anyway, the progress is very positive. Last AO, Rog started strong but faded toward the finish line.

  2. Great match by Fed. Should be routine win next round. Tsonga is playing very well. Hope Fed plays a great match in the fourth.
    Since Delpo has lost, now hoping Raonic can blow Dull off the court.

    1. Barring any bizarre circumstances, Nadal is going to be in the semi’s. Raonic still has 2 rounds to play before Nadal, and he may not even make it past Dimitrov.

      1. I can only hope Monfils can pull out some magic. He almost caused the upset in the Doha finals. Although over 3 sets, I’m not so sure. But he’s a loose cannon. One can always hope.

        The next best bet I feel would be Dimitrov as opposed to Raonic. Despite the single handed backhand, Nadal will exploit Raonic’s suspect movement. Dimitrov has troubled Nadal in the past, that too on clay, so maybe he can come up with some magic in Melbourne.

        Murray has a game that on paper should trouble Nadal- good return, great defense, prefers the backhand, great forehand slap on the run, smarter than Novak- He’s just got to put it together. He’s done it against Nadal in slams before. But I doubt his game is ready to beat Federer/Tsonga and then Nadal just yet after the time off.

      2. Hey Pablo, where was Nadal in Feds prime on hard courts and indoor hard courts?

        And no we don’t want Fed to play Nadal, that guys is an eyesore… both him and his game!

      3. Pablo, first of all why are you even here? Since you’re a Nadal fan, go comment on his fan site.

        Secondly, the only reason all the hardcore Nadal fans try and trash Federer is because deep down you’re all insecure about the fact that if Federer plays his best tennis for 3 sets, he has every chance in the world to beat Nadal. In fact, had Federer been better at taking his break point opportunities, Federer would have won way more matches in their head to head.

        Need I remind you the lesson Federer gave Nadal at Indian Wells in 2012?

      4. Pablo, I want Fed to face Nadal, no better way to win if you have beaten the best on the way. Even though it´s probaly to big of a challenge for Fed right now to face Nadal it would be a great test of his level.

        But I like Dimitrov also so If he could make it to face Nadal and beat him, that would be the realle break through for him.

      5. Making him cry Simon. K To be honest I see Rafa like in the US Open, IMO I give Roger 2% chances of beating him (injuries can happen).
        Respect for you MarkWandy, Roger deserves to loose against the No1 and the GOAT and not against low ranked player. Actually it would be a really good tournament for him.

      6. Haha Pablo don´t put words in my mouth. Nadal will probaly be to much for Fed to deal with right now yes, but world no.1 on paper is Nadal, in real life Djokovic!! And GOAT, there´s really no question there, it´s Fed and it always will be!

  3. Every match seems to be better than the last quality wise from Federer’s end. Good to see, however the jump from Gabashvili to Tsonga is going to be a huge one.

    Federer seems to be playing at a medium level, he can go higher, and he’s going to have to if he’s to make it past Tsonga and (probably) Murray.

    The point of the match was brilliant. Looks like he’s moving well, which in my opinion is Federer’s biggest key to success.

    Onwards we go.

    1. “Good to see, however the jump from Gabashvili to Tsonga is going to be a huge one.”

      Which I find a bit worrying. Assuming the seeding goes to plan, of course. I’d rather have had Verdasco.

      1. Likewise, but then again Verdasco is a bit of a wild card. Some days he’s woefully bad, and on others he looks like a world-beater. His run in 2009 was ridiculous.

  4. Hi Jonathan

    Fed seems to be playing himself in to the tournament – although as you say let’s not get carried away – we know all about banana skins from 2013 – one match at a time hopefully on saturday he will come out all guns blazing again – I have to say I thought his defending was brilliant. Love his shirts and shoes hate the shorts – even my husband said he looks like he forgot to change from his pyjamas!!

  5. Just a few things-
    a) Does anyone think Kavcic reminded you a bit of Andy Murray? With the cap and the hairdo of 2008-10. Similar build, and a very similar outfit to something he’s worn in the past. There were some moments where I could have sworn it was Murray.

    b) His back hand down the line was on song up until the second half of the third set. Such a beauty to watch.

    c) Great defensive play. But I don’t know if it was just me or did he appear a bit stiff after points ended. His post point movement reminded me of his movement in Rome when his back problem flared up. I know everyone says he moved great in the match, but his first serve on the ad side was incredibly varied with regards to the speed. Some first serves were as low as 134 kmph if I’m not mistaken. But he has been serving better than ever, so I’m pretty certain I’m 99.9% wrong. Just paranoid I guess. I’m pretty certain I’m just seeing things, but I was wondering if it was only me.

    d) Interesting to see him elect to receive. Probably the first time I’ve seen him do that. Edberg’s influence perhaps or maybe just a one off decision based on his experience with Kavcic? Remains to be seen. Will only get to know in a couple of matches. If it is a new strategy where he tries to take a few balls to get settled and try for the early break, maybe not such a LOL strategy as I once remember you telling me after all eh Jonathan? Only time will tell.

    1. Well, let’s face it, recently when his opponent has elected to receive it hasn’t done Roger a lot of good, has it? Perhaps he’s trying to turn it back on them.

    2. Fed has elected to receive before. One notable match was against Nadal in the Madrid final in 2009 I think. 6-4 6-4 win for Federer. One break each set.

      1. Wow, I didn’t know that. I still prefer it though. Yeah he’s a great front runner, but it always sucks when you get broken in the first game of the set and eventually a set. Unnecessary pressure.

    3. Electing to receive is usually a psych job from Fed against his opponent, like he did vs. Dull at Madrid 09. I prefer him to serve first though, statement holds are good.

      1. Agreed. But early breaks are worse. More damage as opposed to the advantage of a statement hold.

  6. You make a great point about the US Open, I remember I was skipping after the Mannarino match then as you say we all know what happened… but this slam has a better feel to it, this match reminded me of Fish in Cincy 2012, that was a great show of variety too, from both players! How tennis should be played… I actually rate Roger third favourite to win still. Murray really didn’t play well, I think his back was bothering him a lot. But we’re still very early days! Next round can’t be taken lightly but it’s another opportunity to wrap up quickly and spend less time in the heat again. I really hope Tsonga-Fed happens! He’s at a place now where he has all the pieces but needs top 10 wins to glue them into place.
    Also Monfils looked awesome. He loves the big stage, an upset is possible… improbable sure, due to his history, but Nadal will at least be tested. Stan is fresh too, Pospisil retired, so he’s into round 4 only playing 5 and a half sets!

    1. Hey Tom, I think Dimitrov and especially Monfils are out for blood. On one hand I know Rafa will defeat them, but on the other hand… Monfils will not role over. If Doha would have a 4th set, he sure would have won that one (maybe not the 5th, but oke).

      If Roger is not tired, he can defeat Tsonga. Jo Willy plays extremely good now, but I don’t know if you saw the exho, but he was quite tired. Now, I know it is an exho, but still….

      And Andy…. well, maybe Roger can get passed him (in a 5 setter).
      BUT…. this I have to say, I am not a big fan of Andy, but RESPECT for him !!! He looks injured, he plays injured, but he is still competing. If he wanted, he could pull a “Rafa” (sorry Pablo, but it is the thruth), and come back stronger than ever before Wimby…

      Novak is so sure for the final, I don’t see a fresh and rested Stan pull an upset.

      And maybe Roger has a chance to beat Rafa here, but lets take it one match at the time….

      1. Antsy has a cakewalk to the QF! No oppo at all! Cannot believe the draw! My QF predictions are Nadal v Raonic. Fed v Andy. Ferrer v Berdych Djoker v Stan. The bottom half has been v dull in comparison and the tickets must hv been going for less!

  7. Jonathan, et. al,

    How do you think it’s going with the racquet? I saw some beautiful down the line back hands I hadn’t seen yet at the AO this year with the 98. Was wondering if precision loss mean that was.

    I don’t know if its just me but balls seem to fly higher but maybe a little faster of the forehand at times?

    Also – meaningless fashion weigh in – I for one like the shorts. Not necessarily the fabric or print, but the cut. In the past sometime it’s looked like he gets his shorts from Brooks Brothers formal wear section. Big and well seamed. These, on the other hand, make him look a little more like an athlete IMO.

    1. Sorry – meant to say “Was wondering if precision loss mean that was too risky a shot too often. I’ve missed that shot and it was good to see last night a few times.”

    2. Interesting to know that Fed actually asked to Wilson to start on a larger frame to suit his needs more than a year ago. I think the new racket seems already doing great but he needs more time for the adjustments and hopefully it becomes a magic wand not so long 🙂

      As for the pajama shorts, I still feel iffy about them cos they don’t match with a polo. But he was moving extremely well and defended well today, he might be feeling great in those lighter, shorter comfy shorts, ha?

    1. Roddick never made it past the fourth round at French Open in his whole career – tells you how hopeless he was on clay!

  8. Yep, we all predicted an early exit for Delpo but shame for the draw. Lots of web blogs asking if he will ever hit 2009 levels again. He doesn’t like the heat and had no plan B. Bat Agut just played steady like all the Spanish( except Verdasco!) and basically Delpo lost it! Fed? Great to watch today. Very energised but did go walk about in 3rd set slightly as dud Murray actually. Loved the presser afterwards and how he deals with the inane questions! Watch on the Australian Open App! Loved it when he was asked what it was like being Roger Federer at this stage in his career! He replied he loved the airport check ins and packing his bags!! Such a dork!

  9. The thing i have noticed most about his matches (only watched highlights so I can’t say for sure) is that this year there is so much more power behind his ground-strokes and serves. You can tell from the sound of his winners hitting the backboard how hard he is hitting them. In 2013 it sounded like someone was knocking on the backboard with their hand, but now it sounds like Roger fired a cannon at it 🙂

    1. Serve, definitely! Many more over the 200khm speed! And more aces than for a while also indicating the ball moving faster!

    2. Yeah definitely more pop off the ground. Could be racquet, could be just general conditioning.

      Serve has been good but not sure about it being quicker. If this racquet is lighter then it might actually be a little slower.

  10. Great reading, yr enthusiasm was way up after this showing! Gd to see such good serve numbers and his serve is often over the 200khm mark! Reckon he will either play early afternoon on Sat or on Hisense again as think the dimitrov/Raonic and Nadal/Monfils matches will be seen as crowd pleasers! Gabashvili will hopefully be exhausted after his marathon! Ps hv to give Simon a bit of credit btw. On crutches 2 days before the Open and now back to back 5 setters! Think Tsonga may be one step too far! And if they both win? Tsonga v Fed will def be night match!

    1. Really wondering how much further Simon can go under these circumstances. I was watching the livescores today and thinking he was almost out of it, but then he pulled through again somehow. Doubt he’ll get past Jo, though.

  11. You know purely from a mental point of view( though Fed wld deny it) it must even subconsciously inspire Roger to play well in front of Edberg! Needed that boost in his team. Luthi is clearly gd coach and hugely supportive and loyal but feel Edberg has made Fed just stand a little taller this week psychologically!

  12. Five more matches from a fifth Swiss flag on Roger’s Aussie Open shoes. Let the countdown continue 🙂

      1. You know what my prediction on Roger’s chances was, right? I’m hoping against hope here 🙂

    1. That’s the spirit. I tired of the constant pessimism and bellyaching. Federer is at stage in his career where he needs the fan support. Is Federer a favorite to win the AO? No. I am a fan and want Federer to win but whining because Roger’s path isn’t smooth is not going to cut it. Also whining about Nadal’s path is not going to cut it either. Delpo has been living off that US Open 2009 a long time. His slam results are not very good and him being hyped to face Nadal were silly given Delpo’s results here at the AO. His best result is the QF in 2009. As far as Federer facing Verdasco would have been better is also silly. Federer played Verdasco at US Open in 2012 and beat him in straight sets, did that help Federer then? Verdasco does not have slam winning “talent”.

      1. [Verdasco does not have slam winning “talent”]

        Wrong, the guy has an abundance of talent, he is by far and away the most gifted left handed player on tour. Just mentally the weakest. Multiple slam winner if he wasn’t so bad at choking and more committed.

      2. HaHa! Verdasco has been riding his 2009 results just as much as Delpo has been riding that 2009 US Open. I love how they can underachieve but get a free pass because of so-called talent.

    2. Yes Sid, why are you even othered commentating, if you really believed the 0% chance of Roger winning? If you really believed in that you would right now be roaming around Gotham city like that villain you are instead of wasting time in here, and follow a slam, where the Hero has no chance of winning anyway i.e your job is done here 😉

  13. Another win, yay. I will try to not to get too carried away. Though I miss the match but judging from score line, looks pretty solid. Having said that Fed practise with Kavcic, which does not give any indication of his true form. Getting a lot of tweet feeds that Fed was doing a lot of net approaches, Fedberg partnership in action? Its too early to get excited coz once he meets more caliber opponent, the net approaches reduces. Btw did anyone keep track how many shanks he dishes out?

  14. Didn’t watch the match unfortunately, and don’t find any good highlights yet so if anyone finds a good one I am looking for it too. The way the media is hyping and by the post it sounds like he played pretty aggressive and also defended very well when he needed to, what else we should want ?!?! That is exactly what he needs to start winning big games again, but I’m keeping low expectations, passing the 4th round whatever comes is profit.
    The point of the match reminded me a little of one point of the last year’s AO, from the match against Tomic, great defense and moving well on both.

  15. I so enjoy watching Roger play well. What a treat. Actually, Roger chose to receive at IW against Harrison. Perhaps he does that when he senses his opponent is nervous.
    I thought his return of serve was good.
    Unlucky for me, I had to watch some of Nadal’s match mixed in with Roger’s. So I had live stream going as well.
    I don’t think Raonic plays well against Nadal. Dimitrov will have a better chance. Tsonga is a big threat, hopefully Roger can win and give him a confidence boost. Too bad for Pospisil, back injury since Chenai.
    Great comments and once again a great post!

    1. And Scooter….. if he defeats a certain someone at the semis, he will surpass the third place of all time matches won…. record after record…. Goat…. but not getting ahead of myself, not jinxing the Goat…. one point, one set, one match at the time…

    2. Great find Scooter, thanks for the link. I especially liked this bit:

      ” Question: Why is Federer so difficult to play do you think?

      Teymuraz Gabashvili: “He’s so easy to play. He’s difficult to beat [smiles]. ”

      Interesting match in a couple of ways. On the one hand it’s less fun to watch Fed play worse over the course of the match. On the other hand, Kavčič also raised the level of his game significantly – so in a way it was like figuring out how to play a different opponent for Fed – but also, importantly, after looking like he was out of the tiebreak, he was right there to take advantage when Kavčič’s level slipped. Yes, I would have been happier if he had gone after it, but I’m pleased he didn’t implode at that point as he has a few times over the last year.

      He said in his presser something like, I was maybe too aggressive at times, but I’d rather do that than be too passive.

      Agree that much flows from his movement, and I think perhaps to some extent that all also flows from how much fun he’s having – and I’m sure having one of his childhood idols there is ramping up his fun factor. Obviously provided he’s healthy, which at the moment he seemed to be. There’s a shot of him, at the end of a serve I think, in which both arms are back behind his back, the racquet arm literally wrapped around behind. It’s really a joy to see him moving freely.

      1. Having only seen the highlights, I have to say I’m confused. The score is very nice, his game was not. Contact seemed terrible, he looked tense. Is this possibly the results of Roger completely adapting his game to this opponent? I really don’t what to make of Rogers chances against Tsonga (as I can’t see how and injured at tired Gilles can pass Tsonga).
        Last year Rog played wonderful tennis up to including the Tsonga match. This year is entirely different. He sounds confident but I really don’t see where that is coming from.

  16. Good work Jonathan.
    And like you say, great play at times and overall a really good match from Roger but we should not get to carried away about it.

    But it´s a weird tournamnet for me, it´s in the top half of the draw all the action. Djokovic´s half is just borring, sorry to say. But I am going to follow the Djoko-Istomin match now though.

    1. And the Robredo-Gasquet match, maybe I was to quick, but up til now it has been utterly borring in that side of the draw!

      1. Yep, am thinking Robredo Cld dump Stan! Stan may suffer from lack of rhythm, hasn’t don’t much to get to 4th round. Agree bottom half dull. Not great ticket!

  17. Hi Jonathan,

    It’s been a year I watch live match of Roger in Aus Open against Nikolay Davydenko in 2nd round. So thought it’s a peRFect way to start commenting on this blog : )

    Anyway this is my first comment. I just obsessed with Roger’s career and your blog as well. It’s a really good platform for all Federer fans to share their emotions. it feels like a family.
    Keep up the good work.

    The 18 is very close !!!

  18. I know what would be awesome: Wimbledon 2008 with the fifth set reversed at this AO. 4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6 9-7.

    On a more serious note: Potential Nadal vs Fed semi: think Roger should have a decent (60% or more) chance of reaching the semis. If he gets there, I think he will play Nadal very close and maybe win if Nadal has a bad day, I’ll go with Fed in four sets or Nadal in three. I know he hasn’t beaten him in a slam since 2007, but statistics and records are there to be beaten. Just look at the slam record, Nadal’s record number of French Opens (btw I don’t like Nadal but you have to respect the guy for his achievements) and Djokovic’s triple Australian Open crown.

    Allez le Suisse! May he smite the time waster with his forehand!

  19. I love Roger’s way of dealing with inane questions in interviews. His remark about having a map to get to Hisense and getting up early to make sure he got there in time in case he got lost was classic. He always manages to get these slightly sarcastic comments out without being in any way nasty. It goes completely over the head of some journalists of course, but I’m sure he enjoys it.

    A great pleasure to see him playing so well as everyone says. This was the first match in a long time where I had no fear of the outcome, in spite of his having played some good ones lately. That’s not just because of the way he played and the fact he was moving so well, it was more to do with something I can’t pin down in his whole demeanour. Something that said “you’re looking at the winner”. Whether it’s the Edberg effect or whether it’s the racquet feeling more and more comfortable, or even the roof being on, I don’t know. Just hope it happens again at tomorrow’s match.

    Allez Roger!

  20. I don’t wanna be the bad guy here but all I can see is “Nadal”! Take it easy guys, our Roger hasn’t gone past the fourth round the past two Grand Slams!!
    Optimistic yes, but also realistic.
    Oh, and nice post Jonathan to a nice match.

    1. Hey Youssef, all you can “see” is Nadal??? Try watching AO on Eurosport….
      EVERY break, there is Rafa because KIA is the sponsor, if it is not that, then it is Ronaldo and Rafa with their poker, and if that is not enough then you have a so called segment “Rafa is back” !!! He is everywhere, no escaping him….
      I know you mean something else, but I just had to say this….

      1. Hahaha! 😀 Thank god I don’t watch any of these channels with these Kia commercials!

  21. GREAT match tonight against Gab; thought it was his best match so far here. Gab was hitting hard and pushing him at times. Nice to see him tested a little more.

  22. Yep, lots of highlight shots for you Jonathan. Full repertoire came out tonight! If Tsonga comes thru then this was useful match as Gabashvili plays similar to Jo. Full on FH etc. was liking the Fed BH tonight. Played huge variety with it and a lot of winners! UFE count well down. Break points. Well, gd that he creates so many and took the ones he needed. You can’t criticise the oppo for saving break points on serve if they come up with the goods. Looking at the French match up, Cld be a long one!

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