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Roger Federer Becomes On Running Ambassador

The Swiss will team with up with the ZΓΌrich based shoe brand in a collaborative role

If you pay any attention to Federer's footwear off the court, you'll know he's been a long-time wearer of On Running shoes.

Based out of Zurich, On are a lesser-known Swiss brand who produce a range of running and training shoes that feature a unique looking sole that they have patented as CloudTec.

Federer first started wearing the shoes during his training sessions with Pierre Paganini and became a fan of what they had to offer. 

The firm naturally got in touch with their fellow Swiss when he was spotted wearing them, and he's been speaking with them in an unofficial capacity ever since.

Federer's Footwear Future

Federer On Running Sponsor

However that all changes today as the company have just announced via a piece in the New York Times that Roger has become an investor in, as well as a contributing product designer and representative for the brand.

Alongside the obvious brand building and marketing clout that Roger can provide to the firm instantly, the deal also has Federer's life after tennis in mind with his role involving ongoing product development.

In joining On as an entrepreneur, Roger becomes a close partner to our founders and the On team. He will use his unique experience to help take our product development, marketing and fan experiences to new levels. Roger will also play a role in developing the athlete spirit that’s at the core of our high-performing culture. On Running on Federer joining the team

On revealed in their press release that Roger is already working with them on innovations in the On Lab, and that they aim to finish and release them in 2020.

Will it help them make the jump from niche running brand to a global footwear giant? 

I'd say so. I own a pair of the Cloud X and Cloud Terry, and I'm seeing others wear them far more than ever before. So if you combine a brand that is already on an upward trajectory with the GOAT, then it's hard to see anything but success πŸ™‚

On Running Federer Brand

Are you guys familiar with On Running? Do you like the designs? Do you think will they make Federer a tennis shoe? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Just an add on…

    The other interesting part is the investor angle, looks like Fed is bankrolling some of the expansion in return for equity but I’m sure will already be trawling the Swiss version of Companies House to see what the deal is so I will leave that to them.

    “He does not say how much money Federer invests in the company. But it is substantial, says On. Both for the company and for him. Federer says, “The chunk was big enough that I had to think it over. I wanted to send a message to On to show them how much I believe in the company and how I plan to do so in the long term.”

      1. If I was On Running I wouldn’t use it. Or if I did, it would be very subtle and not something I make a big song and dance about, perhaps like they do with the Swiss flag on their shoes now.

        Nike is huge enough to have a collaboration where it was the Nike RF range. With On who aren’t exactly well known it would overshadow the manufacturer.

        Not a huge fan of font mixing either, wasn’t an issue with a Nike tick but I can’t see the logos working well side by side.

        Interesting to see what route they take anyway πŸ™‚

  2. So, I am confused. Does this mean that Roger is going to be wearing these on the tennis courts instead of Nike, during tournaments? I know that Roger hasn’t actually signed an official agreement with Nike for the shoes, is this going to be his new shoe supplier?

    1. Not yet but maybe a tennis shoe is in the works? I am not sure and there is no official stance on it other than “they are working on new products for 2020”

      I am not sure a tennis shoe fits that well into their product lineup though. But as a one-off product as a limited edition, it could happen.

      Would need a dramatic change in their design, manufacture and design philosophy though to be suitable for tennis.

  3. So what do we reckon Federer invested and for what equity?

    I saw a pure speculation figure it could be 50 million CHF but I don’t think that will be the case. They were basing that on a valuation of 1 billion CHF based on 2 x turnover valuation and him getting 5%. I would guess the investment is far less and he has under 5%,

    On had 19 shareholders previously. The founders still had 20% each. The rest made up of people with 3, 4, 5 6 % etc. I don’t think they will have invested 50 million to get their 5% do you πŸ˜† Fed would be getting a bung deal if he invested that at that valuation.

  4. Exciting and quality matches this week. I like the format they created for DC. I remember how happy people were when Switzerland won. You don’t dampen my happiness for the Canadian squad.
    Shoes need to have comfort and support. Very competitive market to get into.

    1. It doesn’t seem to be that well received though? Ticket sales not doing well. I haven’t seen much of it.

      On are lesser-known but they aren’t new, so they know what they are doing. Turnover of 200 million CHF last year. Meant to be 500 million CHF this year so triple-digit growth. You see them more in Europe.

      I use the Cloud X for running and they are very comfy. Far better the New Balance I was using previously. In some ways I don’t want them to become mainstream as I imagine quality could go down and I quite liked being the only person I know who wore them πŸ˜†

      The biggest sticking point for most Fed fans will be pricing, they are very much priced for the Swiss market. I paid it because I thought they were cool looking and have decent reviews.

      They recently started doing clothing though and I think the prices are embarrassing tbh. Β£300 for a light training jacket that is no better than an equivalent one of Β£50. Maybe I am missing something that makes it extra special but I am not sure how they can justify that.

  5. I’m big fan of Roger, he is king of tennis and his personality is perfect. In my opinion clothing and shoes very ordinary subjects for him because he is very classy man.

  6. Have a look at the top marathoners. They are wearing Nike. I mostly use New Balance, find they are the best for my feet. Haven’t seen On here. Seems everything Roger touches turns to gold. Sports gear mostly is so overpriced.
    I believe the final is a sell-out. Spain and GB in a dog fight. Cheers, J.

    1. Yup they all wear Vaporfly which are meant to be the best. But they are all sponsored by Nike so there is that too.

      I think Mirka wore On before Fed.

      When I first got my last pair of New Balance they were good but they didn’t last long. On short 5km runs, I found the On comfier.

  7. Hey Jon, good post. Glad that Roger has this good deal. But not for after he does the R-word right??
    Hopefully he will get the RF logo back somewhere before 2040….
    I don’t agree with you totally, I would love to see the RF logo on his shoes, big logo actually, but if that is not possible, then a small suttle one…

    I love your comment: Davis Cup… Next πŸ™‚
    I just hope Canada wins it or GB… but not Spain. Just look at “half year”-injured Rafa running his ass off….

    Hope someone here is able to watch Roger’s exho…. I can’t….

    1. So Spain vs Canada it is. Can’t see Spain losing in front of a home crowd.

      Evans did ok vs Nadal in the early stages but no big weapon and runs out of gas.

  8. Nadal will be tired,no? Shapo and Pospisil have played all the matches all week long, including doubles. They will play Shapo in the final but will they play Felix AA and give Pospisil a rest. Then use him for doubles if need be. I know his shoulder is an issue. Felix hasn’t played as yet. What’s a coach to do?

      1. I watched most of the matches live yesterday here in Madrid. Nadal was an absolute beast, he makes his teammates and the crowd better.

        Regarding to today’s result I think if Bautista play Spain is the heavy favourite, if not it will be decided in the doubles and anything can happen

      2. Apparently, Spain switched from Busta to Lopez five minutes before the match. Legal if he was suddenly injured but they knew all along they would play Lopez. Dirty pool really.
        Jonathan, is that you giving out bags of money?

  9. I am more into running than tennis. While googling for a good pair of racing shoes to buy (I live in India but wanted to buy shoes in the US where they are cheaper and have far more choice), I came across On. I was intrigued by them and impressed by their reviews. I ended up buying a pair of Cloudflow racers for $145, comparable to the top Nike, Asics, Adidas etc. I absolutely love their fit and performance. Since their landing area is not the same as the footprint, I don’t think they will be good tennis shoes with their current ‘pod’ technology (they will offer less grip and that won’t be good on grass or in changing directions). Happy that I can afford a product that Roger endorses πŸ™‚

    1. Did you have to pay import, sales tax etc. to get them to India? I would have thought that makes them way too expensive?

      None of the On shoes in their current lineup are suitable for tennis as they are not reinforced enough. Grass requires a completely different sole whoever the manufacturer is, they have to glue on a pimpled sole.

  10. Well, Canada gave it all they had. Felix hasn’t played a match in a while. Shapo played a competitive match. Nadal was just too good. He had a hell of a year.
    Onwards to 2020. I like the sound of that. Hope it’s a good year for Fed. And now I’ll stew that he isn’t playing a warm-up tournament before AO.

  11. Oke guys, here comes a rant… I will probably regret it…. but I have to write it off…. please bare with me and Rafa fans please ignore:
    First it bothers the hell out of me that almost none of the journos are writing or have written about the exho’s. Not only is it unfair to Roger, but also to Sasha for who it is the first time I think. All the journos write articles when Roger sneezes or posts a selfie with some animal and ALL the journos write every week about his retirement. But the fact that a tennisplayer (on his own) filled full stadiums, even a stadium with 42.500 people…. that they DON’T write about !!! Filling an entire stadium with 42.500 people may be normal for soccer or football or so, but not for tennis. Why won’t they write about that? I don’t like Rafa or Novak AT ALL, but if they had exho’s where they filled so many stadiums, I think they would deserve to be written about. I find it disgusting that most of the journos didn’t write about it. I think that is so pityfull, so low, so cowardly. You are not only “hurting” Roger, but also Sasha. Shouldn’t a tennisjourno write about anything that has to do with tennis?

    Second of all, I am very happy and glad for RBA that Spain won the Pique Cup. He has been through so much, I was not always his fan, but I respected how he always fought and to be honest, ever since LC I saw a different side of him and liked him. I am really happy that he played, won his match and won Pique Cup.

    But that is where it ends. I personally… and yes…. that is childish of me, I can’t help it, but am so mad and disgusted that Rafa won Pique Cup. He keeps on winning and winning and winning. WHEN WILL HIS LUCK END?? I hate the fact that I am that person that is mad at someone’s luck. I don’t want to be that person, I am not raised like that, but I just cannot get over the unfairness of this all. Rafa wins 4 GS in two years, loses or withdraws to like almost 25 to 30 tours in two years (mainly hardcourt). And STILL manages to win the biggest titles on hardcourt, gets easier draws…. but here it is…. WHILE STILL MOANING AND BITCHING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING INJURED !!! Roger got injured in 2016, I think you all know what he means to me. I know what I went through and I wish that and injury on no one, on no player and on no one’s fan. I am mad when Delpo loses to everybody except Roger. But I have so much respect for him. He already has a slam, has won big titles, has more money than he needs, but still fights every day hard to be back to play tennis, even when he is getting older. I don’t always like Andy, but when I heard of his “retirement” I was so upset and wished that he came back and wins titles. I actually root now every match for him to win. That is how much I don’t want him to stop playing tennis.
    And then you have that d**er (yes I have said it, yes I believe that he does it and yes I know he will get found out eventually, ofcourse when it is too late). He cries injury when he is not injured or not that much and gets away with it, wins on hardcourt where he has been moaning and complaining about for years…. and is almost and will surpass Roger… WHILE CRYING INJURY YET HAVING WON 19 GS…… I just can’t. Stuff like these makes me want to stop watching. I watch for Roger, but when I see that he doesn’t win and others (who I think don’t deserve it) do win… I just can’t. I am not like you guys, I STILL think about those two mp every day atleast 10 times. I don’t want too, but I do. Everytime Roger hits an ace or makes a point, I think about it. I don’t want to be one of those fans who wants Roger to win and win and win, but he just deserves it sooo much.

    I am sorry for this long rant, but stuff like this makes me cry of unfairness and I don’t know how to handle it. I really don’t. Roger means sooooo much to me. I cannot tell you how much. My life revolves around my God, my mom, my sisters and Roger. When he hurts, I hurt. When he is happy, I am happy. I know childish. Believe me I want to get over this stuff….but I can’t. I just can’t…. IT HURTS SOOOO MUCH TOOO MUCH STILL AFTER THESE MONTHS. Still when I see what the others win. Roger doesn’t deserve this. He is not perfect, at all, he is not a saint, he has done gamesmanship in the past but has been punished for it EVERY time, which I think he deserves at that moment. But he doesn’t deserve this… So sorry for this rant… I am going to stop…. Sorry Jon.

    1. Wow Katyani, I see so much hate. Firstly I think Roger can’t complain about how media treats him, at the end of the day he is the No 1 goose that lays the golden eggs. He is playing exho’s while other are competing or championships, to me it is clear what should more covered.

      Secondly I wouldn’t focus on Rafa but on your hero’s achievements and career which is amazing and it won’t be eclipsed by Nadal. I tell you that because if I had to bet I would say that next year Nadal will surpass the GS record, he is looking absolutely scary and the next gen can’t beat them. So, be prepared.

      And if it is it not Rafa it will be Nole.

      1. Hey Pablo, just to make it clear, I don’t hate Rafa. I dislike him… a lot. That is not hate. I just don’t like how he plays, how he wins, his over the top celebrations, his lack of respect for the rules, him breaking every rule when it is convenient (everything to win) and I definitely don’t like his many many many gamesmenships.
        People assume that you hate or dislike Rafa because of Roger. That is not true. I didn’t like Rafa from the first moment I saw him and from the first moment I saw him play. I can’t explain the feeling. I saw a guy who liked and loved tennis but loved winning way way way more. The look in his eyes…. that is not love for tennis, that is love for winning (there is a difference). At that time I didn’t even know about him and Roger and their history.
        You know what I mean right? Maybe there is a player you just don’t like, no matter what he did, no matter how much you tried to like him. Maybe you feel the same way about my Berdy? πŸ™‚

        Yes an exho is not competing or championships, but you are bringing people closer to tennis. Isn’t that also important to write about??

        And yes, Rafa or Djoko may surpass Roger, but who is to say that Roger won’t surpass his own GS titles?? πŸ™‚ We will see… I believe in the Goat πŸ™‚

    2. I have seen lots of pics and coverage of the Exho games, they have been shared all over. But who cares if journalists write about it? Their employers are sending them to Madrid to cover the Davis Cup, they can’t just suddenly decide to not cover it and write about South America instead…

      I haven’t covered the matches either.

      I don’t see any hate Pablo, just fickleness. RBA gets no love then his Dad dies and now he’s a legend. If he beats Federer next year and does something to annoy Fed fans then that will all be forgotten and fans will say “I never liked him”. Berdych was a hate figure for Fed fans, now he retires they all love what he contributed to the tour πŸ˜†

      I used to be anti-Nadal and I’m still not a fan but he is an immense player. Having to line up his bottles in that second set tie break at the change of ends both times was ridiculous though πŸ˜†

      1. I see “hate” when you talk about doping and luck to explain Nadal’s achievements specially after such an unbelievable performance (8-0). It should be easy to accept that he is as you said an inmense player. And the fact that Rafa is winning so much does not undermine one bit what Roger brings to the table.

        “Having to line up his bottles in that second set tie break at the change of ends both times was ridiculous though ” His OCD is something to analyse lol, Sergi Bruguera’s face said it all.

      2. Hey Jon…. nah, it really isn’t even about Roger. But the fact that a tennisplayer fills so many stadiums… is that not worthy of writing more about? It does not happen everyday. Somehow no journos wanted to write about it and like I said, when Roger as much as sneezes they write a story πŸ™‚

        Yeah, RBA, not a big fan, but he fights honest and hard and he was sooo different during LC πŸ™‚ I am glad he won.

        Haha, my Berdy πŸ™‚

      3. Oh and Jon, about that lining up the bottles during the 2nd set TB…. the Dutch commie who is always annoyingly impartial, got upset 3 times. She said it was not a moment to drink and that the umpire should have said something and that Rafa continued because he could. Trust me, she never pickes sides, but because she was a tennisplayer herself, she really got annoyed with Rafa and the umpire for not saying anything about it….

      4. Pablo we all have our own opinion. I think Rafa does do it and something more that he shouldn’t. Maybe others think Djoko does the D-word and maybe even some think Roger does it.
        Well, Djoko doesn’t need to do the D-word, he has his gamesmenships πŸ™‚ And Roger doesn’t do it either, he just needs a very strong magic potion to convert his up to now million breakpoints πŸ™‚

        Pablo, I know you are Rafa’s fan and I respect that. You root for your guy, I will root for mine πŸ™‚

    3. Sweet Katyani, please don’t feel so bad. One thing that people always comment about Fed is the fact that he is so good at moving on after a tough loss. Look at his brilliant play in Basel, his win over Djoker at the WTF.
      He is older and with that comes more inconsistency. Some on these losses are more heartbreaking for us than him, it seems. Look at the joy he showed on his exho tour. He truly loves his fans just like you!

      1. Hey Sweet Sue, thanks for that. I am much calmer now, no rant πŸ™‚ Would love to know how to get passed it… Roger does it so good, I am not there yet. He has many many many many losses, totally heartbreaking ones, but this one just stings more. More than Wimby 2014 or USO 2015.

        I don’t know how to exactly say it, but for me, it wasn’t even about winning GS nr 21 or about winning the 9th Wimby. I just wanted him to win the title SO BADLY so all the “weak era”-sayers could finally shut up and leave him alone. All they say is “weak era”, but if a 37/38 year old Roger beat the strongest Rafa and Djoko back to back… now how could anyone say something about Roger being lucky that he won so many GS during a weak era?? But unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be…. sigh….

      1. Love you back Sweet Wanda πŸ™‚

        Ps: Uhm, what to do now without The Goat for a month or so??

    1. It was a brief interview, but he did talk about working with On.
      I thought it was cute when he said one of his boys is on strike regarding tennis and hasn’t played in over two months.

      1. But he did…. look well rested πŸ™‚

        I read that at the last match in Ecuador that Sasha looked more exhausted than Roger…. πŸ™‚

  12. I know! So happy for him after all he’s been through. He is a great athlete and talented player who needed different coaching and approach to the game.
    Felix was too cold going in, maybe should have played Pospisil instead? Who knows.
    So exciting for us Canadians, right Hartt? Many years at the bottom of the barrel.

    1. This was totally amazing, so much fun! I was glued to the matches, even the one that started at 4:30 am my time.

      I have been a big fan of FAA for several years, but was thrilled the way Shapo played in his matches. He is maturing and it shows in how he approaches the game. It looks like Youzhny is the right coach for him, and he is able to get Denis to listen, and to make the necessary changes.

  13. One of my favourite quotes by Mary Tyler Moore, “It’s none of my business what other people think of me”.
    So, it’s none of our business what other people think of Federer.

  14. How do you pronounce β€œon” the shoe? To rhyme with β€œupon” or to rhyme with β€œclone”?

    Interesting comments about what specifically makes them unsuitable for tennis as is. I have to think if they can get the durability there though, the low-impact feel sole would be brilliant for a tennis player.

    Wish the price were less, um, exclusive.

      1. Well, there the double n makes it a little less puzzling. Also I wasn’t sure if I should be thinking β€œGerman”.

  15. With shoes of the brand ON
    Roger, the phenomenON
    willΒ  soon have wON :
    Another AustraliON Hop’ON
    Roll-ON Garros and WimbledON
    And why notΒ  the US Hop’ON
    … and so ON !
    Come ON, ChampiON, …
    and thanks for the post a milliON,
    dear JON !Β 

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