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Federer Beats Tipsarevic with Ease in Madrid

Boom, great win to make the finals for the 5th time in Madrid and now Roger has a great chance of moving up to number 2 in the rankings should he beat Berdych in tomorrows final.

Back to the match against Tipsarevic, it was a total routine for Roger and he brought his A game to the court. After Janko beat Djokovic yesterday I thought he might offer some stiff resistance but he couldn't handle Rogers play nor the breezy conditions.

Roger once again put on a total serving masterclass, actually no I'll rephrase that, it was a tennis masterclass of how to play on clay in breezy conditions.

The first set was over in a flash really, he broke early to lead 3-1 in then secured the double break to take the set 6-2. Roger again broke early in the second, faced a BP on his own serve at 4-2, got slightly lucky when Tipsy hit his backhand long, held and then went onto take the match 6-2 6-3.

I thought Fed really played well today, he moved the Serb around the court so well and never allowed him to get into the match. His serve was yet again firing and he coped with the windy conditions very well. He didn't try to do too much with his ground strokes and often used the wind to his advantage, hitting with heavy topspin to control the ball and keep it within the lines, something which Tipsarevic was unable to do.

I'm focused on what I'm doing this week,” said Federer. “I'm trying to play well and get as far as I can.
“I've been able to get on a roll. I've played better as the week went on under tough conditions, especially with some wind tonight. I've had a lot on the line before, it's no different now.

It's also great to watch his purist style of play, whilst all the other pretenders are moaning about blue clay and how disgraceful it is, Roger is rolling up to the Caja Magica and floating across the court making it look easy. Movement might be slightly more difficult on the Madrid courts but Fed has adapted, just like any professional should.

Speaking of the blue clay, I'm really getting bored of Nadals moaning, blue clay, the length of the tour, paying too much tax at the World Tour Finals in London, the 2 year ranking systems, the fact he can't find a pair of boxer shorts that fit properly, it's just a never ending list. Just like Kyle from Lefty Advantage tweeted, Nadal has done more moaning this year than Roger has done in his entire career. It's a joke.

Predictions against Berdych

Berdych got past Del Potro in 2 tie break sets to book his place in the final and he's clearly playing well. Roger holds a 10-4 H2H advantage, and a 2-0 record on clay but Berdych has won 3 out of their last 5 matches so on that basis it's difficult to weigh up.

I actually thought Del Potro would be winning that one given the H2H and how he's been playing, but from what I gather he struggled today despite getting off to a really good start.

Back to the Fed Berdshit match I think Roger will get the job done, of course there is a slight concern Berdych can do damage on this type of court due to his big serve and heavy ground strokes but I think Roger has learnt his lesson about how to play guys like Berdych after he lost to both him and Tsonga at Wimbledon in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

As long as Roger serves well I think he'll create some opportunities to break and that will be enough to put this match in his favour. I'll go for a 6-4 6-4 victory.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I thought Federer played great today. A lot of people are saying Federer got to the final because of Nadal’s and Djokovic’s absence. I know Federer is in the final because he didn’t give up and let the difficult circumstances get him down. Looking foward to a great match tomorrow! Go Roger.

    1. Yes, it irritates me when people say that. It is not Federer’s responsibility that his rivals were pathetically incapable of dealing with the conditions and thus went out early. It is getting tiring, this blue clay argument, and Rafa and Novak clearly aren’t helping things with their threats just after losing.
      Should be great as a match tomorrow… as a natural pessimist, I’m perpetually aware of the worst, but logically, Roger should be winning this sort of match, especially with the way he played against Tipsy!!

      1. Yeah Berdshit is dangerous because he can hit big and kinda blow his opponents away but Roger knows his style of play and ultimately he’s 1 dimensional.

  2. Fed looks good, I think he will win in straight sets over Berdych. He’ll move back up to No.2 ranking if he does, and that will be crucial for his RG draw. I guess skipping MC was a lucky thing as I thought he would play there to score more points.

  3. Didn’t expect Tipsy to play any better than he did against Federer. But its really nice to see elegance back on tennis court. The blue court and Federer in blue works brilliantly:)

  4. The outcome of the Madrid final is not devoid of importance of course, but it is for Roger as such not decisive to become second seed in Roland Garros imo. If Roger wins in Madrid and Nadal wins in Rome, Nadal will leapfrog him and will be again on the number 2 spot in the ATP-rankings, and because of that second seed in Paris. Roger’s performance in Rome is therefore of equal if not of more importance, because it not only would consolidate his eventual second place in the ATP rankings in case he wins the Madrid event, but it would also increase his chances for Roland Garros in an eventual encounter with Nadal there. Roger beating Nadal in Paris is the ultimate challenge I believe. I think as long as Roger hasn’t managed to do that, he won’t really find peace in his mind.

    1. Yeah I’ve always thought beating Nadal on his beloved Paris Clay would be the ultimate achievement for Roger. It’s not going effect how the outside perceives him, but for his own peace of mind then I think you’re spot on. It would truly cement his legacy too.

      How does it work with the ranking? Nadal has points to defend in Rome…whereas Roger only made the 3rd round?

      1. The ranking works strangely; now that Fed has won, he is world number two on Monday because and ONLY because the points from last year’s Rome Masters are docked too… Thus, this puts Fed at 9430 in 2nd over Nadal with 9105. So, Nadal needs to outperform Fed by 325 points in Rome to take no. 2 back. This would of course work if he wins, since even if Federer lost the final, Nadal would scoop up 400 more points. Other scenarios would be if for instance, Nadal lost to Djoker in the final, with Fed out in the semis. That’s not enough to shift the rankings again, but if Rog leaves early and Nadal gets to the final, he DOES overtake once more.

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