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Federer Announces He’s Playing Hamburg and Gstaad

Hey guys, as I'm sure you are all aware Roger announced on Facebook, Twitter and on his website that he's added both Gstaad and Hamburg to his schedule after crashing out of Wimbledon in the second round.

I was quite surprised when I first heard it as both tournaments are on clay courts which is of course Roger's least favourite surface. I thought maybe Washington was the likely one because it's a good hard court warm up tournament ahead of Montreal but looks like Roger is wanting to stay on this side of the Atlantic for a few home comforts before heading out to Canada for the Roger's Cup.

However now I've thought about it I think it makes sense, surface is somewhat irrelevant here as both tournaments play pretty fast and Gstaad is played at high altitude which means it shares quite a few characteristics of a hardcourt so it's not too much of an issue. Hamburg is another event that's got some pace in the court so again it won't really make too much of a difference.

Surfaces aside the most important thing for Fed is matches, he needs them irrespective of the court type so he should be willing to play on anything really and that's why I actually like the fact he has added these tournaments, it signifies he is willing to work, find a way back into form and is motivated to do so.

Since the Australian Open he's played very little tennis, losing early in a number of tournaments including the Quarters at the French and then of course in his second match at Wimbledon. If anything you could say he's under tennised right now and his most recent memories of holding a racquet in front of a crowd aren't the sort that will fill him with confidence.

Most of his high profile matches this year have ended in losses and it's only really Halle where he stemmed the tide only to get shot down again when he ran into Stakhovsky who was in the zone for 4 sets; so I think getting matches and victories under his belt with the possibility of winning 2 titles is a very smart move.

Hamburg – July 15th

Federer Wins Hamburg

First on the calendar is Hamburg which starts on July 15th and it's the first time Roger has played the event since 2008 where he lost in the final against Nadal. However don't let that one mislead you, Roger has won the German Tennis Open Championships title 4 times and one of his few wins against Nadal on clay came here in 2007 so it's a tournament he definitely has fond memories of.

I like the fact he's playing here as it's one of those tournaments that has provided some important moments for him and milestones in his career, beating Nadal is one of course, but he also decided after he lost to Squillari in Hamburg in 2001 that he needed to control his temper, which has of course since worked hugely in his favour. I guess now is also a time in his career where change maybe a good thing, you feel he needs a spark or a moment where something just clicks and his mind is a lot clearer.

Hamburg is an ATP 500 event which means it's a good chance to get some all important ranking points on the board too as Roger is now at Number #5 in the world for the first time in 10 years so it'd be good if he can somehow get back into the top 4 for the US Open as the seeding will help with the draw.

The field is fairly strong with Haas, Simon, Seppi, Almagro, Paire and Janowicz all turning out for it so it's not like he can just stroll to the title. Whilst there's no huge dangers like Murray, Tsonga, Djokovic or Stakhovsky πŸ˜› he will need to be on form to win which I think is a good thing.

Federer vs. Nadal Hamburg 2007 Highlights:

Gstaad – Roger's First Wild Card Tournament

Federer Gstaad 1998

After Hamburg finishes, it's onto Gstaad which starts on the 22nd of July and is in Roger's own backyard in Switzerland. It's another tournament he has fond memories of as they gave him is first wildcard into an ATP tournament way back in 1998 where he lost in first round to Lucas Arnold Ker which was long before I was a Federer fan.

He did however win the tourmanent in 2004 beating Igor Andreev in the final in 3 tights sets. This year the field is quite strong with Wawrinka, Tipsarevic, Paire, Youzhny and Bellucci all in the draw so again it will require a high level from Roger to take this title down just like Hamburg. No cakewalks here.

Roger Gstaad 2004

Gstaad is played high above sea level, over 1000 metres, so I think the conditions are going to be quite similar to Madrid which plays quick and is only 600 metres above sea level. This should of course aid Roger as he likes it when the balls fly through the air quickly and that gives him a chance to hit through the court.

So unless his opponent serves and volleys every point I think he has a good chance of winning the title and at the very least he should make the final which could be all Swiss if Wawrinka plays well which would be an interesting one for the crowd πŸ˜€

Good Decision or Bad Decision?

I think this is another smart decision, these aren't the sort of tournaments that are going to tire him out as they are small fields and only best of 3 sets so he has nothing to lose and quite a lot to gain.

I figure Roger's confidence is pretty low right now especially after Wimbeldon but cumulatively since Cincinnati 2012 he has been leaking confidence which when you think about it could be worse than one big blow like Wimbledon. I know Roger recognises this is a transition year but even he's not immune to the knocks to your confidence that defeats cause so I'm glad he has recognised the need to get some matches under his belt and try and build momentum ahead of the US Open.

I don't really mind they are on clay either, it's about matches right now not surface preparation so I think staying in Europe is a better decision, it's less air miles, probably better for the twins whose Birthday in on 23rd of July and I guess Roger feels more at home in both Hamburg and Gstaad than he would on the East Coast of America.

Washington hasn't been a tournament he's chosen to be in his schedule before either and in fact he's only played it once in 1999 losing to Bjorn Phau in straight sets, of course he was only a young boy at that time so you can't read into the loss too much but I figure he'd rather stick with tournaments that have yielded success in the past compared with ones that haven't.

Of course no matter what Roger does some of his clown fans jump to conclusions and I have seen a few comments that this is some kind of farewell tour. Yet again more ridiculous ideas from his part time supporters who only seem capable of singing his praises when he is winning matches.

I see this as the complete opposite, this is a bid by Roger to actually play himself back into contention, I guess right now he's wounded and is looking to find a way to pick himself back up and respond for the back end of the year. There's no way he's turning up at these events to please the fans or for appearance fees – confidence, rankings, momentum and self belief are all on the line here and I am happy he's giving himself a shot of taking advantage of what is on offer.

As for my expectations then they aren't sky high, I think he should be winning at least 1 of these titles though even though they aren't a given. I'm just looking for the right type of response after Wimbledon, if he runs into someone zoning the what can you do? But I do expect aggressive play and at least giving himself chances to win not playing timidly.

I feel like he didn't play badly against Stakhovsky but you have to say it was like 75% Stakhovsky playing a very tricky game and 25% Roger not playing well when he had to. I don't want to see more matches where the big points go begging so I'm hoping that changes starting July 15th, Allez!

What do you guys think? Happy with Roger's scheduling choices? What are your expectations? Could he step on court with a 95sq” racquet?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. being at the top 4 next year will not be easy. needs more points to secure that for next year majors.

  1. Hi,
    I dont think this is a gd decision. I dont think he should play both. Maybe Hamburg alone would be ok, but we should consider the fact that fatigue is also a major factor. he is playing hamburg and gstad in consecutive weeks. again rogers cup and tournament are also in consecutive weeks..
    he will be exhausted before us open if he reaches finals of all these tournaments.

    1. I think it is a good decision. Federer is is real danger of not making the World Tour Finals and dropping out of the top 8. By playing these tournaments he’s making up for his lacklustre season so far. He won’t be tired because he’s got nearly 4 weeks until Hamburg then 2 weeks between Gstaad and Roger’s Cup.

      1. You are bang on, James. Playing on clay will not good preparation or practice for the fast North American hard courts – the opposite if anything. This is about nothing but ranking points. He is currently 6th in points for 2013, barely ahead of Tsonga and Del Potro, and only about 350 points ahead of 9th place Wawrinka. If the first two earn greater poiints in the remaining tournaments – a distinct possibility given the way Federer has been playing – he will squeak into the Barclays finals in 8th place. If Wawrinka – or someone lower down – gets 350 more points than he does, Federer will be out. Which would be a humiliating end to a dismal season. But, as I am sure someone will remind me, the season is not over yet – he has been saving himself for the “big push”!

    2. Hmm I don’t think tiredness is going to factor here. These are small events and he has plenty space between them. No way is he exhausted because he ain’t played a lot this year.

  2. I like this decision Jonathan! Like you said, it is to get confidence under his belt and maybe improve that clay court resume! I agree that it won’t be a cakewalk, but he should win both. A BMW at stake in Hamburg lol. I’m just happy he’ll be playing in July. These points will hopefully make up for the majority of points lost at Wimbledon(equivalent to SF points).
    Federer is a smart man and he knows that getting into the top 4 for the AO for next year is vital! He is planning for next year! Allez les Suisses πŸ™‚

  3. It’s a good decision. He really does lack match play. His schedule so far this season was good and well planned, but it had one hole. The main assumption behind it was Roger going deep in majority of those tournaments, which unfortunately didn’t happen. By adding Hamburg and Gstaad he will have a chance to finally sharpen his game and get those important matches under his belt (and some ranking points), so his ready for US open series and the rest of the season. I’m glad we’ll be able to watch him play really soon, rather than a month from now. πŸ™‚
    It would be very surprising to see him with a bigger racquet, but who knows…
    Cheers πŸ™‚

    1. Leon, I think that is so great about Roger. He could have practised for a month and returned in August.
      But he knew he did not need as much practise as matches. So he is playing two more tours.
      He did always say that this was a transitional year and that he would play less tours, but that he could also add more tours in when needed. Well now he needs them to grow confidence.

      Isn’t it weird? The greatest tennis player of all time needs to win matches to have more confidence???
      But I am proud of Roger. He is not acting passive, but he is taking initiative to get better.
      He saw there was a problem. He did not wait till August, but he is fixing it right now.

      But from all the articles I read, all are saying he should atleast change his racket. I do hope now that he does that. He has the time to adjust, it is not like he has only a year left to play. He has (like he says) atleast 3,5 years left. So hope he does do something, even if it is to change his racket.
      Because it is really hurtfull to see others win and move forward who does not deserve it that much and it is even more painfull to see him lose to guys he should not lose to.

  4. Always nice to see Federer play, and I think is the right thing to do if he wants to up his confidence and his ranking

      1. Sorry Jonathan, I need two more comments, one more to go to replace Tsonga’s loss !

      2. Manual labor, mission accomplished, now Amar we have to bring up others to replace 349 leader, loss to Stahkovshy, LOL

  5. Good decision. Shows he is strong enough to admit he needs matches, clearly feels fully fit and wants some firm and momentum going into North American swing. Maybe he shld try the 95 racquet. Right moment to do so. Love his positive attitude, shows he is not done and will come out fighting!

    1. I bet he doesn’t try it though, can’t see it. Maybe he should wait till end of season anyway but it only took Fiasco like a month to get used to his new one??

  6. Hi Jonathan… I think u r spot on with ur post regarding Federer going play at 2 clay court tourneys. Its a good thing for him aftr the unexpected loss at SW19. The surface of clay doesnt really matter like u said as i think playin on his weakest surface and grinding out wins will do him a great deal for his confidence. Also nowadays the surfaces hav been tampered with soo much, it doesnt matter that he didnt choose hard courts. The main thing for Roger is to somehow build his belief/momemtum and match wins/sharpness. To me this shows how much he cares abt tennis and goin to these tourneys is a good thing. Personally i dont think he is playing really really badly its just the main vital one or two points where he would normally win he is losing. As his self belief focus is not there. To him itsprobably pissing him off with all the UF errors he making which then adds to him more pressure than normal.
    As long as Roger goes deep and at least wins one of the tourneys then going into the US swing can only b positives irrespective of him playing on clay. But whatever happens i concur with u Jonathan and all the points u hav made in this post. Come on Roger Please dont let me down this time!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Indeed mate. Gotta win one of these tournaments, they are Micky Mouse by his standards but he needs to start somewhere and this is the only thing on the table right now. Allez!

  7. Hard to say. I think it’s a good decision; he needs matches and wins, and smaller field tournaments are most likely to give him them. I’m also a little amused at the prospect he might add Hamburg as one of his “five-time” title wins. Gstaad is high-altitude, so I’m looking forward to that. Bottom line is, I can hardly complain if I get to see Federer play MORE matches.

    Don’t think so with the racquet; I just think the change isn’t something he’d bother with. It’d take time to adapt, and he needs to keep his ranking high enough that he isn’t bothered by having to deal with top players in early rounds next year, when he probably has his final go at no.1.

    1. Yeah, he’s added 2 tournaments which means my relaxed blogging schedule goes out the window. Good job I don’t my own twins to look after otherwise I’d be the living dead haha.

      I doubt he uses the racquet, just thought I’d see what you guys think. Would be cool if he did though.

      1. There is a picture on Wilsons Twitter of Federer hitting with a black frame at Hamburg possibly the Blade 93?

  8. If Verdasco could get this far (at Wimby, almost winning) with a little change in his racket, maybe it is time for Roger to change it too??? Maybe he wants to practise with them at these small events???

  9. Your post makes sense of the news. I agree it’s a smart decision. He and his team know exactly what he needs to do. Great for fans, too!

  10. Totally agree with Jonathan’s comments. I love and long for this decision for a long time. Roger desperately needs the feeling of playing matches in tournaments. Practising with his trainer is different and never enough. This decision also shows Roger’s willing and ambition of being on court longer and staying high level. I am so happy and so proud of being a Federetas.
    Thank you Jonathan for the prompt post. It’s always touching when reading your comments.

      1. Hi Jonathan, What i like about your posts are that they are dispassionate,sometimes we do tend to get carried away by the success of our champion and it is quite easy to lose perspective.You do well with balanced views.Coming back to our champ’s decision to play both the upcoming tournaments,yes it is a positive sign, he needs lot of matches under his belt to be able to feel confident enough which as rightly mentioned, has taken severe dent.I hope he performs well in both. In as far as changing to bigger racket is concerned, it is a double edged sword,I still feel he could give a try during practice sessions and then it is upto him to take a call to give a try it out in the matches.But he must try it out at a sooner stage.Hoping we will have some news to cheer about before the USO.

  11. Agree with Leon, and with what you said as well Jonathan. If he’s not retiring – which he certainly could if he chose – because he still loves to play, then for heaven’s sake he needs to be PLAYING.

    I confess when I heard about Gstaad, one of my first thoughts was, drat! That makes it awful tight to try to change racquets now! And Hamburg takes away one of those already-tight weeks. It (bigger racquet) would certainly show willingness to try new things though. And he loves pulling those surprises (I’m thinking keeping the secret about the twins being twins until they were actually born).

      1. You know Jonathan, Roger is a very stubborn man. The more you tell him something the more he does the opposite. If people tell him that he should retire, he wants to show you he can play on for many years. If people tell him he cannot be world number one again, he will get it for himself but also for proving people wrong.

  12. Great article. One of the best I’ve seen about the subject. Straight after Federer lost that match I actually thought to myself that Federer needs to play more matches desperately and that Hamburg followed by Gstaad would suit him well as it would mean little travelling. In fact I actually sent a message to Federer’s facebook suggesting this very idea. In my opinion, if Federer had played more matches earlier this year, he would have been able to fight back and beat Stakhovsky. I think Federer will probably get to the semis of Hamburg and lose to someone like Haas or Simon but will win Gstaad. I very much look forward to watching it. Federer will always be G.O.A.T.

    1. Cheers James.

      Maybe he read your message? haha

      I agree man, he is lacking match practise and confidence. Halle was a good win but too late to save the day.


  13. The only thing thats making me watch Wimby now is ” Sensual Sabine” what a beautiful smile she has!! I hope she wins her SF tommorow. Come on Sabine !!!

  14. Needs confidence before America and that’s the only way he can expect himself to turn it up when his back is to the wall.

    what are our thoughts on Verdasco’s huge choke last night? I rekon this spurs golden boy Murray to win Wimbledon. Also think Delpo will get whipped by Novak.

    1. Hey Alysha, yes unfortunately Delpo will not get passed Novak, I think he will not even win a set.

      But Jerzy…. might have a chance against Andy. If… he does not let the crowd bother him.

      You know what is so funny… Andy loves the attention and support he gets from the English crowd at Wimby.
      But when some of the crowd will give another player the support at the WTF (like Roger) he will turn on them in seconds, forgetting that with their support and Roger’s tiredness he won Olympic Gold….

      1. Jerzy could take a set but I think he is emotionally drained by already making it to this stage. I don’t know, I think Djokovic/Murray was set the moment Roger lost.

      2. Well Alysha, you were right. Andy/Novak final all the way.
        Are you looking forward to it??

  15. Federer played quite well at Wimby, even though he lost to an inspired Stakhavsky. He did not play the big points well – two shanks in the second set tie breaker, missing easy forehands at break points and failing to covert them, and a very tentative end to the fourth set. At his best, he would have won this match in three, at most four, sets. The two clay court tournaments will hopefully help him build confidence, and most important, improve his poor break point conversions. The down side is that he could arrive at the US Open tired, if does well in these and the two North American Masters events. However, this decision tells me that he intends to play and regain a top four ranking.

    1. Yeah, Stakman played well but Fed let him have it to an extent.

      I don’t think tiredness will be a factor though, he’s fresh and has plenty time to rest even with these additions.


  16. That polo, yes, I shall wear it this Sunday, and I will win, and it will be glorious πŸ™‚

      1. Nah, bagel is not possible. I’m playing vs. a friend so I’m typically at 50%. He did win the first set a couple of times, then in the second, hell was unleashed πŸ™‚

      2. No bagels, Jonathan. The result was 6-4 6-4 I think. Besides, I was pooped coming from two days of intense workouts πŸ™‚

  17. Quick question everyone: what’s Federer wearing to Hamburg and Gstaad?! It better not be that ugly no-good Madrid outfit! πŸ˜›

    1. He should simply pull out that 2007 polo from his wardrobe. Kinda retro, but it will look really cool plus it might help him win Hamburg. If he doesn’t have that polo, I can loan mine. It’s size L, might not fit but he will have to deal with it πŸ™‚

      1. Haha Sid! You make my days brighter! Wouldn’t it be cool if Nike redesigned and reproduced Federer’s old outfits (USO 09/ FO 11, ext.)! I hope he wears something cool πŸ™‚

  18. Interesting decision really – I mean good that he is trying to get more matches but choice of surface is a little confusing. Now everyone should be moving toward HC yet Federer decides on clay. Regardless, it would be great if he can win both tourneys. Any small dozes of confidence is much needed at this juncture. Lastly Wimble-done is indeed most shocking series of results here.

    1. Fed is the GOAT scheduler though so there’s a reason for this. Wimbledon has been a poor tournament, nothing exciting. I feel the crowd has been poor too this year, just don’t seem to be true tennis fans.

  19. Who are you guys wanting to win from here on? I want it to be, Djokovic, and Aggie πŸ™‚

    1. What? No Sensual Sabine???

      Cannot believe we are all rooting for Novak. But I would love to see Jerzy win the title !!!

      Can you imagine what Poland would be like if Jerzy and Aggie both won???

      1. I’d rather Andy than Novak… But i’m all for delpo! and I’d like aggie to win, but Sabine is okay as well πŸ˜›

      2. Simon, do you think Delpo will get passed Novak? He is a little bit injured and against Novak you have to be more than 100 %

      1. Alysha, please don’t do anything to yourself haha.
        You are like Roger. This site without you would be boring !!!

      2. Haha cheers Katyani, feeling is mutual but I live in a country that treats Murray like one of it’s own so just fingers crossed Djokovic gets it done (or Delpo but don’t count on it)

  20. I am a little surprised by selecting Clay court tourney. I understand its as good as hardcourt and all but still it sounds strange. I don’t quite understand why players keep playing Clay after a Grass court season. Fed might have a different reason. He takes longer breaks these days so unless he plays both these and also Cincy and Montreal/Torronto this is a strange thing for him to do.

    What I mean by that is that this might just be a one off and not for next year as well. Either way, I just hope its for the better and not worse. Don’t forget that he can easily pickup injury as well as benefiting from more court time.

    1. I think this will be just a one off for sure. Just doing it for matches right now and these are his best options.

      Injury can happen to anyone but clay is pretty forgiving.

  21. Hey guys… if this is what a GS is like without Roger and Rafa……..

    Without Rafa was not a very big deal, but without Roger too….. is really no fun at all.

      1. Yes indeed. That’s why i hope he (and a few others) will manage to carry on at a high level, because the thought of endless Novak/Andy matches does not appeal at all. People won’t know what they’ve lost until it’s gone, as usual.

        I have to admit (and it’s not just down to the loss of Roger, or even Rafa) that I’ve struggled to get involved with Wimbledon this year at all. Even when I went, it was pretty dull, and they seem to have been struggling to fill in the schedules fully. I just keep looking at that half of the draw and thinking “What on earth is X still doing in the tournament at this point? Oh yes, because we’ve got a ridiculous number of names missing.” The whole thing seems like a bit of a joke to me.

        And apologies if I’m making typing errors: I’m touch-typing and trying to catch up with Azarenka/Lisicki on TV at the same time, and don’t have varifocals, so can’t read my laptop screen properly.

        Oh, and does anyone know why there are some posts on this site that don’t have a “reply” button by them? They’re always ones I want to reply to, of course.

      2. Alison, if you make a level one reply – ie without hitting “Reply” beforehand – your comment will line up at the far left, and it will have a reply button.

        If you reply to such a level one reply, that’s a level two reply. Your reply will appear below the level one reply (and also below any level two replies that have already been made to that particular comment), and indented – no longer aligned far left. It will also have its own reply button.

        If you reply to a level two reply, your reply is indented even further, and no longer has its own reply button. So to get your reply in approximately the right place, scroll up to the most recent level two comment (the one the level 3 comment is actually replying to), and reply to THAT – your reply should line up below the level 3 comment you’re referring to. Again, previous replies of an earlier time frame to the same comment will line up before yours.

      3. Hey Alison,

        I totally agree, Murray/Djokovic is horrible to sit through, US Open and Australian finals were such terrible terrible quality and just slugfest tennis.

        Yeah, perfect that people don’t know a good thing till it’s gone. Journos who constantly have a dig at Fed now will be eating their words later. Never appreciate anything for what it is, just like to create stories to rile people up.

        A lot of people who have been to SW19 like yourself have said that Wimbledon was dull this year and that it didn’t feel the same with Roger gone so there you go. First time he hasn’t been there for the two weeks in 9 years so not surprising. Just shows you how the sport will suffer in popularity and money once Fed retires.

      4. Thanks for that explanation Thinker re comments.

        It’s because I limited the level of replies you can go to, the text ends up going to narrow with only 3 / 4 words on a line when I had it unlimited.

    1. Yeah nightmare. The sport will be terrible when Fed retires, unless someone comes out the woodwork and plays a similar style. Very doubtful though.

      1. Not yet… until he gets a good backhand and a good sense of the game, there’s no way dimitrov can fill Roger’s shoes…

      2. He is close but is yet to do anything at a slam. I guess Fed was kinda similar but he did beat Sampras pretty early.

  22. I think it’s great he’s playing on clay. More match practice & points as already said, but I haven’t been too impressed with the power and accuracy of his forehands this year (by his standards anyway), so hoping slogging it out on clay will help him get that on track again, which will hopefully help him in converting crucial points.

    Against Stakhovsky & Tsonga he got close to breaking quite a few times, but then couldn’t quite finish the crucial point s off. My read is that his usual ‘winning forehands’ have been inaccurate or lacking power, and so even players outside the big four have been able to return them forcing him to play that extra shot. Don’t know if that’s right, but my thoughts anyway.

    Rooting for Del Potro & Sabine now, in the absence of Fed.

    1. Hey Spike,

      Yeah you may have a point. I’d like to see the speed gun on his forehands if there is one, lacking some zip. I think it stems from footwork that though, if you’re not in perfect position it’s difficult to hit at full pace so you end up pushing it back in rather than ripping it… maybe that’s the reason.


    2. This is why he needs a racquet with a larger sweet spot.

      Hmm, interesting. I hadn’t thought of myself as belonging to the change racquets camp, but perhaps I am.

      1. Yeah footwork is pretty much responsible for all Roger’s power. That and the racquet head speed, but that hasn’t changed so I think he’s just not anticipating and moving as well as before, a little tentative perhaps.

  23. I just have to share this:

    Mac Enroe thinks Roger will not win an 18th GS anymore, but he might be inspired to win one just so he can say, I will show you Mac Enroe !!!

    1. Mr. Joke-En-Row! “Despite a first round exit by Nadal, he still is the greatest ever!” This is a joke! So Nadal loses not once, TWICE before the 3rd round in a major in 2 years in the middle of their prime and nothing is wrong. But if Federer, way out of his prime, loses in the 2nd round for the first time in a decade, after 36 consecutive GS QF, he is done and it is very concerning. Um, I think we have the ADV here guys πŸ™‚ NOT Mr. Bias-Row, the flip-flopper and band wagoner

      1. Hey Brandon, nice comment. Of course if Roger does win an 18th GS Mac Enroe will try to claim that too by saying, I told you so, I did say he might do it to prove me wrong.

        And he is so stupid, after Roger won Wimby last year he said, that’s it, I am done underestimating Roger !!!

    2. John McEnroe is a [Jealous] clown. He should open his own circus and employ his other fellow tennis journalist clowns.

    3. Take his comments with a pinch of salt.

      Did you see him play the invitation doubles? lol. Was taking it stupidly serious trying to school some guys 10/15 years his senior. Laughable.

  24. Interesting decision. Love it.

    It sends a message out to his fans, and more importantly, the rest of the field that he’s willing to put in the effort once again. Work harder. People have probably started thinking that Fed’s going to keep bleeding matches and lose interest, but this is exactly the opposite.

    What I do hope is that, he uses these to
    a) Gain some confidence
    b) Figure out the holes in his game.
    c) Come back to kick some ass in the US Open series!!!

    Although on a side note, the time off that Nadal took seemed to have worked wonders for him. Just wondering out loud, whether taking time off and really changing some aspects to his game might have been an option?

    1. Hey Gaurav, you know some people and “fans” thought that he would do Gstaad in his home country and announce there that he would retire. How stupid? They do know that he will play Basel later on too right?

      And that time off sounds good, but I think he wants to do two GS USO and AO, because if he plays there, he would be the one with the most GS appearences in a row right? I mean he will break that from the last guy when he plays AO I think.

      And to be honest, I do want him to take time off to rest his body, practise and better his game, but I am afraid stupid people will say that he is doing it to be as succesfull as Rafa.
      And no way should Roger be even compared to Rafa.

      But…. maybe…. he could do it after AO and come back at Wimby???

  25. Yay for women’s tennis! Shot-making, athleticism, and NO SHRIEKING!

    (a little lacking on the consistency front, but great comebacks too…)

    1. Gotta agree with you. I feel the same. I never follow women’s tennis because of clowns like Bartolli, shriekers like Sharapova, Vika and over dramatic retards like Serena and because to be honest, the standard SUCKS (which is putting it mildly)… But today, for the first time since Justine, and Clijsters I actually wanted to sit through a set of Lisiki and Radwanska. Loved Lisiki’s game (that women is just so lovely) and Radwanska’s demeanor (so reminiscent of Federer- no unnecessary yells, groans, no Nadal like faces, nothing) Pure class.

      Lisiki all the way on Saturday

      1. And not to mention- Lisicki is fucking HOT!! (and the fact she doesn’t make it sound like I’m watching porn on the telly and putting it on mute helps!)

    2. Yeah Lisicki vs. Aggie was a joke match lol. Error fest.

      Aggie looks moody I think though, even more so when she’s shaking hands after a defeat.

  26. Well well well Sensual Sabine won and is in the final !!! I think she made some guys day here !!!
    You know who you are…

    Kudos to Aggie and Sabine. They were really great. What a match. The commentator said this is what a SF is without Serena. But truely deserved by Sabine. She really is a fighter.

    One thing I don’t like about Aggie is that when she loses a big important match she acts like a brat.
    Today after Sabine lost, Aggie shook her hand, did not even look at her and was gone.
    Last year at the final she lost and in her speech not once did she congratulate Serena or say something about her, while Serena did congratulate her and said good things about her. I know you guys will say something bad about Serena, but sometimes you just have got to suck it up, act your brains out and say something nice about the other.
    Look how many times Roger had to do it against Rafa, last time at the Rome final.

      1. I didn’t watch it but I’m not sure why she would behave like that. I’m disappointed because I really like Aggie πŸ™

    1. Think that’s just Aggie, she looks moody most of the time and that tends to be a Polish characteristic so no surprise. I quite like her mood look though lol.

      To be honest I don’t watch a lot of WTA, if any, but some of the handshakes are too funny, and they say the ego’s are only on the mens tour.

  27. I honestly don’t understand the guys’ hype about Lisicki in the recent conversations on (roger’s) forum.

    Based on reading Jonathan’s twits in the last 16 months, I’ve had a really hard time (being a great supporter of Jonathan’s blog) with his clearly chauvinistic in nature comments about female professional tennis. I saw absolutely no respect for these athletes, who (I’m going to go on a limb here and say) are far better at this sport than everyone on this forum. And more hard working, day in and day out.

    I myself don’t watch WTA tennis, I prefer men’s tennis, but I would never disrespect people who clearly work harder than I do and who are better than me at something, unless I have a concrete reason to (and it’s backed up by some sort critical thinking).

    And now, because (based on Jonathan’s opinion) Sabine Lisicki is a hot piece of [email protected]#, all sort of enthusiasm broke lose for her to win from the male side of the room. Not because she is a great player, mind you, but because she looks great in a tight white little outfit.

    So, if I could ask Jonathan in particular and other men in this forum, to lower the chauvinistic radar on the twitter/blog, since you actually have a quite a few women reading your work, as well as contributing to this forum (Alysha and Katyani come to mind right away), I would be very thankful.

    Ok, I’m done now. Thanks all.

    P.S. And by the way, Lisicki is a hard hitting baseliner. Nothing special. This isn’t like we’re looking at Hingis here. So men, please take of your booty glasses.

    1. We love Sabine because she is an infectious personality. Sort of like Ana Ivanovic. How many women can claim to be like that? It’s like a freaking Vanity Fair out there.

      Nobody here is a male chauvinist. Lisicki may be a hard hitting baseliner but she is also the most likeable, infinitely more likeable than Bartoli who is a hot head and once kicked out her parent(s)/coach during play. Not to mention her infinite quirks.

      And since when did calling a woman hot make us male chauvinists? Really? Would you rather all men be Gay? Or be prude? Jeez! Chillax girl!

      And they are better than us and work harder than us? How do you know? Everyone on this blog wakes up each morning and fights their own battles. You were very condescending and disrespectful when you made unwarranted comments like you did. Those athletes may have grown up in circumstances conducive to what they wanted to be. They had a dream. They received the right support, mentally, and financially to become what they wanted to become. Sure, they worked very hard for it, but none of us blog readers here were as blessed as them.

      Again, chillax, we are fans, and the rules get bent a little bit with fans. If sport stars get criticized, it is something that goes with their territory.


    2. Hey Daria,

      I agree with Sid.

      I’m pretty sure many females class themselves as Federer fans for his smooth looks rather than how well he hits a forehand, yet I don’t berate them for it or require them to tone it done. I just accept it as biology.

      As for my chauvinistic comments about womens tennis as a whole, I openly criticise it because it is a much lesser sport than the men’s game, yet they get paid the same. Doesn’t mean I don’t respect them or how hard they work just means I find it slightly out of touch with how things work in the real world, or at least how they should. The man on the street doesn’t get paid the same, for doing less.


      1. Hi Jonathan

        I think fed is lovely to look at but – I love to watch him for the tennis he plays and the way he moves round the court (especially after seeing him in the flesh you just do not realise how light on his feet he is when you watch on the TV) and then there is the lovely inside out forehand and the backhand down the line – that said I have no problem with boys being boys about a beautiful lady like Sabine – who lets face it can also play tennis – but on the whole I prefer to watch mens tennis as its far more exciting, also they don’t seem to go in for the grunting (which I hate), perhaps Daria should chill just a little and let people have their opinions

      2. Good comment, Trudi.

        Let’s be realistic and agree that women’s tennis has a lot of sex appeal. I’ll even go as far as saying that, it is an aspect that makes it appealing to the opposite sex. As far as the tennis is concerned, the less said the better.

    3. I have to agree that I would rather see the women discussed for the same things the men are discussed for (games, attitudes on & off court) and less for sex appeal. Frankly I wouldn’t be commenting here if the posts were all “isn’t Roger sexy”, either.

    4. Hey Daria, ahh, don’t mind it. Like Alysha says boys will be boys. Let them drule over Sensual Sabine.
      Which, to be fair, I was the one who gave her that name, so what does that say about me huh??

      And like Jonathan says, I myself love Roger for his play, for how he is and for beeing a gentleman, but…. I also love it EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY much when he changes his shirt !!!! Man, I love those moments…
      Roger is one handsome dude you know….

      Daria, please don’t mind, I do see where you are coming from, but these kinds of things are the things I like on the site from the male and female commentators.

      And be honest…. Is Dimitrov just a good player or does it not hurt to look at him???

      1. [Which, to be fair, I was the one who gave her that name]
        That’s why you rock! Because you didn’t go around ranting how sexist we guys were. I don’t just like Sabine for her look. I like her because she has an infectious smile, she has some sort of reputation of slaying giants, which can’t be achieved if she doesn’t have the game to back it up and most importantly she doesn’t take things too seriously like some of the posters here πŸ™‚ In fact she is a Nadal fan which in itself reason enough for me not to like her but I don’t look at it that way.

        It’s one thing that someone doesn’t like Sabine and wants to make a counter argument. But calling someone sexist of chauvinistic just for talking about how beautiful or hot she is, is plain wrong on so many levels.

        So, here are the top four women in tennis that I think are *HOT HOT HOT*!

        – Maria Kirilenko (She is beauty and hotness personified)
        – Ana Ivanovic
        – Agnieska Radwanksa
        – Sabine Lisicki

      2. And might I add, Katyani, more respect to you. Why? Because, despite the fact guys here kept slamming Serena Williams any which way, you kept your composure and took it sportingly. You could have called us haters, male chauvinists, or even racist, but you did not.

        I bow my head to you in respect! πŸ™‚

      3. I agree with all of the above: This was just one post where we can’t discuss Rog cause he isn’t here anymore! And we’re not saying we want to have her in bed or anything, just that she is good looking (nothing wrong with that!).

        And I agree with Sidm, the reason I like lisiki is that she is *almost* always smiling! How often do you see that, men’s or women’s?!

        And can’t say anymore about Katyani, Sid’s said it all! πŸ˜› You’re probably the most sane person on this blog! (except when Roger loses :P)

      4. Hey Sid, stop it… you are making me blush with these compliments… but thank you !!!
        I did mean it. We boys and girls or men and women do keep it lightly on this site.
        That is what it is meant for. And to be honest you guys give me (and the other girls) respect too. I mean you all know how much (or little) I know about tennis, but there has not been one person saying what are you doing here you don’t even know the terms !!!
        You even answer my (stupid) questions seriously.
        So the respect you give me, you get it also back.
        I do see where Daria is coming from, but talking this way about the male and female players is what makes it also fun. Because lets face it, what is there more to talk about? No Roger in a slam so soon is wayyyyy too boring.

        And yes, Sid, you see how nice I am to you guys when you talk about Serena???
        Because….. again…… on this site…… when it comes to Serena, I am ALL alone !!!

      5. Simon, thank you too for your compliment, but……

        “You’re probably the most sane person on this blog! (except when Roger loses)”…..

        Hmmm…… I am sane when Roger loses am I not???


      6. Oh and guys…… mark my words…. I will make Serena believers out of each and everyone of you !!!

      7. Nah, just messing around with you! and good luck in making me a serena believer πŸ˜›

      8. [I am sane when Roger loses am I not???]
        No, you’re not. Your circuitry goes haywire. Followed by random neurons firing all day, even days. Not sure about others, but I try to avoid your comments after a Roger loss. Sorry, but you’re a train wreck once Roger crashes out of a tournament πŸ™‚

      9. So Simon and Sid, I go insane when Roger loses…. well guess what…. that is true.
        Some girls go crazy and insane about shoes or Brad Pitt or One Direction, I go insane when Roger loses !!! Please just deal with it the best way you can and Sid don’t go skipping my comments after a Roger loss, they do take me a lot of time to write you know !!!
        And doΓ©sn’t this site need that? Out of more than 50 commentators who are reasonable, to have just one crazy fruitcake who just loses it after Roger loses???
        Keeps it exciting right?

        And indeed, nice win from the Bryan brothers. Would be nice if they would win USO too.

      10. Alright, point take.

        I’m may be well beyond my teenage years but I like “One Direction”. And I’m also a fan of Brad Pitt though he isn’t that great an actor and I dislike Jolie. So, good choices nonetheless! πŸ™‚

    5. Daria, don’t take too much offence over it. I don’t mind at all. I liked Lisicki before I even knew about this blog and there’s no surprises the men like her as well, as Jonathan says, simple biology and even a bit of admiration for beating Serena. Men act the same way about Sharapova, Kirilenko and Ivanovic as do the females about Rafa (not sure about that one), Lopez and even Roger. Sports always involves some sort of attraction to athletes so I don’t see why this should be any different. We don’t usually discuss stuff like this but because Roger was still in the tournament there’s not much else to say. If you are uncomfortable about it then I would say to ignore it and just stick to discussions about the tennis.

      As for the topic on the WTA, that’s a whole different topic that I don’t involve myself in as I don’t watch it all that much. Everyone deserves to have an opinion and if people don’t like women’s tennis, there’s obviously a reason, Jonathan isn’t a misogynist or anything, he’s just expressing his opinion on the quality of women’s tennis in the moment. That’s it.

      1. Well-said Alysha, ‘everyone deserves to have an opinion’, agreed. That’s the beauty of the blogs. I love the light-hearted attitude of this community, and one thing is certain, people here love Fed and TENNIS.

        By the way I love Roger’s curly hair as much as his game πŸ˜‰

    6. Hi Daria, It is not the question of being chauvinisitic or some such thing, just would like to mention that fans do take to a player not just for the game they play but personalities do matter in sport. For the last year or so , Serena has been very dominant and it is quite natural that a player who beats her , and beats her well ,is not just a flash in the pan, she has reached finals. Her smile is infectious and it is her overall personality that has endeared her to fans ( males esp.).

    7. The “curse of Daria”, I was afraid of it, and it has inflicted Sabine. If someone as ridiculous as Bartoli (two handed forehand and backhand) can win Wimbledon, it shows you just how great women’s tennis really is these days πŸ™‚

  28. First of all, thanks for this great blog! I’m reading this since pretty much when you started, and I still really enjoy it!
    Well, I think it’s great that he’s playing in Hamburg and Gstaad! Like you said, it’s a sign that he wants to come back. It reminds me a bit of Agassi when he played those really small tournments to get back to the top.- even I know Hamburg and Gstaad are not comparable to Agassi’s. I’m really excited to see Roger playing again. His 2nd round loss disappointed me a lot, because I thought he didn’t have to play against Nadal in the quarters.
    I think clay is a good choice because it’s notg so hard for your body.
    I also expect an agressive consistent game from Roger. Consistency is the key I think!


    1. Thanks Corvair πŸ˜€

      Me too I am looking for a response now from Roger. Clearly 2nd round exit has given him abit of a wake up call.

      Ok losing in Quarter Finals wasn’t pleasing for him, but at the same time it wasn’t so shocking that you could just move on pretty quick and say I’m getting close, just didn’t play my best. Losing early is completely different.

  29. Hey Sid… if you read this, Happy 4th of July…. or is it the 5th in America??

    Ps: Roger is out of Wimby, but they still show his Rolex commercial on CNN.
    Wow, what a great man…

    1. The Rolex commercial should serve to remind us that greatness does not expire with time.

  30. I agree with Roger playing more before US Open series. I also think a bigger racket is a good idea.
    Roger is the most criticized player ever. No matter what….it’s never good enough.
    As far as good looks….Tommy Haas is the best looking!
    I wish the women behaved better on and off the court. What an unnecessary way to live life on the tour. Poor example for all the girls coming up.
    John McEnroe is an ass. Who would pay someone to say the garbage that comes out of his mouth.

    1. Haha Sue you sum stuff up in short sentences very well, I like it!

      Haas seems pretty popular with the ladies.

      Sabine still my numero uno even after she played a joke final.

  31. BTW Jonathan, heard you were having problems with the RF caps. Have you tried My go to tennis clothing website, never had a problem with them. Hopefully you can figure it out soon!

    1. I am, these tennis retailers are a joke. They have marketing companies emailing me every day asking if they can advertise on my blog, oh here’s a blog we thought you could put on your site about “biggest Wimbledon upsets in the womens upsets” etc etc yet when I email them asking if I buy 5 hats can they ship them worldwide for a flat fee I get little response.

      Working on sorting this out, I will check out Smashinn thanks for the tip!


  32. So it is almost showtime. I do hope Delpo goes through, but with his knee, I don’t know.
    Novak will win in straights I think. He will make Delpo run so much.
    Do hope Delpo gets atleast one set, but I don’t see him winning.

    And Andy will go through in straights too I think. Hope not. Hope he has to play two 5 setters like Roger did at the AO and that he then finds out how difficult it is.

    But I so hope Jerzy (Jolly Jerzy, like that name?) gets through. He deserves it to. I like me.
    He might get nervous or rattled by the crowd. They were insane during the Verdasco match.

  33. Hey Jonathan, Wimby was kind of different (and more boring) than usual, because Roger was not there.
    I know even the tennisworld saw that. Rafa, Serena, Vika and Maria were also not there.
    But I was thinking, what if Andy lost in the first round too? Would there be so much interest in Wimby after that?
    Can Novak “carry” a whole slam on his own???

    1. Doubtful, Wimbledon has been quite drama free this year I think so quite boring. Ok there were upsets but even they lacked any drama, I mean even Fed went out with a wimper, wasn’t like he went out in a marathon 5 setter, just 4 tight sets that could have gone either way.

    1. He always has energy. He is like the Nadal of South America. Grimacing, hobbling, and running and hitting crazy in between, followed by a “Vamos”. Please!!!

      But seriously, four sets in four hours? Is this a grass tournament?

      1. I watched from 4-2 in the fourth to I think 4-4 in the breaker. During that time I saw Trollpo grimacing, and hobbling, then playing crazy during the point. I mean come on, you’re not going to troll the No.1 player in the world.

        I’d actually like Janowicz to beat Murray. Unlikely, but remember Murray’s coming from a five setter so Set 1 is crucial.

      2. Ha! And Janowicz picks up the cue and runs away in the breaker. Game on! πŸ™‚

  34. Wow… Unlucky Del Potro after saving 2 match points in set 4, and making it 2 sets all. I really thought he had the momentum to win. But a mistake to give Novak sealed his fate. It was funny how the crowd hardly clapped for him as clearly the whole audience wanted Del Potro to win. What was unbelievable was some of the forhand winners that were over 100 mph by Del Potro. What a shame most likely its going to be a monotonus baseline ball bashing final between Novak and Murray, assuming Murray wins. πŸ™

  35. Credit is due to people who deserve it…. Novak and Delpo !!! Hats off !!!

    Incredible incredible match. I saw it from the fourth set till the end.
    Very incredible from Delpo, seriously, and Novak as well.
    Playing back balls at 100 miles an hour???

    Well deserved finalist, Delpo was so closed, but to tell the truth, he would have run out of breath during the final.

      1. You know, if anyone is watching the match now, against Verdasco the crowd was really against him and totally for Andy.
        But now, Andy gets a lot of support, but it is nearly not as much or as loud as during the Verdasco match.
        Jerzy is playing really well, I really think he plays like Roger.

  36. Boring pushfest come Sunday. Perhaps it will be more entertaining than the AO final. Regardless I will be rooting for Djokovic. If Andy wins I won’t be watching TV for a long long time. Their coverage of the Olypmpics final still pisses me of.

      1. When the first point took 20 strokes, I knew this was going to be a long and boring final. Well, I was atleast right about the boring part.
        When Novak got to breakpoint the first two games, I knew it was a matter of time before Andy would win.

        I honestly thought from the get go that Novak would win. I did say before Wimby started that Andy would win it, but I always believed Novak (or Rafa) would win it.
        But Novak losing in straights??? Did not see that coming.

    1. What was wrong with their coverage of the Olympics final? (I still have it on disc, but haven’t rewatched it)

  37. Tomorrow Sensual Sabine against Marion Bartoli. I wish for Sabine to win. She would deserve it very much, after all the great players she beat. To be honest, I would love it if Marion wins. I like her so much. She is all tennis, she cannot think about anything else. She is while playing so focused, she does not care what others think, how she looks or how others talk about her. And she is so weird and I like that about her.

    So Sabine would be deserving, but I am personally rooting for Marion.

    1. Sensual Sabine all the way. She is the supreme champion slayer of the tournament. Very deserving based on her performance this Wimbledon. I like her game and on top of that, she’s not shrieking unlike others who do that on purpose.

      1. The only reason I want Murray to win is so that this damn Murray mania can come to an end at Wimbledon and normal semblance of order can resume where everyone roots for Roger over the home player (eg: everywhere!!; most recently against Murray at the WTF)

      2. Hi Gaurav, if that is the only reason you want Andy to win, then how would the Murray Mania be next year after he wins Wimby this year? That would be even more worse.
        I personally don’t want Andy to win because in my opinion he does not deserve it.
        If he did not had the crowds support, he would not have defeated Verdasco or Jerzy.
        In my opinion he kind of “used” the crowd and they let that happen.
        Roger and Novak and Rafa don’t rely on the crowd to get them a win, they win on their own and for that they get the crowds admiration and support.
        Would Andy have defeated Verdasco if he was in Australia or United States? I don’t think so. But we will see what happens in the final.

      3. I’ll tell you why I feel Murray mania will be over if he wins- remember the WTF last year. After Murray won the Olympic Gold the crowd lost their patriotic Davis Cup like fervour and began supporting the player they actually liked- aka: Roger. I expect the same to happen once Murray ends the 77 year plight. Then it’ll be back to Roger being the favourite at Wimbledon.

        But I agree with you, in any other setting, I would support Novak any day.

      4. I’m not so sure it will die off. Gonna be in the papers for weeks this one. Need like the roof of centre court to blow off during some high winds tonight or something to overshadow it.

      5. Gaurav and Jonathan, you shall now refer to him as Sir Andy Murray πŸ™‚

      6. Hey guys, I thought it was pretty discusting how the crowd treated Roger last year at Wimby. Did not think it could get any worse. Well today it did. The crowd was so pro Andy, this has never happened to Roger anywhere. Even Roger does not get so much crowd support anywhere. Felt so bad for Novak. I know he is use to the crowd beeing for the other person, but Novak did not deserve this from the crowd.

  38. What about them Bryan brothers? All four slams and the Olympic gold? Truly the GOAT of doubles tennis. Or should I say, GOAT’s? πŸ™‚

      1. The most sporting and well mannered doubles pair in the history of tennis. Ironic, because it’s not something we are used to from American athletes. There are exceptions of course, like Fish, Blake etc. The only other pair that I think is similar to them would be Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski.

        Yes, they are the Roger Federer’s of doubles tennis πŸ™‚

  39. Hey guys, just one last comment. I know all of you wanted Sabine to win. So did I. She would have deserved it so much. She beat Schiavone, Serena, Aggie, all GS winners or topplayers. I felt so bad for her when she almost cried. She would have deserved a win so much. And later on she will. She will win a GS. But I was rooting for Marion. She too was deserving. After everything she went through. She played really good. Sabine just unfortunately could not get in the match. Marion Bartoli finally got what she deserved, a GS and not just any, but Wimby. She works so hard, is always focused. So kudos to both, especially the way they treated each other after the match.

    And who would have thought two weeks ago that Marion Bartoli would win Wimby, a tour which also had Serena, Maria, Vika, Aggie and all the other great players.
    This shows that when it is your time to win, nothing can stop that.

    Now lets see what will happen between Novak and Andy.

    1. [After everything she went through]
      Huh? What did she go through? Her stupid rituals that she’s been repeating for what 20 years now? And her very sporting gesture of trying to stop play when up 5-4 vs. Sloane Stephens?

      After a very long time, I finally decide to “follow” a women’s final and what do I get? The worst match in the history of Wimbledon. One players is given a draw on a platter all the way to the final. The other gets drained physically and emotionally to get past the who’s who. Come on, B****-toli was plain lucky!

  40. Congratulations, Belinda Bencic! For beating that soon to be Serena Williams.

    Something Swiss to cheer about! Hopp Suisse πŸ™‚

    1. It was just plain luck. How often do you see someone ranked 15 in the world win a slam without having to face a single player ranked above them? Besides, Sabine went though so many good players and not surprisingly went through a low.

      Of all women’s slam winners, Bartoli might be the least deserving of them all. But I guess some people are better lucky than good πŸ˜‰

      1. Not fair Sid. Marion deserved to win. She has been called weird for so long, she is really nice and always laughing but when she plays she is so focused. Always busy with hitting, also during points.
        I don’t know if you heard the commentators saying this. When she was little, after school her father and she rode 300 miles each day so she could play tennis. Tennis in courts without heat in the winter.
        You know everyone has stories of how they reached a certain stage. They all say Roger was born with tennis talent, but of course he had to work for it too, just like Novak, the others and even Andy and Rafa.

        So in my opinion Marion Bartoli deserved it, also because she is a great tennisplayer.

      2. [she rode 300 miles each day so she could play tennis]
        Yeah, must’ve been so hard on that poor mule she rode. The animal must be like, “You need to lose some f****** weight biatch!”

        [Tennis in courts without heat in the winter]
        As if she was playing in her bikini. Or maybe on skates. Please, I’ve seen lot of people play in very cold weather with the right outfit.

        You would think such a person would be so humble, right? Wrong! Imagine you have a daughter (maybe you have one), and you give her tennis lessons. One evening, you are watching her play a competitive game. Things are really going wrong for your kid. What does she do? She kicks you out of there. I mean, literally, pointing fingers and telling you to get the hell out of there. Yeah, that’s Bartoli did to her father!

        Katyani, I can’t believe you have role models like Williams and Bartoli πŸ™‚

      3. Sid, I mean with a car. That is the right past sentence? Rode as in riding?

        I meant she like all the others had to work for it.

        No, I don’t have a daughter. I am not that old you know !!
        She did not kick her father out, she pointed him to leave. I thought that was really funny.
        And that is the relation they have. You did notice her kicking him out. Did you notice after the win she first ran to her father??? That hug??

        Don’t you know by now, I root for the underdogs or the misunderstood or the weirdo’s?
        They are my kind of people you know !!!

        And just to warn you, I also like Na Li and Francesca Schiavone….

      4. Bartoli deserved her win as she played the better final but I find it worrying that someone with a two handed forehand and a serve like that can win a slam and on supposedly the quickest surface.

      5. I was being funny, Katyani when I said “rode a mule”. And no, I’m not saying you’re old, I wanted to bring up the parent argument. It doesn’t matter if she hugged her dad or not. Most first time winners would do that. But I’ve never ever seen anyone kick out their parents(s) or coach during a game. Shows you what a hot headed and disrespectful person she must be in real life too. What a role model!

        I can stand Na Li, but I cannot stand the shrieking of……Aaaaaah…sorry, had to sneeze.

      6. Jonathan, still, fact remains, she was very very luck to have not faced anyone with a better ranking than her to win a slam. Very rare scenario, but possible and she too advantage of it. It’s like winning a world cup as a bench warmer.

  41. Anyone watching BBC right now, an hour before it starts???
    I think they mentioned once or twice that Novak is the finalist, the rest is all The Andy Murray Show.
    Do they know and realise he first has to win it???

      1. With such long rallies it is going to be a long long final….
        Fortunately Novak broke back

  42. this has to be one of the worst quality wise finals I’ve ever watched @ Wimbledon after 2010. Murray too offensive for Djoker so far, gotta remember that he is a Wimby champ and Murray isn’t…and he has control over tht.

    Sad that grass has been slowed down this much. Fed must be facepalming somewhere

    1. Alysha, they are both the same. Looks like Andy is playing vs Andy and Novak is playing vs Novak.

      Ps: did you hear some moron in the crowd calling Andy a genius???
      Don’t they know he is far from beeing a genius? Novak has more chance beeing called a genius than Andy.

      Oh and yes, boring match, only rallies, but kudos to Novak, he is taking chances and trying other things

      1. of course I am but it’s not looking good so far. Murray playing better and Novak mentally drained from delpo match looks like. Delpo cursed Roger last yr at the olympics, this yr novak fell in his path. Murray is winning it and if not will be the biggest choke in history. Still pulling for Novak though, always plays his best when hes down and out. But that second set was key, now Murray up a break in the third. Novak should stick to specialising in nadal beatdowns huh.

      2. Alysha, you know, I am kind of kidding with this but I have to say it. If Delpo did not take that long to lose to Roger at the Olympic, Roger would have had more energy to play and defeat Andy. If Delpo did not take that long to lose to Novak, Novak would have had more energy now to beat Andy. But…. of course that is not how it works.
        Delpo in the final would definitely stand no chance to Andy.

        I don’t want Andy to win, but it looks like that.
        I am afraid to imagine what England will be next year if Andy wins now.

        Andy is not playing superb, but Novak is just not playing like himself.
        Had second set a lead of 4-1.

        You know the worst part, if Roger would have made it to the final, he would have defeated Novak, I honestly believe that.

      3. Why does Novak not do the thing he wins a lot with and is his specialty?
        Make the other guy run and make him tired into making errors.

    2. Poor final I thought guys. Credit to Murray, played a good match. Djoker was nowhere though, very poor standard from him, his mind wasn’t on it really, played the wrong shot multiple times. Stupid drop shots. If he won the third set he was winning it though for sure.

      1. He was up 4-2 and broke Andy’s serve couple of times in that set. That was his only chance to put Andy away.. Oh well. I just missed the exciting shots and genius produced by Federer last year πŸ˜€

        Novak should ditch that hat. Bad luck πŸ˜€

      2. Terrible tactics by Djokovic today. But he was up in sets 2 and 3 so credit where credit is due. Would’ve been funny if Novak broke Murray with match points and streak away haha. But what’s done is done. Drop shots worked for 5 minutes then he was desperate to end points quicker because he was tired. Joke drop shots=Novak Federer. But yes. the final lacked Federer so it lacked quality. Simple. Next, Hamburg. Roger should be raring to go for that.

      3. Yeah too many drop shots from him. Guess he was done in. either that or Wimbledon paid him off to let Murray win πŸ˜›

    1. I feel bad for Novak. And Andy winning…..damn.
      All he needs now is one AO and one RG and he has a Golden Slam??? Seriously

    2. Kat, let them have the Murray fest for now. Let’s see someone snatch it from him (anyone but Nadal) next year πŸ˜€

      1. Oh haven’t you heard Ferdie…. there is this guy called Roger Federer who is playing at Wimby next year. !!!
        No way Andy will next year defend his title with that guy around !!!

      2. Katyani, I heard there’s a guy named Stakhovsky who is playing at Wimby next year too πŸ˜‰

      3. Wrong. Buzzer goes off. Rafa is never losing to Rosol again and Roger is never losing to Stakhovsky again…. Those one hit wonders had their 15 minutes of fame !!!

      4. Wrong! [Buzzer goes off again]

        Rosol didn’t, but Darcis did. Stakhovsky may not, but someone else could πŸ™‚

  43. I’d rather have murray win rather than Novak. Can’t stand andy as a person, but I’m to the point that I want novak to win the least possible πŸ˜›

    1. I am glad Simon that Andy defeated him in straights. This will take the heat off of Roger to an extend.
      And to be honest, Andy was playing great, really great, but not superb. What was wrong with Novak?
      Cannot be the lack of energy? He has played 5 sets back to back many times before. He also played in the heat before. And it was not like Andy was unplayable. Novak did have chances to win all the three sets.
      Too bad, Roger in the final, even if he was tired from beating Rafa and Andy, would have defeated Novak.

      Do you think Andy should sent Sergiy thank you-flowers??

      1. Andy did play pretty well, from what I saw of it, but where was Novak? As you say, fitness with plenty of recovery time shouldn’t be a problem for him – seemed to be a bit absent mentally or something, and not for the first time this tournament, I gather.

        I too am convinced that had he got through to the final Roger would have beaten Novak, especially on today’s form. But he didn’t, of course, so that’s pretty pointless. But maybe somewhere out there there’s a parallel universe where it did happen …

      2. I think Andy should send Delpo flowers Katyani! And Alison that’s what hurts the most. Roger would’ve beaten Novak for sure any day on grass.

  44. Roger adds two clay tournaments in the middle of the season between grass and HC. Now I have seen it all! πŸ˜€
    I honestly did not expect him to do that but I think its one of the two things (the latter is a bit cynical and hopefully untrue)-
    1. Plain and simple, match practice. He spent much lesser time on court this year than he would have expected despite this being the ‘transition year’. Probably like most of us, Roger was pinning hopes on the grass season after having a sub-par first half. Wimbly went unexpected, so why not add some tournaments and be match ready for HC season. He used to play both tournaments earlier and they are in Europe, he can leave the girls home for some time if they are tired of all the world traveling unlike if he was going to America for the HC tournaments.
    Showing his will to fight again and not go into hibernation after one heartbreaking loss. Champion!
    2. He is revisiting the old tournaments and telling us about them in nostalgic ways to have a kind of a farewell tour. I know, utter rubbish but it entered my mind when he announced Hamburg and hasn’t left since.

    And I see Andy Murray has made my one prediction that I wished never happened come true. Congrats to him and all of Great Britain, I guess. He looks genuine, but after RN’s ‘spectacular’ comeback from ‘injury’, I have become rather cynical of anyone who claims to be injured, misses a slam and comes right back to win the next one. But he’s 100 times more gracious than RN, I’ll give him that. I hope non-Andy fan in GB can survive the media. πŸ˜›

    On to Hamburg!

    1. No need to congratulate Great Britain: Andy wasn’t playing for his country on this occasion πŸ™‚

      1. The kind of Murray-mania that all of GB seemed to be gripped in sure said otherwise πŸ˜›

    2. Hi FedFan, the last point you make is the same thing I said to Gaurav in other words.
      I am a big believer in “Destiny”. It is obvious this was written for Andy, but in my opinion he did not deserve it. Neither would Novak if he had won for that matter (I do feel sorry for the way he lost). I believe you have to work for it no matter what and to be present to work for it. You cannot chose and pick.

      In my opinion, Rafa did not deserve to win RG. Why should he? He was on a break of 8 month (with a so called injury, but having the time and body to play golf and poker), he improved his game, came back just before RG and won it.

      In my opinion Novak did not deserve to win Wimby. Why should he deserve it? He put all his eggs in the RG basket, had to win that no matter what. Could not win it, so he deserves to win Wimby? No way. It is not the fault of the other players that he put everything on RG and lost it.

      In my opinion (may sound harsh) Andy definitely did not deserve to win Wimby. I know he was injured before RG, but lets be honest. He wanted to practise for Wimby and skipped RG. He did have time to tweet on everything happening and even tweeted during matches that players were playing during RG.
      No, he might have had an injury, but this was a stategic time out to practise for Wimby. Rafa showed them the way how to do it with a so called injury, so why not skip a GS you know you will not get more ahead than the QF.

      I really believe that all the others deserved to win Wimby for the simple reason that they played on while the others skipped GS to practise. That is why Roger deserved to win Wimby. Even Delpo did. I believe he was really injured and skipped RG. Even the likes of Ferrer, Berdych and Tsonga deserved to win Wimby more than Andy.

      But…. this is not how “Destiny” works and this is just my personal opinion. Does not mean that I don’t want anyone else than Roger winning Wimby. I do, but someone who deserves it. Who is playing GS no matter what.
      No matter how worse the surface is for them. So yes, even Ferrer, Berdych and Tsonga deserved to win Wimby more than Andy.

      But…. what can you do???

      1. I don’t know about destiny and fate Katyani. Not a big believer! But I see your point, from having Nadal and Roger in his half to not having to play a Top-20 player until the final sure sounds like a written script. And I understand that the concept of ‘deserve’ does not work in sports. After all, they are really a lot like life in general- unfair!

      2. Your book of destiny has one and only one author…You! πŸ™‚

  45. Just one last comment. Hey, I have Monday off. Asked it my boss to “celebrate Roger’s win” on the same day Roger lost !!! So, now I am stuck with a day off !!!

    Did anyone notice this was Olympic all over again? Only Roger was replaced by Novak.
    A SF that took way too long to win (might I add by defeating the same man Delpo). And therefor having no energy left for the final. Trying everything, taking risks, but still coming up short against a man who was playing great, but not playing unbeatable and had the crowd behind him.
    Andy was so lucky that Novak from the get go did not “turn up” and was not his usual self.
    And what is up with Novak lacking energy? Is he 31 years old or something? Has he played over 1100 matches?
    This is Novak we are talking about, Marathon Man !!!

    Actually, Novak played like Roger did against Tsonga at the QF of RG, bad, just bad.
    Today Novak played like Roger sometimes does when nothing works and Andy played like Novak usually does.
    In the third set when Novak lost the first game, you could see he gave up. When it was 4-4 and Andy made it
    5-4 he definitely gave up. In the last game he did give up, but I think to spite Andy he played after that with some good shots.

    Seriously, what was up with Novak? This is not how he plays. He really played like Roger when Roger is playing bad. When nothing goes Roger’s way. Seriously, this was the Olympic Final all over again.

    You guys said that during the Sergiy match, Roger could not change his gameplan during the match when he saw that Sergiy was playing a certain style. Roger could mentally not get out of there to try something else to make Sergiy nervous. He just kept playing the same way all the match and lost.
    Did that not happen today? Novak tried to keep the points short so he came to the net a lot. But when he saw that it did not work against Andy, he did not change anything. He kept coming to the net and playing dropshots even till the end, knowing fully that Andy would reach them all.
    He just could not change his gameplan in his head !!! Did anyone notice that??

    And what about the aces? Jerzy played over 100 aces during Wimby. He played in the QF 30 aces and against Andy he had less aces than Andy? Novak only making what 4 aces??

    And can someone please tell me about this new trend I am seeing?? I saw it when Ferrer played Rafa. I even saw Roger do it a lot this year. Even also during men and women’s matches:
    If you return a ball, the opponent plays it back, you having the whole court open to play it ANYWHERE and you play it right IN FRONT OF your opponent, literally right in his hand, so that he can play it great back and make the point instead of you !!!
    I was shocked when I saw Ferrer do that to Rafa during an important point, was even more shocked when I saw Roger do it over and over again, but today, even the world’s best player did it a couple of times !!!
    The whole court is open and you play it right in the hands of your opponent????

    And these four points.
    1) Andy would have never made it pass the QF or the SF without the crowd.
    2) Kudos for Novak, he did try different things, took risks, came more to the net, tried to keep rallies short. Andy on the other hand took no risks at all, he just waited for Novak to make an error.
    3) And one thing Andy did do good, kudos to him, was how he handled the last game, that was really the best of him during the ENTIRE Wimby. That last game was his mental triumph. Other than that, sorry if I offend anyone here, but no, this was not Andy’s Wimby to win.

    4) It was however kind of a justice that Novak lost the way he makes other players lose. He kind of got beaten by his own game.

      1. Didn’t watch the entire match. So I can\ t say about the level even tough in the last set tennis level not high but Novak was trying hang in there.

        But about hitting the ball back to the middle, it usually happens when the returner hits the ball very deep, and changing the direction is extremely hard. so that’s why they have a tendency to return to the middle.

  46. My worst fears came through with Murray winning. I can’t believe the way everything opened up for the guy. The crowd was despicable all tournament, but it was understandable.
    Man, it’s tough living in UK with all this excessive media coverage. These are hard times…

  47. Well there you have it folks and England, your dear king has won Wimbledon. Woke up this morning to find Murray everywhere in my face, Murray fever in Australia I’m afraid and all the joke tennis fans who only watch the finals of Wimbledon and that’s it of the entire season calling Wimbledon Murray’s home now? Next. Can only imagine the hysteria in the UK at the moment.

    Obvious that Novak wasn’t there for the match, no mental or physical stamina. He was drained from Delpo (Murray should really thank him, last year Roger and now Novak). But Novak had chances in the second and third sets when he went up a break. Had he won that that second set, there is no doubt he probably would’ve won it in four like last year in what Fed did.

    Thought it was hilarious how Murray forgot Judy when he went to his box who is the epitome of annoying. Murray played a good match though and I had a gut feeling after Verdasco’s fiasco he would win this thing so no surprises I’m afraid. The only good thing that can come out of Murray winning Wimbledon is that he’s basically completed what everybody wanted him to do. Now there won’t be as much hype around him anymore and we can go back to the tennis. Whatever he does, the other three have done it before him anyway. And anyone who thinks Murray will win the golden slam is crazy. Murray will never win the FO.

    Anyone who was a tennis fan/Djokovic fan would have been disappointed with the quality last night. This is what tennis is, this is what grass is- just a war of attrition. Just ugh don’t know what to say to that, sucks hard.

    Got to be one of the poorest Wimbledons for me in a while. Not the same without Fed, but he will be back next year, I just know it. He wants that eighth title, and it would be amazing to see him get it.

    After the slams being split up until this point again, I really am putting my hopes on the US Open more than ever now. And I have such a gut feeling that Roger is going to do good things there, so I’m very excited. Also looking forward to the next time Djoker schools Murray πŸ˜€ See you guys in Hamburg next week. And even though our worst fears came true with Murray winning Wimbledon, I bet you anything the British won’t even care by the time next Wimbledon comes around, they used him, got what they wanted and now dispose of him, Murray will never be admired by true tennis fans the way Fed is, guarantee it.

    1. ^^^ THIS
      I had a sinking feeling Murray would win long before Wimbledon started, like this premonition that kept clinging to me – and the nightmare plays out! Arghhhh where the hell do I hide? Had to mute the TV halfway through the match because Andrew Castle was really starting to grate, and why is Boris Becker so pro-Murray? He’s not even British FFS! And the tennis was so awful. 30-shot rallies on GRASS, I tell you!
      Pls Federer, win the US Open and rescue this year for me lol!
      On to the post in question: I’m pleased that Fed has entered some more tournaments; he needs matches and any tournament win, albeit a lower-tier one, is useful right now cos he is in need of some confidence!

    2. What you said about all the stupid people who only watch Wimbledon final and call themselves tennis fans- too true! Suddenly everyone on my FB friends list is a Murray fan with status updates like ‘amazing tennis’ and ‘damn he has a hot girlfriend’. That was far, far from amazing tennis! In fact I would have a hard time believing a slam final that Djoker lost in straight sets was ‘amazing tennis’. I don’t like his tennis, but still, the guy is known for comebacks! Plus he has had that girlfriend for about 3 year now? Suddenly they notice her!

      1. Clearly they haven’t watched Federer’s sick shot making.

        On the girlfriend thing.. clearly they haven’t watched Ana, Aga and Maria (Kirilenko, not Sharapova. The latter is a banshee.)

      2. Haha! Believe me, I did not know what “banshee” meant. I had to look it up after which I was laughing my donkey off for a minute πŸ™‚

        Banshees have been allegedly sighted as recently as 1948 they say. Wrong! The last sighting was in 2013 πŸ™‚

    3. Alysha, again, + 1 on your comment.

      I do have to disagree on one thing though. Andy only needs one AO title before “England” puts his head full with “Golden Slam” (a way to get ahead of Roger). Then he will do anything to get RG. Even if that means skipping a GS to practise for it.

      Isn’t it injustice? Roger and Pete who won some slams multiple times don’t get a Golden Slam and Rafa and Andy will, even though they won some slams just once??

      1. England put a crown on his head long before he won a slam Katyani. And now they will ad a Sir in front of his name.

    4. “Well there you have it folks and England, … Can only imagine the hysteria in the UK at the moment.”

      Great Britain rather than England, actually, but yes, you’re lucky you can only imagine the hysteria: some of us are having to live with it – “77 years of hurt …” I ask you. I even got an email from a restaurant chain through yesterday inviting me to come and celebrate Andy’s win with them, so I guess everyone’s going to be jumping on the bandwagon for the foreseeable future. I’m afraid this Wimbledon has brought out some of the jingoistic worst in my compatriots, stirred up by all sorts of media, of course.

      “The only good thing that can come out of Murray winning Wimbledon is that he’s basically completed what everybody wanted him to do. Now there won’t be as much hype around him anymore and we can go back to the tennis.”

      You reckon?

      “Anyone who was a tennis fan/Djokovic fan would have been disappointed with the quality last night.” Yes, I would have been, if I’d been expecting an interesting match, and was, because I’d been expecting it to be competitive. But I’m sorta glad it ended in straight sets – I couldn’t have stomached another 2. I know Novak had been out of sorts, but I had expected better from him than we got.

      “Got to be one of the poorest Wimbledons for me in a while.”

      Ah, but Andy won, so that magically makes it a marvellous tournament :-). Regardless of the absence of certain players, I can’t remember the last time I saw a Wimbledon so poor in matches (and match hours played?)

      But in all fairness to Andy, he got through everyone who was still in his path, and then played well to win the final. He can’t take the blame for the decimation of the draw on his side.

    5. Well said Alysha, Wimbledon was poor this year, it almost seemed to lose it’s title as the most important slam. Just something about the atmosphere.

      Have you read the articles about Wimbledon been a fix? lol. And also people digging up an article from before where Karlovic was cheated via foot faults vs Murray.

      1. Our thoughts are with you and ever non-Murray fan at this hard time over there in Britain Jonathan!

        I’ve been watching the Ashes, and it’s a joke that the Australian commentators bring up Murray’s glorious win every five minutes. Using it as dejavu for England to win. I knew Murray winning would be bad, but I always thought I could tolerate it. Now I must stay away from sports for a while I think lol.

        Jonathan, do you think Murray will be the new Beckham over there, he doesn’t have the face for it but they need someone huh? Guess that’s every country’s problem except Switzerland the lucky bustards.

      2. Yes, my heart felt condolences to everyone in Britain. 70 years from now, someone will break Murray’s record of being the last Scottish man to win Wimbledon. Till then, stay strong my friends πŸ™‚

        P.S. Correction, last British man. He can’t be considered Scottish unless he wins Wimbledon wearing a kilt

  48. I absolutely believe now that Del Po has been instrumental in both of Andy’s wins i.e. Olympics and Wimby. Anyone who says the the Del Po semi didn’t have an impact on Roger, isn’t thinking right.

    To put things in perspective, that semi, 3-6 7-6 19-17 could technically be scored as: 3-6 7-6 7-5 5-7 7-5. If that’s not a physically and emotionally draining match, then tell me what is. Roger dropped the gold medal the moment he dropped serve at 5-4 in the third.

    And now Del Po trolls again and cooks Novak before the final. That Scot is one lucky bastard, I’ll tell ya πŸ™‚

    1. I know, DelPo should probably get a thank-you card from Murray! Even if he didn’t leave Djoker physically too tired, he must have left him emotionally drained. And I would think to play Andy Murray in a Wimbly final you have to be mentally fit, else the crowd itself will beat you!

    2. Well said Sid, was thinking EXACTLY same thing. And how unlucky was Delpo not to win either of those matches? How lucky was Murray to avoid Delpo.

      Take nothing away from Murray, he won it fair and square, but to have Nadal and Fed crash out to 1-day-supermen who they both happen to meet on the 1 day of their lives in which they would win those matches. This completely opened up the draw for Murray. Yes, you can’t blame him for this happening, but it doesn’t mean to say it isn’t goo fortune.

      In the pub last Friday I said to my friend Janowicz is about the best player left in Murray’s half! Can you believe a statement like that in the first week? It proved to be correct, since it was Janowicz who got there, but he’s nowhere near a semi final calibre opponent, that’s a joke. Murray fans must have scratched their faces when every one of his next opponents was named, since they had never heard of any of them before, until Djokovic in the final.

      Admittedly we thought Djokovic had it easy at the beginning, but looking at how the tournament progressed, his side of the draw was much tougher and actually cost him in the end. If Murray had to get past Haas, then Berdych, then Delpo, then Djokovic, it does look a lot different doesn’t it…

      Djokovic very nearly did do it, but it must have taken a lot out of him, especially the epic semi. By the way where is that NoleNo1GOAT guy who is always mouthing away on here, is he away on holiday?

      Ugggh, Murray Wimbledon champion, he doesn’t even have that image of a champion.

      What really annoys me about Murray is how we have to see a reaction to every single point in every match! He has to either blow out of his backside for every point he loses, look up to the sky, point to the net as if complaining somebody must have lifted it up a bit, and then when he wins a point, he does the roar and fist pump, come on, grow up son. Surely you can space these dramatic reactions out to only roaring for example, on winning a set, and moaning if perhaps you are harshly over-ruled without any challenges remaining. To have to watch his irritating reaction for every point is sooo bloody annoying. It’s like he wants the crowd to agree there must be a reason beyond his control for every lost point, and he wants them to be in total agreement so he can hope they are thinking; “I know Andy, that wind is so unfair sometimes”, “I know Andy, the ballboy must have lifted the net just then”, “I know Andy, that patch of grass was slippy right there”… Just get on with it pal.

    3. Hey Sid, I feel that way about Andy’s Olympic medal and Wimby title, sorry, but not deserved, just had to wait and see how bad the other one played.
      His USO win was totally totally deserved. Cannot say anything else about that one. USO was deserved.
      The other two not.

      It has been a day now, but I still cannot believe HOW and WHY Novak played so bad !!!
      He did what 10 or 11 hours AO 2012 back to back?? Now, he has no energy left after a SF of 4,5 hours???
      The guy is made out of rubber, has no fat and runs like hell from this side to the other side. Marathon Man.
      Andy was breathing heavy after the rallies, Novak was not. So why did he play that bad?

      I really thought that Novak would be so “mad” about his RG SF loss that he would win Wimby no matter what….

      1. I think a little harsh to say not deserved, he won it fair and square. But I kind of agree, although I’m sure some of Feds slams have been aided by upsets and the draw so at the end of the day you can only beat what is in front of you.

        Conspiracy theory here for you, maybe Wimbledon was fixed this year lol πŸ˜›

      2. Sorry Jonathan, I am sticking to my story of undeserved (Olympic and Wimby).
        Yes, Andy played great, but he was beatable. He just had the luck Delpo tired the other guy. Can understand it from an aging Roger, but not a still young in his prime Novak.
        I do agree with ‘at the end of the day you can only beat what is in front of you’. That is why I think his USO win was deserved. But be honest, if he did not have the crowd, would he have defeated Verdasc or Jerzy?? No, that is why I think he did not deserve it.
        Roger and Rafa don’t even get so much crowd support and they still win.
        Crowds were pretty rude the last three games.

        Leaving this on a good note: I loved Novak’s speech. He really is a gracious loser (more than Roger and Rafa) and a great spokesperson for beeing number one.
        Kudos for how Andy played the last game, he kept calm and believed he could win and did.
        And respect for Andy. He donated his Wimby pricemoney for cancer foundation or research. That was incredible nice.

        And no, I don’t think Wimby was fixed. So many upsets and twists, you cannot fix that !!!

    4. Hey Sid, did they not calculated that? That the Olympic SF Roger vs Delpo was exactly long as the almost six hours AO Final 2012 Novak vs Rafa, but without Roger and Delpo taking the time in between points like Novak and Rafa??

      1. Not sure I’m aware of that calculation but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was “technically” as long as AO2012.

    5. It’s actually a lot worse than that, Sid, surely? If it had been a 5-setter, sure, there’d have been pressure on Roger to hold serve, but he wouldn’t have been in a position where he had to do it from what, 4-5 all the way up to 17 all or whatever it was, or risk being knocked out immediately.

      1. You’re right. Because there was no room for error for nearly 15 consecutive service games. With the thought of the silver medal, and Olympic life in mind, it takes a huge mental toll, doesn’t it? And once Roger kissed the Swiss flag on his polo, knowing the silver medal was secure, I just knew that he was not going to win gold πŸ™‚

      1. Really? but isn’t he already knighted (OBE) O_o!! I guess he will officially be tagged as “Sir” now!!

      2. The King, has won. Long live, the King!

        Let’s move on now folks πŸ™‚

      3. Can’t believe they are considering Knighthood for this. It makes a mockery of the award and all the ones that have been handed out before it.

        UK Soldiers risking their lives everyday defending the country don’t receive half the plaudits Murray gets. See how he handles “the pressure” if he was a fighter pilot in WWII with a Messerschmitt up his backside.

      4. Apparently Andy himself said something like, I’m a tennis player who beat another tennis player. The British public needs to get its priorities straight.

        I read an interesting piece that suggested that knighthood might be more appropriate AT THE END of his career, and I tend to agree.

        But no, these things don’t happen in a week for sure.

      1. Ah, thanks guys. I couldn’t find this info ANYwhere, least of all on the Hamburg tourney’s site. Hello Michael Stich, inquiring minds are visiting your site looking for this info, & not finding it!

    1. Well, we don’t know the exact number of votes each player received last year. But Murray maybe able to overcome that gap. It also depends though on how much Roger is able to turn things around from here on. Hopefully he doesn’t drop any more F bombs like at the AO. I did not like that. Not one bit.

      I did not know Roger has been voted fan favorite for 10 years in a row (in addition to the Sportsmanship award for 8 years). Ridiculous!

    2. No way. The majority of Murray’s fans are British folk that only watch Tennis for only 2 weeks in a year or do not not know that other tournaments exist outside slams…

      [Well, we don’t know the exact number of votes each player received last year.]

      Roger won last year with over 57% of the vote. Murray came in second.

      But yeah you’re right that to win the fan fave award, he may need to try and maybe win some more tournaments this year. But Regardless, he has my vote πŸ˜€

      1. Good info. If Roger got 57% and Murray finished “just ahead” of Djokovic and Nadal, then I’d give Murray about between 15 to 20% of the vote, and that’s being very generous. So, I think it’s a lock again for Roger if he plays fairly decent for the rest of the year.

      2. You’re right, Alysha. But given last years numbers, it would be a huge gap to bridge. Roger may get only 40+% of the vote this year and still sneak ahead of everyone πŸ™‚

  49. Does anyone think/hope that Murray will be mentally drained by the time US Open comes around like Roger did last year? And also, what’s the chances that Fed makes it back into the top 4 by the end of August? Now that Olympic points are dropping off, I think there’s a 90% chance that he stays at number 5 for the US Open since Nadal has so many points to gain at the masters πŸ™

    1. If Roger wins all four tournaments and Rafa doesn’t gain more than 225 points from Montreal and Cincinnati put together Roger can go to fourth..The top three are a lock anyway till the US open ..So basically we need two 3rd round loses from Rafa and Roger to win everything till the US open..

      1. Thanks. There’s a 5% chance Roger wins all 4 tournaments. If he can win Cincy and one of the clay tournaments I will be happy.

      2. 5%? Ok, not trying to make fun of you, but how did you evaluate that exactly? My calculations say 2% πŸ™‚

    2. He might be, but he could go on a good run. However, I predicted his body breaks down, I do think he will struggle physically more and more and I think that happens this year / next.

      1. Yes Jonathan, he who? Rafa or Roger? Just like Thinker I also want to know who you mean. Please answer….

  50. I don’t think the British media hype will go away. It will always be there. Murray was the first British man blah blah. The media ruins so much in sport and everywhere else for that matter.
    Next year at Wimbledon it will be another gong show. I like Roger’s comment…the media are being disrespectful to the other players in the draw when it’s only focused on a few.

    1. Guess England need to whitewash the Aussie’s in the Ashes!

      Fed is right about the media, they are a joke, journalism is pretty much dead, pageview economy where gossip is king.

  51. Hi Jonathan,
    It’s been a while since my last post on your blog, been in London for Wimbledon this year and it was fun, although couldn’t get tickets, I didn’t had enough resilience to wait in the queue πŸ™‚
    Anyhow, back to the main topic. I believe Roger is entering these two events because of 3 main reasons:
    1. Gaining some ranking points, as he doesn’t want to be in a position where he has to face 3 out of big 4 in the coming big events like USO and the masters where he defend a lot of points.
    2. Again, gaining some ranking points so he won’t be out of master cup O2.
    3. His confidence at this moment is so low, so he need some winning matches on his belt to regain the confidence back, I repeat to regain, as I believed that he got it back on Halle, well, let’s say started to, but that second round match loss had made the damage again on his confidence.
    On the decision part of it. Well, this decision might work on his benefits if he managed to win one title out of the two. But if he failed, I believe his confidence will have another hit which might impact his preparation for the coming big events.

    1. true about the third point. But he can’t just walk about like that aimlessly, I remember he said in an interview “I need structured goals, without that I cannot compete”. So this shows me that he’s got goals in mind and is still competing. and about confidence… Well, he has to do something to bring it up, just doing the usual is not going to help him.

    2. Hey Shamtoot,

      Cool, did you go into the grounds and watch on Henman hill?

      I agree, Halle came at a good time, but then Wimbledon hampered him, it was like 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

      Oh well, onto clay, hoping he can do some good stuff!


  52. Hey guys, I just read this comment that a Roger fan left on his site !!! It is so funny. I am still smiling !!!

    “I think Delpo should come with a warning label: IF YOU BEAT ME, DON’T EXPECT TO WIN YOUR NEXT MATCH IN OLYMPICS OR A GRAND SLAM. lol.”

    So funny and….. true

      1. You know Delpo I think is one of the few (only one?) who beat Rafa and Roger back to back.
        This year he defeated Andy and Novak back to back than almost defeated Rafa. Wow.
        So, will he have a good remaining year? Yes, definitely. But his injuries?? Playing right until the semis??

    1. Troll Po is like a kamikaze pilot. He is the ultimate party pooper. The lanky Grim Reaper, strolling around calmly with his weapon of death. He ain’t winning nothing. Even worse is when you play him in a final.

      He is definitely on my, “people to punch in the nose” list. I think I’m just tall enough to have a shot.


  53. I am bit late with this comment, but when Mugrey won Wimby Pat Cash said on Radio 5 live sports i think that ” If Andy was playing Roger in the previous finals at Wimby, that Roger would not of won 7 titles” what a short memory can someone tell Pat Cash that a year ago Roger defeated Andy while Andy being in his prime. Also Roger has beaten him at the US/AO open.
    Andy wins and all of a sudden these biased commentators make these ubsured/ riddiculous statements and is proclaimed king of tennis. What band wagon d**ks of commentators they are!!! πŸ™ lol

    1. Hey Serajul, I have another one that is like “Really?? You think so??”.
      At the last “Today at Wimbledon” on Sunday the host John something said to Boris Becker that Andy has handled the pressure of beeing the first man in 76/77 years to win Wimby SO WELL and mature, that Novak could not have handled it and that Roger would not have won 7 Wimby with that kind of pressure. Isn’t that just too ridiculous??
      Andy beat a physical and mental tired Novak in the final (while not having played anyone “good’ himself), NOW SUDDENLY they are questioning Roger’s 7 Wimby’s??
      And only Roger’s not Pete’s. Don’t they know that Roger too has pressure because he is the only one from Switserland and defending champion??

      Andy has won one Wimby and suddenly they are questioning others accomplishments??

      Anyone watched the final with as commentators Andrew Castle, Boris Becker and another lady?
      I think they complimented Novak once or twice. They were LITERALLY rooting for Andy (even Boris).
      Come on Andy, look out Andy, nice Andy, Andy this, Andy that.
      Even Boris. Don’t they know they have to be unparcial? Giving an honest commentary about both?

      Just look at the BBC sport web site. Andy is everywhere. Just one picture of Bartoli.
      No mentions or pictures of Roger, Rafa, Serena or even the runner up Novak.

      1. Hi Katyani…. I believe you bcos during the final i put down the volume as the bbc commentators sounded like they were having group orgy over Andy winning points and not being fair to Novak when he won the points or games!! There discussions like u said “Really !!” is beyond disbelief and utterly riddulous in what they come out with. So you can imagine the papers are still full of the Wimby mirracle and will probably go on until they cant make any more money out of it. Which means me living in the UK will have to endure i for a long time bcos the media will milk it till its dry. πŸ™ Anyway Katyani lets hope Roger makes up for it at the clay tournys hes entered. And keep positive and if Roger loses in the future, dont get down and upset do what you do best and write them long articles you are famous for and let it all out!! πŸ™‚ Cool Serajul.

      2. Hey Serajul, unfortunately I have to keep the volume up so I can hear the commentators when they talk about the terms, like serve & volley and cross court.
        But the commentators were way too much. It was like they were holding their breath everytime Novak was going passed Andy. I was really disappointed in Boris Becker.
        I always liked how he speaks and how he commentates, but he was not parcial.
        And that is not fair to Novak.
        But, lets hope Roger can put them all in their place where they belong.
        Go Roger go !!!

      3. And….. excuse me Serajul….. but…… did you just tell me to keep my long comments coming???? (Oh, you will so regret saying that !!!).

        Hmmm, some skip my long comments, some don’t reply and you tell me to keep up with them !!! Hmmm, I like it. You ask….. I deliver !!! But lets just hope Roger does not keep losing !!!

    2. Morons, looks like Andy will drop out of top 10 after he is unable to defend his 2013 points and lose in QF at Wimby 2014. And I hope he stays there, such a JERK !

  54. Hey man,

    Ah Pat Cash said that? Absolute mug, just another one who’s on the BBC payroll paid to churn out rubbish.

    And agreed Katyani, very one sided commentary, I have no problem with a little bias, it’s natural but you have to at least keep perspective. Saying Fed wouldn’t have won his Wimbledon’s playing under pressure is a joke, what about the 2009 final? lol.

    The thing is, these guys job title is classed as a pundit, in the sense they are paid to have an opinion, yet none of them do. They say what they are told to say – i.e. hype up Murray. Same with football every time England play. Nobody can tell it like it is.


    1. For Jonathan….When i first heard it i couldnt believe what i was hearing. To be fair to Pat Cash this is the first time he has said something really outlandish and really against Federer. But like you said they are all on the bbc payroll and bandwagon of promoting Andy and the new boring rivalry with Novak. I may of mention this before but Jim Courier is the only one who is really fair and unbiased and tells it how it is πŸ™‚ I think i need to definately listen to other commentators as bbc is seriously gone pearshaped and they are just a bunch of plantpots !!! πŸ™‚ lol

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